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general store at South Ashburnham. Massachusetts,
under the firm name of Garlick & Long. At the
end of three years the partnership was dissolved
and Mr. Garlick continued the business alone. In
addition to this store, which is located in the lower
village, Mr. Garlick opened another near the rail-
road station on Center street, South Ashburnham,
and is at present running both stores very success-
fully. Air. Garlick owns a beautiful home at the
corner of Main and Westminister streets, formerly
the residence of W. F. Whitney.

Mr. Garlick attends the People's Congregational
Church. In politics he is a Republican and has
served his party as delegate to various representative
and state conventions. He is interested in town
affairs and a citizen of public spirit. He was select-
man for four years, assessor two years. He is a
member of Mavnard Lodge, No. 131, Odd Fellows,
of which he was sercetary while living in Maynard.
He was made a member of Hope Lodge. Free Ma-
sons, at Gardner, January 14, 1890; of North Star
Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, at Winchendon,
Massachusetts, December 12, 1892 ; of Hiram Coun-
cil, Royal and Select Masters, May 22, 1895; or"
Jerusalem Commandery, Knights Templar, at Fitch-
burg, January 21, 1895; of Worcester Lodge of
Perfection, fourteenth degree, Scottish Rite, January
8, 1891 ; of Goddard Council, sixteenth degree.
Princes of Jerusalem, March 2. 1S91, and of Law-
rence Chapter ot Rose Croix, eighteenth degree, at
Worcester, March 2, 1891. He is also a member
of Watatic Council, No. 1509, Royal Arcanum.

He married. May 8, 1883. at Maynard. Annie
Winifred Robinson, born in Leeds. England. July
13, 1862, daughter of John and Martha (Watson)
Robinson, of Leeds, England. Her father was a
spinner and 'later a canvasser. Children of Alfred
Edward and Annie W. Garlick are: Amy Evelyn,
born April 24, 1884; George Everett, December 25,
1885; Ralph Howard, January 18, 1888; Lillian
Alta, November 23, 1894; Alfred Robinson, Decem-
ber 14, 1899.

ham d), the immigrant ancestor of George Sum-
ner Graham and Charles Sumner Graham of Holden,
Massachusetts, was of Scotch ancestry, coming with
other Scotch pioneers among the early settlers of
Townsend, Massachusetts. The ancestors of the
Wallace or Wallis family of Fitchburg were set-
tlers of the same race in Townsend. Duncan Gra-
ham, another Scotch Presbyterian from the Ulster
Province of Ireland, settled in Rutland, Massachu-
setts, and Hugh Graham settled about 1740 in Wind-
ham. New Hampshire. A fourth pioneer of the
same name and quite likely of the same family was
Alexander Graham who settled in Antrim, New
Hampshire, ancestor of the Grahams of Lexington,
Massachusetts, and Putney. Vermont, families.

The children of Angus (Angas) and Isabel (Ez-
bel) Graham, all born in Townsend, Massachusetts,
except the eldest and perhaps some not known to
the writer, were: 1. John, mentioned below. 2.
Mary, horn May 31. 1743. married, January 8, 1763,
Alexander Mcintosh of Milestrip, New Hampshire.

3. David, born October 12. 1745. soldier in the rcvo-
lution 4. William, born Ma\ 10, 1748; soldier in
revolution, credited to Peterborough, New Hamp-
shire. 5, Ezbel, born June 4, 1750 (twin). 6. Eliza-
beth (twin), born June 4, 1750. 7. James, born
January 13, 1750: soldier in revolution. 8. David,
born January 13, 1756. 9. Margaret, horn Janury
29, 1750; married May 30, 1782, David Hall, of Ma-
son, Xew Hampshire.

(II) John Graham, son of Angus Graham (1),
was born about 1741. He and his brother William
have their revolutionary service credited to Peter-
borough, New Hampshire. John Graham was in a
Massachustts regiment but called of Peterborough;
private in Captain William . Scott's company of
Minute Men, Colonel Paul Dudley Sargent's regi-
ment (twenty-eighth Massachusetts), in 1773. He
was of Townsend when he married December 25,
IT' 1 ", Margaret Sloane. of Townsend. and they lived
there most of their days. All their children are
recorded there, viz: 1. John, April 6, 1767. 2. Sam-
uel, born July 5, 1769, mentioned below. 5. Jane,
born November 12, 1771. married Joseph Jeppson
of Townsend, February 28, 1793. 4. Elizabeth, born
February 28, 1774. 5. James, born May 27, 1777. 6.
Robert, born December 20, 1778.

(HI) Samuel Graham, son of John Graham (2),
was born July 5, 1769. He was a cooper by trade
and also a farmer, residing in the northeast part of
the town of Townsend. He married Elima Hutchins
of Carlisle, Massachusetts. Their children : 1. Sam-
uel, born December 20. 1795. 2. Elimah. born March
;. 1707; married Martin Bartlett of Towmsend. 3.
Daniel, born April 10, 1800. 4. Rev. John, born
June 18, 1802. 5. Asa, born April 1, 1804; mar-
ried Submit Adams. 6. Elikim, born February 13,
1807. 7. Hartwell, born February 27, 1810. 8. Mary,
married Rufus Fassett of Winchester, New Hamp-
shire. 9. Roxy, married Josiah Flagg of Town-

(II) Samuel Graham, son of Samuel Graham
(1), was born in Townsend, Massachusetts, Decem-
ber 20, 1795. He received a common school edu-
cation, and worked during his youth with his father
on the farm. He also learned the cooper's trade
of his father. In fact most of the farmers of New
England learned a trade which they followed during
the winter months. Most of the Townsend farmers
were coopers and worked in their own shops in
winters. Mr. Graham in later years had a shop
on his place. He sold his Townsend farm and re-
moved to New York, but stayed there only one
year. Before that he had worked at farming in
"Bedford, Massachusetts, and for Increase Sumner
in Reading. Massachusetts. After returning from
New York state, about 1S23. he removed to Leom-
inster, where he bought a farm three-quarters of a
mile east of the village of North Leominster, known
as the old Tom Lawrence place; containing fifty
acres. He lived there and carried on the farm for
twenty years. In 1843 he retired to his father's
farm, Townsend. where he remained two years, and
then bought the William Manning farm, in the
north part, a mile and a half from the center of the
village. This farm had one hundred and fifty acres.
In 1S69 he sold out and removed to Holden. Massa-
chusetts, with his son. He was a member and
trustee of the Methodist Church, at Townsend. Orig-
inally he was a Democrat in politics, but later be-
came a Republican. He was road surveyor and
highway commissioner of the town. He enlisted in
the war of 1812 with Great Britain, but never served

He married Ascnath Adams, daughter of John
and Asenath (Bartlett) Adams, of Townsend. The

3 82


children: i. Dana, born at Townsend, May 9, 1821,
married Lucy Grant, of Northfield, Vermont. 2.
Asenath, born at Townsend, April 20, 1823, married
Joseph Gibson, of Leominster, Massachusetts. 3.
Elima Hutchins, born at Leominster, January 9,
1828 died at Clinton, August 24. 1864 ; married
(first) Charles Merriam, of Leominster, Massachu-
setts, and (second) T. F. Sibley, of Petersham,
Massachusetts. 4. Eldridge, born at Townsend, June
4. 1825. 5. Cynthia Adams, born at Leominster,
March 23, 1830, died at Centralia, Illinois, June 9,
1837; married Alfred Seeley, of Leominster, Massa-
chusetts. 6. Eliakim, born at Leominster, May 29,
1832, died February 4, 1876; married Mary Fen-
niger. 7. Warren, born Leominster, November 4,
1834, died September 14, 1836. 8. Samuel Warren,
born at Leominster, January 23, 1837, died Febru-
a D 23, 1837. 9. Samuel A., born at Leominster,
.March 20, 1838. married (first) Sarah Severance,
of Townsend, and (second) Mrs. Martha Little-
field. 10. George Sumner, born November 8, 1840,
see forward. 11. Martha Ann. born at Leominster,
April 23, 1843, married, November 14, 1866, George
Merriam, of Sterling; children — i. Charles IJ.,
born July 18. 1868, married Calista B. Robertson;
they have James Francis, born October 30. 1897, died
August, 1898 ; Jessie Mabel, born February 3,
1899; Gertrude Martha, born January 15, 1003;
Grace Isabel, born October 29, 1904; ii. Herbert
Warren, born February 7, 1870. died June 15. 1882;
iii. Alvah F., born April 7, 1876, married Helen M.
Mills and they have Florence E., born May 24,
1902; iv. Elmer G., born October 17, 1880, married
Evaline A. Rodgers. 12. Emily Frances, born May
26, [846, unmarried, living at Holden, Massachu-

(Ill) George Sumner Graham, son of Samuel
Graham (2), was born in Leominster, Massachu-
setts, November 8, 1840. When he was only three
years old the family removed to Townsend, Massa-
chusetts, and he was educated there in the public
schools and in the New Ipswich Academy at New
Ipswich, New Hampshire, where he studied for
one year. He entered Franklin Marshall College
at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but left at the end of
his freshman year to enlist in the army. He en-
tered Company D, Fifty-third Regiment Massachu-
setts Volunteers, Colonel John W. Kimball, of Fitch-
burg. September 2. 1862. His regiment was in the
Nineteenth Army Corps and served at Port Hud-
son during the memorable campaign there. He was
mustered out September 2, 1S63 ; returned to col-
lege, but left again to enlist July 16, 1864, in corn-
pan; C, Fifth Massachusetts, and served for four
months in the vicinity of Baltimore, Maryland. He
finally discharged November 16, 1864. He took
a course of study at the Eastman Business College
111 Poughkeepsie, New York. He then came to
Clinton, Massachusetts, to take a position in the
counting room of Fuller & Brigham, manufacturers
of wire tape, where he remained one year. He was
then admitted to the firm of Sibley & Lawrence,
dealer', in meat and provisions, but at the end of a
year the firm was dissolved and he took charge of
Ins father's farm at Townsend for two years. In
1869 he and his father removed to Holden. Massa-
chusetts, to the Alfred Sawyer farm which his
father bought. It consisted of a hundred acres of
land heated in the eastern part of the town. When
his father died, November 15, 1874. he came into
possession of the farm and has since then conducted
it. He has an excellent dairy.

Mr. Graham ami his family attend the Holden

I gregational Church. In politics he is a Repub-

Me has been overseer of the poor since 1891 ;

a member of the cemetery committee for twenty
years ; road commissioner and road surveyor. He
has been delegate to various councillor, county and
senatorial conventions. He is a member of Holden
Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, and has been its
master two terms. He is a member of Theron E.
Hall Post, Grand Army, and has been commander.
He is also a member of the Worcester Agricultural
Society and the Fruit Growers' Association.

He married, April 15, 1869, Martha Elizabeth
Lewis, born March 20, 1846, at Concord, Massa-
chusetts, daughter of Charles Henry and Mary
Elizabeth (Gleason) Lewis. Her father was a stone
mason. The children: 1. Charles Sumner, born
March 5, 1870, see forward. 2. Maud Elima, born
November 4, 1871, married, June 7, 1893, Thomas
Walter Howe, of Holden; their children — i. Alice
Gertrude Howe, born August 6, 1894; ii. Edith
Marion Howe, born May 27, 1896; iii. Clifford
Parker Howe, born January 28, 1899; iv. Mildred
Evelyn Howe, born March 5, 1903. 3. Edith Mabel,
born January 25, 1874, died July 9, 1887. 4. Bertha
Amanda, born April 14, 1876, married Charles B.
Jordan, of Holden, and they have : i. Helen Mildred,
ii. Howard Lyman, iii. Elsie Maud Jordan. 5. Agnes
Mabel, born November 27, 1S79, died January 3,
1880. 6. Florence Ethel, born April 17, 1882, un-
married ; resides in Holden, Massachusetts. 7. Al-
bert Arthur, born January 6, 1884, is living at home
in Holden, unmarried.

(IV) Charles Sumner Graham, son of George
Sumner Graham (3), was born at Holden, Massa-
chusetts, March 5, 1870. He was fitted for college
in the Holden public and high schools, and gradu-
ated in 1892 from Amherst Agricultural College,
receiving the degree of Bachelor of Science. Shortly
after graduation he was appointed superintendent
of the farm department of the Lyman State School
at Westborough, Massachusetts, a position that he
filled for nine years. He then bought his present
farm in Holden of the heirs of Fred Condon. This
farm consists of eighty-four acres of tillage and
woodland, located in the eastern part of the town
on Highland street, and is known as the old Abner
Greenwood place. Mr. Graham has a large dairy
and is a prosperous farmer. He is a Congrega-
tionalist in religion and a Republican in politics.
He is a member of Holden Grange, No. 78, Patrons
of Husbandry, and is at present the master. He be-
longs to Camp No. 122, Sons of Veterans; the Wor-
cester County Bee Keepers' Association and to the
Massachusetts Fruit Growers' Association.

He married, September 16, 1896. Annie Blan-
chard. born July 31, 1863, at West Windham. New
Hampshire, daughter of Benjamin E. and Zoe Ann
(Hills) Blanchard. Her father was a farmer and
prominent citizen of Wincham, serving in many
positions of trust and honor. Their only child is
George Edwin, born at Westboro, Massachusetts,
September 19,' 1897.

JACOB P. GATES. Stephen Gates, the inimi-
gran ancestor of all the Worcester county families
of this surname, was progenitor of Jacob P. Gates,
of Ashburnham, Massachusetts. His ancestral line-
age is given in this work — (Thomas. Peter, Geoff-
rey. Geoffrey, Sir Geoffrey, William. Sir Goffrey,
William, Thomas Gates), an ancient and distin-
guished English family. Stephen Gates came from
Hingham, England, in 1638. to Hingham, Massa-
chusetts. He was admitted a freeman May 14, 1656:
lie removed to Cambridge. Massachusetts, about
1652: li was in Lancaster in 1656 and for a few
years afterward, but disagreed with some of his
neighbors and left town, returning to Cambridge,



■where he died 1662. His will was dated June 9,
1662, and proved November 24, 1662. He bequeathed
to his wife Ann; sons Simon, Stephen and Thomas;
daughters Elizabeth and Mary Maynard. His widow
married (second) Richard Woodward (see Wood-
ward sketch). She died February 5, 1682. Her
will was dated April 18, 1682, and proved April 9,
1683, and in it she states : "My last husband's name
was Woodward, but I generally went by the name
of Gates."

Children of Stephen and Ann Gates: Eliza-
beth, married in Hingham, John Lasell (See Lasell
family of Whitinsville) ; Mary, married, April 5,
1658,' John Maynard; Stephen, burn 1(140, see for-
ward ; Thomas, born 1642, married, July 6, 1670,
Elizabeth Freeman; Simon, born 1645, died April
21, 1693, at Brockton; Isaac, baptized May 5. 1646,
died September 3, 1651; Rebecca, baptized May 5,
1646, died January, 1650.

(II) Stephen Gates, son of Stephen Gates (1),
was born in Hingham, 1640, and died in Acton,
Massachusetts, 1706. He settled first in Boston, but
in 1673 bought a tract of three hundred acres of
land on the Assabet river, in the town of Stow, and
was one of the first proprietors of that town. I lis
brother Thomas also located in Stow and the name
of Gates has been very numerous in Stow. He
was one of the early proprietors of the town of
Preston, Connecticut, and some of his children set-
tled there. He remained in Stow. His will was
dated September 5, 1701, and proved 1707. He mar-
ried Sarah Woodward, daughter of George and Han-
nah Woodward, of Watertown. Their children:
Stephen, born July 17, 1665; Simon, born June 5,
1666, see forward: Thomas, born December 31, 1669,
died 1740, at Preston; married, December, 1695,
Margaret Geer, of Preston ; Isaac, born 1673, died
November 22, 1748, at Stow; Nathaniel, born 1675;
Sarah, born April 27, 1679, at Marlborough : Re-
becca, born July 23, 1682, at Marlborough; Daniel,
born April 23, 1685, at Marlborough.

(III) Simon Gates, son of Stephen Gates (2),
was born in Stow, Massachusetts, June 5, 1666, mar-
ried there, May 4, 1688, Hannah Benjamin, of Stow.
Children, named in his will: Simon, Joseph, mar-
ried, 172S, Prudence Hamlin; Benjamin, married.
1727, Bethsheba Rice, born March 24, 1704; Elisha,

Israel, Amos, see forward; Hannah, married

Heald : Mary, married Haynes ; Susanna,

married Fletcher; Elizabeth, married


( IV') Amos Gates, son of Simon Gates (3), was
born in Stow, Massachusetts, about 1710. He was
the ancestor of most of the Gates families of Gard-
ner, Westminster and Ashburnham through his suns.
He may have been a proprietor of land in that
vicinity himself. His children: Oliver, born about
1734, see forward; Amos, Jr., born at Stow. April
15. 1735, died 1804, aged sixty-nine years; married,
1771. Elizabeth Laws, of Littleton: she died April
18, 1825; he bought land in Westminster and settled
there; Simon, died September I, 1833, aged eighty-
eight years, at Gardner ; married Susannah Reed,
of Stow : Abraham, settled in Ashby, soldier in
revolution, 1775 and 1777 ; Asa; Jacob; Isaac, born
October 22, 1746, died February 17. 1X31, aged
eightv-four years, soldier in revolution.

(V) Oliver Gates, son of Amos Gates (4), was
born in Stow. Massachusetts, about 1734. He mar-
ried, about 1758, Lucy . He was in the revo-
lution, April 19, 1775, in the Stow company at Lex-
ington, and in 1777 served in the Northern army
miller Captain Rice. He resided in Stow. Children :
Oliver, born April 12. 1759. at Stow; Luther, April
6, 1761; David, June 17. 1763; Joel, May 4, 1765;

Isaiah, May 4, 1771, see forward; Lucy, February
z8, 1774; Oliver, September 6, 1776; David, April
27, 1786.

(VI) Isaiah Gates, son of Oliver Gates (5),
was born in Stow, Massachusetts, May 4, 1771. He
settled on a farm in Stow and lived there most of
bis active life. He was a member of the Stow
church. In politics he was a Whig, in his later
years. He married, August 21, 1794, Susannah Hap-
good, born in Stow, November 13, 1777. She died
March 5, 1847; he died March 31, 1822. Their chiL

dren : Joel, born 1796, married Piper and

they had — Emily, Frank, George, Eliza, Mary.
Everett, born at Stow, September 11, 1798, see for-

(VII) Everett Gates, son of Isaiah Gates (6),
was born at Stow, Massachusetts, September 11,
1798, and removed to Ashby. He attended the
common schools there, and worked on his father's
farm at Ashby until he was about twenty-four years
of age, when he left home and bought a. farm for
himself in the town of Ashby, Massachusetts, of
sixty acres and had been called the Blood Hill place.
He lived there until 1848, when he sold the farm to
one Mansfield and returned to a farm in the West-
ern part of the town. He had a blacksmith shop
received in his trade with Mansfield, and this shop
he conducted for a time but sold finally to John
Burr. His Ashby estate was formerly known as the
Job Davis farm and consisted of seventy acres of
land. He died there April 20, i860. He was a
Democrat in politics. He trained with the state
militia when a young man. .

He married, January 30, 1822, Chloe Constan-
tine, born February 26, 1803, daughter of Jacob and
Elizabeth (Whitman) Constantine. Her father was
a farmer. Their children: 1. John L., born No-
vember 3, 1822, died June 2, 1829. 2. Charles Ever-
ett, born February 16, 1825, died October 23, 1864,
unmarried. 3. James L., born May 3, 1827, died
June 16, 1829. 4. Jacob Philbrick, born April 20,
1829, see forward. 5. George O., born May 8. 1832,
died March 24, 1839. 6. Mary E.. born May 6, 1835,
died April 2. 1895. 7. Timothy Noyes, born Jan-
uary- 16, 1837, married, September 15, 1859, Mary
Ann Whittemore ; children — David Everett, born Au-
gust 24, i860, married Flora Hill, one child; he died
June 2. 1897: Hattie E.. born March 11, 1867, mar-
ried Fred Richardson; Henry C. born June 28, 1870;
Carrie F., born February 8, 1S73. died September

I 1883; James A., born July 3, 1877, died March 6,
1S90; Sarah E., born November 3, 1879, died Febru-
ary 20, 1890. 8. Otis E., born September 26, 1839,
died October 21, 1857. 9. Francis M., born April
4. 1S42. married Elizabeth M. Reynolds, November
14, 1904. 10. Eliza Jane, born June 23, 1844, died
June 27. 1852. 11. Eugene C. born July 16. [847,
married, October 14, 1896, in Ashby, Ellen Gold, of

(VIII) Jacob Philbrick Gates, son of Eeverett
Gates (7), was born in Ashby, Massachusetts, April
20, 1829. He was educated in the common schools
during the winter terms, working on his father's
farm in the summer after he was old enough. He
worked for a time in Ashburnham on the farm of
John Wilker. whose daughter he married, and later
carried on the farm fi r Mr Wilker. He finally
bought the Wilker farm and built his residence on

II \ few years later he built a large saw mill,
where he has since manufactured shingles, chair
stock and other lumber. His mill is equipped with
the best machinery and has steam power Besides
his lumber business. Mr. Gales, together with his
son, conducts a dairv farm and delivers milk to
their customers in Fitchburg. He has also made

?8 4


butter extensively and done some market garden-
ing. His farm is in the northeastern part of the
town near the Ashby line and includes about two
hundred acres of tilage and woodland. Mr. Gates
is a man of high character and large influence among
his townsmen. He attends the Unitarian Church
at Ashby. In politics he is a Republican and has
held the office of road surveyor in Ashburnham.

He married, September 18, 1854, Sarah Wilker,
born October 9, 1835, daughter of John and Phebe
(Fairbanks) Wilker, of Ashburnham, Massachu-
setts. John Wilker, born where Jacob Gates lives,
April 3, 1805. He was educated in the common
schools and followed farming all his life on a one
hundred acre farm. He died 1880. He was a son of
George Wilker, born in Boston, son of John Wilker.
who came as a pioneer. 1775, and built a log house
nearby and spent his life here; died 1 719. His son
George died 1841 ; he built a house here which is
still standing, where Mrs. Jacob Gates was bom
and marrred in one room. Here her grandfather
died, having spent his life from 14 years of age on
this farm. The children of Jacob P. and Sarah
(Wilker) Gates were: I. Flora Georgiana, born
November 17, 1855, married, March 26, 1891, Andrew
B. Macomber, of Worcester; he died January 4,
1906, no issue. 2. Willie Emerson, burn August
15, 1862, died December 19, 1863. 3. Clara Mel-
vina, born January 9, 1865. married. November 2,
1887. John Slocumb, of Westminster, Massachusetts;
child, Pearl Goldie, horn April 2, 18,89. 4. Fred
Ellsworth, born July 25, 18(19, married. September
18, 1895. Hallie Robbins; of Brooklyn. New Hamp-
shire, children — Ellsworth, born October 26, 1896;
Harold Robbins, August 17, 1898; Ruth Adelia,
March 21, 1901.

WILLIAM B. RAMSDELL. Joseph Ramsdell
(1), or as it was often spelled on the old records
Ramsden, was the immigrant ancestor of William
B. Ramsdell, late of Warren, Massachusetts. Pie
was born in England, probably about 1620, and was
an early settler in Plymouth. His name first ap-
pears on the records of Plymouth as owner of land
planted on shares in 1641. He was on the list of
Plymouth men able to bear arms in 1643. He mar-
ried (first), March, 1645, Rachel Eaton, who was
born 1625, the daughter of Francis Eaton. He mar-
ried (second), October 16, 1661, Mary Savory. The
only child named on the records and the only one
known to genealogists is Daniel, born at Plymouth,
September 14, 1649, of whom later.

(II) Daniel Ramsdell, only child known of
Joseph Ramsdell (1), was born September 14, 1649,'
at Plymouth, Massachusetts. His name appears on
the Plymouth records again in 1665. He married

Sarah . The children of Daniel Ramsdell, so

far as known, were : Thomas, born about 1680, of
whom later; Samuel, born 1689-90; Joseph, born
1693; Benjamin, born 1699; Hannah, born 1700.

(III) Thomas Ramsdell, son of Daniel Rams-
dell (2), was born about 1680 in the Plymouth
colony. He and his brother, Samuel Ramsdell, set-
tled in Scituate in that part that was set off as
Hanover. They removed in 1711 or 1712 His widow
Sarah died in Hanover, in 1773, at the advanced age
of ninety-one years. She must have been born,
therefore, in 1682. He died at Hanover, September
if', 1727, a comparatively young man. The fact that
Thomas was the father of Joseph, ancestor of the
Warren family, is established b'y the death record
of Thomas Ramsdell, which states that fact in as
many words.

The children of Thomas and Sarah Ramsdell
were: Joseph, of whom later; Gideon, born Sep-

tember 13, 1712; Sarah, born July 12, 1715; Mercy,
born November 5, 1717, married Peleg Stetson,

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