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establishment on his own account in Leominster,
Massachusetts. He has been successful in his busi-
ness. He is a member of the Order of United
Workmen. He is a Republican in politics. Though
interested in public affairs and politics he has de-
clined office.

He married in i860. Isabella L Frost, daughter
of Leonard R. Frost, of Phillipston, Massachusetts.
Their children are: Frank S., of whom later; E.
Clifton, died young; May O., died young.

(VIII) Frank S. Farnsworth, son of John B.
Farnsworth (7), was born in Fitchburg, Massa-
chusetts, October 12, 1864. When quite young his
parents removed from Fitchburg to Leominster, and
after concluding his attendance at the public schools
he entered his father's office as an assistant. Hav-
ing acquired a good knowledge of the business he
became manager of the establishment, and in that
capacity he has through his energy and progressive
tendencies developed the business. He takes an
earnest interest in the general welfare of the town
and its various institutions, and is a director of
the Leominster Co-operative Savings Bank. He is
and active participant of the board of selectmen, and
is also serving as town auditor. In politics he is
a stanch supporter of the Republican party. His
fraternal affiliations are with the Independent Order
of Odd Fellows and the Royal Arcanum. He at-
tends the Unitarian church. On October 19, 1887,
Mr. Farnsworth married Elizabeth Dodge, daugh-
ter of William Dodge, of Leominster.

BURDETT FAMILY. _ Robert Burdett, the
immigrant ancestor of Francis A. Burdett, of Leom-
inster, Massachusetts, was born in England in 1633.
He came to New England when a young man and
made his home at Maiden, where he married, No-
vember, 1653, Hannah Winter. He died June 16,
1667, making his will the same day and mention-
ing a child unborn. His widow married (second)
Edmund Chamberlain, of Maiden, at Chelmsford,
June 22, 1670. The children of Robert and Han-



Tiah Burdett were: Thomas, born at Maiden, Sep-
tember, 1655, ot whom later ; Hannah, born Novem-
ber, 1656; Joseph, Mary, Sarah, Ruth, born May,

(II) Thomas Burdett, son of Robert Burdett
(1), was born at Maiden, Massachusetts, September,
1655, and died there June 20, 1729. He settled in

his native town and married there Hannah ,

who died January 26, 1717-8, aged sixty-five years.

He married (second) Elizabeth . He owned

part of Moulton's Island and sold ten acres of it to
Thomas Mitchell in 1693. His children were:
Lieutenant Thomas, Jr., born January 13, 1682, died
October 15, 1758; Elizabeth, August 19, 1686, died
young; Elizabeth, August 28, 1688; Mary, Decem-
ber _'5. 1690; John, March 8, 1693, of whom later;
Thomas. December 14, 1705 ; Jacob, February 14,
1707-8; Mary, July 31, 1710; Jabez, March 30, 1713;
Joseph, February 2, 1716.

(III) John Burdett. son of Thomas Burdett (2),
was born in Maiden, Massachusetts, March 8, 1693,
and died there December 28, 1778, aged eighty-three
years. He settled at Maiden; married there July
S, 1722, Hannah Cole, who died September 12, 1761,
aged seventy-six years. Their children, all born
at Maiden, were: John, born October 15, 1722, of
whom later; Nathan, December 31, 1723, settled
in the adjoining town of Charlestown; was drowned
March 5, 1759; Elizabeth, June 2, 1726; Sarah, Jan-
uarv 3, 1727-8; Hannah, November 17, 1729.

"(IV) John Burdett, Jr., son of John Burdett (3),
was born at Maiden, Massachusetts, October 15,
1722, and died there September 23, 1758. He mar-
ried. February 6, 1745-6, and their children, all born
at Maiden, were: John, born October 19, 1746,
mentioned below; Jemima, December 11, 1751, mar-
ried Phineas Sprague ; Sarah, September 9, 1755 ;
Ebenezer. June 23, 1757-8.

(V) John Burdett, son of John Burdett (4),
was born at Maiden, Massachusetts, October 19,
1746, and died at Leominster, December 19, 1843.
He settled in Leominster, April, 1776, and entered
the American army soon after the battle of Bunker
Hill, serving in the battle of Bennington and sev-
eral other engagements. He married, May 23, 1771,
Abigail Sargent, daughter of Thomas Sargent, of
Maiden, who was born in 1726 and died in 1812.
The will pi John Burdett is dated August 7, 1820,
and mentions wife Abigail. The children of John
and Abigail, all born at Leominster except the first
two, were: Abigail, born June 22, 1773, at Maiden;
Mary, born at Maiden, March 26, 1775 : John, born
about 1777, married, October 25, 1802, Sarah Shute,
who died March 17, 1832, aged forty-seven years ;
Nathan, of whom later ; James mentioned in ad-
ministration of estate.

(VI) Nathan Burdett son of John Burdett (5),
was born at Leominster or Lancaster, about 1785.
He settled in that part of Lancaster now Clinton.
He married (first), October 13, 1806, Elizabeth
Grover, and (second), September 20, 1809, at Lan-
caster. Margaret Darling ; Margaret died Septem-
ber 16, 1845, aged fifty-nine years, six months and
nineteen days. Their children, all born in Lan-
caster, were: (By the first marriage) Elizabeth, born
December 18, 1808. (By the second marriage)
Sarah Margaret, died March 19, 1825; William,
born February 3. 1811; Nathan, born May 16, 1813 ;
Thomas, born May 4, 1815, of whom later: Chris-
topher Columbus, born February 28. 1817, died same
day; George Washington, born February 17, 1819;
Mary Ann, born March 31, 1821 ; Alfred Augustus,
born June 20, 1827.

(VII) Thomas Burdett. son of Nathan Burdett
(6), was born in what is now Clinton, Massa-

chusetts. May 4. 1S15, and died there. He lived
most of his life in Clinton, conducting a farm there.
For two years he resided in Northboro, an adjacent
town. He married at Lancaster, November 22, 1837,
Sarah E. Woodbury, daughter of Israel Wood-
bury, of Bolton, Massachusetts, formerly part of
Lancaster. The children of Thomas and Sarah E.
Burdett were: 1. Thomas Earle, born June 8, 1838,
at Lancaster; he was formerly a dealer in stationery
and newspapers at Clinton and had a similar store
later at Woodstock, New Hampshire ; he is now re-
tired ; married (first) Fanny Andrews; (second)
Lillian Andrews, and they have two daughters:
Edith and Ethel. 2. Charles A., born 1841, died at
Lancaster, February 21, 1842, aged six months. 3.
Elizabeth Sarah Wilder, born .at Lancaster, now
Clinton. December 6, 1843, married Josiah Proctor,
of Northboro, Massachusetts, now deceased, form-
erly a manufacturer of buttons there; the widow and
eight children reside on the homestead at North-
boro ; the children were : Emma, Fanny, Charles,
Frederick, Harriet, George, Evelyn, Edward. 4.
Francis Wellington, of whom later. 5. Margaret
Louisa, born at Clinton, December 27, 1847, mar-
ried Charles Wright Clinton, and they had one
daughter, Carrie L. ; he was proprietor of a drug
store in Clinton. 6. Louis Judson, born at Clinton,
September 5, 1850-1, married Emma Reynolds
and they have three children — Florence, Harold,
Bernard ; he resides at Northboro and is manager
of Chapin's grocery store there.

(VIII) Francis Wellington Burdett, son of
Thomas Burdett (7), was born in Northboro,
Massachusetts, October 20, 1845. He attended the
public schools of Clintonville, as Clinton was called
when a district of Lancaster. He took a two-year
course in the Leominster high school. Mr. Burdett
has divided his time between the machine shop and
the farm. He is a skillful mechanic, and for many
years worked in the machine shops of the neighbor-
hood in the winter and conducted his farm in the
summer. He was machinist for some years for
the F. A. Whitney Carriage Company. For the past
ten years Mr. Burdett has been employed most of
the time under contract with the Danforth Chemical
Company, manufacturers of Bug Death, a very suc-
cessful preparation for use in the garden to ex-
terminate various insects that infest flower and vege-
table plants. The factory of the concern is at 31
Spruce street, Leominster. Mr. Burdett attends the
Baptist church with his family. In politics he is
a Republican. He was a member of the Leominster
Agricultural Society, but has preferred his home to
all secret societies and clubs.

He married (first), December 25, 1867, Annie L.
Davidson, of Prince Edward Island, British Amer-
ica ; she died in childbirth, November I, 1868. He
married (second), June 15, 1870, Emeretta Miranda
Miller, daughter of Stephen A. and Miranda S.
(Wilder) Miller, of Ashburnham. The only child
of Francis W. and Annie L Burdett was : Francis
Davidson, born at Leominster, November 1, 1868.
The children of Francis W. and Miranda Burdett
were: Wilfred Ellis, born June 26, 1871, graduate
of the Leominster public schools ; is a button maker
at Prevear's factory; married Minnie De Wolfe and
have one child, Marion, born 1902. Lewis Austin, born
January 5, 1873, died young. Hallis Thomas, born at
Leominster, December 5, 1875, graduate of the Leo-
minster high school, 1890; employed in Wachusett
Shirt Factory ; married Margaret McCloud, of Leo-
minster, and they have two children — Vera, born
1901, died young; Lois, 1903. Emmons Miller, born
at Leominster, September 14, 1877, attended public
and high schools ; employed in Wachusett Shirt

6 4


Factory; married Mrs. Grace (Small) Lane. Edith
Louise, born at Leominster, April 16, 1879, graduate
of the high school there in 1900, of the State Nor-
mal school in Fitchburg in 1903, taught school two
years; is now living at home with parents. Ernest
Granville, born at Leominster, September 16, 1880,
educated at the public and high schools of Leo-
minster and at the Eastman Business College at
Poughkeepsie, New York; is at present bookkeeper
at the works of the Slater Silk Company of Winsted,
Connecticut. Grace, born at Leominster, 1884, died
aged twenty months.

HARRINGTON FAMILY. Robert Harrington
(1), the immigrant ancestor of the Harrington fam-
ily of Worcester, was born in England, 1616, and
was among the early settlers of Watertown, Massa-
chusetts. His was the last name on the list of
proprietors of that town for the years 1642 and
1644. He took the oath of fidelity in 1652 and was
admitted a freeman May 27, 1663. He was a mill
owner. His homestead was given him by Thomas
Hastings, presumed from that transaction to be a
relative. He was a prominent citizen and for fif-
teen years was selectman of Watertown. He was
the progenitor of all the Harringtons in this country.
The name is spelled in the early records sometimes
Errington and Arrington. He died May n, 1707,
aged ninety-one years. His will names sons : John,
Daniel, Benjamin, Samuel, Thomas, Edward ; daugh-
ters : Susanna Beers, Mary Bemis, Sarah Winship ;
Joanna Ward, late wife of his son Joseph and her
son Joseph.

he married October 1, 1647, or 1648, Susanna
George, who was born 1632 and died July 6, 1694.
Their children were : Susanna, born August 18,
1649, married, February 9, 1671, John Cutting;
John, born August 24, 1651, died August 24, 1741 ;
Robert, born August 31, 1653, probably died young;
George, born November 24, 1655, killed at Lan-
caster, February, 1675-76, by the Indians ; Daniel,
born November 1, 1657, died April 19, 1728; Joseph,
born December 28, 1659, admitted a freeman April
18, 1690; Benjamin, born January 26, 1661-62, died
1724; Mary, born January 17, 1663-64, married John
Bemis; Thomas, born April 20, 1665, admitted free-
man April 18, 1690; Samuel, born December 18.
1666; Edward, see forward; Sarah, born March 10,
1670-71, died November 28, 1710; married Joseph
Winship, Jr.; David, born June 1, 1673, died .March
II, 1675.

(II) Edward Harrington, eleventh child of
Robert Harrington (1), was born in Watertown,
Massachusetts, March 2, 1669. He was a farmer at
Watertown. He married (first), March 30, 1692,
Mary Ocington ; (second), May 24, 1727, Anna Bull-
ard, widow of Jonathan Bullard, of Weston, Massa-
chusetts. Children of Edward and Mary Harring-
ton were : Mary, born January 2, 1692-93, married,
December 7, 1710, Daniel Rogers, who died Novem-
ber s, 1711; she married (second), January 3,
1716-17, Joseph Grant; William, born November II,
1694, died February 27, 1651-52; Mindwell, born
June 19, 1697, died October 14, 1700; Joanna, born
August 16, 1699, married, May 25, 1720, John
Tainter ; Edward, born June 17, 1702, died December
6, 1792; Samuel, born August 3, 1704; Nathaniel,
born June 25, 1706 (H. C. 1728) ; Francis, born June
II, 1709, see forward; Susanna, born September 9,
171 1, married, November 25, 1731, Samuel Barnard.

(III) Francis Harrington, eighth child of Ed-
ward Harrington (2), was born in Watertown,
Massachusetts, June II, 1709, and died at Worcester,
July 18, 1793, aged eighty-four years. Directly after
his marriage he removed to Grafton, Massachusetts,

but after a few years settled in the adjoining town
of Worcester. His homestead was on what is still
the Harrington place on Harrington court, corner
of Plantation street and Bloomingdale road. He
was a farmer. He married, November 16, 1736,
Prudence Stearns, of the well known Watertown
Stearns family. She died August, 1751, aged thirty-
eight years. He married (second), November 15,
1752, Deborah Brigham, of Westboro, Massachu-
setts. She died April 20, 1799, aged eighty-four
years. Francis Harrington and both his wives are
buried on the common, the gravestone being covered
with the turf, but the location is known. The
children of Francis and Mary Harrington were :
Mary, baptized December 16, 1753, married, Feb-
ruary 13, 1777, Jonathan Stone; Prudence, baptized
April 20, 1755, married, July 6, 1780, Josiah Perry;
William, see forward; Nathaniel, had son Francis,
father of Francis, Jr., also son Jonathan, father of
Daniel (who had sons Charles A., Francis A., and
Daniel A.) and of Benjamin Harrington; Nathaniel
was second sergeant in Colonel Timothy Bigelow's
company at Lexington ; first sergeant of this com-
pany under Captain Jonas Hubbard; selectman 1808;
Francis, born 1737, at Grafton, died at Worcester,
April 6, 1768, aged thirty-one.

(IV) William Harrington, third child of Francis
Harrington (3), was born at Worcester, Massachu-
setts, November 18, 1756 (November 7, in family
records). He was brought up in Worcester on his
father's farm and attended the district school there.
He removed to Southboro after the death of his first
wife, bought a farm there, but soon sold out and
removed to Framingham, the adjoining town, where
he bought the Mixter place and continued farming
there until 1822, when he removed to Upton, Massa-
chusetts, where for a year he worked a leased farm.
He decided to settle there and built a house on land
given him by his wife's father, who had also settled
in Upton. Here Mr. Harrington carried on farm-
ing until his death, November 7, 1838. In poli-
tics Mr. Harrington was a Democrat. While in
Southboro he served on the board of assessors. In
religion he was an '"Orthodox," a member of the
Upton Congregational church. He was a soldier in
the revolution, a gunner in Captain William Todd's
company (.Eighth), Colonel Thomas Craft's regi-
ment, enlisted February I, 1776; also enrolled as a
bombardier; served in Boston Harbor and on Long

He married, May 29, 1781, Mary Perry, daughter
of Nathan and Hannah Perry, of Worcester, born
there March I, 1759. (See sketch of the Worcester
Perry family.) He married (second) Eleanor New-
ton, of Upton (intentions dated October 10, 1801),
daughter of Cyrus and Hannah (Johnson) Newton.
He married (third) Lydia Newton, 1809. She was
sister of Eleanor. There were no children by the
first marriage. The children of William and Eleanor
Harrington were: Mary Perry, born December 5,
1803, married Zenas D. Johnson ; Elbridge, born
May 31, 1805, died June 13, 1805 ; William
Brigham, born February 8, 1807, married
Martha Chamberlain ; Elbridge Newton, born
November 2, 1808, married Eleanor John-
son. The children of William and Lydia Harring-
ton were : Richard Pratt, born December g. 1809,
died September 29, 1815 ; Stephen Sadler, born Jan-
uary 4, 1812, married Louisa F. Temple ; Eleanor
Newton, born November 10, 1813, married David
Bosworth ; Richard Pratt, born October 5, 1815, see
forward; Joseph Perry, born July 29, 1817, married
Mary Claflin; Francis Addison, born May 30, 1819,
see forward ; Curtis Newell, born July 10, 1821, mar-
ried Elizabeth White ; Charles Porter, born May

f^A^a^f (7* J&



22, 1S23, married Esther Page. Eleven children were
born at Framingham, the youngest only at Upton.
(V) Richard Pratt Harrington, fifth child of
William Harrington (4), was born at Framingham,
Massachusetts, October 5, 1815. He is the only per-
son of the fifth generation from the pioneer ances-
tors known to the writer. Most of the present gen-
eration are of the eighth, ninth, tenth and even
eleventh generation from ancestors who came as
early as Mr. Harrington's viz. : before 1642. His
immigrant ancestor was his great-great-grandfather,
Robert, born three hundred years ago, lacking only
ten years.

At an early age Richard Pratt Harrington re-
moved with his father's family to Upton, Massachu-
setts, but immediately went to live in Worcester
with his relative, Jonathan Harrington, where he
lived until he was sixteen years old and received his
education in the public schools thereof. He returned
home and started with his brother Stephen to make
shoes in the little shop on their father's farm at
Upton. He removed to Milford and entered the
employ of General Underwood, manufacturer of
boots and shoes, as a sole leather cutter. Later he
worked in the sole leather departments of the
factories of Seth Carpenter, Adam Hunt and other
concerns. Shortly after 1840 he entered partnership
with Elliot Alden under the firm name of Alden
& Harrington, boot and shoe manufacturers, and
continued with marked success until 1887, when he
retired. The factory was that now occupied by the
F. W. Mann Company. Mr. Alden remained in
business only two years after his partner withdrew.
Mr. Harrington was for a time a real estate broker
in Boston. He entered rather extensively at one time
in the manufacture of collars, but the business was
not profitable and had to be given up. During the
latter part of his life he sold household utensils in
Milford and vicinity. He was a man of unques-
tioned integrity and strict honesty in all his dealings.
He was a member of the Congregational church at
Upton. He was a Republican in politics. He loved
music and at one time played in the Milford brass
band. He married, 1839, Melita W. Rockwood, of
Upton, born September 12, 1821, daughter of Per-
ley and Prudence (.Ward) Rockwood, of Upton,
Massachusetts. Their children were : Prudence
Melissa, born in Milford, July 5, 1844, died July
12, 1844; Myra Ethlin, born in Upton, September
21, 1852.

(V) Francis Addison Harrington, tenth child of
William Harrington (4), was born in Framingham,
Massachusetts, May 30, 1819. When only three years
old he moved with his father's family to Upton,
where he began life on his father's farm, attending
the common schools of Upton. He learned the
trade of shoemaker, as did also his brothers and
most of the young men of his neighborhood. He
worked for Colonel Artemas Fay in Southboro.
Later he went into business on his own account,
employing eight or ten men in the shop at his home
in Upton, getting his stock from the shops of B. T.
Godfrey and General Underwood in the adjoining
town of Milford. It was the custom at that time
for the shoemakers to last and finish the boots and
shoes in their own shops on their farms. They
combined in many cases farming in summer with
shoemaking in winter. When the conditions
changed, Mr. Harrington went to work in the fac-
tory of General Underwood and worked there for
about sixteen years as a leather cutter. He re-
moved to Chicago, where he entered a partnership
with his son-in-law, Charles W. Aldrich, under the
firm name of Aldrich & Harrington, dealers in boots
and shoes. After the great fire the firm discontinued
ii— 5 v

business and Mr. Harrington removed to St. Louis,
where he manufactured slippers for about four years.
He sold out then and went to Athol, Massachusetts,
where he entered the employ of Merritt & Lee,
shoe manufacturers, as foreman, and he held this
position until the time of his death. In religion
he was a Universalist and in politics a Republican.
He was a member of the Odd Fellows Order. When
a young man he was active in the state militia, a
member of the Upton company.

He married Mary T. Brightman, of Newport,
Rhode Island, daughter of Robert Brightman. Their
children were : Elizabeth Burdock, married Charles
W. Aldrich, of Milford, and they have two children
—William and George; Winslow Milton, born Au-
gust-it, 1843, see forward.

(VI) Winslow Milton Harrington, only ,son of
Francis Addison Harrington (5), was born at Up-
ton, Massachusetts, August 11, 1843. His parents
moved to Milford when he was six years old and
he attended the common schools of that town until
sixteen years of age. He learned the trade of
laster, and at the age of seventeen entered the em-
ploy of his uncle, Richard P. Harrington, where he
became an expert stitcher. After eight years in that
factory he removed to Chicago and entered the em-
ploy of Aldrich & Green, making shoes, remaining
for a year, and then he was with Whitney, Yunk &
Brothers for four years. About the time that his
employers went out of business on account of the
great fire, Mr. Harrington came back to Worcester
and entered the employ of Rawson & Linnell, wh'>se
business was merged later with the Goddard & Fay
concern on Austin street. After working for this
concern six years he entered the employ of S. R.
Heywood & Company, Winter street, where he was
m charge of • the stitching department for a period
of nineteen years. He then accepted a position in
the leather works of Graton & Knight, Worcester,
as an operator in belt making. In 1896 he came to
his present position with the Warren Leather Goods
Company. He has charge of all the stitching ma-
chinery and is an operator in leather work. lie re-
sides at 7 Vernon street, Worcester. Mr. Harring-
ton is a Universalist in religion and a Republican
in politics. He was formerly a member of Wor-
cester Council, No. 29. American Mechanics. He
is a member of the Worcester County Mechanics'

He married (first) Elsie A. Gould, daughter of
Albert Gould. She died July 3, 1876. He mar-
ried second Catherine Anastatia Carey, of Worces-
ter, daughter of John Carey, of Milford, Massachu-
setts. The children of Winslow M. and Elsie A. Har-
rington were: 1. George H., born 1866. 2. Lillian, born
March 8, 1868, married John H. Gouldin, of Wor-
cester, October 29, 1890, and they have two children
— Mildred E. Goulding, born at Worcester, Janu-
ary 16, 1897 ; Marcus H., born May 25, 1906. 3.
Lena, born October 1, 1871, died March 7, 1876. 4.
Albert Milton, born March 2, 1874, died February
18, 1876. The children of Winslow Milton and
Catherine A. (Carey) Harrington were: Kittie F,
born March 17, 1SS1, died January 27, 18S2. Wins-
low Milton, Jr., born January 23, 1S83, plumber of
Marlboro, Massachusetts, married Nora Buckley, of
Marlboro. Maud Adelaide, born August 12. 1887,
married P. Rooney, of Worcester, had one boy,
died in childbirth.

POLLARD FAMILY. William Pollard (i),
the English ancestor of Moses F. Pollard, of \Y< st-
boro, Massachusetts, was born, lived and died in
Coventry, Warwickshire, England, in the latter part
of the seventeenth century. He married ? :



Farmer, daughter of John Farmer and his wife Isa-
bella. Her mother, Isabella, married (.second)
Thomas Wiswall, who came to America with some
of the Farmer children. John Farmer lived in
Ansley, Warwickshire, and died there in 1669. Isa-
bella was a sister of Rev. Thomas Muston, of
Wykin and afterwards of Brinkow in England. Isa-
bella (Muston) i Farmer) Wiswall died at Biller-
ica, March 21, 1786.

Of the children of William Pollard only one is
known to have come to America — Thomas, see
forward. This family was not the first of the
name to settle in New England. There was a
George Pollard in Duxbury in 1641, formerly of
Stoke Clere, England, later of Marblehead. 1 here
was a John Pollard, of Boston, merchant, in 1640,
"lately from Belcham, County Essex, England."
William Pollard, progenitor of many of the name,
came to Boston before 1644. These immigrants

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