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a leading part in the management of its affairs. He gave the parish
one acre of land, on which the first meeting-house was built.

The first minister of the precinct church, Rev. Daniel Putnam,
was his nephew.

He died June 23, 1720, aged 68. Married Ehzabeth, daughter
of Nathaniel and Ehzabeth (Hutchinson) Putnam, who was born
Aug. 11, 1662, and died March 6, 1697. Married (second) March 2,
1699, Mrs. Susannah Gardner, by whom he had no issue. She died
March, 1720.

Had ten children, by first wife:

1. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 19, 1685; m. Ebenezer Damon.

2. Geokge, b. April 1, 1686.

3. Ann, b. April 18, 1687; m. Jonathan Parker, Dec. 21, 1706.

4. Ebenezer, b. Dec. 16, 1689.

5. Nathaniel, b. Oct. 21, 1690, d. in infancy.

6. Mary, b. Nov. 4, 1691.

7. Mercy, b. Oct. 7, 1692; m. Benj. Damon, Sept. 9, 1714.

8. Nathaniel, b. Jan. 4, 1694.

9. Hannah, b. Feb. 12, 1695; m. John Hunt, July 10, 1716.
10. John, b. March 4, 1696, d. in infancy.

108 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

Ebenezer Flint, 2nd son of George, born Dec. 16, 1689; and
died Sept. 18, 1778.

Farmer, and lived in North Reading, on a farm that was given
to him by his father, and which was taken from the northern end
of his own land, near the Andover line. It has always been in the
possession of his descendants, and remains to this day, the same in
quantity as when it was occupied by the first settler. An interesting
fact connected with it is, that it is a part of the land Sergeant George
inherited from his father Thomas Flint (1) the old patriarch, and
which was called by him, in his will, "the land I bought beyond
Ipswich River."

Married, May 18, 1714, Tabitha Burnap, who died July 30, 1734.

Nine children:

1. Tabitha, b. Feb. 15, 1714, d. in infancy.

2. Ebenezer, b. Sept. 1, 1716.

3. Eunice.

4. John, b. 1720.

5. Tabitha, b. May 18, 1721.

6. Elizabeth, b. 1723.
Jacob, b. 1729.
Hepzibeth, b. June 18, 1732.
Ann, b. July 30, 1734, d. same day.

Capt. John Flint, 2nd son of Ebenezer, born 1720, and died
Feb. 15, 1802. Farmer, and lived in North Reading, on the home-
stead of his grandfather, Serg't. George Flint. It is now owned by
Mr. J. Gowen, having passed out of the name of the family several
years since.

Rev. Dr. James Flint, in his Centennial Address at Reading, in
speaking of him, says that "he was a man of stern aspect, and of
temper inflexible to a fault;" and relates this circumstance as
illustrative of his character. In speaking of public worship in his
boyhood, he says: "The hymn was read by the deacon, a line at a
time, and so sung by the choir. This usage ceased when a new
collection of hymns was introduced, together with a bass-viol, to
aid the choir of singers. To this innovation Capt. John Flint was
irreconcilably opposed. I well remember to have seen this venerable
white-haired man, with his long cane, walk doggedly the whole
length of the broad aisle of the house while the hymn was reading,
and taking his stand during the singing at sufficient distance to be
out of hearing of the profane viol. Yet I remember this man taking
me, out of pure kindness, when a child, a bee hunting."

Married, June 6, 1744, Joanna Farnham, who died Feb. 22, 1753.
Married (second) Tamar Hunt, who died Jan. 29, 1802.

Four children by Joanna:

1. John, b. May 16, 1745.

2. Joanna, b. Dec. 28, 1746; m. May 21, 1767, Thos. Eaton.

3. James, b. May 13, 1749.

4. Levi, b. Feb. 13, 1753.

Two children by Tamar:

5. Ebenezer, b. Aug. 5, 1761.

6. Hephzibah, b. Oct. 1, 1764; m. Oct. 2, 1783, Joshua Damon.

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 109

Lieut. John Flint, 1st son of Capt. John, born in North Reading,
May 16, 1745; and died July 31, 1830.

Farmer, and lived in Lyme, N, H. He was a lieutenant in the
war of the Revolution. Married Nov. 19, 1766, Molly, daughter
of Moses and Mary (Stickney) Worcester, who was born Oct. 7,
1744, O. S.; and died Nov. 15, 1830.

Nine children:

1. John, b. Aug. 15, 1767, d. Jan. 16, 1776.

2. Moses, b. April 10, 1769.

3. Molly, b. Sept. 23, 1771; m. Abel Marshall.

4. Samuel, b. Feb. 5, 1774.

5. Hannah, b. Dec. 8, 1776; m. Jonathan Glines.

6. Sally, b. Nov. 15, 1779; m. Stephen Lovejoy.

7. John, b. Nov. 29, 1781.

8. George, b. Jan. 29, 1784.

9. Rhoda, b. Feb. 14, 1788, d. unm., Sept. 28, 1856.

References: "Cleveland Genealogy," by E. J. and H. J. Cleveland, Vol. I,
Flint Ancestry, 8 Arms: Flint (Norwich) Az on a chev. betw. 3 flint stones, ar.
2 lions combatant gu. Crest: Anestoile — ^WilliamS Salem, 1645; d. May, 1673.
Alice^ Flint, m. John Pickering.

Samuel Flint, 3rd son of John (Lieut.), born Feb. 5, 1774; and
died Oct. 22, 1856. Farmer, and lived in Lyme, N. H. Married,
Feb. 2, 1801, Mary Spaulding.

Eight children:

1. Samuel, b. Nov. 21, 1801.

2. John W., b. April 20, 1803.

3. Moses, b. Jan. 8, 1805.

4. Edward, b. April 24, 1807.

5. Mary S., b. May 8, 1813.

6. Rhoda, b. Dec. 1, 1815.

7. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 18, 1818.

8. Phineas S., b. Jan. 1, 1822, d. March 4, 1847.

Moses B. Flint, 3rd son of Samuel, bom Jan. 8, 1805. Attorney-
at-law. Married Adaline Cutting.

Three children:

1. Eliza.

2. Clarinda.

3. Mary, m. Oscar Stephen Rixford, of East Highgate, Vt.

From here same as Summary of "Ancestry of William Rixford of Mendon,


In the early part of the 17th Century there were, in New England,
several families of Fords, that, as far as is known, were not related;
however, it is probably that they sprang from a common ancestor
Uving in England, where the Fords, who came to America about that
time, were originally located.

There was the Widow Ford, 1621.

Thomas of Dorchester, who came on the ship "Mary and John," 1630^

Timothy of New Haven, 1637.

110 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

Thomas of Milford, 1646.
Andrew of Weymouth, 1654.
Charles of Charlestown, 1664.
Mathew of Bradford, 1681.

The Widow Ford came over from England in the year 1621, in
the ship ''Fortune" which was the next vessel to arrive after the
"Mayflower." The "Fortune" reached Cape Cod, Nov. 9, and
arrived at Plymouth, Nov. 11, 1621. She brought 35 persons for
the Colony, among them being a Widow Ford with three children.
In a letter sent back by the "Fortune" which returned to England
about a month after its arrival, the statement is made that "Good-
wife Ford was delivered of a daughter, Martha, the night she landed,
and both are doing well." Widow Ford's children were William,
John and Martha, William was born in England, in 1604. His
wife's name was Anna. He died Sept. 23, 1676, and was buried in
the old Winslow Cemetery.

References: "Ford Genealogy," by E. R. Ford, p. 11.
"Peter Brown Ancestry."


John Frairy'. = Prudence .



Sampson Frairy'. = Mary Daniels.

Nathaniel Frary3. = Mehitable Dickinson.

1. John Frairy or Frary, came from England with wife Prudence
and one or more children and settled in Dedham, Mass., of which
and the church there he was one of the founders, and was made
freeman, 1639. In 1650, he was among those who founded the
adjoining town of Medfield, and was on the committee to make the
first division of house-lots among the original proprietors. The
block of land included by North, Dale and Frairy streets was owned
by Hon. Timothy Dwight and Mr. Frairy; D wight had that portion
situated on North Street, and Frairy the remainder. He was a
selectman in 1651, 1653, 1654 and 1661. According to the valuation
of property in Medfield in 1660, he was one of the wealthiest men
of the town. He died at Medfield in July, 1675, a few months before
its burning by the Indians. He describes himself in his will as of
"great age," and mentions his wife Prudence and sons Theophilus,
Eleazer and Sampson. His house and house-lot were bequeathed
to Theophilus and given by him to the town and church in 1695
The lot was afterward divided between the town and church, and a
plan of it is inserted in the town records.

Prudence Frairy died in Boston, at the house of her son Theo-
philus, 1691, "Aged above ninety."

Children of John and Prudence Frairy — 1. Theophilus^. 2. John^ 3. Isaac^.
4. Sampson Frairy^, bom at Dedham about 1639; killed by the Indians, 29 Feb.
1704; married 14 June, 1660, Mary Daniel. 5. Hon. Eleazer^. 6. SamueP.

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 111

2. Sampson Frairy^, fourth child of John (No. 1) and Prudence
Frairy, was born at Dedham about 1639, and resided either in
Dedham or Medfield until 1668, when he removed to Hatfield, and
shortly afterward settled in the now historic town of Deerfield,
being one of its two earliest inhabitants. When, in May, 1671, the
Dedham committee laid out the town street, they found ''Sampson
Frairy's cellar on the north." In 1672, he, with Samuel Hinsdale,
petitioned the General Court for a committee to supervise the affairs
of the new settlement. The petition was granted the following year,
and Deerfield's prosperity seemed assured; but the horrors of
Indian warfare two years later nullified the energy and struggles of
the early settlers. Sampson Frairy escaped the massacres of King
Philip's War, saw his home and the once hopeful plantation laid
in ashes, and was one of the brave spirits who, through the following
calamitous winters, still clung to the hope of re-settlement. Between
September, 1675 and 1683-4, he doubtless lived with his brother
in Hatfield, where, at least, he took the oath of allegiance in 1679.
He, however, returned with the permanent settlers to Deerfield,
where, on the land alloted him in 1671, he rebuilt his homestead
before 1698, which is still standing and in the possession of one of
his descendants; and it is without doubt the oldest house in the
Deerfield valley, and one of the oldest in New England.

Mr. Frairy was a selectman in 1691. He was slain on the mem-
orable night of 29 February, 1704, when the French and Indians, led
by Hertel de Rouville sacked the town, killed forty-seven of the
inhabitants, and carried away captive, one hundred and twelve.

He married at Medfield, 14 June, 1660, Mary Daniel, born at
Cambridge, Mass., 2 Sept., 1642, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
Daniel (p. 115, Robert Daniel was an early inhabitant of Cambridge,
where he owned lands and was freeman 14 March, 1639. He died
6 July, 1655. His will mentions children Elizabeth, Samuel, Joseph,
Sarah and Mary) — She, Mary Daniel, was captured 29 Feb., 1704,
and killed by Indians on the march to Canada.

(1923, Colonial Daughters of 17th Century, p. 208), Robert
Daniel, father of Mary, born in England, died 6 July, 1655, Constable ;
Watertown, Mass., 1651.

Children of Sampson and Mary (Daniel) Frary — 8. Mary Frary^. 9. Me-
hitable Frary^. 10. Susannah Frary^. 11. John Frary'. 12. Nathaniel Frary ^
(my ancestor) born at Hadley 29 Nov. 1675; died 30 April 1737; married 1715/16.
Mehitable Dickinson.

3. Nathaniel Frary^, youngest child of Sampson (No. 2) and
Mary (Daniel) Frary, was born at Hadley, 29 November, 1675. He
removed with his father to Deerfield in 1683, and as the only sur-
viving son and heir succeeded to the homestead and lands there in
1704. He died 30 April, 1737; married 26 Jan., 1715/16, Mehitable
Dickinson, born at Wethersfield, Conn., 1696, daughter of Obadiah
and Mehitable (Hinsdale) Dickinson. (See Dickinson Family,
No. 8). She survived her hubsand many years and was living at
Northampton in 1752, when she sold the Frary house to Joseph

112 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

Children of Nathaniel and Mehitable (Dickinson) Frary, all born at Deerfield:
1. Obadiah Frary*. 2. Captain Nathan Frary*. 3. Eunice Frary*. 4. Amos

Reference: "Morton Memoranda," by J. Granville Leach (1894), Frary
FamHy, pp. 112 to 116.

Summary of Ancestry:

1. John Frairy (Frary), b. England, d. July, 1675, Medfield, Mass.; m.

England, Prudence, b. England, d. 1691, Boston, age about 90 yrs.

2. Samson Frary, b. about 1639, Dedham, Mass., d. Feb. 29, 1704, Deerfield,

Mass.; m. June 14, 1660, Medfield, Mass., Mary Daniel, b. Sept. 2,
1642, Cambridge, Mass., captured by Indians Feb. 29, 1704, and died
on the march to Canada.

3. Nathaniel Frary, b. Nov. 29, 1675, Hadley, Mass., d. April 30, 1737,

prob. at Deerfield, Mass.,; m. Jan. 26, 1715/16 at (prob.) Deerfield,
Mehitable Dickinson, b. 1696, Wethersfield, Conn., d. after 1752.

4. EtTNicE Frary, b. Nov. 30, 1721, Deerfield, Mass., d. Oct. 28, 1813, Bernards-

ton, Mass.; m. May 26, 1743, Deerfield, Mass.; Aaron Field, b. March
16, 1721/22, Deerfield, Mass., d. March 17, 1800, Bernardston, Mass.

5. Chloe Field, b. Dec. 29, 1743, Deerfield, Mass., d. April 10, 1781, Green-

field, Mass.; m. Nov. 1764, Greenfield, Mass., Samuel Shattuck, b.
Sept. 18, 1741, Deerfield, Mass., d. Sept. 1, 1827. Portland, N. Y.

6. Chloe Shattuck, b. Nov. 22, 1766, Greenfield, Mass., d. Jan. 22, 1845,

Enosburg, Vt.; m. Nov. 17, 1785, prob. Greenfield, Mass., Ephraim
Leach, b. Dec. 1761, , d. Feb. 28, 1840, Enosburg, Vt.

7. Tertius Leach, b. Nov. 21, 1786, prob. Greenfield, Mass., d. Feb. 4,

1864, Waterville, Vt.; m. Jan. 1, 1812, Sheldon, Vt., Sophia Hawley,
b. Aug. 17, 1795, Sheldon, Vt., d. Jan. 7, 1878, WaterviUe, Vt.

8. Tertius Hawley Leach, b. March 19, 1813, Enosburg, Vt., d. Sept, 19,

1881, Clinton, Iowa; m. Feb. 28, 1835, Sheldon, Vt., Orissa Fanton,
b. May 1, 1812, Sheldon, Vt., d. June 24, 1890, Fairfield, Vt.

From here same as Summary of Arms Ancestry, 8th to 10th Generations;
Colonial Daughters of the 17th Century, p. 136, No. 772; and Daughters of the
American Colonists, 1931, pp. 26-36, No. 2089; ancestry traced by the author
of this book.


"Early Fuller Families in New England"

Fuller, Benjamin Rehoboth, son of Robert of Salem. Ben-
jamin, Salem, s. of Thomas, m. 15 Dec. 1685 . . . Bacon had
Samuel, Benjamin, Sarah, Ruth, Abigail and Hannah. He liv. in
the vill. wh. became Dan vers; was freem., 1690. Daniel, New
Haven, 1640. Edward, Plymouth, br. of the famous Samuel, came
with him in the Mayflower, 1620, bring, w. Ann and s. Samuel, and
leav. Matthew on the other side, wh. was elder; d. early next yr., as
did his w. but his son Samuel outliv. the hardships. Edward,
Boston, 1630, whose s. John, says Lewis, sett, at Lynn. But I
beUeve we kn. no more than that the name has much prevail, there.
Edward was employ, in 1643 to bring, with others, the cattle of the
Colonists, taken near Providence, under the absurd pretence of
being spoil of war. No doubt he was of the true, or popular faith,
or he would not thus have been trusted; and this may, perhaps,
render it less prob. that he was the same Edward subject, in 1639,
to cens. by the Gen. Ct. for distemper, with wine. Edward, Lynn,

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 113

freem., 1691, was, perhaps, s. of Robert of the same. Giles, Hamp-
ton, 1640, d. 2 Apr. 1673. Jacob, Salem VIII, now Danvers, freem.
1690. James, Ipswich, by w. Mary, had James, b. 2 Dec. 1673
Mary, 30 May 1675; John, 20 Feb. 1677; EUz. 25 Feb. 1679
Daniel, 24 Feb. 1681; Nathaniel, 18 Feb. 1681; Nathaniel, 18
Feb. 1683; and Dorothy, 18 Dec. 1684. His wid. prob. liv. to
16 Oct. 1732, aged 85. Jeremiah, Newton, s. of the first John of
the same, was Lieut, had bur. four ws.: Mary, wh. d. 17 Aug. 1689;
EHz., wh. d. 1700, in which yr. he took Thankful, wh. d. 1729;
and Rachel, d. 1742; by first and last had no ch. but by Eliz. had
EHz., b. 14 Apr. 1694; d. soon; and Jeremiah, 3 July 1697; d.
young; and by 3d. w. had Thomas, 12 Sept. 1701; Joshua, 12 Apr.
1703; Thankful, 23 Dec. 1704; Jeremiah, again 1 Nov. 1707; d.
young; Eliz. again, 24 Aug. 1709; d. at 2 yrs.; and Josiah, 2 Dec.
1710; and d. 23 Dec. 1743. John, Ipswich, 1643, perhaps one of the
first sett, at Sahsbury, 1639 or 40. John, Lynn, 1644, may be the
same as preced., was rep. 1655 and 64; had s. John, WilUam, and
James, and d. 29 June 1666. John, Cambridge, in that part now
Newton, may seem the youth wh. came with John Winthrop, jr.,
in his sec. voyage in the Abigail, 1635, call. 15 yrs. old. but that
Jackson, wh. perhaps quotes the gr. st. says he d. 7 Feb. 1699, in
87th yr. and he was freem. 1690, tho. his first four s. were together
made frem. ten yrs. earlier. His wid. Eliz. d. 13 Apr. 1700. He had
John, b. 1645; Eliz.; Jonathan, 1648; Joseph, 10 Feb. 1652;
Joshua, 2 Apr. 1654; Jeremiah, 4 Feb. 1658; of wh. two were in
Capt. Beers' comp. in Philip's war, 1675, and still, after his d.
serving in Apr. 1676; (and John wh. is call, of Dedham, and prob.
not one of these, was a corporal of Moseley's comp. and wound, in
the gr. Narraganset fight, 19 Dec. 1675); Bethia, 23 Nov. 1661;
and Isaac, 2 Feb. 1665, wh. d. 5 Oct. 1691. All the other five s.
liv. from 74 to 98 yrs. Bethia m. 27 Feb. 1685, Nathaniel Bond;
and EHz. m. 1663, Job Hyde; and d. 28 Nov. 1685.

Robert, Dorchester, 1640, freem. 2 June 1641, by w. Ann had
Jonathan, b. 15 Aug. 1643; rem. to Dedham, there had Benoni,
16 June 1646; and perhaps his w. d. very soon; by w. Sarah, had
Sarah, 21 Sept. 1647; John, 26 Nov. 1649; Patience, 22 Feb. 1652;
and Mary, 1 Mar. 1654. His w. Sarah d. 1680, and he d. 14 Dec.
1688. Robert, Salem, 1639, rem. to Rehoboth, there was freem.
1658, wh. he had visited perhaps fifteen yrs. bef . and may there have
had one or more ch. of wh. we kn. only, that he calls Jonathan his
eldest s. in a deed of 28 May 1696 for Id. in R., but had also, Ben-
jamin, old eno. to take deed of 1 Dec. 1679 for ho. and six acres at
R. while he styles hims. in both, of Salem, bricklayer. Prob. he
had been driv. in Philip's war from enjoym. of his est. and would
encourage his s. to ascertain if it might be profit, in peace. By the
rec. at R. his w. Sarah was bur. 14 Oct. 1676; and w. Margaret,
wh. may not have been mo. of any ch. d. 30 Jan. 1700; and he d.
10 May 1706. Abigail, perhaps his d. m. at R. 16 Oct. 1679, Thomas
Cushman. Robert, Lynn, freem. 1680, may be the same as preced.,

114 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

but not prob. Samuel, Plymouth, 1620, one of the most valu.
pilgrims of the Mayflower, the first physician that came to sett, in
our country. He had been a deac. at least 8 j'^rs. at Leyden, tho.
his w. Bridget, wh. came in the Ann, 1623, with a ch. that I think
liv. not long, may have been m. but short time bef. he left Holland.
He brot. serv. William Butten, a youth, wh. d. bef. reach, the coast;
had Samuel and Mercy, b. here, both after 22 May 1627, and both
Hv. 1650; and d. 1633, betw. 30 July, the date of his will and end of
Oct. foil., when it was pro. His w. Bridget, liv. until 1664. Samuel,
Plymouth, neph. of the preced. made excor. of his will, was s. of
the first Edward, and by him brot. in the Mayflower, 1620; after
d. of his parents, liv. with the uncle, and at the div. of Ids. 1624, was
count. I presume, out of respect to f. and mo. for three persons;
freem. of the Col., 1634; rem. to Scituate, thence to Barnstable,
at Scituate hav. m. 8 Apr. 1635; Jane, d. of Rev. John Lothrop,
had Hannah, wh. m. 1 Jan. 1659, Nicholas Bonham; Samuel, wh.
was bapt. at S. 11 Feb. 1638, and may be the one wh. d. at Rehoboth
15 Aug. 1676; Sarah, tho. b. at S., bapt. at B. 1 Aug. 1641; d. young;
and b. at B. were Mary, 16 June 1644, wh. m. Joseph Williams,
18 Nov. 1674; Thomas, 18 May 1651; Sarah, again, 14 Dec. 1654,
wh. m. a Crow; and John; beside one, 8 Feb. 1658, wh. d. at a
fortnight; and he d. 31 Oct. 1683; one of the latest Mayflowers.
Samuel, Plymouth, s. of the first Samuel, was a preacher, (p. 30).
Dr. Samuel Fuller also came alone in the Mayfiower and his wife
and children remained in England and came to America afterward;
they had two more children in America.

"Original Lists of Persons of Quality who went from Great Britain
to the American Plantations," by J. C. Hotten, p. 73, says "These
under-written names are to be transported to New England: em-
barqued in the 'Abigail' Richard Hackwell Mr.: The pties have
brought Certificate from ye Minister e Justices of their conformitie
to the orders e discipline of the Church of England — Wm. Fuller 25,
Jo: Fuller 15, etc.

Dr. Samuel Fuller, born in England between July 30 and Oct.
31, 1633; probably died at Plymouth. Married (first) Alice Glas-
cock before 1613. Married (second) Agnes Carpenter, 1613. She
died before 1617. Married (third) Bridget Lee. She died 1664, in
New England, mother of Samuel and Mercy.


1. William Fuller, b. 1600, d. .

2. John Fuller, b. 1611, d. 1699; m. Elizabeth .

3. Samuel Fuller, b. , d. .

4. Mercy Fuller, b. , d. .

References: Savage Genealogical Dictionary, Vol. II, (D-J), pp. 215-18.
Hotton's "Fuller Ancestry."
"Munsell and Sons."

Descendants of John Fuller
WILLLA.M Fuller, age 25, and John Fuller, age 15, embarked in
the "Abigail" in May 1635, or New England. This age of John
does not correspond with the age of the first John Fuller, of Newton,

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 115

who d. Feb. 7, 1698/9, age 87. Perhaps there is an error in one of
these dates. JEhzabeth, widow of John Fuller, of Newton, d. April
13, 1700.

The family and descendants of John Fuller, of Newton, are very
intimately associated with Watertown famihes. That large tract
of land called the Fuller Farm, and upon which most of the families
of this name have resided, was situated in the bend of Charles
River, opposite to Waltham Plain. It included nearly all the land
lately taken from Newton, and annexed to Waltham. It was how-
ever, more extensive, extending farther down, and farther back from
the river. For a view of the topography of this farm, and a more
copious account of this family, see Jackson's excellent History and
Map of Newton, Mass.

"Lexington Alarm List from the town of Fairfield, Conn.," Men
in the War of the Revolution; Prisoners at Fort Washington, p.
378; John Fuller 7 days — 10 May — 10 days— Discharged 12 Novem-
ber (p. 393) ; John Fuller, Elijah Abel, Capt., Dec. 23, 1776, Conn.
Line 1777/8, 2 Regt. Col. Butler, (p. 499) ; return, 1779, John FuUer,
Col. Whiting's Regt. during the War, Scituate, Mass., 1851 (p.
153). "Early History of Newton (p. 228), John Fuller, one of the
first settlers of Cambridge, 1644, b. 1611. "King PhiHp's War
(p. 71), credited Militia Service under Capt. Morlens, Dec. 10, 1675,
Corporal John Fuller, 05-12-00; John Fuller No. 5, hst of First
Settlers, 33 yrs.; d. 1698, 87 yrs. "Soc. Col. Wars, 1755/56,"
(p. 330), Ensign Fuller, 1631/95, Lynn, Mass., Deputy to General
Court 1674/77; Ensign of the Lynn Co., in the Essex Regt., under
Major Daniel Dennison, 1674. "Early History of Newton" (p.
203), John Fuller, soldier in the Revolution; (p. 205) John Fuller,
Selectman 5 yrs., from 1688; (p. 219) John Fuller, Selectman 2
yrs., from 1767. "Papers sworn toby Gov. W. Shirley" (p. 71), Brig.
"Three Brothers," Thomas Green's Vessel; (p. 74) Capt. John
Fuller, 1746; (p. 84) John Rogers.

John Fuller's will, dated Jan. 30, 1695/6, mentions wife EHzabeth
and sons, John, Jonathan, Joseph, Joshua and Jeremiah; dau.
EHzabeth Hyde, deceased; dau. Bethia Bond; Gr. Child, Mary
Brown, Elizabeth Hyde, Hannah Hyde, and Jonathan Hyde. He
d. Feb. 7, 1698 and his eldest four sons were adm. Freemen at the
same time, Oct. 13, 1680.

Children of John and Elizabeth Fuller:

1. Elizabeth, m. 1663, Job Hyde (2). She d. Nov. 28, 1685.

2. John, b. 1645, d. Jan. 21, 1720, age 75 (Gravestone).

3. Jonathan, b. 1648, d. Aug. 12, 1722, age 74.

4. Joseph, b. Feb. 10, 1652, d. Jan. 7, 1740, age 88.
6. Joshua, b. April 2, 1654, d. June 27, 1752, age 98.

6. Jeremiah, b. Feb. 4, 1658, d. Dec. 23, 1743, age 85.

7. Bethia, b. Nov. 23, 1661 ; m. Feb. 27, 1684/5, Lieut. Nathaniel Bond (31).

8. Isaac, b. Dec. 2, 1665, d. Oct. 6, 1691, probably unmarried.

Summary of Ancestry :

1. John Fuller, b. England, d. (Will dated) 1695/6; m. Elizabeth .

2. Elizabeth Fuller, b. , d. Nov. 28, 1685; m. 1663, Job Hyde, b. 1643,

d. Nov. 19, 1685.

116 Three Htindred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

3 . Maky Hyde, b. June 21, 1673, d. Nov. 29, 1723; m. abt. 1691, Capt. Abraham

Brown, b. Aug. 26, 1671, d. Nov. 27, 1729.

4. Dea. Samuel Brown, b. July, 1703, d. Feb. 17, 1784; m. Mercy Patterson,

b. Sept. 1, 1702, d. March 6, 1774.

5. Mary Brown (7th child of Dea. Samuel Brown), b. , d. ; m. March

18, 1760, Isaac Lawrence, Jr., of Canaan, Conn.

6. Lydia Lawrence, b. 1761/2, d. Sept. 20, 1813; m. Phineas Phelps, b.

April 10, 1767, d. April 20, 1813.

7. Nash David Phelps, b. Oct. 4, 1796, d. April 15, 1884; m. April 29, 1821,

EUzabeth Hungerford, b. Feb. 7, 1798, d. Jan. 7, 1878.

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