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Howe (s), was born in Rutland. Massachusetts,
March 21, 1800. He married, April 17. 1823, Susan
Adams Brittan, daughter of Josiah Brittan, Sr., and
sister of Josiah Brittan, Jr., of Worcester. He was
colonel of a Worcester county regiment. He was
a school teacher, lie represented his district in the
general court. His son, William Howe, born in.
Rutland, April 29, 1824. was the father of Anna.
Maria Howe, born April 27, 1867. married Josiah
Brittan Shattuck. (See sketch of Brittan family
for children of Colonel Calvin G. Howe and Will-
iam Howe. See also Shattuck family sketch.)

(VI) William Howe, son of Colonel Calvin G-
(5) and Susan Adams (Brittan) Howe, was horn.



in Rutland, Massachusetts, April 29, 1824. He mar-
ried at Burlington, Vermont, May 6, 1857, Sophia
A. Lillie, who was born at Burlington, September
1, 1837. Their children were: Lillie Sophia, born
October 15, 1859, married Fred J. Riggs, February
14, 1S84, resides at 65 Prospect street, Worcester;
Susie Brittan, born July 2, 1861, died June 3, 1864;
William Calvin, born May 5, 1863, resides in Los
Angeles, California; Nellie Brittan, born June 17,
1865, died May 12, 1872; Anna Maria, born April
27, 1867 ; Simeon Sanford, born January 9, 1869 ;
Charles Roswell, born March 7, 1870, died May 2,
1872; Percival Benjamin, born December 30, 1872,
resides at Somersworth, New Hampshire; George
Metcalf, born June 30, 1875, died April 13, 1898.

JEFTS FAMILY. Henry Jefts (1), the immi-
grant ancestor of Herman Eaton Jefts, of Holden,
Massachusetts, was the only early settler of this
surname and from him are descended all of the old
families of this name. The early records give his
name spelled Jeffs, Jeffes, Jefts, Jeftes and Jess,
while in England the names Jeffords, Jefferds, and
Jeffs are common. The coat of arms of the Jeffs
family is : Pelican's head erased , vulning ppr.
Henry Jefts was a proprietor of Woburn, Massachu-
setts, as early as 1640, and was one of the founders
and incorporators of Billerica in 1654. His home
was on the old Dudley farm near Indian hill, north
of Nutting pond. Later he lived west of Long
street, near the corner. He died at Billerica, May
24, 1700, aged ninety-four years, making his birth
year 1606. His will was dated March 4, 1691-92,
and was proved June 17, 1700. He bequeathed to
his eldest son John and son Henry; to daughters
Hannah Spalding and Joannah Button; to grand-
children Mary and John, children of John Dunkin;
.Henry, son of Andrew Spalding; Alice, John, Mary,
and Hannah Jefts; son-in-law, William Baker, of

He married (first), September 13, 1647, Anna
Stowers; (second), May 21, 1649, Hannah Births,
who died September 15, 1662. He married (third),
October 3, 1666, Mary Bird, widow of Simeon Bird;
she dad April 1, 1679, and he married (fourth), May
5, 1681, Mary Baker, widow, of Concord. His chil-
dren: John, born at Woburn, May 11, 165 1 ; Han-
nah, died at Billerica, the first in the town of the
white inhabitants, l6>3 ; Hannah, born at Billerica,
February 4, 1656, the first girl born in the town;
Joanna, born at Billerica, May 24, 1656, married
John Dunkin or Duncan ; Henry, see forward.

(II) Henry Jefts, son of Henry Jefts (1), was
born in Billerica, Massachusetts, May 21, 1658-59,
died there May 20, 1738. He settled in Billerica also.
He married, April 13, 1681, Mary Baldwin,
daughter of John Baldwin, of Billerica. She
died September 22, 1703. He married (sec-
ond), November 9, 1704, Hannah Hill, daughter
of Abram Hill. Henry Jefts was admitted a free-
man in 1690. The children of Henry and Mary
Jefts were: Mary, born September 23, 1683, marri.d,
February 26, 1702-03, John Needham ; Hannah, born
September 10, 1685, married Andrew Richardson.
The children of Henry and Hannah, his second wife,
were : Henry, born November 4, 1705, see forward ;
Hannah, born May 21, 1708, died May 21, 1730;
Sarah, born June 24, 1710.

(III) Henry Jefts, son of Henry Jefts (2), was
born in Billerica, Massachusetts, November 4, 1705.
He removed to Groton, Massachusetts, soon after
1737 and later settled in Mason, New Hampshire,
where he died. He married, October 21, 1731, Mary
Geary, of Stoneham, Massachusetts. Their chil-
dren: Jonathan, born 1732-33; Molly, born at Bil-

lerica, December 26, 1734; Henry, born at Billerica,.
July 1, 1737; John, born at Groton, October 2, 1739;
Thomas, born at Groton, October 20, 174,1, resided
at Mason, New Hampshire, died June, 1806.

(IV) John Jefts, son of Henry Jefts (3), was
born in Groton, Massachusetts. He married 1
Lawrence, daughter of Enoch Lawrence, of Groton,
December 11, 1765, at Townsend (by Rev. Samuel
Dix). She was born March 28, 1746, and died Oc-
tober 9, 1817, at Mason. He died at Mason, Decem-
ber 10, 1809. They lived in the northwest or sixth
district of Mason. John Jefts assisted the revolution
to the extent of helping to hire a soldier to enlist
for three years in the American army, April 22,
1777. The children: Jonathan, born June I, 1767,
see forward; Hannah, born September 15, 1769,
married Abram Boynton, died January 25, 1855,
without issue; Lawrence, born September 13, 1771,
married Hannah Boynton, who died November 2,
1837, at Charlestown, New Hampshire ; John, born
April 27, 1773, at New Ipswich, New Hampshire,
married Sally Corey, of Ashburnham, Massachu-
setts, and he died at Mason, June 17, 1842, having
two children; David, born June 4, 1776, married.
Edee Bennett; he died March 15, i860; Louise, born
September 27, 1780, married Amos Corey and had no
issue ; Lydia, born November 2, 1782, died December,.
1784; Joseph, born July 2, 1785; married Lucinda
Harwell and had five children ; Willard, born May
3, 1787, at Mason, married Lucy Corey; he died.
April 28, 1858, having one child; Franklin, born
July 3, 1789.

(V) Jonathan Jefts, son of John Jefts (4), was
born June I, 1767, at Mason, New Hampshire. He
settled in Stoddard, New .Hampshire, where he first
built a log cabin, then, after a few years, the large
frame house now occupied by a grandson. He-
joined the Free Masons, December 30, 1805. He
married, at Mason, New Hampshire, Nancy Rich-
ardson, born 1768, and resided at Alstead, New-
Hampshire. She was a school teacher in district
No. 2, of Stoddard, when he met her. She died 111
Stoddard, December 29, 1854. He died there De-
cember 25, 1841. Their children, all born at Stod-
dard, were: Jonathan, Jr., born 1798, died August
13, 1846, leaving children ; Gilbert, born February
21, 1805, see forward; Betsey, born November 5,
1803, married Daniel Peasley, had no issue ; she
died May 23, 1874, at Acworth, New Hampshire,,
where she resided during most of her married life;
Salome, born December I, 1805, died without issue
March 7, 1813, at Stoddard.

(VI) Gilbert Jefts, son of Jonathan Jefts (5),
was born at Stoddard, New Hampshire, Februarj
21, 1802. He was brought up on the farm and re-
ceived a common school education. He was a Demo-
crat in politics. He married, June 27, 1827, Eliza
Eaton, born in Sullivan, New Hampshire, June 10,
1806, died at Stoddard, July 7, 1892, daughter of
Benjamin and Elizabeth Eaton, of Westminster,
Massachusetts, settlers at Sullivan, New. Hampshire.
She came of an old New England family of Engli>h
descent. She was educated in the district schools,,
and was a member of the Baptist Church. The chil-
dren of Gilbert and Eliza Jefts were: Merrill, bora
October 30, 1830, at Stoddard, died June 8, 1851,
in Stoddard ; Lucretia, born July 4, 1832, in Stoddard,,
died in Washington, New Hampshire, September
21, 1834; Cyrus A., born June 11, 1834, in Washing-
ton, New Hamsphire, resides at Ashburnham, Massa-
chusetts ; Lucinda M., born June 25, 1837, in Wash-
ington, New Hampshire, married George C. Friend,
of Stoddard ; died August 14, 1870, leaving one
daughter who married Fred Stringham, of New-
York; Jonathan H., born January 5, 1840, in Wash-



ington, died in Stoddard, May 3, 1841 ; George, born
May 16, 1842, see forward ; Eliza A., born June
12, 1844, in Stoddard, married Riley Barrett and has
■child Martin ; Charles P., born March 23, 1848, mar-
ried Hannah M. Cass, March 2, 1870, and they have

(VII) George Russell Jefts, son of Gilbert Jefts
(6), was born at Stoddard, New Hampshire, May 16,
1842. He was educated there in the common schools
.and there learned the butcher's trade. He owned

his business, running a meat cart for many years
in the towns near his home. He enlisted September,
1864, in the Eighteenth New Hampshire Volunteers
in the civil war. Its destination was City Point,
Virginia. They belonged to the engineer corps for
a while, then was transferred to the Ninth Army
Corps and took part in the retaking of Ft. Stedman,
March 25, 1865 ; attack on Petersburg, April 2,
1865 ; capture of Petersburg, April 3, 1865. On April
26 they arrived at Tennallytown, D. C, having
reached there partly by way of boat and partly by
marching. Here the Eighteenth was selected from
the great army around Washington to do guard duty
in Washington from Pennsylvania avenue to the
arsenal, where the court martial was trying the
•conspirators against President Lincoln. It began this
duty May 6 and continued it until June 6, during
the entire session of the court, which prevented the
Eighteenth from taking part in the great final review
of the army before the president. In the general dis-
bandment of the army they were mustered out of
service June 10, 1865, at Tennallytown, D. C. Mr.
Jefts was in the hospital three times during his army

Shortly after his return from the war he bought
the Copeland farm of one hundred and forty acres
where he lived afterward, farming and dealing in
meats and provisions until 1905, when he sold out to
Robert Burnett of the Deerfoot farm, Southbor-
ough, Massachusetts, buying a much smaller place
at Marlow, New Hampshire. There he raises cattle,
swine and sheep, and does some butchering. He is
a member of the Baptist denomination. In politics
he was originally a Democrat, but in late years has
been a Republican. He was on the school commit-
tee for two or three years and was a road commis-
sioner. He is a member of Stoddard Post of the
Grand Army, and the Henry C. Stevens Post, No. 86,

He married, May 2, 1866, Elizabeth Martha Carr,
born at Stow, Massachusetts, September 16, 1842,
daughter of Joel and Martha Walcott Carr. Their
children: 1. Herman Eaton, born August 24, 1867,
see forward. 2. Mary Lyon, born at Stoddard, April
12, 1869, married, November 7, 1899, William Henry
Chapin and they have children born at Sullivan,
New Hampshire. Loren Henry, born June 23, 1902;
Helen Mary, born July 15, 1903; William Jefts, Cha-
pin, born September II, 1904. 3. Anna Blodgett,
born at Stoddard, September 17, 1870, married, April
24, 1895, at Winchendon, Masachusetts, Charles
Asher Moore and they have children born at Ash-
"burnham — Alice Elizabeth, born March 4, 1896; Al-
fred Charles, born February 24, 1897; Everett, born
December 16, 1904. 4. Henry Nelson, born Decem-
ber 17, 1875, died July 17, 1893. 5. Walter Myron,
born July 20, 1877, married, February 24, 1906,
Jennie Oliver Anderson, of Worcester, Massachu-
setts, where they now live. 6. Hiram Luman, born
October T2, 1891, died July 23, 1893. 7. John, born
January 2, 1887, resides with parents.

(VIII) Herman Eaton Jefts, son of George Rus-
sell Jefts (7), was born at Stoddard, New Hamp-
shire, August 24, 1867. He was educated in the
public schools of that town. At the age of eighteen
lie went to Hillsboro, New Hampshire, to learn the

baker's trade. He worked also in the bakery of
George Davis at Hudson, Massachusetts. He re-
moved to Ashburnham and entered the employ of
Alden Marble, and took charge of his milk business
for four years. He went into business on his own
account as a dealer in grain, feed, etc., in Ashburn-
ham. In 1897 he removed to West Boylston, Massa-
chusetts, where he was employed in the grist mill of
E. A. Cowee for three years, in charge of the ship-
ping department. He started again in the grain
business at Jeffersonville, Massachusetts, and after
two years admitted as partner Fred P. Speare under
the firm name of Jefts & Speare, which continued
for some eighteen months, when he bought out Mr.
Speare. He continued the business under the firm
name of Jefts & Co. until March, 1905, when he sold
his entire plant to E. A. Cowee, his former em-
ployer, and came to Holden Center, where he estab-
lished the Worcester Grain Company, incorporated
under the laws of Massachusetts, with Julia B.
Jefts, his wife, president and treasurer, and Mr.
Jefts, manager and director. Mr. Jefts has a large
and prosperous business, doing an aggregate of one
hundred thousand dollars worth of business in the
year 1903.

He is a member of the Methodist Church at Ash-
burnham and attends the Methodist church at Jef-
fersonville, and has been treasurer of the parish and
member of the parish committee. In politics he is a
Republican. He became a member of Montacute
Lodge, Free Masons, at Worcester, October 27, 1902;
Worcester Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, December
4, 1903; Hiram Council, Royal and Select Masters,
March 16, 1905, and of Worcester County Com-
mandery, Knights Templar, September 28, 1905. He
is a member of Worcester Lodge, No. 26, Odd Fel-
lows;' Holden Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, No.
78; a charter member of Sons of Veterans Camp at
Holden. He is a member of the New England
Grain Dealers' Association.

He married, December 25, 1894, Julia Bessie
Littlefield, of Hudson, Massachusetts, born May 29,
1870, daughter of Alpheus and Sarah Newhall (Per-
kins) Littlefield. Her father was a farmer. The
children: Everett Leon, born March 17, 1897; Harold
Ernest, April 2, 1898; Florence Mildred, July 10,
1902; Harvey Roy, November 16, 1905.

TISDALE FAMILY. John Tisdale (1), the
immigrant ancestor of Stephen A. and Albert A.
I 1 -dale, of Leominster, Massachusetts, was born in
England, about 1615-20. He settled in Duxbury,
Massachusetts, before 1636. He brought suit in
court June 7, 1636, against Stephen Hopkins for
assault and battery, by which he was dangerously
wounded and Hopkins was fined five pounds and
costs. He is on a list of planters and proprietors
November 5, 1638, was on the list of those able to
bear arms in 1643 and was constable of Duxbury
in 1645. He removed to Taunton and was there
December 26, 1651, when he bought land at Dux-
bury of William Brett. He was constable of Taun-
ton in 1659 and one of the proprietors of the Taun-
ton North Purchase in 1668. He was deputy to the
Plymouth court in 1674 and selectman of Taunton.
He owned lands also in Assonet. He was murdered
by the Indians June 27, 1675, in King Philip's war.
He was the ancestor of all of the Tisdales of
American birth. The family is not large, but many
of his descendants have been distinguished men.
Among the earlier generations were Elkanah Tis-
dale, a noted lawyer, and Nathan Tisdale, "the Old
Master," an eminent classical scholar and teacher
of Lebanon, Connecticut. (See N. E. Register 1858,
page 62).



John Tisdale married Sarah Walker, daughter
of Widow Walker, of Rehoboth. She was born in
England in 1618 and died December, 1676. His
will was proved November 2, 1676; it bequeathed to
sons John, James, Joshua and Joseph ; gave to
daughters Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary and Abigail. The
court made note of the fact that the two younger
sons had endangered their lives in protecting the
property. An agreement was made June 4, 1677,
between these four sons and the three sons-in-law,
John Smith, James Dean and Nathaniel French.
The children were: John, born in Duxbury, of
whom later; James, born 1644, of whom later;
Joshua, born 1646, of whom later, Joseph, of whom
later; Elizabeth, married John Smith; Sarah, mar-
ried James Dean; Alary, born 1658, died May 18,
1731, in her seventy-third year; married, January
9, 1676, Nathaniel French ; Abigail, born at Taunton,
married, February I, 1683, Edward Babbitt, son of
Edward', who was born July 15, 1655. (See Babbitt

(II) John Tisdale, Jr., son of John Tisdale (1),
was born at Duxbury and died about the last of
December, 1677; married, November 23, 1664, Anna
Rogers, daughter of John Rogers, of Duxbury.
Tisdale 'was admitted a freeman in 1670. Their
children: I. Abigail, born July 15, 1667, married,
December 2, 1685, William Makepeace. 2. John,
born August 10, 1669, died January 26, 1728; mar-
ried Deborah Dean, daughter of Thomas Dean, and
had twelve children — John, born 1702 ; Abraham,
1704; Israel, 1706; Ephraim, 1708; Jedediah, 1710;
Deborah, 1712 ; Abigail, 1714; Anna, 1716. 3. Anna,
born January 27, 1672, married, July 4. 1695, George
Leonard, son of Thomas Leonard ; family became
very wealthy and owners of the largest landed estate
in New England. 4. Remember, born July 8, 1675.
(II) James Tisdale, son of John Tisdale (1),
was born in 1644 at Duxbury, Massachusetts, and
died there January 15, 1715, aged seventy-one years.
He settled at Berkley. Massachusetts, and was one
of the original proprietors of Assonet Neck when
the purchase was made in 1680. He was admitted
a freeman as early as May, 1670. He married, No-
vember 5, 1666, Mary Avery, who died September
9, 1713, aged sixty-six years. Their children were:
James, born about 1670, married, 1700, Abigail Cole-
man ; resided in Lebanon, Connecticut ; Mary, born
1672, married Richard Haskins, of Taunton ; Martha,
born 1674, married John Hodges, of Norton; Mar-
garet, born 1675, married Josiah Winslow, of Taun-
ton ; Sarah, born 1677, married John Johnson, of
Lebanon; Ebenezer, born 1682, died November II,
1705. aged twenty-two years.

(II) Joshua Tisdale, son of John Tisdale (1),
was born at Duxbury, 1646, and died at Freetown,
Massachusetts, about seventy-two years of age. He
was sometime of Taunton, was of Assonet River
1682. He married, July 3, 1688, Abigail Andrews,
daughter of Henry Andrews. She died 1711. Their
children: Joshua, born April I, 1689; Samuel,
March 3. 1691, married Mary Church, of Little
Compton, Rhode Island, and had six children; Eliza-
beth, June 2. 1693; Hepzibah, March 19, 1695; Abi-
gail, April 11, 1697: Henry, May 17. 1694, married,
October 24, 1728, Elizabeth Billings, of Little Comp-
ton : Mary, 1701 ; Barnabas, 1703; Ephraim, 1707.

(II) Joseph Tisdale, son of John Tisdale (1),
was born at Duxbury, 1656. and died 1721-2, in his
sixty-fifth year. He settled in Taunton, of which
Norton was formerly a part, and inherited a large
estate of his father. He married. August, 1681,
Mary Leonard, born August 2, 1663, daughter of
Major Thomas Leonard. Each of these four
brothers named his eldest son after himself. Their

children were : Joseph, of whom later ; Elkanah,
1684; Mary, 1686, married Joseph Winslow, of
Swansea; Hannah, 16SS, married, February 8, 1710-
11, William Hodges of Norton, died March 7, 1715;
Sarah, 1690, married Thomas Reed, of Dighton;
Abigail, 1692, married Ephraim Hayward, of Bridge-
water; Elizabeth, 1692, married Elkanah Leonard,
of Middleborough.

(.Ill) Joseph Tisdale, son of Joseph Tisdale (2),
was born in 1682 at Taunton, Massachusetts. He
married there, March 13, 1706-7, Ruth Reed, and
their children were: Simeon, father of James, an-
cestor of Samuel T. Tisdale, merchant, late of New
York city; Job, died May 19, 1755; Seth, of whom

(IV) Seth Tisdale, of Norton, Massachusetts,
son of Joseph Tisdale (3), the only settler of his
generation whose children are recorded in Norton,
was the ancestor of Albert A. Tisdale of this sketch.
Seth Tisdale settled at Norton, and his family is
the only one on the records there. He died there
August 3, 1788, aged seventy-two years, and was
born therefore in 1716. He was a lieutenant in the
militia. He married Rebecca and their chil-
dren were: Becke (Rebecca), born at Norton,
March 21, 1745-6, married Joseph Godfrey, of Easton,
September 30, 1762; Seth, born March 5, 1748-9,
married Abia Hoskins, of Taunton, 1770, and had
son Seth, born 1775, married SUence Hall, January
23, 1803, died January 25, 1850; Phebe, born No-
vember 14. 1753, died July 8, 1756; Reuben, born
April 29, 1757. married, 1780, Rachel Crane; soldier
in Captain Israel Trow's company in 1776 in the
revolution; John (twin), born March 25, 1759;
Molly (twin), born March 25, 1759, married, 1786,
Jonathan Pratt, of Easton ; Sarah, born November
_7, 1762, married, 1784, Jonathan Smith.

(V) John Tisdale, son of Seth Tisdale (4), was
born in Norton, Massachusetts, March 23, 1759.
He died there December 16, 1833, aged seventy-five

years. He married Hannah , who died July

15, 1812, in her fiftieth year. He was a soldier in
the revolution in the company of John Allen in the
Rhode Island campaign 1780.

(VI) Seth Tisdale. son of John Tisdale (5),
was born in Norton, Massachusetts, April 5, 1783.
When he was a boy he went to Halifax, Vermont.
About 1804 lie settled in Leominster, Massachusetts,
where he spent the remainder of his life, and was a
farmer. He married. May S. 1816, Annas B. Barn-
ard, born in Lancaster, Massachusetts, November
T 3i 1793- Seth Tisdale died in Leominster, Decem-
ber 18, 1867. His wife died January 8, 1891. Their
children were : Seth H., born April 29, 1817, died
June 1, 1900: Eliza Ann, August 26, 1S18. died March-
30, 1904 : Mary A., May 21, 1820, died February 10,
1822; Stephen S., July 1, 1822, died May 6, 1826;
William B., April 2S, 1824, died August 22, 1904 ;
George E., July 2g, 1826; Stephen A., of whom
later: John. January 22, 1831, died June I, 1898;
Charles. September 10, 1833, died April 10, 1875 ;
Mary, December 14, 1S35. died May 1. 1836; Andrew,
April 12. 1837.

(VII) Stephen A. Tisdale, son of Seth Tisdale
(6), was born at Leominster. October 18. 1828. He
was educated in the public schools at Leominster,
and then entered the comb manufacturing business
for which his native town is famous. Fie was one
of the organizers of the Union Comb Company, do-
ing all the designing, was the first to jig-saw back-
combs by power, and first to cut open work on a
single and double split Mandell machine. His
most important invention was the use of steam in
clarifying horn. He has been in various departments
of the comb manufacturing business all his life and



is at present superintendent of the Horn and Supply
Company of Leominster, of which he is a stock-
holder. He is as active as ever in business, al-
though one of the oldest men in his line of work.
Mr. Tisdale is a veteran of the civil war. He
•enlisted when the war broke out and served with
credit and distinction in the First Massachusetts
Regiment. His brothers, George, Charles, John and
Andrew were also in the First Massachusetts Regi-
ment as musicians. He is a member of Post No.
S3, G. A. R, and Wilder Lodge, A. F. and A. M.
He married Ann E. Whitcomb, of Leominster,
Massachusetts, November 27, 1856. Their children
were: Albert A., of whom later; Ida, born June
13, 1861, died in infancy; Leon A., May 12, 1869,
.married Maude M. Eggleston, December 9, 1903.
He is foreman at the Whitney Reed Chair Company.

(VIII) Albert A. Tisdale, son of Stephen A.
Tisdale (7). was born at Leominster, Massachu-
setts. October 7, 1857. After taking the usual course
in the public schools in his native town, he gradu-
ated from the high school and took a course of
study in Comer's Business College, at Boston. He
went to work first with the Union Comb Company,
where his father was then employed. After a few
years he left the comb making business and was em-
ployed by his father in the manufacture of piano
cases. In January, 1885, he began the manufacture
-of waste paper baskets. He prospered in his vari-
ous ventures and soon added the manufacture of
"baby carriages. Year after year he has added to
the varied interests of his business career. In 1894
Tie organized the Horn and Supply Company, of
which he is the treasurer and his father, the super-
intendent. He was president of the Whitney Reed
Chair Company, the concern which^ carried on the
chair business that he founded until 1902 when it
was merged into the National Novelty Corporation
upon which he now serves on the executive board.
He was president also of the Electric Phosphate
Company, which operates phosphate mines in Florida.
He is counted one of the strongest, ablest and most
sagacious business men of the town. In politics
Mr. Tisdale is an ardent Republican. He . is a

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