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and Richardson firm and company many years and
held the confidence of both the original partners
to a remarkable degree. He is at present treasurer
of the corporation. Mr. Harrington has pursued
the same policy that made his father _ and Mr.
Richardson so successful, and the standing of the
house was never better than it is at present. One
recent innovation in the business of the company
is the manufacture of a single barreled shot gun.
All kinds of revolvers except strictly army pat-
terns are made at present and the product of the



factory goes to all quarters of the globe. The com-
pany does a large export business. Mr. Harring-
ton is a member of the Worcester Golf Club, the
Worcester Automobile Club, Athelstan Lodge, F.
and A. M., Eureka Chapter and Worcester County

He married, June 19, 1901, Edith Burton, daugh-
ter of Arthur H. Burton, assessor of the city of

(IX) John Walter Harrington, son of Gilbert
Henderson Harrington (8), was born at Worcester,
Massachusetts, February 21, 1880. He attended the
public schools and prepared for Harvard College
in the Dalzell School in Worcester. The death of
his father caused a change in his plans and he gave
up college to enter the factory of the Harrington
& Richardson Arms Co. For the past nine years
he has been associated with his brother in the
business. Mr. Harrington is well known in Ma-
sonic circles. He is a member of a number of

PIPER FAMILY. Nathaniel Piper (1), the
emigrant ancestor of Daniel Howard Piper, of
Winchendon, Massachusetts, is believed to have be-
longed in Dartmouth, Devonshire, and probably was
born there about 1630. He came to Ipswich, New
England, about 1650, and there died 1676. His will
dated March 7, 1675, was proved September 26,
1676, and mentions his children given below. He
bequeathed a share in Plum Island granted to him
in 1665 and considerable other property.

He married, December 14, 1653, Sarah .

She married (second) Ezekiel Woodward, of Wen-
ham, and was living 1696. Children of Nathaniel
and Sarah Piper were : Sarah, born 1656, at Ips-
wich ; Nathaniel, born June 25, 1658, was a pro-
prietor of Ipswich, 1678, died 1689; Josiah. born
December 18, 1661, in Ipswich ; John, born 1663, in
Ipswich, married Lydia ; Mary, born Decem-
ber 15, 1664; Thomas, born November 26, 1666,
married Grace Hawley; they had a daughter,
Patience, born February 25, 1702; Margaret, born
June 16, 1668, in Ipswich, married Tristam Green-
leaf; Samuel, born June 12, 1670, in Ipswich, mar-
ried Abigail Church ; Jonathan, see forward ; Will-
iam, born 1672, died June 18, 1674, at Ipswich.

(II) Jonathan Piper, son of Nathaniel Piper
(1), was born in Ipswich. Massachusetts, about
1671 or 1673. He was a farmer and lived there
until 1731. In 1723 he and Samuel Smith, and
John Darby leased the New Marsh farm of twelve
hundred acres in Ipswich, then owned by the heirs
• of Nathaniel Saltonstall. of Haverhill. In 1731
he removed to Concord, Massachusetts, buying
March 6, of that year, of Thomas Wheeler, Sr. and
Thomas, Jr., their farm in the southwesterly part
of Concord "for 1,200 pounds passable money"
and on the same day he bought land of Robert
Cummings. October 6, 1731, he bought eighty acres
of Rebecca Prescott, widow of Jonathan Prescott,
for a hundred pounds. He bought other land later.
He died in Concord, May II, 1752, leaving a will
dated February 15, 1749. His son Joseph was exe-

He married (first), May 7, 1695, Sarah Leech
(not Fletcher as sometimes given), of Boxford,
who died in Ipswich, May 6, 1700. He married
(second) Alice Darby, of Beverly (published Sep-
tember 21), 1700. She died April 23. 1758. Child
of Nathaniel and Sarah Piper was : Samuel, born
1700, died June 10, 1724. Children of Nathaniel
and Alice were : Jonathan, born 1702 ; Nathaniel,
Jr., baptized March 17, 1706, in Wenham; Josiah,
baptized October 17, 1708, at Wenham, settled in
ii— 4

Acton; married (first) Sarah

and (second}

Mehitable Conant ; John, born in Ipswich, residing
in Bolton, 1758; Alice, married, 1726, Archelaus
Adams, of Newsbury ; Sarah, born in Ipswich, mar-
ried, May 9, 1734, David Page, of Lexington; Mary,
married Joseph Gould, of Nottingham West, now
Hudson, New Hampshire, June 19, 1746; Joseph,
see forward.

(III) Joseph Piper, youngest child of Nathaniel
Piper (2), was born in Ipswich, Massachusetts, in
1718. He inherited by deed of gift dated August 19,
1741, one-half his father's estate, and the other
half bought of the father for two hundred pounds,
December 3, 1751. In 1762 Joseph Piper bought
of Amos Prescott his farm of one hundred and
seventy-two acres with two dwelling houses in
Acton, and he removed from Concord about that
time. He died December 19, 1802. He married,
November 18, 1743, Esther Wright, daughter of
Henry Wright, of Westford, Massachusetts. She
died April 7, 1808. Their children were: Joseph,
see forward; Philip, born July 6, 1746, died October,
1776; married, August 7, 1770, Ann Gill; Esther,
born 1747, married Jonas Brooks, of Acton, Au-
gust 31, 1774; Sybil, born February 20, 1749, mar-
ried, 1773, Francis Cragin ; Jonathan, born May
27. 1752, married, 1777, Betsey Gibson, of Stow;
Solomon, born October 20, 1754, died December 20,
1S27; Rachel, born December 3, 1756, died April
14, 1838; married (first) John Barker, 1774; (sec-
ond) Daniel Barker, 1792; Alice, born February
13, 1759. married Reuben Law, 1778; Mary, born
December 18, 1762, married Amasa Piper, 1782.

(IV) Joseph Piper, eldest child of Joseph Piper
(3), was born November 18, 1744, at Acton, Massa-
chusetts. When a young man he taught school.
He learned the trades of carpenter and of wheel-
wright, which he followed while living in Acton.
In 1795 he removed to Sharon, New Hampshire,
where he built a house on the farm he purchased
and spent the remainder of his life farming. He
built a number of houses there for investment, two
of which are still standing, and was prosperous and
highly respected. He married Betsey Hayward,
of Acton, December 21, 1768. Their children were:
Daniel Hayward, born September 5, 1773; Betsey,
December 30, 1775; Mary, January 5, 1778; Joseph,
March 20, 1780 ; Francis, April 19, 1782 ; Esther,
January 14, 1784; Pliny, September 30, 1786, see
forward; Sally, November 27, 1789, died May 12,
1792; Lucy, March 3, 1791 ; Sally.

(V) Pliny Piper, seventh child of Joseph Piper
(4), was born at Acton, Massachusetts, September
30, 1786. He attended the district school there, and
after he was eleven years old. when the family re-
moved to Sharon, New Hampshire, he also attended
the schools in that town. Besides helping on the
farm he learned the trade of wheelwright and car-
penter and followed it through life. He also kept
his hand in as a farmer, conducting several farms
at Sharon until 1838, when he removed to Peter-
boro, New Hampshire, and bought the John Ritchie
farm, which, excepting a part that he sold off, he
owned until his death, August 24, 1867, at Platts-
burg, New York. He was a Unitarian in religion
and a Democrat in politics. He was highway sur-
veyor of the town of Peterboro, and a minute man
during the war of 1812.

He married, November 26, 1818, Margaret May-
nard Spofford, born July 30, 1795. died November
9, 1865, daughter of Amos and Mary (Taggart)
Spofford, of Sharon, New Hampshire. Her father
was a soldier in the revolution, enlisting in his
father's stead when only fourteen years old, and
serving three years. The children of Pliny and


Margaret M. Piper were : Margaret N., born Feb-
ruary 9, 1819, deceased; Samuel B., November 23,
1820, deceased ; Augustus S., August 20, 1822, de-
ceased ; Lyman L., July 11, 1824, deceased; Mary
Ann, November 30, 1827, deceased; Betsey A.,
June 19, 1831, now Mrs. Madson D. Chapman, a
widow, residing in Keene, New Hampshire ; Daniel
Howard, see forward ; Dennis B., November 3,
1838, employed by D. H. Piper.

(VI) Daniel Howard Piper, seventh child of
Pliny Piper (5), was born at Sharon, New Hamp-
shire, January 1, 1836. He moved with his parents
to Peterboro, New Hampshire, when he was only
two years old, and was educated there in the com-
mon schools. In 1849 he went to Winchendon,
Massachusetts, to work for Baxter D. Whitney.
In 1850 he worked for a short time for the Noon
Woolen Company of Peterboro, and in the fall
entered the machine shop of Piper & Robinson.
After a short time he entered the Hutchinson &
Harris mill at Harrisville, New Hampshire, where
he was employed three months. In the fall of 1852
he entered the employ of Goodspeed & Wyman, and
afterward again worked for Mr. Whitney, where he
made cylinder stave saws. After a year he worked
for a time at Keene, New Hampshire, for Hod-
gins & Knowlton, and then with his brother Au-
gustus went to Elmira, New York, to work in a
machine shop. He returned to Whitney's in 1857
and then went to Orange, Massachusetts, where he
worked during the winter, but again returned to
Whitney's, where he was employed up to 1861 ; then
to Windsor, Vermont, where he was employed in
the United States armory for a few months ;
then for Baxter Whitney in Winchendon again for
five months ; then to the armory of Springfield,
Massachusetts, for eight months ; then back to
Baxter Whitney's till 1864; then for a time with
William Grout on sewing machines, as his foreman;
then for Levi Thompson, of Fitchburg, a short time ;
then with B. D. Whitney up to 1871, when he
signed an engagement with Goodspeed & Wyman,
and for twenty-seven years was connected with
this establishment, making cylinder saws. In 1898
Mr. Piper went into business for himself, manu-
facturing cylinder saws used in the manufacture
of wooden ware such as tubs and pails. He makes
other machinery to order. Mr. Piper is a member
of the Church of the Unity (Unitarian), and of the
Republican party. He is a skillful musician, and
has belonged to a band and orchestra for over forty

He married, March 31, 1858, Susan Sophia
Morse, born June 3, 1838, in Winchendon, daughter
of Elisha and Sally W. (Robbins) Morse. Elisha
Morse was horn in Holliston. son of Joseph Morse,
who w-as one of the following children: James,
Lusanna, Debora, Elizabeth, Joseph, Abner. Joseph
Morse died in Brookfield, Vermont. He was a
farmer all his life, a soldier in the revolution. His
children were: Joseph, married Hannah Miller,
and they had: Joseph, John, died young; Elihue,
Jerusha, Elijah, and Levina ; Elisha; see forward;
Hannah. George. Betsey, Mary, Samuel.

Elisha Morse was born November I, 1793, in
Holliston, and educated there. He then came to
Fitzwilliam with his parents, and later to Brook-
field. Vermont, and there followed farming up to
coming to Winchendon, when he followed shoemak-
ing the remainder of his life. He died July 10. 1868.
He married Sally W Rohhins. born in Fitzwilliam.
daughter of William Rohhins. born in Rindge, April
<> 1770: he was a wheelwright, building and oper-
ating saw mills; he died 1S5.}. He married Emma
Ware, daughter of Robert Ware, who resided in

Fitzwilliam. William and Emma had eight chil-
dren : George, Sally W., mother of Susan Sophia
(Morse) Piper; Lewis, Nancy, Nahim, Naomi,
Delight, David. The mother of these children was
born in 1769, died 1855. Elisha and Sally W.
(Robbins) Morse had children: George, Elvira,
William, Lovina, Warren, Nancy, Elisha, Leon-
ard, Joseph, Susan Sophia, Sarah. All are
deceased but Nancy and Susan Sophia. The mother
of the above children died January 4, 1878. Chil-
dren of Daniel H. and Susan S. Piper were: 1.
Addie Howard, born November 13, 1859, died July
13, 1888; married (first), February 6, 1878, Lyman
Richards, of Winchendon, and had one child, Daniel
Howard Richards, born July 18, 1879; he was
killed by a kick from a horse, July 24, 1881 ; she
married (second) Fred Andrew Trask, of Bel-
lows Falls, Vermont. 2. George Morse, born June
23, 1861 ; he is in the same building with his father,
making pail ears and all kinds of small job work;
he is also a musician as are all his children. He
married Carrie Belle Fairbanks. Their children —
Ella Louise, born December 13. 1884; Howard
Beckwith, October 28. 1887; Harold Kermeth,
March 31, 1891 ; Bernice Addie, October 1, 1894;
Willard Chester, December 18, 1900.

ABIEL J. PLUMMER. Francis Plummer (1)
was the immigrant ancestor of Abiel J. Plummer,
of Winchendon, Massachusetts. He was born in
England and came to America in 1633. He was
admitted a freeman May 14, 1634. He was a linen
weaver by trade. He settled in Newbury in 1635.
Coffin's history of Newbury says that his descen-
dants still own the land he once held ; that his
descendants are many and distinguished ; that one
of them, Hon. George Plummer, was the first white
child born west of the Alleghany mountains in
Pennsylvania and the first congressman elected from
that region. It is said that when the settlers sailed
up the river to their new homes at Newbury, the
second to land, after Nicholas Noyes, was Francis
Plummer, followed by his wife and two sons, Sam-
uel and Joseph. He had a tavern there in 1635.
He died at Newbury, January 17, 1672-73. He held
various town offices in Newbury.

He married (first) Ruth , who died July

or August 17 or 18, 1647. He married (second),
March 31, 1648, Ann Palmer, widow, who died
October 18. 1665. He married (third), November
29, 1665, Beatrice, widow of William Cantlebury,
of Salem. Children of Francis and Ruth Plum-
mer were : Samuel, see forward ; Joseph, born
1630, married, December 23, 1652, Sarah Cheney;
he died December 11, 1^83; Hannah, born 1632,
married, May 3, 1653, Samuel Moore ; Mary, born
1634. married, May 26, 1660, John Cheney, Jr.

(II) Samuel Plummer, eldest child of Francis
and Ruth Plummer (1), was born in England,
1619. He was admitted a freeman June 2, 1641.
He resided at Newbury, and among other enter-
prises owned a ferry across the Merrimac river.
He was a deputy to the general court. He died in
1702. He married, 1646, Mary Bidfield. Their
children: Samuel, born April 20, 1647, married,
December 5, 1670; Mary, born February 3, 1650,
married, December 6. 1670, John Swett; John, born
May 11, 1652, killed September 18, 1675, at the
battle of Bloody Creek, in Captain Lathrop's com-
pany; Ephraim, born September 16, 1655, died Au-
gust 13, 1716; married, January 15, 1680, Hannah
Jacques : Hannah, born February 16, 1657, married
David Batchelder; Sylvanus, see forward; Ruth,
born August 7, 1660. married, January 18, 1682,
Richard Jacques ; Elizabeth, born October 10, 1662,



married, June 26, 1682, Richard Jackman ; Deborah,
born March 13, 1668, married, November 6, 1699,
Elizabeth Dole; Lydia, born July 2, 1668, married
Joseph Morse; Bathsheba born July 31, 1679, died

(II) Sylvanus Plummer, sixth child of Samuel
Plummer (2), was born in Newbury, Massachu-
setts, February 22, 1658. He was admitted a free-
man 1690 and settled in Newbury. He married,
January 18, 1682, Sarah Moody, daughter probably
of Samuel ' Moody. Their children were : Mary,
born October 20, 1683. Samuel born November
12, 1684. died August 2, 1685; Samuel, see for-
ward; Lydia, married, May 18, 1718, Timothy

Noyes; Sarah, married Titcomb; Benjamin,

married, 1720, Keziah Storer.

(IV) Samuel Plummer, third child of Sylvanus
Plummer (3), was born in Newbury, Massachu-
setts, about 1685. He married Hannah Woodman,
August 8, 1717, and their children, all born in New-
bury, were: Abigail, born February, 1718, mar-
ried,' 1744, James Bayley; Sylvanus, born April 13,
1730 married, December 7, 1749, Rebecca Plummer,
daughter of John Plummer ; Samuel, born January
14, 1722, married, April 8, 1755, Mary Dole; Mary,
born November 26, 1723. married Daniel Barbour;
Hannah, born October 25, 1725 married, November
27. 1753, John Chace; Sarah, born March 10, 1727,
married, March 6, 1746, John Dole ; Elizabeth, born
May 10 1729, married Thomas Merritt ; Jonathan,
born April 9, 1731, married, November 27, 1760,
Abigail Greenleaf : Anna, born December 6, 1734,
married Isaac Pearson ; Joseph, see forward ;
Eunice, born June 5, 1738, married, June 3, 1771,
William Alexander ; Moses, born August 6, 1740,
settled in Portland, Maine.

(V) Joseph Plummer, tenth child of Samuel
Plummer (4), was born in Newbury, Massachu-
setts,. December 25, 1735. He married, about 1776,
Mary Foster, who died May 9, 1820. He died Sep-
tember 30, 1S12. They lived in Newbury and their
children, all born there, were : Hannah, born March
20, 1777, died May 6, 1797, unmarried; Amos, born
March 10, 1779, died unmarried ; Isaiah, born March
22, 1781, married Ann Chace; Samuel, born Decem-
ber, 1783, married widow Richards, no issue ; Nancy,
born July 24, 1785, died young; Abraham, see for-
ward; Joseph, born January 19, 1790, died about
1810 unmarried.

(VI) Abraham Plummer, sixth child of Joseph
Plummer (5), was born at Newbury, Massachu-
setts, September 1, 1787. He was brought up on
the farm. After his marriage he removed to Rindge,
New Hampshire. After a few years he settled at
Northfield, New Hampshire, where he bought a
farm and conducted a saw mill, manufacturing
shingles, lath and lumber. He owned large tracts
of wood land, from which he cut timber for use
in the mill. In religion he was a Baptist. He was
a man of influence and held various town offices.
He married Hannah Hale, born March 27. 1790.
Their children were: Hannah, born November 29,
1809; Charles Edwin, born December 7. 181 1, see

forward; Mary K., born December 12, 1813; Sarah
S., born March 19, 1816 ; Eliza L., born August 27,
1818; Maria M., born April 19, 1820; Abraham F.,
born August 22, 1822 ; William H, born August 1.
1824; Caroline K., born April 2, 1826; Benjamin
W., born January 16, 1828; Isaac A., born Novem-
ber 24, 1830; Clementine S. (twin), born April 22,
1832; Angeline S. (twin), born April 22, 1832.

(VII) Charles Edwin Plummer, second child of
Abraham Plummer (6), was born at Newbury,
Massachusetts, December 7, 1811. He attended the
public schools there and at Rindge, where his par-

ents moved when he was eleven years old. During
his earlier years he followed several vocations.
When his father removed to Northfield, he went
with him and worked in the shingle mill. He was
in the trucking business in Boston for a time, and
finally returned to Rindge, where he carried on the
hotel and livery stable. For seven years he was the
postmaster of Rindge. Before the railroad was
built his tavern was one of the most popular stop-
ping places for teamsters and stage drivers on the
road from Bennington to Boston. He removed later
to Nelson, New Hampshire, where he bought a
saw mill and manufactured wooden ware, such as
mops, clothes pins, butter stamps, washboards, trays,
etc. He removed in 1854 to Winchendon and en-
tered the employ of Murdock & Fairbanks in the
wooden-ware factory. After a few years he bought
a quarry at Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire, and car-
ried on an extensive business. He furnished the
stone for many of the buildings and sidewalks in
Winchendon, and carried on this business success-
fully for many years. He died December 18, 1905.
In 1845 Mr. Plummer astonished everybody by
transporting a salt water schooner that he bought
in Boston overland to Lake Monomonock, where
he had a public launching and carried a hundred
persons on his initial trip. He was a Baptist in
religion and a Democrat, Whig and finally a Repub-
lican in politics.

He married, June 2, 1835, Clarinda Rugg, born
February 3. 1814. She was the daughter of Captain
Luke and Cynthia (Platts) Rugg, of Rindge. Her
father was a farmer, and was one of the select-
men of Rindge. Children of Charles and Clarinda
Plummer were : George Edward, born February
28, 1838. enlisted in the Thirty-sixth Massachu-
setts Volunteers in the civil war and was killed at
Campbell's Station, Tennessee, November 16, 1863 ;
he married, January I, 1859, Mary A. Withington,
of Winchendon; Charles William, see forward;
Henry Franklin, born March 10, 1845, died October
19, 1846; Walter Bascomb, born October 1, 1857,
married Harriet Church, of Boston.

(VIII) Charles William Plummer, son of
Charles Edwin Plummer (7), was born at Rindge,
New Hampshire, March 25, 1840. He attended
school there and at Nelson, New Hampshire,
whither the family went when he was nine years
old. In 1854 he removed to Winchendon and com-
pleted his schooling there. During his spare hours
and days he worked in the wooden-ware factory of
Murdock & Fairbanks, and at the age of sixteen
began to work regularly as a wood turner. After
some ten years there, he went to work for Orange
Whitney on chair frames, and remained in his
employ for fifteen years. He then bought a small
farm and started in business for himself as a milk
dealer. After conducting the business twelve years
he accepted the position of janitor of the North
street school house, which position he still oc-
cupies, and sold his business. He resides at 26
North street, Winchendon. He attends the Baptist
church. In politics he is a Republican and has been
constable of the town. He is a member of Manq-
monack Lodge, Odd Fellows, and has held the vari-
ous offices including noble grand. He belongs to
Winchendon Grange, Patrons of Husbandry.

He married. August 16, 1862, Francis E. Nut-
ting, born July 7, 1839. Her parents were Jonas
and Sally (Ross) Nutting, of Bakersfield, Vermont.
Her father was a farmer. The children of Charles
W. and Frances E. Plummer were: Lona Ellen,
horn April 2, 1863, married Edison E. Sawyer, of
Winchendon; Amy Elathe, born May 12, 1866, died
aged six months ; Abiel Jonas, see forward ; Ada



Clara, born December 9, 1879, married Edward
Buzzell, of Rindge, and had : Irene Ada, born Sep-
tember 20, 1901 ; Ruth Frances, July 2, 1905.

(IX 1 Abiel Jonas Plummer, son of Charles
William Plummer (8), was born at Winchendon,
Massachusetts, May 12, 1869. He received his early
education there in the public schools. When six-
teen years old he went to work as a clerk in the
market of A. A. Adams. He worked for W. W.
Wilbur, Ezra Lamb, H. H. Norcross, whose market
was on Front street ; L. S. Fisher, of Baldwinville ;
then returned to Winchendon and worked in Baxter
Robinson's Union Market for three years. In 1892
his health failed and he took an extended trip
through the south, locating on his return with
Graves & Company, Worcester. He worked also
for a time in the Washburn & Moen Wire Works
and then removed to Windsor Locks, Connecticut,
where he was employed by Charles C. Graves in
his market. He finally returned to Winchendon
and worked for J. A. Buckmeister several years,
then for Sidney E. White two years. At the death
of Mr. Buckmeister he bought the market, Decem-
ber 1, 1902, and has since carried on a large and
growing business. He is a Baptist in religion and
a Republican in politics. He belongs to Watatic
Tribe of Red Men.

He married, February 1, 1894, Jessie M. White,
of Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire, born February 3,
1S74, daughter of Daniel Francis and Abigail J.
(Bosworth) White. Her father was a farmer and
wood-worker. Their children are : Leon Monroe,
born July 19, 1894; Hazel, January 9, 1897.

com (1), immigrant ancestor of Wellington Bal-
com, of East Douglas, Massachusetts, was born in
England about 1630. He settled in the colony of
Rhode Island in New England when a young man.
He was a mason by trade. He resided first in
Portsmouth, then in Providence. He was deputy
to the general assembly from the town of Provi-
dence in 1683. He bought a tract of land, July 14,
1686, twelve miles north of Providence. He died
May 4, 171 1. His will was proved July 18, 1711;
he bequeathed to wife Jane and all his children.
The children of Alexander and Jane Balcom were:
Alexander, Jr., married Sarah Woodcock : resided
in Providence and Attleborough ; mason by trade.
Catherine, married Daniel Jenckes, who was born
April 19. 1663, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Jenckes,
and had nine children. Sarah, married Timothy
Sheldon, son of John Sheldon, and had four chil-
dren. John, married Sarah Bartlett, who was born
1678 and died January 30, 1739; resided at Provi-
dence and Smithfield, Rhode Island; kept a public
house ; named various relatives in will. Freegift,
never married. Joseph, see forward. Hannah, mar-
ried, February 22, 1716, Ebenezer Hayward, and

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