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33 years.

Horace Cross of St. Albans, State Vehicle Inspector, m. Nada Wright of
Swanton. They have one dau., Helen Wright Cross. She is a graduate of St. Albans
High School and Boston College.

Reference: "Cutler Family," by W. S. Cutler, 1889.
Family Records.

Summary of Descendants of James Cutler as follows:

1. James Cutler (England, 1606-May 17, 1694); m. in New England, Anna

(England ).

2. Thomas Cutler (abt. 1648-July 13, 1722); m. , ( ).

3. Jonathan Cutler (bapt. June 17, 1688-Killingly, Conn.); m. Aug. 17, 1710,

Abigail Bigelow ( ).

4. Beach Cutler (July 4, 1716-Plainfield, N. H.); m. (1) May 14, 1746,

Abigail Hodges; m. (2) Miss Knight; and (3) Miss Hall.

5. Hodges Cutler (July 27, 1752-Feb. 4, 1857); m. , ( ■ ).

6. Jesse Cutler (April 5, 1789-Jan. 21, 1878); m. July 4, 1815, Delia^ Hunt-

ington (William^, James*, James^, Simon^, Simon^ See Cleveland-Hunt-
ington, this book).

7. Horace Loomis Cutler (May 29, 1827-Dec. 28, 1885); m. Feb. 5, 1856,

Helen WUson (Oct. 7, 1835-June 10, 1907).

8. Homer Jesse Cutler (Jan. 5, 1870); m. June 5, 1895, Frankie Orisa Leach

(Oct. 11, 1870). Children: Horace L., Alberta F.

9. Horace Leach Cutler (April 19, 1898) ;m. Dec. 22, 1919, Gertrude Sarah

Loukes (Oct. 21, 1897-Uving May 6, 1931);

From here same as Summary of Ancestry of Joanna Arms of Yarmouth, 8th
to 10th Generations; Colonial Daughters of the 17th Century, p. 136, No. 772;
and Daughters of the American Colonists, 1931, pp. 29-36, No. 2089; ancestry
traced by the author of this book.

John Cutler Ancestry «

John Cutler, first appears among the persecuted adherents of
Rev. Robert Peck, A.M., of Hingham, who "sold their possessions
for half their value, and named the place of their settlement after
their natal town." (See Bloomfield's "Topographical History of
Norfolk.") He embarked, it is believed, in the "Rose of Yarmouth,"
which sailed on or about April 18, 1637, the year in which D. Gush-
ing, Esq., the Town Clerk of Hingham, certifies that he arrived.
He was at Hingham by or a little before June 10, 1637, following,
when land was assigned him. He came attended by his wife, Mary,
7 children and 1 servant, and settled at Hingham with his beloved
Minister and brethren, and died there Feb., 1637/8, ere time allow-
ed him to make any further mark.

66 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

Children :

1. Henry.

2. John, b. abt. 1625, in England.

3. Samuel.

4. Nathaniel.

5. Thomas.

6. Hannah.
One other.

JoHN^ Cutler, was born in Old England about 1625, and was
an early proprietor of Reading, where in 1667, he drew thirty acres
of land, but settled at Wood Hill, Woburn, the part now Burlington,
and was first taxed as an inhabitant of Woburn, Dec. 22, 1646. He
married (first) July 3, 1650, Olive, daughter of James Thompson,
one of the Selectmen of Woburn, in 1644, and (second) Mary,
daughter of Abraham Browne of Watertown. He seems to have
compiled, and descendants of the family have remained to the
present time in that part of Woburn, now Burlington, where their
children were born.

Children :

Mary; Susannah; John; and Mary, b. May 5, 1663; m. March 2, 1682,
Matthew Smith, Jr., of Woburn.

Service: "Founders of New England, 1637," p. 82— John Cutler & Wife
and one servant came to Norwalk from England.
"Com. An. Gen.," Vol. 3, p. 67— John Cutler a Founder of

Hingham, Mass., 1635; m. Mary ; d. 1681.

"Charlestown Gleanings and Estates," p. 183 — John Cutler,
Mary Cutler, Mary Cutler, and Mary Cutter (servant),
in "Mary & Ann" from Yarmouth, 1637.

References: Cutler Family-N. S. Cutler (1889), p. 315.

King Philip's War, pp. 170, 273.

Society Colonial Wars, p. 132.

"Records of Wethersfield, Conn.," p. 294 — In the Journal of
Rev. Manasseh Cutler, as probably in the Register, Vol. — p. 45, under date of
Sept. 4, 1788, it is written, "went out this A. M. to view the land on the Ohio, the
School lot etc. Dr. Cutler subsequently procured 46 acres of land from Congress
for the Endowment of the Ohio University." Gen. Gleanings in Eng., Vol. I,
p. 24 — Newell Hilton, Testator, was born in Charlestown, May 4, 1663. He was

the son of WiUiam Hilton of Charlestown, by his (2) wife Mehitable ; a

dau. of Increase NeweU. After the death of her father and mother, she m. (2)
Sept. 9, 1684, Deacon John Cuter. Soc. Col. Wars, p. 132 — John^ Cutler Captain
in King Phihp's War. History of Ancient and Honorable Artillery by Whitman,
p. 315, Maj. John Cutler, Charlestown, Physician, Representative 1680-82, Father
of Dr. Timothy Cutler of Boston. A John Cutler, probably father of Maj. John
died in Boston, 1671, age 86 yrs. (P. 316), John Cutler credited 04-15-00. Farmer
gives the death of John Cutler, Aug. 17, 1665, 82 yrs. King Philip's War, p.
184— Dr. John Cutler of Hingham killed. Captain Seeley and 20 men, Dr. Benj.
Trumbel's account, (p. 155), John Cutler credit 10-00-00.

John Cutler was a soldier in King Philip's War, and served under Capt.
Nathaniel Davenport. Credit received Feb. 29, 1675/6, 02-14-00, Aug. 27, 1076,
01-11-08. He was later promoted to be a Captain in King Philip's War.

Summary of Ancestry :

1. JoHN^ Cutler (England-Feb., 1638); m. England, Mary ( ).

2. JoHN^ Cutler (England abt. 1625^ ); 2nd. wife, Mary Browne (see

Abraham Brown Ancestry, this book).

3. Matthew^ Smith (Sept. 2, 1659, Woburn, Mass.- ); m. March 2, 1682

or June 20, 1684, Mary Cutler (May 5, 1663, Woburn, Mass. ).

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 67

4. Thomas Hungerfobd (abt. 1673-1750); m. , Elizabeth Smith


5. Samuel Hungerford (abt. 1713-1790); m. 1746, Mary Graves (prob.,

Aug. 20, 1722 ).

6. Isaiah Hungerford (Jan. 23, 1757-June 16, 1833) ; m. New Fairfield, Conn. ,

Esther Mead (Aug. 11, 1760-Dec. 22, 1836).

7. David Nash Phelps (Oct. 4, 1796-Aprn 15, 1884); m. April 29, 1821,

Elizabeth Hungerford (Feb. 7, 179S-Jan. 7, 1878).

From here same as Summary of Ancestry of Joanna Arms of Yarmouth, 8th
to 10th generations; Colonial Daughters of the 17th Century, p. 146, No. 772;
and Daughters of the American Colonists, 1931, pp. 29-36, No. 2089; ancestry
traced by the author of this book.

Captain John Cutting of Watertown, Mass., 1636; afterwards
at Charlestown, thence removed to Newbury, Mass., about 1642,
had Sarah, who married James Brown and Mary who married Nov.
9, 1657, Samuel Novely. He made 13 voyages and brought many,
very many, passengers from England. He died Nov. 29, 1650;
his widow Mary, married (second) John Miller, and she died March
6, 1667. Also had son John Cutting of Boston, 1665. Sarah b.
1625, d. Nov. 4, 1685.

William Cutting, a passenger on the "Elizabeth" from Ips-
wich, England, 1634, aged 26. It may be asked if he were related
to Richard who came in the same ship with him, or to Capt. John
who was Master of the "Francis" which sailed on the same day, from
the same port, and both reached Boston, Mass., the same day, with-
out loss of any passengers. Yet where the asnwer will come from
or what it will be, is beyond conjecture.

Richard Cutting, born in England in 1623. When only eleven
years of age, Richard Cutting set sail in the ship "Elizabeth,"
which left Ipswich, England, in 1634, and upon his arrival in Boston
harbor he remained in that town for some time, but subsequently
settled in Waltham, Massachusetts, where he was admitted a free-
man in 1690, and died in 1696 at the age of seventy-three years.
Died March 21, 1695/6. He was a wheelwright at Watertown.

Note: If he was 11 yrs. old when he came in 1634, as given in Shipping list
of the "Elizabeth," he was born in 1623 and died 1695/6; he was about 73 years
of age when he died (A. M. C. R.).

His will dated June 24, 1694, mentions sons Zachariah and James,
daughters Susan, Nucom (Newcombe) and Lydia Spring; grand-
children, John Cutting and Elizabeth Barnard. Inventory 185£,
17 shilHngs. The births of only three of his children are recorded."

References: "The State of Vermont, Genealogical and Geographical," Vol.
II, p. 646. Bond's "History of Watertown, Mass." Savage's "Gen. Diet."
Vol. I, p. 496. "Genealogical Guide to the Early Settlers of America."

Children of Richard and Sarah Cutting

See "Ancestry of Seth Cutting" by Anna M. Chandler Reilly.

1. Zachabiah (this name on all the records is spelled with a J instead of a Z).
He was mentioned in his father's will, but in all the genealogies examined
of this family, Zachariah, son of Richard and Sarah, is either passed by,

68 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

or just the mention of his name, or else dropped out entirely making
Zachariah, Jr., a son instead of grandson of Richard, but we find in
Middlesex County Probate Records; Docket 3882; his will dated March
5, 1730, Probated Sept. 11, 1732, from which we find the names of hia
children and other items (A. M. C. R.).

2. James, b. Jan. 26, 1647/8; m. June 15, 1679, Hannah Cutter. Settled in

Troy, N. H.

3. John, b. , d. before his father; m. Feb. 9, 1671, Susan Arrington. Their

eldest son John was mentioned in Richard Cutting's will as one of the
grand-children. (See Middlesex Records, Vol. 1, p. 253).

4. Susanna, b. ; m. June 26, 1672, Peter Nucum (Newcombe).

5. Sarah, b. Sept. 2, 1661; m. March 5, 1682, John Barnard. She d. before

her father, leaving a daughter Elizabeth Barnard, mentioned in hia

6. Lydia, b. Sept. 1, 1666; m. abt. 1685, Henry Spring, Jr.

7. Richard.

(Found this name in Vol. I, p. 253, Middlesex Records and also found
date of his death, Jan. 28, 1678, and no mention of him elsewhere. Thia
record stated that he was son of Richard and Sarah.
It also gave the name Zachariah, son of Richard and Sarah. Bond's
History of Watertown, Mass., stated that only the names of three
children of Richard and Sarah were recorded (A. M. C. R.).

Second Generation

Zachariah Cutting, born 1645, son of Richard^ and Sarah ( )

Cutting, lived and died in Watertown. In his will, found in Middle-
sex County Probate Records, Dockett 3882, dated March 5, 1730,
Probated Sept. 11, 1732, he mentions the following:

"Son-in-law Samuel Waring (Warren), and his wife Lydia, daughter of

"Daughter-in-law Elizabeth Cutting, my son Zachariah Jun. widow."


Elizabeth Holding (Holden) wife of Isaac Holding (Holden), Susaima Waring
wife of Nathaniel Waring (Warren), and Sarah White wife of William White."

John Whitney, Samuel Warren and daughter-in-law, Elizabeth
Cutting were Executors of the will.

In the Executor's accounts, Elizabeth Cutting sends in an account
"for keeping the deceased's house and Nursing Him."

Third Generation
Zachariah Cutting, Jr., son of Zachariah^ (Richard^ Cutting,
has several variations in spelhng'in old Records as Cutin, Cuttin,
Cutten, etc. Zachariah Cutting, Jr., had two wives; the name of
the first is not known, they had two or more children. He married
(second) May 5, 1701, Elizabeth Wellington, daughter of Joseph
Welhngton. She was born April 27, 1683, and died Aug. 21, 1687.

Children of Zachariah, Jr. and EHzabeth (Welhngton) Cutting:

1. Jonas, b. ; m. March 6, 1719/20, Dinah Smith, dau. of Jonathan and

Jane (Peabody) Smith.

2. Elizabeth, b. Dec, 1601; m. Oct. 6, 1726, Isaac Holden, Jr.

3. Susanna, b. Aug. 1, 1703; m. Nov. 30, 1725, Nathaniel Warren.

4. Sakah, b. Feb. 1, 1706; m. July 7, 1726, William White.

This Zachariah Cutting, Jr., died intestate. The papers of Ad-
ministration are in the Middlesex Probate Records, Docket 3883;

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 69

and in these are mentioned: Isaac Holden, Jr., of Watertown;
Nathaniel Warren and WilHam White, sons-in-law of Zachariah

Fourth Generation
Jonas, son of Zachariah, Jr.^, (Zachariah^, Richard^), Cutting,
was born in Watertown, Mass., about 1700. He married March 6,
1719/20, Dinah Smith, who was born Jan. 25, 1695.

Their children were:

1. Jonas, b. Sept. 9, 1720; m. 1764, Lydia Cutting. (Was he 44 yrs. old at

time of marriage?)

2. Zachariah, b. May 28, 1722; by wife Elizabeth had:

1. Lydia, b. Oct. 15, 1744.

2. Jonas, b. June 1, 1746.

3. James, b. March 8, 1723/4.

4. Lydia, b. AprU 25, 1726.

5. Francis, b. AprU 24, 1728; m. May 11, 1750, Thankful Warren.

6. Dinah, m. May 18, 1752, Micah Pratt.

7. Absolom, b. Dec. 5, 1730.

8. Salmon, bapt. in Shrewsbury, Mass., July 13, 1735, on account of him (the

father) having owned the covenant ia another church. Hence it may
be supposed he came to Shrewsbury with a family of children. (See
Ward's "History of Shrewsbury, Mass.")

9. Eliphalet, b. July 12, 1738; m. March 24, 1760, Mary Hayden.

The last Deed given in Watertown by Jonas Cutting is dated,
1736. He evidently moved to Shrewsbury, Mass., prior to 1735.
His will dated Sept. 22, proved Nov. 1, 1748. Mentioned wife
Dinah, sons, Francis, Zachariah, Absolom, Salmon and Eliphalet,
and daughters Lydia and Dinah.

This Absolom mentioned in the will was not included in the hst
of children, nor could a hint of him be found in the town or church
records of Watertown. But he was mentioned in the will and must
be found; and where least expected, among fragments found
''Absolom b. Dec. 5, 1730, next Francis." It proved the old saying,
"Attempt the end and never stand and doubt, there's nothing so
hard but search will find it out."

"The History of Shrewsbury, Mass.," 258-259, states that "Jonas
Cutting and wife Dinah Smith, perhaps from Lancaster, lived in
the North Parish which was made into the town of Boylston, Mass.,
March 1, 1786. It was called the North Parish or Precinct, from
Dec. 17, 1742 to 1786.

Helen Shaw Thompson of New Haven, Co»n., line (Richard^
Cutting, James^, Hezekiah^, Isaak^, Zebudee*, Chauncey*, Chauncey
S.', Susan^, Helen Shaw Thompson^).

Fifth Generation
Zachariah, son of Jonas^, (Zachariah, Jr.^, Zachariah-, Richard^,

Cutting, was born May 28, 1722. He married Elizabeth and


1. Lydia, b. Oct. 15, 1744.

2. Jonas, b. June 1, 1746.

70 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

Sixth Generation
Jonas, son of Zachariah^ (Jonas*, Zachariah, Jr.^, Zachariah^,

Richard^), Cutting was born June 1, 1746. He married Lidia .

They had sons Jonas, Baker and probably others.

Seventh Generation
Jonas, son of Jonas^, (Zachariah^, Jonas*, Zachariah, Jr.^, Zach-
ariah^, Richard^, Cutting, was born at Boston, Mass., Jan. 24,
1765. He married April 25, 1785, Sarah Baker, daughter of Richard
and Sarah (Sawyer) Baker. He died at Woodstock, Vt., Aug. 5,
1834. He was Lieut. Col. 25th Infantry, U. S. A., and Brig. Gen.
War of 1812. Also served in Revolutionary War, though very

Jonas and Sarah (Baker) Cutting had:

1. Sewell Cutting, b. Aug. 16, 1785, Berlin, Mass., d. April 21, 1855, at

Westport, N. Y. He had son, William Jonas Cutting, b. May 27, 1807,
at Windsor, Vt. William Jonas Cutting had a daughter Helen Hunter
Cutting, b. Nov. 7, 1836, at Westport, N. Y.

2. Jonas Cutting, b. Dec. 6, 1791, Weathersfield, Vt., d. June, 1866, aged 75,

at Winona, Minn.
Maybe others.

Eighth Generation
Jonas, son of Jonas^ (Jonas®, Zachariah^, Jonas*, Zachariah, Jr.',
Zachariah^, Richard^) Cutting, was born at Weathersfield, Vt., Dec.
6, 1791. He died June, 1866, at Winona, Minn., aged 75 years.
He married June 10, 1811, Susan Ashley.

Jonas Cutting and Susan Ashley had:

1. Elisa H., b. June 10, 1812.

2. Adelina Elisa, b. Jan. 4, 1814, d. Sept. 15, 1844.

3. Daniel Azro, b. at Weathersfield, Vt.

4. Da. a. a. Buck, b. Woodstock, Vt., Dec. 11, 1815.

5. Artemas, b. Brownington, Vt., Oct. 27, 1817.

6. Clarissa, b. Brownington, Vt., Oct. 1, 1818.

7. Samuel, b. Brownington, Vt., Sept. 29, 1821.

8. Henry P., b. Coventry, Vt., Feb. 11, 1823.

9. William B., b. Barton, Vt., May 9, 1825.

10. Hiram B., b. Lancaster, N. H., Feb. 9, 1829.

11. John, b. Lancaster, N. H., March 11, 1831.

Jonas Cutting's wife Susan (Ashley) was born at Claremont,
N. H., Feb. 17, 1793, and died April 3, 1833. He married (second)
Delia Arethusa Prouty, Oct. 1, 1833, and they had:

1. Albert E., b. Jan. 27, 1835.

2. Hallowell, b. March 8, 1836.

3. Sarah Louise, b. Sept. 13, 1837; m. Tarrant Robinson.

4. Sylvester Churchill, b. March 8, 1839; m. Harriet Mariah Hopkins.

5. Charles D., b. April 22, 1841.

6. Florence Huldah, b. Nov. 7, 1843.

Ninth Generation
Adeline E. Cutting, born Jan. 4, 1814, daughter of Jonas and
Susan (Ashley) Cutting; married Moses V. Fhnt, May 21, 1833.
He was born Jan. 8, 1805 and was the third son of Samuel Flint.

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 71

They had: 1. Eliza. 2. Clarinda. 3. Mary. AdeHne E. Cutting
married (second) Keith. She died Sept. 15, 1844.

Henry P. Cutting, son of Jonas and Susan (Ashley) Cutting,
married Aug. 15, 1846, Lucina Rixford. He married (second)
Carrie Patrick, and had three daughters: Carrie, Mary and Susan.

(Mrs. Henry P.) CaroHne Patrick Cutting, had a sister Mary
Ann, who married Pelton. Her daughter, Abigail Pelton, mar-
ried Merrill James Coats, a cabinet maker. They have two daugh-
ters: 1. Leah, who was employed several years in the Baxter
Bank in Rutland, Vt., private secretary for Governor John
Mead in Montpelier, and has been Secretary for several years in
Castleton Normal School. 2. Patricia married Edmund Pond
Shaw, son of Tully D. and Carrie Otis Shaw, of Rutland (Mrs. Shaw
is a direct descendant of Governor Bradford). They have four
children: 1. Natalie Ann; 2. Stanley Edmund; 3. Marion Eliz-
abeth; and 4. Beverly Janet. Belle Pelton, sister of Abigail, mar-
ried Dr. Frank H. Everett, of Rutland, a prominent Doctor and an
Officer in the World War. Mrs. Everett is a member of the Daugh-
ters of the American Revolution, No. 188488. Abigail Pelton also
has a brother, John Pelton of Quincy, Mass.

Carrie Cutting, m. (1st) Adams; (2nd) Famsworth, Nashua,

N. H.

Mary Cutting, m. Eddy, Hudson, Mass.

Susan Ashley, m. Brett, BrookljTi, Mass.

Sarah Louise, daughter of Jonas and Delia Arethusa (Prouty)
Cutting, was born Sept. 13, 1837. She married Tarrant Robinson.

They had:

1. Fred.

2. Louise.

Sylvester C. Cutting, daughter of Jonas and Delia Arethusa
(Prouty) Cutting, was born March 8, 1839. He married Sept. 6,
1857, Harriet Mariah Hopkins. They had:

1. Hattie May Cutting, b. May 23, 1858, d. Nov. 22, 1916; m. Oscar G.

Harris. He d. 1931. No children.

2. Lillian Louise, b. Nov. 21, 1864.

Florence Huldah Cutting, daughter of Jonas and Deha
Arethusa (Prouty) Cutting, was born Nov. 7, 1843. She died Sept.
26, 1923, at New Haven, Conn. She married Colonel Amasa Oscar
Gates. Mrs. Gates was a woman of rare intellectual and spiritual
life, deeply interested in social betterment, active in the Women's
Auxiliary, Parochial Guild, King's Daughters, Reading Club and
Eastern Star. As Past Department President of the Woman's
Relief Corps, she had attended many National events in the East
and West, having wide acquaintance among Civil War Officers
and Men. She died at New Haven, Conn., at the home of her son
Albert Oscar Gates, Sept. 26, 1923. The burial was from Holy
Trinity Church, Swanton, Vt., where she had been a devoted mem-
ber and most active in all Parish work. The interment was in

72 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

Morrisville Cemetery overlooking the town and the mountains.
Col. Amasa Oscar Gates and Florence Huldah Cutting had one
son, Albert Oscar Gates, born March 25, 1881; married May 1,
1909, Ina Bradley, of Swanton, Vt., daughter of Edward and Abbie
(Blake) Bradley. She was a graduate of Swanton High School, and
a valued stenographer in the office of George Webster and Sons for
many years.

A. Oscar Gates, born March 25, 1881, graduated from Morris-
ville High School, from Kirkville College, Kirkville, 111.; a Doctor
of Osteopathy, and is now President of the A. O. Gates Co., Invest-
ment Securities, New Haven, Conn. He married May 1, 1909,
Ina Bradley, of Swanton, Vt., born Aug. 31, 1883. Ina Bradley's
parents were Edward^ T. Bradley (Thomas^ N., Eber^ Eber^,
Stephen*, Stephen^, Stephen-, Stephen^) Edward T. Bradley,
married Abbie^ M. Blake of Swanton, Vt. (William^ H., Joseph^).

They have one son, John, h. Feb. 15, 1910. John graduated from Taft in
1927, and from Yale, in 1931. He is now attending Yale Law School, and will
graduate in February, 1934. His fraternity at Yale is Chi Psi.

References: Family Records of Mrs. F. W. Cutting of Barton, Vt., Mrs.
Lillian Cutting Chase of Fletcher, Vt., and ancestry traced by the author of this

Tenth Generation
Mary Flint (adopted by her uncle, Henry P. Cutting), daughter
of Moses V. and Adeline E. (Cutting) Flint, was born at Troy, Vt.,
Feb. 4, 1838, and died at East Highgate, Vt., March 25, 1909. She
married Jan. 21, 1858, Oscar Stephen Rixford, born at Winchester,
N. H., in 1828, and died at East Highgate, Vt., March 23, 1911.

They had children, born in E. Highgate, Vt. :

1. Oscar H. Rixford, b. Dec. 27, 1859, d. Sept. 11, 1926, E. Highgate, Vt.;

m. Sept. 8, 1889, Sheldon, Vt., EHzabeth May Leach, b. Jan. 7, 1866,

Bakersfield, Vt. They had one son:

1. Oscar Adelbert Rixford, b. Aug. 4, 1890, East Highgate, Vt.; m.
Jan. 18, 1919, Montreal, Que., Mary CaroIjTi Mefflon, b. June 6,
1899, Montreal, Que. They had two children, b. East Highgate,
Vt.: 1. Mary Elizabeth Lenora, b. Oct. 6, 1922. 2. Oscar Theo-
dore, b. July 21, 1925.

2. Henry C. Rixford, b. Aug. 28, 1862, d. of diphtheria, Sept. 23, 1865, at

East Highgate, Vt.

3. Mary E. Rixford, b. Dec. 20, 1869; m. Sept. 1, 1892, at East Highgate, Vt.

Norman Knight, b. Aug. 16, 1869. They are now living in Ansonia,

Conn. Have one son, b. Ansonia, Conn.:

1. Rixford Knight, b. Jan. 19, 1896; m. at Madison, Wis., April 1,

1929, Mary Schindler, b. May 30, 1906. They have one son, b.

at Uniontown, Pa.: William Rixford Knight, b. May 22, 1931

4. Susan K. Rixford, b. Sept. 5, 1875; unmarried.

Lillian L. Cutting, daughter of Sylvester and Harriet Mariah
(Hopkins) Cutting, born Nov. 21, 1864; married July 23, 1888,
Hollis Montague Clayton Chase. He graduated from the Uni-
versity of Vermont in 1888, going to Chicago that September. He
studied Law with Cutting, Austin and Higgins. Was admitted to

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 73

the Bar in 1890; practiced law until his death, Nov. 9, 1898. He
was a Free Mason and belonged to Phi Delta Theta Society. See
Hand-Book of Chicago Biography, edition of 1893, p. 96.

Lillian C. Chase and children returned to Vermont, Nov. 11,
1898. She became interested in the Order of the Eastern Star and
the Grange. Served as Lecturer of Local Grange for four years,
and passed all seven degrees of that Order. She served as the first
Worthy Matron of Mansfield Chapter, No. 45, O. E. S. for three
years and in 1906/7, served as Worthy Grand Matron of the Grand
Chapter Order Eastern Star, State of Vermont. She d. 1934.

Their children were:

1. Harold Cutting Chase, b. Sept. 19, 1889; m. Sept. S, 1909, Ruth May

Kneeland. They adopted a three months old son, Warren Cummings
Chase, b. July 25, 1913.

2. Philip Montague Chase, b. June 3, 1891; m. May 31, 1913, Jeanette

Robe. She d. 1934. Theu' children are:

1. Harold Montague Chase, b. Aug. 17, 1915.

2. HolKs Edward Chase, b. Sept. 26, 1917.

3. Philip Howard Chase, h. June 7, 1921.


Col. William Daniel (Ca. 1625-1698), of Wiggan, Co. Lan-
castershire, England; Col. of a Regt. of foot in Scotland, and Gov.
of the garrison and citadel of Ayre, Scotland; to Portugal, served in
battle of Evora against Don John of Austria; date of coming to
Va. unknown, but after 1665; received land grant, Middlesex Co.,
1669, in Lancaster, 1672; Justice Middlesex Co.; Capt. 1689;
married 1st, Dorothy, daughter and heir of Hugh Forth of Wiggan,
Co. Lancastershire, England.

The name Daniell appears among the earliest settlers of various
parts of New England. Of those who settled in the vicinity of
Boston were: Robert Daniell of Watertown, about 1636, whose
descendants in one line are traced in these pages; Joseph Daniel of
Dedham, whose name occurs in a list of subscribers to form the
Medfield Society in 1649, and who probably removed to Ports-
mouth, N. H.; and William Daniell of Dorchester, who was admitted
Freeman in 1648. There is no proof that these three were relatives,
though there is some reason to think that Robert and Joseph were

The name is a common one in England, if we may judge from the
long hst in the Encyclopedia of Heraldry. In that list the name
Daniell occurs twenty-six times, Daniel five times, and Daniels

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