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member of the local lodge of Masons and Odd
Fellows, and is a member of the Leominster Club
and the' Country Club. He enjoys the comforts of
a domestic life! having one of the most beautiful
homes in the city. He and his family are Unitar-

He married. January 20. 1891, Florence E. Ten-
ney. daughter of William B. and Mary J. Tenney,
of Keene, New Hampshire, formerly of Leominster,
"Massachusetts. They have had one child, Ruth M.

Bryant can be traced back in England to Sir Guy
de Briant, who lived in the time of Edward III.
His descendants had a seat in Castle Hereford in
Wales. The arms of this family are: Or, three
piles meeting near in the base of the escutcheon,
azure. No connection has been established between
Tnlin, Sr., Stephen and Thomas Bryant, all of the
Plymouth' colony, though they were probably re-

(I) John Bryant, Sr., the immigrant ancestor of
Frederick Lyman Bryant, of Holden, Massachusetts,
was prominent in the Plymouth colony and an active
public officer. His home was at Scituate, where he
was appointed often to survey public lands. He
was a denutv to the general court at Plymouth in
1657-77-78. It is said that John Bryant came from
Kent, England. He lived in Barnstable before set-
tling in Scituate. Massachusetts, and the first
record of his name is in 1639. He was able to bear

arms in 1643, according to the list of one hundred
and five Scituate men reported on that date for ser-
vice. His will was dated November 4, 1684. He
died November 20, 1684. He married (first) Mary
Lewis, daughter of Leo and Mary (Jenkins) Lewis,
of Barnstable, November 4, 1643, and they had seven
children. He married (second) Elizabeth Wetherell,
daughter of Rev. William Wetherell, of Scituate.
He married (third) Mary Highland, daughter of
Thomas Highland, of Scituate. The children : John,
born August 17, 1644, see forward; Hannah, born
July 25, 1646; Joseph, died June 16, 1669; Sarah,
born September 29, 1648; Mary, born February 24,
1650, died April 8, 1652; Martha, born February 26,
1652 ; Samuel, born February 6, 1654, died 1690 in
the Phipps' expedition to Canada; Elizabeth, born
August, 1665, Daniel; Mary; Benjamin, born De-
cember, 1669, died unmarried ; Joseph, born 1671 ;
Jabez, born February 18, 1672, died unmarried 1697;
Ruth, born August 16, 1673; Thomas, born July
■5. l6/5; Deborah, born January 22, 1677; Agatha,
born March 12, 1678; Ann, born November 20,
1679; Elisha.

(II) Lieutenant John Bryant, son of John Bry-
ant (1), was born in Scituate, Massachusetts, Au-
gust 17, 1644, died there January 26, 1708. His will
was proved February 12, 1708. The inventory of
his estate amounted to three hundred and ninety-
five pounds. All his children were born in Scituate.

He married Mary . The children were:

John, Jr., born March 27, 1678; Jonathan, Janu-
ary 1, 1679: Mary, September 3, 1682; David, Au-
gust 17, 1684, see forward; Joshua, November 14,
1687; Samuel, January 15, 1689; Martha, August 22,

(III) David Bryant, son of Lieutenant John
Bryant (2), was born in Scituate, Massachusetts,
August 17, 1684, died at Scituate, June 21, 1731.
He was called gentleman in the records, indicating
high social position. His estate was inventoried at
two thousand one hundred and fifty-one pounds.
He married (by Rev. Nathaniel Ellis), July 31,
1706, Hannah Church, widow, who died 1736. Their
children all born at Scituate, were : David, Jr.,
born February 14, 1707; Elizabeth, February 16,
1709; Mary, May 4, 171 1; Jacob, January, 1714, see

(IV) Jacob Bryant, son of David Bryant (3),
was born at Scituate, Massachusetts, January, 1714.
He was a cordwainer or shoemaker by trade. He
bought land of Oxenbridge Thatcher, of Boston,
April 24, 1740, and moved there soon afterward. His
farm was in the north part of Ware meadow,
bounded by land of Thomas Prince, and consisted
of eighty-seven acres. He died February 7, 1781,
and his will was made June 10, 1780. The children
of Jacob and Abigail Bryant were : David, born
1761, died at Leicester, October 7, 1841 ; married,
1784, Abigail Eddy, and settled in Leicester; his
widow died December 8, 1S1S, aged ninety-two
years; Jonathan, born August 27, 1765, see forward;
Joseph, Lydia, Elizabeth.

(V) Jonathan Bryant, son of Jacob Bryant (4),
was born in Scituate, Massachusetts, August 27,
1765, died at Leicester, March 16, 1802. Jonathan
and David Bryant settled in Leicester at the same
time. Jonathan married at Leicester, (intentions
dated August 2) 1788, Anna Warren, of Paxton.
Their children : 1. John, born at Leicester, March
13. 1789, married (intentions November, 1815), at
Holden, January 10. 1S16, Fanny Smith and they
had children — John Frink, born July 25, 1817, died
August 5, 1835 ; Charles, born August 12, 1820, mar-
ried, January 24, 1849. Mary J. Bryant, of Leicester,
and they had children — (Maria Frances, born May





■9, 1850, died September 16, 1852; Frank Willis,
lorn July 2r, 1852; Charles Henry, born January
10. 1855; Abbie Melinda, born January 29, 1857;
Joseph Edgar, born September 16, 1858; Walter
David, born July 1, i860 : Arthur, born February 9,
1862, died August 25, 1862 ; Fred Augustus, born
August 21, 1863.) ; Willis ; Louisa Fanny, born 1823,
married, January 1, 1849, Hervey Stratton and had
Fanny. Ellen Jane and William Stratton. 2. Ira,
"born at Leicester, February 15, 1791, married (in-
tentions November 12, 1814), Elizabeth Parsons,
•of Worcester, and they had children — Anna Maria,
horn January 7, 1816, married, September 5, 1838,
Daniel R. Pratt and had (Josephine Maria, born
"November 8. 1845; Ella Josephine, born July 8,
1847' Arthur): George Parsons, born September
18, 1822 ; Sarah Elizabeth, born March 12, 1824,
married James Edwin Benchley and had one child,
Howard. 3. Alice, born at Leicester, December 15,
1797. married, December 16, 1818, Daniel M. Mc-
■Question, of Litchfield, New Hampshire. 4. Lyman,
"horn March 26, 1800, see forward.

(Yi) Lyman Bryant, son of Jonathan Bryant
(5), was born in Leicester, in the part now Pax-
ion, Massachusetts, March 26, 1800. When a mere
boy he was bound out as a farmer's apprentice and
his opportunities for schooling were meagre. Later
lie learned the trade of cabinet maker, serving until
he was of age. He had a hard task-master and
though most apprentices were the victims of hard,
■cruel and avaricious masters, in accordance with
the heartless customs of the time, his was excep-
tionally hard. He worked as a journeyman at the
carpenter's trade for Colonel Artemas Dryden at
Holden, building and repairing mill machinery and
repairing the mill itself. He worked also for Cap-
Vain Beaman in his mill at West Boylston, Massa-
chusetts, and shortly after his marriage went to
Holden, in 1827, and worked at his trade of car-
penter and builder. He and a Mr. Cowden pur-
chased the old Simonds place with a few acres of
land and a water privilege. They moved the old
"blacksmith shop down to the stream, put in a breast
wheel, built a dam and started their saw mill for
•making lumber. They soon rented the mill to
Towne Bartlett, a manufacturer of candle wicking
tind cotton batting. Mr. Bryant was of an inven-
tive turn of mind, and patented a corn sheller and
hay cutter, labor saving contrivances for farmers.
He bought out his partner and started to make
•doors, sash and blinds in his saw mill. In 1868 he
look his son, Frederick L. Bryant, into partnership
and they installed lumber dressing machinery and
manufactured boards for barns and rough construc-
tion. The son built a cider mill in 1873, and the
father deeded the other business and property to
Tlim also and retired, and during the remainder of
his life lived with his daughter Mandana in Holden.
He died there June 9, 189 1. He was an active mem-
"ber of the Baptist Church and served on its com-
mittees from time to time. He was a Free Mason.
He trained in the Holden company in the state
militia before the war.

He married (first). January 18. 1824, Rebecca
Sadler, of Holden. He married (second), April
5. 1826, Mary Merrifield. born June 29, 1804, died
■October 30, 1883. daughter of Asaph and Martha
(Morse) Merrifield, of West Boylston. Their chil-
dren: Mary Jane, born February 5, 1831. died De-
cember 24. 1851 ; Frederick Lyman, born August
27, 1838, see forward : Arnold, born May 9. 1842,
<died March 10, 1865 : Mandana, born October 4,
1846. resides with her brother, Frederick L. Bryant,
■of Holden.

(VII) Fredeirck Lyman P-vant, son of Lyman

Bryant (6), was born at Holden, Massachusetts,
August 27, 1838. He had a common school educa-
tion. At the age of thirteen he began to learn the
trade of shoemaker and he followed the trade, manu-
facturing boots and shoes until he was thirty years
old. Among his employers were Captain John
Partridge and George Partridge. About 1868 he
began to work with his father at the carpenter's
trade, working in the mill, getting out lumber such
as barn boards and planks. He built a cider mill
in 1873 and built up an extensive business. His
father retired and deeded the saw mill and shop to
him. He installed a steam plant and modern ma-
chinery for making lumber. He deals extensively
in wood, timber and lumber of all kinds, and has
supplied the trade at Holden with wood and kind-
ling since 1872. He has also the ice business at
that town exclusively. He and his sister are the
present owners of the handsome property accumu-
lated by their father. Mr. Bryant is a member of the
Holden Baptist Church. In politics he is a Repub-

He married (first). May 10, 1868, Angeline
Holmes, born September 22, 1846, died January 7,
1877, daughter of Lorenzo and Jerusha (Wood-
ward) Holmes, of North Brookfield. Their chil-
dren : Edward Everett, born June 21, 1870, died
August 6, 1880 ; Henry Arnold, born August 19,
1872, married. May 28, 1894, Gertrude Locke, of
Worcester, and they have one child, Earle Wesley ;
Maud Irene, born October 19, 1874, married David
G. Story and they have Bryant Story, born May.
1905 ; Luella Edna, born August 17, 1876, died
December 21, 1881. Frederick Lyman Bryant mar-
ried (second), December 12, 1877, Eliza Jane
Newell, born in Holden, June 15, 1846, daughter
of Nahum and Olive (Davis) Newell. Their only
child : Walter Lyman, born December 19, 1879,
graduate of Harvard College, 1902, and Harvard
Law School, 1905, and is now. a practicing attorney
in Worcester.

RUFUS J. FORBUSH. Daniel Forbush, Forbes,
or Farrabas (1), the immigrant ancestor of Rufus J.
Forbush, of Westborough, Massachusetts, was a
native of Scotland. Something of the origin and
history of the Forbes family in Scotland is given
elsewhere in this work in the sketch of the Forbes
family of Westborough. Daniel Farrabas was the an-
cestor alike of all the old families of Massachusetts,
or nearly all, bearing the name of Forbes and For-
bush. Daniel Forbes is believed by the best author-
ities to have been born in Kinellar, Scotland, the
son of Daniel Forbes, of that place. A Daniel
Forbes died there in 1624.

Daniel Farrabas, as the name was commonly
spelled in the early records, came to New England
and settled first in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where
he was married in 1660. It is believed that he was
one of the Scotch soldiers taken prisoner by Crom-
well and sent to this country. He apparently had
little education and could not write his name. He
had land granted to him in Cambridge, February
27, 1664, and March 27, 1664. He sold the land
March 19, 1671, and removed to Marlborough,
Massachusetts, about 1781.

He married (first), in Cambridge, March 26,
1660, Rebecca Perriman, who is supposed to have
been a sister of Thomas Perriman, of Weymouth,
and of Frances Perriman, who married, June 8,
T654. Isaac Andrew, of Cambridge. His wife died
May 3. 1677, and he married (second). May 23,
1679. Deborah Rediat, of Concord, the daughter of
John Rediat, who was born in England 1612, came
to America on the ship "Confidence," sailing April



24, 1638, and for a time servant of Walter Haynes,
of Sudbury, formerly of Sutton Manfield, England.
Daniel Farrabas died October, 16S7, at Marlborough,
and his widow Deborah married (.second), May 22,
1688, Alexander Stewart, who was in Marlborough
as early as 1687 and was by trade a shipwright.
Children of Daniel and Rebecca Farrabas were:
Daniel, Jr., born at Cambridge, March 20, 1664,
married Dorothy Pray ; Thomas, born at Cambridge,
March 6, 1667, married Dorcas Rice; Elizabeth,
born at Cambridge, March 16, 1669; Rebecca, born
at Concord, Massachusetts, February 15, 1672, mar-
ried Joseph Byles, she died at Westborough, Janu-
ary 28, 1768, aged ninety-four years, lacking one
month ; Samuel, born about 1674, married March
8, 1699, Abigail Rice. Children of Daniel and De-
borah Farrabas were : John, born 1681, of whom
later; Isaac, born October 30, 1682; Jonathan, born
March 12, 1684, married Hannah (Hay ward) (Far-
rar) Holloway.

(II) Captain Samuel Forbush, son of Daniel
Farrabas, or Forbush (1), was born about 1674.
With his father, and brother, Thomas Forbush,
Samuel was one of the first settlers in that part of
Marlborough that became Westborough. He was
also one of the original members of the Westbor-
ough Church. He was formerly a member of the
Marlborough Church and took sides with his
brother in favor of the settlement of Rev. John
Emerson in 1702 as the successor of Rev. Mr.
Brinsmead. Marlborough, Decembgr 11, 1711. His
house was appointed a garrison house during Indian
troubles and his brother Thomas was assigned to
it with others. At the first town meeting held in
Westborough in 1718 Samuel Forbush was elected
one of the fence viewers; in 1723 he was a select-
man; February 14, 1718, he was one of a committee
of five appointed to wait on the general court's
committee to set out the minister's lot. The pro-
prietors of Marlborough had already, March 13,
1710, granted a portion of land "for the benefit of
the ministry on the westerly end of Marlborough,
called Chauncey Village." This committee on which
Forbush served made an additional assignment of
one hundred acres in a narrow strip across the
town, from east to west. Samuel Forbush died
1766, about ninety-two years old.

He married, March 8, 1699, Abigail Rice. She
was among the first women admitted to the West-
borough church. She was a sister of the wife of
Thomas Forbush, and was born May 9, 1671. (See
sketch of the Rice families of Westborough). Chil-
dren of Samuel and Abigail Forbush were: Samuel,
of whom later; Charles, born about 1709, married
Margaret Lovejoy.

(III) Captain Samuel Forbush, son of Captain
Samuel Forbush (2), was born about 1710. He

married Sarah , who was admitted to the

Westborough Church, May 18. 1746. He always
lived in Westborough. His will was dated March
28, 1758, and proved December 15, 1767. His land
and dwelling house were north of the Dr. Hawes
place and near what is now East Main street, West-
borough. Children of Captain Samuel and Sarah
Forbush were : Samuel, of whom later ; Abigail,
born August 20. 1731. died July 6, 1737.

(IV) Samuel Forbush, son of Captain Samuel
Forbush (3), was born in Westborough. Massachu-
setts. January 13, 1733. He was a leading citizen
of Westborough and was selectman 1773-74-87-88-
91-92. He married. July 21, 1756. Abigail Forbush,
and both were admitted to the church October 24,
1762. She died August 22. 17S8. and he died July
27, 1818. Their children were : Rufus, born May
6, 1757, married Mary Brown; Isaac, born Sep-

- ; Abigail,

tember 18, 1758, married Jedediah -
born May 6, 1760, married Nathaniel Andrews "and
had six children ; Lydia, born February 9, 1762, died
unmarried; Coolidge, born October 18, 1763, of
whom later; Sarah, born March 8, 1756, married,
April 2, 1797, Thomas Lathrop ; resided" in West-
borough where he was town sexton many years;
had two children; Persis, born May 18, 1768, died
September 3, 1777; Samuel, born August 25, 1771,
married Sally Nichols; Joel, born October 28, 1773;
Jonah, born November 12,* 1775, married Martha
Wood ; Polly, married Phineas Maynard, of West-
borough, and settled in Worcester ; they had one
daughter, Mary, teacher in the public schools.

(V) Coolidge Forbush, son of Samuel Forbush
(4), was born at Westborough, October 18, 1763,
and he settled in that town. He married, October
11, 1789. Hannah Miller, who died October 29, 1825.
He died February 3, 1832. Their children were ;
Persis, born April 7, 1791 ; Hannah, born November
21, 1792, married Moses Gill, of Maynard; Clarissa,
born September 21, 1794 ; Irene, born October 27,
1796, died unmarried ; Joel, born August 20, 1798, of
whom later; Salome, born March, 1801, married
Elmer Newton, resided in Millbury and had one
child; Charlotte, born January 12, 1804; Elbridge,
born February 24, 1808, married Martha B. Dal-

(VI) Joel Forbush, son of Coolidge Forbush
(5), was born August 20, 1798, in Westborough,
Massachusetts. He was a farmer in Westborough
all his active years. He was a leading citizen. He
was selectman of his native town 1856-57. He mar-
ried Rachel Warren. Their children were : Henry
Warren, born July 22, 1830, married in Suncook,
New Hampshire, December 31, 1873, Elsie K. Sar-
gent, born October 18, 1832, died September 1, 1886;
he is a manufacturer of school furniture and sup-
plies, residing in Philidelphia, 1026 Arch street;
Harrison Coolidge, born September 18, 1832, re-
sides in Philadelphia ; Clarissa Maria, born Decem-
ber 20, 1834; Rufus J., of whom later.

(VII) Rufus J. Forbush, son of Joel Forbush
(6), was born at Westborough, Massachusetts, Oc-
tober 31, 1837. He received the usual common
school education of the public schools and helped
his father on the farm. He succeeded to the farm
after his father, and has carried it on to the present
time. He has been successful in a material way.
He takes the interest of a good citizen in town af-
fairs and has served the town faithfully as assessor
for a number of years. He is a Republican of inde-
pendent proclivities. He attends the Unitarian
Church. Liberal in his views he is of a kindly and
generous nature. Mr. Forbush never married.

DAWSON FAMILY. Henry Dawson (1), the
English progenitor of the Dawson family of Mill-
bury, Massachusetts, and Broad Brook, Connecti-
cut, to which Charles Dawson, of Holden, belongs,
was the son of a gamekeeper on a nobleman's estate
called Leven's Park. The father's name is unknown,
but it is known that he held the position of game-
keeper about forty years, and that Henry Dawson
succeeded him and filled the same position for forty
ye; rs Among his children was John, see forward.

(II) John Dawson, son of Henry Dawson (1),
was born in Kendall, Westmoreland, England, prob-
ably between 1735 and 1740. He was by trade a
wool comber, and is reputed to have been a man
of fine appearance and of more than ordinary ad-
dress and education for a man in his station, being
able to read and speak Latin, but withal of rather
improvident habits. He lived to be seventy-five
years of age or more. He married, about 1765,

OUaMJ^a^ i


, - ,


Margaret Calvert, daughter of Matthew Calvert, of
Lancaster, England. Their children were: I.
Matthew, named for his maternal grandfather, by
whom he was "bound to the sea" at the age of
twelve years: at the age of twenty-four years he
sailed from Liverpool to Africa, the second in com-
mand of a merchantman or trader; both he and
his captain died on the voyage of fever. 2. Mark,
was a tailor at Preston, Lancashire, where his chil-
dren resided abo. 3. John, also a seaman, was
living at Whitehaven, Cumberland county, England,
when last heard of. 4. Agnes, married John King,
resided in Blackburn, Lancashire, and had several
children. 5. Mary, see forward. Their were four
more daughters, two of whom died in infancy and
two died unmarried.

(III) Mary Dawson, daughter of John Dawson
(2), was born in Hawes, Yorkshire, England, De-
cember 10, 1775, and died at Holcombe, Lancashire,
September 4, 1845. She had one son named Henry
Dawson, see forward. She married in Preston,
Thomas Crompton, born in Holcombe, parish of
Bury, Lancashire, May 13, 1768, and died November
27, 1849, eldest son of Ralph Crompton. The seven
children of Thomas and Mary (Dawson) Cromp-
ton were : James, born in Preston, Lancashire, April
15, 1803, settled in Windsor Locks, Connecticut.
Rachel,- born in Preston, December 21, 1804, died
February 21, 1806. William, born in Preston, Sep-
tember 10, 1806, was living 1873 in Windsor, Con-
necticut. Ellen, born in Holcombe, March 30, 181 1,
lived in Hartford, Connecticut. Ralph, born in Hol-
combe, October 7, 1814, died in Rochester, Wis-
consin, March 18, 1872. Matthew, born in Hol-
combe, November 19, 1818, died at age of seven
months. Margaret, twin sister of Matthew, died
aged five months. From the above William Cromp-
ton is descended the famous Worcester family of
the name. (See sketch.)

(IV) Henry Dawson, son of Mary (Dawson)
Crompton (3), was born in Preston, Lancashire,
England, October 13, 1799. When a young man he
learned the trade of block printer and worked at
his trade at Ramsbottom, Belmont and Whitefield,
Lancashire, England. He came to this country in
1845 and entered the employ of his brother, William
Crompton, in the lower village in Millbury, Massa-
chusetts, as block printer, and he worked there for
two years. His family came over in 1846, a year
after he came, and in 1847 he removed to Broad-
brook, Connecticut, in Hartford county, where he
was employed in the finishing room in the Broad-
brook mill and later as watchman in this mill. He
died at Broadbrook, February, 1868. after a short
illness. He loved nature and was a skillful gardener.
In his younger days he was employed in the choice
gardens of one of the large estates. He had a
remarkable memory, much native ability, and was
a man of high character and strict principles. He
was a member of the Presbyterian and of the
Protestant Episcopal Church at different periods of
his life. In his later days he was a Republican in

He married, 1821, Alice Westenholme, daughter
of John Westenholme, of Holcombe, England. Mrs.
Dawson, her son Robert, and daughters Mary. Eliza-
beth and Alice, were of the twenty original mem-
bers of the Congregational Church at Broadbrook,
organized May 4, 1851. The children of Henry
and Alice Dawson were : John, born in Nuttall
Lane, January n, 1822. resided in Worcester; Sam-
uel, born at Nuttall Lane, August 1. 1823, died
October 2, 1827 : Mary, born at Nuttall Lane, March
12, 1825, died November I, 1826; George, born in
Nuttall Lane, January 12, 1827, settled at Blair,
ii— 23

Nebraska ; Mary, born in Nuttall Lane, October 22,
1828, resides at Broadbrook; William A., born in
Nuttall Lane, July 15, 1830, resides 1873 at Beloit,
Wisconsin; Charles, horn April 9, 1832, see for-
ward; Robert W., born in Nuttall Lane, November
3. 1833. settled at Blair, Nebraska; Alice L, born
in Nuttall Lane, March 12, 1835, resides in South
Norwalk, Connecticut ; Elizabeth, born at Belmont,
December 4, 1836, resides at Canaan, Connecticut;

married Adams; Rachel M., born in Belmont,

July 21, 1839, resided in South Norwalk, Connecti-
cut ; Henry, born in Belmont, March 29. 1841, set-
tled in Worcester, Massachusetts ; Jane, born in Bel-
mont, March 31, 1843, settled in South Norwalk^
James E., born at Whitefield, May 28, 1S45, settled
at Worcester; Joshua B. (twin brother of James
E.), born Mav 28, 1845, died at Millbury, Massa-
chusetts, October 31, 1847.

(V) Charles Dawson, son of Henry Dawson (4),
was born at Nuttall Lane, Lancashire, England, April
9. 1832. He received his education in Belmont in
the common schools, at Whitefield, also in Lan-
cashire. He came to America when he was fourteen
years old with his mother and the remainder of
the children. While the family was at Millbury,
he went to school one year. He followed the trade
of weaver in the Ridgway Mill of William Cromp-
ton, his uncle, having learned his trade mainly in
England. He went to work in the Broadbrook
mill after the family removed to Connecticut, and
was there three or four years weaving and learn-
ing the trade of loom-fixer and the art of de-
signing woolen fabric patterns. James Thompson
was his instructor in making patterns. He worked

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