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this surname are natural enough. The records show-
it a^ Sparhawke, Sparhauk, Sparhauke, Sparohauke,
Sparrowhauke and Sparrow Hawke. Nathaniel was
the emigrant ancestor. He was at Cambridge, New
England, as early as 1636, and was admitted a free-
man there May 23, 1639. He was a deputy to the
general court, Was a leading citizen of the town,.
and was elected deacon of the church. His home-
stall was on the east side of Brighton street, between;
Mt. Auburn and Harvard Square. In 1642 he
owned five houses and five hundred acres of land,
and subsequently purchased more. Over a thou-
sand acres of land were sold in settling his estate,,
leaving a large quantity of land on the south side
of the river, now in the Brighton district, some
of which was lately and may be at present owned by-
members of the family, his descendants. He kept
a public house, and was given permission to sell
wine and strong water in 1639. He married (first>
Mary Angier. daughter of John Angier of Ded-
ham, England. She died January 25, 1643-44. He

married (second) Katherine , who died July

5, 1647. Children of Nathaniel and Mary Spar-
hawk: 1. Nathaniel, see forward. 2. Anne, mar-
ried (first) Deacon John Cooper and (second)i
James Convers. Sr.. of Woburn. 3. Alary. 4. Esther,
married Samuel Adams, of Chelmsford. 5. Samuel,
born October 27, 1638, died October 13, 1639. 6.
John, died September 21, 1644. Children of Na-
thaniel and Katherine Sparhawk : 7. Ruth, borrs
April 12, 1645, died May 9, 1645. 8. Elizabeth, horn
1646, died unmarried November 9, 1692, aged about
forty-seven. Nathaniel Sparhawk (father) died
June 28, 1647. aged 'about fifty years.

(IV) Nathaniel Sparhawk, eldest child) of Nar—
thaniel Sparhawk (3), was born in Dedham, Eng -
land, about 1630. He resided in the Brighton dis-
trict of Cambridge, Massachusetts, which has been'
the home of most of his descendants who have re-
mained within the limits of ancient Cambridge. He
was a distinguished citizen, was elected selectman
in 1677, an d served in that capacity for nine years
afterward. He also was deacon of the church. His-
will was dated December 29, r686, and the in-
ventory of his estate was filed January 20. 1686-87..
He married, October 3. 1649, Patience Newman,,
daughter of Rev. Samuel Newman. Their chil-
dren : 1. Nathaniel, born November 3. 1650. .died!
February 12. 1650-51. 2. Mary, born 1652, married,.
October 8, 1673, William Barrett. 3. Sybil, bom
about 1655. died August 6, 1708: married (first)-
Dr. Jonathan Avery: (second) Rev. Michael Wig-.
glesworth. of Maiden. 4. Esther, baptized May 5>,
i66r. 5. Samuel, see forward. 6. Nathaniel.- bap-
tized November 3. 1667. 7. John, born about 1672,.
graduate of Harvard College, 1689, minister at Bris-
tol, ancestor of the second Sir Andrew Pepperell;
he died April 29, 1718.

(V) Samuel Sparhawk, fifth child of Nathaniel
Sparhawk (4), was born in Brighton district, Cam-
bridge, baptized February 5, 1664, died November
2, 1713. aged forty-nine years. He was admitted
a treeman in 1690, was a leading man in the town
of Cambridge, and from 1701 to i7ro served as
selectman. He married Sarah Whiting, daugh-
ter of Rev. Samuel Whiting, of Lynn. Massa-
chusetts. She died December 8. 1752, aged eighty-
four years. Their children: 1. Sarah, bap-
trod September 5. 1697, died October 9, 170T. 2.
Samuel, born October 2, 1698. 3. Sarah, born De-



cember 22. 1700. 4. John, horn June 12, 1702, grad-
uate of Harvard College, 1723. 5. Thomas, see
.forward. 6. Joseph, born April 2, 1708.

(VI) Thomas Sparhawk, fifth child of Sampel
'Sparhawk (5), was born in righton district, Cam-
bridge, Massachusetts, May 2$, 1706. Like the three
generation^ of his Sparhawk ancestors he was prom-
inent in the town of Cambridge. He was select-
man for the extraordinary period of twenty years,
:from 1744 to 1764, and was justice of the peace,
•the local squire. He married Mary Oliver, Janu-
ary 14, 1730, daughter of Nathaniel Oliver. Their
children: I. Mary, born January 3, 1731-32. married,
June 2t, 1753. Isaac Gardner, Jr., of Brookline. 2.
Elizabeth, baptized September 3, 1733, married, June
21, 1753. Elisha Gardner, of Brookline. 3. Sybil,
"born July 13, 1735, married, May 25, 1750.

Samuel Aspinwall, of Brookline. 4. Thomas, see
forward. 5. Lucy, born August 14, 1738, married,
October 4, 1762, Thomas Aspinwall, Jr., of Brook-
line. 6. Katherine, born December, 1739. 7. Oliver,
born April I, 1742. 8. Abigail, born April 19, 1746.

(VII) Hon. Thomas Sparhawk, fourth child
of Thomas Sparhawk (6), was born in Cambridge,
March 16, 1736-37, died November, 1802, at Walpole,
New Hampshire. He was a graduate of Harvard
College, 1755, and became a teacher in Lunenburg,
Massachusetts. In 1769 he removed to Walpole,
New Hampshire, and settled there. He carried on
:a farm, and was also the proprietor of the first
:general store in the town. Prior to the opening
of this store the settlers had to go to Northfield
■to do their trading. He was one of the most prom-
inent and best known men in the county, a worthy
■successor of his distinguished ancestry. He was the
•first representative that the town sent to the legis-
lature, in 1775, and he held many town offices, in-
cluding clerk of courts and judge of probate of
Cheshire county. He married, July 10, 1758, Re-

"becca Stearns, second daughter of Rev. David
Stearns, who died October 31, 1803. Their children:
1. Thomas, see forward. 2. Oliver Stearns, born at
"Lunenburg, July 23, 1764, died October 18, 1765.
3. Rebecca, born at Lunenburg, July 17, 1768. died
17112: married, 1788. Josiah Bellows. 4. Oliver
Stearns, born at Walpole, July 16, 1771, graduate
of Dartmouth, 1793. lawyer, clerk of courts. 5.
Mary, born 1773, married, 1793, Josiah Bellows, who
also married her sister Rebecca. 6. John Stearns,
born in Walpole, graduate of Dartmouth, 1796, died
1800. 7. Jonathan Hubbard, born 1781, graduated
M B. at Dartmouth. 1802. M. D., 1812; surgeon in
the United States army 't 1812: settled in Hart-
ford: married Clarissa Porter, daughter of Dr.
Thomas Porter, of East Windsor, Connecticut: he
(removed to Springfield, Massachusetts. 1818, died
1819 8. Samuel, born 1786, died 1835: married,
1807, Sophronia Brown: they had eight children.

VIII) Thomas Sparhawk, Jr., eldest son of
Ib'ii. Thomas Sparhawk (7). was born inLunen-
"burg, Massachusetts, April 12. 1760, died in 1S4S.
He was fully as prominent as his ancestors. He
lived in Walpole. and was active in the church until
he became disgusted with the conduct of some of
the brethren at the time the old church was re-
•moved. He was a man of strict piety and good
work; all his life. He was a representative in
■the New Hampshire legislature in 1795-96-98-1701-03,
and was a delegate to t lie state constitutional con-
vention in 1783. He was a lieutenant in the militia.
He married Octavia Frink. daughter of Dr. Thomas
Frink. of Keene, New Hampshire. Their children :

1. Thomas, born 1 "or . graduate of Dartmouth, 1815.
admitted to the bar in TS17, died unmarried in 1838.

2. Rebecca, born 1793. 3. Octavia, born 1795. 4.

George, see forward. 5. Charles, born 1799. 6.
John Stearns, born 1801, died 1841. 7. Mary Hub-
bard, born 1802. 8. Henry, born 1805, died 1807.
9. Henry, born 1807, died 1816.

(IX I George Sparhawk, fourth child of Thomas
Sparhawk (8), was born in Walpole, 1797. He re-
sided in Walpole and Keene, New Hampshire. He
married Eliza Hammond, of the well known fam-
ily of that name in Newton, Massachusetts. Their
children: 1. Rebecca, born 1821. 2. George Henry,
see forward. 3. Thomas, born 1827. 4. Emily, born
'830. 5. Mary O., twin of Emily, born 1830.

(X) George Henry Sparhawk, son of George
Sparhawk (9), was born in Keene, New^ Hampshire,
February 1, 1824. At an early age he moved with
his parents to Lebanon, New Hampshire, where
he received his early education in the common
schools. He began his business career as clerk
in the general store there, but on account of his
father's scruples against the sale of intoxicating
liquors which were at that time kept in stock by all
the country stores, he gave up his position and
went to work on the farm with his father. The
family removed to the adjoining town of Rocking-
ham, Vermont, wdtere Mr. Sparhawk, Sr., carried
on a large farm known as the Bellow's farm, and
this George Henry assisted in carrying on for a
number of years. Later he carried on a farm on
.his own account for a time, when he returned to
the Bellow's farm, where he remained ten years,
then removed to Walpole, on the old homestead,
where his father had lived and died, and here he
died February 1, 1873. He was a member of the
Methodist Church at Bellows Falls, Vermont, and
a Republican in politics. In proof of his character,
it is related of him at one time that, being obliged
to borrow a sum of money, he secured such a sum
from a friend, one Otis Arms. On being criticised
for not taking security, Mr. Arms replied, "I
don't need to; his word is as good as his bond; his
honesty is unquestionable."

He married Fannie Maria Webb, born May 7,
1826, daughter of Colonel Bradford and Fannie
Webb, of Bellows Falls, Vermont. Colonel Webb
was a leading citizen in that section, a farmer and
tavern keeper. Children of George H. and Fannie
M. (Webb) Sparhawk were: I. Arthur George,
born June 25, 1851, died February 26, 1871. 2.
Rollin Webb, born June 14, 1853, died May 7, 1879.
3. Thomas Clifton, see forward. 4. Carlton Edward,
born July 14, i86r, at Rockingf .tm, Vermont, mar-
ried. July 23. 1902, Margaret McGillivray, of
Canada. Mr. Sparhawk is now and has been post-
master at Walpole, New Hampshire, for a number
of years.

(XI) Thomas Clifton Sparhawk, third child of
George Henry Sparhawk (10), was born at Walpole,
New Hampshire, on what is known as the Kill-
burn Farm, August 2, 1859. He received a com-
mon school education in his native town, attend-
ing the high schor' unti' eighteen years of age. when
he began teaching, hi ;r he entered the general
store of George P. Porter, at Walpole, and re-
mained as clerk there about three years. He then
pursued a one year's course of study at Tilton
Seminary, Tilton, New Hampshire, after which he
accepted a position in the general store of Tux-
bury & Stone, at Windsor, Vermont. In Septem-
ber, 1883, he removed to Winchendon. where he
worked for three years for F. A. Hayward, pro-
prietor of a general store. After resting from labor
for one year, on account of poor health, he entered
the office of E. Murdock & Company, manufac-
turers of wooden-ware, but after a short time ac-
cepted a position with C. T. Stearns, a clothing mer-



■chant in the old Mason Block, Winchendon. In
1893, three years later, he purchased his present
.^business, dealing in men's furnishings, boots and
.■shoes. His store is in Union Block, Central street,
and the business has been very prosperous. Since
!893. a period of thirteen years, Mrs. Sparhawk
has been the valued assistant in the business, to
which she has given of her strength and judgment.
Previous to the above named year she had been
-an efficient and capable teacher in the schools of

Mr. Sparhawk has taken an active part in the
affairs of the town. He is a director of the Win-
-chendon Co-operative Bank. He is an active Re-
publican and has served frequently as a delegate
to important conventions of the party. He is a
member of the Walpole Congregational Church,
Walpole, New Hampshire, secretary of the North
Congregational Sunday school, Winchendon, Massa-
chusetts, three years, and was assessor of the North
■Congregational Parish three years. He is a member
of Monomonock Lodge, No. 121, Independent Order
-of Odd Fellows, and was the treasurer one year.
He formerly belonged to the Winchendon Country
■Club. May 4, 1906, Mr. Sparhawk purchased the
D. H. Barnes estate on Lincoln avenue, and May
30 following entered his new home. This is a
large and finely constructed house, with extensive
grounds, a home of which anyone might well be
proud. Mr. Sparhawk married, December 25,
1883, Delia Grace Witt, born at Walpole, New
Hampshire, May 24, 1863, daughter of Charles A
and Sarah Fifield (Thurston) Witt, the former of
whom was born October 24, 1837, was a carpenter
and builder, and the latter born June 18, 1833.

CRANE FAMILY. Henry Crane (1), the immi-
-grant ancestor of the Crane family of Leicester,
Massachusetts, was born in England in 1621, and
•died in Milton, Massachusetts, March 21, 1709. He
settled in that part of Dorchester set off as Milton,
his home being on the road from Roxbury to Brain-
tree, and was living there before September 1,
1654. An autograph letter of Henry Crane dated
May 7. 1677, is preserved in the Massachusetts
archives. It was his reply to the order of the
colonial government for him to dispose of three
Indian servants. He was selectman of Milton 1679-
■80-81. He was one of the trustees of the first meet-
ing house in Milton. He acquired considerable
wealth. He was engaged in the iron manufactures
in Dorchester and Milton.

He married (first) Tabitha Kinsley, daughter
■of Stephen Kinsley. He married (second), 16S3,

Elizabeth . The children of Henry and

Tabitha Crane: Benjamin, born about 1656, was in
King Philip's war and was wounded in the Swamp
fight; Stephen, born about 1657; Henry, Jr.; John,
torn January 30, 1658-59, see forward; Elizabeth,
torn August 14, 1663, married Eleazer Gilbert and
(second) George Townsend ; Ebenezer, born August
-6, 1665 ; Mary, born November 22, 1666, married
Samuel Hackett ; Mercy, born January 1, 1668;
Samuel, born June 8, 1669 ; Anna, removed to

(II) John Crane, son of Henry Crane (1), was
torn January 30, 1658-59, in Dorchester, Massachu-
setts, and died in Berkeley, Massachusetts, August
3, 1716. He married, December 13, 1686, Hannah
Leonard, daughter of Captain James and Hannah
Leonard. Captain Leonard was one of the brothers
who started the first iron forge for iron work in
America. Among his children was John, see for-
ward. He was called Ensign John Crane from his
military rank.

(III) Captain John Crane, son of Ensign John
Crane (2), was born in Berkeley, Massachusetts,
vyhere Ins father was among the first settlers. He
lived there all his life and died there October 31,
1777. He married Hannah Adams, a descendant of
the immigrant Henry Adams, of Braintree, who
was also the progenitor of the Presidents Adams.
Crane is buried at Oxford, Massachusetts. Among
his children was Lemuel, see forward.

(IV) Lemuel Crane, son of Captain John Crane
(3), was born in Berkeley. Massachusetts, October
29, 1736, died in Oxford, September 28, 1814. He
was a Loyalist during the revolution and was im-
prisoned in the Taunton jail on account of his
political sentiments. The hard feeling caused by
the war made him sell his farm in Berkeley and
come to Oxford. He married, December 13, 1759,
Bathsheba Gilbert, daughter of Colonel Thomas
Gilbert, the Tory leader of New England, who left
Boston with the British, March 17, 1776. The
children, all born at Berkeley except the youngest
who was born in Oxford, were : Lydia, born April
3, 1761, married Rodolphus Eaton ; John, born Octo-
ber 3, 1763; Hannah, born September 26, 1765. mar-
ried Gideon Hovey ; Gilbert, born July 4, 1767, see
forward ; Bathsheba, born April 28, 1769, married
Jeremiah Metcalf; Mary, born January 10, 1772,
married Gideon Hovey and Jeremiah Dean ; Deb-
orah, born December 3, 1773, married John Hudson;
Abigail, married Nahum Pratt; Lemuel, born May
14, 1776; Oliver, born April I, 1778, married Thomas
Kendall; Margery, born September I, 1780.

(V) Gilbert Crane, son of Lemuel Crane (4),
was born in Berkeley, Massachusetts, July 4, 1767.
He married, January 14, 1795, Dorcas Davis, daugh-
ter of Ebenezer Davis, and they lived for a time
at her father's house. Lot H 165, removed to Lot
H 90, half a mile west of the north common, where
they both died. The date of his death was June 21,
1849; she died aged eighty-four years, March 15,
1853. Their children, all born at Oxford, were :
Lydia, born September 9, 1798, died September 20,
1819; Susanna D., born July 7, 1801, died unmar-
ried October 8, 1875 ; Ebenezer D., born March 2,
1804. see forward.

(VI) Ebenezer D. Crane, son of Gilbert Crane
(5), was born in Oxford, Massachusetts, March 2,
1804. He resided on the old homestead and followed
farming. He married, October I, 1832, Harriet
Wood, born October 16, 1808, at Gardner. He died
January 29, 1883, and she died at Leicester, 1891.
Their children, all born at Oxford, were : Christo-
pher, born July 25, 1833, see forward; Rebecca, born
December 6, 1840, married, October, 1861, Stephen
Webster Slingsby, born in Oxford, February 11,
1836, son of Rufus and Sybil Slingsby ; Rufus was
born March o. 1786, son of Daniel and Abigail
Slingsby ; Daniel was born August 16, 1760, son of
Amasa and Elizabeth ; Amasa was born February
10, 1738, at Oxford, son of Josiah and Mary

(VII) Christopher Crane, son of Ebenezer D.
Crane (6), was born in Oxford, Massachusetts,
July 25, 1833. He was educated in the public schools
of his native town. During his youth he worked
at home on the farm when not in school. Later he
was apprenticed in the manufacture of card cloth-
ing in the shop of the Murdocks at Leicester. After
his three years he remained in the same shop,
working altogether for a period of twenty-three
years for the Murdock firm. When the American
Card Clothing Company bought the Leicester busi-
ness, he remained in the employment of the new
concern and worked in Worcester and Leicester
factories of this company until his death. His home



was in Leicester during the period of his active life.
He died there September 12, 1896.

He was an active member of the Episcopal
Methodist Church of Leicester, and at the time of
his death was one of the stewards. He had served
the church also as treasurer and superintendent of
the Sunday school for a number of years. He was
a man of high character, an earnest Christian, and
exemplary citizen. In politics he was a Republican
and held a number of minor town offices. He owned
a small farm in Leicester and in addition to the
card clothing business carried on this place. He
was fond of agriculture, and devoted most of his
spare hours to his fruits and vegetable garden.

He married (.first) August 29, 1S55, Eliza T.
Bond, daughter of David and Sylvia Bond, of Lei-
cester, Massachusetts ; she died December 19, 1872.
He married (second), February 24, 1875, Mrs.
Sophronia Esther Vinton, widow of Alonzo Vin-
ton, of Southbridge and Dudley, daughter of Silas
B. and Sally D. Cutler, of Leicester, Massachusetts,
and Killingly, Connecticut. Mrs. Crane and her
daughters reside corner of Warren and Pleasant
streets, Leicester. They formerly lived on Warren
street. Children of Christopher and Eliza T. Crane
were: Ida Sylvia, born in Leicester, November 11,
1858, died March 23, 1894; married Allen Dobson,
of Tolland, Connecticut, a farmer; Carrie Elizabeth,
born at Leicester, December 6, 1866, trained nurse,
at present bookkeeper for Johnson's Express Com-
pany. The only child of Christopher and Sophronia
Esther (Cutler) Crane is Sarah Harriet, born in
Leicester, December 5, 1875, studied music with Mrs.
Lillian Hanson Gray, of Worcester, and is a teacher
of music.

ALLEN FAMILY. Bouzoune (or Bozoune)
Allen, the immigrant ancestor of Lyman Allen, of
Lunenburg, Massachusetts, is one of the few of
this name, among a large number who were early
settlers, whose place of residence in England is
known. He was from Lynn, England, a town in
Norfolk county. Moreover, we know that his brother
William lived at Grunston, Norfolk county, only a
few miles from Lynn. The family consisted of
three sons and a daughter living in 1643, viz.: Bo-
zoune, Elizabeth, William and Thomas.

William Allen, brother of Bouzoune (or Bo-
zoune) Allen, died unmarried at Grunston in 1648
His will was dated March, 1047, and proved April
28, 1648. Among numerous bequests to relatives,
etc., he left a sum for a free school in Grunston,
which seems to have been his native place. He
mentions his brother Bouzoune and his sister.

Thomas Allen, the other brother of Bouzoune (or
Bozoune) Allen, went to London as an apprentice
to George Denham, citizen and leather dealer, and
died there, unmarried, in 1645-46. His will was
dated August 13, 1643, and proved February 16,
1646. It mentions brothers Bozoune and William,
and sister Elizabeth, who married Robert Burcham.
Bozoune Allen was the only one of the family to
come to America. He was a "mercer" or trader.
He came with wife and two servants from Lynn,
England, in 1638, on the ship "Diligent" of Ipswich,
John Martin, master, and settled first in Hingham,
Massachusetts. Lynn is six miles from Grunston,
where his brother lived. He became prominent in
both civil and military life. He was a town officer
at Hingham and deputy to tin- general court. He
was captain of the military company in Hingham,
He was admitted a freeman, June _>. 1641, and wa-
in the general court in 1643 and seven other years,
not consecutive, the last being 1652. He removed
' , he joined the Artillery Company.

He died there September 14, 1652. His will, dated
September 8, 1652, mentions his wife; his children,
as given below, his sisters Elizabeth Burcham and
Joanna Peck, (the latter was not mentioned in the
wills of his brothers) Mr. Hubbard, his pastor, and
Matthew Hawks. The inventory of his estate con-
tains the names of two hundred and eighty-six per-
sons with whom he had accounts. He married

Anne , who married (second), May 13, 1653,

Joseph Jewett, of Rowley. She died February 4,.
1661. Children of Bozoune and Anne Allen were:
Priscilla, born August, 1639; Ephraim (twin), born
October 13, 1641, see forward; John (twin), born
October 13, 1641 ; Ann, born October 8, 1643 ; Deb-
orah, born November 10, 1645, died young; Deb-
orah, born November 20, 1648, died February 4,
1660-61 ; Isaac, born April 6, 1651 ; Bozoune, born
February 13, 1652, married Rachel Houchin, and
settled in Boston where he had a large family;
Martha, married Ebenezer Savage.

(.II) Ephraim Allen, son of Bozoune Allen (1),
was born at Hingham, Massachusetts, October 13,
1641. He settled in Roxbury, Massachusetts, where
his son Ephraim was born about 1670.

(III) Ephraim Allen, son of Ephraim Allen (2)^
was born at Roxbury, Massachusetts. He settled in
what is now Northborough, Massachusetts, and pur-
chased of Eleazer Howe a few acres of land with
grist mill situate on it. the first and for many years
the only grist mill in the town. He also had a son-
Ephraim, see forward.

(IV) Ephraim Allen, son of Ephraim Allen
(3), was born in Northboro, a precinct of Marlbor-
ough, about 1700. He settled in what i -, now West-
borough, then Marlborough. He married Susannah

and their children, all born in Westborough,

were: Samuel, born September 7, 1720, baptized
July 13. 1729; Susanna, born August 31, 1723, bap-
tized July 13. 1729; William, resided at Rutland,.
Massachusetts; Elijah, born November 25, 1728,
baptized August 17, 1729; Sarah, born 1729, bap-
tized August 17. 1729; Ephraim, born October 24,
1731. see forward: Hannah, born April 28, 1734.

(V) Ephraim Allen, son of Ephraim Allen (4),
was born October 24, 1731. He settled for a time
in what is now Boylston, then removed and lo-
cated at Petersham. He owned the mill built in
Boylston by the Henderys on Buck brook and since
owned by Joseph Toner and others. He had a strong
and musical voice and for many years, seated in the
front gallery, he led the sacred psalmody of the
sanctuary. He married, July 12, 1757, at Shrewsbury,
Huldah (Maynard) Chestnut, of Shrewsbury, daugh-
ter of Elisha Maynard. Children of Ephraim and
Huldah Allen were: Elijah, born March 3, 1758;
Hannah, born January 10, 1760; Ephraim, born
April 9, 1763, see forward; Elisha, born May 7, 1765,
at Shrewsbury; Abner, born December 1, 1767, set-
tled at Palmer; Cynthia, born January 17, 1770;
Huldah, born May 3, 17-72; Samuel, baptized Octo-
ber 26. 1777, settled at Westrield, New York, father
of Anthony B. and Richard L. Allen, the founders
of the American Agriculturist.

(VI) Ephraim Alen. son of Ephraim Allen (5),
was born at Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, now Boyls-
ton. April 9, 1763. He was brought up at Peter-
sham and Rutland. He settled in Hubbardston,

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