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1. Jane Cleveland, b. ab. 1681, Chelmsford.

Children by second marriage:

2. Persis Cleveland, b. Apr. 21, 1683, Chelmsford, Mass.

3. Samuel Cleveland, b. Jan. 12, 1685, Chelmsford, Mass.

4. Ephraim Cleveland, b. Apr. 10, 1687, Chelmsford, d. Canterbury, Mar. 13,


5. Joseph Cleveland, b. July 18, 1689, Chelmsford, Mass.

6. Elizabeth Cleveland, b. June 26, 1693, Woburn, Mass.

7. Mary Cleveland, b. June 14, 1696, Canterbury.

Children by third marriage:

8. Abigail Cleveland, b. Apr. 23, 1700, Canterbury, d. Canterbury, Feb. 23,


9. Timothy Cleveland, b. Aug. 25, 1702, Canterbury, Conn.

Persis^ Cleveland {SamiieP, Moses^), born Chelmsford, Mass.,
April 21, 1683; married Stonington, Conn., Oct. 24, 1706, Thomas
Hewitt, born Stonington, Feb. 3, 1685, a son of Thomas and Lydia

Children (some may have remained in Plainfield, Conn., but
several are supposed to have gone to Westmoreland or Wyoming,
Luzerne co., Pa.) Given in Hewitt Ancestry.

Delia or Deliverance^ Cleveland {Paine'^, Edward^, Edward^,
Moses^); married Apr. 1793, Wilham Huntington, born Norwich,
Conn., Sept. 21, 1768, died Whiting, Addison co., Vt., May 18,
1844, a son of William and Anne (Pride) .

1. Delia^ Huntington, d. Highgate, Franklin co., Vt.; m. Jesse Cutler.

2. William Paine^ Huntington, d. in Iowa or Wis. ; m. Wealthy Van Dusen.

3. SusAN^ Huntington; m. Rood, I'd in Mich., s. p.

4. Betsey^ Huntington, m. Olmstead, I'd in Middlebury, Addison

CO., Vt. ch.: Edgar' Olmstead; m: '' Olmstead, d. .

5. Sally* Huntington, d. Whiting, unm.

6. James® Huntington, d. W. unm.

William Huntington, lived at Whiting, Vt. Huntington an-
cestry: Simon ^, Simon^, James^, James^, William^ Huntington,
married 1st, Anne Pride ("Cleveland Family,"— E. J. & H. G.
Cleveland — vol. I, page 307).

Descendants of William Comstock

There is a story of the existence in the Muniment office at
Frankfort, Germany, of pedigrees of nine generations of Komstochks
prior to Charles von Komstohk, a baron of the Roman Empire,
who escaped to England in 1547, because implicated with other
noblemen of Austria and Silesia in the von Benedict treason.

In Devonshire, England, there is a little village called Culmstock,
with a few hundred inhabitants, lying on the small stream Culm,
from which it derives its name. It is called Colmstocke in the
Domesday Book in the time of Wilham the Conqueror.

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 51

From this village the name Comstock is doubtless derived.

Exeter is about twenty miles from Culmstock. The Cartulary of
St. Nicholas Priory, Exeter, No. 365, has as witnesses in 1241,
Will, de Wideberre, Godefrido de Kelli, Petro de Columstock,
Nicho, Bissoph.

The History of Taunton (ten miles from Culmstock) gives
among the early priors of Taunton, Richard de Colmstock, elected
1325; Ralph de Colmstock, elected 1331, resigned 1338.

The parish register of Stoke St. Gregory (nineteen miles from
Culmstock) gives:

"Thomas, son of Thomas Coomstocke baptised ye 30 day Oct. 1636.
"Thomas Cumstoke was buried 30 Sept. 1658."

The Harleian Society publications give among the burials of the
church of St. Martin-in-the-Field, London:

"Mariana Combstocke, 30 Nov. 1595."
"Joannes Combstocke, 26 Aug. 1597."
"Johannes Comstock, 1 Nov. 1603."

These quotations show that the name existed in England at the
time of the settlement of New England.

About 1895, an examination at the Somerset House, London, of
the Record of Births in England and Wales showed scarcely one
birth per year. The name in England has therefore nearly died out.

Careful search at Frankfort-on-the-Main, and at Breslau, fails
to find any trace of a Baron von Komstok, or of a von Benedict
treason. Dr. John Lee Comstock of Hartford, Conn., accepted the
story. His sister, quoting it, says 5 September, 1865, "from my
deceased brother I received what I have written, who as he
informed me, upon a visit to Frankfort-on-the-Main by a
gentleman whose name I do not recollect, copied and gave it
to him."

Dr. Comstock was probably misinformed by this unknown person.

Family 1. 1. William^ Comstock, married (2) EHzabeth. Miss
Caulkins (History of New London) says that he lived to old age on
Post Hill near north corner of WilKams and Vauxhall Sts., New
London, Conn. Stiles (History of Wethersfield) says we may be
pretty sure that Wilham Comstock was among the 26 from Wethers-
field, Conn., in the expedition commanded by Capt. John Mason
which captured the Pequot Fort at Mystic, Conn., 26 May 1637,
kilhng about 500 Indians. (Introduction pg. 3.)

That WiUiam^ had children John^ and DanieP, is shown by a deed
of 4 December 1694, in which Wilham^ Comstock of Lyme (son
of John^ of Lyme) and DanieP Comstock of New London (son of
Daniel^^ of New London), convey "land at Nyantik which said land
was given to our grandfather William Comstock deceased, by the
town of New London," 20 acres. The same 20 acres were granted
by New London to William Comstock, 21 June 1647. Savage
(Genealogical History of New England) says John Comstock, who
was at Weymouth, Mass., in 1639, sat down at Saybrook, east part,
now Lyme.

53 Three Sundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

Christopher Comstock of Fairifield (and later of Norwalk, Conn.)
made an affidavit about visiting good wife knapp, charged with
being a witch, at New Haven, 29 May 1654. He named three of his
children, Elizabeth, Daniel and Samuel, these being the names of
the wife and two sons of WiUiam^ Comstock of New London.
William^ and Christopher^ were sons of Wilham^ Christopher^
married Hannah Piatt and died 28 December 1702.

Christopher^ (William^) married 6 October 1663, Hannah Piatt,
who was baptized 6 October 1643. Her father was Richard^ of Mil-
ford, Conn.

Christopher^ lived in Fairfield and Norwalk, Conn. His will,
dated Norwalk, 22 December 1701; proved 4 January 1702-3;
Hinman says Christopher^ brought with him from England a silver
tankard with his coat of arms upon it. His great-grandson.
Major Samuel Comstock, gave it to the church at Wilton,
Conn., and it was melted up. Christopher was the father of eight
children, the 4th Mary^, born 19 February 1671; married
18 January 1693. Hannah Platte, wife of Christopher^, was the
5th child of 7 children of Richard Platt (South Britain Sketches
and Records, by W. C. Sharpe, p. 101). (Soc. Col. Ward, p. 116)—
Christopher Comstock 1625-1706, Norwalk and Fairfield, Com-
missioned Deputy at the General Court 1686-Sergeant 1654-
1702 (The first soldiers of Norwalk, Conn., Records, p. 19) — Chris-
topher Comstock granted Home Lot. (D. F. P. A. 1913) — William
Comstock, b. about 1590, d. after 1662, m. EHzabeth Daniel.
(D. F. P. A., p. 100) Wm. Comstock, b. abt. 1590, d. after 1662.
Came from England, settled at Wethersfield before 1641. Granted a
lot in Pequot near London and built a Corn Mill there, 650.

CuRRiE — George Morehouse Currie, Esq., 18th in direct descent
from King Edward III, Pedigree CCV. He was Sexton 1662.
Monticello, Conn. — William Comstock and wife Elizabeth 55 yrs.
in 1663 and six children came to this community between 1630-1637
and settled near Boston. (See Comstock Families, pp. 132-133.)

Summary of Ancestry:

1. William Comstock, b. England, d. prob. Wethersfield, Conn.; m. Elizabeth

2. Christopher Comstock, b. England, d. 1701/2, Norwalk, Conn.; m;

Oct. 6, 1663, Hannah Platt (5th child of Richard Platt of MUford,
Conn.), bapt. Oct. 6, 1643.

3. Mary Comstock, b. Feb. 19, 1671, d. Oct. 17, 1747; m. Dec. 18, 1693,

James St. John, b. 1674, d. June, 1754.

4. Hannah St. John, b. 1703, d. June 30, 1746; m. 1723/24, Jeremiah Mead,

b. August 6, 1702, d. 1742.

5. Stephen Mead, b. 1728, d. Oct. 18, 1806; m. Oct. 31, 1751, Rachel Sanford,

b. July 23, 1733, d. .

6. Esther Mead, b. August 11, 1760, d. Dec. 22, 1836; m. about 1777, Isaiah

Hungerford, b. Jan. 23, 1757, d. June 16, 1833.

7. Elizabeth Hungerford, b. Feb. 7, 1798, d. Jan. 7, 1878; m. April 29, 1821,

Nash David Phelps, b. Oct. 4, 1796, d. AprU 15, 1884.
From here same as Summary of Arms Ancestry, 8th to 10th Generations;
Colonial Daughters of the 17th Century, p. 136, No. 772; and Daughters of the
American Colonists, 1931, pp. 26-36, No. 2089; ancestry traced by the author of
this book.

Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 53


The Cookes of Wheatley Hall were known in Kent, Devonshire and
Yorkshire, since the Reign of Henry IV. Sir Anthony Cooke was
a Tutor to Edward VI, and his daughter, Anne married Sir Nicholas
Bacon, keeper of the Great Seal.

The Cooke family, originally spelled Cok, is very old in England.
To it belong Richard and Walter Cook, crusaders, who went to
the Holy Land 1191.

The Family of Cook came into England with the Conqueror, and
has been for centuries seated in the highest respectability in the
County of Worcester. Francis Cook was a Roman Catholic, who
joined the Separatists, and early went to Ley den, where he married
his Walloon wife, Hester. He was born at Dantry or Blythe,
Yorkshire, Eng. He came on the Mayflower, with his son, John
Cook, but left Mrs. Cook and three children to follow later by the
Ann. He was excommunicated from the Plymouth Church, where
he was Deacon, for taking the part of the Quakers. He removed to
Dartmouth. Francis Cook was a "man of judgement, who could
see both sides of a question." He was called in the Records 'The
Ancestor." (See Legends, Loves and Loyalties of New England,
by Caroline Leonard Goodenough.)

Francis Cooke was born in England about 1583. He went to
Ley den, Holland, where he was married, June 30, 1603. The mar-
riage record at Ley den reads ' 'Francis Cooke, wool comber, un-
married, from England, with Hester Mayhieu, unmarried, from
Canterbury, Eng., accompanied by Jennie Mayhieu, her mother,
and Jennie Mayhieu, her sister." The Mayhieus were Walloons
and Huguenots. Francis and his son John, were on the "Speedwell"
when it sailed from Delftshaven, July 20, 1620, with some of the
Pilgrims bound for America. At Southampton, they joined the
"Mayflower" and set sail on August 5. The "Speedwell" began to
leak, but although the ships put into Dartmouth for repairs and
sailed again August 21, new leaks compelled the "Speedwell" to
return to London, with such immigrants as could not be taken in
the "Mayflower," which then went on alone. Francis and his son
were on the "Mayflower." He was about 10 years old and called
Little John Cook, the child Mayflower Ancestor, and he was the
seventeenth signer of the Mayflower Compact. His son John was
living in 1694, probably the oldest male survivor of the Mayflower.
His wife, Hester, and the rest of their children came in the "Ann" in
1623. Winslow recorded "The wife of Francis Cooke being a
Walloon, holds communion with the church at Plymouth, as she
came from the French, by virtue of the communion of churches."
The Cooks were silk mercers by trade and probably brought a
loom with them. Francis and John were naval architects. They
were also connected with civil offices. He was freeman, 1633; a
member of Myles Standish's Company, 1643; credit in King
Philip's War, credit 2 items 04:04:04 and in the expedition against

54 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

the Indians; on a committee to lay out roads in Plymouth. Brad-
ford called him "a very old man" in 1650. He died April 7, 1663,
aged 80, and was buried in the old Plymouth burying ground. His
will of 1659 names his wife Hester and son John, executors. An
agreement of the heirs in June, 1666, showed the surviving children
were John, Jacob, Hester Wright and Mary Thompson. Hester,
his widow, died in 1675.

Children, four born in Ley den, one in Plymouth:

Jane, b. 1608; d. before 1666; m. 1627, Experience Mitchell.

John, b. 1612; d. 1695; m. 1634, Sarah Warren (Richardi). See Warren

Line, Vol. I.
Jacob, b. 1618; d. 1676; m. 1646, Damaris Hopkins; (2) Elizabeth (Lettice)

Hestee, b. 1620; m. 1644, Richardi Wright.
Maey, b. 1626; d. 1715; m. 1645, John^ Thompson.

References: Mursey Hopkins Family, Lowell, 1920.
The Basset-Preston Ancestry, p. 71.

The following members of the Vermont Society of Mayflower
Descendants trace their ancestry to Francis Cook :

*Mrs. Frederick C. Negus, Proctor, Vt., State No. 7, Gen. No. ,5273.

*Dr. Percy M. Williams, Rutland, Vt., State No. 9, Gen. No. 4101.

*Mrs. O. M. RoweU, South Albany, Vt., (p.o.. West Glover), State No. 11,

Gen. No. 6565.
*Mrs. Elizabeth M. Rixford, East Highgate, Vt., State No. 18, Gen. No.

*Oscar A. Rixford, East Highgate, Vt., State No. 22, Gen. No. 9594.
Ephraim Smith Read, Jeffersonville, Vt., State No. 25, Gen. No. 9597.
Mrs. Edward B. Huling, Bennington, Vt., State No. 30, Gen. No. 9425.
Mrs. Currie May Ririnton, Lincoln, Vt., State No. 38, Nat. No. 5770.
Mr. F. Phelps Leach, East Highgate, Vt., State No. 42, Gen. No. 9855.
Ada E. G. Grant (Mrs. V. A.), Randolph, Vt., State No. 58, General No.

Miss Fleda L, Grant, Randolph, Vt., State No. 59, General No. 8242.
Mrs. Vollie H. Griffith, Danby, Vt., State No. 63, Gen. No. 10112.
Cora Baker Hunt (Mrs. Geo. W.), Antrim, N, H., State No. 65, Gen. No.

Mabel A. Tabor (Mrs. H. G.), Danby, Vt., State No. 75. Gen. No. 10910.
Mrs. Stella Frankie (Buker) Edmund Gladding, Barre, Vt., State No. 79,
Gen. No. 11012. She is secretary of the Vermont Society.
Judge Edward Griffith, Manchester, Vt., State No. 100, Nat. No. 11678.

Mrs. Vollie H. Griffith's Line

Sarah Warren, who m. John Cooke (son of Francis Cooke), Mar. 28, 1634:
and had Mary Cooke, who m. Phihp Taver, and had Bethiah Taber,
who m. John Macomber, and had William Macomber, who m. Lusanna
Hicks, and had Patience Macomber, who m. James Soule, and had
James Soule, who m. Nancy Wellman, and had John J. Soule, who
m. Mary Ann MacLauren, and had Mary Elizabeth Soule, who m.
Vollie H. Griffith, Danby. Children: Caroline, Florence Mary, John
B. and Elizabeth.

Mrs. Griffith is treasurer of the Vermont Society of Mayflower Descendants,
charter member and registrar Highgate Colony New England Women, and town
Clerk of Danby for several years.

*Charter Member;

■ '■pffMjiiv^,





Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 55

Children of Vollie H. and Mary Elizabeth (Soule) Griffith— 1. Caroline
Julia, b. Nov. 5, 1903; m. June, 1930, Kenneth David Tarbell, Danby Vt. They
have one son, Kenneth Davidson. 2. Florence May, b. June 27, 1909. 3. John
B., b. March 19, 1911; m. Edith M. Thompson; children: Caroline Elizabeth,
b, April 11, 1932, John B. b. April 23, 1933. 4. EUzabeth A., b. Sept. 30. 1912, at
Danby, Vt. (See Vol. I, Mrs. Griffith's Royal Line to the Earis of Warren.)

Mr. Edward Bentley Ruling, of Chicago, 111., m. Dec. 25, 1893, Sara Julia
Hawks, dau. of Hon. WiUiam E. Hawks, of Bennington, Vt. She is a graduate of
the High School at Bennington, Vt. and of Elderage School, New Haven, Conn.,
and is a Member of the Second Congregational Church of Bennington. Children:
three daughters: Katherine, Elizabeth, m. and Uves in Chicago, and Frances.

Offices held by Mrs. Huling include the following:

National: Curator Nat., National Society United States Daughters of 1812;
Covm. Nat., Nat., Society Dau. of Founders and Patriots of America; Nat. Color
Bearer and Or. Sec. of New England and New York, Nat. Soc. of New England
Women; Treas. Association of State Presidents and Charter Members United
States Daughters of 1812; associate Organizer of Colonies in Rhode Island, Con-
necticut and New York National Society New England Honorary Women.
State Presidents: Honorary Org. Pres. Vermont Chap., Nat. Society Dau. of
Founders and Patriots of America; Organizing Regent Vermont Chapter, Nat.
Society Daughters of American Col. ; State Regent of New York, Nat. Soc. Magna
Charta Dames; State Pres. Highgate, Vermont Colony, Nat. Society of New Eng-
land Women; Honorary State President Vermont Branch, Nat. Congress of
Mothers and Parent-Teacher Associations; Honorary Past President, Nat. Society
United States Daughters of 1812; Nat. Chair, on correct use of the Flag D. A. C,
Org. Sec. Gen. of the Nat. Soc. Col. Des. of America; V. P. Gen. for Vt. N. S. of
the Col. Dames of the 17th Cen., a member of the A. D. V. Board of the Coalition
of Patriotic Societies. A member of the Speakers Bureau, Washington, D. C,
1918; a member of fifty patriotic philanthropic, religious, political, civic and
social Societies and Clubs including Mt. Anthony County Club, Bennington;
Chicago Women's Club; Larchmont Woman's Club; and Larchmont Shore Club.

Reference: Family Records of Mabel J. Pryme, of Winchester, N. H.

Summary of Ancestry as F. Phelps Leach Mayflower Lines:

2. Jane Cooke, b. 1608; d. before 1666, m. 1627, Experience Mitchell.

3. Elizabeth Mitchell, b. 1629; m. 1645, at Duxbury, Mass., John^ Wash-

bum, who was b. about 1621.

4. Joseph^ Washbubn, b. 1655 in Bridgewater, Mass.; m. at East Bridgewater,

Mass., Hannah Latham.

5. Hepzibah Washburn, b. at West Bridgewater, Mass.; d. Apr. 14, 1750;

m. Sept. 8, 1702, at Bridgewater, Mass., No. 20 Benjamin Leach, Esq.,
b. at West Bridgewater, Mass.; d. July 13, 1764.

6. Hannah Leach, b. Mar. 4, 1725, at West Bridgewater, Mass.; m. Aug. 6,

1743, at Bridgewater, Mass., Soloman Leach, b. Feb. 19, 1712.

7. Ephbaim Leach, b. Dec, 1761; d. Feb. 28. 1840; m. Nov. 17, 1785, at

Greenfield, Mass., Chloe Shattuck, b. Nov. 22, 1766; d. Jan. 22, 1845.

8. Tertius Leach, b. Nov. 21, 1786; d. Feb. 4, 1864; m. Jan. 1, 1811, at

Sheldon, Vt., Sophia Hawley, b. Aug. 17, 1795; d. Jan. 7, 1879.

9. Tertius Hawley Leach, b. May 19, 1813; d. Sept. 19, 1881; m. Feb. 28

1835, at Sheldon, Vt., Orisa Fanton, b. May 17, 1812; d. June 24, 1890

From here same as Summary of Descendants of Joanna Arms of Yarmouth,
8th to 10th Generations.


Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service


Signed in the Cabin of the "Mayflowee," Nov.

11th, Old Style, Nov. 21st, New Style, 1620

"In the name of God, amen, we whose names are underwritten,
the loyall subjects of our dread soveraigne Lord, King James, by
the grace of God, of Great Britaine, Franc and Ireland king, de-
fender of the faith, &c., haveing undertaken, for the glorie of God,
and advancemente of the Christian faith, and honor of our king and
countrie, a voyage to plant the first colonic in the northerne parts
of Virginia, doe by these presents solemnly and mutualy in the pres-
ence of God, and one of another, covenant and combine ourselves
together into a civill body politick, for our better ordering and
preservation and furtherence of the ends aforesaid; and by vertue
hereof to enacte, constitute and frame such just and equall laws,
ordenances, acts, constitutions and offices, from time to time, as
shall be thought most meete and convenient for the general good of
the colonie, unto which we promise all due submission and obedience.
In witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names at Cap-
Codd the 11 of November, in the year of the raigne of our soveraigne
lord. King James of England, Franc and Ireland the eighteenth,
and of Scotland the fifty-fourth, ANo Dom 1620."

John Carver,
William Bradford,
Edward Winslow,
William Brewster,
Isaac Allerton,


John Alden,
Samtjel Fuller,
Christopher Martin,
William Mullins,
William White,
Richard Warren,
John Rowland,
Stephen Hopkins,

Edward Tilley,
John Tilley,
Francis Cooke,
Thomas Rogers,
Thomas Tinker,
John Ridgdale,
Edward Fuller,
John Turner,
Francis Eaton,
James Chilton,
John Crackston,
John Billington,
Moses Fletcher,
John Goodman,

Degory Priest,
Thomas Williams,
Gilbert Winslow.,
Edmund Margeson,
Peter Brown,
Richard Britteridge,
George Soule,
Richard Clarke,
Richard Gardiner,
John Allerton,
Thomas English,
Edward Dotey,
Edward Lister.

Pilgrim Fathers Genootschrap te Leiden
Leyden Pilgrim Fathers Society

founded DECEMBER 15, 1920

Sanctioned by Royal Decree of March 12, 1921, under Patronage
of H. M. Queen Wilhelmina.


When the Vermont Society was adniitteij to the National Society those who attended
from the Vermont Society xvere the Founder and Governor, Mrs. Guy B. Horton of Mo.,t-
pelier; Deputy Governor Treasurer, Dr, Henry A. Elliot; and the Secretary, Mrs.
Elizabeth M. Rixford.

At this Congress, Mrs. Horton was ilectd Gcjv
and Dr. Henry A. Elliot was elected Deputy liBieral.

General of the Vermont Society

Those from the Vermont Society who atlfnded the Twelfth General C
her 2, 3 and 4, 1930, were the Governor, M
Rixford; Historian. Mrs. Samuel H. Mills; Tfeasurc
gress Mrs. Horton was reelected Governor General f
Deputy Governor.

At the annual meeting held at Montpelier February 26, 1931, Mrs. Horton withdrew a
Governor. Dr. Forrest A. Slader was elected Governor of the Vermont Society and Mr

:ress, Septem-
Guy B. Horton ; Secretary, Mrs. Elizabeth M.
Dr. Forrest A. Slader. At this Con-
Vermont and Mrs. Mills was elected

. C. Lovell of Springfield was elected Deput;
The General Congress is held at Plymouth Ma'


Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service 57


AND Presidents and the "Mayflower" Ancestry

His Excellency, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Thirty-Second
President of the United States, is a direct descendant of Francis
Cook of the Mayflower. See pa. 137, "Franklin D. Roosevelt's
Colonial Ancestors," by Alvin Page Johnson. Chart showing
lines of descent of Theodore Roosevelt, President 1901-1907,
and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Claes Martenszen Van Rosenvelt

Nicholas Roosevelt
Only son of Claes, born 1658

I (Two of Ms four sons) |

Johannes Roosevelt, 1698 Jacobus Roosevelt, 1692

I or James I

Jacobus Roosevelt, 1724 Isaac Roosevelt, 1726

or James I I

Jacobus Roosevelt, 1759 James Roosevelt, 1760

or James I 1

Cornelius Van Schaack Roosevelt, 1794 Isaac Roosevelt, 1790

Theodore Roosevelt, 1831 James Roosevelt, 1828

I I Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1882

I I President, elected 1933

Theodore Roosevelt, 1858 Elliott Roosevelt, 1S60

President 1901-1907 I

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884
wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt

Mr. George Ernest Bowman, Secretary of the Massachusetts
Society of Mayflower Descendants, compiled and published in
"Pilgrim Notes and Queries," March, 1914, page 46, a list of
"Presidential Mayflower Descendants." This list has had no
additions since. It included five Presidents. John Adams and his
son, John Quincy Adams, were descendants of John Alden. Gen-
eral Zachary Taylor was a descendant of Elder William Brewster,
and of Isaac Allerton. General Ulysses Simpson Grant was a des-
cendant of Richard Warren. William Howard Taft was a descend-
ant of Francis Cooke.

When the name of Franklin Delano Roosevelt is added to the
above list, with five lines of descent from Richard Warren, two
lines from Francis Cooke and John Cooke, and also descended from
John Tilley, John Rowland, and Isaac Allerton by one line each,
the Mayflower passengers will again be honored.

Both of Franklin D. Roosevelt's parents were Mayflower descend-
ants. His father, James Roosevelt, was a descendant of two of the
signers of the famous "Compact," John Howland and John Tilley,
both of whom were members of the third exploring party, which
made the first landing on "Plymouth Rock," and also from two

58 Three Hundred Colonial Ancestors and War Service

other passengers, John Tilley's wife and his daughter Ehzabeth.

His mother, Sarah (Delano) Roosevelt, is a descendant of at least
three of the "signers," Richard Warren, also one of those who first
landed (by five lines), Francis Cooke (by two lines), and Isaac
AUerton, and also probably from a fourth "signer," Degory Priest.
She is also descended from three other passengers, John Cooke (by
two lines), and Isaac Allerton's wife, and his daughter Mary.
("Franklin D. Roosevelt's Colonial Ancestors," by Alvin Page
Johnson, pp. 204-5.)

His Excellency, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Thirty-Second
President of the United States, is a direct descendant of Francis
Cook of the Mayflower. See p. 137, "Franklin D. Roosevelt's
Colonial Ancestors," by Alvin Page Johnson.


The Heraldic Journal — Vol. 4, 1868, pp. 175-6

The Copleys and Pelhams of New England — In our third volume,

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