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lin, Vermont. During his early boyhood his father
carried on a blacksmith shop on the line between
Franklin and Canada and later in the village. He
worked with his father when not in school and
learned to make the axes, forks, hoes and other
tools then made in the local blacksmith shops. In
the spring of 1858 he went to Canada, West, and
spent a year near Brantford. He went thence to
Rockbridge, Wisconsin, where he stayed three years,
teaching school in winter, farming and blacksmith-
ing in summer. He returned to Vermont in 1862
and worked first in a wagon shop, teaching school
the winter following. In January, 1864, he came
to Holden, Massachusetts, and entered the employ
of Ira Broad in the mills, where he has since then
spent so many busy years. He left there after a
time, as the work was beyond his strength, and
went to work as bookkeeper for Howe & Jefferson,
where he remained two years. For one season he
had charge of the mill of Theron E. Hall at Sutton.
Returning to the employ of Mr. Broad in Holden
he continued there until 1868. He then entered the
contracting and carpentering business at Somerville,
Massachusetts. When Mr. Broad died Mr. Austin
returned to Holden, and with the assistance of his
former employers, Howe & Jefferson, bought the
business. He operated the saw mill and conducted
a lumber business, and later carpentering and con-
tracting. In 1877 he bought the other interests and
has continued the business in his own name since

During all these years he manifested a lively in-
terest in whatever tended to advance the material,
moral and educational welfare of the town of
Holden. He served on various committees and
on various boards. He was a member of the school
committee. In religion he is a Baptist, in politics
a Republican. He is a member of Montacute Lodge,
Free Masons, at Worcester.

He married, October 13, 1862, Abbie Priseilla
Chase, daughter of Aaron and Mercy (Harris)
Chase. Their children: I. Herbert, born Septem-
ber 14, 1866, graduate of the Worcester Polytechnic
Institute with the degree of Bachelor of Science in
1890; married, August 22, 1894, at Worcester, Lilian
Elizabeth Denny, born February 19, 1873, and they
have children : Edward Denny, born October 16,
1899; Waldo Egbert, born July 14. 1902; Priseilla.
born November 21, 1904. 2. Lillian, single. 3.
Waldo Edward, married Mary Ella Blaisdell, of
Everett, Massachusetts, January 20, 1899, and had
Lenora, born November 27, 1899.

Fales. the immigrant ancestor of the Fales family
of Worcester county, Massachusetts, and of Fred
erick Herbert Fales, of Holden, Massachusetts, was
born about 1630, in Chester, England. He settled
at Dedham when it was called Contentment.' He
signed the famous Dedham Covenant, September
10, 1636. He was admitted a freeman in 1653. He
was a soldier in King Philip's war in 1675-76. He
died at Dedham, July 10, 1708.

He married. 1654, Anna Brock, of Dedham. She
was admitted to the church May 25, 1656. Their
children: James, born July 4. 1656, see forward;
John, born October 5, 1658, married Unity Haw
and settled in Wrentham; Ebenezer, born February
12. 1661-62, had a farm in what is now Tames
street. Dedham; Mary, born Vugu 1 io, 16 1: Peter;
Hannah, born Januarj [6 [672, married

Bacon; died at Wrentham, April, 1711; Martha,
born October 28, 1675 ; Rachel, born June 19, 1680.

(II) James Fales, Jr., son of James Fales (1),
was born at Dedham, Massachusetts, July 4, 1656.
He married, October 20, 1679, Deborah Fisher, who
was baptized February 24, 1661, daughter of An-
thony Fisher. James Fales was surety on the bond
of Josiah Fisher as administrator of the estate of
Anthony Fisher, his father-in-law, June 10, 1723.
Anthony Fisher was the son of Anthony Fisher, of
Dorchester, who came over with his parents in
1637, was a member of the Ancient and Honorable
Artillery Company of Boston in 1644, settled in
Dedham, July 20, 1645, admitted a freeman 1643,
married Joanna Faxon, daughter of Lewis and
Joanna Faxon. The father of Anthony was also an
Anthony, born in Wignotte, parish Syleham, Suf-
folk, England. (See sketch of Fisher family in
this work.) Among the children of James and Deb-
orah Fales was Nehemiah, see forward.

(III) Nehemiah Fales, son of James Fales (2),
was born about 1700. He settled in Dedham. He
married (first), Mary Carew, January 31, 1720. He
married (second) Mrs. Susannah Searls, June 21,
1745. Children of Nehemiah and Mary Fales, born
at Dedham, were : Jacob, born about 1722, died Jan-
uary 2, 1727; Nehemiah, born November 8, 1724,
died the following day ; Jacob, born January 27,
1726; (possibly the Jacob who died January 2, 1727,
according to the records.) Eleanor, baptized March
14, 1725, in the First Church. Children of Nehe-
miah and Susannah Fales were : Lemuel, born Au-
gust 19, 1747, see forward; Nehemiah, born 1749,

baptized February 5, 1749, married Sarah and

had son Nehemiah, Jr., May 1, 1785. Also had two
other children.

(IV) Lemuel Fales, son of Nehemiah Fales
(3), was born in Dedham, Massachusetts, August
19. 1747, died at Holden, February 12, 1S26. He
received a meagre education in the common schools,
and from early childhood helped his father on the
farm. He was a very active man and held various
town offices in Dedham. He was a soldier in the
revolution and fought in the battle of Bunker Hill
the day after the birth of his first child. He was
a private 111 Joseph Guild's company of minute men,
Colonel Greaton's regiment, on the Lexington alarm,
April ^ 19, 1775. He was also in Captain George
Gould's company, Colonel Paul D. Sargent's regi-
ment, later in 1775 and was at Bunker Hill with
this company. He was a private in Captain Joseph
Lewis's company (First Dedham), Colonel William
Mcintosh's regiment. The company marched to
Dorchester camp in 1776. He was a corporal in
Captain Timothy Stow's company, Colonel Ephraim
Wheelock's regiment, at Ticonderoga, in 1776. He
served also in Captain Robert Smith's company,
Lieutenant-Colonel Symmes' detachment of guards
engaged February 26, 1778. under Major-General
< rates at Dorchester. He came to Holden in 1787
and purchased a farm in the southern part of the
town on the old Worcester road. The place con-
tained three hundred acres. He built his house of
brick, but in later years it was destroyed by fire.
His old barn may still be seen, however, in the
\ icinity of Charles Dawson's place. He was an
Orthodox in religion, a Whig in politics.

He married, March 13. 1775, Elizabeth Hannah
White, of Dedham. Their children were: 1.
Sarah, born 1775, at Dedham. 2. Elenor. born De-
cember 16. 1777, at Dedham. married, February 7,
1808, Joel Johnson, of Pelham. 3. Betsey, born
June 4, 1770. married (first), December 26. 1804.
David Kimball; married (second), October 4, [818,
Joel Clapp. 4. Ambrose, born December 28, 1780,.



at Dedham, married, March 14, 1804, Anna Newell.
5. Hannah, born September 16, 1782, at Dedham,
married David Howard, at Dedham. 6. Lemuel,
born March II, 1785 at Dedham married Bridget
Lunney and had children — William, born February
17, 1814, married Lusania Davis; Lemuel, Jr., born
April 19,. 1821, married Letsey Twitchell and (sec-
ond) Lizzie Twitchell; Eleanor, born April 18,
1824, married Cyrus Phelps and they have Nora
Adaline, born September 9, 1854, married Milton
Holden and had Edgar Wilson, born August 14,
1894; residing at Holden, Massachusetts. 7. Anna,
born April 14, 1787, at Holden, married, December
5, 1815, Hugh Johnson, of Henderson, New York.

8. Samuel Damon, born June IS, 1789, see forward.

9. John, born May 28, 1793. 10. Leonard, born
March 16, 1798, married, April 17, 1834, Sarah
Gray ; was ensign in the militia 1833 ; his children :
Charles Elisha, born September 30, 1834; Joseph
Tilson, born May 25, 1836; Mary Helen, born March
I, 1838; Henry Martin, born December 12, 1840;
Francis Augustus, born February 25, 1846.

(V) Samuel Damon Fales, son of Lemuel Fales
(4), was born at Holden, Massachusetts, June 15,
1789. He attended the public schools at Holden, and
at Canton, Massachusetts, where he went to live
with some of his relatives. He learned the trade of
brass founder and remained a journeyman in the
Revere foundry, where he worked for many years,
rising to the position of superintendent of the
works. He returned to Holden in 1844 and bought
his farm of eight acres, known as the Knowlton
place, where his son Charles H. Fales now lives.
Mr. Fales had the misfortune to lose one of his
•eyes while in Canton and this accident caused him
to abandon his trade and take to farming. He died
at Holden, December 25, 1861. He was known as
a very upright and honorable man among the
townspeople. In early life he was a Universalist,
but in later life in Canton and Holden attended
the Baptist Church. In politics he was a Whig and
late in life a Republican. He trained in the militia
•when he was a young man.

He married, at Boston, November 13, 1827, Nancy
Watson, born at Boston, January 11, i88r, daughter
of Andrew and Elizabeth Watson, of Boston. Their
children: I. Elizabeth Watson, born at Canton, Sep-
tember 2, 1828, married Winthrop B. Fay, of Up-
ton, Massachusetts, and they have children : Etta
Fay, married Dr. Briggs. of Pasadena, California ;
Norman Fay, married Ada West, of Maine, and they
have children — Winthrop, born August, 1875 ; Ma-
rion, married Peter Plouff and have — Norman Louis
Plouff. 2. Mary Ann, born at Canton, October 4,
1830, married Oscar M. Partridge and they have
Annie Maria Partridge. 3. Samuel Damon, Jr.,
born August 22, 1832, died September 12, 1833. 4.
Charles Henry, born July 3, 1834, married Emma
Davis and they have children — Ada Maria, born
June 21, 1875, married, September 21, 1896, Ernest
E. Bennett ; their children : Warren Ames and
Loring Fales, (twins) born August 31, 1897; Isabel
Marie, born November 12, 1905; Elizabeth Sophia,
born February 17, 1880, married, December 25, 1901,
Loring W. Hubbard and they have Emma Elizabeth,
born June 28, 1904; Ella Marybelle, born October

10. 1882. 5. Isabel Jane, born May 23, 1838, at
Canton, Massachusetts, married George Cheney and
their children are: Nellie Isabel, who married Al-
fred Hall, of Gilbertville; Emily Warren, married
James Knott, of Shrewsbury, and they have Dorothy
May Knott, Violet Belle Knott, Olive Elnora. 6.
Frederick Herbert, born December 4, 1844, at Hol-
<kn, see forward. 7. Ellen Maria, born November
22, 1847, at Holden.

(VI) Frederick Herbert Fales, son of Lemuel
Fales (5), was born at Holden, Massachusetts, De-
cember 4, 1844. He attended the public schools of
his native town and finished his early education with
a course at Howe's Business College. He was clerk
in the grocery and general merchandise store of S.
W. Armington. In 1877 he purchased the business
of his employer and carried on the store for twenty-
five years under the name of F. H. Fales. In the
spring of 1901 he sold out to Loring W. Hubbard,
who has somewhat changed the business. A general
store has been conducted on this site for many
years. Mr. Fales is the owner of this property and
of the farm adjoining, where he now resides. Mr.
Fales is the town treasurer and collector of taxes,
and while in the grocery business was also elected,
serving from 1882 to 1885. He is an active member
of the Holden Baptist Church and has been treas-
urer of the society for many years. He was super-
intendent of the Baptist Sunday school in 1869-70.
He is a Republican in politics and has frequently
been elected delegate to nominating conventions of
his party. He is a member of Quinsigamond Lodge,
Odd Fellows, of Worcester; of Holden Grange, No.
78, Patrons of Husbandry; of the Farmers' and
Mechanics' Club and of the Economic Club.

He married (first), October 14, 1869, Emily T.
Parkhurst, born May 22, 1842, daughter of David
and Mary (Whitney) Parkhurst, of Stafford
Springs, Connecticut. Her father was the proprietor
of a general store. He married (second), Jurie 4,
1895, Mary Lois Sullivan, born March 31,
1864, daughter of Michael Van Buren and Ella
Sheela (Scannell) Sullivan, of England. The chil-
dren: 1. Annie Watson, born November 11, 1872,
married, September 5, 1890, Bertram S. Newell, of
Holden, and they have children — Mildred Fay
Newell, born July 23, 1894; Dorothy Gertrude New-
ell, born August 24, 1896; Emily Constance Newell,
born August 26, 1902 ; Lincoln Putnam Newell, born
May 29, 1905. 2. Arthur Frederick, born May 22,
1874, married Eva Lucas, of Westminster, Massa-
chusetts, and they have one child, Vivian, born Feb-
ruary 1, 1904. 3. Nellie Emily, born September I,
1877. 4. Norman Samuel, born May 7, 1882.

SAWTELLE FAMILY. Richard Sawtelle (1),
the immigrant ancestor of Charles F. Sawtelle and
family of Leominster, Massachusetts, came from
England to Massachusetts Bay among the early set-
tlers. He was living at Watertown. Massachusetts,
and one of its proprietors there in 1636. He removed
to Groton and became the first town clerk — 1662-
63-64 — during the first years that records were kept.
He had a twenty-acre right. His brother, Thomas
Sawtelle, lived in Boston, died 1651, and Richard
was executor of the will. Thomas left no male heir
of his name, so that most of the .descendants of this
name trace their lines to Richard. There is another
family of similar name in Groton, descended from
a later immigrant.

Richard Sawtelle died at Watertown, August
2, 1694. His will was dated Mav 16, 1692, inventory
dated September 14, 1694. His widow Elizabeth
died October 18, 1695. The children of Richard
and Elizabeth Sawtelle were : Obadiah, married
Hannah Lawrence, daughter of George Lawrence;
Elizabeth, born May I, 1638, at Watertown; Jona-
than, born at Watertown, August 24, 1639, married,

July 3, 1665, Mary , had six children ; he

died January 6, 1690-1 ; Mary, born November 19,
1640, married Sterling; Hannah, born De-
cember 10, 1642, married Winn ; Zecheriah,

born 1644, of whom later; Enoch, weaver at Water-
town, had wife Susanna and five children ; John,



mentioned in will; Ruth, married, March 9, 1676-",
John Hewes; Bethia, born in Watertown, January
27, 1701-2, married John Green ; she died October
12, 1714, aged sixty-eight years.

(II) Zecheriah Sawtelle, son of Richard Saw-
telle (1), was born at Watertown, Massachusetts,
July 26, 1643 or 1644. He became one of the original
proprietors of Groton with his father and brothers.
He lived in Groton, but during the period of King
Philips war removed to a safer place than Groton.
He married (.first) Elizabeth Parker and (second)

Mary . His children were : Anna, born March

14. 1673-4; Zachariah, born about 1675, of whom
later; Edward, born April 23, 1688; Nathaniel,

(III) Zachariah Sawtelle, Jr., son of Zecheriah
Sawtelle (2), was born about 1675 and died at
Groton, October 2, 1737. He was a farmer and
brickmaker. The town of Groton bought bricks
of him and Sergeant Lawrence June 20. 1706. He
lived at Groton all his active years. He married

Mary or Mercy . Their children, all born at

Groton, were: Mary, born April II, 1691, married
Benjamin Parker; Zachariah, Jr., November 18, 1699,
died March 5, 1752; Samuel, December 13. 1700;
David, March 30, 1702; Daniel, September 21, 1704,
of whom later; Susanna, January 28, 1708, married
Michael Gilson ; Zachariah, April 24. 1712; Sarah,
March 29, 1715; Anna, September 13, 1717; Eliza-
beth, September 28, 1720.

(IV) Daniel Sawtelle, son of Zachariah Saw-
telle (3), was born in Groton, September 2t. 1704.
He married at Concord, February 28, 1727-8, Esther
Heald, of that town. They settled at Groton and
their seven children were born there, viz. : Eleazer,
December 22, 1728; Sarah, August 9, 1730; Esther,
July 3, 1732; Daniel, August 15, 1734, removed to
Vermont and settled; Jacob, November 30, 1737,
settled in Vermont; Oliver, June 1, 1743, of whom
later; Susanna, August 16, 1748.

(V) Oliver Sawtelle, son of Daniel Sawtelle
(4), was born in Groton, Massachusetts, June I,
1743. He and his brothers, Jacob and Daniel Saw-
telle, settled in what is now Springfield, Vermont.
The name there was spelled generally Sartwell. The
same spelling is found in Groton and elsewhere, but
at the present time Sawtelle is the most common
form. A party of ten from Groton and vicinity
were among the first settlers in Springfield after
John Nott, who was there in 1752. Judging from
Oliver's youth at the time it is likely that the father
Daniel was also a settler. Oliver Farnsworth, Dan-
iel Jacob and Oliver Sartwell, settled with six others
soon after 1753 on a ridge of land where the Sart-
well farm or Stoddard tower is located. They were
squatters, not having legal title to the land, and
during the French and Indian wars they had to
leave their farms.. Most of them returned before
the revolution, however, and acquired title to their
places. Olivgr was one of the town officers in 1776,
lister or assessor in 1791, overseer of the highways.
He was admitted a freeman with his brother Jacob
in 1794. They were both on the tax list of 1782 and
both were soldiers in the revolution in the Spring-
field company in 1780, Captain Abner Bisbee, 111
Colonel Wood's regiment. In 1781 Oliver served in
the company of Captain Peter Page, regiment of
Lieutenant-Colonel Ebenezer Walbridge. The brother
Daniel was also a revolutionary soldier from Ver-
mont, coming from another town. Jacob served on
a town committee for making arrangements to en-
list soldiers, etc., in 1780. Among the children of
Oliver was Haile, of whom later.

(VI) Haile Sawtelle, son of Oliver Sawtelle
(5), was born in Springfield, Vermont, February

24, 1767. He took the freeman's oath with his
father, uncle and others December, 1794. He mar-
ried, May 21, 1789, Helen A. Sartwell (Sawtelle).
He married (second) Dolly Wood, September 17,
1809. They lived at Springfield. They had a son
Moses, of whom later. They moved west into New-
York with some of their children. One daughter
Asenath died unmarried in Fitchburg. Another
son, Philip, settled in Ashburnham, Massachusetts.
(VII) Moses Sawtelle, son of Haile Sawtelle
(6), was born in Springfield, Vermont, 1793, and
died at Jaffray, New Hampshire, February 16,
1857, aged sixty-four years. He was brought up-
and educated in Springfield, and was a prominent
citizen there. , He resided for a time at Fitchburg,
Massachusetts. He married Clarissa Farnsworth,
daughter of Aaron Farnsworth, of Groton, at Fitch-
burg, Massachusetts, October 5, 1817. Their chil-
dren were: 1. Fanny Ann, born at Fitchburg, Feb-
ruary 24, 1818. 2. Charles Farnsworth, born at
Fitchburg, November 27, 1819, of whom later. The
following were born at Westminster: 3. Susan A.,
born 1821, died young. 4. Susan A., born November
II, 1824, married (first) John Palmer and they had
— Joseph, Charles, Franklin, adopted, name changed
from Palmer to Worden, settled in the west; Susan-

A. married (second) Sawyer and they had

three children — Franklin, resides in Orange, Massa-
chusetts ; George, resides in Orange ; Mary, married"

Smith and resides in Gardner. 5. Ebenezer

W., born February 17, 1727, changed his name to
Walter H., settled in Westminster ; married Mary
F. Brown, daughter of Philander C. and Louisa W.
Brown, October 31, i860; he died of wounds received
on the battle field; his widow married Andrew J.
Bolton, July 28, 1S70, and she died December 23,
1888, leaving one child, Emma F. Sawtelle, born
August 16, 1861, married John F. Sawin. 6. Benja-
min Franklin, born January 11, 1830, resided in
Leominster. 7. Frances, born February 28, 1833,
married Daniel Gage; lived in Templeton, Massa-
chusetts, and they had four children: Carrie, Alonzo,.
Lewis, George. 8. George H., born December 29,
1835, was formerly a chair manufacturer in Temple-
ton and a prominent citizen there, now lives at
Waltham ; married Ellen Whitcomb, they have no

(VIII) Charles Farnsworth Sawtelle, son of
Moses Sawtelle (7), was born in Fitchburg, Massa-
chusetts, November 27, 1819. He went to school
there and went to work when a young man on tile
farm and in the saw mill. In 1870 he bought a.
farm in the south part of Leominster and carried it
on quite successfully for a period of twenty-five
years. In 1895 he bought a house in the village at
12S Central street, where he has since resided, leas-
ing his farm, meanwhile. Mr. Sawtelle owned a
saw mill for some time in Fitzwilliam, New Hamp-
shire, and lived there for a short time. He is a
member of the First Baptist Church of Leominster.
He is a Republican in politics. He is a representative
New England farmer of the sturdy stock and vig-
orous type of his generation. He is well preserved
lor a man of eighty-six years.

He married (first), September 10, 1844, Mary
Ann Osborne, who died in 1830. He married (sec-
ond), March 17, 1853, Mary Brown Woodbury,
daughter of Luke Woodbury, of Bolton, Massachu-
setts. She was born June 8, 1827. The only child
of Charles F. and Mary Ann was : Mary Maria,
died at age of three months. The children of
Charles F. and Mary B. are : Charles Woodbury,
born in Leominster, January 4, 1854, attended the
public schools, taking a short course in the high,
school ; assisted his father on the farm ; resides wittt




his parents ; he is a member of the Baptist Church ;
Henry Farnsworth, of whom later.

(IX) Henry Farnsworth Sawtelle, son of Charles
Farnsworth Sawtelle (8), was born in Bolton, Massa-
chusetts, November 30, 1863. He was educated in
the common schools of Leominster, where he passed
his youth, and at the Eastman Business College at
Poughkeepsie, New York. He began his busine
and mercantile career in Leominster in the hard-
ware store of Amos Merrill. In 1887, with Joseph
Estabrook, under the firm name of Sawtelle &
Estabrook, he founded his present business. In
1892 Mr. Sawtelle bought out his partner and since
then has been in business under his own name. He
has a large and well stocked store and has been
very prosperous. In addition to hardware Mr. Saw-
telle deals in paints and oils, agricultural tools and
machinery, fertilizers, seeds, etc. He is president of
the Leominster Comb Company. He is a Repub-
lican in politics. He is counted among the substan-
tial business men of the town of Leominster and a
man of public spirit. He married in 1898, Efffe
Adams, daughter of Hanson Adams, of Everett,

Shattuck (1), one of the early settlers of Water-
town, Massachusetts, was the emigrant ancestor of
Josiah Brittan Shattuck, of Worcester, in fact most
of the American families of this name trace their
ancestry to this progenitor.

William Shattuck was born in England, 1622,
according to his deposition made April 3, 1660. He
died there August 14, 1672, aged fifty years. He was
one of the proprietors of Watertown in 1642. His
homestall there was between those of John Clough
and William Perry. He added to his original hold-
ings by purchase and grants. He bought John
Clough's place July 4, 1654, including house, garden
and thirty acres of land on Common Hill, now the
south of the Wellington Hill station of the Fitch-
burg Railroad, east of Common street, leading to
Watertown village.

He was a cordwainer or shoemaker, though the
genealogy gives his trade as weaver. He removed
to Boston in 1652, but returned to Watertown in
1654. He acquired a large property and held a re-
spectable position in society. One of the descendants,
Lemuel Shattuck, erecUd a monument in 1853 over
his grave at Watertown, in honor of the emigrant
and his son, John Shattuck, who died in the service
of his country. His will was dated August 3, and
proved August 29, 1672. He gave to son Samuel
Church; to sons John, Philip, William. Benjamin
and Samuel ; to my ten younger children that are
married; to wife Susanna and to each grandchild.
The widow married (second) Richard Norcross,
who survived her. She died December 11, 1686, at

The children of William and Susanna Shattuck
were: Susannah, born 1643, married J. Morse and J.
Fay ; Mary, born August 25, 1645, married Jonathan
Brown; John, born February 11, 1646-7, married
Ruth Whitney; soldier in the King Philip war; was
drowned in the Charles river through the capsizing
of the ferry boat; Philip, born 1648, married D.
Barstow Chamberlain ; Joanna, died April 4, 1673,

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