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company of minute men, in Colonel John Smith's
regiment. The company marched through Med-
field, Dover and Sherborn, then a very difficult route
for infantry. The history of Walpole mentions
that Nathan Pond bought of Bezaleel Turner for
one pound, fifteen shillings, five pairs of stockings
for the use of the army. Bezaleel Turner and
Samuel Guild paid twenty-seven dollars and one
pistareen, May 20, 1783. for their pew in the new
meeting house in Walpole, and that must have been
shortly before his removal to Holden, unless the
record refers to Bezaleel, Sr.

Bezaleel Turner, Jr., married, in Walpole, Octo-
ber 22, 1772, Mary Thompson, of Wrentham, who
died March 9, 1833, aged eighty-two years. The
children: Bezaleel, born at Walpole, November 13,
1774. died May 9, 1812; married (first), July 10,
1796, Rachel Winch and had — Sally, born February
18, 1797; Roza Delano, born May 22, 1799; Mary,
born June 22, 1801 : Lavinia, born December 27,
1802; married (second). May 19, 1807, Lucy Davis,
of Princeton, Massachusetts, and they had : Elbridge
Gerry, born December 29, 1807 ; John Thompson,
born October 12, 1809; Gardner Davis, born May
2, 1811. Samuel, see forward.

(VI) Samuel Turner, son of Bezaleel Turner
(5), was born in Holden, Massachusetts, April 19,
1787, died there September 10, 1855. He lived in
the south part of the town of Holden, near the
present Worcester reservoir, at what is now called
the Stanhope place, inherited from his father. He
carried on the farm for many years though he was
disabled by rheumatism. He was a cooper by trade,
and after the custom of his day worked at his trade
in winter and farmed in summer. He had extensive
tracts of woodland which he sold off. He had con-
siderable stock on his farm and used also to deal
in fish in the winter season, buying cargoes from the
vessels at Lynn and selling them in Worcester. He
sold his farm and gave up farming in his later
years. He was a member of the Orthodox Church.
In politics he was a Whig and at one time was
collector of taxes for the town. Like many other
'good citizens and soldiers he was with the fol-
lowers of Shay during the rebellion. He married,
September 22, 1806, Mary Gould, who was a very
bright, active woman, known generally as "Aunt
Mary" in her later years. She was born December
24, 1786, died February 23, 1859. Their children:

1. Mary, born April 30, 1807, died October 8, 1847;
married, December 8, 1828, John L. Hewett and had
a large family. 2. Elbridge Gerry, born August
6, 1809, died March 4, 1881 ; married. September
30, 1832. Olive Holt and they had — Gardner Gerry,
married Mary Jane Winn, had son, Elbridge Charles,
of Clinton; Charles Francis, born August 22, 1836,
married Julia Abbie Winn and thev have Alvah
Francis, born July 13, 1866; William Elbridge,
married (first) Dora Thurston and (second)
Orinda Ray. 3. Charles, born June 11, 1812,
died July 7, 1889; married, July 24, 1832,
Angelinea Smith and had Lucius, Byron, Lucy
and others. 4. John Thompson, born September 14,
1814. died October 14, 1824. 5. Samuel, Jr., born
October 24, 1816. died October 12, 1897. 6. Eliza,
born June 8, 1818, died August 22, 1820. 7. Eliza,
born September 19. 1821. died September IS, 1880;
married, June 29, 1842, Lyman Burnham. 8. Silas,
born September 27, 1823, died October 27, 1824. 9.
Silas Thompson, born September 22. 1826. died June

2, 1859: married, November 24. 1852, Mary Taft.
10. John, born November 27, 1828.

(VII) Samuel Turner. Jr.. son of Samuel Turner
(6), was born in Holden, Massachusetts, October



24, 1816. He was brought up on his father's farm
and educated in the district schools of his native
town. He remained with his father on the home-
stead until after he was married. He settled finally
on the old Hall place, which he bought. It is near
the present farm of Mr. Chamberlain in the south
part of the town, near the Paxton line. He owned
much standing timber which he cut off and sold
as lumber, also burning charcoal. About i860 he
■entered partnershin with his brother-in-law, John
Howe, in the manufacture of lasts in a shop on
Cypress street, Worcester, but before the war had
fairly begun the firm was dissolved and he re-
turned to his farm. He manufactured boots and
shoes, according to the custom of farmers in that
■section of New England, and employed several hands
at times. He was a farmer, altogether, a full half
century. He was a member of the Holden Baptist
Church. He was a Republican in politics and held
the office of highway surveyor in the town of Holden.
He was a member of Holden Grange, Patrons of
Husbandry, No. 78.

He married, April 7, 1842, Nancy Judson Howe,
■born March 14, 1824, died August 30, igoi, daugh-
ter of Thomas and Sarah (Walker) Howe, of Hol-
den. Their children: 1. George Henry, born May

25, 1845, died June 12, 1892; married Mary M.
Allen, of Barre, and had — Harry Allen, Christie
Anna, married Charles H. Ayer and have two
■children, Clifton and Gladys; Walter Sewell. 2.

Samuel Hervey, born September 26, 1848, died
December 6, 1899; married Abbie Devereux, of
Woonsocket, Rhode Island. 3. Emma Nancy, mar-
ried Fremont Stratton, of Jefferson, Massachusetts,
and they have — Vera Leone, born July 29, 1882;
Leon Fremont, born February 26, 1886. 4. Anna
Estella, born February 5, 1866, married, October
29, 1891, Joab Winthrop Holt, of Holden, and they
Tiave — Joab Stanly, born August 22, 1893 ; Fred
Winthrop, born November 24, 1902. (See Holt
Family sketch.) 5. Ernest Grant, born December
7, 1867, see forward.

(VIII) Ernest Grant Turner, son of Samuel
Turner (7), was born at Holden, Massachusetts,
December 7, 1867. He was educated in the public
schools of Holden. He helped his father on the
farm also, and after the age of eighteen years worked
on the homestead all his time. He established a
teaming business, however, on his own account.
When his father died he bought out the other heirs
and carried on the farm alone -until the spring
of 1902, when he sold the farm and bought his pres-
ent farm of one hundred and forty-eight acres, from
which he has sold some of the land. He has bought
■considerable woodland and cut off large quantities
of timber. Mr. Turner is a Republican in politics
and is a fire warden of the town. He attends the
Holden Baptist Church. He is a member of the
Worcester Lodge of Odd Fellows, No. 56, and of
Holden Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, No. 78, in
which he has held the various offices.

He married, November 4, 1903. Sarah Pearl
Rogers, born March 29, 1875, daughter of Emory
and Mary Alony (Damon) Rogers, of Holden. Her
father is a contractor and builder, has been select-
man, trustee of the cemetery corporation, trustee of
the Damon Memorial since 1887 and superintended
the inside construction of the building, a veteran
of the civil war. Company B. Fifty-first Regiment
Massachusetts Volunteers. Mr. and Mrs. Turner
have no children.

EBEN F. PIERCE. John Peirce or Pierce (1),
was the emigrant ancestor of Eben F. Peirce or
Pierce, of Leominster, Massachusetts. John Peirce

was born in Norwich, Norfolk county, England.
He was a weaver by trade. He came to New Eng-
land in 1637 with his wife Elizabeth and four chil-
dren, either in the "John & Dorethey," of Norwich,
or the "Rose" of Yarmouth. William Andrews, Jr.
was master of the "Rose," and his father was master
of the "John & Dorethey." John Peirce was born
probably in 1588, died August 19, 1661 ; his wife
was probably born 1591, died March 12, 1666-7.
He was made a freeman of Watertown, March,
1638-9. He signed his name "Pers" and his wife's
signature is sometimes given "Pearse." The ma-
jority of his descendants have followed the spell-
ing Peirce. His children were: Anthony, born in
England, 1609 ; Esther, born in England, married
Joseph Morse ; Mary, born in England, married
Clement Coldam, of Lynn and Gloucester, Massa-
chusetts, died January 26, 1704-5 ; Robert, born in
England, 1620, married Mary Knight; John, born

in England, married Elizabeth ; Barbara; Eliza-

l>eth, born in England, married, 1643, John Ball,
Jr.; Judith, born in England, married, January 30,
1644, Francis Wyman.

(II) Anthony Peirce, son of John Peirce (1),
was born in England. He came to America with
his wife Mary before his father and the younger
children. He settled at Watertown near the Cam-
bridge line on the north side of the road from
Cambridge immediately west of the homestead of
Rev. Mr. Angir. He was made a freeman Sep-
tember 3, 1634. His first wife died 1633 and later

in the same year he married Ann , who died

January 30, 1682-3. He died May 9, 1678. Their
children were: John, married, April 15, 1656, Ruth
Bishop; Mary, born December 28, 1633, died young;
Mary, born 1636, married Ralph Read, born 1630,
settled in Woburn ; Jacob, born September 15, 1637;
Daniel, born January 1, 1639-40, married Elizabeth

; Martha, born April 24, 1641 ; Joseph, married

Martha and Elizabeth Winship ; Benjamin,

born 1649, married, January 15, 1677-8, Hannah
Brooks; Judith, born July 18, 1650, married John

(III) Joseph Peirce, son of Anthony Peirce (2),
was born probably in 1647. He married (first)

Martha ; (second), June 15, 1608. Elizabeth

Winship, widow of Ephraim Winship, of Cambridge,
and daughter of Francis Kendall, of Woburn. He
died 1713. His widow was appointed administratrix
of his estate December 22, 1713. He was a farmer
and always lived at Watertown. He was made a
freeman April 18, 1690. His children were: Joseph,
born October 2, 1669, married Ruth Holland, Han-
rah Monroe and Mrs. Beriah Childs; Francis, July
27, 1671, married Hannah Johnson; John, May 27,
1673, married Elizabeth Smith; Mary, November
26. 1674: Benjamin, March 25, 1677, married Eliza-
beth Hall and Hannah Ash; Jacob, December 25,
1678, married Hannah Lewis; Martha, December 24,
1681, married, May 17. 1705. William Whitney;
Stephen October 16, 1683, married, September 16,
1708, Abigail Bemis ; Israel, October 7, 1685, mar-
ried, January 14, 1717-8, Sarah Holland, of Cam-
bridge, removed to Cambridge and Lunenburg; she
was born August 12, 1688; Elizabeth, September 9,
1687, married, October 15, 1706, Joseph Bemis, born
November 17, 1684; she died 1738.

(IV) John Peirce, son of Joseph Peirce (3),
was born at Watertown, Massachusetts, May 27. 1673.
He married, November 5, 1702, Elizabeth Smith,
born January 15, 1673. They resided in Waltham.
He died 1743-4; she died Seotember 20, 1747. Their
children were: John, born September I, 1703, mar-
ried Rebecca Fenno: Jonas, December 20, 1705;
Ezekial, March 8, 1708, married, November 17.



1731, Mercy Wellington, born May 26, 1711 ; Samuel,
July 3, 1712, married Abigail Stearns; Elizabeth,
January 3, 1715, died before 1743, not in father's

will; Daniel, October 21, 1719, married Martha ;

Jonathan, September 28, 1724, married, December
25, 1745, Abigail Blanchard.

(V) Jonas Peirce, son of John Peirce (4), was
born at Waltham, Massachusetts, December 20, 1705.
He married, January 4, 1727, Abigail Comee. They
resided at Lexington and Westminster, Massachu-
setts. Their children were : Jonas, born July 7,
1730, married Sarah Bridge and Lydia Gregory;
Nathan, December 15, 1732, married, December 26,
I7S3, Sarah Mead; Elizabeth, May 31, 1735, married,
November 15, 1753, Timothy Fessenden ; John, July

4, 1736, married Abigail Davenport and Beard ;

Thaddeus, May 14, 1739, died December 14, 1760;
Solomon, June 15, 1742; Abigail, August 3, 1744,
married, March 30, 1762, Nathan Derby ; Mary,
February 7, 1747.

(VI) Captain Solomon Peirce, son of Jonas
Peirce (5), was born June 15, 1742. He married,
December 15, 1763, Amity Fessenden, born June
■5, T 743. died February 18, 181 r. They moved from
Lexington to Cambridge (Arlington). Both he and
his wife Amity were transferred from the Lexing-
ton Church to the Second Precinct Church at Cam-
bridge, June 13, 1788.

Solomon Peirce was present and participated in
the battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775, and was
wounded in the engagement. He was on duty at
the battle of Bunker Hill. June 17, 18. He served
five days, March 4 to 8, 1776, at Dorchester Heights
a's a member of John Bridge's Lexington company.
In the campaign against Burgoyne in 1777 he was
sergeant in a Concord company under Captain
George Minott. In 1780 he was made first lieutenant
of Captain William Munroe's company. In this
same company after the war closed he was made
captain of the state militia, July 25, 1784. He died
October 16, 1821.

Their children were: Amity, born August 26,
1765, married Goodwin, died 1829 ; Jonas, No-
vember 16, 1766; Abial, September 22, 1768, married
(first) Peggy Russell, 1789; (second) Anna King-
man, 1801. died 1816: Solomon, September 10, 1770,
married Polly Green, 1794, and died in Boston;
Samuel, June 10. 1772, married Sophia Stedman,
died 1861 : Abijah, March 11, 1775. married (first)
Mary Prentiss, (second) Lucy Emery, died 1843;
Elizabeth, January 8, 1777, married, December 20,
r 793> Amos Russell, died 1S44 ; Lucy. March 10.
1779, married. April 5, 1797, Josiah Ditson, died
1859: Thaddeus. April 8. 1781, married Lucy
Learned, died 1838; Leonard, March 17, 1783, mar-
ried, 1803. Relief Allen, died at Danvers, Massa-
chusetts, September 5, 1846; William, January 2,
1786. married (first) Elizabeth Floyd (second)
Sarah Perkins (third) Caroline M. Mansfield, died

(VII) Jonas Peirce, son of Solomon Peirce
(6), was born at Lexington, Massachusetts, Novem-
ber 16, 1766. He married Lydia Prentiss, who was
baptized April 17. 1771. died September 6. 1865. He
died January. 1833. He resided in Lexington and
joined the Precinct Church in Cambridge (Arling-
ton). Both outlived their covenant with this church,
October 20. 1805, and on that date Lydia was again
baptized. He was precinct assessor of Arlington
in 1805 and 1807. Their children were: Lydia, born
December 25. 1790. married Thomas Gould, born
1785; Anna D., October, 1792, married. April 14,.
1814, Alfred Locke; Jonas, September, 1794. married
Mary T. Livingston; George. August, 1796. married
Harriet Russell; Roxa, August, 1799, married, Sep-

tember 30. 1821, Alfred Brooks, of Lexington;
Ebenezer Prentiss, August, 1802, married Elizabeth
R. Brown ; Sarah P., January. 1804, married, Au-
gust 29, 1824, Daniel Grant, of Lowell, Massachu-
setts; Thomas P., May 28, 1806, baptized June 15,
1806, married Emeline Locke and Harriet Locke;
John A. P., April 1, 1810, baptized May 27, 1810,
married, Mary A. Locke; Amanda, May 20, 1813,.
married Stephen Morton, of Arlington ; Elizabeth
M., June 16, baptized September 29, 1816, married,
November 24, 1836, Thomas Ramsdell, resided in

(VIII) Ebenezer Prentiss Pierce, son of Jonas
Peirce (7), was born at Arlington, Massachusetts,
August 9, 1802. He married, May 3, 1827, at Arling-
ton, Elizabeth Reed Brown, born June 21, 1804, in
Charlestown, and died May 24, 1883. _ He died April
20, 1870. He was a farmer and resided in Arling-
ton, Massachusetts. He was educated in the public
schools. He was interested in public affairs and
was a man of importance in the community. In
politics he was a Whig. His children were : Susan
L., born March, 1828; Eliza, September 18, 1829,
married, November 13, 1848, Charles Keniston, born
November 11, 1827, died May 7, 1874; she died
July 8, 1895; Emily, July 21, 1831. married, Novem-
ber 14, 1852, Benjamin D. Swain, born May 20,
1826, died August 24, 1882 ; she died August 30,
1856; Frances A., November 21, 1833, married, May
15, 1S60. Benjamin D. Swain (his first wife was
Emily Pierce) ; Eben F.," November 9, 1835; Thomas
B., October 28, 1837, died January 26, 1902, un-
married, at Townsend.

(IX) Eben F. Pierce, son of Ebenezer Prentiss
Pierce (8), was born at Arlington, Massachusetts.
November 9, 1835. He received his early educa-
tion in the public schools of his native town. Upon
leaving school he took up the trade of carpenter
and worked at the same for a number of years.
Being a skillful mechanic he naturally drifted into
the higher branches of his craft. He worked at
cabinet making and in i860 came to Leominster
to work in the piano case factory. He went to
Erving. Massachusetts, in 1869. In 1871 he removed
to Greenville, New Hampshire, and in 1880 to
Marblehead, Massachusetts. He returned to Leom-
inster, Massachusetts, in 1885, to open a furniture
store, and the past twenty years _ this store has
grown and prospered greatly. Their are few gen-
eral furniture stores in the county with a larger
stock or better facilities. The store is located on
Main street in the centre of the trading district of
the town.

In the fraternal and secret societies he is one
of the well known men in the town. Among the
orders to which he belongs are the Masons. Knights
Templar, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias. Red
• Men, and Royal Arcanum. He is a director in the
Leominster Co-operative Bank. He and his fam-
ily attend the Unitarian Church at Leominster. Mr.
Pierce is a man of enterprise and public spirit.
He has won a high place in the esteem of business
men for his square dealing and integrity. His per-
sonal qualities have won for him many friends in
the community whore most of his life has been

He married, June 14. 1863. Susan M. Fleming,
born December '18, 1837, a daughter of William
Fleming, of Clinton, Massachusetts. She had four
children, all of whom died in infancy. She died
June 9.' 1888. He married (second), October 10,
"1SS9, Eva F. Prescott, of Greenville. New Hamp-
shire. They have one child Marjorie Elizabeth, born
August 12, 189T.


?6 3

BUCK FAMILY. William Buck (i), the immi-
grant ancester of Eugene Richardson Buck and
Thurston Buck, of Sterling, Massachusetts, was born
in England, 1585. He came to New England, April
I S. ID 35, at the age of fifty, on the ship "'Increase,"
and settled in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His
home there was in the West Field, northeast of
Garden street, on a highway formerly to the Great
Swamp, now Raymond street. He died in Cam-
bridge, January 24, 1657-58, aged -seventy-three years,
and the inventory of his estate was filed by his son
Roger, April 3, 1658. He probably had a wife and
other children in England. So far as is known he
and his son Roger were the only members of the
family who came to America. William Buck fol-
lowed his trade of plowwright in Cambridge.

(II) Roger Buck, son of William Buck (1),
was born in England 1617. He came to this coun-
try at the age of eighteen and settled with his father
in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and succeeded to his
father's estate there after his death in 1658. He
also followed his father's trade of plowwright. He
was for a time the public executioner, and the rec-
ords show that he carried out orders of the court
for public whippings of criminals in 1668. He re-
moved to Woburn about 1685, and sold his home in
Cambridge to his son-in-law, Thomas Baverick, with
the stipulation that if the grantee wished to sell,
Ephraim Buck should have the first chance to buy,
viz. : the preference. Roger Buck died at Woburn,
November 10, 1693. The children of Roger and
Susan Buck, all born at Cambridge, were : Samuel,
born February 6, 1642-43 ; John, September 2, 1644,
died 1664; Ephraim, Jr., July 26, 1646, see forward;
Mary, born June 23, 164S, died August 31, 1669;
Ruth, November 6, 1653, married Thomas Baverick;
Elizabeth, July 5, 1657, married, August 20, 1678,
Joshua Wood; Lydia, married, March 3, 1672-73,
Henry Smith.

(III) Ephraim Buck, son of Roger Buck (2),
was born in Cambridge, July 26, 1646. He went to
Woburn and settled there with his father. He died
1721. His will was dated November 23, 1717, and
proved March 20, 1720-21. He married, January 1,
1670, Sarah Brooks. Their children, all born at Wo-
burn, were: Sarah, born January 11, 1674, married,
February 21, 1694, Thomas Grover; Ephraim, Jr.,
July 13, 1676, see forward; John, January 1, 1678,
died January 27, 1679; John, February 7, 1680, re-
sided at Woburn ; Samuel, November 13, 1682, set-
tled in Woburn ; Eunice, July 7, 1685 ; Ebenezer, May
20, 1689, settled in Woburn; Mary, October 28,
1691, married Nathaniel Pike.

(IV) Ephraim Buck, son of Ephraim Buck (3),
was born in Woburn, Massachusetts, July 13, 1676.
He settled at Woburn, but possibly moved away
about 1706. He married Esther Waget, December
^, 1696. Their children : Sarah, born September
8, 1697, married, May 22, 1729, William Fisk, of
Andover; Hester, April 15, 1700; Ephraim, Octo-
ber 11, 1702, married, July 26, 1726, Abigail Pierce;
(second) Alary Wood, of Reading, May 9, 1728;
Susanna, July 8, 1705 ; Isaac, about 1706, see for-
ward ; probably other children.

(V) Isaac Buck, son of Ephraim Buck (4),
was born about 1705 in Woburn, Massachusetts, or
vicinity. He was living at \voburn when he mar-
ried, at .Reading, Massachusetts, December 3, 1729,
Ruth Graves. Isaac Buck moved to Southboro and
with his wife Ruth sold their rights in the estate
of her father, Joseph Graves, late of Southboro,
Massachusetts, October 19, 1757. Among their chil-
dren were: Isaac, born about 1730; Esther, mar-
ried at Southboro, May 4, 1762, Elisha Bruce, Jr.;
probably others.

(VI) Isaac Buck, son of Isaac Buck (5), was
born about 1730. He removed to Southboro with
his father, and married Mary Richards about 1755.
His children: Isaac, born in Southboro, September
2 7> 1/57. see forward; Susanna, married, November
*4. !793. Elisha Bemis. The family removed to
Bolton, Massachusetts.

(VII) Isaac Buck, son of Isaac Buck (6), was
born at Southboro, September 27, 1757. He removed
to Bolton with the family. He was of Bolton dur-
ing the revolution, in Captain Benjamin Hastings
company, Colonel Asa Whitcomb's regiment, in 1775.
He was matross in Captain James Swan's company,
Colonel James Craft's regiment, in 1776. He was
also in Captain Philip Marett's company in 1776-77.
He was in the Continental army in Captain John
Houghton's company, Colonel Josiah Whitney's
regiment, in 1778; in Captain Redding' s company,
Colonel Gamaliel Bradford's regiment, in 1777; and
in Captain Thomas Jackson's company, Colonel John
Crane's Third Artillery regiment, in 1780 and 1781.
He married, May 18, 1780, Patty Phillips, both of
Lancaster. Their children : -Silas, see forward ;
Isaac, Jr., resided in Sterling.

(VIII) Silas Buck, son of Isaac Buck (7), was
born at Sterling, Massachusetts. He was a carpen-
ter by trade and built many houses in and about
Sterling. He was also a millwright and was em-
ployed in the various grist and saw mills of the vi-
cinity, erecting and repairing. His farm was at West-
Sterling and he carried it on besides working at his
trade. He bought land in the eastern part of Holden
of Joseph and Sally Gerry. November 28, 1808, sixty-
one and a half acres bounded by land of John Par-
menter. Silas and Deborah Buck sold land to
Isaac Goodwin, attorney-at-law, March 4, 181 1.
Silas bought land in the west part of Sterling of
Nathan Kendall, of Alfred, Maine, August 20, 1818.
Silas Buck bought a ten acre lot of Luther Allen,
in 1832, adjoining his farm in West Sterling, and
he bought about ten acres of Jones Wilder, of Sterl-
ing, April 6, 1821.

He married Deborah Beaman, of Sterling, born
March 13, 1792, died July 19, 1830. He died at
Sterling, September 27, 1863. His children: 1.
Silas Beaman, born July 18, 1S10, died January 31,
1899; married, June 14, 1837, Sarah E. Smallidge
and had five children — Mary E., born May 27, 1839,
died February 27, 1903 ; married, January 6, 1864,
Benjamin R. Rand; William D., born February 2,
1841, died June 6, 1880; married, April 11, 1869,
Isabella Ellis; S. Augusta, born December 8, 1842,
married, December 16, 1875, A. Leander Floyd;
Annie M.. born December 13, 1844, died October
31, 1851; Silas E., born May 20, 1847, married, No-
vember 19, 1874, Ellen A. Wellington. 2. Tamar
Eddy, born at Sterling, September 27, 1812, died
November 11, 1891 ; married, November 29, 1831,
Ezekiel Hills, who died January 21, 1886, and they
had — Silas B., born May 12, 1833, died December 31,
1902; married, September 11, i860, Elizabeth N. Tut-
tle; Mary, born December 17, 1847. 3. John Sawyer,
resided in Cambridge. 4. Sally, born in Sterling,
March 16, 1816, died February 16, 1904; married
Sewell Richardson, of Sterling, and they had chil-
dren — Lysander, born February 24, 1843, died Au-
gust 18, 1885; Ward B., born January 10, 1846;

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