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(Notes by author of "Hoare Family," say "3" and "4'' were 3. Elinor,
Anna. Authority lost.)

2. Chaeles Hoare, Gloucester, England, born ; died 1638 in

England; married Joanna Hincksman or Henchman, born ;

died Braintree, December 20, 1661.

Children were:

1. Thomas (mother uncertain), bapt. June 15, 1612. Remained in England;

2. John, d, Apr. 2, 1704; m. Alice Lisle. She d. June 5, 1696.

3. Daniel, b. Gloucester, England. Boston, 1650; m. Mary Stratton at


4. Joanna, b. Gloucester, England; d. Braintree; m. Col. Edmund Quincy;

he was b. 1627; m. July 26, 1648.

5. Leonard, b. Gloucester, England, 1630; d. Nov. 28, 1675, Boston; m.

Bridget Lisle, 1723, (dau. of Lord John and Lady Alice Becousawe),
d. May 25, 1723, Boston.

6. Margerie, b. Gloucester, England; d. Mar. 10, 1687, Braintree; m. (1)

John Mathewe; m. (2) Rev. Henry FljTit, Braintree; he d. Apr. 27,

John Hoare, born Gloucester, England; died Concord, Mass.,
April 2, 1704; married Alice Lyle in England (spelled Ales, Con-
necticut Register) ; died Concord, June 5, 1696. He was at Scituate,
in Plymouth Colony in 1643, moved to Concord, Mass., 1659, and
was the means of rescuing Mrs. Rowlandson from her captivity
among the Indians in 1676.

Children were:

1. Elizabeth, d. Concord, Sept. 25, 1687; m. Jonathan Prescott, Concordj

Dec. 23, 1675.

2. Mary, m. Benj. Graves, Oct. 21, 1668. See Graves Ancestry.

References: "Hoar Family," 1898, by Alfred Wyman Hoar, pp. 3-16.

For summary see Chart, Vol. I, Families Directly Descended from all the
Royal Families in Europe.


The Holcombe family is of ancient English origin. The name is
derived from two words, Holt, meaning woody, and cum or combe,
meaning a valley between two hills. There have been many em-
inent members of the Holcombe family in New England. Among
them are Amasa Holcombe, the scientist; Chester Holcombe, the
diplomatist; Rev. Frederick Holcombe, one of the founders of
Trinity College in Hartford. Among the men of prominence who
have been allied with the Holcombe family and are ancestors of
members of the branch of the family mentioned below are: John
Webster, governor of Connecticut; Deacon Samuel Chapin, one
of the founders of Springfield, Massachusetts; Hon. William Phelps,

168 Three Eundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

one of the commissioners appointed by the Massachusetts Bay
Colony in 1636 to govern the people of Connecticut, assistant, mem-
ber of the council of the Pequot War in 1637, and member of the
council which framed the constitution in 1639; Captain Joseph
Wadsworth, who concealed the charter of Connecticut in the famous
Charter Oak; and General Nathan Johnson, an officer in the war of
1812, who was one of the most prominent lawyers in the state, quar-
ter-master-general for many years, and state senator.

The family of Holcombe settled for centuries upon the estate of
Hull, County Devon, England, — seven descents of which are
recorded in the Heralds visitations of 1620 — sent several of its mem-
bers over to America between 1630 and 1695. The first colonist of
the name, Thomas Holcombe, was born either in Pembrokeshire,
Wales, or in Devonshire, England, in 1601, and, it is believed, was
a son of Gilbert and Ann Holcombe. He came to New England,
in 1630, in the "Mary & John." He married Ehzabeth Ferguson,
some authorities state, before he left England, and others say the
marriage took place in Dorchester, Massachusetts. She was born
in England and was a fellow passenger on the "Mary & John."
Thomas Holcomb (or Holcombe) was made freeman at Dorchester,
in 1634; sold his lands there in 1635, and soon afterward removed to
Windsor. He was a prominent man in the settlement. In 1639, he
was one of those who represented Windsor and Hartford in the
forming of the Constitution of the Colony of Connecticut. He died
Sept. 7, 1657, After his death, his widow married, Aug. 5, 1658,
James Enho. She died Oct. 7, 1679.

The Arms and Motto given in "American Heraldica," by E.
Dev. Vermont, have been preserved especially in this branch of the
Holcombe family . A complete pedigree of the Holcombes of Devon-
shire, starting from John Holcombe, Knight (XI Century), and
including the father of the emigrant, Thomas Holcombe, is given
in the "Holcombe Genealogy" by Jesse Seaver.

Holcombe, Thomas, early at Dorchester, Mass., where, in May,
1634, he was made freeman; in 1635, sold his ho. and lands to
Richard Jones; soon after rem. to W.; in 1639, went to Poq., 4
m. W. of W.(see p. 159, Vol. I); was, in 1639, one of those who rep.
W. and Hartford in the forming of the Constitution of the Col. of
Conn, (his name on D. and Boston Rec. spelled with the terminal
"e". He d. at W. 8 Sept. 1657; his wid. Ehzabeth m. (2) James
Enno, 1658.t

Member of Mihtia, Windsor, Conn., 1649; Deputy 1639/49.
"Index of Ancestors Colonial Daughters of the 17th Century, Year
Book, p. 239." "Society Colonial Wars" (1922), p. 214.

t"N. S. F. & P." Vol. VII, 1919, p. 13— "Thomas Holcomb (1590-Sept. 7,
1657), m. Elizabeth Ferguson, May 14, 1634, rem. with Co. of Rev. John Warham
in 1635/6 to Windsor, Conn. He died there Sept. 7, 1657."

There is some fine old glass in the east window of fifteenth century date,
said to have been brought from abroad, and believed to be Spanish. The
subjects are Moses and the Brazen Serpent, Job and His Wife, St. Francis
and St. Clare, St. Luke, and the Madonna and Child, and the Resurrection.
There are other fine specimens of old Flemish glass.

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 169

Children, all but two eldest born in W. :

1. Elizabeth, m. 16 Nov. 1654, Josias Ellsworth of W.

2. Mary, m. 3 Oct. (1655, abt.) George Griswold of Poq.

3. Abigail, bapt. 6 Jan. 1638 (Col. Rec, O. C. R.), m. 11 June 1658, Samuel

BisseU of W.— W. E. H.

4. Joshua, bapt. 27 Sept. 1640 (O. C. R. Fam. 2).

5. Sarah, b. 14 Aug. 1642, d. 1654 (O. C. R.).

6. Benajah, b. 23 June, 1644 (O. C. R.), m. Sarah Enno.

7. Deborah, b. 15 Oct. 1646, d. 1649 (O. C. R.), d. very young.

8. Nathaniel, b. 4 Nov. 1648 (O. C. R. Fam. 4).

9. Deborah, b. 15 Feb. 1650 (O. C. R.); m. 5 Nov. 1668, Daniel Birge of W:

(W. F. H.).
10. Jonathan, b. 23 March 1652, d. 13 Sept. 1656 (Col. Rec. : O. C. R.).

References: "General Daniel BisseU" (Ancestors and Descendants), 1927,
pp. 24r-25.
Genealogy-Connecticut- Vol. III.

"Ancient Windsor, Conn.," Vol. II (Part 1), by H. R. Stiles,
1892, p. 394.

Descendants of Thomas Holcomb, as follows:

1. Thomas Holcomb, b. England, 1601, d. Sept. 7, 1657; m. May 14, 1634,

Dorchester, Mass., Elizabeth Ferguson, b. England, Oct. 7, 1679.

2. Samtjel Bissell, b. England, May 17, 1698; m. June 11, 1658, Abigail

Holcomb, bapt. Jan. 6, 1638, d. Aug. 17, 1688.

3. James Eno, Jr., b. Nov. 2 or Oct. 30, 1651, d. July 16, 1714; m. Dec. 26,

1678, Abigail BisseH, b. July 6, 1661, d. .

4. Lieut. Samuel^ Phelps, b. Jan. 29, 1675, Windsor, Conn., d. ; m.

Abigail Eno, b. March, 1696, d. March, 1728.

5. Lieut. Samuel^ Phelps, b. April 5, 1708, d. Aug. 15/17, 1754; m. 1731,

Ruth Phelps, b. Jan. 23, 1713, d. .

6. Joel Phelps, b. Windsor, Conn., 1732, d. ; m. Sept. 8, 1757, Jerusha

Nash, b. Oct. 5, 1734, d. 1796.

7. Phineas Phelps, b. April 10, 1767, d. April 20, 1813; m. New Haven, Vt.,

Lydia Lawrence, b. 1761/2, d. Sept. 20, 1813.

8. David Nash Phelps, b. Oct. 4, 1796, d. April 15, 1884; m. April 29, 1821,

Elizabeth Hungerford, b. Feb. 7, 1798, d. Jan. 7, 1878.
Ancestry of Joanna Arms of Yarmouth, 8th to 10th Generations; Daughters
of the American Colonists, 1931, pp. 29-36, No. 2089; ancestry traced by the
author of this book.


Arms — Quarterly: 1st and 4th, sa., two bar arg., in chief three
plates, for Hungerford 2nd and 3rd, or on a chevron sa.,
cetised gu., three martlets of the field a chief vaire, for

Crests — 1st, out of a ducal coronet or, a pepper garb of tho
first between two sickles erect ppr., for Hungerford; 2nd,
a martle sa., in front of a cross pates fitches between two
branches palm or, for Heldich.

Mottoes — Et dieu man appui, for Hungerford; Slot fortuna
domus, for Heldich.

Seat — Hurley Cottage, Hurley, Gt. Marlow.

Clubs — St. James and Turf.

The sickle was the original coat of arms and still can be seen in Salisbmy
Cathedral (built by the Hungerfords and later remodeled and name changed).
The crest was taken from St. George in 1611.

170 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

References: "Hungerfordiana, or Memoirs of the Hungerford Family,"
collected from the college of Arms, Parish Registers, Monumental inscriptions,
and various records, collected by Sir Richard Colt Hoar, Bart., Southhold, England,
in 1823.

"Shakespeare's Poems," Vol. VI, Part III, page 162.

"Encyclopaedia Britannica," 11th English Edition.

English and American Line, connected by John S. Wurts of
Philadelphia, Pa., Editor of Ninth Edition (Haddam Records) of "Americans
of Royal Descent."

For Royal Line see Vol. I "FamiUes Directly Descended from all the Royal
Families in Europe, by Elizabeth Rixford.

About 64 miles out of London, where you follow the quaint old
Bath Coach Road, you will arrive at the village of Hungerford, the
ancient seat of the Hungerford Family, in Pastoral, Berkshire, and
extending into Wiltshire. Hungerford is well off the well traveled
tourist's routes, but it holds more than passing interests to the
traveler, who likes to linger long in quaint by-ways of the world,
studying old customs of olden days, where they are still observed
in all the simple ingenuousness. Such a traveler would delight
in the observance of Hock Day. The Holiday occurs the Thursday,
Easter Week. Hungerford is also a favorite Hunting Center. John
of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, presented to the citizens the Manoral
rights including Kennit and other streams in the locality, which are
numerous, and the records are carefully preserved in the town hall.
One of their town houses was located next to Buckingham Palace,
on the Thames River.

Lucy Hungerford, daughter and co-heiress of Sir Walter Hunger-
ford, and widow of Sir John, son of Nicholas St. John and Elizabeth
Blount, his wife, married Sir Anthony Hungerford (the son of her
Fifth cousin Anthony Hungerford, Sr.), born 1564; died 1627, of
Black Bourton or Bourton Inges, who by his wife Lucy had

Children :

1. Sir Edward Hungerford, K. B., first son of Cadenham,

born 1596; died 1648, a spendthrift.

2. Sarah Hungerford, married Sir John Carew.

3. Anne Hungerford, of Boston, married John Leigh (or Lee,

tradition — General Lee Family). They had children:

1. John. 2. A dau., m. Patch. 3. &arah, m.

Hunkins. 4. Mary, m. Tuttle. 5. Ann, d. Sept. 28,

1691, unm.

4. Sir Thomas Hungerford, born 1602; died 1663, from

England to Hartford, Conn., 1638; later at New London.
(The Comp. Am. Gen., Vol. Ill, p. 668). He was twice

married, (1) ; (2) about 1658, to Hannah Willey,

daughter of Isaac and Joanna Willey of New London.
Service: "History of New London," by Caulkins, 1860,
page 68 — Thomas Hungerford and Jonathan Brewster
of the Cape Ann Party, 1650, on the pen., where the 1st
Trading Post stood.
After the death of Mr. Hungerford, she married Peter
Blackford, of New London. He died Sept., 1671.

Chart 1


Athon, who fortified the Town Courtenay about 1000, and gave that Name to his Family

1ft wife, Hildegarde, dau. of Jeofry Ferrole, Count of Gaftinois. = Jofeline de Courtenay = 2nd wife, Ifabel, dau. of Guy, Seigneur de Montlebery.

1. Dau., named Hodierne = Jeofry Count de Joigny. I

1. Miles, Seigneur Ift wife, a dau. of a Prince of = 2. Jofceline, 1ft Count of Edeffa. = 2nd wife, a dau. of Roger, 3. Jeofry de Courtenay.
de Courtenay I Armenia. Prince of Antioch.

Jofceline, 2nd Count of Edeffa = Beatrix, widow of William de Saona. Stephania de Courtenay, Abbefs of St. Mary-major in Jerufalen

1. Jofceline, 3rd Count of Edeffa = Agnes, dau. of Henry de Buffle. 2. Elizalieth. who d. young. 3. Agne

1. Beatrix = Count .'Mimond. 2. Agnes — William de Mandalee. [

1. Baldwin 4, King of Jerufalem. 2. Sibylla, Queen of Jerufalem = | 1. William, Marquefs of Montferrat.

I Guy of Lufignan. King of Jerufalem.
^- Baldwin .S, King of Jerufalem. d. an infant.

Chart 2
(A Genealogical History of the Noble and Illustrious Family of Courtenay in Three Parts, bv E. Cleveland, B.D. — Printed by Edw. Farley, at Shakespear's

Head near Eafl-gate, 1735; — Book I, pages 1 and 113.)


Athon, who fortified the Town Courtenay about the year 1000, and gave that name to his Family.

Hildegarde, dau. of Jeofry Ferrole, Count de Gaftinois = Jofceline 1, Seigneur de Courtenay = Ifabel, dau. of Guy, Seigneur de Montlebery.


Hodierne — Jeofry 2, Count de Joigny. ]

Emengarde, dau. of Renaud, Count de Nevers =: 1. Miles. 2. Jofceline, Count of Edeffa. 3. Jeofry Courtenay de Chaplay.

1. Jofceline. A sifter of Guy du Donjon — 2. Reginald = Hawife, dau. of Robert de Aincourt. 3. William = Matilda, dau. of Robert Fitz-Ede.

Peter, son of Lewis le Groffe. = Elizabeth. 1. | 1. William = Ada. 2. Robert = Alicia de Romeli. 3. Reginald.

King of France. |

1. Robert = Mary de Redvers, dau. of William, Earl of Devonshire. 2. Henry. 3. Reginald. 4. Egeline =; Gilbert Baffet.

1. John = Ifabel, dau. of Hugh, Earl of Oxford. 2. William = a dau. of William Baffet. 3. Hawife = John de Nevil.

Hugh Courtenay, Baron of Okehampton = Eleanor, dau. of Hugh Defpenfer, Earl of Winchefter.

1. Hugh, Earl of = Agnes, dau. of 2. Philip of Moreton. 3. Margaret = John Mules. 4. Aveline = John Giffard. 5. Ifabel = John, Lord St. John.

Devon. John, Lord St. John. 6. Egeline = John Scales.

1. Hugh, Earl of Devon = Marg. de Bohun. 2. Robert. 3. John Abbott of Taviftock. 4. Thomas = Muriel de Mulis. 5. Eleanor. 6. Elizabeth
I Ancestor of Elizabeth Ri-x-

ford, through the Hungerford
1 line.

I 1. Hugh d. without iffue. 2. Margaret — Thomas Peverel. 3. Muriel = John Dinham.

I. Hugh = Elizabeth, 2. Thomas. 3. Edward = Emma, dau of 4. William. 5. Philip ~ Anne, dau. of 6. John. 7. Peter, 8. Humphry. 9. Elizabeth,
dau. of Sir J. Dauney I Sir Thomas 10. Margaret. 11. Joan. 12. Catherine.

Guy de Brian. I | Wade. 13. Matilda. 14. Eleanora. 15. Guinora.

I I 16. Ifabel. 17. Philippa.

I I 1. Richard, Bifhop of Norwich. 2. Sir John. 3. Sir William.

Hugh = Joan, dau. of Thomas Holland, 1. Edward, Earl of Devonfhire. 2. Hugh of Haccomb.
Earl of Kent, d. without issue.

East Gatehouse from the west.

•Sv :/ t' > - f-

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 171

Children of Thomas Hungerf ord ; by first wife :

1. Thomas, b. about 1648.

2. Sarah, b. about 1654; m. Lewis Hugh of Lyme.

Children by second wife:

3. Hannah, b. 1659; m. at Rhode Island. (Haddam Records) .

2. Thomas Hungerford, born at Hartford, Conn., 1648; died

at East Haddam, Conn., 1714, who married before June
6, 1671, Mary Green, of Narragansett. Service: Bodges'
"King Phihp's War," Leominster, Mass., 1896, No. 140
being Thomas Hungerford.

Children of Thomas^ Hungerford:

1. Elizabeth, b. about. 1670; d. Nov. 17, 1758; m. about 1695, Joseph Gates.

2. Thomas, b. about 1672; m. about 1699, Elizabeth Smith.

3. John, b. about 1674; m. Dec. 3, 1702, Deborah Spencer.

4. Susannah, b. about 1676; d. ; m. about 1700, Samuel Church.

5. Sarah, b. 1679; d. Sept. 25, 1753; m. about 1697, Nathaniel Cone.

6. Maey, b. 1681; d. March 16, 1763; age 82; m. Stephen Cone.

7. Green, b. 1684; d. 1735; m. Mar. 9, 1709, Jemimi Richardson.

8. Esther, b. 1687; d. May 15, 1749. age 62; m. in 1711, Samuel Gates.

9. Benjamin, is mentioned by Rev. David D. Field, A.M., in his "History of

Haddam and East Haddam."

3. Thomas Hungerford, born at New London, Conn., about

1673; died 1750; who married 1699, EHzabeth, daughter
of Mathew Smith and his wife Mary Cutler. (See will of
Mathew Smith, Vol. L) Service: Bodges' "King Phihp's
War" — List of Volunteers who drew Cedar Swamp Lots.
No. 163 being Thomas Hungerford.

Children of Thomas^ Hungerford:

1. Hannah, b. Aug. 16, 1700; m. (1) Nov. 22, 1727, Samuel Ackley, Jr.; m.

(2) David Gates.

2. Thomas, b. July 11, 1702; d. Nov. 12, 1786, at New Fairfield, Conn.

3. Benjamin, b. Dec. 15, 1705; bapt. May 5, 1706; d. Feb. 1, 1790.

4. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 4, 1707; bapt. Apr. 11, 1708; m. Joseph Gates.

5. David, bapt. May 21, 1710; d. July, 1758, in camp near Saratoga.

6. Jonathan, bapt. April 17, 1715; d. , 1771.

7. Capt. John, b. Mar. 4, 1718; bapt. May 4, 1718; m. twice.

8. Samuel, d. in infancy.

9. Samijel, b. May 10, 1725; d. Sept. 3, 1789; m. Mary Graves.

3. Samuel^ Hungerford, born probably at East Haddam, Conn.,
about 1713; died at New Fairfield, Conn.; represented
New Fairfield, Conn., in the Legislature in 1777. He
married June 23, 1746, Mary Graves, born probably at
Hatfield, Aug. 20, 1722.

Aug., 1763, he obtained of Gov. Benning Wentworth grants of three town-
ships on the N. E. of Lake Champlain, chartered by the names of Fairfield, Smith-
field, and Hungerford (now Sheldon). ("Mrs. Hemenway's Gazetteers.")

Data from "Index to the Papers of the Surveyors-General of Vermont"
(page 85 of Index).

Hungerford, N. H., Grant to Samuel Hungerford and associates, Aug. 18,
1763; name changed to Sheldon, Nov. 8, 1792.

Charter— Registered by I. A., S-G. 19:208, Variation of Bounds from Ma.
S. P. 31:72: A. J., 1796:115.

172 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

Fairfield, N. H. .(page 69) Grant to Samuel Hungerford and Associates, Aug
18, 1763; parts from Smithfield and to Bakersfield, 1792; parts to and from
Swan ton, 1829, etc.

Ferdinand, N. H., Grant to Thos. Hungerford and associates, Oct. 12, 1762;
parts from Wenlock and Brighton, 1853.

Charter — Original, 2:134A; copy registered by I. A., S-G, 19:109. (S-G — means
Surv ey or-Gener al . )

Ftoprietors — Names, 41:46; 41-79, etc. (page 71).

Vol. of Field Books, shows Town lines of 1783-7, . . . Hungerford, etc.

Vol. 10 of Field Books of Survey of Town Lines made by the Surveyor-
General or his Deputies, compiled and attested by James Whitlaw, Surveyor-
General, gives systematically a part or all of the surveys of the lines of . . ,
Averill, Avery's Gores (3), Barre, Berlin, Chelsea, Ferdinand, Highgate . .
Hungerford . . . Lemuigton, Montpelier, Newbury, Norwich, Orange, Rocock,
Pocock Leg, Washington, Wildersburg, Williamstown, etc. (Only a partial list
was copied for me by Miss EUen M. Hoar, LL.B., Barre, Vt.)

Children of Samuel and Mary (Graves) Hungerford, the first
child born at East Haddam, all the others at New Fairfield, Conn. :

1. Eleanor (or Uranah), b. May 17, 1747, at East Haddam; bapt. Oct. 2,

1752, in New Fairfield.

2. Infant, stillborn, June 2, 1748.

3. Mary, b. June 21, 1749; bapt. Oct. 2, 1752, at New Fairfield, Conn., prob.

m. Alexander Stewart, Jr.

4. Eunice, b. April 26, 1751; m. Joseph Soule. See Mayflower line.

5. Miriam, b. Feb. 13, 1753; bapt. Mar. 25, 1753.

6. Capt. Uriel, b. Feb. 12, 1755; m. Hannah Wilcox.

7. Isaiah, b. Dec. 26, 1756; d. June 16, 1833; m. Esther Mead, d. Dec. 22,

1837, aged 76 y., lid.

8. Allen, b. Dec. 12, 1758; bapt. Jan. 13, 1759; d. June 19, 1776.

9. Ezra, b. Feb. 8, 1761; m. Carohne Wilcox.

10. Zeruah, b. June 13, 1763; bapt. July, 1763; m. Amos Northrop.

11. Deborah, b. Nov. 18, 1764; bapt. Feb. 10, 1765; living Mar. 4, 1836, when

her claim for a pension was allowed; m. Sept. 21, 1786, Nathan Waldo.

12. Margaret, b. May 14, 1767; bapt. June 28, 1767; d. May 14, 1851; m.

July 1, 1787, Job Hurlbut.

13. Elizabeth, b. May 30, 1769; d. April 20, 1853; m. (1) early in 1800, Samuel

Tuttle; m. (2) Solomon Jones, about 1807.

14. Samuel, b. Dec. 1, 1771.

(This list of children copied from Ward Hungerford's blue print of Records.)

4. Isaiah Hungerford, born at New Fairfield, Conn., Jan. 23,
1757; died at Stanbridge, P. Q., June 16, 1833. Private,
was in Captain Hubbell's Co.; pay roll for horse travel
Capt. William Hubbell's Co., in the 16th Reg. Militia
commanded by Nehemiah Beardsley, Esq., Co. 1, in
expedition to Fairfield, Norwalk and Stamford; New
Fairfield, July 8, 1779. He married Esther Mead, born
Aug. 11, 1760; died Dec. 22, 1836.

Children, probably all born at New Fairfield:

1. Meads, m. Harriet , b. 1791; d. Sept. 19, 1839 (Gravestone).

2. Allen, trader, widower. M. (2) by Rev. James Reed, 18 May, 1817, Sarah

Mills, spinster and both of seigniory and parish of St. Armond, Missis-
quoi County.

3. Tabor, b. 9 July, 1788; bapt. 9 Mar. 1823 (by Rev. James Reed); m. (1)

Anna Isabanda McKinney, b. 1800; d. 11 Dec. 1838, aged 38; m. (2)
Christina Snyder.

Whose lineage gives her granddaughter (Mrs. Oscar H.)
Ehzabeth "SI. Rixford, memljership in the National Society of
Magna Charta Dames traced to Robert de Vere, the 3rd Earl of
Oxford. Mrs. Rixford is Regent for the State of Vermont.

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 173

4. Eli B., his home was at Stanbridge where he was a cabinet maker, and at

times worked at his trade in Lacole Seigniory, and Plattsburg, N. Y.;
m. (1) Nancy Ann (called Annie) Murrey, b. 16 Apr. 1799; d. 1 Dec.
1834, aged 35 yrs.,7 mos., 16 d. (Gravestone); m. (2) 13 Dec. 1836,
Dulcina Manson. Children by first wife, born in Stanbridge:

1. James Eli\ b. 16 Mar. 1822; d. 16 Nov. 1830, aged 8 yrs., 8 mos.


2. Idetha Sophia, h. 20 Apr. 1826, bapt. in sickness; d. 7 Aug. 1827.

3. William Henry, b. 21 Apr. 1833; d. 13 July 1839, aged 6 yrs., 2 mos.,

23 d. (Gravestone).

5. Ephraim, b. 26 Nov. 1794; d. 19 Mar. 1835, at Stanbridge; a Joiner; m.

12 Dec. 1819, Elizabeth Snyder, b. 13 Dec. 1799; d. 28 June 1857.
(Gravestones in Hungerford Cemetery at Morgans Comers).

6. Elizabeth, b. 7 Feb. 1797; bapt. 17 Sept. 1820; d. 7 Jan. 1878; m. 29 Apr.,

1822, No. 4192 Nash David' Phelps.

7. Samuel^, b. 12 Aug. 1799; d. 21 Nov. 1883, at Famham, Que.

8. Marion, m. FuUer and prob. remained in Conn.

9. Phebe, prob. remained in Conn.

10. Sarah, m. Isaac Mcl&iney and lived near Missisquoi Bay.

11. Esther, prob. remained in Conn.

Reference: Children born at New Fairfield, collected by F. Phelps Leach.

5. Elizabeth Hungerford, born Feb. 7, 1797; died Jan. 7,
1878; who married Nash David Phelps, born at New
Haven, Vt., Oct. 4, 1796; died Apr. 15, 1884.

Children, all born at Stanbridge, Que. :

1. Lydia, b. Dec. 2, 1825; d. Feb. 12, 1826.

2. Lydia, m. Henry H. Bucklin.

3. Esther, m. Alexander Douglas; both d. at Stanbridge.

4. David Alfred, m. Victoria Sawyer.

5. Edgar Joshia, b. Nov. 20, 1831; d. June 29, 1932.

6. Almira Eudora, b. Sept. 18, 1832; d. Jan. 7, 1913, at (Stone) N. Stan-

bridge; m. Oct. 15, 1851, Asa Russell.
7; Mary Elizabeth, b. Sept. 30, 1836; m. April 20, 1853, Horatio Nelson

8. Helen Ann, b. Dec. 21, 1837; d. Oct. 27, 1920; m. (1) Heman MitcheU;

(2) Samuel Fairfield, d. Oct. 21, 1914.

9. Caroline Alexandra (mother of the Author of this Book), b. July 3,

1840, d. March 29, 1921; m. Sept. 8, 1863, Horace Brayton Leach.
10. Alvira Jane, b. Sept. 30, 1843; m. Dec. 13, 1864, Arvide Henry Martin;
d. and bur. at Clarenceville, Que.

5. Samuel^ Hungerford, born Aug. 12, 1799, at Famham,
Que., brother of EHzabeth Hungerford; married 1st,
Mirabah Phelps, died May 6, 1850, daughter of Philo
and Sarah (Gilbert) Phelps, and granddaughter of Joel
Phelps. He married 2nd, March 23, 1858, at West Fam-
ham, Mary Wilson, born Feb. 25, 1837, at Stoltsville,
daughter of Chester and AdeUne (Bisbea) Wilson.

Children by first wife (see 'Thomas Hungerford Genealogy,"
by F. Phelps Leach) :

1. Phoebe; m. John Whitman.

2. Almira, d. unm.

3. Mirabah, d. in childhood.

174 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

Children by second wife, b. at North Stanbridge:

4. Ida E., b. April 20, 1859; m. Edward Russell.

5. Addie E., b. April 20, 1859; unmarried.

6. Saeah Isabell Jane, b. April 22, 1861; d. 1878.

7. MiRABAH Mat, b. Oct. 4, 1863; d. 1885.

8. Gertrude Elizabeth, b. Feb. 5, 1866; d. 1880.

9. Almira, b. Feb. 8, 1868; d. 1875.

10. Samuel Chester, d. young.

11. Samuel^ James, b. July 16, 1873.

6. Samuel' James Hungerford, of Montreal, Que., born at
Farnham, Que., July 16, 1873; married at Winnipeg,
Man., Apr. 13, 1893, Alberta, daughter of Rev. J. W.

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