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jyear he purchased of William Ward, of Newtown,
another tract of land in Hassanamisco of sixty acres
for which he paid five hundred pounds. Although
his father, James Barnard, died when Isaac was
twenty-four years of age, the young man located
a home within this frontier settlement and in due
time became an unusually thrifty and active real
estate dealer for his day, more than thirty transfers
having been recorded to him, a record which is
exceeded only by his son John, the great-grand-
father of George Augustus Barnard, John having at
least sixty transfers recorded to his name.

After a residence of a few years in Grafton,
Isaac removed to that part of Sutton now known
as Millbury, locating on a farm near the gun factory
of Mr. Asa Waters. His next and final move was
to transfer his residence to the town of Worcester,
in which place his son John had previously lo-
cated in 1771 or 1772. This was the introduction
of the Barnard family of the Worcester township,
and from that time to the present the name has been
prominently associated with the local affairs of both
church and state. Few public offices within the
gift of the townspeople but have been generously
dealt out to the members of this family. The
chief or principal occupation' of the male members
of this family has been that of agriculture, but
the last two generations in this particular line have
found time to incorporate other employment with
that of husbandry.

Captain John Barnard, father of George Augus-
tus Barnard, while carrying on his farm work ad-
vertised also in 1856 as a slater, he being the first
to establish the business in this county. At that
time the cost of slated roofs were far in excess of
those covered with shingles, besides, it was thought
to be the introduction of a luxury which only the
rich could afford, therefore Mr. Barnard had little
competition. That, however, did not inspire him
to make excessive charges, and by fair and honor-
able dealing he built up a steadily growing busi-
ness which at his death, about the year 1873, George
Augustus acquired and fur more than thirty years
has conducted it with skill and profit. The volume
of business has been increased many fold, and
today it is one of the largest industries of its kind
in the state. He is a dealer in all kinds of copper,
tin and galvanized iron work, metal skylights,
asphalt and coal tar. He can turn out at his plant
on Prescott street, Worcester, sheet metal work for
building purposes and ornamental work of every
description, and the samples of his work to be
found in the various cities and towns throughout
the commonwealth of Massachusetts and neighbor-
ing states attest to the thorough workmanship and
skillful manner in which the contracts with Mr.
Barnard are executed.

(I). The immigrant ancestor of this branch of
the family was John Barnard, who with wife Phebe
and sons — John and Samuel — aged, respectively, two
and one years, left Ipswich. England, in the ship
■"Elizabeth." William Andrews, master, on April

10, 1634, and found their way to the Massachusetts
Bay colony and settled in Watertown, where he
was admitted a freeman March 4, 1635, becoming
one of the proprietors of that place in 1636-37, .and
selectman in 1644. He was buried March 4, 1646.
His wife Phebe died August 1685. Their children
were: John, born 163 1 ; Samuel, 1633, died 1685;
Hannah, married Samuel Goffe, 1655; James, mar-
ried, 1666; Mary, November, 1639, married in 1662,
William Bassett, of Newton; Joseph, 1642; Benja-
min, died 1694; Elizabeth, married, 1671, John Dix.

(II) John Barnard, son of John Barnard (1),
born 1631, was admitted freeman 1671. He mar-
ried Sarah Fleming, November 15, 1654. Residence,
Watertown. They had nine children, three of whom
died young, and the remainder were : John, born
October 30, 1657; Samuel, March 25, 1664 ; James,
January 14, 1666-67; Ann, September, 1670; Phebe,
August 8, 1673; Jane, March 17, 1678.

(III) James Barnard, son of John Barnard (2),
born January 14, 1666-67, married, December 16,
1692, Judith, daughter of Ensign Samuel Jennison,
and eldest sister of the first judge, William Jenni-
son, a prominent early settler of Worcester. Mr.
Barnard resided in Watertown, where he died Janu-
ary 23, 1726, leaving four children: James, born Au-
gust 3, 1696; Samuel, July 19, 1699, married Susan-
nah Harrington, and died 1762; Isaac, March 13,
1701-02; Hannah, June 1, 1705.

(IV) Isaac Barnard, third child of James
Barnard (3), married, November 15, 1726, Sarah,
daughter of Lieutenant Samuel and Mary
( Hawkins) Stearns. She was a sister of Prudence
Stearns, first wife of Francis Harrington, ancestor
of our ex-Mayor Harrington. Mr. Barnard re-
moved from Watertown to Hassanamisco, now Graf-
ton, about the year 1730, from thence, after a few
years, to that part of Sutton now known as Mill-
bury, and later, about 1772, located in Worcester.
He was an extensive farmer and land owner, also
justice of the peace, and bore the title of esquire.
He was disposed to remain loyal to his King and
his government, for at the age of seventy-three
years it was natural he should not care to take
up arms or rebel against the power under which he
held a commission. Therefore, during the political
agitation in choosing sides for the revolutionary
struggle he remained passive. But for signing the pro-
test against action of the inhabitants of the town,
June 20, 1774, he was with others called to an ac-
count by "The American Political Party" of Worces-
ter, and subsequently with forty-two others signed a
recantation, September 5, 1774, and was left to
enjoy his political views in peace. He died March
18, 1788, aged eighty-one years. His wife died
April 9, 1806, aged ninety-seven years. They were
buried on the commons. Their children were : Isaac,
born May 27, 1727; Sarah, May 11, 1729, married
Rev. James Wellman ; Jonathan, March 31, 1732;
Joshua. December 4, 1734; Solomon, May 15, 1737;
Hannah, October 3, 1739, married Rev. Archibald
Campbell; Mary, September 13, 1741 ; John, August

11, 1743; Phebe, 1746; Judith, born 1751.

(V) Captain John Barnard, eighth child of Isaac
Barnard (4). married, October 30, 1766, Sarah Fiske,
and settled in Worcester about 1771, where he be-
came a prominent citizen. He administered on his
father's estate, and held various public town of-
fices. More than sixty transfers of real estate were
recorded to him. He served as collector of taxes
for the town, also on school committee, and signed
the request asking to have Rev. Aaron Bancroft
called to preach at the Old South Church. He died
September 13, 1830, aged eighty-seven years. His
wife died February 4, 1834, aged eighty-four years.

/ rV ^n^-^^<L^-C^^<^-^



Their children were: Sarah, born February 2,
1770; Polly, February 13, 1773; Lewis, December
-'5. i7"6.

(VI) Captain Lewis Barnard, youngest son of
John Barnard (5), married. December 9, 1802,

Bathsheba, daughter of Ebenezer Lovell. Captain
Barnard was a prominent and valued citizen of
Worcester. From early manhood he was assigned
places of public trust, and throughout his long
life held the confidence of the townspeople. He
was one of the town's committee who, January 5,
1818, recommended the purchasing by the town of
the Widow Rebeckah Jennison farm to be used as
a home fur the town's poor. Previous to this time
the poor of the town had been boarded out at
private homes in various parts of the town. This
report was accepted and the same committee author-
ized to purchase the farm, and in 1825 he was on
tlie committee to build a barn on the poor house
land. He was one of the selectmen in 1830, also
chosen in 1831, was one of a committee of three
to build the Thomas street school house, and De-
cember 31, 1838, was on the committee to consider
■enlarging and altering the town hall. He died April
6, 1853. His wife died August 13, 1847. Their
children were: John, born October 14, 1803;
Ebenezer Lovell, March 19, 1805 ; Eliza, March 23,
1811; Lewis, May 15, 1816; Harriet, May 17, 1819;
Mary, November 22, 1821, married Adam L. Har-

(VII) Captain John Barnard, eldest son of
Captain Lewis Barnard (6), married. May 18, 1826,
Sarah Rice Bigelow, daughter of Walter and Judith
(Trowbridge) Bigelow, born December 23, 1800.
■Captain Barnard was a farmer, and also intro-
duced the slating of roofs, establishing the busi-
ness which in the hands of his son. .George Au-
gustus Barnard, has grown to such generous pro-
portions. Their children were : Andrew Bigelow,
born February 15, 1827; John Fiske, April 23, 1829;
CJeorge Augustus, January 18, 1833.

( \/II) Lewis Barnard, son of Captain Lewis
(6) and Bathsheba (Lovell) Barnard, born in Wor-
cester, May 15, 1816, died March 31, 1897. He
was in active business in Worcester for half a cen-
•tury. For many years he was an active member
of and senior partner in the large dry goods house —
seci md to none in this part of Massachusetts — the
firm of Barnard. Sumner & Company. He obtained
liis education in the common schools, at the high
■school in Templeton, and at the Leicester Academy.
When twenty-three years of age — in 1839 — he en-
gaged in the dry goods business in Springfield. Mas-
sachusetts, where he remained until 1842. In 1847,
having returned to Worcester, he became associated
in business with Henry H. Chamberlain, and later
with George Sumner .and Otis E. Putnam. In 1890
the comnany was incorporated as the Barnard, Sum-
ner & Putnam Comnany. with Mr. Barnard as its
-president. During all these years our subject stood
high among the public-spirited men of Worcester.
He served five years as a member of the board of
aldermen, and was a representative at the general
court of Massachusetts from 1870 to 1873, being on
important committees, including railroads and insur-
ance, in both of which he served as chairman.
From 1S55 he was a director of the City Bank, a
director of the Bay State Fire and the Manufac-
turers' Mutual Insurance Comnanies, a director of
the Boston. Barre & Gardner Railroad, also trustee
of the Mechanics' Savings Bank. To gain a rest
from business cares he spent two years in travel
with his family in Europe. His fine residence situ-
ated on Lincoln street is still in the possession of
his children

He was united in marriage September 2, 1839,
to Mary Ann, daughter of Roland and Annie
(Clark) Parkhurst. One son, John Clark Barnard,
and two daughters, Mary Flora and Helen Jose-
phine survived their parents.

(VIII) George Augustus Barnard, youngest son
of Captain John (7) and Sarah Rice (Bigelow)
Barnard, was born January 18, 1833, in the
house in which he now lives at the corner of
Millbrook and Burncoat streets. He attended the
old Adams Square School and for a short time
was a pupil in a private school.

At the age of seventeen he went to work as a
clerk in Adolphus Baylies' grocery store. He stayed
here for three years and then went back to the
farm but in 1855 he engaged, with his father, in
the roofing business in which he has continued to
the present time. In 1886 he bought out the sheet
metal works operated by Henry C. Fish on Union
street and, moving it into his shop on Prescott
street, has run it ever since in connection with
the roofing business. Both branches have increased
steadily in volume and importance and now a large
business is being done all through the north-eastern

Though not a member of any church Mr. Barnard
attends the First Unitarian Church regularly, as
have four generations of his family before him.
A Republican in politics, he has repeatedly de-
clined public office with the exception of two years,
1872-73, when he served on the city council. He
is at present one of the trustees of "the Five Cents
Savings Bank of Worcester.

On June 18, 1857 George Augustus Barnard mar-
ried Almira Hayden, daughter of Joseph D. and
Susannah (Patridge) Fuller, and born in Holden,
July 30, 1833. Their children are: George F.. born
April 20, 1858, married Alice, daughter of Henry
and Caroline (Ruggles) Mason. Both Mr. Barnard
and his wife were educated in the Worcester schools,
graduating from the high school, and have made
their home in Worcester. Their children are Mason,
John, George A. 2nd, Lewis R. Sarah, born Au-
gust 12, 1861, married Frederick G. Davis. Resi-
dence Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Their children :
John Barnard, born September 17, 1898, in Chicago;
William Brewster, born March 4,' 1901, in Chicago.
Walter, born October 24, 1862, married Alice Holden.
Graduate of Worcester schools : residence Worces-
ter. Have one child, Mary Bigelow. Josephine,
born December 30, 1869. married Sumner A. Brooks,
September 7, 1898 ; residence Cambridge ; graduate
Cowles Art School. Roy A., born March 30, 1876,
attended Worcester schools and the Worcester Poly-
technic Institute, graduating with the class of 1897.
The sons are all associated with the father in busi-

(I) Thomas Whittemore, the emigrant ancestor of
Arthur Nathaniel Whittemore, of Worcester, has
a long line of English ancestry traced in England
and given under the genealogy of Eli J. Whitte-
more in this work. Few American families have
been able to obtain their English pedigree at all,
very few with the completeness of the Whittemore

Thomas Whittemore was born at Hitchin, Eng-
land. He married (first) unknown ; (second) Sarah
Deardes, April 14, 1623. She was buried November
17, 162S. He married (third) Hannah, who was born
in 1612. They were among the earliest settlers of
Charlestown, Massachusetts, and their farm was in
the part of Charlestown set off as Maiden. He died
at Maiden, May 25, 1661. For more details see sketch



of Eli J. Whittemore. His children were: Sarah,
baptized April 14, 1&16; Mary, baptized May 12,
1624; Thomas, baptized October 6, 1626; Daniel,
born in England, baptized July 31, 1633; John, bap-
tized April 27, 1635, died young; Nathaniel, born
May I, 1636; John, baptized February II, 1638-9;
(all of the preceding children were born at Hitchin,
England): Elizabeth, Benjamin, Thomas, Samuel,
Peletiah. died 1678 ; Abraham, was in army in 1675,
died January 14, 1690, aged thirty-five years.

(Ill Daniel Whittemore, fourth child of Thomas
Whittemore (1), was baptized July 31, 1633, at
Hitchin, England. He settled in Maiden, Massachu-
setts. He married Mary Mellins, daughter of
Richard Mellins, of Charlestown, Massachusetts,
March 7, iooj, died May II, 1683. His homestead
was bequeathed to his two sons, John and Daniel,
by a nuncupative will. John was the father of John
Whittemore, of Leicester, ancestor of the Leicester
branch given elsewhere in this work. To Daniel
was given the dwelling house in Maiden. Mary
Mellins, his widow, was the administratrix. Then-
children were : Daniel, see forward : John, born
February 12, 1664-5, died at Maiden, 1730; Thomas,
born March 5, 1667; Mary, February 15, 166S-9;
Nathaniel, February 7, 1670; Peletiah, born 1OS0;

(III) Daniel Whittemore, eldest son of Daniel
Whittemore (2), was born at Maiden, Massachu-
chusetts, April 27, 1663. He resided at Charles-
town and Maiden, Massachusetts. He married
Lydia Bassett. wdio died April 6. 1755, at an ad-
vanced age. He died at the age of ninety-four,
September 21, 1756. His will was made 1742 and
proved October 4, 1756. He mentions his wife who
died after the will was made, and also his chil-
dren, as follows : Daniel, born February 28, 1689-
90, of Chelsea; Lydia, born January 24, 1691-2;
Joseph, March 13, 1693-4; Mary. March 26, 1696;
Richard. March 14, 1697-8, of Killingly, Connec-
ticut; Elizabeth, June 22, 1701, married Joshua
Whittemore; Jonathan, see forward; Hannah, born
May 28, 1706, married Michael Woodward, April
10, 1735, and settled at Needham, where her brother
lived; William,, born 1709-10; Sarah, March 10,

(IV) Jonathan Whittemore, seventh child of
Daniel Whittemore (3), was born in Maiden,
Massachusetts, April 11, 1705. He settled at Need-
ham and married Sarah Woodcock, of Needham,
April 10, 1735. The children of Jonathan and Sarah
(Woodcock) Whittemore were: Sarah, born Au-
gust 31, 1736, married William Mills, July 15, 1758;
she died September 30, 1780; Jonathan, born No-
vember 7, 1737, at Needham; Elizabeth, November
28, 1739; Esther, August 28, 1742; Jemima, Janu-
ary 2s, 1745; Joshua, November 29, 1748; Lydia,
May 11, 1751; Mary, May 1, 1756 (called Polly).

"(V) Jonathan Whittemore, eldest son of Jona-
than Whittemore (4), was born in Needham, Massa-
chusetts, November 7, 1737. He was a soldier in
the French wars. In 1760 he was in Captain
Cheever's company at Ft. Cumberland, and in 1762
served in Captain William Jones' company. He
served seven rears in the revolutionary war. In
1777 he was taken prisoner by the British and taken
to England where he was confined in the old mill
prison" in Plymouth. He was exchanged after the
war was over. Upon his return he settled in Jay,
Maine. He married Eunice Smith and Sarah

. The children of Jonathan Whittemore, born

in x, I Massachusetts, were: Timothy, born

September 7, 1763, was a soldier in the revolution
six months in 1780; Sarah, born in Needham. April
12. 1768; Eunice, married Thomas Dascomb, re-

sided in Maine ; Ebenezer, born December 16, 1772^
baptized August 2& 1774, at Needham, Massachu-
setts, resided at Livermore, Maine; Arnold, seer

(VI) Arnold Whittemore, youngest child of
Jonathan Whittemore (5), was born in Needham,
Massachusetts, February 22, 1775. He married Bet-
sey (or Nancy) Dascomb. They settled in Fayette,.
Maine, and later removed to Hopkinton. Massachu-
setts. Their children born in Fayette, Maine, w-ere :
Martin, born February I, 1798, married Mary Ly-
ford ; died in Hopkinton, July 22, 1862 ; Daniel,
see forward ; Anna, born 1804 ; Arnold S., born-
August 4, 1806. married Betsey Holmes about 1831,
died July 14. 1837; Jonathan, born October 7, 1S08,
resided in Hopkinton, Massachusetts ; Betsey, born
1816, died 1837 ; Eunice, born 1818, died January

4, i837-

(VII) Daniel Whittemore, second child of
Arnold Whittemore (6), was born at Jay, Maine,
February 22, 1800. He married Nancy Lyford,
April 1, 1821. He died 1837. She married (sec-
ond) Martin Whittemore, brother of Daniel Whitte-
more. Daniel Whittemore lived at Fayette, Maine,
and Hopkinton, Massachusetts. The children of
Daniel and Nancy (Lyford) Whittemore were:
George S., born at Fayette, Maine, September 9,
1821, married Harriet Huntoon, who died Febru-
ary 15, 1894; they lived in Worcester, Massachu-
setts; Martha, born May 3, 1823, died July 5, 1838;
Franklin, .born March 29, 1825, at Wilton, Maine;
Joseph, born January 26, 1828, married, January
22, 1S52, Susan Fuller; he died May 27, 1869;

Labrucia, born December 29, 1830, married

Wood: she died February 27, 1833; Nathaniel, born
April 9, 1832, married F ora E. Brimmer in i860;"
he died July 4, 1S86; Charles P., born August 25,
1834. married Clara M. Goddard, see forward.

(VII) Charles Preston Whittemore, youngest
child of Daniel Whittemore (6), was born in Fay-
ette, Maine, August 25, 1834. He came with the
family to Hopkinton, Massachusetts. He learned
the trade of shoemaker and came to Worcester to
work. After a time he started in to manufacture
shoes in a shop at the corner of Foster street, where
he also kept a retail store. He was for a time after
his store was burned engaged in the manufacture
of shoes with H. B. Fay in the shop in Barton
court. He sold his interests in the firm to his part-
ner and under the name of H. B. Fay & Co. the
business was continued until 1887. Mr. Whitte-
more enlisted in Company C, Fifty-first Regiment
of Worcester, and his health was shattered by
typhoid fever and pneumonia at Ft. Scott. He was
a Free Mason, a member of Montacute Lodge of
Worcester. The children of Charles P. and Clara
(Goddard) Whittemore were: Ellen M., born 1857;
Arthur N.. see forward ; Herbert L., born i860, is
in the trucking business, Worcester; Mary M., born
1862; Charlcs^Fred, born 1865; Cora B., born 1867;
Robert L. S., born 1870, nickel plater, 21 Hermon
street, resides at 33 Baker street, Worcester; Olive
E.. born 1872.

(VIII) Arthur Nathaniel Whittemore. son of
Charles P. Whittemore (7), was born in Worcester,
Massachusetts, October 7, 1859. He received his
education in the common schools of his native city.
After leaving school he went to work in the shops
of Johnson, Bye & Co.. manufacturers of pistols
at 44 Central street. He prefened his father's
trade of shoemaker, however, and after a short
tune in the machine shop went to work for Robert
L. Smyth, shoe manufacturer, where he worked sev-
eral years. He worked in various other well known
shoe factories in Worcester, Dadmun & Heywood's,



Nichols, Damon & Co., J. W. Brigham & Co. He
worked for the Hammond Organ Reed Co., for
four years. Then, when still a young man, he be-
gan bookkeeping in the office of C. W. Sears, grain
dealer, formerly of the firm of Houghton. Garland
& Sears. Two years later, in 1889, Mr. Whittemore
formed a partnership with H. H. Houghton',
formerly the senior partner of the old firm of
Houghton, Garland & Sears. The new firm of
Houghton & Whittemore purchased the business.
of Mr. Sears, who retired. The business was then
located at 525 Main street in the Holhrook store.
The laboring oar was Mr. Whittemore's, on account
of the ill health of the senior partner. The busi-
ness was highly successful, however, and the firm
removed to larger quarters in 1895 in the building
at 5 and 7 Beacon street, near Southbridge street,
built for the purpose by Air. Whittemore and since
occupied by the business. In addition to this large
brick building the firm had an elevator and store
house at Bloomingdale road, in the freight yard of
the Boston & Albany Railroad, and another near
Lincoln square in the yards of the Boston & .Maine
Railroad. In 1899 Mr. Houghton withdrew from
the firm and since then Mr. Whittemore has con-
ducted the business alone under the firm name of
A. N. Whittemore & Co. The annual business re-
cently has amounted to two hundred thousand dol-
lars. Mr. Whittemore deals in hay, grain, feed,
straw and various miscellaneous lines of a similar
nature used by horse owners and farmers.

Mr. Whittemore is a member of Central Lodge,
I. O. O. F. He is a member of the Board of Trade,
Worcester County Mechanics' Association. Trinity
Methodist Episcopal Church and has been a steward
since 1895. In politics he is a Republican.

He married, at Worcester, June 2, 1S80, Louise
Huntley, daughter of James and Margaret (Scott)
Huntley. Their children are : I. Flora Isabelle,
born in Worcester, January 30, 1S82, married, June
I, 1905, Howard Dickinson Brewer, son of E. Avery
Brewer, wholesale druggist ; the son is associated
with his father in business. 2. Ernest Arthur, born
in Worcester, June 8, 1891, student in South high
school, class of 1908. 3. Carl Leslie, born May 9,
1S94, in Worcester. 4. George Stanley, born at
Worcester, May 12, 1895.

famous old families of New England, few have
had a uniformly better record than that of the
Sparhawks. The family since ancient times has
been well and favorably known not only in America,
but also in England.

(I) Lewis Sparhawk, of Dedham, Essex county.
England, is the first ancestor to whom the Amer-
ican branch of the family traces its descent. He was
born about 1530, and married at Dedham, Feb-
ruary 17, 1560, Elizabeth Bayning. Their children:
1. Patience, baptized July 26, 1561. 2. Nathaniel,
baptized July 2, 1564. 3. Daniel, baptized December
26, 1571. 4. Clement (daughter), born at Dedham,
buried there December 2, 1561. 5. Samuel, see for-

(II) Samuel Sparhawk, son of Lewis Sparhawk
(l), was born in Dedham, Essex county, Eng-
land, about 1565. His children: I. Daniel, baptized
November 14. "1587. 2. John, baptized December
5, 1592. 3. Lewis, baptized November 9. 1505. 4.
Nathaniel, see forward. 5. Mary, baptized Febru-
arv 1, 1600. 6. Edward, baptized May 22, 1602. 7.
Benjamin, baptized March 6, 1604. 8. Clement
(daughter 1. buried at Dedham. All the preceding
were baptized and lived at Dedham.

ii — 26

(III) Nathaniel Sparhawk, fourth child of Sam-
uel Sparhawk (2), was born in Dedham,. Essex
county, England, where he was baptized February
16, 1598. Some of the variations of the spelling of

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