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are mentioned, among whom is the name of the famous King Philip,
of Mount Hope. There may be foundation for the following state-
ment by the late James Usher, genealogist of 9 Murray Street,
New York. He says: ''We have the transatlantic trace of WiUiam
Hall, clergyman. He is believed to be the same William Hall who
was a writer in London and continued the Tab you Chronical' begun
by Sir Thomas More. And there is reason to believe a connection
existed between William Hall and the Lord Chancellor's family.
Wilham Hall, of London, went out of record there in 1638, the same
year that Will Hall began record in Portsmouth. Thomas Clement,
a connection of the Mores, was an original founder of Portsmouth,
R. L, and was a neighbour of William Hall, and the administrator
of his estate." There is a tradition that "William Hall was one of
five brothers who came over, one of whom settled in Exeter, R. I."
He made his will Nov. 20, 1673, and it was proved Feb. 19, 1676.
He appointed his wife, Mary, his sole executrix, and bequeathed
the whole estate to her until her death. He also says, "considering
the weakness of my said wife, I do appoint my two younger sons,
viz.: William and Benjamin, to be assistants to their mother in the
managing of whatever business she shall have need of during her
life." He also disposes of his property among his children, after

Three JSundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 133

his wife dies. Children: Zurill, William, Benjamin, Elizabeth,
Rebecka, Deliverance.

References: "History of New Haven Colony," by Atwater, 1881 — William
Hall, John Stone, Thomas Nash in Mr. Whitefield's Co. at
Quinnebiac, 1639.

"Genealogy of Connecticut," Vol. Ill, pp. 1395-6. (See Kellogg
Ancestry, this book.)


Sergeant John Hawks, born 1643; died 1721, at Deerfield,
Mass.; was a Sergeant in King Phihp's War, and was in the Falls
Fight, Hatfield, 1676, under Thomas Watt; 1697, was in pursuit
of Indians, lost at Hatfield. John Hawks was one of the Proprietors
of Hadley, Mass., 1662. John Hawks was Selectman and Moderator
at Deerfield, Mass., 1697. He was a shoemaker, in 1698. John
Hawks was baptized at Windsor Church, 1687. John Hawks, 1633-
1694, was in King Philip's War in battle against the Narragansett
Fort. "King Phihp's War," says. Falls Fight— Capt. Turner's
Co., John Hawks, William Arms and Samuel; of Hadley. John
Hawks died at Hadley, Mass.

John Hawks, born 1707; died 1784, Deerfield, Mass., son of
Sergeant John Hawks, was a Sergeant, 1746; Lieutenant, 1754;
Captain, 1757; Major, 1758; and Colonel, 1763. In the Archives,
Vol. 69, p. 250, gives list as follows: William Arms, Hadley, June,
1736; John Hawks, Ebenezer Hawks, Samuel Field in Falls Fight
about Hatfield and Deerfield.

Joanna Hawks, daughter of Sergeant John Hawks, and sister
of Col. John; married 1677, William Arms. She died Nov. 22, 1729.
William Arms was born in 1654 and died Aug. 25, 1731.

References: "Genealogy of the Arms Family," pp. 5-6.
"Society of Colonial Wars," 1922, p. 213.
"History of New London," 1860.
"History of Stamford," p. 857.
"History of Deerfield, Mass.," p. 857.
"History of Hadley, Mass.," by Judd, 1863.
"History of Ancient Windsor," by Styles, 1859, p. 653.

From here same as Summary of Arms Ancestry, 8th to 10th Generations;
Colonial Daughters of the 17th Century, p. 136, No. 772; and Daughters of the
American Colonists, 1931, pp. 26-36, No. 2089; ancestry traced by the author of
this book.


Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service


Arms — Argent on a saltire sable,
five fleurs-de-lis or.

Crest — On a mount vert a hind
lodged or.

Motto — Toujours pret. (Burke:
''General Armory.")

As a family name, Hawkins stands for Holkin, pet name of Henry
or Harry. Hankyn Mayne is in the early Rolls of Parliament, and
Johannes Hawkyn is in the Poll Tax of Yorkshire, A. D., 1379.

The Hawkins are a family of great antiquity in the County of
Kent, the name being local from the Parish of Hawkins in the
"Hundred of Folkstone" written at the time of the Saxons, Hawley-
ngge. The first of the name on record is Osbert De Hawking, temp,
Henry II, about Edward III reign the Hawkins became seated at
Nash Court, in the Parish of Broughton-under-Blean, Co. Kent.

1. William Hawkins, from England, is on record as receiving
land in Providence Plantations, Dec. 20, 1638. On July 27, 1640,
he was one of the thirty-nine who signed an agreement for a form
of government. He was made freeman in 1655, and on August 14,
1676, is recorded as one "who staid and went not away" in King
Philip's War, He died in 1699. He married Margaret Harwood.
(King Phillip's War, p. 94), William Hawkins' War Service, 00-07-
06; (p. 15), Dr. Wm. Hawkins, Jan. 25-1675, six credits 04-08-00;
Timothy Hawkins 01, 12-10, June 24, 1676.

Children :

1. John, d. in 1726; m. Sarah; m. a second time, was a Quaker.

2. William, of whom further.

3. Edward, d. May 24, 1726; m. Esther Andrews, widow of William Andrews.

4. Mary, d. in Feb., 1724; m. James Blackmore.

5. Madeline, m. Jeremiah Rhodes, son of Zachariah and Joanna (Arnold)


2. William^ Hawkins, son of William and Margaret (Harwood)
Hawkins, was born in Providence about 1647, and died there July
6, 1723. He married June 14, 1678, Lydia (Ballou) Gardiner, daugh-

Thirty-Tpiird Degree Masonic Insignia

Granted to Stephen Hawkins by the Masonic Lodge of England. Inscribed:
"Mr. Stephen Hawkins. Initiated Sept. 5, 1791. Amor, Honor et Justitia."
He was the great-grandfather of Oscars Herl)ert Rixford.

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 135

ter of Robert and Susanna Ballou, and widow of George Gardiner,
died about 1722. He was deputy in 1678 and 1703/6.

Children, born at Providence, Rhode Island:

1. William, of whom further.

2. Stephen, d. March 10, 1711; m. Feb. 6, 1706, Hannah Coggeshall.

3. John, d. March 25, 1755; m. Mary.

4. Sakah, d. in 1722; m. Eleazer Arnold, son of Eleazer and Eleanor Arnold;

3. William^ Hawkins, son of WiUiam^ and Lydia (Ballou-
Gardiner) Hawkins, born in Providence, R. I., and died there Oct.
8, 1712. He married Dec. 14, 1704, Elizabeth Arnold, who survived
him, and married (second) June 3, 1718, Israel Smith. She died
July 11, 1758.

Children, born in Providence, Rhode Island:

1. Elijah, of whom further.

2. Uriah, b. July 30, 1707, d. in 1808; m. EUzabeth.

3. Joseph, b. March 29, 1709, d. Oct. 20, 1753.

4. Ruth, b. March 14, 1710/11.

5. Deborah, b. May 15, 1713.

4. Elijah Hawkins, son of William^ and EUzabeth (Arnold)
Hawkins, was born in Providence, R. I., Sept. 12, 1705, and died
at Gloucester, R. I., Sept. 11, 1754. He married (first) at Providence
May 16, 1724, Abigail Valett; and (second) Nov. 13, 1736, Jemima
Easton, and then moved to Gloucester. The public record of the
children of the first marriage is not found, except:

1. Sarah, of whom further.
Children of second marriage:

2. Abigail, b. Aug. 9, 1736.

3. Elijah, b. March 6, 1737.

4. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 1, 1744.

5. Sarah Hawkins, daughter of Elijah and Abigail (Valett)
Hawkins, was born in Providence, R. I., probably about 1727. She
married Captain Stephen Jenks.

JoHN^ Hawkins, son of WilHam^ and Lydia (Gardiner) Hawkins,

married Mary . He died March 25, 1755. She died , 1755.

He called himself John Hawkins, Jr. They had 9 children:

1. Stephen, m. Fanny Parker, Sept. 5, 1792. Their dau. Sarah m. Luther

Rixford. Stephen Hawkins was a 33° Mason. Insignia granted to him
by the Masonic Lodge of England. Inscribed: "Mr. Stephen Hawkins.
Initiated Sept. 5, 1791. Amor, honor et justitia." The 33rd degree
could not at that time be procured in America. (See Rixford Ancestry.)

2. Isiah.

3. Jeremiah.

4. Zephaniah.

5. Lydia.

6. Abigail.

7. Martha.

8. Sarah.

9. Mary.

References: "Colonial Families," A de Luxe Volume, by The American
Historical Society, Inc., 1928, pp. 140, 141.

1 to 4, Burke: "General Armory." Providence Plantations. 5 to 8,
Family Records.

136 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

Summary of Ancestry:

1. William Hawkins, m. Margaret Harwood.

2. William^ Hawkins, (Providence abt. 1647 — Providence July 6, 1723);

m. June 14, 1678, Lydia (Ballou) Gardiner ( abt. 1722).

3. John HAA\rKiNS, ( March 25, 1755); m. Mary , ( 1755).

4. Stephen Hawkins, "Amor, Honor et Justitia" Stephen Hawkins Initiated,

Sept. 5, 1792; m. Fanny Parker.

5. Luther Rixford (Winchester, N. H., Dec. 16, 1779-East Highgate, Vt.,

Sept., 1859); m. Sarah Hawkins.

6. Oscar Stephen Rixford, (Winchester, N. H., March 2, 1828-East Highgate,

Vt., March 23, 1911); m. Castleton, Vt., Mary Flint, dau. of Moses

and Adeline (Cutting) Flint. She d. March 25, 1909.


Henry C; Oscar H.; Mary E.] and Susan K. (See Rixford

7. Oscar Herbert Rixford, (East Highgate, Vt., Dec. 27, 1859-East High-

gate, Vt., Sept. 11, 1927); m. Sheldon, Vt., Elizabeth May Rixford,
(Jan. 7, 1866-living).

8. Oscar Adelbert Rixford, only son, (East Highgate, Vt., Aug. 4, 1890-

living); m. Montreal, Que., Mary Carolyn Hefflon (Montreal, Que.,
June 6, 1899-Uving).
Children :

Mary Elizabeth Lenora Rixford, b. Oct. 6, 1922.

Oscar Theodore Rixford, b. July 21, 1925.

From here same as Summary of Arms Ancestry, 8th to 10th Generations;
Colonial Daughters of the 17th Century, p. 136, No. 772; and Daughters of the
American Colonists, 1931, pp. 26-36, No. 2089; ancestry traced by the author of
this book.

Descendants of Joseph Hawlet

Arms — ^Hawley, Bart, Kent.

Crest — ^A dexter arm in armour proper,
garnished or, holding in the hand a
spear, in bend sinister, point
downward, proper.

Services:— No. 220 N, S. D. F. & P.— Joseph Hawley (1603-1690)
came from Porwick, Derbyshire, Eng., to the Mass. Bay Colony,
landed near Boston in 1629, then to Wethersfield, Conn, and in

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 137

1646, settled in Stratford, Conn. The oldest existing land records
of Stratford were recorded by him, as were also the vital records
and town acts. The charter of the town of Stratford was also drafted
by him. His public services were almost continuous from his settle-
ment in Stratford until his decease. May 20, 1690. He was the town
Clerk or recorder for sixteen years, town treasurer, on committees
to survey land and purchase land from the Indians; deputy to the
General Assembly of Connecticut twenty-nine sessions; and com-
missioner for Stratford for eight years. He was a large land owner
in Stratford, and portions of his lands were in the possession of his
descendants for more than 200 years. "Mass. Soc. Col. Dames of
America" — Joseph Hawley (p. 404) (1), born about 1603-1690,
Stratford, Conn. Deputy to General Court, 1661-1664-1667-1671-
1673-1674-1675-1677-1678-16§0-1685-1687. (N. S. F. P. says came
to* America with wife and one child. He married, probably in
Wethersfield, Catharine (tradition says) daughter of Edward
Birdsey, about 1636, and came to Stratford soon after and pur-
chased the right of Richard Mills in the township. (See Sketch,
p. 118.)

(Genealogies of the Town of Stratford, Conn,, p. 1149) — Birdsey,
Dea. John, said to have come from Reading, Berkshire, England,
to America in 1636; cametoWeathersfield, Conn., where he married
Phillipa, daughter of Rev. Henry Smith. Tradition says his brother
came with him and remained in Wethersfield, and that the brother's
children were all daughters and one of them married Joseph Hawley,
the first of that name in Stratford. John Birdsey came to Milford,
Conn., where his son was baptized in 1641. On Feb. 7, 1643, that
town voted that he might use certain land provided he would "pay
the charges or rates for it as other men do for theirs." He probably
came to Stratford in 1649, see pages 127 of this book, only what is
said there about his being brother-in-law to William Willcoxson is
erroneous. The term "brother" was then frequently used of mem-
bers of the churches. He married (2) Alice, widow of Henry Tom-
Mnson. She died Jan. 25, 1698. He died April 4, 1690, aged 74

Children of Joseph Hawley and first wife:

1. Samuel, b. 1647; d. Aug. 24, 1734.

2. Joseph, b. Jan. 9, 1649/50; settled in Farmington.

3. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 26, 1651; m. John Chapman, of Saybrook, Ct.

4. Ebenezer, b. Sept. 17, 1654.

5. Hannah, b. May 26, 1657; m. Joseph Nichols.

6. Ephraim, b. Aug. 7, 1659.

7. John, b. June 14, 1661.

8. Maky, b. July 16, 1663; m. John Coe; d. Jan. 7, 1698.

Children by second wife :

9. Samuel, b. May 14, 1674.

10. Joseph, b. Jan. 6, 1675.

11. Thomas, b. July 30, 1678.

12. Matthew, b. Nov. 7, 1680.

13. Ebenezer, b. Feb. 25, 1682; m. and settled in Simsbury, Ct.

14. Jehiel, b. Apr. 5, 1685; m. and settled in Durham, Ct.


Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

15. Elizabeth, b. Mar. 30, 1687; m. Charles Wolcott, of Windsor, Ct.

16. Epheaim, b. 1690.

17. Cathabine, b. 1693.

18. Stephen, b. 1695.

19. Benjamin, b. 1697; m. Mary Nicolls, Feb. 18, 1724/5, and had William, b.

June 14, 1731.

20. Nathaniel, b. 1701.

Samuel, son of Joseph and Catharine Hawley, married (1) Mary,
daughter of Thomas Thompson of Farmington, May 20, 1673. He

married (2) Patience . (Conn. Hist. Soc, Vol. II, p. 200),

Samuel Hawley in Capt. Brown's Company.

Matthew, son of Samuel 1st, and Mary (Thompson) Hawley,


Matthew, 2d, son of Matthew and Hawley, married Bethia

, who was born March 19, 1725 and died Jan. 24, 1786. He died

May 31, 1790, aged 70. (Hist, of Stratford, Huntington Burying-
place, p. 975) — "In memory of Mrs. Bertha Hawley, wife of Mr.
Matthew Hawley, b. March 19, 1725; died Jan. 24, 1786, age 61."

Arms — Stevens, Gloucester, an eagle,
issuing, wings displayed, or, charged
on breast with a mullet, sa. Ad
diem tendo.

Abigail, born in 1751; married EUsha Shelton.

Hannah, born ; married Samuel Wheeler.

Mary, born ; married Hezekiah Clark.

Capt. David, born in 1758; died 1781. Deacon in Huntington.
James, born in 1760; settled in Vermont.
Betsey, born in 1763.

(History of Stratford, Huntington Burying-place, p. 975) —
"James Hawley, born Jan. 8, 1760; died April 14, 1836, aged 76.
Sacred to the memory of Mr. Matthew Hawley, born Feb. 16, 1720;
died May 31, 1790, aged 70."

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 139

Records of old Family Bible, 4 leaves of which are with Pension
Papers of James Hawley, with a letter to Andrew Jackson, President
of the United States, in Washington, D. C. — James Hawley married
(1) Bridget Stanton, born 1760; died Aug., — , 17 — . James
Hawley was one of the first men in the Green Mountain State to
take the oath of allegiance to the State of Vermont, with William
Farrand, and others at Georgia, Vt. James Hawley attended the
Organization Meeting of the town in 1788. This meeting was held
about 34 years after the Historical Proprietors Meeting of the Town-
ship when the land of the surrounding country had been Chartered
by Col. Ethan Allen, his brother, Ira, Heman Allen and others.
James Hawley married (2) Martha Stevens Waterhouse, b. May
12, 1761, m. Feb. 12, 1793. He d. Apr. 14, 1830.

Children :

Matthew Hawley, b. Sept., 17 — .

Mark Hawley, b. Feb. 4, 17-8; d. July, 1893.

Sarah Hawley, b. 17-8; d. July, 1811.

David Hawley, b. 17-8; m. Eunice Summers, 1810.

Sophia Hawley, b. Aug. 17. 1795; m. Tertius Leach, Jan. 1. 1812.

James Hawley. b. Apr. 10, 1797; m. Eunice Herrick, Feb. 7, 1829.

Martha M. Hawley, b. Jan. 10, 1799; m. Looved Leach, Feb. 6, 1817.

John S. Hawley, b. Sept. 4, 1800; d. Oct. 5, 1804.

George W. Hawley, b. Aug. 6, 1802; d. June 9, 1805.

Elizabeth Hawley, b. Aug., 1804; m. Jonathan C. Kittel, Jan. 1, 1825.

Stratford & Bridgeport, Conn. — Orcutt, Vol. 2, (History of Stratford Hunt-
ington Burying-place), p. 967 — Inscriptions in the Huntington Village Burying-
place. — There are in this burying-place three hundred and twenty or more graves
without inscriptions; most of them marked by small field stones set at the head
and foot of each. It is said to be difficult to make a new grave in this yard with-
out digging into a former grave.

The yard has an elegant iron fence around it and is finely and creditably
cared for.

"National Society, Founders and Patriots of America," No. 1995— Joseph
Hawley bom in Porwick, England, came to America with wife and child in 1639.
and settled in what is now called Bridgeport, Conn. He was the first Recorder or
Town Clerk, serving for many years.

"Colonial Daughters of the 17th Century," p. 237 (1923)— Joseph Hawley,
1603-1690, Town Clerk, Stratford, Conn., 1650-1666, Treasurer, 1663, Deputy,
1665-1687, Commissioner, 1682-1690.

Chapter Col. Luther Dixon, No. 3, Mrs. Rixford who joined the Daughters
of 1812, Nat. No. 9183, Vt. State, No. 215, and also got supplemental line
to the Daughters of the American Revolution, National No. 193195, through
James Hawley, her great-great-grandfather.

Photostatic copies of the old Hawley Family Bible are filed with the New
England Historical Genealogical Society, 9 Ashburton Place, Boston, Mass., and
Mrs. Elizabeth Rixford, who procured these copies of the four leaves, also has
copies on file. See opposite page for one of the pho. copies.

References: "Genealogies of the Town of Stratford, Conn. (1886)," p. 1212.
"Stratford & Bridgeport, Conn.," Orcutt, Vol. II.
Ancestrj' traced by Elizabeth Rixford.

John Smith, born in England, a settler of Milford, Ct., in 1640, he is presumed
to have been one of several from Hertfordshire who could not leave Eng., in 1637,
when the Rev. Peter Prudden and others from that section of England sailed in
the company of the Rev. John Davenport, Gov. Theophilus Eaton, Dept. Gov.
Stephen Goodyear and other persons from London and Hertfordshire, who came
to this country in the ships "Hector" and "Martin" in 1637; it is probable he

■140 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

came direct from England to New Haven in one of the three ships which sailed
in 1639 to New Haven, viz., the "St. Johns," Capt. Russell, the "Fair Weather,"
which reached New Haven before July 28, 1639, and the third ship (name unknoT\m)
which arrived soon after, probably bringing the company which settled in Southold,
Long Island. (See Atwater's History of New Haven Colony, pp. 162-3). From
the amount of property (£ 513, 3s. 9d.) left by him at his inventory
was taken Dec, 1684), it is probable that he belonged to a family of
some wealth in England. It has been suggested that he may have been one of
the Smiths of Haddon HaU, some of whom came to this country; he married,
1642, Grace Hawley (d. 1690); she is said to have been a sister of *Joseph Hawley
of Stratford. (American Ancestry, Vol. 7, p. 78). There is a large box in the
Tombs in London, which bears a httle brass Plate with inscription saying, "Wife
of Capt. John Smith, Governor General of New England and Jamestown." This
box has rested in these tombs for over 300 years, witnessing many prisoners and
criminals, passing this chamber on their way to be executed. This box is going
to be opened soon (1932). Scientists beheve that the remains of Pocahontas are
in this box.

Summary of Ancestry:

1. *JosEPH Hawley, b. 1603, England; d. 1690, Stratford, Conn.; m. about

1640, at Wethersfield, Conn., Catharine, dau. of Edward Birdsey.

2. Samuel Hawley, b. 1647, prob. Stratford, Conn. ; m. 1673, Mary Thompson,

bapt. June 7, 1653, Farmington, Conn.; d. 1691, prob. Farmington.

3. Matthew^ Hawley, b. Nov. 7, 1680, Farmington, Conn.; m. ; d.

prob. Huntington, Conn.

4. Matthew^ Hawley, b. Feb. 16, 1720, prob. Huntiagton, Conn.; d. May

31, 1790, Huntington, Conn.; m. Bethia , b. Mar. 19, 1725; d.

Jan. 23, 1786, Huntington, Conn.

5. James Hawley, b. 1760, prob. Huntiagton, Conn.; d. April 14, 1836, bur.

at Huntington, Conn.; m. Feb. 12, 1793, Martha (Stevens) Waterhouse,
b. May 12, 1761; d. at Sheldon, Vt.

6. Sophia Hawley, b. Aug. 17, 1795, Sheldon, Vt.; d. Jan. 7, 1879, Waterville,

Vt.; m. Jan. 1, 1812, Sheldon, Vt., Tertius Leach, b. Nov. 21, 1786,
prob. Greenfield, Mass.; d. Feb. 4, 1864, Waterville, Vt.

7. Teetius Hawley Leach, b. March 19, 1813, Enosburg, Vt.; d. Sept. 19,

1881, Clinton, Iowa.; m. Feb. 28, 1835, Sheldon, Vt., Orissa Fanton, b.
May 1, 1812, Sheldon, Vt.; d. June 24, 1890, Fairfield, Vt.

From here same as Summary of Arms Ancestry, 8th to 10th Generations;
Daughters of the American Colonists, 1931, pp. 26-36, No. 2089; Daughters of
the American Revolution No. 193195; ancestry traced by the author of this

Among the well known descendants of Joseph Hawley, residing
in the United States, I will call attention to the following:

Ephraim, son of Samuel and Patience Hawley, married
Phebe Curtiss, Oct. 5, 1711. He settled in the southern part of
New Milford — now Bridgewater — he and Joseph Benedict being
the two first settlers in that part of the town. Jehiel, born Feb. 14,
1712; residence. New Milford and Vermont. Matthew baptized
Feb. 14, 1713; residence. New Milford and Canaan, N. Y. Ephraim,
residence. New Milford. Nathan, residence, New Milford. Patience,
Abel, residence, Woodbury and Vermont. David, residence. New
Milford and Vermont. Josiah, residence, Woodbury and Vermont;
married here and had Moses, baptized Oct., 1748, and Silas, bap-
tized Dec, 1750. Gideon. Phebe.

Helen Miller Gould (Mrs. Finley Johnson Shepard), of "Lynd-
hurst," Irvington-on-the-Hudson, New York, the beautiful estate

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 141

high above the Hudson, with its mansion and towers, and its extend-
ed view of the river and hills, whose descent is — Joseph Hawley,
died 1690; married Catharine Birdsey; Ebenezer^ Hawley, born
1654; married Hester Ward; Elizabeth^ Hawley, born 1679; mar-
ried Joseph Wakeman; Katharine* Wakeman, born 1703; married
John Burr; Elizabeth^ Burr, born 1732; married Abraham Gould;
Abraham^ Gould, born 1766; married Anna Osborn; John' Burr
Gould, born 1792; married Mary More; Jay^ Gould, born 1836;
married Helen Day Miller; Helen^ Miller Gould, married Finley
Johnson Shepard. Mrs. Shepard is a member of the Magna Charta
Dames and belongs to many other Societies and Clubs. She is
endowed with those qualities that make for success, an active mind,
trained to high ideals of duty and responsibility, with abundant
resources to carry into active operation these ideals. Material
wealth does not necessarily denote the highest attainment, but when
it is employed in the interests of moral ends its possessor shows a
high standard of intelligent appreciation of its value to humanity.
Somewhere in New York a silver tablet is placed, with the inscription
"God Bless Helen Gould Shepard."

Dorothy Canfield (Mrs. John Fisher) of Arlington, Vt., author
and internationally known as a woman of letters. She is a grand-
daughter of Rev. Eli Hawley Canfield, D.D. Her father was Prof.
James Canfield of Oberlin, Ohio. During the World War, she and
her family went to France in relief work; her late book, "The Deep-
ening Stream," deals somewhat with that experience.

Dorothy Canfield Fisher is a member of the Board of Trustees of
Bennington College for Women, chartered in 1925, and opened in
September, 1932, at Bennington, Vt. Mrs. Dorothy Canfield
Fisher's descent is: 1. Joseph Hawley, pioneer; 2. Samuel, Sr.;
3. Ephraim; 4. Capt. Jehiel; 5. Andrew; 6. ZadocH.; 7. Almera
Hawley Canfield; 8. Rev. EH Hawley Canfield; 9. James H., her
father; Dorothy Canfield Fisher.

Hon. Thomas Hawley Canfield, son of Samuel and Mary Hawley
Canfield, resided for a time in Burlington, Vt. He was one pf the
earhest and most active promoters of the Northern Pacific Railroad,
and therefore, identified with the growth and development of the
Northwest. He was born in 1822. His descent is: Joseph^, the
pioneer; Samuel^, Sr., Ephraim^; Capt. JehieP; Andrew^; Eli^;
Mary Hawley Canfield ^

Mr. Samuel B. Hawley, lawyer, a resident of Yonkers, N. Y.,
Yale University, 1844; member of the American Association for
the advancement of Science; member of the American Geographic
Society; member of the Westchester Historical Society; member
of the Executive Committee of the Hawley Family Society. His
descent is: Joseph^ the pioneer; SamueP Sr.; Ephraim^; Capt.
Jehiel''; Curtis^; David ^- David'; Samuel B.^

Mary EHzabeth Hawley, Life Member of the Hawley Family
Society, Inc., died May 11, 1930, in her 72 year, at her home,
"Hawley Manor," Newton, Conn. This beautiful N. E. Village

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