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Windsor, Conn., Hannah Bidwell. She was b. Oct. 22, 1634, d. Oct. 7,
1657, Windsor, Conn.

2. James Eno, Jr., b. Nov. 2, or Oct. 30, 1651, Windsor, Conn., d. July 16,

1714, at ; m. Dec. 26, 1678, at , Abigail Bissell, b. July 6,

1661, at , d. . Mr. and Mrs. Eno are both buried at Simsbury,


3. Abigail End, b. March 1, 1686 at , d. March 1728 at ; m. April 3,

1707 at , Lieut. SamueP Phelps, b. Jan. 29, 1675, at Windsor,

Conn., d. .

4. Lieut. Samuel^ Phelps, b. April 5, 1708, at , d. Aug. 14/17, 1754, at

; m. in 1731 at probably Windsor, Conn., Ruth Phelps, dau. of

Wm. and Ruth (Barber) Phelps, b. Jan. 23, 1713, at , d. .

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 91

5. Joel Phelps, b. 1732, at Windsor, Conn., d. ; m. Sept. 8, 1757, at .

Jerusha Nash, b. Oct. 5, 1734, at , d. 1796, at .

6. Lydia Lawkence, b. 1761/2 at , d. Sept. 20, 1813, Stanbridge, Que.;

m. New Haven, Vt., Phineas Phelps, b. April 10, 1767, at , d. April

20, 1813, Stanbridge, Quebec.

7. Nash David Phelps, b. Oct. 4, 1796, Stanbridge, Que., d. April 15, 1884,

No. Stanbridge, Que.; m. April 29, 1821, St. Armand West, Que.,
Elizabeth Hungerford, b. Feb. 7, 1798, New Fairfield, Conn., d. Jan. 7,
1878, No. Stanbridge, Que.

From here same as Summary of Arms Ancestrj^ 8th to 10th Generations;
Colonial Daughters of the 17th Century, p. 136, No. 772; and Daughters of the
American Colonists, 1931, pp. 26-36, No. 2089; ancestry traced by the author of
this book.


Compiled by Elizabeth Rixford

James and Joseph Fanton, brothers, probably came to Vermont
with the first Settlers, Willard Farrand, James Hawley (great
grandfather of the author of this book) and others who attended
the organization Meeting in the town of Georgia in 1788, on their
way to Northern Vermont. In February, 1804, James^ Fanton
bought 125 acres of land at East Sheldon, which is still owned by
his great granddaughter, Mrs. James McFeeters of Swanton. A
great-great-granddaughter of James^ Fanton, Miss Anna McGowan
of Burhngton, still has in her possession, the "old letter"
written before the days of postage stamps, April 12, 1814, from
Huntington, Conn., to Mahala T. Fanton, thus proving that a
sister must have also have come to Vermont. Miss McGowan
also has in her possession the original Deed of land granted to her
great-great-grandfather, dated Feb. 28, 1808, and signed by James
Hawley, Collector and Eben Marvin, Justice of the Peace, Wit-
nesses, Bradley Barlow, Stephen Royce, and also the inventory
of his personal estate left to his widow Rachel Fanton, June, A.
D., 1837, written before the District of Georgia, and signed by
the Hon. Wilham Bridges, Judge.

Miss McGowan also has an old letter written before the days of
postage stamps and envelopes, by David Fanton of Huntington,
Conn., brother of James^, who came to Vermont (14 years old then),
his brother Joseph with him. Joseph returned to Connecticut.
Nothing has been heard of David since the letter.

Great Great Grandfat)ier, as James^ remembers the story as told him by
Father: Job»-«r^onathan'-Fanton, 'came fo Mass: with early Settlers. Married
to a Spanish woman — name unknown. Do not know how many children were
born to this marriage, but there was one son James, who was married twice. Do
not know the name of first wife, but four sons were born.

His second wife was Prti^en«e ^ouise Hawkins, who also had a previous
marriage to a man by the name of Sears. Louise Hawkins was a Tory, and had a
grant of 12,000 acres of land in Conn., which was confiscated after the Revolution.
James and the four sons of his first wife, died in English Prisons.

Three sons were born by the second marriage, namely: James, Joseph and
David. Joseph came to Vermont with Jamel^but staid only one summer and
returned to Conn. Not much was known of David. He was expected in Vermont


S2 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

at one time, but never came, and no more was heard of him. James came here
at the age of 14 years from Conn. He met Rachael Collier in Highgate. James
staid in Vermont and married Rachael Collier. Rachael Collier's mother was a

Children :

Orisa, b. 17 May 1812, d. 24 June 1890, at Fairfield, Vt.; m. Feb. 28, 1835,

Tertius Hawley^ Leach, at Sheldon, Vt.
James H., b. Sept. 15, 1814; m. (1) Jane Wiley; m. (2) Anna Waters, Dec.

15, 1852.
Daniel Braton, b. 1815: d. 1907; m. Mary Pratt, b. 1822, d. 1900.
Laura Louise, b. 22 Nov. 1822, d. 5 Sept. 1898; not married.
Mahala, (Mahala Ann), b. 9 Sept. 1825, d. 11 Dec. 1918, at Bakersfield,

Vt.; m. Ira Fay Dean, 20 May 1846, at Sheldon, Vt.
Anna Decline, d. in infancy.

II Geneeation

Orisa Fanton, born May 17, 1812; died June 24, 1890, at
Fairfield, Vt. She married Feb. 28, 1835, at Sheldon, Vt., Tertius
Hawley Leach. Orisa Fanton was a devoted mother and always
manifested praiseworthy characteristics of uprightness. She was a
great lover of nature and at her death requested that instead of
being buried in the family lot at East Sheldon, she be laid at rest
in the Bradley Cemetery in Fairfield, to be near where her grand-
children could place flowers on her grave. See Leach Ancestry.


1, Deforace Atwood, b. at Sheldon, Vt., Sept. 25, 1836 \rj. •„_

2. Horace Brayton, b. at Sheldon, Vt., Sept. 25, 1836 J ^^^'

James^ H. Fanton, born Sept. 15, 1814, in Sheldon, Vt. Married
(first) 1847, Jane Wiley, born 1823; died May, 1850. He married
(second) Dec. 15, 1852, Anna Waters, born Nov. 11, 1829; died
May 20, 1913. He was a large land owner and cheese maker; at
one time he owned 2,000 acres of land in Fairfield, Vt. One of his
farms being a large farm, about 1,000 acres at Fairfield Station.
During the haying season, he used to hire 40 men who at that time
used to come from Canada. His wife, Anna was a woman of great
ability and of strong religious sentiment. She was a great help mate
and a devoted mother.

Children, by first wife, born Fairfield, Vt.:

1. Jane Isabel, b. Nov. 27, 1849.

Children by second wife, all born in Fairfield, Vt.:

2. Mary Anne, b. June 27, 1854.

3. James^ H., b. Nov. 22, 1855.

4. Rachael Lucy, b. Oct. 20, 1857.

5. Braton T., b. March 17, 1859.

6. Julia C, b. June 16, 1861.

7. Mahala, b. June 9, 1863.

8. Elizabeth Decline (Lilly), b. Feb. 23, 1869.

Daniel Beaton Fanton, married Mary Sarah Pratt, born
1822 and died 1900. He was born 1815; died 1907. He lived on
the old farm of 125 acres of land, purchased by his father, James^

s ^































' U













































Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 93

Fanton, Feb. 23, 1808 and still owned by his daughter Mrs. James
McFeeters. See his Descendants.

Children :

1. Royal, b. 1847; d. 1905.

2. Martha, b. 1851; d. 1928.

3. Henrietta, b. 1855; d. 1882.

4. Annie Elenora, b. 1860.

Laura Louise Fanton, born Nov. 22, 1822, Sheldon, Vt.; died
Sept. 5, 1898, at Bakersfield, Vt. She is buried in her sister's lot
in the village Cemetery at Bakersfield.

Mahala Ann Fanton, born Sept. 9, 1825, at Sheldon, Vt.;
married May 20, 1846, Ira Fay Dean, a Banker and Merchant for
many years in Bakersfield. He also was a large land owner. She
was a devoted wife and mother and died in Bakersfield, Dec. 11,
1918. Ira Fay Dean was born Jan. 11, 1819, and died in Bakers-
field, 1903. Mahala Fanton Dean in her nineties was abreast of
the end of the nineteenth century and up to the time of her death
(94 years) her conversation dealt with readings of moral, religious,
social, political and world-wide topics. See Dean Ancestry.

Ill Generation
Jane Isabel Fanton, daughter of James^ H. and Jane (Wiley)
Fanton, born at Fairfield, Vt., Nov. 27, 1849; married Jan. 1, 1868,
Frankhn Sweet. She died May 30, 1929, at Sheldon, Vt.

Children, born in Sheldon, Vt.:

1. Homer M., b. April 3, 1869.

2. Vernie E., b. .

3. Jennie I., b. .

4. Theresa, b. .

Mary Anne Fanton, daughter of James^ H. and Anna (Waters)
Fanton, born at Fairfield, Vt., June 27, 1854; married June 11,
1876, Charles McGowan. She died July 17, 1893.

Children :

1. Anne E. McGowan, b. Nov. 3, 1879.

2. Herbert James McGowan, b. Feb. 15, 1885.

James^ H. Fanton, son of James^, H. and Anna (Waters) Fanton,
born at Fairfield, Vt., Nov. 22, 1855. He was Station Agent at
Fairfield, on the St. Johnsbury & Lake Champlain Railroad, from
the time the railroad was built, for many years. This Station was
built by his father, James^ Fanton, without expense to the Railroad,
in order to have the Railroad go through his farm. He was Con-
stable and Tax Collector for a good many years. He also was a
hardware Merchant and dealer in Farm Machinery in Fairfield for
more than twenty years. He was never married. He died Dec. 23,
1932, and is buried in the Bradley Cemetery at Fairfield.

Rachel Lucy Fanton, daughter of James^ H. and Anna (Waters)
Fanton, born at Fairfield, Vt., Oct. 20, 1857; married Nov. 22,
1880, Bernard Roddy, and lived in Fairfield, Vt. He died Oct. 3,

94 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

1919. Lucy was a loving wife and mother, and deeply interested
in religion and charitable work. After the death of her husband,
she made a home for her sons.

Children, born Fairfield, Vt.:

1. Gut, b. May 16, 1884, d. Nov. 12, 1929.

2. Leon J., b. Oct. 14, 1886.

3. Cluiance G., b. June 20, 1889.

4. Walter B., b. Sept. 22, 1891, d. March 17, 1920.

5. Wallace F., b. June 18, 1897.

Beaton T. Fanton, son of James^ H, and Anna (Waters) Fanton,
born at Fairfield, Vt., March 17, 1857; married Oct. 5, 1883, Nellie
Kittle, born March 17, 1859, at East Sheldon. Brayton T. Fanton,
now a retired farmer, purchased part of his Father's Estate at
Fairfield Station, when the Estate was settled. On account of the
Earthquake of a few years ago, the old home (Mansion) had to be
torn down. There is probably not an old home in the country that
had more beautiful fire-place mantels and wood-work. There is a
legend connected with this old home, "that the ghost of the builder.
Diamond (called Demon) Barlow, was often seen sitting on a cider
barrel, in one of the rooms in the cellar." Nellie Fanton, is the daugh-
ter of Albert Kittle of East Sheldon. Her father's farm was part
of the landed property, owned by her great-grandfather, James
Hawley, and is still owned by one of her brothers.

Children, born in Fairfield, Vt.:

1. Ardell Fanton, b. Feb. 22, 1886. She taught school for several years, and
is now living with her parents in Sheldon village.

Julia C. Fanton, daughter of James^ H. and Anna (Waters)
Fanton, born at Fairfield, Vt., June 16, 1861; married Thomas
Hale, Feb. 12, 1884. Julia Fanton Hale was possessed to an un-
usual degree, the capacity of making lasting friendships. Of
friends she had many. Strength of character, constancy and in-
genial spirit was hers, and these qualities could always be rehed
upon both in private relationships and community affairs. In
unnumbered instances during her life time, she helped others along
the road of bereavement and affliction. She was always active in
community affairs. She was at the time of her decease. Treasurer
of Trinity Episcopal Church, also of the local branch of the Red
Cross, and of the Village Improvement Society. In the important
career of homemaker and helpmate, Mrs. Hale had achieved success,
compelling love and admiration. Her funeral was held from Trinity
Episcopal Church, Fairfield, Vt., June 19, 1932. She was buried
in Bradley Cemetery, Fairfield.

Thomas Hale was the first one to carry the mail from the St.
Johnsbury & Lake Champlain R. R. Station at Fairfield, to the
Post Office at Fairfield Center. Albert G. Soule, General Merchant
and Post Master, made the first trip with him. Mr. Hale carried
the mail 40 years. He was a merchant at Fairfield for about 32
years, when he retired and sold out his business to his wife's nephew,
Guy Roddy. He owns two farms at Fairfield. Mr. Hale represented

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 95

Fairfield, in the State Legislature, and held many Town Offices.
Since his wife's death, Mr. Hale's sister, Mrs. Margaret Bishop,
keeps house for him. She sold out her interests in St. Paul, Minn.,
where she had lived for about 40 years, and returned to Fairfield.
Mrs. Bishop is Secretary and Treasurer of the Womens' Guild of
Trinity Church.

Mahala Fanton, daughter of James^ H. and Anna (Waters)
Fanton, born at Fairfield, Vt., June 9, 1863; married July 7, 1901,
T. W. Hall. She died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Thomas Hale,
in Fairfield, Vt., Dec. 15, 1914, and was buried in the Bradley

Elizabeth Decline (Lilly) Fanton, daughter of James^ H.
and Anna (Waters) Fanton, born in Fairfield, Vt., Feb. 23, 1869;
married Feb. 19, 1890, Arthur Murphy. Lilly Fanton Murphy is
a devout mother of strong religious sentiment. Of her eleven chil-
dren two are Roman Catholic Priests, and one daughter is Sister
Mary of the Holy Cross.

Children, born St. Agnes de Dundee, Quebec, Canada:

1. Arthur Raymond, b. Jan. 1, 1891; m. Ethel Piper, Dec. 17, 1923.

2. Mary Alexandria, b. May 2, 1892; m. Guy W. Stowell, June 23, 1913.

3. James Bennett, b. Sept. 5, 1893, and d. Dec. 23, 1918.

4. Annie Pearl, b. March 28, 1895; m. Oscar R. Boyer, Dec. 26, 1929. He

is a Monumental worker in Malone, N. Y. Teacher and afterwards a
Nurse at the Alice Hyde Memorial Hospital in Malone, N. Y.

5. Estella Sylvia, b. Aug. 13, 1896; teacher and afterwards a Nurse at the

AJice Hyde Memorial Hospital in Malone, N. Y.

6. William Joseph, b. Feb. 12, 1898. He was ordained to the Holy Priesthood,

in Quebec, Feb. 7/8, 1926. He is in Bengal, India; attends the Bishop
at St. Joseph's University, N. R.

7. Harold Anthony, C. S. C, b. Oct. 28, 1899. He was ordained for the

Holy Priesthood, Jan. 23/24, 1927.

8. John Basil, b. June 14, 1901 ; to Clays, occupation. Miller.

9. Thomas Leon, b. Aug. 10, 1902. Educated at College De Saint-Laurent,

Montreal, Que., also attended Borget College Rigaud. He m. Mabel
Robindon, Nov., 1926.

10. Helena Agnes, b. May 12, 1904; is called in Religion, Sr. Mary of SL-

Austin, was postulant 7 years last vows Aug. 16, 1930, Sister of Holy

11. Lucy Ethel, b. Aug. 13, 1905.

12. Florence Winnifred, b. Jan. 4, 1909.

All of the girls have acquired their education under the guidance of the
Sisters of the H. N. Jesus & Mary Order at the Normal School in Valley-
field, Que. They have all taught school. The boys, who are not men-
tioned as being educated above, were educated at St. Laurent College,
near Montreal.

Descendants of Daniel Brayton Fanton
Royal, son of Daniel Brayton and Mary Sarah (Pratt) Fanton,
was born 1847; married Ahce De Marrino, born 1849. He died

Children :
1. Arthur, 1868, d. 1869.


96 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

2. Lena, b. 1871; m. Jock KitteU, b. 1860. They have children:

1. Naomi, who m. Arthur Croft, and they have a son Jonathan

Croft, who graduated from Enosburg Falls High School, 1932.

2. Albert, b. 1891; m. Jessie Hart.

3. Minnie, b. 1872; m. Charles Glover. She d. 1913. Children:

1. George, b. 1892, d. 1929; m. , and have three sons, Henry,

Moses and Robert.
Minnie Fanton m. (2) Frank Willett by whom she has one son, Irving.

Martha Fanton, daughter of Daniel Brayton and Mary Sarah
(Pratt) Fanton, was born 1851. She married Edmund Stone. She
attended Bakersfield Academy, Bakersfield, Vt., and her daughter,
Cora, attended Brigham Academy, Bakersfield, Vt. She died 1928.

Children :

1. CoBA, b. 1870; m. Lyndon Abell, b. 1871, North Sheldon. They have one
child, Fern, h. 1900; who m. Haskell Elwood, b. 1901, and have two
children: Mona, b. 1923; and Clyde, h. 1929.

Henrietta Fanton, daughter of Daniel Bra3i;on and Mary
Sarah (Pratt) Fanton, born 1855; married Herbert Douglas, born
1849. She died 1882. They own a large milk farm in Morrisville

1. Howard, h. 1875, d. 1930; m. Maude Sager. Howard Douglas attended
Lowell High School, Lowell, Mass., and Lowell Business College, Low-
ell, Mass. They have children: 1. Aubrey, h. 1905; m. Reba Haigles.
He graduated from Enosburg Falls High School, 1924. 2. Hazel, b.
1910; m. Jack Hadley and they have one son Robert. 2. Max, h. 1912,
graduated from Peoples Academy, 1932, Morrisville, Vt. 4. Martha,
b. 1916, graduated from Peoples Academy, 1933, Morrisville, Vt.

Annie Elnora Fanton, daughter of Daniel Brayton and Mary
Sarah (Pratt) Fanton, was born 1860. She married James Mc-
Feeters, born 1851, Sheldon, died 1933. James McFeeters attended
Fairfax Academy, Fairfax, Vt., and Franklin Academy, Franklin,
Vt. They have one daughter, Maryhelle, born 1887; married
Charles Walcott Gay, born 1886. Charles Gay graduated from
West Springfield High School, 1907, West Springfield, Mass., and
attended Springfield College of Engineering, Springfield, Mass.
He is Manager of the Electric R. R. at St. Albans. Marybelle
McFeeters, graduated from Barre, Mass. High School, 1905,
Gushing Academy, Ashburnham, Mass., 1907, and Mount Holyoke,
College, 1910. They have one son James Wolcott, Gay b. 1923.

References : Family Records of Lucy Fanton Roddy, Lillie Fanton Murphy.
Family Records of Elnora Fanton.

Fairfield, Conn., Fantons
Fanton, Jonathan. A partition deed, dated 30 April 1765, of
the heirs of Sarah Fanton of Fairfield, who died intestate, is found
in the land Records, signed by John Fanton and Sarah Jennings of
Fairfield and Richard Welton and Gershom Scott of Waterbury.
The daughter Sarah, baptized 18 Nov. 1694; married John Jen-
nings, (p. 199).

*JoNATHAN Fanton, m. (1) after 1688, Mehitabel Staples, dau. of Thomas,
b. abt. 1651, d. before 1693. He m. (2) Sarah Hide, dau. of John, b.

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 97

25 Sept. 1670. She m. (2) WUliam HiU, and d. at Greenfield, 29 Sept.
1760, in 90 yr. Adm'n. granted 6 Jan. 1713 (1713/4), to vndow Sarah,
with her bro., John Hide. Inv. 1 Feb., 1713/4.
ChUd (by first wife) :

1. Mehitabel.

Children (by second wife), bapt. at Fairfield, Conn.:

2. Sarah, bapt. 18 Nov. 1694.

3. Ellen, bapt. 17 May 1696; m. 9 Jan. 1717, Ebenezer Lyon.

4. Ann, bapt. 14 Aug. 1698, d. at Waterbury, 17 Dec. 1765; m. (rec.

Waterbury) 3 Nov. 1724, Richard Welton.

5. Jonathan, bapt. 22 Sept. 1700, d. in 1738; Inv. Dec, 1738; m.

Sarah Hide, dau. of John^.

6. Mary, bapt. 2 May 1703; m. (Fairfield Church), 18th (17, by

Waterbury record) Nov. 1728, Gershom Scott, of Waterbury.

7. John, bapt. 5 Jan. 1706/7; d. young.

8. John, bapt. 10 Oct. 1708; b. 22 Aug. 1709, by Greenfield rec,

obviously in error for 1708; d. 18 Nov. 1795, ae. 90 (g. s., Easton) ;
m. (1) Nov. 1731 (Fairfield rec) or 28 Oct. 1732 (Greenfield rec),
Mary Rowland, b. Aug. 1711 (Greenfield rec); m. (2) 12 Feb.
1755, Widow Eunice Lyon. She was widow of Ephraim. Children:

1. Hannah, b. July 15, 1734.

2. Abigail, b. Feb. 10, 1736.

3. Jonathan, b. Nov. 2, 1738.

4. Ann, b. Sept. 10, 1740.

5. Hezekiah, h. Nov. 14, 1743.

6. John, b. March 15, 1745.

7. Nehemiah.

8. Mary, b. Oct. 10, 1751.

9. Esther, b. Oct. 10, 1755.

John Fanton— En. April 5, Dis. Oct. 26 (p. 30-31); Jonathan
Fanton, Solomon Fanton, 3rd Co., (p. 105-106) ; Benjamin Fanton,
8th Reg. Capt. Fetchs Campaign, 1761, Capt. Jonathan Fanton,
En. April 22, Dis. Dec. 4 (p. 295); Ebenezer Fanton, En. April
22, Dis. Dec. 15. Capt. Jedediah Fays Co., (p. 66); Nathaniel
Fanton, En. 2 March, Dis. Sept. 11. Nathaniel Fanton, Lieut.
(State Library, Adams Papers, 10 Co.) Jedediah Fay. See Connec-
ticut Historical Society Collections X.

Lyon Ancestry: Richards of Fairfield, Conn., SamueP, EphraimS b. in
Fairfield, Conn., abt. 1709. He d. before 1751. His widow, Eunice Lyon both
bapt. in Greenfield, Church, Fairfield, Conn. Lynn Memorial Vol. II.

*There are so many Johns and Jonathans that I am not sure where my great
grandfather, James Fanton's Une connects, but I am very sure with this Jonathan.

References: "Old Fairfield, Conn.," Jacobus, Vol. I, parts 1, 3, 4, 6.

Records of Miss Loretta B. Perry, Fairfield, Conn., Genealogist.


The Arms which are always given as those of the clan, are azure, a Buckle
argent between three boars heads couped, or.

The Suaicheantus or badge given by the books is the Uttle sun-flower (or
rock rose), Helianthjonum MarifoUum or in Gaelic Ros-greine. It has however,
been said that the poplar and also the bog-myrtle was used as a badge.

In an interview with Ejng James VI, David Fergusson, the Re-
former, was discussing the feuds between the great families. "If
you go to surnames," said he jocularly, "I will recon with the best

98 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

of you in antiquity; for King Fergus was the first king in Scotland,
and I am Fergus-son."

Early Notices of the name of Fergus, Ferguson or Fergusson. —
Tradition has it that the clan and name Fergusson or Ferguson is
among the very oldest of the Highland septs, and that in conformity
with the name the race owed its origin to King Fergus. The tra-
ditionary pedigrees of the royal house of Scotland, handed down
by the mediaeval historians, and associated with warfare waged
with the "auld enemies of England" by the pen as well as with the
sword, place the first Fergus, "the founder of Scotland's monarchy,"
whose legendary death by drowning off the Irish coast gave its
name to Carrick Fergus, as early as three hundred years before the
coming of our Lord. Modern research has, however, conclusively
established that this Fergus is a mythical personage; but it has as
certainly confirmed the fact that the first substantial settlement of
the pure Scottish race in Scotland was led by a Fergus who was of
royal blood, and whose house had for generations enjoyed regal
dignity in Ireland, and was destined to produce, in St. Columbia, the
founder of the Celtic Church in Scotland. The arrival on the Scott-
ish shores of the real King Fergus — Fergus Mor MacEarca — took
place in the year 498, A. D. He was the true first of the long line
of Scottish kings, the attachment of their people to whom is so
quaintly expressed by the old Covenanter Baillie: — "Had our throne
been void and our voices taken for the filling of Fergus's chair, we
had died ere any other had sitten down on that fatal marble but
Charles alone."

Original Lists of Persons of Quality, who came from Great Britain
to the American Plantation, by J. C. Hutton, p. 423, Parish Regis-
ters, Jan. 8, 1678, Thomas ye son of Mr. Thomas Ferguson and
Ehzabeth, his wife. (p. 444), List of inhabitants, Barbadoes, St.
Michaels, Va., 1680, Thomas Ferguson and wife, 5 children, 2 hired
servants, 17 slaves.

Reference: Genealogy of the Descendants of John Ferguson, pp. 1, 4, 7.
Same as Summary of Holcombe Ancestry, 10 to 11 Generations.


Field Family in England

In a roll of Arms, attributed to the reign of Henry III, and which is con-
sidered the most ancient in England, of which any copy exists. The Coat of the
de Segraves is given — Sable, three garbs on. A little later the Earls of Chester-
boro — Azure three garbs on. John born in Ardsley, England, 1568. John Field
bom abt. 1525, East Ardsley, England; m. 1560, Jane Amyas, dau. of John, d.
Aug. 30, 1609. He died May, 1587. Res. Ardsley, England. Richard Felde,

b. at East Ardsley, Eng., m. Elizabeth , made his Will, Aug. 19, 1542; proved

Dec. 8, 1542.

The name is derived from a locaHty. Field-Del field in the earlier
Port of Wakefield Rolls, in 1400. The simplicity of the family
Arms, aside from the early date on the Monument in Madley Church,
show they were among the most ancient in the United Kingdom.

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 99

The family of Del Field descends from the ancient Counts of
La Field, Alsace, who long resided at the Chateau that still bears
their name, situated in a pass of the Vosges Mountains, three days
journey from Colmar. There were previous to 1533, Stately Monu-
ments to two of the Counts of La Field in the Cathedral Church of

Roger Del Field, born Sow-
erby, England, about 1240; mar-

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