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ment, in 1775. Abijah bought the old homestead,,
which is part of the original lot No. 33, for eighty
pounds, of Benjamin Child, of Shrewsbury, Massa-
chusetts, August IS, I77 T - It bordered on land of
Oliver Davis and on the Ware river, Hubbardston.
He married, July 14, 1774, Rhoda Pond, who died
July 16, 1782. He married (second) Elizabeth
Marean, October 3, 1783. She died February 15,
1814, aged sixty-five years. He died January 9, 1814,
aged sixty-five years. Children of Abijah and
Rhoda Greenwood, all born at Hubbardston, were:
Ethan, born January 8, 1775, died October 2, 1777;
Ethan, January 26, 1780; Otis, December 4, 1781,.
see forward. Children of Abijah and Elizabeth,
Greenwood: Rhoda, June 20, 1785; Silas, Novem-
ber 19, 17S6; Mary, March 24, 1789; Hannah, May

29, 1791-

(VI) Otis Greenwood, son of Abijah Green-
wood (5), was born in Hubbardston, Massachu-
setts, December 4. 1781, died there October 6, 1814.
He was a farmer. His father, December 7, 1806,-
deeded him an undivided half interest in the home-
stead in Great Farm Lot, No. 33. where he then
lived, together with the "small dwelling house and
the forty foot barn thereon that I built for him,
but not the other buildings." Later he conducted
the entire farm, but he died the same year as his
father. He married, November 27, 1806, Sophia
Rice, horn in Hubbardston, January 23, 1785, daugh-
ter of Edmund and Abigail (Muzzey) Rice, descen-
dant of Edmund Rice, the pioneer settler in Sud-
bury and Marlborough. She died May 7, 1816,
leaving three orphan children of tender age. viz r
Edmund Rice, born December I, 1807, see forward;
Horace, December 3, 1809, married Almira Hart-
well. August, 1831 : he died October 21, 1863; chil-
dren — George F., Thomas E., William Solon, Levi-,



Augustine, Edson Alonzo, Elmira E., Emeline A.;
Augusta, December II, 1811, married, April 18, 1835,
Lyman Learned : she died August 14, 1865, aged
sixty-three years.

(VII) Edmund Rice Greenwood, son of Otis
Greenwood (6), was born in Hubbardston, Massi-
chusetts, December I, 1807. He was educated in
the common schools of that- town during the brief
winter terms, working out after he was old enough
during the summer season. He was an orphan and
lived "nut." He learned the trade of carpenter, and
after working as a journeyman some years went into
business as a contractor. He began to work at chair
making, taking the stock home from the factory of
Jonas G. Clark, of Hubbardston, according to the
custom of that day. When the chairs were completed
he marketed them himself in the furniture store of
the vicinity. He succeeded so well that he bought out
Mr. Clark and erected a steam saw mill near the
center of the village and carried on the chair busi-
ness until 1851, when he closed it out. The fol-
lowing year he entered the employ of C. & G. C.
Winchester, of Ashburnham, chair manufacturers, as
foreman, and remained with that concern for
twenty-five years. He retired in 1876 on account
of impaired health. He died at Ashburnham in
1882. He was a member of the Unitarian Church
at Hubbardston, a deacon for many years and he
also held other church offices. He attended the
Orthodox Congregational Church at Ashburnham.
In politics he was first a Whig, then a Republican.
He was an earnest and active Abolitionist. He was
a director of the First National Bank of Ashburn-
ham from its organization until his death.

He married (first), September 4, 1828, Susan
H. Slocumb, born in Boston, September 9, 1S08,
daughter of Peleg and Polly (Phelps) Slocumb.
Mary Sophia, born December 20, 1833, married,
Their children, all born in Hubbardston, were:
Otis, born March 4, 1829, was a promising attorney-
at-law. practicing at Sonora and Tuolumne, Cali-
fornia, where he died July, 1863. John Q., born
September 28, 1830, died October 17, 1858: married,
September 28, 1852, Ellen M. Joslyn, and they have:
Ellen E., married Baxter Johnson, of Worcester.
November 28, 1854, Colonel George H. Barrett, of
Ashburnham, and they had : Grace Greenwood,
born July 16, 1861, died June 3, i88r. Theodore,
born July 27, 1835, see forward. Edmund, born
December 18, 1837, died in Memphis, Tennessee,
1903. Abigail Susan, born April 14, 1840, died April
12, 184T. James Broad, born September 10, 1842,
died February 10, 1846. Moses Phelps, born De-
cember 21, 1845.

(VIII) Theodore Greenwood, son of Edmund
Rice Greenwood (7), was born in Hubbardston,
Massachusetts, July 27, 1835. and educated there in
the common schools. He went to work when thir-
teen years old in a chair factory at Springfield,
Massachusetts. From there he went to New Jersey,
where he was employed as a finisher of furniture
in a factory. In 1853 he went to Sonora, California,
where he took up mining. In 1859 he returned east
and settled in Ashburnham, and was in the grist
mill business with George H. Barrett, later in grain
and lumber business at Factory village, then entered
the army in the Fourth Massachusetts Heavy Artil-
lery, served nine months, then discharged, later
took the contract for finishing chairs for C. &. C.
G. Winchester and remained with the firm until

- it went out of business, then with- Boston Chair
Manufacturing Company till they went out of busi-
ness. He then followed this house till 1895 when
he retired. He died at his home in Ashburnham
March 21, 1905. He attended the Congregational

Church (Orthodox). In politics he was a Demo-
crat. He was assessor of Ashburnham and held
other town offices there. He was a member of
Aurora Lodge of Free Masons, Fitchburg; Thomas
Royal Arch Chapter, Fitchburg: Naukeag Lodge,
No. 196, Odd Fellows ; Sergeant Plunkett Post,
No. 184, Grand Army, having served in the Fourth
Heavy Artillery, Company H, during the civil war.

He married, April 9, 1S60, Mrs. John Greenwood,
formerly Miss Ellen Maria Joslyn, born April 7,
1833. daughter of Levi and Dorcas (Wright) Joslyn,
of Hubbardston. Her father was a farmer. They
had one child, Susie Ella, born June 29, 1862, mar-
ried, June 5, 1889, Dr. Walter H. Marble, of Ash-
burnham, who died January 13, 1899. (See sketch
of the Marble Family of Ashburnham). The chil-
dren of Dr. Walter H. and Susie Ella (Greenwood)
Marble : Theodore Walter Marble, born February
7, 1891, died March 10, 1891 ; Doris Ellen Marble,
born May 18, 1892, died October 28, 1893 r Hobart
Wendell Marble, born August 16, 1894; infant, born
and died November 26, 1896; Florence Marble, born
November 6, 1898, died November 20, 1898.

(VIII) Moses Phelps Greenwood, son of Ed-
mund Rice Greenwood (7), was born at Hubbards-
ton, Massachusetts, December 21, 1845. When six
years of age, he removed with his parents to Ash-
burnham, where he attended the public schools. At
the age of thirteen he entered the employ of C. &
G. C. Winchester, in their store as a clerk, remained
until 1867, when he and Ohio Whitney formed a
partnership under the firm name of Whitney &
Greenwood and conducted a general store in the
block in Ashburnham, now occupied by Walter O.
Parker, opposite Central street. Captain Walter O.
Parker was admitted to the firm of Whitney &
Greenwood and the firm name became Whitney,
Greenwood & Co. and continued until 1872, when
Whitney & Parker bought out Mr. Greenwood.
Then Mr. Greenwood became manager for the gen-
eral store of George C. Winchester, and remained
until Mr. Winchester went out of business. About
1879 he entered the employ of L. Sprague & Co.,
dealers in carpets and crockery, in Fitchburg, Massa-
chusetts, and remained two years. He formed a
partnership in 1881 with Walter R. Adams under
the firm name of Adams & Greenwood, and con-
ducted a general store in Ashburnham in the brick
block formerly occupied by the Winchesters. In
1886 Mr. Greenwood bought out his partner and con-
ducted the business alone with uniform success
until May, 1905, when, owing to the demands of
other and larger interests, he sold his stock and
good will to Scales & Cadwell. Altogether as clerk
and proprietor he was a dealer in general merchan-
dise more than forty years. He has been treasurer
of Cushing Academy, Ashburnham, since 1893, and
trustee since 1892, which duties, together with the
settlement of estates, have occupied his time and
attention. His office is in the brick block where his
store was located. Mr. Greenwood is one of the
most prominent business men of the town. He is
a man of sound judgment and enjoys the respect
and confidence of his townsmen.

He is a member of the Congregational Ortho-
dox Church, of which he has . been treasurer for
many years. In politics he is a Republican and has
often served as delegate to the various conventions
of his party. He was town treasurer for two years
and town auditor since the office was established.
In 1893 he was representative to the general court,
serving on the finance committee. He was a direc-
tor and vice-president of the Ashburnham First
National Bank during its existence. He is a mem-
ber of Aurora Lodge of Masons, Thomas Chapter




of Royal Arch Masons, both of Fitchburg; Hiram
Council, Worcester; Jerusalem Commandery,
Knights Templar, Fitchburg; Scottish Rite bodies
at Worcester, including the eighteenth degree in
Lawrence Chapter, Rose Croix, and of Massachu-
setts Consistory, thirty-second degree, Boston. He
is also a member of Naukeag Lodge, No. 196, Odd
Fellows, at Ashburnham; Ashburnham Grange, No.
202, Patrons of Husbandry.

He married, June 18, 1868, Georgie Sarah Whit-
ney, born at Ashburnham, August 26, 1845, daugh-
ter of Ohio Whitney, Jr. and Mary Rebecca
(Brooks) Whitney, of Ashburnham. The children:
I. Josephine Ellen, born May 18, 1870, married, Sep-
tember 20, 1893, Fred W. Woodcock, born in Win-
chendon, but was residing in Boston, Massachu-
setts, and they have Edmund Greenwood Wood-
cock, born December 31, 1899; Mary Woodcock,
born January 8. 1904. 2. Edmund Ohio, born Au-
gust 28, 1874, died August 21, 1875. 3. Arthur
Moses, born March 30, 1876, graduate of Brown
University, Harvard Medical School and Cushing
Academy, now practicing medicine at Marblehead,

Edmund Greenwood, fourth son of Edmund
Rice Greenwood, born in Hubbardston, Massachu-
setts, December 18, 1837, lived in Ashburnham,
Massachusetts, until sixteen years of age, was edu-
cated there, went west and lived several years,
finally going south and settling in Memphis, Ten-
nessee, 1859. He engaged in the stock business,
and at the time of his death, October 8, 1902, in
Memphis, was engaged in the cotton commission
business. He joined the Confederate army, serving
in the One Hundred and Fifty-fourth Tennessee
Regiment. He married, in Memphis. Tennessee,
November 17, 1861, Mary Josephine Haning, born
at Grand Gulf, Mississippi, December 20, 1837,
daughter of Aaron and Nancy (Dickinson) Haning,
the former having been a farmer in Ohio in early
life, and the latter a native of Arkansas and a
descendant of a Welsh ancestry. Mr. and Mrs.
Haning died in Kentucky, where the family moved
after leaving Grand Gulf, Mississippi. Children of
Edmund and Mary Josephine (Haning) Green-
wood were : Imogene, born in Memphis, died in
Nashville. Mary Susan, born in Macon, Georgia,
married W. P. Guiberson. Edmund Moses, born
and died in Memphis. James Hudson, born in Mem-
phis. Edith Edna, born and died in Memphis.
Aline Barrett, born in Memphis.

ALBEE FAMILY. Benjamin Albee, the immi-
grant ancestor of Ellis Albee, of Uxbridge, Massa-
chusetts, was born in England. His name was
spelled variously Albee, Albye, Alber, Aby, Abie
and Abee. He was a carpenter and miller by trade
He was in Boston, Massachusetts, as early as 1639
and in Braintree the year following. He was ad-
mitted a freeman May 18, 1642. He had a brother,
John Albee, living in Braintree, but he seems to
have left no issue.

Benjamin Albee signed a petition about the
meadows in 1646. He removed in 1649 to Medfield
and was selectman there on the first board. He
was later measurer of land, sealer of weights and
measures and in 1659 commissioner. His first lot
of land in Medfield was near Brastow's Bridge, but
it is not known whether he built his house there.
Later he bought land of Thomas Grubb, about 1659,
and the lot was on the corner of Main and Bridge
streets. He sold out in Braintree in 1657, and was at
Medfield in 1660. He was granted a house lot of
Mendon in 1660. and in 1662 was a petitioner for
the town of Sherborn. A Benjamin Albee was among

the constituent members of the Baptist Church at
Swansea in 1663, probably this man, as some of the
members lived at Mendon and Bellingham. He re-
moved to Mendon to live about 1669. The date
1664 is given in the Milford history when he became
interested in the Quinshepaug Plantation (Mendon^
He made an agreement to erect and maintain a corn-
mill on Mill river at what is now Gaskills mill.
He built the dam and started his mill, the first
work of civilization in Milford, Massachusetts, and
he came, according to this authority, to live there
in 1664-65, or very soon afterward. He lived near
the south side of the road, near the Willis Gould
place. He had a bounty of fifty acres for estab-
lishing the mill. This land was east of the river
and south of the road. He became the public land
surveyor of Mendon and was on the first board of
selectmen there also. The formal record of his
mill grant was not made until 1672. He was a
prominent citizen and office holder. He had to leave
his home during King Philip's war in 1675 and
never returned to Mendon nearer than Medfield.
His Mendon property was inherited by his son

He married Hannah . Their children

were : James, of whom later ; John, married, Oc-
tober 18, 1671, Jane Holbrook ; settled at Rehoboth,
died 1675; Benjamin, born about 1652; Hannah, bap-
tized August 16, 1641, married, March 25, 1663,
Samuel Wight ; Lydia, born April 14, 1642, at
Braintree, married, 1658, Alexander Lovell ; Sarah,
born 1653, in Medfield.

(II) James Albee, son of Benjamin Albee (1),
was born at Braintree, Massachusetts, about 1650.
He was a large land-holder. He deeded land to
his daughter Lydia and her husband, Jonathan Hay-
ward, March 20, 1817. He married, at Medfield,
October 18, 1671, Hannah Cook. All but their first
three children were born at Mendon. Children of
James and Hannah Albee were: Benjamin, born
about 1672, of whom later; Lydia, 1675, died young;
John, 1678, at Medfield, married, June 6, 1705. De-
borah Thayer; James, March, i68r, married, Janu-
ary 3, 1708, Mary Thayer: Hannah, January 2. 1683,
married Samuel Holbrook ; Lydia, 1685, died Jufy
24, 1687; Sarah, May 2, 1687, married, December
10, 1730. Samuel Daniels ; Lydia, 1690, married,
1716, Jonathan Hayward.

(III) Benjamin Albee, son of James Albee (2),
was born perhaps in Medfield, about 1671. He set-
tled in Mendon. He married. 1692, Abial

Their children, all born in Mendon, were : Ben-
jamin, Jr., born November 1, 1694, married Mary

; Lydia, December 11, 1696; Abial. March

15, 1701 ; Obadiah, October 20, 1705, married Jean

; Ebenezer. June 8, 1708, married (first)

Abigail and (second) Elizabeth ; James,

March 12, 1720, of whom later.

(IV) James Albee. son of Benjamin Albee (3),
was born in Mendon, Massachusetts, March 12,
1720. He was the first of the family to settle in
Uxbridge, where his descendants have been very
numerous. He was a soldier in the revolution. He
was a Minute Man and marched on the Lexington
call April 19. 1775, under Captain Samuel Read.
In 1776 and 1777 he was in the company of Captain
Samuel Read, the regiment of Lieutenant Colonel
Nathan Tyler in the Rhode Island campaign. In
1780 he was in Captain Ichabod Thayer's company,
Colonel Nathan Tyler, and he was corporal in 1781
in Captain Bezaleel Taft's company, Colonel Nathan
Tyler's regiment.

He married, January 21, 774=;. Prudence White,
of the well-known Mendon family. Their children
were: Prudence, January 3, 1747; Rachel, June



26, 1749; Abigail, May 25, 1751; James, March 11,
1753, of whom later; Abial, April 28, 1756; Lois,
-February 15, 1761 ; Alpheus, February 15, 1763;
Eunice, April 28, 1765; Hope, January 16, 1768;
Prudence, November 18, 1770; Hepzibah, May 17,

(V) James Albee, Jr., son of James Albee (4),
was born in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, March 11,
J 753- He married, February 29, 1776, Ruth White,
■of Mendon. He was also in the revolutionary war
ami some of the service credited to his father may
belong to him, but service ascribed to James Albee,
Jr., was undoubtedly his. He was in Captain Ger-
shom Nelson's company at Cambridge and Rox-
bury in 1775. Children of James and Ruth Albee
were: Phila, born November 17, 1779; Jesse,
March 27, 1782; Ellis, April 25, 1784, of whom
later; Betsey, September 8, 1786; Nella, May 4. 1788;
Silvea, March 22, 1790; Cynthia, July, 1796; James,
October 30, 1798; Alpheus, October 25, 1801.

(VI) Ellis Albee, son of James Albee, Jr., was
horn in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, April 28, 1784.

He married (first) Lavinia , and (secorfd)

Eliza Buxton. He owned a large farm and was a
very industrious and capable farmer. Children of
Ellis and Lavinia Albee. all born at Uxbridge, were:

. Emily, Eliza, Hiram. Children of Ellis and Eliza
Albee were: Ellis, Jr., born May 2, 1830; Laura.

(VIII) Ellis Albee, Jr., son of Ellis Albee (7),
-was born in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, May 2, 1830.
He received his early education in the district
school, working on his father's farm and attending
the winter term of school. He remained at home
and became associated with his father in the man-
agement of the farm, the responsibility gradually
falling upon him as his father grew older. In
business affairs Mr. Albee has been uniformly suc-
cessful. His farm is one of the best of his section.
Since his sons, Louis and Everett Albee, have been
old enough they have worked with him on the
homestead. Mr. Albee is quiet and modest in his
disposition and taste. Like many of the Albee
family he is a Quaker or member of the Society
of Friends. He is interested in town affairs and
has been called by his townsmen to serve on the
board of overseers of the poor and as highway sur-
veyor. He is a Republican in politics. He is a
valued citizen of Uxbridge, and is held in the high-
est esteem for his high character and worth.

He married. 1855. Sarah J. Southwick. daughter
of Moses D. Southwick, of Blackstone. Their chil-
dren are : Louis Fremont, born October 16. 1856,
of whom later: Everett Ellis (twin), born Febru-
ary 18. 1859, of whom later; Percy Sumner (twin),
born February 18. 1859, died November 2, 1887.

(IX) Louis Fremont Albee, son of Ellis Albee
{8), was born in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, October
16, 1856, and was educated there in the public
schools. He remained at home helping his father
on the homestead. He is a very loyal and earnest
citizen of Uxbridge and, though not a politician or
office seeker, is a well known figure in the annual
town meetings and a man of good sense and much
influence. He is also interested in the annual meet-
ings and other work of the Agricultural Society.

(IX) Everett Ellis Albee. son 'of Ellis Albee
(8), was born in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, February
18. 1859. He was educated in the public schools of
his native town. Since he was fifteen years old he
has worked on the homestead with his father and
brother. This farm has been owned by the Albee
family for over two hundred years, and occupied
b>y Mr. Albee's ancestors mentioned above in the
direct line. Mr. Albee stands well among his fel-
low citizens regardless of party or creed. Quiet,

unassuming, generous and charitable, he has the
characteristics of his family strongly marked. He
has been honored constantly by his fellow citizens
with officers of trust and responsibility. He is
member of the water board of the town and for
the past three years has been selectman. He
is trustee of the Uxbridge Savings Bank and is one
of the executive committee of the Blackstone Agri-
curtural Society.

Mr. Albee married, October 31, 1895. Mary
Wheelock, daughter of Jeremiah and Margaret
(Crane) Wheelock. They have no children.

JAMES E. TAFT. Robert Taft (1) was the im-
migrant ancestor of James E. Taft, of Westborough,
Massachusetts. He is said to have been born in
England. He came to America in 1679 or 1680 and
settled near Nipmuck Pond, Mendon. There was
one other immigrant of this name, a Scotch-Irish
settler, Matthew Taft, who came later, but was
supposed to be a relative. These two ancestors are
the progenitors of one of the largest and most dis-
tinguished families of Worcester county.

Robert Taft's home was on Fortfield near Men-
don pond. He was a carpenter by trade. He
was at Braintree for a short time before com-
ing to Mendon. He acquired a very large es-
tate which is said to have been two miles and
a half square.. He was one of the proprietors
of the town of Sutton. He was selectman of Men-
don on the first board after the re-settlement of
the town, following King Philip's war. Further
details of Robert Taft will be found elsewhere in
this work. He died at Mendon, February 8, 1725.
Children of Robert and Sarah Taft were: Thomas,
born 1671, of whom later; Robert, 1674; Daniel,
1677; Joseph, 1680; Benjamin, 1684.

An investigation of the English, Scotch and
Irish records seems to indicate that the Tafts are
of Irish origin, but that the American branch be-
longs with the Scotch-Irish or Scotch with whom
they lived and intermarried. In religion the im-
migrants were probably Presbyterians, but they
joined the Puritan Church when they came to Men-

The Tafts were in Ireland before the Scotch
settlements were made by King James. Sir Will-
iam Taaffe, as the name is still spelled in some sec-
tions, received one of the grants in 1610 in county
Cavan, precinct of Castle Rahen, of a thousand
acres of land. Taaffe was of Louth in the province
of Leinster, Ireland.

(II) Thomas Taft, son of Robert Taft (1), was
born in 1671. He settled on a farm given him by
his father at Mendon. He married Deborah Genery,
of Dedham, daughter of Isaac Genery. He died
in Mendon intestate, 1755 or 1756, and the estate
was administered by sons Eleazer and Isaac, whose
names appear on the bond dated June 16, 1757.
Children of Thomas and Deborah Taft were : Jo-
seph, born May 26, 1693 • Sarah, March 29, 1695 ;
Eleazer, April 5, 1697 (captain) ; Hannah, April
17, 1699; Rebecca. March 15, 1701; Deborah, No-
vember 14, 1702; Rachel, October 1, 1704; Martha,
June 15, 1708; Isaac, July 15, 1710; Susannah
(twin), March 15, 1713; Thomas (record gives
date April 5, 1713) (twin), March IS, 1713.

(III) Thomas Taft, son of Thomas Taft (2),
was born in Mendon, Massachusetts, April 5, 1713
(or March 15). He was a member of Rev. Mr.
Willard's church and had trouble with the minister
that resulted in the final dismissal of the pastor.
But before the pastor went Taft was suspended
from communion "for repeatedly refusing to hear
and casting contempt upon the church partic-



xilarly upon the pastor of said church, till he should
make manifest repentance and reformation." Willard
was tried on charges, acquitted, but dismissed later.
Thomas Taft left a will, signed with remarkable
good hand, but spelled "thomas taft." He left his
real estate and cider mill to his sons Nathaniel and
Thomas. The will was made August 28, 1773, and
disallowed March 5, 1793- He married Lydia
Thompson. Their children were: Nathaniel, born
1733, died young; Thomas, 1736, died young; Ke-
ziah, 1737. died young; Lydia, 1738, married Ebe-
nezer Taft (see will) and had among others Marvel

I aft mentioned in will: Charity, November 24, 1742,
died young; Hannah, March 6, 1745-40 (see will),
-married Penniman : Nathaniel, October 15,

1747. married Abigail Holbrook ; Amariah, Febru-
ary 13, 1750 (town clerk's copy) ; Deborah, Febru-
ary 18, 1751. died young; Thomas, October 30,

1753. of whom later; Jenery or Genery, June 3,

[756, died young.
"(IV) Thomas Taft, son of Thomas Taft (3),

was born in Mendon, Massachusetts, October 30,

1753. He settled in Mendon also. He made his
will September 15, 1823, and it was filed for pro-
late. August 4, 1835. He married (first), about
1783, Mary Spring and (second), June 16, 1793,
at Mendon, Betsey Fletcher. Children of Thomas
tand Mary Taft were: Deborah, born March 8,

1754. married a Tourtelotte ; Samuel, July 24, 1786;

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