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(III) Isaac Wood, son of Michael Wood (2),
was born in Concord, Massachusetts, about 1670.

He married (first) Mary , (second) Elizabeth

, who died May 12, 1717, and (third) Susannahs

Bisco, both of Concord, April 26, 1722. She survived
him. He died January 11, 1740-41. The only child
on record of Isaac and Mary was : Mary, born at
Concord, March 17, 1689-90. The only child on rec-
ord of Isaac and Elizabeth was: Elizabeth, born
April 8, 1693. The children of Isaac and Susannah
Wood were; Michael, see forward; Samuel, born
April 22, 1728; Susannah, born August 19, 1732.

(IV) Michael Wood, son of Isaac Wood (3),
was born in Concord, Massachusetts, July 1, 1724.
He settled in Lunenburg where he married Martha
Platts, daughter of Abel Platts, who was the first
settler of Rindge, New Hampshire. He married
(second), August 21, 1764, Lois Wilson, of Lunen-
burg. Children of Michael and Mary Wood were :
Isaac, see forward; Elizabeth, born April 20, 1751,
married Daniel Graegg, of Rindge, New Hampshire ;
Mary, born November 1, 1749; Hannah, born Jan-
uary 18, 1754.

(V) Isaac Wood, eldest child of Michael Wood
(4), was born in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, Septem-
ber 7, 1746. He was a revolutionary soldier. He
and his cousin, Abel Platts, Jr., were in the com-
pany of Captain Nathan Hale at the Lexington
alarm, April 19, 1775. He probably w-as in the
service again. He was a mason by trade and also-
conducted his farm. He settled at Rindge, New-
Hampshire, 1772, on the farm now or lately owned
by his descendants, Jonas and John E. Wood. He
held positions of public honor and trust. He was
selectman of Rindge in 1785-86.

He married, January 11, 1770, Elizabeth Hart-
well, born April 14, 1751, daughter of Jonathan and
Elizabeth (Tarbell) Hartwell. She died Novem-
ber 20, 1819, and he died January 5, 1836, aged
eighty-eight years. All their children except the
eldest were born in Rindge, viz. : Amasa, born in
Lunenburg, September 2, 1771 ; Jonathan, born April
J 7. T 773. see forward; Jonas, born December 30,.
1774, resided at Lennox, New York; Isaac, born
November 30, 1776; Betty, born October 11, 1778.
died young; Ruth, born November 7, 1780, married
Benjamin Lovejoy; David, born July 19, 1783;



Betty, born September 10, 1785, married Stephen
Emory, of Rindge ; Caleb, born July 1, 1789, died
1807; Susan, married, March 9, 1S26, Deacon John
W. Bemis ; Eunice, married, May 3, 1830, Captain
Joseph Hartwell, of Lunenburg.

(VI) Jonathan Wood, son of Isaac Wood (5),
was born in Rindge, New Hampshire, April 17, 1773.
He married, Aprd 10, 1779, Dolly Jones, daughter
of Enos Jones. She was born May 28, 1777. Her
father was the son of William and Sarah (Locke)
Jones. Enos Jones was born in Lunenburg, July
4, 1742. His father at the time of his death owned
one-half the Bluefield or Bellows grant in Ashburn-
ham, Massachusetts, and in 1761 Enos Jones removed
to that town and settled on this tract. He was a de-
scendant of Lewis Jones, through Captain Josiah
(II); Josiah (III); William (IV), who settled 111
Lunenburg; Enos (V). Jonathan Wood settled in
the north part of the town of Ashburnham. His
wife died there January 18, 1818. He married
(second), December 21, 1820, Sarah (Lake) Robin-
son, daughter of Henry and Prudence Lake, of
Rindge, and widow of Ezra Robinson. She mar-
ried (third) Amos Stearns; fourth, May 19, 1842,
Josiah Hartwell, of Fitchburg. Jonathan Wood died
September 1, 1825.

Children of Jonathan and Dolly Wood were :
Zulima, born November 30, 1799, married, 1823, Asa
Dunn, of Fitchburg; Laura, born June 20, 1801, mar-
ried, April 22, 1823, John Vose, of Leominster;
Dolly, born February 3, 1803, married, April 8, 1823,
Zacheriah Parker, Jr., of New Ipswich; Elnathau,
born September 20, 1804 ; died July 29, 1829 ; George,
born September 29, 1805, married, September 16,
1827, Luana Lawrence; Betsey, born June 25, 1808,
married, February 6, 1827, Luther Perkins, of
Wethersfield; Zoa, born January 24, 1810, died
September 7, 1822; Lurena, born December 12, 1812,
married, Janaury 16, 1831, Freeman Walcott ; Hart-
well, born October 27, 1815, married, 1841, James
Snell ; she died January 1, 1843, and he died July 26,
1846; Jonas J., born January 1, 1S1S, married, 1852,
Lucy Wood, of Mason, New Hampshire ; she died
November 4, 1853; married (second) Lydia Parker,
of Lawrence; she died August 12, 1859; he removed
i860 to Winchendon, where he died October 13,
1863. Children of Jonathan and Sarah Wood were.
Eunice K., born March 22, 1824, married George P.
Ward, son of Alvan Ward, of Winchendon; Eli-
phalet S., see forward.

(VII) Eliphalet S. Wood, son of Jonathan
Wood (6), was born in Ashburnham, Massachusetts,
February 2, 1825. He resided in his native town
until 1866, when he removed to Winchendon. He
was express agent there from 1866 to 1886. He was
deputy sheriff from 1870 for many years. He was
prominent in town affairs and filled the offices of
constable and overseer of the poor. He married,
September 20, 1846, Susan H. Farrar, daughter of
John Farrar. She was born June 24, 1826; her
father was born April 15, 1784, and was the son of
Jacob Farrar, of Concord, who married, December
20, 1810, Calle Stearns, daughter of William Stearns.
Susan H. (Farrar) Wood died March 26, 1843, leav-
ing eight children. He married (second), March
13, 1844, Lucy Houghton, daughter of Robert and
Sarah (Jones) Houghton, of Leominster and Win-
chendon. Children of Eliphalet S. and Susan II.
Wood were : Ella Modina, born September 23,
1847, married, May 20, 1876, John E. Wakefield;
reside at 474 Grove street, Worcester ; he is a
wrench manufacturer at 89 Exchange street. Frank
A., born May 9, 1850, died March 2, 1851. George
Farrar, born August 21, 1851, married, August 25,
1874, Alice H. Merrill, daughter of E. S. Merrill,

dealer in furniture. Winchendon, Massachusetts.
Calla A., born July 30, 1855, married, January 20,
1876, John W. Beaman, of Winchendon, son of Will-
iam Beaman ; Oliver B., born February 7, 1857, mar-
ried, October 19, 1882, Jennie C. Flagg; he is pro-
prietor of a book and job printing establishment,
Foster street, Worcester. Walter L, born October
'7. 1859, died June 25, 1864. Ernest Freeman, born
June 18, 1863, express agent at Winchendon, see
forward ; Cora Etta, boru April 4, 1867.

(VIII) George Farrar Wood, son of Eliphalet
S. Wood (7), was born at Winchendon, Massachu-
setts, August 21, 1851. He removed with his par-
ents to Ashburnham at an early age, and was edu-
cated in the common schools of that town. He re-
moved to Winchendon with his parents in 1866.
He attended the public schools there, and was two
years in the high school. He also took a course in
the business college of Bryant & Stratton, of Boston.
He began his business life in the employ of C. C.
Parker, of Winchendon, proprietor of a general
store. At the end of three years he bought the
business of Mr. Parker. The store was located in
the Tucker Rice block, just above the railroad sta-
tion. Two or three years later the store was re-
moved to its present location in the block built by
himself and father. After his father's death he
bought the interests of the other heirs in the build-
ing, and is now the sole owner. Mr. Wood attends
in North Congregational Church at Winchendon.
He is a member of Manamonack Lodge, No. 121,
Odd Fellows ; Watatic Tribe of Red men ; Avon
Club, and Winchendon Country Club. In politics
he is a Republican. He married, August 25. 1874,
Alice Harriet Merrill, born February 2, 1849, daugh-
ter of Edwin S. and Harriet (Hand) Merrill. Her
father was postmaster of Winchendon for forty
years. The only child of George Farrar and Alice
Harriet Wood is : Ethel Harriet, born January 22,

(VIII) Ernest Freeman Wood, son of Eliphalet
S. Wood (7), was born at North Ashburnham,
Massachusetts, June 18, 1863. When he was three
years old he removed with his parents to Winchen-
don, Massachusetts, where he was educated in the
public schools. Alter three years' course in the high
school he entered the employ of the American ex-
press Company. A few years later he received an
appointment to his present position as the Win-
chendon agent of the American National Express
Companies. Mr. Wood held the appointment of
deputy sheriff for Winchendon after his father, but
resigned at the end of a year. He attends the North
Congregational Church at Winchendon. In politics
he is a Republican. He is a member of Artisan
Lodge of Free Masons, of Winchendon; North
Star Chapter of Royal Arch Masons; of Naumkeag
Council, Royal Arcanum ; of Watatic Tribe of Red
Men ; of the Avon Club and Winchendon Country

He married, October 10, 1888, Elizabeth Clara
Bennett, daughter of Charles N. and Elizabeth
(Tryon) Bennett. Her father was a carpenter and
contractor at Manchester, Vermont. She is a well
known soprano soloist. She has been the leading
soprano for twelve years at the North Congrega-
tional Church, and she was for two years in a simi-
lar position in the Leominster Congregational
Church. The children of Ernest Freeman and Eliza-
beth Clara Wood were : Madeline Bennett, born
February 6, 1890; Elizabeth Nelson, born June 12,

(VIII) Oliver Brooks Wood, son of Eliphalet
S. Wood (7), was born in Ashburnham, Massachu-
setts, February 7, 1857. He attended the public



schools in Winchendon, and at the age of twelve
began to work in a printing office there. With the
exception of five years spent in attending school, he
has been actively engaged since then in the print-
ing business. When a young man he became fore-
man of the newspaper and job office of the Frank-
lin County Times at Greenfield, Massachusetts. He
worked later in offices in Fitchburg and Chicago.
In 1878 he returned east and took charge of the job
printing establishment of Edward R. Fiske, in
Worcester, one of the largest printing establishments
in the city. In 1880 he engaged with Sanford &
Company, stationers and printers, Worcester, as fore-
man of their printing department. In 1882 he pur-
chased a half interest in the business which was
conducted thereafter under the firm name of San-
ford & Wood. A few months later he became the
sole owner and has carried on the printing business
with marked success to the present time. In 1894,
having outgrown the old quarters on Maple street,
he removed to the commodious building, Foster
street, where his establishment occupies the entire
second story. He makes law and mercantile print-
ing a specialty, and the work of his office has always
maintained a high reputation for excellence and
accuracy. Mr. Wood is connected with several Ma-
sonic, military, social and other organizations in
W< irces.ter, and has been president of the Worces-
ter Typotheta. In politics he is a Republican. He
married, October 19, 1882, Jennie Chase Flagg, of
Grafton, Massachusetts. Their children are: Olive
Marguerite, Roger Hamilton, deceased ; Hamilton
Brooks, Gladys Jeannette.

SPRING FAMILY. It is believed that nearly
all the families bearing the name of Spring, in the
United States, but certainly in New England, are
descended from J"ohn Spring", of Watertown, Massa-
chusetts, and his wife, Elinor, who died prior to

The name of the original John Spring appears
on the earliest list of proprietors of Watertown,
1636-7. Twenty years later (March 21, 1656-7) he
executed a deed of gift to his son Henry, of his
house and land in Watertown. reserving to himself
during his lifetime the north end of the house.
After his decease that was to go to Henry. There
was also a stipulation that Henry should pay his
father an annuity, and, after the decease of the
father, pay John Spring, Jr., thirty pounds lawful
money. The children of John and Elinor Spring
were: 1. Mary, born 1623, married 1642 John Davis,
and died a widow in 1656. 2. Henry, born 1628.
3. John, born 1630. 4. William, born July, 1633, who
settled in Barbadoes, and had a son John, who came
to Newton after the death of his father in Bar-
badoes. and in 1695 selected his uncle, John Spring,
to lie his guardian. He made his will August 6,
1698. giving all his estate to Jonathan Green, of
Newton, in token of his kindness and care.

(II) John Spring, born 1628, was admitted free-
man May 30, 1660. He married (first), January 7,
1657-8. Mehitable Bartlett, and (second) September
12, 1691. Susanna, widow of Gregory Cook'. In his
will dated June 29, 1695, he mentions his
wife Susanna, sons Henry and Thomas, and
his wife Susanna, sons Henry and Thomas, and
daughters Elizabeth, Mehitable and Abigail. As
early as 1680 he was elected the "town prizer," his
duty being to fix the rate at which agricultural pro-
ducts should pass in the payment of taxes and
debts. This office he held until 1695. He was often
employed in taking inventories and settling estates.
His children were: I. Elizabeth, born October 13,
1659. 2. Henry, born March 1, 1662. 3. Mehita-

ble. 4. Thomas. 5. Ann, born September 21, 1671.
0. Abigail, born January 6, 1676-7.

(Ill) Thomas Spring, son of Henry, married,
November 20, 1701. Elizabeth Traine. He died about
1710, leaving: 1. Mary, born January 19, 1702-3. 2.
Elizabeth, born September 10, 1705. 3. Thomas, born
July 5. 1708. 4. Henry, born February 2, 1710, died

( 1 V ) Thomas Spring, Jr., born July 5, 1708,
was of Weston ; he married Margaret Gates, of Cam-
bridge, December 31, 1729. He died June 18, 1753,
leaving: 1. Thomas, born May 21, 1731 ; died 1740.
2. Anna, born March 5, 1732; died young. 3. Amos,
born January 7, 1734. 4. Jonathan, born April 10,
1737- 5- Thaddeus, born August 29, 1739. 6. Thomas
(5), born June 30, 1741. 7- Susanna, born Novem-
ber 11, 1743; died 1744. 8. Samuel, born February
5. 1745-6.

(\ ) Thomas Spring, born June 30, 1741 ; mar-
ried Mary Upham, April 16, 1765 ; he settled in
Weston, now Newton. His children: I. Thomas,
born May 22, 1766. 2. William, born July 1, 1768.

(VI) William Spring, born July 1, 1768; mar-
ried (first) November 28, 1805, Rachel, daughter of
Josiah and Rachel (Binney) Seaverns, of Weston.
He married (second), January 12, 1809, Mary Crack-
bone, of Newton; and (third) Eunice Peirce, of
Weston; and (fourth) Rebecca Brigham in 1825.
His children were: I. William Seaverns, born
June 16, 1806. 2. Joseph Warren, (7), born Octo-
ber 20, 1809. 3. Rachel, born July 24, died August
14, 181 1. 4. Mary Crackbone, born July II, died
October, 1814. 5. Eunice, born June 8, 1S1S. 6.
George, born February 1, 1821. 7. Mary Rachel, born
March 21, 1823. 8. Amasa, born June 17, 1825. 9.
Sarah Elizabeth, born September 13, 1826. 10.
Charles, born April 20, 1828. 11. Marshall, born
December 23, 1829. 12. Andrew, born February 18,
1831. 13. Henry, born July 24, 1832. 14. Susan,
born October 17, 1833. 15. Martha, born February
22. 1835. 16. Maria Louisa, born November 22,
1836. 17. Harriet, born December 26, 1838. 18.
Caroline, born March 25, 1841.

(VII) Joseph Warren Spring was born Octo-
ber 20, 1809. He married Nancy Harrington Gibbs.
The intention of marriage was recorded in Waltham
records April 4, 1830. She was the daughter of
John and Sally Harrington (Fay) Gibbs, grand-
daughter of Joel Fay, and great-granddaughter of
Captain Benjamin Fay, of Westboro, who served in
Captain Baker's company that marched on the alarm
of April 19, 1775. serving seven and a half days.
He also served on the committee of inspection for
Westboro. He was a manufacturer of boots and
shoes. The first three of his children were born in
Calais. Maine, and the remaining six in Sterling,
Massachusetts. He removed to Worcester about
1S52, and died there September 10, 1864 and his
wife died March 9, 1887. His children were ; 1.
Joseph W., born October 30, 1831 ; died October
25, 1895. 2. George William, born May 9, 1833; re-
moved to Galesburg. Illinois. 3. John G., born Feb-
ruary 1, 1835; resides in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.
4. Sarah E., born September 9, 1838; married S. J.
Chamberlain. 5. Edwin H, born April I, 1840. 6.
Charles H., born February 18, 1842, resided in Gard-
ner. Massachusetts, ?nd died there March 30, 1892.
7. Hattie M., born April 26, 1844; married John
Francis Bicknell. 8. Helen F. born May 6, 1846,
married S. H. Kimball. 9. Mary Cibbs, born May
16, 1848.

Mary Gibbs Spring, youngest child of Joseph
Warren and Nancy Harrington (Gibbs) Spring, was
born in Sterling, Massachusetts, and removed to
Worcester with her parents about the year 1852.



She received her early education in the public schools
of that city. After taking a two years' course in the
classical high school, the death of her father caused
a change in her plans for the future, and she en-
tered Howe's Business College, from which she
graduated with full honors in 1S06. For a time she
was employed in that institution as a teacher, but
resigned to accept the responsible position of head
bookkeeper for the firm of Gross S: Strauss, where
she remained about twelve years. In 1877 she re-
moved to Elwyn, Pennsylvania, assuming the duties
of head bookkeeper in the Pennsylvania Training
school, for about one year, and on returning to Wor-
cester entered the employ of E. B. Crane & Com-
pany, lumber dealers, as bookkeeper. After the dis-
solution of this firm in 1882, John Francis Bicknell,
on entering the lumber trade in his own name, se-
cured the services of Miss Spring as his accountant,
and from that time until his death she held that re-
sponsible position, her broad knowledge and extens-
ive practical experience enabling her to render valu-
able assistance in building up a large and success-
ful business, which at the death of Mr. Bicknell,
in November, 1899, was continued under the style
of J. F. Bicknell Lumber Company, an incorporated
stock company with Miss Spring as treasurer, and
a member of the board of directors, her sister, Mrs.
J. F. Bicknell, being the president. This business
still continues under this organization, with every
promise of continued prosperity.

Miss Spring has always manifested a deep inter-
est in the social and religious life of the community.
She s active in the work of the Universalist church,
her helpfulness therein has chiefly gone out through
that channel as a member of All Souls Parish, of
which she has for the past five years been treasurer.
She is the proprietor of a fine apartment building
known as the Gibbs, which she caused to be erected
in 1898, naming it in memory of her mother, who
before her marriage was Nancy Harrington Gibbs.
It is well located on Main street, in the city of
Worcester, and is of light colored pressed brick
front, five stories in height, and contains ten flats,
all of which are expensively and artistically finished,
presenting a very fitting monument to a name tend-
erly cherished by all the members of the family and
by many deeply attached friends.

FREDERICK M. BROWN. Abraham Browne
(1) was the immigrant ancestor of Frederick M.
Browri, of Winchendon, and of most of the fami-
lies of this surname in Watertown, Weston, Walt-
ham and vicinity and of many of those in New
Hampshire, western and central Massachusetts. His
English ancestry is given in the pedigree of Will-
iam H. Brown, of Winchendon, and it shows this
family to have had a long and very honorable his-
tory' in England. The line is traced for some ten
generations in the old country.

Abraham Browne was son or nephew of Elder
Richard Browne, of Watertown, and he too settled
in Watertown among the very earliest pioneers.
Abraham Browne was admitted a freeman March
6, 1631-32. Besides his farm he had much sur-
veying of land for the settlers. He was one of
the most prominent and honored citizen of the
town of Watertown for many years. In 1634 Mr.
Brown and Robert Seeley were appointed "to sur-
vey all the lots that are granted'' and were also
appointed conservators of the timber trees, none
of which could be cut without their assent. In
1635 he was one of seven freeman appointed to
divide the common lands that were plowable. He
was highway surveyor also in 1635 and laid out
many of the old highways that are still in use.

He was one of the committee appointed October

7, 1641, to lay out a thousand acres granted to
the artillery company (The Ancient and Honorable
Artillery Company, still of Boston). He was a com-
missioner of the general court. He died in 1650.

His widow Lydia married, November 27, 1659,
Andrew Hodges, of Ipswich, whose wife Ann had
died November 15, 1658. She died at Watertown,
Massachusetts, September 27, 1686. Children of
Abraham and Lydia Browne were : Sarah, born in
England, married George Parkhurst, Jr. ; Mary, born
in England, married, April 10, 1650, John Lewis, of
Charlestown ; Lydia, born at Watertown, March 22,

1632-33, married Lieutenant William Lakin, Jr., of
Groton; Jonathan, born October 15, 1635, sec for-
ward; Hannah, buried March 5, 1635-39; Abraham,
born March 6, 1639-40, died 1667 ; owned land in

(II) Jonathan Browne, son of Abraham Browne
(1), was born in Watertown, Massachusetts, Octo-
ber 15, 1635. He settled in Watertown and married
there, February II, 1661-62, Mary Shattuck, daugh-
ter of William Shattuck, of Watertown. She was
born August 25, 1645, died October 23, 1732, aged
eighty-seven years, and was buried in the Waltham
burying ground. His will is dated February 19,
1690-91, and was proved April 7, following. It
mentions his wife and son Abraham, executors, and
other children named below. His name was always
spelled with the final "e," as well as that of his
father. The next generation dropped the final letter.
The children of Jonathan and Mary Browne were:
Mary, born October 5, 1662, married, May 22,
1682-83, John Warren; Elizabeth, born September
19, 1664, married, March 25, 1687, Daniel Benjamin;
Jonathan, born October 25, 1666, died young; Pa-
tience, born March 6, 1668-69, married, March 5,
1686-87, James Bigelow; Abraham, born August 26,
1671, died November 27, 1729; Samuel, born Octo-
ber 21, 1674; Lydia born March 31, 1677, married
January 18, 1698-99, Benjamin Wellington; Eben-
ezer, born September io, 1679; Benjamin, born Feb-
ruary 27, 1681, died October 28, 1756; William, see

(III) Deacon William Brown, son of Jonathan
Browne (2), was born in Watertown, Massachu-
setts, September 2, 1684. He was deacon of the
church and prominent in town affairs in both Water-
town and Waltham. He was on the first board of
selectmen of Waltham after it was set off from the
old town of Watertown. He called the first town
meeting. He died October 28, 1756. His will was
dated March 24, 1753, and his son Josiah was execu-
tor. He married, January 10, 1704-05, Hannah
Pease, of Cambridge. She died March 10, 17 17-18,
and he married, December 11, 1718, Sarah Bond,
only daughter of Colonel Jonas and Grace (Cool-
idge) Bond. She died June 10, 1777, aged eighty-
eight years. Children of Deacon William and Han-
nah Brown were : Ebenezer, see forward ; Hannah,
born January 22, 1706-07, died November 2, 1762;
married, November 10, 1726, Samuel Lawrence;
Sarah, born July 6, 1708, died young; William, born
September 27, 1710, resided in Connecticut; Isaac,
born December 5, 171 1, died October 6, 1759; Su-
sanna, born May 16, 1714, married Henry Prentice;
Samuel, born 1716, married Jerusha Loomis. Chil-
dren of Deacon William and Sarah Brown were :
Grace, born 1719, married George Lawrence; Jonas,
born December 9, 1721, died young; Josiah, born
August 2, 1724, died March 16, 1776; Sarah, born
March 14, 1727-28, marred Colonel Benjamin Ham-
mond; Thankful, born April 8, 1730, married Abijah

(IV) Ebenezer Brown, son of Deacon William



Brown (3), was born in Watertown, October 23,
1705. died December 17, 1785, at Waltham, wbere he
lived all his life. He was assessor and selectman
of Waltham. He married, May 20, 1727. Abigail
Adams, of Lexington. She died December 26,
1784. Children of Ebenczer and Abigail Brown
were: Jonathan, born March 5, 1727-28, married
Jonathan Merrick; Jonas, born July 26, 1729; Eben-
ezer, born December 29, 1730; David, born Febru-
ary 21, 1731-32, married Mindwell Cummins; Na-
thaniel, born September 30, 1733, died 1755; Han-
nah, born February 5. 1734-35, married Josiah Smith;
Martha, born April 6, 1736, married Benjamin
Green; Amos, born September 18, 1738, see forward;
Susanna, born November 12, 1739, died young;
Susanna, born February 9, 1741, married, April 10,

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