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house, and on to the Taunton Line. John Leach was chosen Jury-
man of the Plymouth County Court. The inventory of his estate
was filed Feb. 6, 1744. His estate was appraised at £341.

Children of John and Ahce Leach:

1. John, b. 1695.

2. Giles, b. March 28, 1697.

3. Stephen, b. Jan. 28, 1698/9.

4. Abeil, b. Dec. 18, 1700; m. Sarah . He was a Revolutionary Soldier^

5. Ebenezar, b. Dec, 1702.

196 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

6. Mehitable, b. Nov. 14, 1704,

7. Timothy, b. Oct. 15, 1707.

8. Nehemiah, b. 1709.

9. Solomon, b. Feb. 19, 1712.
10. Jesse, b. 1714.

Benjamin Leach, Esq. (Giles^, Lawrence^, born at W. Bridge-
water, Mass., died July 13, 1764; married Hepzibah Washburn,
Sept. 8, 1702. She died April 4, 1750, daughter of Hannah (Latham)
Washburn. Hepzibah Washburn was a great-grand-daughter of
Hon. John Washburn, first Secretary of Mas. Bay Colony, and of
John Win slow, of Boston and Mary Chilton, of the Mayflower,
and great-granddaughter of Frances Cooke of the Mayflower. See
Lawrence Leach and His Descendants, by F. Phelps Leach, Vol. I.

Children of Benjamin and Hepzibah (Washburn) Leach:

1. Akne, b. July 19, 1703.

2. Joseph, b. Oct. 9, 1705.

3. Maky, b. May 1, 1708.

4. Saeah, b. April 29, 1711 ; m. 1732, Timothy* Leach (John*, GilesS Lawrence^).

5. Benjamin, b. Sept. 14, 1713.

6. IcHABOD, b. 1716; d. Dec. 11, 1722.

7. Jerethmeal, 1718 \rr • ,, .

8. Benanuel, b. 1718r^"^«' ^^^ ^-

9. NoKES, b. March 30, 1720; Nokes Bridgewater, Sentinel, Capt. Thomas

Henderson's Co. Enlisted Feb. 2, 1748/9.

10. Susanna, b. Oct. 25, 1722.

11. Hannah, b. March 4, 1725; m. 1743, Sergt. Solomon Leach.

12. Phebe, m. in 1750, Abner Forbes.

13. Nathan, b. Bridgewater, Private appears on a pajrroll, dated Boston,

April 6, 1762, of a Co. in His Majesty's service under the command of
Capt. Josiah Dunbar, served 26 weeks, 5 days.
143 Eunice.


Sergeant Solomon Leach, son of John, of Bridgewater, Mass.,
and Westmoreland, N. H., born at South Bridgewater, Mass., Feb.
19, 1712. He married three times; (1st) April 14, 1736, at Bridge-
water, Tabitha Washburn, born 1716 at Bridgewater; died there,
1736; she was the daughter of SamueP and Abigail Washburn
(John^, Hon. John^) ; married (2nd) April 19, 1738, Jerusha Bryant
of Plymouth; she died April 25, 1743; married (3rd) Aug. 6, 1743,
at West Bridgewater, a daughter of Robert Latham and Susannah,
daughter of John Winslow and Mary Chilton, of the Mayflower,

Children of Sergt. Solomon Leach. Married three times.

Children by 2nd wife, Jerusha Bryant:

1. Abisha, b. March 7, 1739.

2. Tabitha, b. May 28, 1742.

By 3rd wife, Hannah Leach, born at Bridgewater and Westmore-
land, N. H.:

3. Jerusha, b. Feb. 23, 1746; m. Isaac^ Leach, son of Josiah* (SamueP, Giles^),

4. Solomon, b. March 5, 1750.

5. Israel, b. Oct. 19, 1752.

6. Hannah, b. June 6, 1755.

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors ond War Service 197

7. Susanna, b. Aug. 18, 1758.

8. Joseph, b. Nov. 8, 1760; d. March 10, 1778, Revolutionary Soldier.

9. Ephraim, b. 1761.

10. Lewis.

11. Lucy.


Ephraim Leach of Enosburg, Vt., son of Sergeant Solomon,
was born at Westmoreland, N. H., Dec. 17, 1761, and died at Enos-
burg, Vt., Feb. 20, 1840. He married at Greenfield, Mass., Nov.
17, 1785, Chloe Shattuck, born at Greenfield, Nov. 22, 1766; died
at Enosburg, Vt., Jan. 22, 1845. She was the daughter of Samuel
and Chloe (Field) Shattuck. (See Shattuck Ancestry.) They are
buried in the front of the Old Cemetery near Enosburg Center,
where the old residents of the town were buried. This Cemetery
is lawn-mowed and kept up like a city Cemetery. Mr. Leach was a
Revolutionary Soldier. Ephraim Leach owned the first Woolen
Mill in this part of the State. It was on the corner above West
Enosburg, where the road turns to go to Enosburg Center. The
author has in her possession an old wooden covered account book
kept by Mr. Leach, from 1838 until his death.

Children :

1. Tertius, b. Nov. 21, 1786, at Greenfield, Mass.

2. Clarissa, b. 1789, at Bernardston, Mass.

3. Otis, b. June 25, 1790; d. Nov. 29, 1837, at Enosburg, Vt.

4. RoDOLPHUs, b. Aug. 13, 1793, at Bernardston, Mass.; d. Oct. 14, 1868, unm.

at Enosburg, Vt. He was a clothier.

5. Ephraim, b. Oct. 24, 1795, at Bernardston, Mass.

6. Chloe Field, b. June 25, 1798, at Bernardston, Mass.; d. Sept. 13, 1861,

at Enosburg, Vt., unm.

7. Sidney Albro, b. Jan. 22, 1801, at Enosburg, Vt.

8. Amanda A., b. June 5, 1804, at Enosburg, Vt.; d. there unm., Feb. 20, 1879.

9. Erastus Field, b. Feb. 2, 1807, at Enosburg, Vt.; d. there unm., Aug. 30,

1828. He was a merchant at WUUston.
10. LoRiN CusHMAN, b. July 7, 1809, at Enosburg, Vt.


Tertius Leach of Waterville, Vt., was born at Greenfield, Mass.,
Nov. 21, 1786; died at Waterville, Feb. 4, 1864. He married at
Sheldon, Vt., Jan. 1, 1812, Sophia Hawley, daughter of James Hawley
and Martha (Stevens) Waterhouse, born Aug. 17, 1795; died at
Sheldon, Vt., Jan. 7, 1879. James Hawley served in the Revolu-
tionary War, and in the War of 1812. He was one of the first
settlers of Sheldon, Vt., and the first Selectman in that town.
Tertius Leach played a Bass Viol at services in the old Church at
Enosburg Center, Vt. He owned large tracts of land at Waterville,
at the time of his death. Both he and his wife died and were buried
at Waterville, but in 1900, F. Phelps Leach, a great-grandson re-
moved their rem-ains to the Leach Lot in the Bradley Burying-
Ground at Fairfield, Vt., where four generations of the Leach Family
are buried. (See illustration of monument.)

198 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

Children :

1. Tertius Hawley, b. May 19, 1813; d. Sept. 19, 1881: m. Orisa Fanton,

Feb. 28, 1835.

2. Charles Atwood, b. Jan. 25, 1814, at Enosburg, Vt.

3. Sophia Eliza, b. AprU 22, 1816; d. April 22, 1860; m. Dudley Roberts.

4. LoRAN Atwood, b. Dec. 3, 1819; d. March 29, 1884; m. Dec. 18, 1841,

Sophia Bartrum.

5. HE^fBY Waterhouse, b. July 17, 1825; d. Dec. 9, 1863; m. July 26, 1854,

Serepta Sargent.


Tertius Hawley Leach, born May 19, 1813; lived at Water-
ville, and kept hotel for a time at Stowe, Vt. Cabinet maker;
several old pieces of inlaid furniture that he made, still in the family.
While there he built and ran the first hotel on Mount Mansfield.
This hotel was probably not changed until Maxwell Powell of
Burhngton, Vt., purchased the property and rebuilt the hotel.
The Hawley-Leach Family hold a reunion each year in different
localities. Mr. Leach went to Clinton, Iowa, in 1866. In 1878, he
purchased the following real estate. The East one half of the lot
(N) in the Iowa Lands Company, subdivision of lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7,
17 and 18, and Block Clinton. The purchase was evidenced by
warranty deed, recorded in book 16, page 83, Office of the Records
of Clinton County, Iowa. At the time of his death, he was the
owner of large estates in that city.

Children of Tertius Hawley and Orisa (Fanton) Leach:

1. Deforace Atwood^, b. at Sheldon, Vt., Sept. 25, 1836; d. at Eden, Vt.,

Dec. 13, 1906; m. Ellen Wakefield.

2. Horace Brayton^ Leach, (twin brother), b. Sept. 25, 1836; d. at East

Highgate, Vt., May 6, 1919; tQ. Caroline Alexandria Phelps.

Sophia Eliza Leach, born at Enosburg, Vt., April 22, 1816; died,
at Montgomery Vt., July 28, 1855; married Nov. 30, 1833 at
Enosburg, Vt., Dudley Roberts, born at Westmore, Vt., April 12,
1811; died Jan. 7, 1871.

Children :

1. Eliza, b. Sept. 2, 1837; d. Jan. 23, 1861, at Lowell, Vt.; m. Dec. 6, 1855,

Waterman Wakefield.

2. Sophia Hawley, b. Feb. 12, 1839; d. Feb. 19, 1866, at Montgomery, Vt.;

m. Feb. 2, 1860, Goodspeed.

3. Mary Leach, b. Sept. 29, 1841; m. Oct. 6, 1858, John Smith, and had (1)

Myrta, b. Jan. 15, 1861; (2) Ellen A., b. Dec. 11, 1865; (3) Adah, b.
March 4, 1873.

4. John Wesley, b. Aug. 28, 1843; m. Dell Tresedell, Chicago, 111.

Loran Atwood Leach, born at Enosburg, Vt., Dec. 3, 1819;
lived at Delmar Jet., Clinton Co., la.; died March 29, 1884; mar-
ried at Fairfield, Vt., Dec. 18, 1841, Sophia Bartram, born Oct. 18,
1824, at Fairfield, Vt., daughter of Joseph and Orilla (Hull) Bartram.
Mr. Leach played a Bass Viol at services in the old Church at Enos-
burg Center. He was six foot eight inches tall and weighed 345
pounds. Children: 1. Nelson E., born Jan. 22, 1843, at Berkshire,
Vt.; married (1st) June 10, 1866, Clara Dickson, and they had one










Horace B. Leach

Eighty-four years old, his twelfth year carrying mail from East High-
gate Post Office to East Highgate Station. His son-in-law, Oscar H. Eix-
ford, Postmaster. Office in his home at East Highgate for 35 years.

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 199

child; married (2nd) Roda Wimeaul at Westpoint, Neb. He was
Superintendent of the Westpoint School. 2. Charles A., born
Feb. 28, 1847, at Berkshire, Vt. He was President of the Jackson
State Savings Bank, Maquoketa, la. ; married Aug. 13, 1867, Emma
J. Woodhurst, daughter of WilUam and Ann (Page) Woodhurst,
and they had one daughter Helen, born Jan. 18, 1871, at Delmar
Jet., Ka., who married Jan. 20, 1891, Clarence Lackirder at Maquo-
keta, la. 3. Helen S., born May 4, 1856, at Enosburg, Vt., died
Nov. 16, 1870, at Delmar Jet., la.

Henry Waterhouse Leach, born Enosburg, Vt., July 17, 1825;
died at Waterville, Vt., Dec. 9, 1863; married July 26, 1846, Serepta
Sargent, died June 5, 1871. Children: 1. Florabelle, born Feb. 15,
1854; died June 2, 1877, Hardwick, Vt. 2. Florence F., born Feb.

9, 1855; died April 5, 1857, Waterville, Vt.


Deforace Atwood Leach, son of Tertius Hawley and Orisa
(Fanton) Leach, twin brother of Horace, born Sheldon, Vt.; died
Dec. 13, 1907; married Ellen M. Wakefield at Lowell, Vt., March

10, 1856, born Feb. 9, 1837; died Sept. 14, 1914, daughter of Calvin
and Marion Wakefield. Deforace Leach inherited his grandfather's
Tertius Leach property. He was a farmer and carpenter.

Children :

1. Heney Leach, b. Feb. 4, 1857/8; d. March 31, 1904; m. EKzabeth Lavine.

Children: 1. Mabel Eva, b. Aug. 3, 1887; m. Albert Lumbra, and have
Reba, b. June 22, 1906; Mabel, b. ; d. July, 1906. 2. De-
forace Brayton, b. June 6, 1890; m. Etta Chase. They have children :
1. Rhoena, b. Aug. 29, 1914; 2. Herbert D.; 3. Edward A., b. July 23,
1918 (killed in auto accident, Sunday, Aug. 30, 1925; 4. EUzabeth Etta,
b. Feb. 2, 1920.

2. Hattie Leach, b. Nov. 9, 1867; m. Sherman Cammett, Aug. 6, 1890.

Children: 1. Horace B., b. June 8, 1891; m. Grace Ducklas, Sept. 3,
1919; shed.Oct. 3, 1921; 2. Sherman, b. 1893; m. CeUa Osgood, March,
1918, and have children: Vivian Izola, b. Dec, 1919; Alberta, b. 1921 ;
Bertie E., b. July 3, 1895; Perley P., b. Jan. 21, 1898; Dell A., b. Nov.
24, 1899.

3. Horace Beayton, b. Dec. 21, 1870; d. May 20, 1920; m. Lillian Tracy,

b. June 4, 1880; farmer and carpenter at Eden, Vt.; they have one son,
Roy Nelson Leach, b. Oct. 30, 1899; m. Nov. 10, 1920, Beatrice M.
Gillen, b. Oct. 23, 1899. Have one son, Stanley Leach.

Horace® Brayton Leach (Lawrence^ Giles^, John^, Solomon*.
Ephraim^, Tertius ^ Tertius Hawley 0, was born at Sheldon, Vt.,
Sept. 25, 1826; the son of Tei-tius Hawley and Orisa Fanton Leach,
He married Carohne Alexandria Phelps, daughter of Nash David
and EKzabeth Hungerford Phelps of Bedford, Quebec, Sept. 8,
1863. They Hved in Bakersfield on a 210 acre farm about 3^ mile
south of Bakersfield Village which he bought when 20 years old.
All their children were born there excepting their youngest child,
who was born in Fairfield, Vt., where he bought a large farm. The
house was built by an ancestor in 1812 and while being raised
cannon were heard, during the battle at Plattsburg, N. Y. (See

200 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

foot note) . They lived on this place and brought up their family.
In 1905, he bought a place in East Highgate, Vt., where most of
their family had settled and he entered the U. S. Mail Service and
continued that work till his death May 6, 1919. His wife died two
years later March 29, 1921. They were hard-working loyal parents.
The children were all sent to their native town to finish their edu-
cation at Brigham Academy. The old farm in Bakersfield is still
owned by a relative.

Their children were:

1. Fayette Phelps Leach; 2. Elizabeth May; 3. Albertine Louisa;
4. Frankie Orisa; 5. Adelbert Horace.

Note — Thomas Northrup came from New Fairfield (Sherman), Corm., with
the early settlers, and was one of the original proprietors of Fairfield, Vt. Fairfield
was settled in 1787/88. The first settler was Joseph Wheeler, whose great-
grandfather was William Almon Wheeler, who became Vice President of the
United States in 1879. Chester A. Arthur, b. Oct. 5, 1830, at North Fairfield, was
the twenty-first President of the United States. Mr. Northrup settled on an
uncleared tract of land, cleared a large space, and built a log house. In 1800,
he built a frame barn, the timbers which were matched and numbered for the
builder's use. In 1812/14, he built a two and one-half story house, which con-
tained eight huge fireplaces, a house (see illustration opposite page) which at
that time was considered quite a mansion. Guns were heard from the Battle of
Plattsburgh, when the frame of the building was being raised. There is an old
legend connected with this house (see note on Banshees). At the time Horace
Leach and his family took possession of this historical old home, the walls were
frescoed with panels and border and most of the woodwork was painted green,
excepting what was called the ghost room, which was painted black (wiU say
nothing was seen or heard from the ghost while Mr. Leach and family remained
there.) Mrs. Leach is a kinsman of Thomas Northrop, and Mr. Leach a kinsman
of his wife, Joanna* Leach Northrop (Amos^, James^, James^, Lawrence^).

Banshee, in the folk-lore of the Irish and Western Highlanders of Scotland,
a supernatural creature in form of a woman who wails and shrieks before a death
in a family. This notion has been woven into many folk-tales of rare pathos and
beauty. The name is supposed to be from Gaelic "bansith," in Irish "ban sighe,"
Old Irish "ben side," — woman fairy. Funk & Wagnalls New Standard Encyclo-
pedia, Vol. II, pg. 441.


Fayette Phelps Leach, genealogist, born Nov. 17, 1864; author
and publisher of Leach Genealogy, volumes 1, 2, and 3 and Hunger-
ford Genealogy (second edition now in press). Societies: Life
member No. 58, New England Historic Genealogical Society; No.
9855, National Society of Mayflower Descendants and Vermont
State No. 42; No. 107751, United Commercial Travelers of America;
No. 88098, Iowa State Traveling Men's Association; Freeman of
the Governor and Company of Massachusetts Bay in New England;
K-UNO, K. K. K.; Knight of the Great Forest or K-DUO; Knight
Kamellia or K-TRIO (Order of American Loyalty). He m. (1st)
3 Sept. 1887, Josie L. Brown, born 3 Feb. 1870, in Sheldon, Vt.;
died Nov. 22, 1894, at East Fairfield, Vt.; married (2nd) Sept. 6,
1896, Emma L. McManimon; married (3rd) Oct. 30, 1900, Lottie
E. Martin, born Sept. 4, 1865; died Aug. 10, 1901.

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-IJ O «H -IJ -S
=S P= q, ?*-«




Of which societies she is a member.

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 201

Children by first wife:

1. Beatrice Josie, b. Aug. 16, 1889, at Milton, Vt.; d. April 27, 1919; m. April,
1914, Frank A. Young of Alburg; one child, Kathleen Mary Young,
b. Aug. 22, 1918. Beatrice was a graduate of the State Normal School,
at Johnson, Vt., a graduate of the Latin, German and French Course,
at Springfield Correspondence School. Her Professors were Harkness
and Metcalf.

2; Hazel May, b. Oct. 14, 1891, at East Fairfield, Vt.; m. Oct. 26, 1914,
James Ellsworth Allard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Seth AUard of Ljoidonville,
Vt. She graduated from the State Normal School, at Johnson, received
her diploma for Typewriting, shorthand and penmanship from the
Springfield Correspondence School, Springfield, Mass. She taught
school until her marriage. Children: 1. Viola Beatrice Allard, b.
Aug., 1916, Sabbath School Teacher in the M. E. Church at Lyndon
Center, a graduate of Lyndon Institute, 1933, and is now taking a
commercial post graduate course there. She won a Silver Pin inscribed
"Expert Typist" at Lyndon Institute, for an average of forty-three
words per minute. She is member of The Vermont Society of May-
flower Descendants.

Child by second wife:

Edith Emma, b. Sept. 16, 1897, at East Fairfield, Vt.; m. Aug. 22, 1917,
Claude Clesson Macy; Children: 1. Fern Alice Macy, b. July 13, 1918; 2.
Keith Sherwood Macy; 3. A daughter died young. After graduating
from the Franklin High School, she taught school until 1917. Claude
Macy is a successful business man. He has managed stores for the
Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., in Bethlehem, N. H., St. Albans and Swan-
ton, Vt. He has received several prizes (one of the prizes being an
electric refrigerator, received in 1932, for best work in his territory).
He was appointed traveling manager in 1934.

Child by third wife:
Lottie Lydia, b. Aug. 3, 1901; d. Oct. 21, 1901.

(The following copied from "The Royal and Baronial Ancestry of Elizabeth
M. Rixford from the Illustrious Family of De Vere and Hungerford," compiled
by John S. Wurts, "Hedgefield," Germantown, Pa., editor of 9th edition of
"Americans of Royal Descent.")

Elizabeth May Rixford, born in Bakersfield, Vt., Jan. 7, 1866;
married Oscar Herbert Rixford of East Highgate, Vt., Sept. 8,
1889, son of Oscar Stephen and Mary Flint (Cutting) Rixford.
They have one son, Oscar Adelbert Rixford. Mrs. Rixford has
belonged to the Protestant Episcopal Church since her girlhood.
She received her education in the district and public schools of
Fairfield, and at Brigham Academy, Bakersfield. After finishing
her education she taught sixteen terms of school until her marriage.

Mrs. Rixford is a member of the following societies :

A life member of the Huguenot Society, being a descendant of Hester Mahieu,
wife of Francis Cooke. Three supplemental hues, Hon. John Washburn, John
Bissel and James Eno.

A member, No. 7881, of the National Society of Mayflower Descendants,
being a descendant of James and Susanna Chilton, through their dau. Mary;
and of Francis Cooke, through his dau. Jane.

A member, D. C. No. 430, State No. 18, of the Vermont Society of Mayflower
Descendants, of which Society she was State Secretary when the Society was organ-
ized, 1927; served till 1933 when elected Deputy Governor; elected Governor of
the Society at the annual meeting held at Montpelier, Feb. 21, 1934.

A member, No. 1922, of the National Society, Daughters of Founders and
Patriots of America, of which Society she is State Historian, being a descendant

202 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

of Lawrence Leach a Founder and of Ephraim Leach a Patriot. Vt. Chairman,
Committee on Preservation of Records of D. F. P. A.

A member, No. 1404, of the Massachusetts Society of the Colonial Dames of
America in Vermont, being a descendant of Samuel Chapin.

A member of the Daughters of Vermont.

A member. No. 193195, of the Nat-
ional Society of the Daughters of the
American Revolution, through Ephraim
Leach, with 11 supplemental lines.

A member. No. 9183-215, of the Ver-
mont Society Daughters of 1812, being a
descendant of James Hawley, with three
supplemental lines. She is State Secre-
tary of the Society; Historian 1934.

A member. No. 226, of the Massachu-
setts Society Daughters of the Colonial
Wars, being a descendant of Francis Cooke.

A member of the Magna Charta
Dames, through Robert de Vere, third Earl
of Oxford, and State Regent for Vermont.

A member. No. 2, of the Vermont
Society of the Daughters of the American
Colonists, being a descendant of John Win-
slow, with one hundred and forty-seven
supplemental bars for different Ancestors
who gave their service for the New Eng-
land Colonists. She is Regent of this
Society, also Regent, Colonial and Gen-
eral Records Committee for the Atlantic
Coast Section.

A member. No. 772, of the Colonial Daughters of the Seventeenth Century,
through Deacon Samuel Chapin.

A member, No. 992, of the National Society Daughters of the Union.

A member. No. 85, of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co., through
Hon. John Johnson.

A life member of the Washington Headquarters Association for the Preser-
vation of Virginia Antiques.

The first woman appointed on the State Committee for the First District
in Vermont at the Roosevelt State Convention, held at Rutland, Nov. 20, 1912.

One of the State Advisory and Educational Committee of the Republican
Party of Vermont during the Hoover campaign.

The founder of the Saxe Literary Club of Highgate, Vt., organized 1928 to
commemorate the memory of the poet, John B. Saxe, who was born in this town.

Associate Organizer of Colonists of the New England Women, in Maine,
New Hampshire and Vermont.

The founder. No. 1, of Highgate Colony of New England Women, organized
May 6, 1929. At the National Congress held at Boston, May 5-6-7-8, 1930,
Highgate Colony won the National Marshall Cup, presented for the greatest
increase in membership during the year. The cup has been held by Syracuse,
N. Y., 1925-6; Detroit, Mich., 1926-7; Detroit, Mich., 1927-8; St. Petersburg,
Fla.; 1928-9, Meriden, Conn., 1929-30; Highgate, Vt., 1930-1. At the meeting
held at Burlington, Vt., Aug. 1931, it was voted to plant a Washington Elm, near
the home of the Founder, and place a bronze tablet on the tree to commemorate
the founding of the Society in that place. Endorsed at a meeting of the Board,
Feb. 25, 1932, Honorary President for life.

Nominated as a candidate for Director General of the National Society of
New England Women, February, 1932.

A member of the Washington Bicentennial Committee in Vermont, appointed
by the Governor of the State. She is a direct descendant of the Washington
Family. Also member of the American Tree Association of Washington, D. C.

Century-Old Episcopal Church of Highgate, Vermont

Standing at the tack near door, left to right: Eev. Arthur T. W. French,
Judge Daniel W. Steele, Oscars A. Eixford

Seated in front of Judge Steele: Mrs. Daniel W. Steele, Mrs. Wilnia Steele
Williams, Baby, Peggy Williams

Standing in front of Mr. Rixford : Mrs. Millard Stockwell, Eif ord Williams

Standing at the right of the picture: Mrs. Oscars H. Eixford and Millard

George Washington Bi-Centennial Elm, 1932

Planted by the Saxe Club in the Park at Highgate Center, Vermont
Tree marker presented by Mrs. Elizabeth M. Eixford, founder of the Club

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 203

Appointed Co-chairman for Vermont of the National Woman's Committee
for Washington Cathedral, announced by the Rt. Rev. James E. Freeman,
Bishop of Washington, February, 1932.

Mrs. Rixford is Regent for Vermont and New Hampshire for the Order of
the First Crusade.

Alberta Louisa Leach, born at Bakersfield, Vt., July 27, 1868;
died at East Highgate, Vt., May 31, 1904. She married at Fair-
field, Oct. 21, 1891, Charles J. Read, born Oct. 31, 1866, at East
Fairfield, son of Ephraim Smith and Henrietta (Sturges) Read.
(See Read and Maynard Ancestry).

Alberta Leach Read taught school until her marriage. She was a
member and officer of Harmony Chapter O. E. S.; a devout and
earnest worker of the Woman's Auxihary of St. Barnadas Church
of East Fairfield, where she resided from the time of her marriage.

Children, born at East Fairfield,^yt. :

1 . Henrietta FrankieI", b. Aug. 2, i^^m. Howard Buker,'and had children :

(1) Stella Frankie, m. Nov:—, 1932, Edmund^ (Williami) Gladding. He
attended the University of Vermont, Burlington. Mr. Gladding was
made Commissioner of Cemeteries at Barre, Vt., to succeed his father.
His wife graduated from Jeffersonville High School, where she received

Online LibraryElizabeth M. Leach (Elizabeth May Leach) RixfordThree hundred colonial ancestors and war service, their part in making American history from 495 to 1934 → online text (page 26 of 47)