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Discipline. By the Author of

"Letters to My Unknown Friends," etc
Second Edition, enlarged. 18mo. price 2*.6rf.

Eastlake.— Materials for a His-
tory of Oil Pnintiiig. Bv Sir Charles
Lock Eastlase. F.R.S., F.S.A., President
of the Royal .\cademy. 8vo. price 16*.

The Eclipse of Paith? or, a .

Vi,sit to a Religious Sceptic. The Fifth and '•
c/iefl/)er Edition. Fcap. Svo. price 5*. i


A Defence of The Eclipse of

Faith, by its Author : Being a Rejoinder to
Professor Newman's Reply. Second Edi-
tion, revised. Post 8vo. price 5s. <od.

The Englishman's Greek Con-
cordance of the New Testament: Beinir an
attempt at a Verbal Connexion between
the Greek and the English Texts; includintj
a Concordance to the Proper Names, with
Indexes Greek-English and English-Greek.
New Edition, with a new Index. Royai
8vo. price 42».

The Englishman's Hebrew and

Chaldee Concordance of the Old Testa-
ment: Being an attempt at a Verbal Con-
nexion between the Original and the
English Translations: with Indexes, a List
of the Proper Names and their Occurrences,
etc. 2 vols, royal 8vo. price ^63. 13g. 6rf. ;
large paper, £i. 14s. 6d.

Ephemera. — A Handbook of

I Angling; Teaching Fly Fishing, Trolling,

' Bottom Fishing, and Salmon Fishing ; with

I the Natural History of River Fish, and the
best Modes of Catching them. By Ephe-

1 MKRA. Third and cheaper Edition, cor-

j reeled and improved i with Woodcuts.

j Fcp. 8to. priee 5».

Ephemera.— The Book of the

Salmon: Comprising the Theory, Principles,
and Practice of Fly-Fishing for Salmon ;
Lists of good Salmon Flies for every good
River in the Empire ; the Natural Hist<iry
of the Salmon, all its known Habits de-
scribed, and the best way of artificially
Breeding it explained. With numerous
coloured Engravings of Salmon Flies and
Salmon Fry. By Ephemera ; assisted by
Andrew Young, Fcp. 8vo. with coloured
Plates, price I4».

W. Erskine, Esq.— History of

India under Baber and Humayun. the First
Two Sovereigns of the House of Taimur.
By William Erskine, Esq., Editor of Me-
moirs of the Emperor Saber. 2 vols. 8vo.
price £1 12».

Paraday (Professor).— The Sub-

ject-Matter of Six Lectures on the Non-
Metallic Klements, delivered before the
Members of the Royal Institution in 1852,
by Professor Faraday, D.C.L., F.R.S.,
etc. Arranged by permission from the
Lecturer's Notes by J. ScoFrERN, M.Ii.
Fcp. 8vo. price os.C>d.

Norway in 1848 and 1849 : con-
taining Rambles among the Fjelds and Fjords
of the Central and Western Districts: and
including Remarks on its Political, Military,
Ecclesiastical, and Social Organisation. By
Thomas Forester, .Esn. ; and Lieutenant
M. S. BiiiDuLPB, Royal Artillery. With

• Map, Woodcuts, and Plates. 8vo. price 18».

Francis. — Annals, Anecdotes,

and Legends: A Chronicle of Life Assur-
ance. By John Francis, Author of The
History of the Bank of England, etc.
Post Svo. price 8s. 6rf.

luUom.— The Marvels of Sci-
ence and their Testimony to Holy Writ: A
Popular System of the Silences. By S. W.
FuLLOM, Esq. The Eighth and cheaper
Edition; with numerous Illustrations.
Post Svo. price 5s.

The Poetical Works of Oliver

Goldsmith. Edited by Bolton Corney,
Esq. Illustrated by Wood Engravings, from
Designs by Members of the Etching Club.
Square crown 8vo. cloth, 2U.} morocco
^1, 16».

Gosse.— A Naturalist's Sojourn

in Jamaica. By P. H. GossE, Esq. With
Plates. Post Svo. price 14s.

Essays on Political and Social

Science. Contributed chiefly to the Ediv-
bitrgh Review. By William R. Greg,
2 vols. Svo. price 24j.

Gurney. — Historical Sketches

Illustrating some Memorable Events and j
Epochs, from A. D. 1400 to A. D. 1546. Bythe
Rev. John "Hampden Gukney, M.A. |
Fcp. Svo. price 7». 6d.

Gwilt. — An Encyclopaedia of

Architecture, Historical, Theoretical, and
Practical. By Joseph Gwilt. Illustrated
with more than 1,000 Engravings on Wood,
from Designs by J. S. Gwilt. Third and
cheaper Kdition. Svo. price 42».

Sidney Hall's General Large

Library Atlas of Fifty-three Maps (size 20
in. by 16 in.) , with the Divisions and Bound-
aries carefully coloured ; and an Alpha-
betical Index of all the Names contained
in the Maps. New Edition, corrected from
the best and most recent Authorities ; with
the Railways laid down, and many entirely
new Maps. Colombier 4to. price £5. 6s.

Hamilton.— Discussions in Phi-

losopliy and Literature, Education and
University Reform. Chiefly from the Edin-
hiirgh Uriiiete ; corrected, vindicated, en-
larged, in Notes and Appendices. By Sit
William Hamilton, Burt Second Edi-
tion', with Additions. Svo. price 21».

Hare (Archdeacon).— The Life

of Luther, in Forty-eight Historical En-
gravings. By GosTAv KSnio. With Ex-
pliinations by Archdeacon Hare- Square
crown 8vo. [In the preit.



Harrison. — The Light of the

Forge; or, Counsels drawn from the Sick-
Bed of E. M. By the Rev. William
Harbison, M.A., 'Domestic Chaplain to
H. K. H. the Duchess of Cambridge. With
2 Woodcuts, Ftp. Svo. price S».

Harry Hieover— The Hunting-

Kield. By Harry Hieover. VVitli Two
Plates, one representinir The Right Snrt ;
the other, The Wrong Sort. Fcp. Svo. os.

Harry Hieover. — Practical

Horsemanship. By Harry Hieover.
With 2 Plates, one reprtsentmif GuOie I'ke
Workmen ; the other. Going like Muffs.
Fcp. Svo. 5». half-bound.

Harry Hieover.— The Stud, for

Practical Purposes and Practical Men :
being a Guide to the Choice of a Horse for
use more tlian for show. By Harry Hie-
over. With 2 Plates, one representing A
pretty go<id sort for inost purposes ; the
other, Hai/t'ier a bad snrt fur ant/ purpose.
Fcp. Svo. price o». half-bound.

Harry Hieover.— The Pocket

and the Stud; or. Practical Hints on the
Management of the Stable. By Harry
Hieover. Second Edition ; with Portrait.
Fcp. Svo. price 5s. half-bound.

Harry Hieover. — Stable Talk

and Table Talk ; or Spectacles for Young
Sportsmen. By Harry Hieover. New
Edition, 2 vols. Svo. with Portrait, 24s.

Haydn's Book of Dignities: con-
taining Rolls of the Official Personages of
the liritish Empire, Civil, Ecclesiastical,
Judicial, Military, Naval, and Municipal,
from the F.arliest Periods to the Present
Time: compiled chieflv from the Records of
the Public Offices. Together with the So-
vereigns of Europe, from ttie Foundation of
their respective States ; the Peerage and
Nobility of Great Britain ; and numerous
other Lists. Being a New Edition, im-
proved and continued, of Beatson's Political
Index, By Joseph Haydn, Compiler of
The Dicti'onarii of Dates, and other Works.
Svo. price 25*. half-bound.

Haydon.— The Life of Benjamin

Robert Haydon, Historical Painter, from
his Autobiographv and Journals. Edited
and compiled by Tom Taylor, M.A., oI
the Inner Temple, Esq.; late Fellow o(
Trinity College, Cambridge ; and late Pro-
fessor of the English Language and Litera-
ture in University College, London. Se-
cond Edition, with Additions and an Index.
3 vols, post Svo. price 31*. 6d.

Sir John Herschel.— Outlines

of Astronomy. By Sir John F. W.Hebs-
CHEL. Bart. etc. New Edition; with Plates
and VVood Engravings. Svo. price 18*.

Hill.— Travels in Siberia. By

S. S. Hill. Author of Travels on the :
Shores of the Baltic. With a large ,
coloured Map of European and Asiatic I
Russia. 2 vols, post Svo. price 2-1*. |

Hints on Etiquette and the

Usages of Society: With a Glance at Bad
Habits. New Edition, revised (with Ad-
ditions) by a Lady of Rank. Fcp. Svo. price

Hole.— Prize Essay on the His-
tory and Management of Literary, Scien-
tific, and Mechanics' Institutions, and
especially how far they may be developed
and combined so as t'> promote the Moral
Well-being and Industry of the Country.
By James Hole. Svo. price as.

Lord Holland's Memoirs. —

Memoirs of the Whig Party during My
Time. By Henry Richard Lord Hol-
land. Edited by his Son, Henry Ed-
ward Lord Holland. Vols. I. and II.
post Svo. price 9«. 6(i. each.

Lord Holland's Foreign Remi-
niscences. Edited by his Son, Henry Ed-
ward Lord Holland. Second Edition ;
with Facsimile. Post Svo. price 10*. 6d.

Holland.— Chapters on Mental

Physiology. By Sir Henry Holland. Bart.,
F. R.S., Physiciaii-E.xtraordinary to the
Queen. Founded chiefly on Chapters con
tained in Medical Notes and ReflrvtiotU,
by the same Author. Svo. price 10*. 6rf.

Hook. — The Last Days of Our

Lord's Ministry : .\ Course of Lectures on
the principal Events of Passion Week. By
Walter Farqchar Hook, D.D., Chap-
lain in Ordinary to the Queen. New Edi-
tion. Fcp. Svo. price 6«.

Hooker and Amott's British

Flora; Comprising the Phaenogamous or
Flnwerinn Plants, and the Kerns. The
Sixth Edition, with Additions and Correc-
tions, ami numerous Figures, illustrative
of the Umbelliferous Plants, the Compo-
site Plants, the Grasses, and the Ferns.
12nio. with 12 Plates, price 14*., with the
Plates coloured, price 21*.

SirW. J. Hooker's Popular Guide

to theRoyal BotanicGardens of Kew. New
Edition, with numerous Wood Engraving.
I6mo. ptice Sixpence.



The Rev. T. H. Home's Intro-

riu'tion to the Critical Study and Know-
ledge of the Holv Scriptures. New Kdi
tioii, rec^oiistructed by the Rev T. Hart
WELL HoRNB, B.D. (the Author) ; the
Rev Samuel U.vvidson, D.D of the
University of Halle, and LL D , Author of
A Treritite nn Biblical Criticism; and S.
PaiDEAux TrEoelles, LL.O.j .Author of
Heads of Hebrew Grammar. 4 vols. 8vo,
[In the press.

The Rev. T. H. Home's Com-
pendious Introduction to the Study of the
Bible. BeinganAhridgmentof the Author's
Intrnditctioti to the Crilicnt Study and
Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. New
Kdition ; with Maps, etc. l2mo. price 9j.

Howitt.— (A. M.) An Art Stu-

dent in Munich, By Anna Mary Howixt,
2 vols, post 8vo. price 14*.

Howitt.-The Children's Year.

By Mary Howitt. With Konr Illustrations,
engraved by John Absolon, from Original
Designs hy Anna Mary Howitt. Square
16mo. price bs.

I William Hewitt's Boy's Coun-
try Bonk. Being the real Lift of a Country
Boy, written by Himself: Exhibiting ail
the Amusements, Pleasures, and Pursuits
of Children in the Country. New Kdition ;
with 40 Woodcuts. Fcp. 8vo. price 6*.

Howitt.-The Rural Life of Eng-
land. By William Howitt. New Kdition,
corrected and revised ; with Woodcuts by
Bewick and Williams. Medium 8vo. 21*.

Howitt.- Visits to Remarkable

Places; Old Halls, Battle-Kields, and
Scenes illustrative of Striking Passages iii
Knglish History and Poetry. By William
Howitt. New Edition ; with 40 Woodcuts.
Medium 8vo. 21».

Second Series, chiefly in the

Counties of Northumberland and Durham,
with a Stroll along the Border. With up-
wards of 40 Woodcuts. Medium 8vo. 21«.

Hudson's Plain Directions for

Making Wills in conformitv with the Law:
with a clcfir Kxposition of the Law relating
to the Distribution of Personal Kstate in
the case of Intestacy, two Forms of Wills,
and much useful Information. New and
enlarged Kdition -, including the provisions
of the Wills Act Ameudmeut Act. Fcp.
8vo. price '2s. 6d.

Hudson's Executor's Guide.

New and enlarged Kdition : with the Addi-
tion of Directions for paying Succession
Duties on Real Property under Wills and
Intestacies, and a Table for finding the
Values of Annuities and the Amount of
Legacy and Succession Duty thcreou. Fcp.
8vo. price C*.

Hulbert.— The Gospel revealed

to Job; or. Patriarchal Faith illustrated in
Thirty Lectures on the prii.cipil Passsai;es
of the Book of Job: With Kxplanatory.
llUistrative. and Critiial Notes. By the
Rev. C. A. Hulbert, M.A., 8vo. price 12».

Humbley.— Journal of a Cavalry

Officer: Including the memorable Sikh
Cainpnign of 1845-6. Bv W. W. W Humb-
ley, M.A.. Captain, 9th Queen's Royal
Lancers. With Plans and Map. RoyalSvo.
price 21s.

Humboldt's Aspects of Nature.

Translated, with the Author's authority, by
Mrs. Sabine. New Rtlition. Ifimo price
6«. : or in 2 vols. 3». 6rf. each cloth ; 2». 6rf.
each sewed.

Humboldt's Cosmos. — Trans-
lated with the Autliiir's authority, by Mrs.
Sabine. Vols. I. and II l6mo. Hall-a-
Crown each, sewed ; 3«. 6rf. ea< h cloth : or
in post 8vo. 12s 6rf. each cloth. Vol. 111.
post 8vo. 12s. (id. cloth: or in l6mo. Part

I. •2s. 6rf. sewed, 3s. 6d. cloth; and Part

II. 3s sewed, 4». cloth.

*,* The Fourth and conc/ttrfiHg- Volume
Is nearly ready.

Humphreys. — Sentiments and

Similes of Shakspeare. With an elaborately
illuminated bonier in the characteristic
style of the Elizabethan Period, massive
carved covers, and other P^mbellishments,
designed and executed by H. N. Hum-
phreys. Square, post 8vo. price 21s.

Hunt. —Researches on Light in

its Chemical Relations; Embracing a Con-
sideration of all the Photographic Proces-
ses. By Robert Hunt, F.ll.S., Professor
of Physics in the Metropolitan School of
Science. Second Kdition ; with Plate and
Woodcuts. 8vo. price 10s. 6d.

Mrs. Jameson's Legends of the

Saints and Martyrs. Forming the First
Series of Sacred and Legendary Art.
Second Edition ; with numerous Wood-
cuts, and Ifi Etchings by the Author. Square
crown 8vo. price 28s.

Mrs. Jameson's Legends of the

Monastic Orders, as represented in the
Fine Arts. Forming the Second Series of
Sacred and Legetidari/ Art. Second Kdi-
tion, corrected and enlarged ; with 11 Etch-
ings by the Author, and 83 Woodcuts.
Square crown 8vo. price 2Ss.

Mrs. Jameson's Leg:ends of the

Madonna, as represented in the Fine Arts.
Forming the Third Series of Sacred and
Lexendary Art. With .55 Drawings by the
Author, and 152 Wood Engravings, Square
crown 8vo. price 28«.



■ Jameson.— A Commonplace Book

I of Thoughts, Memories, and Fancies, Ori-

; ginal and Selected. Part I. Ethics and

! Character; Part II. Literature and Art. By

I Mrs. Jameson. With Etchings and Wood

I Engravings. Square crown Svo. price 21».

Lord Jeffrey's Contributions to

1, the Edinbureh Review. A New Edition,
' complete in One Volume ; with a Portrait
engraved by Henry Robinson, and a Vi)f-
nette View of Craigcrook, engraved by
J. Cousen. Square crown 8vo, 2U. cloth;
or 30«. calf.

•,• Also a LIBRARY EDITION, in 3
vols. 8vo. price 42s.

Bishop Jeremy Taylor's Entire

Works: With his Life, by Bishop Heber.
I Revised and corrected by the Rev. Charles
I Paoe Eden, Fellow of Oriel College, Ox

ford. Now complete in 10 vols. 8vo. price
t 51. 5s.

! Jesse. — B-ussia and the War.

! By Captain Jesse (late Unattached), Author
• of Murray's Handbook for Hitssia, etc.
[ CrowuSvo. with Piau, price 2».6d.

! Johnston.— A New Dictionary of

i Geography, Descriptive, Pliysical, Statis-
i tical, and Historical: Forming a complete
i General Gazetteer of the World. By Alex-
ander Keith Johnston, F. R.S.E.,
I F.R.G.S.F.G.S. In One Volume of 1,440
,- pages ; comprising nearly 50,000 Names
' of'Places. Svo. price 36«. cloths or half-
bound in russia, 41s.

Kemble.— The Saxons in Eng-

[ laud : A History of the English Common-

. wealth til) the period of the Norman Con-

I quest. By John Mitchell KemblEj

! M.A., F.C.P.S., etc. 2 vols. 8to. price 28«.


; Kent.— Aletheia; or, the Doom

j of Mythology. With other Poems. By
I William Charles ]^Iark Keni. Fcp. 8vo.
I price 7». 6d..

Kippis's Collection of Hymns

and Psalms for Public and Private Worship.
New Edition ; including a New Supple-
ment by the Rev. Edmund Kell, M.A.
18mo. price 4s. cloth ; or 4s. 6d. roan.

Kirby.-The Life of the Rev.

William Kirby.M A., Rector of Barham.
Author of one of the BridgewaterTreatises,
and Joint-Author of the Introduction to
Entomology. By the Rev. John Freeman,
M.A. With Portrait, Vignette, and Fac-
simile. 8vo. price 16».

Kirby & Spence's Introduction i

to Entomology i or, Elements of the Na- j

tural History of Insects: comprising an |

account of noxious and useful Insects, of ,

their Metamorphoses, Food, Stratagems, !

Habitations, Societies, Motions, Noises, j

Hybernation, Instinct, etc. New Edition, l

2 vols. 8vo. with Plates, price 31s. 6d. \

The Lady Una and her Queen-

dom; or. Reform at the Risht End. By \

the Author of Home Truths for Home ;

Peace, etc. Fcp. 8vo. price 7>. \

Laing's (S.) Observations on the

Social and Political State of Denmark i.nd
the Duchies of Sleswitk and Holsteinin ISol:
Being the Third Series of Notes of a Tra-
veller. 8vo. price 12s.

Laing's (S.) Observations on the

Social and Political State of the European
People in 184S and 1849: Beintr the Se-
cond Series of Notes of a Traveller. Svo.
price 14s.

L. E. L.-The Poetical Works

of Letitia Elizabeth Landou. New Edition ;
with 2 Vignettes by Richard Doyle. 2 vols.
16mo. price 10s. cloth ; morocco, 21s.

Dr. Latham on Diseases of the

Heart. Lectures on Subjects connected
with Clinical Medicine: Diseases of the
Heart. By P. M. Latham, M.D., Physician
Extraordinary to the Queen. New Edition.
2 vols. 12mo. price 16s.

Mrs. R. Lee's Elements of Na-
tural History; or First Principles of Zoo-
logy : comprising the Principles of Classi-
fication, interspersed with amusing and
instructive Accounts of the most remark-
able Animals. New Edition, enlarged ;
with numerous additional Woodcuts, fcp.
Svo. price 7s.6rf.

Letters on Happiness, addressed '

to a Friend. By the Author of Letters to
Ml) Unknown Friends, etc. Fcp. 8to.
price 6s.

Letters to my Unknown Friends

By a Lady, Author of Letters on Happi-
ness. Fourth and cheaper Edition. Fcp.
Svo. price 5».

Lindley.— The Theory of Horti-
culture ; Or, an Attempt to explain the
principal Operations of Gardening upon
Physiological Principles. By Joh.n Lindlet,
PhD. F.R.S. New Edition, revised and
improved; with Wood F^ugravinijs. Svo.
[In the prest.




Of History, Biography, Literature, the Arts and Sciences, Natural History, and
factures ; A Series of Original Works by


SIR Walter scott,


And other Eminent Writers.

Complete In 132 vols. Fcp. 8vo. with Vignette Titles, price, in cloth. Nineteen Guineas.
The Works ieparately, in Sets or Series, price Three Shillings and Sixpence each Volume.




A List of the Works composing

Bell's History of Russia . 3 vols. lOj. 6d.

Bell's Lives of British Poets, 2 vols. 7s-

Brewster's Optics, . . 1vol. 3». 6d.

Cooley's Maritime and In-
land Discovery . . 3 vols. 10«. 6rf.

Groove's History of France, 3 vols. Ifls. (id.

De Morgan on Probabilities, 1 vol. 3«. 6d.

De Sisraondi's History of
the Italian Republics . 1 vol.

De Sismoudi's Fall of the

Roman Empire . . 2 vols

Donovan's Chemistry . 1 vol.

Donovan's Domestic Eco-
nomy . . . . 2 vols

Dunham's Spain and Por-
tugal .... 5vols. 17». 6<f.

Dunham's History of Den-
mark, Sweden, and Nor-
way .... 3 vols. 104. 6rf.

Dunham's History of Po-
land .... Ivol, 3». 6rf.

Dunham's Germanic Em-
pire .... 3 vols. 10*. 6(f.

Dunham's Europe during

the Middle Ages . . 4 vols. 14».

Dunham's British Drama>

tists .... 2 vols. 7*.

Dunham's Lives of Early

Writers ofGreatBritain, I vol. 3».6rf.

Fergus's History of the

United States . . 2 vols. 7».

Fosbroke's Greek and Ro-
man Antiquities . . 2 vols. 7««

Forster's Lives of the
Statesmen of the Com-
monwealth . . . 5 vols. 17s. 6rf.

Gleig's Lives of British

Military Commanders 3 vols. 10s. 6rf.

Grattan's History of the

Netherlands. . . 1vol. 3s.6rf.

Henslow's Botany . , 1vol. 3». firf.

Herschel's Astronomy . 1vol. 3.4. Ct/.

Herschel's Discourse on
Natural Philosophy . 1 vol.

History of Rome . 2 vols.

History of Switzerland . 1vol.

Holland's Manufactures in

Metal, .... 3 vols. 10».6d

James's Lives of Foreign

Statesmen . . . 5 vols. \7».6d,

Kater and Larduer's Me-
chanics . . . 1vol. 3«. 6(f.

Keightley's Outlines of

History ... .1 vol.

Lardner's Arithmetic . 1vol.

Larduer's Geometry . 1vol.


3.«. 6rf.



3». Crf.

Lardner on Heat . . 1 vol.

Lardner's Hydrostatics and

Pneumatics . . .1 vol.

Lardner and Walker's Elec-
tricity and Magnetism, 2 vols.

Mackintosh, Forster, and
Courtenay's Lives of Bri-
tish Statesmen . . 7 vols.

Mackintosh, Wallace, and
Bell's History of Eng-
land .... 10 vols.

Montgomery and Shelley's
Eminent Italian, Spanish,
and Pottuguesq Authors, 3 vols.

Moore's History of Ireland, 4 vols.

Nicolas's Chronology of

History . . .1 vol.

Phillips' Treatise on Geo-
logy .... 2 vols.

Powell's History of Natural
Philosophy . . . 1 vol.

Porter's Treatise on the

Manufacture of Silk . Ivol.

Porter's Manufacture of

Porcelain and Glass . 1 vol.

Roscoe's British Lawyers, 1 vol.

Scott's History of Scot-
land . . . .2 vols.

Shelley's Lives of Eminent

French Authors . . 2 vols.

Shuckard and Swainson's

Insects .... 1 vol.

Southey's Lives of British

Admirals . . . 5 vols.

Stebbing's Church History, 2vols.

Stebbing's History of the
Reformation . . 2 vols.

Swainson's Discourse on

Natural History . . Ivol.

Swainson's Natural His-
tory and Classification of
Animals . . . Ivol.

Swainson's Habits and In>

stincts of Animals . 1 vol.

Swainson's Birds . . 2 vols.

Swainson's Fish, Reptiles,

etc 2vols.

Swainson's Quadrupeds . Ivol.

Swainson's Shells and

Shell-fish . . .1 vol.

Swainson's Auimalsin Me-
nageries . . . Ivol.

Swainson's Taxidermy an d

Biography of Zoologists 1 vol.

Thirlwall'i History of

Greece . , . Svols.

3». fid.


3s. 6d.





















Dr. Jolin Lindley's Introduction

to Botany. New Edition, with Corrections
and copious Additions ; Six Plates and
numerous Woodcuts. Svo. price 24».

Linwood.— Anthologia Oxonien-

sis ; bive, Florilegiura e lusibus poeticis di-
versorum Oxoniensium Graecis et Latiiiis
decerptum Curante Golielmo Linwood,
M.A. .^disChiisti AJummo.Svo. price ]4».

Dr. Little on Deformities.— On

the Nature and Treatment of Deformities
of the Human Frame. By W. J. Little,
M.D., Physician to the London Hospital,
etc. With 160 Woodcuts and Diagrams.
Svo. price i5«.

' Litton.— The Church of Christ,

in its Idea, Attributes, and Ministry: With
I a particular Reference to the Controversy
on the Subject between Romanists and Pro-
testants. By the Rev. Edward Arthcr
Litton , M.A., Vice-Principal of St. Kdmund
Hall, Oxford. Svo. price 16«.

' Loch.— A practical Legal Guide

j for Sailors and Merchants during War:
With Appendices containing the (Jrders in
I Council and other Official Documents re-
I lating to the present War. By William
I Adam Loch, of the Hon. Society of Liu-
cola's Inn. Svo. price 9s. 6d.

I Lorimer's(C.)LetterstoaYoung

i Master Mariner on some Subjects connected
! with his Calling. New Edition. Fcp. Svo.
j price 5s. 6d.

: Loudon's Self-Instruction for

I Young Gardeners, ^Foresters, Bailiffs,
j Land Stewards, and' Farmers ; in Arith-
metic, Book-keeping, Geometry, Mensur-
ation, Practical Trigonometry, Mechanics,
' Land-Surveying, Levelling, Planning and
J Mapping, Architectural Drawing, and Iso-
metrical Projection and Perspective, Svo.
with Portrait, price 7«. 6d.

Loudon's Encyclopaedia of Gar-
dening; comprising the Theory and Prac-
tice of Horticulture, Floriculture, Arbori-
culture, and Landscape Gardening : Includ-
ing all the latest improvements ; with many
hundred Woodcuts. New Edition, corrected
and improved by Mrs. LouooN. Svo.
price 50«.

Loudon's Encyclopaedia of Trees

anil Shrubs ; or the Arboretum et Frutice-
tum Britannicum abridged: Containing
the Hardy Trees and Shrubs of Great
Britain, Native and Foreign, Scientifically
and Popularly Described: with their Pro-
pagation, Culture, and Uses in the Arts ;
and with Engravings of nearly all the Spe-
cies. VVith about 2,000 Woodcuts, Svo,
price 50<.

Loudon's Encyclopaedia of Agri- i

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