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culture: comprising the Theory and Prac- ;
tice of the Valuation, Transfer, Laymg-out,
Improvement, and Management of Landed
Property, and of the Cultivation and Etc- I
nomy of the Animal and Vegetable Pro- I
ductions of Agriculture. New Edition ;
with 1,100 Woodcuts, Svo, price 50s. I

Loudon's Encyclopaedia of

Plants, including all the Plants which are '
now found in, or have been introduced into, ;
Great Britain, eiving their Natural History, '■
accompanied by such descriptions, en-
graved Figures, and elementary details, as
may enable a beginner, who is a mere En- ■
glish reader, to discover the name of every
Plant which he may find in flower, and ac-
quire all the information respecting it which
is useful and interesting. New Edition,
corrected throughout and brought down to
the year 1855, by Mrs. Lot7DON and George
Don, Esq., F.L.S., etc. Svo.

[/» the Spring.

Loudon's Encyclopaedia of Cot-
tage, Farm, and Villa Architecture and
Furniture : containing numerous Designs,
from the Villa to the Cottage and the
Farm, including Farm Houses, Farmeries,
and other -Agricultural Buildings; Coun- :
try Inns, Public Houses, and Parochial
Schools, with the requisite Fittingsup, :
Fixtures, and Furniture, and appropriate i
Offices, Gardens, and Garden Scenery, i
New Edition, edited by Mrs. LorDON ; :
with 2,000 Woodcuts. Svo. price 63s. i

Loudon's Hortus Britannicus? <

Or, Catalogue of all the Plants indigenous '.
to, cultivated in, or introduced into Britain, j
An entirely New Edition corrected through- |
out: With a Supplement, includinir all i
the New Plants, and a New General Index
to the whole Work. Edited byMrs.Loc- \
DON ; assisted by W. H. Baxter and j
David Wooster.' Sv<>. price 31s. fid,— The I
Supplement separately, price 14s, |

Mrs. Loudon's Amateur Gar-

dener's Calendar; Being a Monthly Guide
as to what should be "avoided as well as
what should be done in a Garden in each
Month: with plain Rules hou> to do what
is requisite, I6mo. with Woodcuts, 7s. 6(i.

Mrs. Loudon's Lady's Country

Companion ; or, How to Knjov a Country
Life Rationally. Fourth Edition, with
Plates and Wood Engravings. Fcp. Svo.
price 5s.

Lcjw.— A Treatise on the Do-
mesticated Animals of the British Islands :
comprf bending the Natural and Econo-
mical History of Species and Varieties ; the
Description of the Properties of external
Form ; and Observations on the Principles
and Practice of Breeding. By D. Low, Esq.,
F.R.S.E. Svo. with Woodcuts, price 2m.



Lo-w's Elements of Practical

Aqrriculture; comprehending the Cultiva-
tion of Plants, the Husbandry of the Do-
mestic Animals, and the Economy of the
Farm. New Edition; with 200 Woodcuts.
8vo. 21s.

Macaulay. —Speeches of the

Ritrht Hon. T. B. Macaulay, M.P. Cor-
rected by Himself. 8vo. price 12».

Macaulay.— The History of Eng-
land from the Accession of James II. By
Thomas B-vbinoton Macaulay, New
Edition. Vols. i. and II. Svo. price 32«.

I Mr. Macaulay's Critical and

Historical Essays contributed to the Edin-
burgh Review. Four Editions, as follows :—

1. LiBR ART Edition (the Seventh), in

3 vols.Svo. price 36».

2. Complete in One Volume, with Por-

trait and Vitfnette. Square crown 8vo.
price 21». tloth ; or 30s. calf.

3. Another Edition, in 3 vols.fep.8vo.

price 21it.

4. People's Edition, in 2 vols, crown

8vo. price 8«. cloth.

Macaulay. — Lays of Ancient

Rome, Ivry, and the .Armada. By Thomas
Babinoton Macaulay. New Edition
Ifimo. price 4.t. 6rf. cloth; or lOi, 6d.
bound in morocco.

Mr. Macaulay's Lays of Ancient

Rome. With numerous Illustrations, Ori-
ginal and from the Antique, drawn on
Wood by George Scarf, jun. New Edition.
Fcp. 4to. price 21«. boards; or 42s. bound
in morocco.

Macdonald. — Villa Verocchio i

or the Youth of Leonardo da Vinci : A
Tale. By the late Diana Louisa Mac-
donald. Fcp. 8vo. price 6s.

Macintosh.— A Military Tour in

Europesn Turkey, the Crimea, and on the
Eastern Shores of tlie Black Sea: including
Routes across the Balkan into Bulgaria,
and Excursions in the Turkish, Russian,
and Persian Provinces of the Caucasian
Range ; with Strategical Observations on
tha Probable Scene of the Operations of the
Allied Expeditionary Force. By Major-
Gen. A. F. Mackintosh, K.H., F.R.G.S.,
F G.S., Commaniling Her Majesty's Troops
in the Ionian Islands. Second and cheaper
Edition, revised and corrected ; with several
Maps. Post Svo. price 10s. 6rf.

Sir James Mackintosh's History

of England from the Earliest Times to the
final Establishment of the Reformation.
Library Edition, revised by the Author's
Son. 2 vols.Svo. price 21s.

Mackintosh.— Sir James Mack-
intosh's Miscellaneous Works : Including
his Contributions to the Edinburgh Review.
Complete in One Volume; with Portrait
and Vignette. Square crown 8vo. price 21s.
cloth ; or 30s. bound in calf.

•»• Also a NEW EDITION, in 3 vols.

fcap.Svo. price 21 s.


A Dictionary,

Practical, Theoretical, and Historical, of
Commerce and Commercial Navig-ation.
Illustrated with Maps and Plans. By J. R.
M'CuLLOCH, Esq. New Edition ; embrac
ing a large mass of new and important In-
formation in regard to the Trade, Commer-
cial Law, and Navigation of this and other
Countries. Svo. price 50s. cloth ; half-russia,
with aezible back, 55s.

M'Culloch.— A Dictionary,

Geographical, Statistical, and Historical,
of the various Countries, Places, and Prin-
cipal Natural Objects in the World. By
J. R. M'CoLLocH, Esq. Illustrated with
Six large Maps. New Edition, with a Supple-
ment, comprising the Population of Greai
Britain from the Census of 1851. 2 vols.
8vo. price 63s.

M'CuUoch. — An Account, De-
scriptive and Statistical of the British
Empire ; Exhibiting its Extent, Physical j
Capacities, Population, Industry, and Civil \
and Religious Institutions. ByJ.R.M'CuL- I
LoCH, Esq. Fourth Edition, revised ; with )
an Appendix of Tables . 2 vols . Svo. price 42s.

Maitland.— The Church in the

Catacombs: A Description of the Primi-
tive Church of Rome, illustrated by its
Sepulchral Remains. By the Uev. Charles
Maitland. New Edition, with many Wood-
cuts. Svo. price 14s.

Mrs. Marcet's Conversations on

Chemistry, in which the Elements of that
Science are familiarly Explained and Illus-
trated by Experitiients. New Edition, en-
larged and improved. 2 vols. fcp. Svo.
price 14s.

Mrs. Marcet's Conversations on

Natural Philosophy, in which the Elcment.v
of that Science are familiarly explained
New Edition, enlarged and corrected ; with
23 Plates. Ftp. Svo. price lOs. 6rf.



Mrs. Marcet's Conversations on

Political Eoonomy, in which the Elements
of that Science are familiarly explained.
New Edition. Fcp. 8vo. price 7».6rf.

Mrs. Marcet's Conversations on

Vegetable Physiology ; comprehending the
Elements of Botany, with their Application
to Ag;riciilture. New Kdition;with Four
Plates. Fcp. Svo. price 9».

Mrs. Marcet's Conversations on

Land and Water. New p:dition, revised
and corrected ; with a coloured Map, shew-
ing the comparative Altitude of Mountains.
Fcp. 8vo. price 04. 6d.

Martineau.— Church History in

England : Being a Sketch of the History of
the Church of England from the Earliest
Times to the Period of the Reformation.
By the Rev. Arthur Maiitinea0. M.A.,
late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
12mo. price 6i.

Maunder' s Biographical Trea-
sury ; consisting of Memoirs, Sketches, and
brief Notices of above 12,00U Eminent Per-
sons of all Ages and Nations, from the
Earliest Period of History. Eighth Edition,
revised throughout, and brought down to
the close of the year 1853. Fcp. Svo. 10*.
cloth ; bound in roan, 12». ; calf, 12«. 6d.

Maunder's Historical Treasury;

comprising a General Introductory Outline
of Universal History, Ancient and Modern,
and a Series of separate Histories of every
principal Nation. New Edition ; revised
throughout, and brought down to the Pre-
sent Time. Fcp. 8vo. 10«. cloth; roan,
12*. ; calf, 12s. 6d.

Maunder's Scientific and Lite-
rary Treasury : A New and Popular Kn-
cyclopaedia of Science and the Belles-
Lettres ; including all Branches of Science,
and every subject connected with Litera-
ture and Art. New Edition. Fcp. 8vo.
orice 10». cloth ; bound in roan, 12». ; calf
lettered. Us. 6d.

Maunder's Treasury of Natural

History; Or, a Popular Dictionary of Ani-
mated Nature: In which the Zoological
Characteristics that distinguishthe different
Classes, Genera, and Species, are combined
with a variety of interesting Information
illustrative of the Animal Kingdom. With
900 Woodcuts. New Edition ; with 900
Woodcuts. Fcp. 8vo. price 10». cloth ;
roan,12«.; calf, 12». 6rf.

Maunder's Treasury of Know-
ledge, and Library of Reference. Compris-
ing an English Dictionary and Grammar,
an Universal Gazetteer, a Classical Diction-
ary, a Chronology, a Law Dictionary, a
Synopsis of the Peerage, numerous usefol
Tables, etc. The TAventieth Edition re-
vised and corrected : With some Addi-
tions. Fcp Svo. price 10s. cloth; boaudio
roan, 12s. ; calf, 12«. 6d.

Merivale. — A History of the

Romans under the Empire. By the Rev.
Chari.ES Merivale. B.D.. late' Fellow of
St. John's College, Cambridge. Vols. I.
and II. Svo. price 2Ss. ; and Vol. III. com-
pleting the History to the Establishment of
the Monarchy by Augustus, price 14».

Merivale.— The Pall of the Ro-
man Republic : A Short History of the last
Century of the Commonwealth. By the Rev.
Charles Merivale, B.D., late Fellow of
St. John's College, Cambridge. 12mo.
price 7s. 6rf.

Merivale. — An Account of the

Life and Letters of Cicero. Translated
from the German of .\beken ; and Edited bv
the Rev. Charles LIerivale, B.D. 12mo.
price 9s. 6d.

Milner.— The Baltic 5 Its Gates, i

Shores, and Cities ; With a Notice of the I
White Sea. Br the Rev. T. Milner, M. A., I
F.R.G.S. Pos'tSvo. with Map. price 10».6d. \

Milner's History of the Church

of Christ. With Additions bv the late Rev.
Isaac Milner. D.D., F R.S. A New
Edition, revised, with additional Notes
by the Rev. T. Grantham, B.D. 4 vols.
8vo. price o2».

Montgomery.— Memoirs of the

Life and Writings of James Montgomery:
Including Selections from his Correspond-
ence and Conversations. By John Hol-
land and James Everett. [In the press.

Montgomery.— Original Hsnnns |

for Public, Social, and Private Devotion, j
By James Montgomery. 18mo. 5s. 6ii. |


James Montgomery's Poetical

Works: Collective Edition: with the
Author's Autobiographical Prefaces, com-
plete in One Volnnie; with Portrait and
Vignette. Square crown Svo. price 10s. 6rf.
cloth ; morocco, 21s.— Or in 4to18. fcp.Svo.
with Portrait, and seven Plates, price 20*.
cloth; morocco. 36».



Moore.— Man and his Motives. \ Moore's Lalla Rookh : An Ori

By Geokgb Moore, M.D., Meii»l)er ot the
Koyal Collejje of Physicians. Third aud
cheaper Edition. Fcp. 8vo. price 6».

Moore.— The Power of the Soul

over the Body, considered in relation to
Health and Morals. By GeOkoe Moore,
M.D., Memlier of the Royal College ot
Physicians, etc. Fifth and cheapet Edition.
Fcp.Svo. price 6s,

Moore.— The Use of the Body in

relation to the ftlind. By George Moore,
M.D., Memher of the Royal CoUeife of
Physicians. Third aud cheaper Editioti.
Fcp. 8vo. price ^a.

Moore. — Health, Disease, and

Remedy, familiarly and practically con-
sidered in a few of their llelations to the
Blood. By George Moore, M.D. Post
8to. 7». 6rf.

Moore.— Memoirs, Journal, and

Correspondence of Thomas Moore. Kuiteci
by the Ritjht Hon. Lord John Russell,
M.P. With Portraits and Vignette lUu.stra-
tions. Vols. 1. to VI. post 8vo. 1U», 6rf. each.

Vols. VII. and VIII. tompletingthe work,
are nearly ready.

Thomas Moore's Poetical Works.

Containing the Author's recent Introduc-
tion and I\otes. Complete in One Volume;
with a I'ortrait, and a View of Sloperton
Cottage. Medium Svo. price 21.«. cloth;
morocco42j. Or in 10 vols. tcp. Svo. with
Portrait, and 19 Plates, price 35».

Moore. — Songs, Ballads, and

tja'.-red Songs. By Thomas Moore, Author
of Lnlla Riiuhh, etc. I'irst collctteu Edition,
with Vignette in R. Uoyle. Ifimo. price
5«. cloth; 12s. 6rf. bound in morocco.

Moore's Irish Melodies. New

Edition, with the Autobiographical Preface
from the Collective Kdition of Mr. Moore's
Poetical Works, and a Vignette Title by
D. Madise, K.A. IGmo. price 5s. cloth';
12s. 6<f. bound in morocco.

Moore's Irish Melodies. Illus-
trated by D. Maclise, R.A. New and
cheaper Kdition; with 101 Designs, anu
the wholp of the Letter-press engraved on
Steel, by K. P. Becker. Super royal Svo.
price 31s. Gd. boards; bound in morocco,
^62. 12s. 6rf.

•,* The Original Rdition, in imperial 8vo.
price 63*. boards ; morocco, 4^4. Ms. 6d. ;
Proofs. £6. 6s. hoards,— ffl^/ir utill be hnri

ental Romance. New Edition; with the
Autobiographical Preface from the Col-
lective Edition of Mr. Moore's Poetical
Works, and a Vignette Title by D. Maclise,
R.A. 16mo. 6s. cloth; ot lia.dd. morocco.

Moore's Lalla Rookh: An Ori-
ental Romance. With 13 highly-finished
Steel Plates, from Designs by Corbould,
Meadows, aud Stephanolf. New Edition.
Square crown Svo. los. cloth ; morocco, 28s.

A few copies of the Original Edition, in
royal Svo. price One Guinea, still remain.

Morton's Manual of Pharmacy

for the Student of Veterinary Medicine :
Containing the Substances employed at the
Royal Veterinary College, with an attempt
at their ClassihcMtion : and the Pharma-
copoeia of that Institution. Fifth Edition.
Fcp. Svo. price lUs.

Moseley.— The Mechanical Prin-
ciples of Engineering and Architecture.
By the Rev. H. Moselev, M.A., F.R.S.,
Professor of Natural Philosophy and As-
tronomy in King's College, London. Svo.
price 24s.

Mure.— A Critical History of

the Language and Literature of Ancient
(ireece. By William Mure, M.P. of
Caldwell. Vols. 1. to III. Svo. price 36.?.—
Vol. IV. price las.

Murray's Encyclopaedia of Geo-
graphy: Con\prisinga complete Description
of the Earth: exhibiting its Relation to the
Heavenly Bodies, its Physical Structure,
the Natural History of each Country, and
the Industry, Commerce, Political Institu-
tions, and Civil and Social State of All
Nations. Second Edition; with 82 Maps,
and upwards of 1,000 other Woodcuts.
Svo. price 60s.

Neale. — " Risen from the

Ranks;" Or, Conduct vergun Caste. By
tlie Kcv. F.RSKiNE Neale, M.A., Rector ol
Kirton, Suffolk. Fcap. Svo. price 6».

Neale.— The Riches that bring

no Sorrow. By the Rev. Erskine Ne.vlk,
M.A. Fcp.Svo. price 6s.

Neale. —The Earthly Resting

Places of the Just. By the Rev. F:rskine
Nevle, M.A. Fcp.Svo. with Wooileuts, /*

Neale.— The Closing Scene 5 or

Cliristianity and Infidelity contrasted in the
Last Hours of ReinarkHble Persons. By ili>-
Rev. Kkskine Neale, M.A. New Edi-
tion. 2 vols. fcp. 8vo. price 12«.; or sepa-
rately, 6s. each.

Newman.— Discotirses addressed

to Mixed Conijrrgatioiis. By John Henry
Newman, Priest of theOratory of St. Philip
Neri. Second Edition. 8vo, price 12».

Oldacre.-The Last of the Old

Squires : A Sketch. By Cedkic Oldacre,
Esq., of Sax-Normanbury, sometime of
Christ Church, Oxoii. Crown 8to. 9«. 6d.

Oldmixon.— Gleanings from Pic-
cadilly to Pera. Rv J. W. Olbmixon, Com-
mander R.N. With 4 Illustrations printed
in Colours. Post 8vo. price 10s. 6d.

Opie (Mrs.)— Memorials of the

j Life of Amelia Opie, Selected and -Arrangfed
from her Letters, Diaries, and other Maiiu-
i scripts. By Cecilia Lucy Brightwell.
I Second Edition; with Portrait. 8vo. price
I 10*. 6d.

Stray Leaves from an Arctic

Journal ; or. Eighteen .Months in the Polar
Regions in search of Sir John Franklin's
Expedition. By Lieut. S. Osborn. R.N.,
Commanding HM.S.V. Pioneer. With Map
and 4 coloured Plates. PostSvo. price 12».

Owen Jones.— riowers and their

Kindred Thoughts. A Series of Stanzas.
By Mary Anne Bacon. With beautiful
Illustrations of Flowers printed in Colours
by Owen Jones. Imperial 8vo. price 31». 6d.
elegantly bound in calf.

Owen.— Lectures on the Com-
parative Anatomv and Physiology of the
Invertebrate Animals. By Richard Owen,
F.R.S. Hunterinn Professor in the Royal
College of Surgeons. New Edition, cor-
rected. 8to. with Woodcuts. [In the press.

Professor Owen's Lectures on

the Comparative .Anatomy and Physiology
of the Vertebrate Animals. With numer-
ous Woodcuts. Vol. I. 8vo. price 14*.

The Complete Works of Blaise

Pascal. Translated from the French, with
Memoir, Introductions to the various
Works, Editorial Notes, and Appendices,
by George Pearce, Esq. 3 vols, post 8vo.
with Portrait, 25j. 6rf.

Captain Peel's Travels in Nubia.

—A Ride through the Nubian Desert. By
Captain W. Peel, R.N. PoBt 8vo. with a
Route Map, price St.

Pereira's Treatise on Food and

Diet. With Observations on the Dietetical
Regimen suited for Disordered States of
the Digestive Organs; and an Account of
the Dietaries of some of the principal Me-
tropolitan and other Kstablishments for
Paupers, Lunatics, Criminals, Children, the
Sick, etc. 8vo. 16».

Peschel's Elements of Physics.

Translated from the German, with Notes,
by E. West. With Diairrams and Wood-
cuts. 3 vols, fcp. 8vo. price 21«.

Phillips.— A Guide to Geology.

By John Phillips, M.A. F.R.S. F.G.S.,
Deputy Reader in Geology in the University
of Oxford. Fourth Edition, corrected to the
Present Time ; with 4 Plates. Fcp. 8to.
price OS.

Phillips's Elementary Intro-
duction to Mineralogy. A New Edition,
with extensive Alterations and Additions, ]
bvH J. Brooke, F.R.S., F.GS.; andW. '
Fi. Miller. M.A., F.G.S., Professor of ;
Mineralogy in the University of Cambridge. |
With numerous Wood Eugraving^s. Post ,
8vo. price 18«.

Phillips.— Pigures and Descrip-
tions of the Palieozoic Fossils of Cornwall,
Devon, and West Somerset; observed in
the course of the Ordnance Geological Sur-
vey of that District. By JoaN Phillips,
M.A, etc. 8vo.with60 Plates, price y«.

Captain Portlock's Report on i

the GeoloL'V of the County of Londonderry, !

and of Parts of Tyrone' and Fermanagh, ^

examined and described under the Autho- I

ritv of the Master-General and Board of |
Ordnance. Svo. with 48 Plates, price 24«.

Power's Sketches in New Zea-
land, with Pen and Pencil. From aJournal
kept in that Country, from July 1846 to
June 1848. With Plates and Woodcuts,
Post Svo. 12*.

Psychological Inquiries, in a

Series of Essays intended to illustrate the
Influence of the Physical Organisation OD
the Mental Faculties. Fcp. Svo. price 5«.



Pulman's Vade-Mecum of Tly-

Fishiinf for Trout; beinij a complete Prac-
tical Treatise on that Branch of the Art of
Anjfliny; with plain and copious Instruc-
tions for the Manufacture of Artificial Flies.
Third Edition, with Woodcuts. Fcp.Svo.
price 6«.

Pycroft's Course of English

Heading, adapted to every Taste and Ca-
pacity ; With Literary Anecdotes. New
and cheaper Edition. Fcp. 8vo. price 5s.

Dr. Reece's Medical Guide ; for

the nse of the Clerg-y, He.ids of Families,
Schools, and Junior Medical Practitioners:
Comprising; a complete Modern Dispensa-
tory, and a Practical Treatise on the distin-
g-uishinif Symptoms, Causes, Prevention,
Cure, and Palliation of the Diseases incident
to the Human Frame. Seventeenth Edition,
corrected and enlarged by the Author's
Son, Dr. H. Reece, M.R.C.S. etc. Svo.
price 12».

Rich's Illustrated Companion

to the Latin Dictionary and Greek Lexicon:
F'orming a Glossary of all the Words repre-
senting Visible Objects connected with the
Arts, Manufactures, and Kvery-day Life of
the Ancients. With Woodcut Representa-
tions of nearly 2,000 Objects from the
Antique. Post Svo. price 21».

Sir J. Richardson's Journal of

a Boat Voyau-e through Rupert's Land and
the Arctic Sea, in Search of the Discovery
Ships under Command of Sir John Franklin.
With an Appendix on the Physical Geo-
graphy of North .America ; a Map, Plates,
and VVoodcuts. 2 vols. Svo. price 31«. 6d.

Horsemanship 5 or, the Art of

Riding and Managing a Horse, adapted to
the Guidance of Ladies and Gentlemen on
the Uoad and in the Field : With Instruc-
tions for Breaking in Colts and Young
Horses. By Captain Richardson, late of
the 4th Light Dragoons. With 5 Line En-
gravings. Square crown 8vo. price 14».

Riddle's Complete Latin-Eng-

lish and English-Latin Dictionary, for the
use of Colleges aud Schools. New and
cheaper Edition, revised and corrected.
Svo. 21*.

Senaratelv/'^''^''-"?^''^''-^''''" dictionary, 7,.
separately •!,.

Riddle's Copious and Critical

Latin-English Lexicon, founded on the
Gctman-Latin Dictionaries of Dr. William
Freund. New and cheaper Edition. Post
4to. price 3U.6rf.

Riddle's Diamond Latin-Eng-

lish Dictionary : A Guide to the Meaning,
Quality, and right Accentuation of Latin
Classical Words. Royal 32mo. price 4«.

Rivers'sRose- Amateur's Guide;

containing ample Descriptions of all the
line leading varieties of Hoses, regularly
classed in their respective Families; tiieii
History and Mode of Culture. Fifth and
cheaper Edition, much improved. Fcp.
Svo. price Zs.Qd.

Dr. E. Robinson's Greek and

English Lexicon of the Greek Testament.
A New Edition, revised and in great part
re-written. Svo. price 18s.

Rogers.— Essays selected from

Contributions to the Edinburgh Review
By Hexbv RooEBb. 2 vols. Svo. price 24*.

Dr. Roget's Thesaurus of Eng-
lish Words and Phrases classified and ar-
ranged so as to facilitate the Expression
of Ideas and assist in Literary Composi-
tion. New Edition, revised and enlarged.
Medium Svo. price 14».

Rowton's Debater: A Series of

complete Debates, Outlines of Debates, and
Questions for Discussion; with ample
references to the best Sources of 1 nformation
on each particular Topic. New Edition.
Fcp. Svo. price 6«.

Letters of Rachael Lady Rus-

sell. A New Edition, including several
unpublished Letters. With Portraits, Vig-
nettes, and Facsimile. 2 vols, post Svo.
price J 5s.

The Life of William Lord Rus-

sell. By the Right Hon. Lord John Rus-
sell, M.P. The Fourth F.dition, complete in
One Volume ; with a Portrait engraved on
Steel by S. Bellin. Post Svo. price 10s. 6rf.

St. John (the Hon, F.)— Rambles

in Search of Sport, in Germany, France,
Italy, and Russia. By the Honourable
Fekdinand St. John. With Four coloured
Plates . Post Svo. price 9s . 6d.

St. John (H.)-The Indian Ar-

chipelago; Its History and Present State.
By HoKACK St. JoH.v. 2 vols, post Svo.
price 21s.

Mr. St. John's Work on Egypt.

Isis: An Egyptian Pilgrimage. Bv Jambs
Augustus St. John. 2 vols, post Svo. 21s.



St. Jolin (J. A.) — There and i Sewell.— Margaret Percival. By

Back Ajrain in Search of Beauty. By
J. A. St. John. 2 vols, post 8vo. 21s.

The Saints our Example. By

the Author of Letters to my Uuhnown
Friends, etc. Fcp. 8vo. price 7».

Schmitz. — History of Greece,

from the Earliest Times to the Taking of
Corinth by the Romans, B.C. 146, mainly
based upon Bishop Thirlwall's History of
Greece. By Dr. Leoshard Schmitz,
F.R.S.E. Rector of the High School of Edin-
burgh. New Edition, l2mo. price 7«. 6rf.

Sir Edward Seaward's Narra-
tive of his Shipwreck, and consequent Dis-
covery of certain Islands in the Caribbean
Sea. Third Edition. 2 vols, post 8vo. 21».
—An Abridgment, in 16mo. price is. 6rf.

The Sermon in the Mount.

Printed by C. Whittingham, uniformly
with the Thumb £i6/e ; boundand clasped.
64mo. price Kighieeupence.

The Sermon on the Mount.

Printed on Silver; with Picture Snbjects,
numerous Landscape and Illustrative Vig
iiettes, and Illuminated Borders in Gold
and Colours, designed by M. Lepelle ou
Bois-Gallais. Si)uare 18mo. price in
ornamental boards, One Guinea; or Z\t.6d.
bound in morocco.

Self-Denial the Preparation for

Kaster. By the Author oi Li'tters to my
Unknown Friends, etc. tcp. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

Sewell.— Amy Herbert. By a

Ladv. Edited bv the Rev. W. Sewell,
B.D'. Fellow and Tutor of Exeter College,
Oatford. New Edition. Fcp. 8vo. price 6»

Sewell.— The Earl's Daughter.

By the Author of Amy Herbert. Edited

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