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Thomas and Margery, his second wife : Abraham,
April 30, 1703; Sarah, March 5, 1705; Ezekiel,
March 5, 1707, see forward.

(V) Deacon Ezekiel Knowlton, son of Thomas
Knowlton (4), was born March 5, 1707, died March

4, 1774. He married Susannah Morgan, daughter
of Captain and Susannah (Pitts) Morgan, both
born in England. Captain Morgan died on the voy-
age over. Deacon Knowlton removed from Man-
chester, Massachusetts, to Shrewsbury, in 1731. He
was deacon there from 1743 to 1774. His wife died
March 17, 1784. Their children, all born in Shrews-
bury, were: Mary, born May 16, 1731; Susannah,
April 19. 1733, married Gershom Wheelock;
Deborah, December 23, 1734, married Jabez Bige-
low; Ezekiel, May 11, 1736, married Anna Miles;
Luke, October 28, 1738, married Sarah Holland;
William, April 29, 1741, see forward; Sarah, Janu-
ary 28, 1745; Margery, June I, 1747; Captain
Thomas, April 27, 1750.

(VI) Deacon William Knowlton, son of Deacon
Ezekiel Knowlton (5), was born in Shrewsbury,
Massachusetts, April 29, 1741, died there September
13, 1820. He married Hannah Hastings, descend-
ant of Captain Thomas and Susannah Hastings, who
settled in Ipswich, 1636. They settled in Templeton
but removed to Shrewsbury in 1776. He was a soldier
in the revolution, a sergeant of his company at
Winter Hill in 1775. He was deacon of the Shrews-
bury church from 1784 to 1820; selectman 1785 to
1787. Children: Hannah, born 1765, married Cap-
tain Thomas Harrington; Asa, born 1767, married
Olive Waite; Susannah, born 1771, married John

5. Whiting; Artemas, born 1774, married Huldah
Lyon and (second) Rhoda Small; William, born
June 20, 1777, married Clorinda Smith; Seth, born
May II, 1781, married Relief Howe; Joseph H.,
born March 22, 1785, see forward.

(VII) Deacon Joseph H. Knowlton. son of
Deacon William Knowlton (6), was born at Shrews-
bury, Massachusetts, March 22, 1785. He married,
1806, Chloe Forbush, of Westboro. He was deacon
of the Restoration Society of Shrewsbury and re-
sided on the Knowlton homestead there. Their
children : William Hastings, born March 8, 1807,
married. March 3, 1828, Susan Brigham ;, Hannah
Ward, September 16. 1808, married S. Haven, Au-
gust 24, 1829; Mary Ann Bacheller, May 12. 1810,
married J. Newton. 1832; Joseph Forbush. August
20, 1811, see forward; Susan Witherby, February 20,
1814, married, 1837, John Rice; Relief Maria. Feb-
ruary 7. 1816; Lorenzo Clark, April 23. 1818; Caro-
line Elizabeth, September 3, 1820; Francis Augustus,
June 26. 1823.

(VIII) Joseph Forbush Knowlton, son of Jo-
seph H. Knowlton (7), was born at Shrewsbury.
August 20. 1811. He married (first), June 2. 1S33.
Huldah Newton, who died August 2, 1839. aged
twenty-seven years, lie married (second 1, No-
vember 26, 1840, Sarah E. Johnson. Children of
Joseph F. and Huldah Knowlton: Mary Elizabeth,
born August 8, 1835. died July 7, 1849. Susan Mary.

May 2J, 1837, died August 30, 1889; Joseph Henry,.
April 25, 1839, see forward. Children of Joseph F.
and Sarah E. Knowlton : Frederick, born Febru-
ary 23, 1842, married, May 16, 1867, Catherine E.
Allen; Greenville, March 24, 1844, died young;
Lorenzo, October 19, 1846, married Mary F. Brig-
ham ; Francis A., January 7, 1849, married, April.
26, 1871, Lucy J. Stratton. Herbert J., born July

5, 185 1 ; John F., September, 1852, married, February

6, 1879, Carrie Plasted. George W., September 20,
1854, died 1857; Sarah E., October 19, 1856; George
W., May 20, 1858; Walter C, July 20, i860, see

(VIII) William Hastings Knowlton, eldest son
of Deacon Joseph H. Knowlton (7), was born in
Shrewsbury, March 8, 1807, died August 5, 1872.
He married, March 31, 1828, Susan Brigham, born
November 1, 1806. died September 25, 1877. Their
children : Susan E., born December 26, 1828, mar-
ried Elnathan C. Wheeler, May 25, 1859; Mary A.,
May 19, 1831, married, April, 1855, Joseph Nourse ;
Everett W., September 26, 1832, see forward ; Lucy
M., May 25, 1835. died September 30, 1880; Wiliam
E., September 26, 1836; Eliza G., October, 1837, died.
November 26, 1855; Martha B., April 13, 1843, died
January 9, 1868; Walter B., December 2, 1845, died
January 3, 1866.

(IX) Everett William Knowlton, son of Will-
iam H. Knowlton (8), was born in Shrewsbury,
September 26, 1832. He was educated in the pub-
lic schools and at Leicester Academy. He was then
employed for a numbber of years in a brittania ware
factory at Dorchester, Massachusetts, now Boston.
Returning to Shrewsbury he engaged in the boot
and shoe trade, but shortly afterward opened a gen-
eral store which he conducted for more than forty
years. In 1901 he retired and is now enjoying the
fruits of a long and honorable business career. In
politics he is a Democrat, but non-partisan in town
affairs and has served the town on the school com-
mittee. In religious faith he is a Universalist. He
married January 7, 1856, Mary Elder Brown, born
in Worcester, June 6, 1837, died September 15, 1890,
daughter of Lyman and Nancy (Barton) Brown.
Her father died January 22, 1881 ; her mother was
born September 27, 1808. Children of Everett W.
and Mary Elder Knowlton: 1. Willis Everett, see
forward. 2. Addie Maria, born October 3, 1858.
married Walter E. Carpenter, born in Shrewsbury,
February 2, 1855, residing in Pawtucket. Rhode
Island ; children — Louie Everett, born March 16,
1881, died August 23, 1882; Walter Clayton, gradu-
ated from public and high schools of Pawtucket,
Rhode Island, then from Brown University. Ph. B.
Elected Phi Beta Kappa ; won Glover scholarship
senior year, George Washington, International law ;
Kenneth Earle, born January 13, 1884, resides in Prov-
idence. Rhode Island ; attended Pawtucket grammar
and high schools, Massachusetts Institute of Tech-
nology and Rhode Island School of Design. 3. Mabel
E., born December 18, i860, librarian of the Shrews-
bury public library. 4. Edward Lyman, born March
2 3. 1863. married Sarah E. Howe, born in Westboro,
September 15, 1865, daughter of Silas and Elvira
(Freeman) Howe. 5. Elmer Brigham, born No-
vember 13. 1S64. died March 23, 1867. 6. Harry Les-
lie, born December 12, 1870, married Willo M. E.
Gates, of Worcester, born October 16. 1873, and they
have one child, Clover Gates Knowlton.

( X ) Willis Everett Knowlton, son of Everett
William Knowlton (9), was born in Shrewsbury,
Massachusetts, September 18, 1857. He received"
his education in the public schools of his native
town. He took up the carpenter's trade, but after
following it for a while, accepted a clerkship in the




Worcester postoffice. After live years he went to
the Crompton & Knowles Loom Works as paymaster
and timekeeper, but in 1890 left this position to as-
sist his father in his business at Shrewsbury, and
he was associated with him until the business was
sold out in 1901. For the past five years Mr. Knowl-
ton has served his native town as collector of taxes.
He is a Republican served town committee three
years. Member of Grange nine years, was master
two years, and overseer five years. He married, 1888,
Delia Isabel Newbury, born in Worcester, October
23, 1866, daughter of Albert and Sybil (Johnson)
Newbury. Her father was born in Gardner, Massa-
chusetts; her mother in Northfield. Mr. Knowlton
married (second), October, 1894, Anna S. Howe,
born in Shrewsbury, July 31, 1864, daughter of Seth
and Catherine (.Sumner) Howe.

(IX) Joseph Henry Knowlton, son of Joseph
F. Knowlton (8), w~as born in Shrewsbury, April
25, 1839. After completing a public school educa-
tion, he turned his attention to farming, and is at
present (1905) so engaged. Throughout his active
career he has acquired a wide reputation for energy,
enterprise and sound judgment and these char-
acteristics have frequently been displayed to ad-
vantage in the development of the resources of his
native town. For a period of almost ten years he
served as overseer of the poor, having been elected
to that office on the Republican ticket, the principles
of which party he believes to be for the best form
of government. He is a member of the Independent
Order of Odd Fellows, and of the Grange, in which
organization he serves as treasurer. Mr. Knowlton
married (first), 1868, Helen W. Lowell, of Holden,
Massachusetts, daughter of Oliver and Catharine
(Moore) Lowell, and two children were the issue,
both of whom died in early life. Mrs. Knowlton
died September, 1885. Mr. Knowlton married (sec-
ond), 1897, Minnie M. Ross, born in Sterling. Massa-
chusetts, 1850, daughter of Nathaniel and Lucia
Annrose (Copeland) Ross, the former a native of
Vermont, and the latter of Sterling, Massachusetts.
There were no children born of the second marriage.

(IX) Walter C. Knowlton, son of Joseph F.
Knowlton (8), born in Shrewsbury, July 12, i860, at-
tended public and private school (Master Rice's),
now engaged in wood and lumber business and farm-
ing. Was selectman three years, assessor eight
years, and elected to represent ninth Worcester dis-
trict in the general court of Massachusetts in 1900.
A member of Congregational Church and Independ-
ent Order of Odd Fellows. He married, November
28, 1881, Julia E. Munyan, born May, i860, daughter
or Loring C. and Samaria Munyan; have one child,
Ruth E., born Shrewsbury, September 9, 1893.

ELZEAR DEMERS was born in St. Pierre,
province of Quebec, Canada, April 19, 1834. He
comes of good old French stock. He received his
early education in the schools of the little village
in which he was born. He worked with his father
on the homestead during his youth and grew up
strong and sturdy. He left his father's home
when a young man and has had a varied expe-
rience. He traveled and hunted extensively in the
great northwest country, and lived three years in
Michigan. He worked in an iron foundry and in
a brick yard and much of the time was engaged in
logging. He was not afraid of the hardest kind
of work, and his life in the wilderness was en-
livened with many exciting adventures and some
narrow escapes from death. He came to Linwood
in the town of Uxbridge. Massachusetts, and set-
tled there in 1870, and he has been an active and
well known citizen of that village ever since. He

has won the respect and confidence of a host of
friends and neighbors, and of his numerous chil-
dren and grandchildren. He is (.-specially popular
among the children. He and his good wife will
celebrate their golden wedding September 2, 1906,.
and preparations have been made to make the day
memorable in the family history. Mr. Demers is a
devout Catholic and for some thirty years was a
constant attendant of the services at St. Mary's
Church in Uxbridge. He is now in the new parish
of the Church of the Good Shepherd at the village
of Linwood.

He married, September 2, 1856, Mary Roy.
Their children: 1. Octave, born June 25, 1857, died
November 6, 1893 ; see forward. 2. Alice, born
in Canada, July 22, 1859; married Oliver Rondeau
and their children are — Georgiana, Louis, married
Celia Johnson and had Alice, Morton and Blanche ;
Frederick, Albert, Oliver (twin of Allien) Arthur,
Morton, George, Alice Rondeau. 3. Aloidis, born
January 10, i86r, married John Bedard and had
children — Georgiana. Netta, Melia, Agnes Bedard.
4. Georgiana, born November 29, 1862, married Wil-
fred Darcy and had — Melia, Joseph, Vinia, Elsie,
and she died December 29, 1886. 5- Delia, born in
St. John, June 25, 1864, married Peter Merchant
and they have — Frederick, Walter, George, Alice
Merchant. 6. Mary, born in St. John, April 2,
1866, married George Merchant and they have chil-
dren — Leo and Leonia Merchant. 7. Aloniza, born
in St. John, April 22, 1870, married Joseph Roy,
resides in Canada, and they have children — Melia,
Joseph. George, Louis, Eva Roy. 8. Albert Rudolph,
born August 7, 1874. see forward. 9. Victoria, born
in Uxbridge, January 22, 1875, married Wilfred
Jariad and they have children — Olia, Ritta, Ida
Jariad. 10. Emeline, born in Uxbridge, March 20,
1876, married Henry Blaine, September 5. 1898,
and they have children — Elsie, Harry, Leon Blaine.

(II) Octave Demers, son of Elzear Demers (1),
was born June 25, 1857, and died in Uxbridge,
November 6, 1893. He came to America from Can-
ada with his parents when he was a boy. He was
ambitious and capable, and acquired the language
and customs of his adopted home with unusual
facility. He started in business for himself in a
modest way, dealing in provisions and meats. He
opened a market in the village of Linwood in Ux-
bridge and built up an excellent business, which
increased year by year to the time of his death.
He was thoroughly upright and honorable, and
highly esteemed by his fellow townsmen. He mar-
ried Delia Ballard, who survives him. They had
no children.

(II) Albert Rudolph Demers, son of Elzear
Demers (1). was born in Uxbridge, Massachu-
setts, August 7. 1874. He attended the public
schools, and at the age of twelve began to work
for his brother Octave in the market, and when
his brother died in 1893 he took charge of the
business for the widow. He has shown himself a
capable business man and has a promising future
ahead of him. He has lost no opportunity to gain
education to supplement his schooling. He is a
Roman Catholic in religion and active in the good
work of the town and church. He is a member
of Father Mathew Temperance Society, of the
St. Jean's Society and of the St. Jean's Union. He
lielniigs to the Ancient Order of Foresters. He is

KENDALL FAMILY. The family to which
belongs George Nelson Kendall, of Athol, Massa-
chusetts, came originally from town of Kendall,
on river Kent. Westmoreland county, England. The



emigrants to this country were Francis and Deacon
Thomas Kendall, who sailed from England under
the alias of Miles, again taking the name of Ken-
dall on reaching this country. Their father, John
Kendall, lived in Cambridge, England, in 1646, ami
died there in 1660. Francis Kendall is the common
ancestor of all the Kendalls in this country, Deacon
Thomas having ten daughters but no sons.

Francis Kendall, above mentioned, was in
Charlestown. Massachusetts, prior to 1640. He was
a large landholder and a miller by occupation. He
died in 1708. Fie marred. .1! Woburn, Massachu-
setts, December 24. 1044. Mary Tidd, and their
sons, born in Woburn, Massachusetts, were: John,
July 2, 1646; Thomas, January 10, 1648; Samuel,
March 8. 1659 ; Jacob, January 25, 1660. John Tidd.
Tead, Ted or Teed, embarked May 12. 1637, at
Yarmouth, England, aged nineteen, as servant of
Samuel Greenfield, of Norwich. Was of Charles-
town that year, subscribed there in December, 1640,
"Town Orders'' for Woburn. taxed at Woburn,
1645, chosen surveyor of fences 1646. His wife
Margaret died in 1651. He had second wife Alice,
daughters Mary and Elizabeth, and a son John. His
daughter Mary was doubtless wife of Francis

. Thomas Kendall, second son of Francis and
Mary (Tidd) Kendall, born January 10, 1648, mar-
ried, at Woburn, 1673, Ruth Blogget. daughter of
Samuel Blogget, Sr., of Woburn. Ruth Kendall
died December 18, i6gs. The male children of their
family were: Thomas, born May 19, 1677; Samuel,
October 29, 1682 ; Ralph. May 4, 1685 ; Eleazer,
November 16, 1687 ; Jabez. September 10, 1692.
Samuel Blogget, Sr. was born in England, brought
by parents to America when one and a half years
old, came to Woburn to reside, married Ruth Iggle-
den, of Boston, December 13, 1655. He died July
3. 1687, and his widow October 14, 1703.

Thomas Kendall, eldest son of Thomas and
Ruth (Blogget) Kendall, born May 19, 1677, mar-
ried Sarah, daughter of Rev. Thomas Cheever. at
Boston, Massachusetts, November 7, 1701. They
lived first in Woburn. wdiere four children were
born, moving to Lexington about 1710 and to Fram-
ingham about 1745. Sarah Kendall died in Fram-
ingham, 1 76 r . History of Framingham gives Benja-
min, baptized in Lexington, as their first born child.
History of Lexington records the birth of three
children born before him in Woburn. This dis-
crepancy in the Framingham records has misled
those who have tried to follow this Kendall line.
Their children, born in Woburn, were: Sarah, Sep-
tember 7, 1702: Thomas. July 30. 1704; Abigail,
August 10, 1706; Benjamin, 1708. Those born in
Lexington were: Mary, 1711; Josiah, 1713: Ezekial,
1715: Elizabeth, 1716 ; Ruth. 1720; Jane, 1722;
Elijah and Elisha, 1725. Ezekial Cheever, born in
London, England, January 25, 1614, came to Boston
in 1637, died in Boston, August 21, 1708. He was
famous as master of Boston Latin School, went to
New Haven, Connecticut, 1638. thence to Ipswich,
Massachusetts, thence to Charlestown, Massachu-
setts, and finally in 1671 to Boston, where he resided
until his death. Rev. Thomas Cheever, son of
Ezekial. born in Ipswich, August 23, 1656, grad-
uated in Harvard College. T677, first pastor of First
Church, Chelsea. 171;. died in Chelsea, November
27. T749- Married Sarah Bill, daughter of James
Bill. Sr., of Pullen Point. Sarah Cheever died Jan-
uary 30. 170:. Sarah, daughter of Rev. Thomas
and Sarah (Bill) Cheever, married, in Boston, No-
vember 7, 1701, Thomas Kendall, of the fourth

Thomas Kendall, eldest son of Thomas and

Sarah (Cheever) Kendall, born July 30, 1704, was
admitted to church in Lexington, 1726, and bap-
tized same date. October 2. He married Mary,
daughter of Ephraim Curtis, the famous Indian
scout of Sudbury. Massachusetts. Mary was born
December 29, 1710. died in Hopkinton, Massachu-
setts, 1747. Their children, born in Hopkinton,
were: Aimer. March 12. 1738; Jonathan, January
29, 1742. see forward: Thomas, April 15, 1745. It
is presumed that these children were brought up by
their grandmother, Sarah (Cheever) Kendall, of
Framingham, both their parents dying during the
infancy of the children. Abner is supposed to have
gone to Vermont ; Jonathan went to Athol, and
Thomas entered Dartmouth College from Framing-
ham, 1769-70. Thomas Kendall (father) was a car-
penter, served in French and Indian wars, and died
from a wound from his own broad axe, date un-
known. Henry Curtis, who came from England in
-hip "Arebella," landing at Salem and prior to
1637 settled in Watertown. Massachusetts, was .one
of the original settlers of Sudbury. Married Mary,
daughter of Nicholas Gray or. Guy, of Southampton,
England, who sailed from England, April 24, 1638,
in ship "Confidence." Ephraim Curtis, son of Henry
Curtis, born March 31, 1662. married Mary Ston.
May 10, 1705, at Sudbury. He was known far and
wide as the most famous Indian scout of his times.
Mary Curtis, daughter of Ephraim and Mary (Ston)
Curtis, born December 29. 1710. Sudbury. Massa-
chusetts, married Thomas Kendall of the fifth gen-

Jonathan Kendall, second son of Thomas and
Mary (Curtis) Kendall, born January 29, 1742,
came to Athol and settled on Chestnut Hill, where
he built a log house and cleared up a few acres
from out the forest, where now stands the old
Kendall house. He was a soldier in the war for
independence and participated in the battles of
Bunker Hill and Ticonderoga. He died in 1817. In
1765 he married Annie Oliver, wdro bore him six
children, five daughters and one son.

Rev. Thomas Kendall. A. M., voungest sou of
Thomas and Mary (Curtis) Kendall, born April 15,
1745. in Hopkinton, "Massachusetts, died at New
Lebanon. New York, December 5, 1836. He grad-
uated from Dartmouth College, 1774. went on a
mission to the Caghuawaea Indians of Canada with
Levi Frisbie and James Dean, studied divinity with
the Rev. Daniel Emerson, of Hollis. New Hamp-
shire, served as chaplain of Knox's regiment,
Artillery Continental Troops, revolutionary war,
January, 1776. to January, 1777, serving under
Colonels Jonathan H. Parsons and Joseph Read.
Muster roll dated Mount Independence. November
29, 1776. shows he was last commissioned August
I. 1776, appointed by general order of General
Gates. Rev. Thomas Kendall was pastor of Con-
gregational Church in Kingston, Rhode Island, 1802,
dismissed 1818. From 1800 to 1818 his family re-
sided on a farm in Millbury. Massachusetts. He
married Ruth, daughter of Richard and Anna (Hol-
man) Waters, of Sutton. Massachusetts, about 1784-
85. Ruth (Holman) Kendall died July 14, 1818,
in Millbury.

Thomas Kendall, Jr.. son of Rev. Thomas and
Ruth (Waters) Kendall, married, April 7. 1806.
at Oxford. Massachusetts. Olive, daughter of
Lemuel and Basheba (Gilbert) Crane, and their
children were : Ruth, born March 9, 1809. married
George Spencer: John. July 21, 1810, see forward:
Edwin. March II, 1813. married Jane Smith;
Adoniram. December 17, 1813, married Mary Mead:
David and Thomas, January 24, 1816. the former
married Mary Wolcott and the latter Nancy Smith.



Thomas Kendall, Jr., father of these children, was
a mechanic and scientist, master mechanic of the
Dudley .Morton factory and Oxford Central Manu-
facturing Company, manufacturers of thermometers,
barometers and surveyors' compasses. He died at
Albany, New York, December 10, 1831, and his wife
■died June 30, 1818.

John Kendall, eldest son of Thomas and Olive

{Crane) Kendall, born July 21, 1810, died May 19,

1892. He married, at Canaan. New York, July 24.

I*.?-'. Deborah, daughter of William Thomas and

Phebe (Throop) Avery. He resided in New

Lebanon, New York, 1832, Galesburg, Illinois. 1S36-

44, Cleveland, Ohio, 1844. returned to New Lebanon,

1847. The Xezv York Times, May 21, 1892, says:

"John Kendall, the oldest maker of thermometers

in this country, died at his home in New Lebanon

on Thursday : he was eighty-three years old, and up

to within three weeks of his death was actively

engaged in business. Mr. Kendall embarked in the

"business in 1831 and fifty years ago made some

famous instruments for the Smithsonian Institute

at Washington, D. C." This line comes down from

General Bradford and Sir Hufnphrey Gilbert.

John Kendall, only son of Jonathan and Annie
{Oliver) Kendall, who settled in Athol, Massa-
chusetts, was a prominent character in military af-
fairs and held the office of captain in the militia.
He married Susannah Smith in 1796, and their
family consisted of six sons and four daughters, as
follows : Jonathan, settled at Orange and was the
father of Aral and Sarah Kendall. Stephen, died
young. Wyman S.. went south and was there en-
gaged in peddling saddles and kindred articles ; later
he returned to Athol and was engaged in the shoe-
making trade for a short time. He married Nancy
Galpin and their children are: Alfred, Charles W.,
Edwin G. and John H. Kendall. Annie, married
Joshua Young and died a few days afterwards.
Joab, born December 22, 1S05, married Louisa
Young, of Orwell, Vermont, and their son, Ira Y.,
was born December 25. 1831. Joab died December
74. 1884. Lydia, married Ezekial Gardner Davis
and was the mother of Azor S. Davis. Ozi. see
forward. John, married Cynthia Garfield. Maria,
-married Russell Smith, who was one of the prom-
inent manufacturers of Athol. Susannah.

Ozi Kendall, fifth son of John and Susannah
(Smith) Kendall, was born in Athol, Massachu-
setts, September 13, 1810, on the old homestead on
Chestnut Hill, which his grandfather had cleared
-up. He was educated in the common schools, which
Tie attended until seventeen years of age. when he
went to Worcester and worked in a leather store,
later to Templeton, where he learned the shoemak-
ing trade with Jonathan Bowker. In 1834 he re-
turned to Athol and established himself in a small
•way in boot making, an industry that developed
with him until he outgrew the Main street shop,
and a large brick factory was erected in 1874. In
January, 1856, his son, George Nelson, was taken
into partnership association with him, which rela-
tion existed until 1875, under the firm name of O.
Kendall & Son, but in 1870 changed to O. Kendall
^& Co. when his nephew, Ira Y. Kendall, and George
S. Pond, were admitted. This continued until the
"business was given up in 1887. The year 1884 com-
-pleted a half century of trade for Mr. Kendall, who
then sold out to Ira Y. Kendall and George S.
"Pond. Politically Mr. Kendall was a Republican.
He held several offices of public trust, namely:
Liquor agent for the town for three years, school
committeeman several years, trustee of the Athol
"Savings Bank, represented his district in the state
legislature, served on the board of investment for

the bank at Athol, and was prominent in many

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