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unmarried ; William, born 1653, married Susanna
Randall ; Rebecca, born 1655, married Samuel
Church ; Abigail, born 1657, married J. Morse and J.
Parker; Benjamin, born in Watertown, died in his
twentieth year ; Samuel, born February 28, 1666,
married Abigail .

(II) William Shattuck, son of William Shattuck
(1), was born in Watertown, Massachusetts, 1653,

and died there October 10, 1732, aged • \ nine

years. He lived on the old homestead in the east
parish on Common Hill, Watertown. The house
was on the highway to the pond. He inherited also
his father's loom and appurtenances, and like him
was called a weaver, he also carried on the farm
and made bricks. The town records show numerous
contracts and grants made to him as a brick maker.
He had to pay the town four pence for each thou-
sand bricks he sold out of town. He and four others
represented their section of the town before the
committee appointed by the general court to de-
termine the location of the new meeting house at
Watertown. He served on many important commit-
tees. He was frequently appointed commissioner
and exercised the duties that would now be per-
formed by lawyers. He held from time to time all
the important town offices. His grave-tone stands
in the northwest corner of the burying ground. His
will was dated January II, 1727, and proved Decem-
ber 4, 1732.

He married, 1678, Susanna Randall, who died
May 8, 1723. She was the daughter of Stephen and
Susanna (Barron) Randall. They were married
December 14, 1653. Randall died February 21 i,
1708, leaving a will dated January 13, 1698, proved
April 19, 170S. Stephen Randall was the son of
Elizabeth Randall, widow probably of John Ran-
dall. The widow died at Watertown, December 24,
1672, aged eighty years. Susanna Barron was the
daughter of Ellis Barron, who died at Watertown,
October 30, 1676. She was the sister of Moses Bar-
ron, who was born May I, 1643, married Mary
Learned, and settled in Chelmsford, Massachu-

The children of William and Susannah (Ran-
dall) Shattuck were: Susanna, married Samuel
Holden ; Joanna, married Isaac Holden ; Elizabeth,
born November 23, 1684, married Robert Goddard
and others; William, born 1686, married Hepzibah
Hammond; Benjamin, born June 30, 1687, married
Martha Sherman; Mary, baptized April 13, 1690,
married William Greenleaf; Abigail, born in Water-
town, married Joseph Holden ; Joseph, born October
9, 1694, died October 15, 1694; Jonathan, born Oc-
tober 16, 1695. married Elizabeth Stearns ; Robert,
•born January 1, 1698, married Mary Pratt; Moses,
born November I, 1703, died at Boston, unmarried,
May 31, 1724.

(Ill) Rev. Benjamin Shattuck. son of William
Shattuck (2), was born 111 Watertown, Massachu-
setts, July 30, 1687. He died at Littleton about
1763. He was graduated from Harvard College in
1709 and was engaged that year, January 17, to
keep the grammar and English school at Watertown.
His salary was to be thirty pounds per annum and
the town was to build a new school house for his
accommodation. He was teacher there six years
until 1715. In the meantime he studied divinity,
and December 25, 1717, he was ordained as the first
minister of the town of Littleton. A committee of
the proprietors of the town of Littleton, consisting
of Major Jonathan Prescott, Captain Joseph Brad-
ley, Captain Israel Powers, of Littleton, Nathaniel
Wilder, of Lancaster, and Ebenezer Lawrence, of
Groton, conveyed to him the ministerial lot of one
hundred acres on both sides of the road called King
street, now running south from the railroad station
to the centre of the town. His dwelling was on the.
right side of the road leading to the South burying
ground. Hayward Hartwell lived on the old home-
stall in 1853 and later. He resigned his position,
and severed his connection as minister August 30,

1730, though his salary continued until May 31,

1731. He resided in Littleton until his death on



the best of terms with his former parishioners. Ap-
parently the greatest good will existed between him
and his people. In 1742 the town voted to give him
a pew in the new meeting house.

He married Martha Sherman, who was baptized
September 1, 1689. She died in Littleton. Her
father was Joseph Sherman, a blacksmith and noted
public man of Watertown. Sherman married, No-
vember 18, 1673, Elizabeth Winship, daughter of
Edward Winship, of Cambridge. William Sherman.
his son, brother of Airs. Shattuck, was the father of
Roger Sherman, signer of the Declaration of Inde-
pendence, famous senator from Connecticut, an an-
cestor of Senator George F. Hoar, of Worcester,
and of many prominent men of Massachusetts. Th.
father of Joseph Sherman was Captain John Sher-
man, a most distinguished citizen of the colony, born
1613, in Dedham, England; he came to New England
in 1634, was admitted freeman in 1637, was select-
man in 1648; was steward of Harvard College in
1663; married Martha Porter, daughter of Roger
and Grace (Coolidge) Porter; he died January 25,
1691, aged seventy-six, and she died February 7,

The children of Rev. Benjamin and Martha
(Sherman) Shattuck were: Stephen, born February
10, 1710, married Elizabeth Robbins ; Martha, born
January 7, 1712, married Samuel Tuttle; Benjamin,
born December 8, 1713, married Dinah Hunt; Tim-
othy, born in Littleton (?), married Desire Hall;
William, born January 1, 1718, married Abigail
Reed; Sarah, born December 13, 1719, married Jon-
athan Dix; Ebenezer, born February 22, 1722, may
have been at Oxford ; tradition says that he moved
to the southern part of the state or to Connecticut;
Susanna, born April 8, 1724, married Caleb Taylor;
Elizabeth, born February 13, 1726, married Elias
Taylor; Jonathan, born July, 1728, died February
19, 1745; Moses, born June, 1733, died December
15. 1737-

(IV) Dr. Benjamin Shattuck, son of Rev. Ben-
jamin Shattuck (3), was born in Watertown. Massa-
chusetts, December 8, 1713. He was a physician
practicing in Littleton. Just before his death he re-
moved to his son's home in Groton, New Hamp-
shire, where he died October, 1790, aged sixty-six
years, ten months.

He married, November 13, 1740. Dinah Hunt, of
Littleton, probably descendant of William Hunt, of
Littleton, an early settler at Concord. She was
buried in Littleton, January 17, 1791, aged seventy-
eight years. The children of Dr. Benjamin and
Dinah (Hunt) Shattuck were: Moses, born August
10, 1741, kept a hotel known as the General Stage
House in Portland, Maine, where he died February
I, 1801 ; married Hannah Golding, who died Decem-
ber 22, 1800; Edmund, born July 20, 1744, married
Abigail Chamberlain ; Jonathan, born August 9,
1746, married Huldah Curtis; Somers, born July
6, 1749, married Esther Rogers; Arthur, born No-
vember 29, 1751, rated at Pepperell 1774, tax abated
because he was a non-resident ; said to have been in
the United States naval service in the revolution
under Captain Manley.

(V) Jonathan Shattuck, son of Dr. Benjamin
Shattuck (4), resided during his minority probably
with Ebenezer, an uncle, of Oxford. He was born in
Littleton, August 9, 1746. In 1776 Jonathan bought
a farm of John Earle in Oxford. In 1781 he re-
moved to Chesterfield, New Hampshire, and in 1787
to Jaffrey, Vermont, where he died April, 1821, aged
seventy-four years, four months.

He married, September 15, 1767, Huldah Curtis,
who was born in Dudley, Massachusetts, 1748. After
her husband's death in 1823, she removed to Bakers-

field, Vermont, where she died November 1, 1821,
aged seventy-three years. The children of Jonathan
and Huldah (Curtis) Shattuck were: Jonathan,
born September 20, 1768, married Mehitable Fair-
banks; Huldah, born March 24, 1770, married Har-
mon Davis, a blacksmith, of Townsend, Vermont;
she died October, 1805; Arethusa, born August 15,
1772, married James Saunders, of Chesterfield, New
Hampshire; Elizabeth, born April 6, 1774, married
Amos Coburn, farmer, of Champion, New York;
she died July, 1851; Moses, born November 20,
1776, married Hannah Brigham ; Phebe, born June
27, 1778, married Wiuslow Wheelock, farmer, at
Leroy, New York; Josiah, born October 20, 1781,
married Susan B. Boutwell ; John, born September
11, 1786, resided at Brandon, New York; Benjamin,
born March 20, 1789, married Lydia Jackson; Hep-
zibah, born May 10, 1793, married Ezekiel Cady,
chair maker of Wilmington, Vermont, married (sec-
11(1 1 John Smith, farmer, of same town; she died
August. 1850.

(VI) Benjamin Shattuck, son of Jonathan Shat-
tuck (5), was born in Townsend, Vermont, March
20, [789. He first settled as a farmer in Bakers-
field, but later removed to Brandon, Franklin county,
New York.

He married at Swanton, Vermont. January 9,

1820, Lydia Jackson, daughter of Jacob and Polly
(Eager) Jackson. Lydia was born in Chesterfield,
New Hampshire, November 3. 1789. Polly Eager
was the daughter of Paul Eager, of Templeton,
Massachusetts, a lieutenant in the revolution. The '
wife died July 13, 1869. All the children were born
in Bakersfield. The children of Benjamin and Lydia
(Jackson) Shattuck were: Fanny, born October 22,

1821, married, April 6, 1841, N. H. Armington, born
in Lansingburg, Rensslaer county. New York, No-
vember 8, 1814; a merchant in Bakersfield; Rufus
Watson, born June 17, 1824, merchant at Worces-
ter; married Sarah M. Brittan ; died March. 1888;
Mary Ann, born March 8. 1826, married, June 28,
1846. John N. Pomeroy, born May 5. 1820. merchant
at Bakersfield with N. H. Armington; was post-
master there; she died October 11, 1847; Eliza Jane,
born April 18, 1828, died 1893, unmarried; David,
Jr., born Mareli 8, 1830. merchant in Worcester;
died March, 1893; George W., born January 19,
[833, was clerk for Armington & Pomeroy, mer-
chant, retired, resides at St. Albans. Vermont. •

(VII 1 Rufus Watson Shattuck, son of Benjamin
Shattuck (6), was born in Bakersfield, Vermont,
June 17, 1824. He settled in Worcester. He was a
merchant and farmer in Worcester.

He married Sarah M. Brittan, 1856. (See Brit-
tan Family sketch.) She was the daughter of
Josiah Brittan. Jr., and they settled on the home-
stead at Brittan Square. She was born in Worces-
ter, December 14, 1836, and died there October 3,
1881. Their children were: George W., born in
Worcester, April 20, i860; resides at Boylston,
Massachusetts, married Mabel Clark, of Worcester,
and has children : Maud H., born April 16, 1882,
married John A. Davis, of Sterling; Fred Clarke,
born June, 1884; Howard J., born August, 1889.
Josiah Brittan. born in Worcester, August I, 1863.
Fred, born 1866, died October 24, 1882.

(VIII) Josiah Brittan Shattuck, son of Rufus
Watson Shattuck (7), was born in Worcester, Massa-
chusetts, August 1. 1863. He attended the Worces-
ter public and high schools. He inherited a part of
the old Brittan homestead at Brittan Square, Wor-
cester. (See sketch of the house.) In its early days
this house was the Chadwick tavern. Washington
stopped there on his way to Boston. It was the
first public house on the road to Shrewsbury, Marl-



horo, Framingham and Boston. Shortly afterward
he bought out the other heirs ; when lie secured it
it was virtually a farm. Mr. Shattuck immediately
laid it out in lots, laying out and improving streets.
In fact Mr. Shattuck developed that part of the
city known as Brittan Square. He built man}
houses which he sold, retaining the old Brittan
home, which he has remodeled.

Mr. Shattuck has built up in Worcester an ex-
tensive trucking business under the name of the
Worcester Truck Company. His place of busines i
at the corner of Commercial and Foster streets. He
has the largest and most complete outfit in this
section for hauling heavy freight and machinery.
He has made a specialty of handling heavy and
■difficult freight.

Mr. Shattuck is well known in Masonic circles
and is a member of the Athelstan Lodge and Hiram
Council. He is one of the most active and efficient
Republicans in the city. Although he is not himself
an office seeker he has always taken an interest in
city affairs and the welfare of the party to which he
belongs. He served two terms in the city council
from ward two, city of Worcester

He married, 1886, Anna Maria Howe, daughter
of William Howe. She was born April 27, 1867,
was educated at Burlington, Vermont, and resided
there until her marriage. The children of Josiah
Brittan and Anna Maria (Howe) Shattuck were:
Marion Brittan, born September 24. 1887, graduate
of the Worcester high school, class of 1904, now
student at Bradford Academy; Ruth Howe, horn
in Worcester, May 13, 1889, died there June 2, 1892;
Anna Woodburv, born November 20, 1893.

THE BRITTAN FAMILY. John Brittan (1),
who settled in Southboro as early as 1724, was the
ancestor of Josiah Brittan Shattuck and also of
his wife. John Brittan probably descended from
the James Britton, of Weymouth and Woburn,
Massachusetts, whose son James died in Woburn
in 1655, but the connection has not been traced.
John Brittan, the founder of the Worcester county
family, was probably born about 1680. He settled
in Marlboro in 1724 and apparently lived there two
years, or else his farm was near the Southboro
line and he had the births of his children recorded
first in Marlboro.

His first wife Elizabeth died in Southboro, Massa-
chusetts, May 31. 1736. He married (second)
Naomi Gibbs, a widow, October 25, 1738. He made
his will, in Southboro, September 20, 1758, confirm-
ing therein a marriage contract made with his wife.
She survived him. He died in Southboro, May 31,
1736. His will is on file at the Worcester probate
court, where it was proved in 1760. The children
of John and Elizabeth Brittan were: Samuel, born
about 1718; Elizabeth, married, January 7, 1741-2,

Jacob Pike, and later Fiske ; she was living

in 1758; Jane, born in Marlboro, September 16,
1724, living in 1758; William, born in Marlboro,
September 16, 1726, died June 2, 1736, at South-
boro ; Mary, born at Southboro, May 25, 1729, mar-
ried James Bridges; both living in 1758; James,
born in Southboro, September 5, 1731, died May
^29. 1736; John, probably not the youngest, living in
1758, married Esther Newton, daughter of Edward
Newton, April 14, 1762, resided at Northboro.

(II) Samuel Brittan, son of John Brittan (1),
was born about 1718, place unknown. He was ex-
ecutor of his father's will and was probably the
•eldest child. He married Dorothy Walkup, Decem-
ber 15, 1740, in Southboro. He settled in South-
horo. He is mentioned at least once in the Fram-
ingham records, but Framingham adjoins South-

boro. The date was 1737- He removed to Rutland,
Massachusetts, and died there 1783.

The children of Samuel and Dorothy (Walkup)
Brittan were: Elizabeth, born November 15, 1742;
William, born April 10, 1744; Samuel, born August
22, 1746, married Ruth Parker, of Shrewsbury, Oc-
tober 4, 1768; he was a Tory and went into the
British army and never returned; she married (sec-
ond), November 14. 17S4, Aaron Wheeler; Dorothy,
born September 5, 1750; Hannah, horn August 23,
1755, married Peter Adams, at Rutland, Massachu-
setts, July 6, 1778; Nathan, burn November 30,
1758, died September 6, 1761.

(III) William Brittan, son of Samuel Brittan
(2), was born in Southboro, Massachusetts, April
10, 1744. He married Lydia Whitney, of Shrews-
bury, November 3, 1767, in Shrewsbury. They set-
tled in Oakham and Rutland, Massachusetts. The
children were born in Rutland, viz. : Sally, born
April 8, 1769; Nathan, baptized February 3, 1771 ;
Josiah, baptized August 9, 1773. married Eunice
Allen, of Barre (intentions published June 23.)
1819; William, baptized August iS, 1777; Dollie,
baptized September 7, 1779; William, baptized No-
vember 23, 1783.

(IV) Josiah Brittan, Sr., son of William Brit-
tan (3), was born in Rutland. Massachusetts, Au-
gust 9, 1773. He married (first) at Adams, and
(second) at Barre, July 7, 1819, Eunice Allen, of
Barre. His children were by the first marriage. He
settled in Rutland, where he was a farmer and hotel
keeper. In his old age he came to Worcester and
died there January 2, 1844, at the age of seventy-
three. The children of Josiah Brittan were : Josiah,
Susan Adams, married Calvin G. Howe, of Rut-
land; William, died young; Simeon, married Mary
Ball, of Barre; Lyman, married Elizabeth Wesson,
of Barre.

(V) Josiah Brittan, Jr., son of Josiah Brittan
(4), was born in Rutland, Massachusetts. He mar-
ried, August 25, 1834, Sarah Maria Hulbert, at
Somers, Connecticut. She died March 17, 1887. He
died at Worcester, April. 36, 1863. They removed
from" Rutland to Worcester, living first at Tatnuck,
where he made bricks. Later he bought the farm
at Brittan Square, since known as the Brittan Place
He established several brick kilns there and made
the first brick in Worcester. He furnished the
brick for the first insane hospital in Worcester on
Summer street. He also first stored ice in Worces-
ter for use during the summer. He was the pro-
prietor of the old Worcester House, which stood
on the present site of the Bay State House, and Mr.
and Mrs. Shattuck have some of the silverware and
furniture used in the hotel. He acquired a large
amount of real estate in Worcester and was counted
one of the leading citizens in his day. His farm
has since become very valuable as the city has
grown in that direction.

colonial mansion in Brittan square, known for sixty
years as the Brittan Place, has an interesting history.
In his Reminiscenses Caleb Wall says of it : "On
the east side of Lincoln street, just south of Adams
square (now Brittan square), Lydia Chadwick kept
a hotel many years subsequent to 1797 in the large
dwelling afterwards owned and occupied by Josiah

The building has been greatly improved and re-
modeled by its present owner, Josiah B. Shattuck and
the location has been changed a few rods, but the
building itself is substantially the same as it was
before the revolution. This farm was originally
owned by John Brooks and others. John Chadwick



was among the early settlers of Worcester. He
came from Watertown, Massachusetts. The name
was not spelled Chadwick at first, usually Chaddock
or Chaddick, and occasionally Shaddock and Shad-
dick. It is difficult to prove that the name Chadwick
and Shattuck belong to distinct families. Daniel
Shattuck, who married a daughter of Digory Sar-
gent, of Worcester, and lived here several years
(1719 to 1723), was a descendant of William Shat-
tuck, of Watertown. But John Chadwick was from
Watertown. He came about 1740. His son Thomas
was born in Worcester in 1741. He bought land
first of Mathew Gray, Jr., in 1741. He bought land
of Joshua Winslow in 1745 and of Daniel Heywood
in 1751. The forty acres owned by John Brooks,
of Colman street, London, he bought of his attorneys,
John Box and Benjamin Austin, in 1750. There
were buildings on this lot. But the present house
was probably not built at that time. If John Chad-
wick built it the house is one of the oldest in Wor-
cester. It is certainly one of the best of the old
houses. The walls are brick lined and the building
extremely well preserved.

John Chadwick died in 1768 and the place passed
to his son, David Chadwick. David married Lydia
Wait, July 29, 1759. He was born at Waltham,
May 4, 1737, and died in Worcester in 1794. Lydia,
the widow, kept the hotel as stated by Mr. Wall,
but there may have been a hotel there before the
death of her husband. It seems unlikely that David
Chadwick should have built so large a house for his
own use. The tradition that Washington slept in
the house may be true as he certainly would have
passed by the house on his way to Boston. It is
thought that the house was built by David Chadwick
about 1770. It remained in the Chadwick family
until February 16, 1822, when David Chadwick sold
it to William Eaton, a relative. The estate then
comprised one hundred and thirty acres. Eaton sold
the farm in 1826 for $6,400 to George W. Brooks.
The latter in the same year sold it to Alfred
Dwight Foster, attorney, and he sold it to J.osiah
Brittan, Jr., June 27, 1833. The title was held by
Brittan and Abel Drury, his partner in the brick
business. The farm adjoined the Dr. William Paine
farm and is described in the deed as being about a
mile from the court house. After the death of
Josiah Brittan, the farm was occupied by his widow,
Sarah M. Brittan, and after her death in 1887 it
reverted to Josiah Brittan Shattuck, grandson of
Josiah Brittan.

THE HOWE FAMILY. John Howe, or How
(1), as it was spelled until recently, was the emi-
grant ancestor of Mrs. Josiah Brittan Shattuck. He
was the son of John How, of Warwickshire, Eng-
land. J lis father was descended, it is supposed,
from John Howe, of Hodunhall and connected with
Sir Charles Howe, of Lancaster, during the reign
of Charles I. He was an early settler at Water-
town and was in Sudbury in 1639. He was made
a freeman in 1640. He died in Marlborough, Massa-
chusetts, in 1687, and his wife died about the same
time. (For fuller particulars see sketch of D. A.
Howe and the Howe family in this work.)

(II) Samuel Howe, son of John Howe (1). was
born in Sudbury, Massachusetts, October 20, 1642.
He married, June 5, 1663, Martha Bent, of Sud-
bury, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of John
Bent, of Sudbury. She died, 1680, and he married
(second) Sarah and had other children. Ik-
was a colonel in the military service. (For chil-
dren see sketch of D. A. Howe and Howe Family
in this work.)

(III) Moses Howe, one of the younger sons
of Samuel Howe (2), was born in Sudbury or Con-

cord, Massachusetts, 1696, and died in Rutland,
Massachusetts, February 16, 1750, in his fifty-sixths

year. He married Eunice , about 1718. la

1741 he lost his wife and three daughters by some
contagious sickness. He married (second) Hannah
Heald, of Concord, Massachusetts, September 9.
1742, in Concord. She died June 7, 1762. He had
ten children by the first marriage and one by the-
second. Moses and Eunice went to Brookfield for a.
short time, removing with friends and relatives to-
Rutland, where, September 23, 1719, she became the
mother of the first white male child born in Rut-
land, receiving as a reward for this distinction a
grant of one hundred acres of land. Moses was a
proprietor, having first lot No. 50, which he seems
to have exchanged for lot No. 8, owned later by Dr.
Frink. Moses Howe, the history of Rutland tells
us, was for many years an active and useful member
of the young settlement at Rutland. He was select-
man, town treasurer, justice of the peace, assessor
and lieutenant in the militia. In 1741 he was an en-
sign. His son Jonas, by his second wife, was the
ancestor of many families living in the eastern part-
of Rutland.

The children of Lieutenant Moses and Eunice
Howe were : Samuel, born September 23, 1719, first
boy born in Rutland; Sarah, born April 1, 1722;
Estes, born July 24, 1725; Eunice, born September
30, 1727; Anne, born October 25, 1729; Moses, born
May 23, 1732, died March 2, 1846, aged thirty-three
years, two months, twenty-seven days; Micajah, born
July 15, 1734; Elizabeth, born March 25, 1736;.
Caroline, born September 4, 1738; Elijah, born
April 10, 1741. The only child of Moses and Han-
nah (Heald) Howe was: Jonas, born November 6,


(IV) Jonas Howe, son of Lieutenant Moses
Howe (3), was born in Rutland, Massachusetts,
November 6, 1743. He became as prominent in
town and revolutionary affairs as any citizen of the
town. He was justice of the peace, deacon of the
church, selectman, assessor, town treasurer, repre-
sentative to the general court, delegate to the con-
stitutional convention. He married Hepsibah Hap-
good, 1769. His wife died March 28, 1789. She
was born in Marlboro, Massachusetts. Their chil-
dren were: Hannah, born March 3, 1770; Jonas,,
born August 30, 1771, died November 16, 1822 ;
Moses, born July 26, 1773; Calvin, born March 5,
1775; Abigail, born March 8, 1778; Lucy, born June
12, 1780.

(V) Calvin Howe, son of Jonas Howe (4), was
born in Rutland, Massachusetts, March 5, 1775. He
married (first) Sarah Metcalf, March 21, 1799, and
had one son, Calvin G. He married (second) Mary
Read. widow, (intentions dated February 22) 1S09.
He died at Rutland, July 12, 1S49, aged seventy-four
years, tour months, seven days. His children were:
Calvin, born March 21, 1800; Mary Elizabeth, born
November 23, 1812.

(VI) Colonel Calvin G. Howe, son of Calvin.

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