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part of the town on the south road to Northbor-
ough. The old house built after King Philip's war
was standing lately; it was used on occasions for
garrison purposes, and was occupied in later years
by Mr-. Lewis Ames. His will was dated April 17,
proved January 2, 1717. He gave David and Ger-
shom all his lands on the west side of the Assabet
river, and other lands near them to Nathan and
Jonathan in equal shares. Elnathan settled 011 part
of the homestead.

He married Mary Rice, born September 19, 1646,
daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Moore) Rice,
and granddaughter of Edmund Rice, the immigrant.
He married (second). May 30, 1695, Susanna
(Shattuck) Morse, of Watertown. Children of
Thomas and Mary Brigham: Thomas, born Feb-
ruary 24, 1666; Nathan, June 17. 1071, s:e for-
ward; David, August 11, 1673, died young;- Jona-
than, February 22. 1074. married Mary Fay; Davis,
April 12, 1O78, died June, 1750: married (first)

Deborah and (second) Alary Newton; Ger-

shoni, February 23, 1680, (physician) died January
3, 1748-40; Elnathan, March 7, 1683, died April 10,
175S; married Bethia Ward; Mary, October 26,
1US7, married April 30, 1710, Jonas Houghton, of

(III) Captain Nathan Brigham, son of Thomas



Brigham (2), was born in Marlborough, Massachu-
setts, June 17, 1671, died there February 10, 174b-
47. He was a weaver by trade. He had part ot the
homestead and the town right on which he drew
Ins share of the common land. He was a hading
citizen; selectman for seven years, in 1738 the last
term. His will was dated April 5, 1733, and his
estate was partitioned March 20, 1746-47. He mar-
ried (.first) Elizabeth How, who died March 29,
l 733> aged sixty-nine years and four days. He mar-
ried (.second) Mehitable Parker. Children of Cap-
tain Nathan and Elizabeth Brigham: Lieutenant
Nathan, born November 28, 1693, married Dinah
Rice; 1 homas, February 22, 1695 ; Tabitha, August
20, 1698, died February 8, 1730-31; Elizabeth, January
4. 1700, married Jiohn Stow; Sarah, December 14,
1 701. married Uriah Hagar; Zipporah, September
14, 1704, married John Warren; Hannah, March 9,
1706, married Jabez Rice; Ephraim (lieutenant),
January 20, 1707-08, married Hannah Willard.

(IV) Thomas Brigham, son of Captain Nathan
Brigham (3), was born February 22, 1695. He
settled on the Brigham homestead in the southwest
part of the town of Marlborough. He was constable,
tithingman, selectman three years, sealer of leather
six years, on the petit jury 1738, and in 1731 on the
committee to engage a school master. He was ad-
ministrator of the estate of David Burnam, of
Southboro,. in 1757. He made his own will August
l 3< 1 7^>5, mentioning wife Sarah and all the chil-
dren, flis house is standing, or was lately, in the
southwest part of the town near the "Agricultural
Railroad," twenty-five rods from the house now or
late of Alden Brigham.

He married, January 25, 1719-20, Sarah Stratton,
born in 1701, died September 25, 1775. Their chil-
dren: Adoniram, born March 17, 1720, married
Elizabeth Brown; Lydia, March 14, 1721-22, mar-
ried Bigelow ; Ezekiel. February 14. 1723-24.

died April 4, 1788; Elisha, November 25, 1726, died
in Gratton ; Ithamar, October 0. 1729, see forward;
Sarah. March 12, 1731-32, died unmarried July 21,
1765; Thomas, April 23, 1734, died June 2, 1740;
Paul, March 26, 1737, died June 4, 1777; married
Elizabeth Rice; Ephraim, April 6, 1739, died June
22, 1740; Abner, January 13, 1741-42, died Septem-
ber 28, 1746.

(V) Ithamar Brigham, son of Thomas Brigham
(4), was born in Marlborough, Massachusetts, Oc-
tober 0, 1729. He lived and died in his native place
on the farm now or late of Alden Brigham. He
was selectman of the town ten years. He married.
September 13, 1753, Ruth Ward, who died May 29,
1706. He married (second) Mary Beamon, born
December 1, 1734, married, March 29, 1768, died
May 20, 1813, aged seventy-eight years. He was .
soldier in the revolution as well as several of his
sons. He was lieutenant in Captain William Brie;-
ham's company, Colonel Jonathan Ward's regiment,
April 19, 1775, on the Lexington alarm and later
he is called captain on the public records. Children
of Captain Ithamar and Ruth Brigham : Ruth, born
September 17, 1756, died September 20, 1797;
Ithamar, November 7, 1758, see forward; Daniel,
November 15, 1760, died 1800; Silas, October 21,
1763, died September 27, 1838; married Persis Snow ;
Abner, May 29, 1766, died July 5, 1766. Children of
Ithamar and Mary Brigham: Abner, December 21,
1768; Abraham, November 14, 1771, unmarried.

(VI) Ithamar Brigham, son of Captain Ithamar
Brigham (5), was born in Marlborough, Massachu-
setts, November 7, 1758, died March 12, 1836 He
was a revolutionary soldier, serving 111 Captain-
William Morse's company, Colonel Jonathan Read's
regiment, sent to reinforce General Gates in 1777.

lie married Catherine Barnes, born January 27,
17(15, died April 13, 1804; (second), 1806, Martha

Belknap; (third) Rogers. Children of

Ithamar and Catherine Brigham: Dr. Levi, born
May 1, 1784. died December 8, 1818; resided at
Raymond, Maine; Aaron, December 29, 1785, a mer-
chant on Long Wharf, Boston, resided in Lexing-
ton; married, 1808, Comfort Valentine; Moses, July
22, 1788, married Susan Fosgate, daughter of Joel
Fosgate, of Berlin; resided on the homestead of
Thomas (IV), Marlboro; Je>nas, August 29, 1790,
was an officer in the war of 1812, died at New York
city, February 9, 1822; Eli, July 18, 1794, died Oc-
tober 21, 1850; Jonathan, October 5, 1790, married
Joel Bullard, resided at Berlin; Abel, February 13,
1797, see forward.

(VII) Abel Brigham, son of Ithamar Brigham
(6), was born in Marlborough, Massachusetts, Feb-
ruary 13, 1797. He was a tarmer all his life on a
place in the western part of .Marlborough near the
junction of Pleasant street and the Berlin road. In
politics he was a Whig and in his last years a Re-
publican. He was an active member and deacon of
the Umversalist Church of Marlborough, lie mar-
ried (first), May 13, 1821, Mary B:gelow, born Jan-
uary 19, 1799, died May 23, 1843. He married (sec-
ond) Sally Felton. He died March, 1870. Children
of Abel and Mary Brigham: Levi Samuel, born
August 4, 1825, see forward ; Catherine Elizabeth,
married. April 4. 1849, Alden Phelps, resided at
Fitchburg, now 111 Leominster; children — Samuel
D., born December 8, died October 19, 1853; .-iary
B., born November 9, 1851; Austin A., born July
22, 1854; Lizzie R., born January 20, 1857. died


(VIII) Levi Samuel Brigham, son of Abel
Brigham (7), was born in Marlborough, Massachu-
setts, August 4, 1825. Fie received his education in
the common schools of his native town. At the age
of twenty years he began to learn the business of
manufacturing shoes, and followed the trade of shoe-
maker a number of years. Then he went into busi-
ness on his own account, manufacturing boots and
shoes in a factory on Pleasant street, where he con-
tinued for some years, removing at length to Ashby,
Massachusetts, where he bought the old Dr. Bowers
place of forty acres, in 1850. After working this
farm four years he sold it to Herrick and re-
moved to Groton, Massachusetts, in the section set
otf as Aver, where he bought of David Whitte-
more a tract of fifty acres and on this farm he re-
mained until he died, April I, 1891. He was em-
ployed in Groton by Addison Gage Company as car-
penter. Mr. Brigham was a member of the Uni-
tarian Church and at one time an officer. In politics
he was a Republican and served as constable of the
town of Ayer. He was a member of Engine Com-
pany No. 2. of Marlborough fire department, and a
prominent citizen there.

He married, September 7, 1845, Sophronia Rice,
born April 1, 1828, died May id. 1848, daughter of
Luke Rice, of Marlborough. He married (second),
at Ashby, January 22, 1850, Elizabeth Davenport,
born February 11, 1826, in Ashburnhani, daughter
of Isaac and Elizabeth (Whittemore) Davenport,
of West Boylston, Massachusetts. The only child
of Levi Samuel and Sophronia Brigham : Abel Rice,
born November 21, 1846, was in civil v I'any

B, Sixth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers; mar-
ried, October 7. 1874, Adelaide Taber, of Rockville,
Rhode Island; he died at Hopedale, May 18, 1906;
children — Delia Adelaide, born August 1. 1877, mar-
ried Francisco Ballou Follett, of Providence, Rhode
Island, a contractor : Everett Linwood, born Feb-
ruary 24, 1S80. Children of Levi Samuel and Eliza-



beth Brigham: Edward Davenport, born November
13. 1850, see forward. Orison Orlando, August 1,
1852, married Edwina Chapman, of New lurk state;
he dud in Gardner, Massachusetts, March, 1889.
Alary Alice, June 12, 1854, died August 7, 1855.
Lizzie Jane, June 15, 185O, died September 8, 1850.
Lyra Sophronia, born at Ashby, December 5, 1857,
died January __', 1902; married, November io, i860,
Willis E. Knight, of Hancock, New Hampshire;
children — Howard Law ton Knight, burn September
29, 1881 ; Flora .May, born May lb, 1884; Harry

Orrison Knight, n August 1, 1887; Elizabeth

Ida Knight, born March 8, 1890. Louise Elmer, No-
vember 29, 1861, lives at Gardner, Massachusetts.
Bertis Bigelovv, June 17, 1870, married, June 24,
1891, Mary Sprague, oi .Malone New York, and
had one child — Llara Estelle, born April 17, 1895.
(IX ) Edwin Davenport Brigham, son of Levi
Samuel Brigham 18), was born at Marlborough,
Massachusetts, where eight generations of bis fam-
ily have lived, November 13, 1850. He went to
school there for a short time, then removed with
his parents when he was six years old to the town
of Ashby, where he attended school four years. He
finished his schooling at Groton, now Aver, Massa-
chusetts, lie left Hie high school and went into
the box shop of Joseph Manning, of .Marlboro, and
was there six months; then with Exley Parsons for
a time, and then entered the employ of the Rumford
Chemical Company at East Providence, Rhode
Island, where he had charge of the stock for five
years. He then went to the Seekonk Ice Company,
Rhode Island, and for five years had charge of then-
teaming. He removed to Ashburnham in 1882 to
enter the ice business on his own account. In 1886
he added to his ice trade a wood and coal business
and that also has prospered. Mr. Brigham has an
ice house of eight hundred tons capacity. He has
a handsome residence in Ashburnham on Central
street, lie has a large place and does some farming
also. .Mr. Brighan is a Congregationalist in religion.
In politics be is an active Republic!!, and has often
served his party as delegate in nominating conven-
tions. He was overseer of the poor in Ashburnham
three years and superintendent of the water works
six years. He is a member of Naukeag Lodge, No.
196, Odd Fellows, of which he is past noble grand,
and is at present one of the officers. Pie was grand
lodge representative in 1905. He belongs to the
Ashburnham Farmers' Club.

He married, August 23, 1876, Elis Wanstrom,
born August 21, 1854, daughter of Henry M. Wan-
strom, of New Sweden, Maine, a blacksmith and
carpenter. Children of Edward Davenport and
Elis Brigham: Charles Edwin, born June 12, 187S,
died April 8, 1902; he graduated from dishing
Academy, Ashburnham, 1895. later from Bryant &
Sholter's Business Academy, and worked for the
J. P. Squire Company, Boston ; Fred Washington,
born July 7, 1882, graduate of Cushing Academy,
1901, and of the Illinois College of Photography,
now employed by the Rochester Camera Company,
Rochester, New York.

Brooks (i), was the emigrant ancestor of William
Smith Brooks, of Worcester, Massachusetts. He
was born probably in London, England, ami came
to this country in the ship "Susan and Ellen" in
1035. Pie settled in Watertown, New England, in
1050. He was admitted a freeman at Watertown,
December 7, 1636. Later he removed to Concord,
Massachusetts, where many of his descendants have
lived. He drew land on the uplands of Beaver brook
in 16,36. He was captain of the Concord company.

He was appointed by the general court constable
of Concord, December 8, 1638. He was representa-
tive to the general court trom Concord in 1642-
43-44-50-51-52-53. In 1640 he was appraiser of cattle
ami li rses for taxation, and appointed a special
officer to prevent drunkenness among the Indians.
In 1657 he obtained of the genial court a monopoly
of the fur trade with the Indians at Concord. His
wife Grace died May 12, 1OO4. In the October fol-
lowing he sold his homestead; he died May 21,
1607, leaving an estate valued at four hundred and
forty-eight pounds. He made no will. Children of
Captain Thomas and Grace Brooks were: Joshua,
see forward ; Caleb, born 1632 ; Gershom ; Mary,
married Captain Timothy Wheeler; Hannah, mar-
ried, December 13, 1047, Thomas box.

(.11.) Deacon Joshua Brooks, eldest son of Cap-
tain Thomas Brooks (1), was bom in England
probably. He married in Watertown, Massachusetts,
Uctober 17, 1653, Hannah Mason, daughter of Cap-
tain Hugh Mason. He settled in the southern part
of Concord, now Lincoln, Massachusetts, selling
las share of the paternal estate to his brother, Caleb
Brooks, of Mediord. He doubtless learned the fur
business of Captain Mason, whose daughter he mar-
ried. He was admitted a freeman May 26, 1O52.
Children of Deacon Joshua Brooks and Hannah
Mason Brooks, his wife, were: Hannah, born in
Concord, married Benjamin Pierce; J"ohn, born
1657; Noah, of Concord; Grace, born March 10,
1660-61; Daniel, see forward; Thomas, born Sep-
tember 9, 1666; Esther, July 4. 1668; Elizabeth, De-
cember 16, 1672: Job, July 20, 1675; Hugh, Jan-
uary I, 1677; Joseph, 1681.

(Ill) Daniel Brooks, fifth child of Deacon
Joshua Brooks (2), was born in Concord, Massa-
chusetts, November 15, 1663. He married, August
9, 1692, Ann Merriam. He died October 18, 1733,
at the age of sixty-nine. His will is dated January
6, 1728-29. It names his wife Anna, son John, daugh-
ter Mary Wheeler, daughter Anna Jones and sons-
Samuel and Job, the two last named being the
executors. Children of Daniel and Ann (Merriam)
Brooks were: Daniel, born June 5, 1693, died young;
Samuel, see forward; Hannah, February 21, 1695-
96; Job, April 16, 1698; Mary. May 2, 1699-1700;
John, February 12, 1702; David; Timothy, August
3, 1711; Daniel, April 19, 1720; Josiah, May 21,
1722; Anna, March 20, 1725. John settled in West-
minster; Samuel was a graduate of Harvard; Charles
settled in Princeton ; John lived in that part of Con-
cord, set off as Acton in 1735.

(IV) Samuel Brooks, second child of Daniel
Brooks 13), was born in Concord, Massachusetts,

May 5, 1694. He married Elizabeth , who

died January 31, 1782, aged seventy-five. They re-
sided in Concord, Massachusetts, where all their
children were born. He died April 6, 1758, aged
sixty-three years, ten months, twenty days. Their
children were: Samuel, born August 23, 1739;
Enoch, see forward; Mary, April 3, 1743; Ebsha.
June 28, 1746; Anna, April 30, 1748, died May 17,
1707, aged nineteen years, six months; Sarah, Sep-
tember 3, 1751; Mercy, April 26. 1755.

(V) Lieutenant Enoch Brooks, second child of
Samuel Brooks (4), was born in Concord, Massa-
chusetts, March 16, 1741-42. He died in Princeton,
Massachusetts, September 18, 1825, aged eighty-
three years. He married, July 4, 1771, Hannah
Jones, of Dedham, Massachusetts. She died at
Princeton, Massachusetts, December 10, 1834, at the
age of eighty-six years, lie was a soldier of dis-
tinction in the revolutionary war. Children of
Lieutenant Enoch and Hannah (Jones) Brooks
were all born in Princeton, where he settled before




the revolution with others of the family from Con-
cord. The children were: Elisha, horn April 9,
1772; John, May 12, 1774; Ezra, October 25, 1776,
see forward; Samuel, December 2, 1779; Hannah,
July 1, 1781 ; Enoch, Jr., May I, 1785; Stephen, Sep-
tember 23, 1787.

(VI) Ezra Brooks, son of Enoch Brooks (5),
was born in Princeton, Massachusetts, October 25,
1776. He married Sally Gregory. November 28,
1807. He was educated mi the public schools of
Princeton. Through all his active years he con-
ducted the Brooks farm and lived in the home-
stead. Children of Ezra and Sally (.Gregory)
Brooks, all born in Princeton, were : Elmira, born
April 29, 1809; Artemas Jones, September 6, 181 1 ;
see forward; Amos Jones, twin of the preceding,
born September 6, 1S11; Sally, born September 13,

(VII) Artemas Jones Brooks, twin son of Ezra
Brooks (6), was born in Princeton, Massachusetts,
September 0, 1811. He married Sarah Smith, of
Sudbury, (intentions dated October 12,) 1844. Jones
Brooks, as he was generally known, was brought up
on the old Brooks homestead and attended the public
schools of his native town. He in his turn con-
ducted the old farm in Princeton. He was a man
of many friends, of exceptional good nature and
happy disposition. In town affairs he was always
interested and influential. He held some town
offices. He was a Republican in politics. Children
of Jones and Sarah (.Smith) Brooks were: William
Smith, born in Princeton, May 26, 1840, see for-
ward ; Mary E., born in Princeton.

(VIII) William Smith Brooks, son of Artemas
Jones Brooks (71, was born in Princeton, Massa-
chusetts, May 26, 1840. He was educated in the
Princeton public schools and at Easthampton Acad-
emy. He followed the example of his forefathers
and became a farmer. He has made the business
of farming successful in a material way. In many
respects the Brooks farm is a model. Mr. Brooks
is a strong and influential Republican. He has
always taken an interest in town affairs. He has
held various minor town offices and is at present
a selectman. In a community composed largely of
farmers, Mr. Brooks has achieved a position of
trust and honor, having the confidence and esteem
of his neighbors and fellow citizens in an unusual
degree. He is a member of the Ancient Order of
United Workmen. He attends the Congregational

He married, October, 1867, Ella Maria Fay,
born January 3, 1848, died April 20, 1882, daugh-
ter of Deacon John B. Fay, of Princeton, who
married Sarah A. Hubbard, of Holden, October 7,
1841. John B. Fay was the son of Silas and Susanna
(Brooks) Fay, and was born March 19, 1816. Silas
married Susanna Brooks, October 9, 1804. He was
the son of Silas and Anna (Gleason) Fay. Children
of William Smith and Ellen Maria (Fay)
Brooks were born in Princeton, viz.: Mary E., born
December 28, 1870, married 1897, Dr. T. H. Stim-
son, and their children are: Fred H., William B.,
Elinor H. Frank H., born June 7, 1872, married
Hattie Monroe and they have a daughter, Ella B.
Wendell, born April 17, 1882, married, June 6, 1905,
Jennie Chase, of Belgrade, Maine.

KNIGHT FAMILY, (I) John Knight, the
emigrant of Watertown, Sudbury and # Woburn,
Massachusetts, is the progenitor of Dexter Knight,
James J. Knight and George M. Knight, of Leices-
ter, and of most of the families of the name in this
section of the country. John Knight was a maltster
and carpenter. He was a householder first at Cam-

bridge, Massachusetts, as early as 1035, and was a
proprietor of the adjoining town of VVatertown in
the next year. In 1641 he was in Watertown, for he
gave a bond for a payment in that year. He went
to Sudbury in 1640, and at that time sold land in
Watertown, August 4, 1640, and with his wife Mary
sold other Watertown lands in 1652. He was one
of the proprietors at Sudbury, but moved to W'oburn
and was proprietor there in 1650. His wife Mary
died May 16, 1676. He died May 29, 1674. His will,
dated February 14, 1672-3, was proved June 10,
1674; it confirmed a deed of gift to his grand-
child, Elizabeth Knight, daughter of John Knight,
Jr.; made a bequest to Abigail Knight, sister of
Elizabeth, and to his son-in-law, Robert Peirse, of
Weil mni, and his daughter, Mrs. Peirse.

(II) John Knight, only son of John Knight
(1), was born probably in England, and was a
cooper by trade. He was in Charlestown with his
father in 1653. He married, April 29, [654, Kuha-
mah Johnson. He married (second) a wife Persis,
after 1660. His children were : Ruhamah, born Jan-
uary 29, 1655, died same year; Elizabeth, born June
3, 1656; John, born November 4, 1657, married Abi-
gail Craggen, March 2, 1083; she died June 17,
1707; he died November 9, 1735; had ten children
born at W'oburn. among them Samuel and John;
Ruhamah, born February 16, 1659; Abigail. (The
writer is not positive that the following are chil-
dren of John by a second wife.) Persis, baptized
May 2, 1670; Mary, born July 31, 1670; Persis, born
March 17, 1672; John, born November 23, 1673;
Samuel, born September 12, 1675.

(III) Samuel Knight, son of John Knight (2),
was born in W'oburn, Massachusetts, September 12,
1675. He married and settled at Sudbury before
1717. His children were: Samuel, born 1709; Isaac,
born at Woburn, March 20, 1717.

(IV) Samuel Knight, son of Samuel Knight
(3), was born in Woburn, in 1710, and died Septem-
ber 11, 1801. He married at Framingham, April
23, 1740, Mary Rice. They settled in Sudbury,
Massachusetts, probably inheriting the lands of his
grandfather there. Their children were : Asel
(same as Asahel, man's name), born March 8,
1730-31, married Lucy Goodnow, February 20, 1760;
Samuel, born April 29, 1733 ; Abigail, born April
r 4> T 735> married Jotham Bellows, February 14,
t753.' Ann, born January 27, 1740-1 ; Mary, born
September 28, 1742; Benjamin, born December 26,

(V) Samuel Knight, son of Samuel Knight
(4), was born in Sudbury, Massachusetts, April 29,
l 733- He married Ann Clapp, July 1, 1756. Their
children were: Silas, born May 5, 1757; Azubah,
born September 2, 1759; Persis, born January 12,
1762-3; Ann, born April 12, 1764; Mary, born Feb-
ruary 21, 1767; Daniel, born April 1, 1770; Joel,
born August 30, 1772; William, born May 9, 1775;
Samuel, born March 30, 1777, married Ann Wheeler,
November 20, 1803, and had Israel, Samuel, Dana
and Thomas Jefferson. All the children were born
in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

(VI) Silas Knight, son of Samuel Knight (5),
was born in Sudbury, May 5, 1757, died September
8, 1842. He was a revolutionary soldier and a
wheelwright by trade. He married Martha Good-
now, who was born September 4, 1760, died March
19, 1836. He settled in New Braintree and Oak-
ham, Massachusetts. His children were: Silas, born
October 22, 1782, married Abiah E. Richmond, May
25, 1810; Hiram, born at Oakham, August 22, 1793.

(VII) Hiram Knight, son of Silas Knight (6),
was born in Oakham; Massachusetts, August 22,
!/93- Captain Hiram Knight was one of the sue-



cessful business men of Leicester, who began life
without capital and won a competence. He went to
Leicester at the age of twenty-one to work at his
trade. His first home was on Main street in the
house afterward occupied by the Leicester Boot
Company. The next year he moved to Leicester
Academy, of which he was the steward from 1819
to 1822. In 1823 he purchased the old Green Tavern.
(See Green Family). It stood on the corner of
Main and Paxton streets. Here for about two years
he kept the tavern in addition to following the
occupation of butchering and for a time was in part-
nership with Reuben Merriam in making card cloth-
ing and in a general store.

In 1825 he became a member of the firm of
James and John A. Smith & Co., who built and occu-
pied the factory where the woolen mill now stands.
The company also built the boarding house and the
brick factory above. This firm was founded by
Winthrop Earle in 1802 in a building in the rear
of Colonel Thomas Denny's factory, which stood east
of the Leicester Hotel. After his death in 1807
John Woodcock managed the business. The widow
of Winthrop Earle married Alpheus Smith in 1808
and he entered the business. Mr. Woodcock invented
the machine for splitting leather to a uniform thick-
ness. In 181 1 the factory was moved west of the
hotel and in 1812 it was enlarged. In that year
James Smith was admitted to partnership and the
firm name became Woodcock & Smith. In 1813 the
senior partner retired, and in the following year
John A. and Rufus Smith took his interests and for
a time the firm name was James & John A. Smith
& Co. Rufus Smith died in 1818. Hiram Knight
entered the firm October 18, 1825, with John Wood-
cock and Emory Dreury. In 1827 and 1828 they
built the brick factory. Mr. Dreury left the firm

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