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out and he was sent home after a few months.
His experience probably was one cause of his death
in the prime of manhood, in the midst of a promis-
ing and prosperous business career. He died at
Clinton, September 10, 1867. His widow survives
him and resides in the attractive homestead at

He married, May io, 1845. Olive Howard, daugh-
ter^ of George and Sarah (Manley) Howard, and
their children were : Emma Susan, born at Clinton,
April 25, 1848. resides at home with her mother,
Francis, born April 8. 1850. accidently drowned at
age of four years ; Albert S., born April 25, 1752,
married Ella Burritt and they have three children —
May, Bessie, Howard ; Andrew Clifford, born Au-
gust 25. 1853, married Katherine Seger.

(VIII) John Fuller, only son of Ebenezer (7)
and Lydia (Goddard) Fuller, was born in Rox-
bury, Massachusetts, December 28, 1806. After the
usual allowance of schooling he learned the trade
of clothier of his elder half-brother, Ephraim Ful-
ler, mentioned above. Later he engaged in the
finishing of combs. The later years of his active
life were devoted to farming. He was a deacon of
the Unitarian church of Lancaster, the original
church of the Puritan fathers. He died in 1890
at the advanced age of eighty-four years.

He married, in 1828, Sophronia Orange Wads-
worth Adams, of Lancaster, the only child of Sam-
uel and Mercy (Sherwin) Adams, of Ashburnham,
Massachusetts. She was born March 31, 1806, and
died in 1890 at the age of eighty-four years. Her
father was a pioneer settler in Grafton, Vermont,
but removed to Lancaster in 1816 and died there
at an advanced age. Children of John and So-

phronia O. W. Fuller were: Sophronia, married
Horatio Bailey, of Lancaster; Eben S., of whom
later; Sidney T., a prominent engineer on various
railroads in the United States and Mexico ; Edwin
M., major in the Federal army in the civil war,
now a physician in Chicago.

(IX) Eben S. Fuller, son of John Fuller (8),
was born in Lancaster, Massachusetts, March 31,
1833. He attended the public and high schools of
his native town. He was then employed for a time
in a comb factory and in the piano-forte business.
In 1859 he bought of C. C. Stone the door, sash,
and blind business in Clinton. As trade improved
he added a saw mill and wood-working machinery.
He sold the business in 1890 to his son, and has
since then devoted his time to his real estate in-
terests in Clinton. He has built many dwelling
houses, having at one time more than seventy
tenements. He conducts farms in Lancaster and
Sterling. He is director of the First National Bank
of Clinton, trustee of the Clinton Savings Bank,
member of the Worcester East Agricultural So-
ciety. He is a Republican and interested in public
affairs. He has been overseer of the poor and
selectman of Clinton. He is deacon of the Uni-
tarian church.

He married, November 7, 1861, Nancy Goss
Fuller, daughter of Ephraim Fuller (VIII), men-
tioned above. She died August 4, 1871. He mar-
ried (second), March 4, 1891, Cora Adelaide Chil-
son Butterfield. Children of Eben S. and Nancy
Goss Fuller were : Jessie Genevra. born October
15, 1862, married Rev. James C. Duncan, a Uni-
tarian minister of Clinton, and they have two chil-
dren — Robert F. and James Duncan. William An-
drew, born September 24, 1866, succeeded his father
in the lumber business; married Bessie E. Farwell,
of Clinton, and they have two children — John F.
and Beatrice Louisa. Susie Gertrude, born October
8, 1868, married Joseph J. Albright, of Buffalo,
New York, and has a son, John. John E., for many
years real estate broker, died in Duluth, Minne-
sota, June 28, 1892. •

UPTON FAMILY. The Upton family ancestry
in England is traced back to the time of William,
the Conqueror, and the ancient manuscript of the
De Uppeton family of Cornwall is still in exis-
tence, though party illegible, at the ancient seat of
the family iii Westmoreland. The English branch
of the Upton family traces an unbroken line of
descent from John LTppeton de Uppeton, of Upton,
Cornwall. But the family has spread widely
through Wales, Scotland and Ireland as well as

(I) John Upton, immigrant ancestor of Fred
John Upton, of Winchendon, Massachusetts, is said
to have been a Scotchman by birth according to
the family traditions, and the same authority gives
the name of his wife as Eleanor Stuart, also a
native of Scotland. Upton settled first in Lynn,
though he may have been earlier in the service of
Edward Winslow, in 1640, at Salisbury. Massachu-
setts. He bought land December 26, 1658, of Henry
Bullock, of Salem, and the deed calls him John
Upton, of Hammersmith, which was the name of
the Lynn Iron Works. He also bought land at
Salem of Daniel Rumboll, of Salem, blacksmith,
April 6, 1661, four score acres of land. Again
November 27. 1671, he bought land of James Hogg,
of Salem, forty acres. He had some one hundred
and sixty acres all told in the southwest corner
of Salem village. His farm joined that of Joseph
Pope, Thomas and George Gardner, and was near
the south line of the present town of Danvers,



half a mile from Lynnfield. Giles Corey, who was
inhumanly pressed to death in 1692 for refusing
to plead guilty to a charge of witchcraft, lived two
miles away and was counted as a neighbor. The
original farm is in part now or was lately owned
by direct descendants from the time of the first
settler. Upton was safely out of Danvers before
the Witchcraft delusion. He bought land Novem-
ber 10, 1664, in Reading. He swapped a cow for
a lot of land there, forty acres, April 1, 1667. Be-
tween 1671 and 1678 he removed to Reading, leav-
ing his Danvers estate to his sons. He was active,
enterprising and energetic. He began with nothing
and acquired a handsome estate. He was admitted
a freeman April 18, 1691, and died July II, 1699.
His will was dated November 16, 1692, and it was
proved July 31, 1699. The seal on his will was a
fleur de lis and he attempted, unsuccessfully, as it
proved eventually, to entail his estate, indicating
that he was not democratic in his ideas.

The children were: John, born 1654, see for-
war: Eleanor, born 1656, died April 20, 1663; Will-
iam, born 1658, died April, 1663; James, born Sep-
tember. 1660, died unmarried; Mary, born 1661,
died April 15, 1663; William, born June 10, 1663,
married Mary Maber; Samuel, born October, 1664,
married Abigail Frost; Ann, married Samuel Fraile,
of Salem, now Danvers, April 4, 1684; Isabel, born
January 3, 1666-67. died December 6, 1689. unmar-
ried ; Ezekiel, born September, 1668, married (first)
Rebecca Preston and (second ) Ruth (Marsh)
Hardy; Joseph, born April 9, 1670, married Abi-
gail ; Frances, born July I, 1671, died Decem-
ber 9, 1694, unmarried ; Mary, probably died un-

(II) John Upton, son of John Upton (1), was
born at Danvers. then Salem village, in 1654. He
married, December 14, 16S0, Sarah Thompson,
daughter of George Thompson, and died October
12, 1719. He settled in the northeast part of North
Reading, -north of the Ipswich river, on a farm
given him by his father. He died in the summer of
1727. upwards of seventy years of age. His will,
dated August 29, 1720, proved November 6, 1727,
recorded in the Middlesex probate record (18-447)
gives to his son John, to James Stimpson, Mary
Mclntyre, Ezekiel, Elizabeth, Joseph, Jonathan.
The children: Sarah, born October 26, 1681, mar-
ried, November 30. 1706, James Stimpson, of Read-
ing, removed to Tolland, Connecticut ; John, born

March n, 1683, married Tabitha ; Mary,

born May 25, 1685, married Daniel Mclntire, of
Reading, October 15, 1706; Joseph, born September
8. 1687, married Abigail Gray; Ezekiel, born No-
vember 9, 1689, married Isabel Upton ; Jonathan,
born Marcli 4, 1692, married Elizabeth Wilkins ;
Elizabeth, born' May 14. 1694, died May 29, 1694;
Frances, born May 17, 1695, died May 23, 1695;
Elizabeth, born July 19, 1696, died probably 1769,
unmarried; Hepsibah, born May 22, 1700, married
Robert Hayward. of Reading, November I, 1733.

(III) Ezekiel Upton, son of John Upton (2),
was born at North Reading, Massachusetts, Novem-
ber 9, 1689. He married (first), October 6, 1714,
and (second) Isabel Upton, born January 21, 1695,
daughter of his uncle, Ezekiel Upton. Ezekiel
Upton lived until 1753 in Reading. North Parish,
not far from the Andover line. He died between
the years 1752 and 1762. His children were : Ezek-
iel, born about 1720: Enos, February 7, 1723, see

(IV) Enos Upton, son of Ezekiel Upton (3),
was born at North Reading. MassachtlSfetts, Feb-
ruarv 7. 1723. He married Rose (Hayward) Mc-
lntire, and they lived in North Reading until about

1760. They removed to Mount Vernon, New Hamp-
shire, about 1770, and settled in the northwest part
of the town. Both Enos and his son Enos, Jr.,
appear on the tax rolls dated February 18, 1774.
He was a soldier in the revolution at the siege of
Boston in Captain Taylor Mack's company, and
was at Winter Hill, December 8, 1775. He and
thirty-one others protested against the settlement
of Jeremiah Barnard or any other man as minister
until a district parish were granted. They lived
in the western part of Amherst and the petition
was dated December 23, 1779. Enos lived at Mount
Vernon until about 1792, and spent the last years
of his life in the old house on the farm of his
son, Deacon Ezekiel Upton. The children : Naomi,
born 1753; Ezekiel, born 1755. see forward; Enos,
born 1757, married Sarah (Smith) Tapley ; Aaron,
born 1760, died in the service during the revolution.

(V) Ezekiel Upton, son of Enos Upton (4),
was born about 1752 in North Reading, Massachu-
setts. He married (first) Hannah Washer, of Am-
herst, New Hampshire, and (second) Mehitable
Codman, widow, who survived him. He went with
his father to live in Amherst about 1762. His father
sold him thirty acres of land bounded partly by
land of Solomon Kittridge in the northwest part
of Amherst, now Mont Vernon, November 2, 1777.
He sold thirty-five acres of land in Amherst to
Nathan Cleaves. His wife Hannah was admitted
to full communion in the church at Amherst, No-
vember 7, 1779. He was deacon of the church in
1800 and for several years afterward. Later he
joined the Baptist church at Milford, New Hamp-
shire. He died in 1835, aged eighty years. As his
father lived with him in his old age. so in his own
last years he lived with his son Ezekiel at Lynde-
boro, New Hampshire, adjoining Mont Vernon. In
1833 they sold the farm at Mont Vernon and re-
moved to Lyndeboro. His will was dated April 8,
1834, and proved December 1, 1833. He bequeathed
to" wife Mehitable,' to Hannah Mills, Ezekiel and
Nehemiah Upton, his sun-, leaving his pew in
church to Ezekiel. His children, by his first wife,
were: Ezekiel. died young; Hannah, born Decem-
ber 2, 1773. married Ebenezer Mills; Ezekiel. born
December 10, 1775, married Abigail Dodge, (second)
Mehitable Marble ; Naomi, died at the age of four-
teen years: Nehemiah, born 1758, see_ forward;
Levina, died aged fifty-one years, unmarried ; Anna,
died young; Naomi, died 1848, unmarried.

(VI) Nehemiah Upton, son of Ezekiel Upton
(5), was born at Mont Vernon. New Hampshire,
1780. He married (first) Mehitable Broad, born
February 19, 1784, daughter of Seth Broad, and
died March 7. 1833. He married (second). Sep-
tember. 1833, Mary (Gleason) Brown, widow,
daughter of Phinehas Gleason. Nehemiah Upton
went from Mont Vernon to Dublin, New Hamp-
shire, in 1806, and settled on lot 1, range 4. in tlle
very infancy of that town. He was a carpenter
and builder by trade, and also a farmer. Of his
numerous familv none remained in Dublin in 1872.
Nehemiah left Dublin in 1869 to live with one of
his children in Stoddard, where he died over ninety
vears of age. Children of Nehemiah and Mehitable
Upton were: Nancy, born January. 1803, died Feb-
ruary. 1803: Alson, born March 31. 1805, married,
1830,' Lucy Morse and (second), 1S37, Sarah Scott;
Seth. born September 15, 1807, died May 28. 1830;
Amorette. born Tune, i8ro. married. September 20,
1830. Luther Wilson; Mehitable born March 9.
t8i s. married. 1836. George Rodney Wilson;
Nehemiah. born March 27. 1815, married Fanny-
Maria Wilson: George Washington, born Septem-
ber 20 1817. married Margaret McMahon; Samuel



Davidson, born March 17, 1821, married Lydia W.
Ball ; Nancy F... born January 9, 1824, died April
8, 1838; Edward E., born November 30, 1826, mar-
ried, 1853, Mrs. Sarah (Scott) Upton. Children
of Nehemiah and Mary Upton were: John Adel-
bert, born June, 1834. see forward; Charles, born
January, 1837. married Ann Fairbanks.

(VII) John Adelbert Upton, son of Nehemiah
Ezekiel Upton (6), was born at Dublin, New Hamp-
shire, June, 1834. He married Emily Jane Farns-
worth, of Dublin, July 3. 1855. He was a manu-
facturer of chairs at South Keene, New Hamp-
shire. Children of John Adelbert and Emily Jane
Upton: Charles Adelbert, born September 30, 1857;
Fred John, see forward.

(VIII) Fred John Upton, son of John Adelbert
Upton (7), was born at Dublin, New Hampshire,
July 12, 1862. He began his education in the schools
of that town, but from the age of eight to that
of thirteen went to school in South Keene, New
Hampshire. He then went to Marlboro, New
Hampshire, and learned the blacksmith's trade
under John P. demons. He returned to Dublin
and started in business as a blacksmith. Two years
later he removed to East Jaffrey, New Hampshire,
where he had his blacksmith business for the next
eleven years and built himself a house and shop.
He went to Winchendon, Massachusetts, October
3, 1892, selling his business to E. A. Coburn. He
built a shop near the river and was in business
for the next eleven years there, then sold to E.
Cassavant, the present proprietor. Mr. Upton
started a shop on High street on his father's land
and was there for a year, when he went into
partnership with D. J. Wyman under the firm name
of Upton & Wyman, blacksmiths, with shops at
the corner of Front and River streets. After a few
months Mr. Upton bought out his partner, and at
the end of the year sold the business to good
advantage. In the winter of 1905 Mr. Upton re-
turned to his first shop in Winchendon, and is at
present employed there by Mr. Cassavant. Mr.
Upton has invested largely in Winchendon real
estate. He resides on High street. He attends
the Church of the Unity (Unitarian). In politics
he is a Republican.

He married (first), May, 1880, Frances Clara
King, born September 6, 1859, at Marlboro, Ver-
mont, daughter of Hollis and Jane Elizabeth
1 Derby) King. He married (second) Grace M.
Houghton, July 12, 1902. She was born May
23. 186S. daughter of Marcus M. and Harriet (Day)
Houghton, of Winchendon, Massachusetts. Mr.
Upton has no children.

JOHN B. FARNSWORTH. Matthias Farns-
worth (1) was the emigrant ancestor of John B.
Farnsworth, of Leominster, Massachusetts. He set-
tled in Lynn, Massachusetts, soon after 1650. He
was born in England in 1612, probably in or near
Farnworth, Lancashire, England. He married
probably as his second wife Mary Farr, daughter
of George Farr, later of Lynn, Massachusetts.
Farnsw : orth was a weaver by trade. He was ad-
mitted a freeman of Lynn May 16, 1670, died Janu-
ary 21. 1688-9; she died 1717. The three eldest
children were probably by the first wife. The chil-
dren are: 1. Elizabeth, born 1647, probably in Eng-
land but possibly in Lynn, Massachusetts, married,
January 16, 1667, James Robertson (or Robinson),
born 1632, died December 8, 1720. She died Decem-
ber 22, 1729, aged eighty-two years. 2. Matthias,
born 1649, married, 1681, Sarah Nutting, daughter
of John Nutting. . 3. John, born about 1651-2, mar-
ried, December 8, 1686, Hannah Aldis, of Ded-

ham, Massachusetts, born July 4, 1666. He died
October 17, 1729. 4. Benjamin, born 1667, married,
1695, Mary Prescott, born February 3, 1674, daugh-
ter of Jones and Mary (Loker) Prescott. He died
August 15, 1733-5. 5- Joseph, born November 16,
■657, at Lynn, Massachusetts, died October 31,
1074, unmarried. 6. Mary, born October II, 1660,
at Lynn, married, April II, 1676, Samuel Thatcher,
of Watertown, Massachusetts, born October 20,
1648, died October 21, 1726; she died August 17,
1725. 7. Sarah, born about 1663-4, probably at
Groton. married Simon Stone, -of Watertown,
Massachusetts. 8. Samuel, born October, 1669, mar-
ried, December 12, 1706, Mary Whitcomb, widow
of Simon Willard; Samuel died 1726-7. 9. Abigail,
born January 17, 1671, married John Hartshorn,
her cousin. 10. Jonathan, born June I, 1675, mar-
ried. 1698, Ruth Shattuck, born June 24, 1668, died
June 16, 1748. 11. Joseph (2d), born 1677, died
February 20, 1687.

(II) Matthias Farnsworth, son pi Matthias
Farnsworth (1), was born 1649, probably in Eng-
land. He married Sarah Nutting, daughter of John
and Sarah Nutting. She was born May 29, 1663.
John Nutting, father of Mrs. Farnsworth, was one
of the original proprietors of Groton, Massachu-
setts. Matthias Farnsworth died in 1693. The
inventory of his estate was filed November 8, 1693,
but the widow did not get her appointment as ad-
ministratrix until just before her second marriage,
five years later, December 6, 1698. She married,
December 16, 1698, John Stone, who was one of
the sureties on her bond. Matthias Farnsworth,
Jr. (2) seems to have been a man of some ability.
He held several town offices at Groton, of which
he was one of the proprietors. He served under
Major Willard in King Philip's war. His children
were: 1. Joseph, born January 17, 1682, died Feb-
ruary 2, 1682. 2. Ebenezer, born 1684, married,
April 17, 1707, Elizabeth Whitney, daughter of
Joshua and Abigail (Tarball) Whitney, of Water-
town; she was born about 1686: they owned the
covenant September 19, 1708, and united with the
church April 6, 1718; he died March 30, 1724. 3.
Josiah, born February 24, 1687, of whom later. 4.
Sarah, born 1688, married Jonathan Shedd ; he mar-
ried (first), April 13, 1722, Sarah Barrows. 5.
Matthias, born August 6. 1690, was taken prisoner
by the Indians when fourteen years old, carried to
Canada and long supposed to be dead, but he was
baptized in the Catholic church at Montreal, mar-
ried and had a large family. The name was mis-
spelled variously Farnet, Farnef, Pharnef and
Pharneuf, all having descendants, some of whom
have come to this country with other French
Canadian emigrants. 6. Rebecca was drowned in
a well at Watertown, Massachusetts, May 19, 1692,
probably sent from Groton to her Aunt Thatcher's
for safety during Indian raids at that time.

(III) Josiah Farnsworth, son of Matthias Farns-
worth (2), was born February 24, 1687. He mar-
ried, March, 1719-20, Mary Pierce, daughter of
Ephraim Pierce, of Groton. She was born August
9, 1696. He died September, 1744. He was a farmer
at Groton, Massachusetts. Their children were : 1.
Josiah. born January 4. 1721, married. July 27,
1743, Hannah Buttrick probably settled in New York
state, was of Captain Samuel Howe's company for
the relief of Fort William Henry, 1757. 2. Mary,
born June 5, 1722, married. February 5. 1739. Will-
iam Nichols, of Hartford, Connecticut. He was
baptized January, 1710, died September 3. 1767.
She died October 13. 1771. 3. Oliver, born Au-
gust 30, 1723, died when about ten years old. 4.
Ebenezer, born March 22, 1726, married, 1762, Sarah



Walker, probably daughter of Seth and Eleanor
(Chandler) Walker. She died 1807, aged eighty-
two years ; he died November 6, 1794. He settled
in Charlestown, New Hampshire, about 1850, and
was taken prisoner by the Indians with the John-
son family, Miriam Willard and Peter Labaree, Au-
gust 30, 1751, and carried to Canada. After the
war he was sent to England and later returned
home whereupon he joined the army again and
helped in the campaigns against Isle aux Noix, St.
Johns and Montreal. Later he fought in the revo-
lution. 5. James, born December 2, 1727, married

Susanna and Sarah , settled at Charlestown,

New Hampshire ; fought in the Rangers in 1748 in
Captain Hobb's company, in 1750 in Captain Phineas
Stevens' company, was commissioned lieutenant,
captain and general in the revolutionary war. 6.
Jemima, born August 29, 1729, married, Septem-
ber 24, 1764, Seth Walker, Jr. (his second wife) ;
he was born April 16, 1717, at Groton, Massachu-
setts. He married (first), January 14, 1742, Abigail
Holden, died January 31, 1762. 7. Thomas, born
April 1, 1731, of whom later. 8. Joseph, born No-
vember 27, 1732, called "judge." 9. Oliver, born

January 16, 1735, married Hannah , settled at

Springfield, Vermont. . 10. Mary, born February 2,
1738, probably died young.

(IV) Thomas Farnsworth, son of Josiah Farns-
worth (3), was born at Groton, Massachusetts. He
married, November, 1753, Elizabeth Tuttle, of Little-
ton, Massachusetts. He lived in Lunenburg, Massa-
chusetts, and New Ipswich, New Hampshire. His
name appears on the first tax roll of New Ipswich
in 1763, and at the first town meeting he was
elected one of the highway surveyors September 13,
1762. He was drummer of the militia company in
1777 at trainings. He probably married (second)
Elizabeth Davis, in New Ipswich. His children by
his first wife were: I. Moses, born January 17,
1750, married (first) Annie Wilson in Alstead, New
Hampshire ; she died August 29, 1790, and he mar-
ried (second) Rohanna (Beckwith) Crocker. He
served in the revolutionary war. He died at Sugar
Grove, Pennsylvania, October 23, 1837. 2. Thomas,
born probably at New Ipswich, New Hampshire,
May 29, 1768, married, February, 1791, Dimmis
Ladd, who resided at Alden, New York, in 1847.
3. Joseph, born probably at New Ipswich, June 25,
1772, married, February 27, 1803, Martha Shepard ;
she was born November 4, 1780. died April 2, 1834.
He married (second), November 27, 1834, Mrs.
Tryphena Cheney, widow of Colonel William
Cheney, of Newport, New Hampshire. He died at

^ Newport. July 19, 1837. 4. Jonathan, born prob-
ably at New Ipswich, August 12, 1774, of whom
later. 5. Mary, born about 1755, resided at Jaffrev,
New Hampshire, died July, 1S43. 6. Elizabeth, born
about 1759, married Daniel Emery. 7. Catherine,
born 1762. died 1832, at Williamstown, Vermont.
8. Lucy, born 1770, at New Ipswich, married thrice,
resided in Mexico, New York, 1S47. 9. Hannah,
born about 1764, died 1817; married, August 4,
1785, Abiiah Stone, lived at St. Albans, Vermont.
Her daughter married United States Senator Jacob
Collamore. 10. Rachel, died at Lancaster, New
York, 1847. 11. Sally, living in Alden, New York,


(V) Jonathan Farnsworth. son of Thomas
Farnsworth (4), was born probably at New Ips-
wich, New Hampshire, August 12, 1774. He mar-
ried Olive Kingsbury. They settled in Alstead,
New Hampshire, where their children were born,
as follows: Asa, June 2, 1707, of whom later;
Betse". November 15, 1708, died April 26, 1812;
Hannah. February 3, i8or, died April 16, 1853;

Zelinda, January 8, 1803, died February 22, 18S0;
Nancy, November 26, 1804, married, Cyril Carpen-
ter, resided at Rochester, New York, died there
February 1, 1866; Penlanda, September 15, 1807.
married, June 13, 1826, Alpheus Kilbourne; Olive
C, January 7, 1810, died August 27, 1829; Eliza-
beth D., March 22, 1812, died July 20, 1829; Leonard
H., November 20, 1814, died January 27, 1849; John
B> July 3» 1817, died September 21, 1859; Mary
Jane, December 16, 1820, married, October 29, 1853,
Hopkins A. Reed.

(VI) Asa Farnsworth, son of Jonathan Farns-
worth (5), was born at Alstead, New Hampshire,
June 2, 1797. He was brought up on the farm on
which he was born. He followed farming for
a time at Alstead, then moved to Ware, Massa-
chusetts, and later to Athol, Massachusetts, where
he died April 21, 1867. He was a man of strong
character and commanded the respect of his towns-
men. He was a Whig in politics. He married
Suphila Lathrop, at Alstead. Their children were:
Phebe O., John B., of whom later.

(VII) John B. Farnsworth, son of Asa Farns-
worth (6), was born in Ware, Massachusetts, Au-
gust 6, 1833. When he was two years old his par-
ents moved from Ware to Athol, Massachusetts.
He attended the Athol schools. On completing
his education _ in the schools he engaged with his
father-in-law in the business of building mover and
contractor. Later he engaged in the business of
steam and gas fitting^ in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.
He followed this business in Fitchburg until 1878
when he opened a plumbing, steam and gas fitting

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