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Sabria. July 27, 1788, died young; Sabria, May 28,
1790, died before her father ; Policy, September 14,

1792, married Spring. Children of Thomas

and Betsey Taft were: Arnold, May 22, 1794, of
whom later; Stephen, November 30, 1795; Thomas,
December 26, 1797; Amasa, Otis, Sylvia, Betsey,

( Vtober 7, 1804, married Hayward : Joanna,

-married Wilson. All the children except

Saliria (first and second) were living when their
father's will was made in 1823.

(V) Arnold Taft, son of Thomas Taft (4),
was born in Mendon, Massachusetts, May 22, 1794.
He settled in Mendon, and was a prosperous and
progressive farmer. He took a lively interest in
public affairs. In his later years, after the Repub-
lican party was organized, he was identified with
it politically and a leader in local politics. He
married, at Grafton, Massachusetts (intentions
.' ited July 10), 1815, Martha W. Harrington, born
in Grafton, daughter of Solomon and Elizabeth
( Putnam) Harrington. She died at Mendon, Jan-
uary 10. 1S88. aged ninety years, three months and
twenty-five days. Arnold Taft died at Mendon,
April 16. 1871. Of their fifteen children twelve
were living at the time of the father's death in
1871. Children of Arnold and Martha Taft were:
Betsey Willard. born November 28. 1815, wife of
Andrew Southwick. of Mendon ; Charlotte, July 7,
1S17. married Perez Thayer, of Worcester: Lewis
Willard, May 19. 1819, resided at Blackstone;

Arnold Austin. December 31, 1820, of whom a
sketch appears elsewhere in this work; George,
April 10, 1822; David Henry, December 31, 1823,
resided at Mendon; Martha. February 23, 1826,
married Jared Benson; settled in Anoka, Minnesota;
Stephen Claridon, September 30. 1827, resided at
Mendon: Charles. October 4. 1829: Adin Ballou,
November 7. 1831, resided at Blackstone; Water-
man, November 13, 1833, resided at Blackstone ;
Jane Ellen. April 4. 1836, married Mason. Alexander,
of Mendon: James Edward. April 4. 1836. of whom
later; Anna Sophia. July 7, 1839, married George
A. Greene, of Pike. Wyoming county. New York;
Julia Augusta Freeman. March 20. 1841.

(VI) James Edward Taft. son of Arnold Taft
(5), was born in Mendon, Massachusetts, April 4,

1836. He was educated in the district schools of
his native town, and had the usual quota of farm
work. He had a native talent for drawing, which
he turned to account. He acquired the art of de-
signing for textile work. He removed to Pitts-
field, Massachusetts, where he was for many years
connected with a woolen mill as designer and in
various other positions up to that of superintendent.
In 1892 he retired and made his home in West-
borough, not far from his birth place in the ad-
jacent town of Upton, and since then has resided
there. He is a Republican in politics and a Uni-
versalis! in religion. He is a prominent Free Ma-
son, a member of the Mystic Lodge, of Pittsfield.
Mr. Taft married, 1858 (intentions dated Decem-
ber 10. 1857) Abby A. Sanger, of Hopkinton,
daughter of Gilbert D. and Mary (McFarland)
Sanger, of Hopkinton, Massachusetts. They have
had seven children: Eva, married Charles Pierce;
Jesse S. ; Dora D., school teacher in Springfield,
Massachusetts : Mason, born at Mendon, Septem-
ber 1, 1866, of whom later : Jennie, born February
8, 1871, died at Mendon, January 28, 1881 ; Cora,
born at Mendon, September 23, 1873 ; Estine, born
at Mendon. July 7, 1876, died young.

(VII) Mason Taft, son of James Edward Taft
(6), was born in Mendon, Massachusetts, Septem-
ber 1, 1866. He was educated in the public schools
of his native town and at Pittsfield, Massachu-
setts,, where his father was located for a number
of years. He served an apprenticeship in the rub-
ber manufactory at Millvilie, a village of Black-
stone. adjoining Mendon, and resided there for a
number of years. A few years ago he decided to
go back to farming and bought a large and produc-
tive farm at Westborough, where his father settled
upon retiring from business. Mr. Taft has been
very - successful with his farm, studying the new
methods and keeping pace with modern ideas in
agriculture. He is an active member of the West-
borough Grange, Patrons of Husbandry. He is a
member of the Westborough Council, Royal Ar-
canum. He attends the Universalist Church and is
a Republican in politics. He married, 1899, Cath-
erine Gile. daughter of Edward Gile, of West-
borough, and they have one child, Vivian Taft.

ELLISON FAMILY. Lawrence Ellison (1),
the immigrant ancestor of Henry Martyn Ellison,
01 L T xbridge, Massachusetts, and progenitor of
many Allison and Ellison families of New York
and New England, was born about 1590 in Eng-
land. He was of an ancient and noble family,
though his line has not been traced. The coat-of-
arms of the English family is : A griffin's head
erased ppr. collared or. The spelling Allison is
common in Scotland. The family is also found in
Ireland. Lawrence Ellison settled first at Water-
town. Massachusetts. From there he went to
Wethersfield, Connecticut, and to Stamford. Thence
he went to Hempstead. Long Island, with others
in the partv of Rev. Richard Denton in 1644. Most
of these families who went to Hempstead were
from Hemel. Hempstead. England, a town twenty
miles from London. Others were from Halifax,
Yorkshire, whence came the Rev. Mr. Denton himself
with Sir Richard Saltonstall in 1630. He was at
one time minister of Colley Chapel, Halifax. Elli-
son was taxed at Hempstead in 1657 and became a
townsman there in 1659. He died in Hempstead in
the North Riding of Yorkshire, Long Island. 1664.
His estate was administered by Richard.' Thomas
and John, and the estate is the oldest but one in
the surrogate's records, New York. His children :
Richard, see forward : Thomas, born about 1622.



resided at Hempstead, died in 1697; had a son

John; Jogn, born about 1624; , married John


(II) Richard Ellison, son of Lawrence Ellison
(1), was born in England about 1620. He was in
Braintree, Massachusetts, as early as 1645, removed
to Hempstead, Long Island, where his father and
brothers were, about 1663. In 1673 he was taxed in
Hempstead for sixty acres of land; had land
allotted to him on Hempstead Plains and lived
there in 1682. His will was dated February 14,
1630, and proved June 13, 1683. He bequeathed
to wife "Tamisen," to John one hundred and
fifty acres of land and a house, to son Thomas
twenty-two acres, to sons-in-law Jonathan Smith
and Joshua Jannock. Children of Richard and
Thomasin Ellison, all born in Braintree, whence
came many of the Mendon settlers, were: Mary,
born June 15, 1646; Hannah, born May 24, 1648;
John, born June 26, 1650, evidently unmarried, leav-
ing his property by will dated November 8, 1684,
and proved in New York city, to his brother Thomas
who resided at Hempstead; Sarah, born October

4, 1652, married Joshua Jannock; Thomas (not
Thomasin), born January I, 1655, see forward;
Experience (daughter) ; Richard, born February 7,
1660 ; Rachel, married Jonathan Smith.

(III) Thomas Ellison, son of Richard Ellison
(2), was born January 1, 1655. He inherited prop-
erty from his father and brother John. His other
brother Richard settled in New Jersey. He seems
to have remained at Long Island, though probably
he had property at Braintree. The evidence all
points to him as the father of John Ellison, of
Mendon, Massachusetts, and Uxbridge.

(IV) John Ellison was grandson of Richard
Ellison (2), of Braintree, and probably son of
Thomas Ellison, of Hempstead, Long Island. Note
that his eldest son was Thomas, his second John
and the similarity of the other names to the Brain-
tree family. He was born about 1710. He married,

1 73 1, Hannah , and they settled in Uxbridge.

His first land he bought June 17, 1740, of Peter
Aldrich, forty acres in Uxbridge. He was a black-
smith by trade and doubtless divided his time be-
tween his forge and his farm after the custom of
the early settlers. He may have learned his trade
at some iron works, for he is usually called
••bloomer" in the deeds. John Ellison, of Ux-
bridge. bought more land at Uxbridge, April 14,
1741 of Joseph Thompson. .He bought three more
lots of Peter Aldrich; (first), October 15, 1747!

(second), April 11, 1769. and also later,
all for real estate in Uxbridge. He died in 1773-
A guardian was appointed for his widow, January

5, 1790. The property was divided among the
children, June, 1774- A suit was brought against
the son Jacob for the estate. The children of John
and Hannah Ellison were born in Uxbridge. as fol-
lows : Susannah, born September 4, 1732: Thomas,
October 7. 1734: John, September 7. i7.?6; Arme,
July 21. 1738; Thomas, March 30. 1740-41: Molly,
April U>, 1744; Jacob, July 5, 1746: Hannah, July
24. 1749; Martha, February 2, 1752; Sarah. Novem-

(V) Jacob Ellison, son of John Ellison (4),
wa- born July s. 1744. He was a housewright by
trade. He married Hannah Berry. They were m-
terested in the esate of Henry and Abigail Chase,
of Petersham, as heirs, in 1790. He had a litiga-
tion over his fathi He resided at Ux-

dge and Northbridge, Massachusetts. He was a

1,1m, in Captain John Boward's company, Colonel

Samuel Brewer's regiment, in i;77- H' s father

deeded land to him in 1765. He had a son Henry
and perhaps Joseph.

(V) John Ellison, Jr., son of John Ellison (4),.
was born at Uxbridge, Massachusetts, September 7,
1736. He enlisted in the revolution, April 26, 1781,
as a private in the Continental Army for three years.
He bought land on the west side of the Great river
from Samuel Aldrich, land given by the late Deb-
orah Aldrich to her son, Solomon Aldrich, thirty
acres. His father deeded him land at Uxbridge,.
September 5, 1763. No record of his marriage and
children has been found.

(V) Thomas Ellison, son of John Ellison (4),.
was born in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, and settled
as did most of the family in Northbridge. He-
seems to have lost all his property in 1814 by
failure, as various pieces of real estate were sold
on execution at that time to Amariah Chapin,.
Alpheus Dean, Aaron Thayer, Abijah YVillard and
Allen Thayer. He bought property, July 14, 1784,
of his brother Jacob at Northbridge. He sold land
February 7, 1800, to James Fletcher, of Northbridge,.
Massachusetts. Eliab Ellison, perhaps his son, con-
veyed property to Thomas, April 6, 1799.

(VI) Joseph Ellison, grandson of John Ellison
(4), of Uxbridge, and son of John Ellison (5),
or possibly of Thomas or Jacob named above, was
born probably in Northbridge, about 1775. He-
bought of Samuel Read, of Northbridge, a farm
there, October 25, 1804, consisting of eighty-one
acres adjoining the farm of Dexter Wood. He sold
a part interest in this farm December, 1804, to Will-
iam Hull, of Uxbridge. They sold this place De-
cember 9, 1806, to John Capron. Joseph married
Lucinda Wood, daughter of Ezekiel and Damaris
Wood. They deeded her portion of the Wood
estate to their son Willard, April 8, 1S30. Children
of Joseph and Lucinda Ellison were: 1. Loraina.
2. Willard, eldest son, was given the homestead
which his mother received from her parents, Ezek-
iel and Damaris Wood, of Uxbridge, by deed dated
April S, 1830, and he carried on the farm ; he died
at Uxbridge, April 28, 1889, leaving son, Charles
W. Ellison; grandson, Josiah A. Fretts. of Upton;
grandson, Oscar P. Chase ; daughter, Elizabeth M.
Paine, of Uxbridge ; and grandson, Walter H. Elli-
son, of Uxbridge ; had a son, Ezekiel W. Ellison,
deceased. 3. Martha. 4. Maria. 5. George. 6.
Adolphus S., see forward.

(VII) Adolphus S. Ellison, son of Joseph Elli-
son (6), was born in Uxbridge, Massachusetts,
1S12. He was a farmer of that town and did con-
siderable lumbering also. He was a highly re-
spected citizen, active and influential in town af-
fairs, but never aspired to office. He married (first)
Julia Hunt. He married (second) Martha Blan-
chard. He died at Uxbridge, January 16, 1892.
The two children of Adolphus S. and Julia Ellison:
I. Edward P., born Uxbridge, November 1, 1847,
married Waity Seagrave and they have children —
Nettie ; Julia, married (first) Edward Copeland
and had Mildred and Ralph Copeland ; Julia mar-
ried (second) Herbert Dunham; Edw : ard P. Elli-
son married (second) Ada Cunningham, and they
had : William, Waity, Etta, Herbert, Emma. Ralph ;
they resided in South Milford, Massachusetts. Ed-
ward P. Ellison resides in Whitman or North Ab-
ington, Massachusetts. 2. Mary A., born August
4, 1830, married Baylies W. Aldrich, of Douglas ;
she was a school teacher, taught nine years, being
well liked. The only child of Adolphus S. and
Martha (Blanchard) Ellison was: Henry Martyn,
see forward.

(VIII) Henry Martyn Ellison, son of Adolph




S. Ellison (7), was born in Uxbridge, Massachu-
setts, November 15, 1861. He was educated there
in the public schools. At the age of seventeen he
went to work on the farm with his father, who was
at that time also engaged in teaming and lumbering.
He was elected road commissioner for his district
when he was only nineteen years of age. He was
an expert road builder and when the district sys-
tem of caring for the town highways was abolished,
lie was elected superintendent of roads for the
entire town, a position which he filled with credit
to himself and the town for a period of seventeen
years. At the same time he maintained his farm.
He is a man of quiet, domestic tastes, highly re-
spected by his townsmen. He is a Republican
in politics. He is a Congregationalist in religion,
and a charter member of the Uxbridge Ancient
Order of United Workmen.

He married Imogene Taft, born at Blackstone,
1850, daughter of Adin Taft, of Mendon, Massa-
chusetts. Children of Henry Martyn and Imogene
Ellison: Martha Elizabeth, born May 30, 1888, grad-
uate of the Uxbridge high school ; Arthur Everett,
born June 13, 1890; Harry Baylies, born October
19, 1893 ; Grace Marian, born January 14, 1896.

COOK FAMILY. Walter Cook (1), the emi-
grant ancestor of Lloyd Halsey Cook, of Milford,
Massachusetts, was one of the pioneers at Wey-
mouth. He was there as early as 1643. He was
admitted a freeman May 18, 1653. He removed to
Mendon in 1663-64 with three sons and two daugh-
ters. With him were also Gregory Cook and
Stephen Cook, possibly brothers or relatives, who
removed to Newton, Massachusetts, later. The Cook
homestead at Mendon was built near the location of
the house lately owned by Aaron C. Cook. Walter
Cook had a forty acre lot and added a large num-
ber of lots of land in Milford. Bellingham, Wrent-
ham and the Rhode Island line. He died Janu-
ary 5, 1695-96. His will was proved January 18,
1695-96. (Pope gives it 1694-95.) His widow
Catherine died two days later and her will was
dated January 16, 1694. Her son John was the

Children of Walter and Catherine Cook were:
John, the eldest ; Ebenezer, born in Weymouth, May
30, 1656; Walter, born September 10, 1657; Nicholas,
born February 9, 1660, died December I, 1730,
at Bellingham ; Elizabeth, married Peter Aldrich :
Catherine; Hannah; Experience. (See Pope's

(II) Nicholas Cook, son of Walter Cook (1),
was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts, February 9,
1650. He died at Bellingham, Massachusetts, De-
cember I, 1730. He married Joanna Rockwood.
They resided at Mendon, Blackstone and Belling-
ham. He had land in Mendon. Children of
Nicholas and Joanna (Rockwood) Cook were:
Josiah, born August 29, 1685 ; Nicholas, June 10.
1687; Joannah, February 13, 1687; Mary, October
9, 1690; Ann. March 4, 1695; Seth, April 28, 1699;
Daniel, August 18, 1703: David. November 15, 1705;
Abigail, October 4. 1707; Noah, 1710, died 1771.
The homestead of Nicholas (2) was in the eastern
part of Mendon near Bellingham, extending per-
haps to Cumberland. Rhode Island. Most of the
Cook families found in the towns of Milford, Black-
stone, Mendon. Bellingham. Wrentham, Cumberland
and Woonsocket are descendants of Nicholas Cook


(III) Nicholas Cook, son of Nicholas Cook (2),
was born in Mendon, June 10, 1687. He married
Elizabeth Staples. He resided on the road from
Mendon to Rehoboth on the Bellingham side of

ii — 27

the line. The births of his children are recorded
in the town of Bellingham. He died there April
26, 1770, aged ninety-two years or in ninety-second
year. Children of Nicholas and Elizabeth (Staples)
(Took were: Jemima, born November 16, 1716; Na-
thaniel, September 15, 1718; Peter, August 26, 1720;
Daniel, September 12, I7_'_> ; William, December 12,
17-14: Caleb, September 25, 1727; Elizabeth, July
15. 1729; Abigail, November I, 1731; Nicholas, Feb-
ruary 7, 1733; Susanna, March 6, 1738; Ezekiel,
June 19, 1744.

(IV) Peter Cook, son of Nicholas Cook (3),
was born in Bellingham, Massachusetts, August 26,
1720. He married Elizabeth Bates (intentions dated
August 29), 1741. They had a son Stephen Cook,
born about 1742-48.

(V) Stephen Cook, son of Peter Cook (4),
was born in Mendon or vicinity about 1742-48. He
married, October 20, 1768, Johanna Scott, and they
settled in Bellingham. He was a soldier in the
revolution in Captain Edmund Brigham's company,
Colonel Job Cushing's regiment; (marched to re-
inforce the northern army August 21, 1777) records
of service also in 1777-78-82. Children of Stephen
and Johanna (Scott) Cook were: Otis, born Octo-
ber 26, 1769; Candes, August 18, 1771 ; Elisha, March
T 9. 1773; Crusa, March 14, 1775; Nicholas, Feb-
ruary 27, 1777; Peter, March 12, 1779; William, No-
vember 6, 1782; Abigail, April 7, 1785; Samuel,
April 17, 1789; Rhode, February 12, 1790; Joanna,
June 6, 1793; Stephen Warren, July 2, 1795.

(VI) Peter Cook, son of Stephen Cook (5),
was born in Bellingham, Massachusetts, March 12,
1779. He came to Milford about 1803 from Mendon,
South Parish, now Blackstone. He married Amy
Sumner, daughter of Darius Sumner, in 1805. She
died December 18, 1S25. He married (second) Han-
nah Fisher, of Pawtucket, in 1831. He died Octo-
ber 5, 1856, aged seventy-eight years. He bought of
Colonel Samuel Nelson a large farm in what is now
South Hopedale, then Milford, Massachusetts. This
old farm was formerly owned by Captain Seth
Chapin, Josiah Wood, Gershom Nelson and his

Children of Peter and Amy (Sumner) Cook
were: 1. Caroline, born April 1, 1807, married
Stephen Sweet, August 30, 1823; Stephen, November
23, 1808, married Diana Hunt, October 15, 1835;
Amos, February 19, 1811, married Sarah Davis Ham-
mond, October 24, 1839; Peter, Jr., February 22,.
1813, died March 25, 1813; Amy Sumner, April 7,.
1815. married Carolus G. Jewell, July 25, 1842, re-
sided at Galva, Illinois; William, June 10, 1818,.
married Adelaide Pease, April 19, 1863, resided in
Providence; Lloyd Halsey, January 6, 1820; Firilla
Sumner, May 6, 1822, married Samuel W. Gilbert,
1845, resided in Aurora, Illinois ; the only child of
Peter and Hannah Fisher Cook was George, died,
when about twenty years old.

(VII) Lloyd Halsey Cook, son of Peter Cook:
(6), w f as born in Milford, January 6, 1820. He at-
tended the district school in Milford in what is now
Hopedale. He began to work as a clerk in various
stores. Then he went into business on his own
account, opening in the town of Milford the first
meat market. He continued this business success-
fully for many years. About 1866 he closed out his
store and opened a real estate office, a business in
which he has also succeeded and in which he is still
engaged. Mr. Cook is the oldest business man in
Milford who still carries on his business. Although
eighty-five years of age Mr. Cook is at his desk daily,
and conducts an extensive business. Fie has been
a director of the Milford National Bank for many
years. Me is a director and was formerly secre-



tary of the Milford Gaslight Company. He is a
member of the Universalist Church. In politics he
is a Republican, but has never sought or held office.
I!' has been a justice of the peace for many years.

He married Abby Ann Ri ckwood, daughter of
Colonel Joseph and Ann (Chilson) Rockwood. She
was born in Bellingham, May 30, 1S26. They were
married in Boston, December 13, 1849, by Dr. Miner.
Their children were: Elwood Harvey, born May
11, 1855, died December 23, 1874; Percy Walton.
October 19, 1X58, died September 23, 1863; Clifford

(VIII) Clifford Ashton Cook, son of Lloyd
Halsey Cook (7), was born in Milford, Massachu-
setts, September 3, i860. His early education was
obtained in the public schools of his native town,
and at a private school in Milford. Afterwards he
attended French's Commercial College in Boston.
lli- first business experience was with Bartlett &
Ellis, hardware dealers, with whom he spent five
years as clerk. Then he decided to study law. He
went to the Boston University Law School, where
he was graduated in 1895. He was admitted the
same year to the bar in Worcester county and since
then has engaged in general practice in Milford.
Before studying law Mr. Cook was for some time
associated with his father and he has since shared
offices with him. Mr. Cook has won a leading posi-
tion among the attorneys of the county, and has the
respect and confidence of the entire community. He
has been honored with various positions of trust
and responsibility by his fellow-citizens.

He is an active and earnest Republican. He has
served for many years on the Republican town com-
mittee and was twice the chairman. In 1899 and
1900 he represented the town of Milford in the
ral court, serving as clerk of the committee on
banks and banking. He was also house chairman of
the committee on labor, has been town treasurer
since 1889, and is a trustee of the Milford Savings
Hank. In the Masonic fraternity he is one of the
best known men in the county. He has been master
of Montgomery Lodge, of Milford. He is a member
of Mt. Lebanon Chapter and Milford Council. He
belongs to Milford Commandery, Knights Templar.
He was district deputy grand master of the Twen-
tieth Masonic District in 1895 and 1896. He was
most excellent high priest of the Ninth Capitular
District in 1903 and 1904. He is at present junior
warden of the Milford Commandery. He has taken
all the degrees of the Scottish Rite to and including
the thirty-second. Mr. Cook attends the First Uni-
versalist Church of Milford.

He married, November, 1888, Addie Eveline
Quiggle, daughter of Charles and Angie Quiggle, of
Milford. She was born March 14, 1861. Their only
child is Kenneth Lloyd, born in Milford, May,

CUNLIFF FAMILY. Joseph Cunliff, grand-
father of Lemuel H. Cunliff, of East Douglas,
usetts, came with his brother in 1812 to
Providence, Rhode Island. Among his children
were: James M.. born in Providence. 1812, of whom
later. Betsey Ann, married, April 21, 1842, George
Washington Sherman; Mary E., married S. G. Bul-
lock, of Worcester, and they had J. Cunliffe Bul-
lock, a lawyer in Pennsylvania; Joseph A., died
young; Sarah L, married H. P. Hunt, of Douglas,
and they had children — Nellie E., married J. W.
Irving, had Ruth Irving, and resides in Lynn, Massa-
chu tts; oid Emma C. 1 hint.

(!I) James M. Cunliff, son of Joseph Cunliff
(l), was born in Providence, Rhode Island. 1X12.
He was educated theer and learned the textile busi-

ness, in wdiich his father was engaged. He became
a very prominent mill agent at Centredale, Rhode
Island, and at Manchaug, Massachusetts, for the
Manchaug Manufacturing Company. He was active
in politics and town affairs, elected representative
from his district to the general court of Massa-
chusetts and distinguished himself by able and use-
ful service in public office. He was a Republican
in politics. He died in Providence, April 18, 1882.

He married (first) Sarah A. Harris and (sec-
ond), March 23, 184^, Nancy Ware, daughter of
Preston Ware, from Wrentham, Massachusetts, the
ceremony being performed by Rev. Junia S. Mowry,
at North Providence, Rhode Island. The children
of James M. and Sarah A. Cunliff were : Mary
Ellen, Sarah P., Joseph A., Lemuel H., of whom
later. The child of James M. and Nancy : Emma
F., resides on Bridgeman street, Providence, Rhode

(Ill) Lemuel H. Cunliff, son of James M. Cun-
liff (2), was born in North Providence, Rhode
Island, May 13, 1838. He was educated in the pub-
lic schools, Leicester and Schofield Academies. He
left home when a young lad and by hard work and
persistence fitted himself as a draughtsman and mill
engineer, and was draughtsman for Franklin Manu-

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