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years he has been a member of the Worcester So-
ciety of Antiquity, and for many years was its
president. On the resignation of the librarian, who
had served the society in that capacity for seven-
teen years or more, Mr. Crane was elected to suc-
ceed him, and accepted the task on account of his
fondness for the work attending the office. During
the last two years he has accomplished the large
task of re-arranging the large library of the society,
and has also prepared a large amount of literary
work along historical and genealogical lines, and
numerous of his written papers have been published
with the records of Worcester Society of Antiquity.
He had previously compiled and published "The
Rawson Family Memorial," a volume containing
the genealogical records of the descendants of Ed-
ward Rawson, secretary of the Massachusetts Bay
Colony : and "Crane Family Genealogy," in two
volumes. Many of the careful and exhaustive fam*
ily records contained in the present work (Genea-
logical and Personal Memoirs of Worcester Coun-
ty) are also from his pen, and the publishers,
through the chief of their editorial staff, take this
opportunity of justifying their high appreciation of
labors at once diligent and conscientious.

During Mr. Crane's residence in Worcester, he
has been active in public matters, and as a Repub-
lican in politics has endeavored to do what he could
to promote the public weal, as he viewed it from his
standpoint. Although he cast his first presidential
vote for Abraham Lincoln, and has since voted the
Republican ticket in the main, he is not a rank
partisan, for he believes in principles first, and in

party second. As a proof of the confidence reposed
in him, we have but to call attention to the honors
he has received at the hands of his fellow towns-
men. He has occupied a seat in both branches of
the city council for the city of Worcester, and also
been a representative in the general court, and as
senator and re-elected in each instance, thus re-
ceiving the complimentary vote from his constitu-
ents. While a member of the Massachusetts legisla-
ture, in the house he was a member of the commit-
tees on constitutional amendments, and election laws.
When in the senate, on election laws, roads and
bridges, street railways and taxation, serving as
chairman of the latter, and also as chairman of
committee on parishes and religious societies.

Mr. Crane was for several years one of the di-
rectors of the Worcester Board of Trade; for three
years president of the Builders' Exchange; several
years president of the Sons and Daughters of New
Hampshire; president of the Worcester County
Mechanics' Association, in 1890 and 1891 ; and for
many years has been one of the board of trustees
for the Worcester County Institution for Savings.

Mr. Crane married, in 1859, Miss Salona A. Raw-
son, daughter of George and Lois (Aldrich) Raw-
son. They have one son, Morton Rawson Crane.

LOTHROP FAMILY. Mark Lothrop (i), the
immigrant ancestor of Fred Joseph Lothrop, of
Leominster, Massachusetts, was born in England.
He was a kinsman of Thomas Lothrop, who settled
in Salem and Beverly; was town officer, deputy
to the general court, etc., died in the war of 1675,
leaving no issue.

Mark Lothrop also settled in Salem before 1642
when his name appears on the list of proprietors.
He was formally accepted as an inhabitant of Salem
December 11, 1643, by the vote of the selectmen.
He had a grant of land May 17, 1852. In 1657 he
was one of the proprietors of the town of Bridge-
water, Massachusetts, and he had been living there
a year or more. He took the oath of fidelity in
1657. He was a constable in 1658, and* for twenty-
five years thereafter was a prominent citizen, acting
on the jury, the grand jury, as surveyor of high-
ways and on committees to lay out new roads. He
died at Bridgewater, October 25, 1685, and his son
Samuel was administrator. His three sons were all
admitted freeman in 1682.

The children of Mark Lothrop were : Elizabeth,
married Samuel Packard, Jr., son of Samuel Pack-
ard, who came from Wymondham, Norfolk county,
England; Samuel, of whom later; Mark, Jr., born
1660, died in the Phipps Expedition to Quebec in
1690, without issue; his will is dated July 14, 1690;
Edward, died unmarried 1682.

(II) Samuel Lothrop, son of Mark Lothrop
(1), was born about 1660 in Bridgewater, Massa-
chusetts. He was reported of age and proprietor of
Bridgewater in 1682. He was impressed for service
in 1675, but was not called upon to fight in the
war, the constables who impressed him being fined
instead because he was unfit for duty вАФ probably
under age. His will was dated April 11, 1724, and
he calls himself "old." He bequeathed to Mary
Keith, Josiah's wife ; to his sons, Samuel, John,
Mark and Joseph, also Edward, executor.

Samuel Lothrop married Sarah Downe and their
children were : Mary', born at West Bridgewater,
October 28, 1683, married, January 6. 1703, Josiah
Keith; Samuel, Jr., of whom later; John, born Oc-
tober 15. 10X7, married, May 23, 1716, Mary Edson ;
Mark, born at Bridgewater, September 9, 1689. mar-
of Hon. John Alden, of the "Mayflower;" Sarah,
ried, March 29, 1722, Hannah Alden, a descendant



(twin) born June 5, 1693, married, November 16,
1715. Solomon Packard; Joseph (twin), born June

5, 1693, married Mary Snow; Edward, born July
7, 1697, married Hannah Wade, of Bridgewater.

(III) Samuel Lothrop, Jr., son of Samuel
Lothrop (2), was born in Bridgewater, May 17,
1683. He married, November 14. 1710, Abial Las-
sell, daughter of Isaac Lasseli; she was born June
25, 1688, and died November 3, 1749. He married
(second), 1 75 1 , Lydia Hayden. He died January
'3. 1/72- His home was at West Bridgewater,
Massachusetts. The children of Samuel and Abial
Lothrop were: Samuel, Jr., born September 23,
171 1, married, April 3, 1735, Elizabeth Keith; Isaac,
born December 21, 1714, of whom later; Sarah,
born September 15, 1717, married, November 17,
1737, Eliezer Edson ; Daniel, born May 2, 1721, mar-
ried, 1744, Rhoda Willis, daughter of Thomas Wil-
'is; major of Colonel Croft's regiment; died at
Leeds, Maine, March 18, 1817; Abiel, born Decem-
ber 7, 1729, married at Bridgewater. May 28, 1747.
Israel Alger, Jr., died May 3, 1755.

(IV) Isaac Lothrop, son of Samuel Lothrop
(3), was born December 21, 1714. He married
Bethiah Howard, daughter of Major Edward How-
ard. He married (second), April 13, 1742, Pa-
tience Alger, daughter of Joseph Alger. He died
November 25, 1774. His widow died August 16,
1779. The children of Isaac and Patience were :
Bethia, born March 20, 1743-4. married, September
3, 1767, Samuel Willis; Edmund, born February 15,
1745-6, married, September 29, 1774, Bettie Howard
and settled in Easton; Isaac, born June 10, 1748,
married, August 31, 1775, Sarah Bailey; Zephaniah.
born March 30, 1750, married, September 2, 1779,
Sarah Packard, daughter of Captain Nathan Pack-
ard; Abigail, born October 14, 1752, married, No-
vember 24, 1768, Lemuel Keith ; Nathan, of whom
later ; John, born October 12, 1757, married, De-
cember 7, 1780, Sarah Cook; Keziah, born Septem-
ber 23, 1767, married, August II, 1785, Simeon

(V) Nathan Lothrop, son of Isaac Lothrop (4),
was born at Bridgewater, Massachusetts, June 10,

1755. He married (first) Charity ; (second)

Widow Phebe Beach, daughter of Seth Johnson, of
Hardwick. She was born September 29, 1764, and
died at Worcester April I, 1861. The children of
Nathan Lothrop by his first wife were : Abijah, born
May 21, 1778; Nathan July 31, 1780, died in Essex.
December 28, 1846, leaving no issue ; Caleb, October

6, 1782, married Pinney ; Olive, June 15.

1786; Charity, August 16. 1789. The children of
Nathan and Phebe Lothrop were : Keziah, July 2,
1791, married Fisher Mann; Charles, May 21, 1793,
died August 11, 1818; Otis, March 25, 1795, mar-
ried Mary Darling, daughter of Rev. Darling, of
Keene, New Hampshire ; Palace, April 30, 1797,
died December 2, 1822 ; Sophila, June 5, 1799, mar-
ried Asa Farnsworth, of Alstead, New Hampshire;
she died April 2, 1868; Orville, of whom later;
Chauncey, July 16, 1804, married Relief Ann John-
son ; died in Ware, Massachusetts.

(VI) Orville Lothrop, son of Nathan Lothrop
(5), was born at Pittsford, Vermont, May 21, 1801.
He married Sarah Fitch, of Leominster, who died
soon after her marriage August 30, 1823, aged
twenty-three years. He married (second), January
20, 1825, Lucy Johnson, of Hardwick. He resided
in Shrewsbury and Worcester, Massachusetts. His
only child was Philip, of whom later.

(VII) Philip Lothrop, son of Orville Lothrop
(6), was born in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, Oc-
tober 23, 1825. He married, January I, 1850, Susan
Elizabeth Whitney, daughter of Joseph and Sally

Whitney, of Westminster. He settled in Leomin-
ster, was connected with the Whitney Carriage
Company there. He died December 23, 1902. The chil-
dren of Philip and Susan Elizabeth Lothrop were : 1.
Frank Orville, born January 1, 1851, was educated
111 the public and high schools of Leominster, was a
partner in the Whitney-Reed Company during his
active business life ; he retired a few years ago
and resides in a handsome home in Leominster ;
married, October 29, 1873, Susie Emily Damon, of
Cohoes, New York. 2. Ella Juliette, born February
4, 1857, married, June 6, 1878, Charles Henry Graves,
of Ludlow, Vermont, and they have one child, Louis
Whiting Graves, born July 24, 1880. 3. Fred Jo-
seph, born February 19, 1859, of whom later.

(VII) Fred Joseph Lothrop, son of Philip Lothrop
(7), was born at Leominster, Massachusetts, Feb-
ruary 19, 1859. He was educated there in the public
and high schools and began his business career as
clerk in the Leominster National Bank, with which
he has been connected in various capacities to the
present time. He has been cashier since 1901. lie
is treasurer of the Leominster board of trade and
treasurer of the sinking fund of the town of Leo-
minster. In politics he is a Republican. He mar-
ried (first) Nellie Louise Peirce, of Westminster,
December 13, 1882. She was born October 19,
1859, and died at Leominster, July 4, 1884, leaving
one son. Mr. Lothrop married (second) Sarah
Lewis Richardson, daughter of Thurston and Har-
riet (Butterfield) (Adams) Richardson. She was
born March 21, 1864. The only child of Fred Jo-
seph and Nellie Louise Lothrop was : Alfred Peirce,
born at Leominster, June 25, 1884, graduate of
Oberlin College. The children of Fred Joseph and
Sarah Lewis Lothrop were : Everett Winfred, born
December 14, 1890, at Leominster, Massachusetts;
Ernest Orville, May 11, 1892, at Leominster; Nellie
Louise, born at Leominster, December 9, 1893;
Esther, born December 2, 1898, at Leominster.

DR. LOUIS KENT CROSS. Robert Cross (1),
the immigrant ancestor of Dr. Louis Kent Cross, of
Winchendon, Massachusetts, was born in England.
He may have been the nephew and it is very prob-
able that he was a near relative of John Cross, of
Ipswich, who was born in England about 1580 and
came to New England with his wife Anne in the
ship "Elizabeth" of Ipswich, sailing April 30, 1634;
he left only one child, a daughter Hannah, wife of
Thomas Hammond.

Robert Cross came to Ipswich about the same
time as the older immigrant of this name. He was a
proprietor as early as 1635 and served in the Pequot
war. He had a case in the Ipswich court which was
referred to the general court, December I, 1640.
The date of his death is not known, and until re-
cently his records and those of his sons have been
almost hopelessly confused. His son, Stephen Cross,
deposed in 1663 that he was sixteen and a half
years old ; his son Robert at the same time testified
that he was aged about twenty-one years. He deeded
land probably on his death bed, February 13, 1674-75,
to his son Stephen and his wife Elizabeth to be given
them at his death. The name of his wife is not
known. His children were: Robert, Jr., born 1644,
married, 1664, Martha Tredwell and had children :
Robert, born January 21, 1665; Timothy, born No-
vember 29, 1667; Martha, born March 15, 1670;
Abel, born April 5, 1676; Stephen, born April 27,
1678; John, mentioned in will. Stephen, born 1647-
48, settled in Ipswich. A daughter, who married
William Nelson. Martha, married, 1664, William
Dirkee. Peter, born 1653, died April 9, 1737, aged
eighty-four years.


/T. C/-l^o-<2~<?



(II) Peter Cross, son of Robert Cross (1),
was born in Ipswich, Massachusetts, 1653. He was
one of the pioneer settlers at Windham, Connecti-
cut, and some of his children were born there, lie
died April 9, 1737, aged eighty-four years, at Mans-
field, Connecticut. He married at Ipswich, Mary
, who died December 9, 1695. His two young-
est children were by the second marriage. As given
by Hinman, his children were: Mary, born April
20, 1679; Stephen, see forward; Elizabeth, born
June 14, 1683; Peter, Jr., born November 8, 1685,
married at Mansfield, Connecticut, March 30, 1719,
Dorothea Royce; Daniel, born March 8, 1688, mar-
ried at Mansfield, Connecticut, November 5, 1712,

D es i re ; Experience, born December 1, 1691 ;

Abigail, born June 23, 1694; Mary, born December

9, 169s, died same day. By the second wife Peter
Cross had : Mary, born 1697 ; Wade, born December
IS. l699> settled in Willington, Connecticut; mar-
ried Rebecca , and had children there : Re-
becca, born 1733 ; Elenor, Mary, Peter.

(III) Stephen Cross, second child of Peter
Cross (2), was born in Ipswich, Massachusetts, May
15, 1681. He went with his father's family to Wind-
ham, Connecticut. He settled in that part later
called Mansfield. He married at Mansfield, Mary

, November 30, 1703. Their children : Stephen,

born October 20, 1704; Jonathan, born July 18,
1706, married Lydia Hale, January 30, 1730-31 ;
Noah, born April 5, 1708, died December I, 1713;
Betty, born 1709-10; Ebenezer, born January 18,
1711-12; a son, born October 20, 1714, died Novem-
ber 20, 1714; Peter, see forward; Mary, born April
15, 1718; Noah, born April 17, 1720, married, January

10, 1737-38, Mary Chamberlain, daughter of Ed-
mund Chamberlain; Mary, born August 17, 1722;
Hannah, born July 1, 1723 ; John, born July 10,

(IV) Peter Cross, seventh child of Stephen
Cross (3), was born in Mansfield or Windham, Con-
necticut, April 16, 1716. He settled in Mansfield. He
married there, June 23, 1736, Mary Fuller, daughter
of Jonathan Fuller. She died January 8, 1739-40.
He married again, according to the records, Octo-
ber 2, 1740, Mary Fuller, at Coventry, Connecticut,
the adjoining town to Mansfield. His children:
Daughter, born at Mansfield, April 10, 1737, died
April 29, 1737 ; Elizabeth, born June 18, 1739, at
Mansfield ; Ellither, born March 27, 1742 ; Aaron,
born September 6, 1743, at Coventry; Solomon, was
in the same company with Stephen and may be his
brother; Stephen, see forward; Peter, Jr., born at
Windsor, December 17, 1756; Mary, born June 3,
1759. at Windsor, Connecticut. There were prob-
ably other children. According to the records both
his wives were named Mary Fuller. Possibly the

first was Mary and the second only was

Mary Fuller. The records may be correct, how-

(V) Stephen Cross, son of Peter Cross (4),
(no record of birth or baptism found) born in or
near Windsor, Connecticut, April 15, 1755, died Sep-
tember 16, 1838. He enlisted, May 9, 1775. in the
Third Connecticut Regiment in the revolutionary
war with volunteers from the eastern towns of the
colony. He was in the same company with Captain
Roger Enos, of Windsor, and Captain Elijah Rob-
inson, of Stafford. He was a farmer and a car-
penter by trade. He settled after the revolution in
Monson, Massachusetts. He was a Whig in politics
in later life. He married, 1778, Sarah Vinton, born
at Stoughton, Massachusetts, July 6, 1763, died
July 11, 1847. She was the daughter of David
and Ruth (Dorman) Vinton, who are mentioned
below: Children of Stephen and Sarah Cross were:

Hannah, born August 26, 1779; infant son, born
March 10, 1782, died young; infant daughter, born
March 7, 1783, died young; Polly, born February
26, 1784; Stephen, born June 26, 1787, died April
-'. 1833; was soldier in the war of 1812; Amos,
born October 29, 1789, died May, 1791 ; Sarah, born
February 16, 1792; Lyman, born November 9, 1794,
was soldier in the war of 1812; Cyrus, born April
16, 1797; Lucinda, born January 17, 1800, died
February 28, 1875; Porter, born July 15, 1807, died
1894, see forward.

(VI) Porter Cross, youngest child of Stephen
Cross (s), was born at Monson, Massachusetts,
July 15, 1807. He received a common school educa-
tion, and worked during his spare hours on his
father's farm. He learned his father's trade and
followed it as an occupation through his active life.
In the forties he removed from Monson to Wor-
cester, and was engaged there in the building moving
business. He removed to Charlestown, .Massachu-
setts, now Boston, and later was in the house mov-
ing business in Springfield, Massachusetts. He also
was a resident of Wilbraham, Massachusetts, for
several years, and was prominent in town affairs.
He served on the Wilbraham board of selectmen
for many years. He was a trustee of Wilbraham
Academy (Wesleyan). He died in Springfield, 1894.
He was a Republican in politics,. and an active mem-
ber and trustee of the Wilbraham Methodist church.

He married (first), November 29, 1827, Sophia
Amidon, born at Wilbraham, June 27, 1807. died
August 23, 1846. Her father was a soldier in the
revolution. He married (second) Mary Babcock,
of Tolland, Connecticut, February 2, 1847. She
was born in Tolland, November 2, 1814. Children
of Porter and Sophia Cross were : Eli Porter, born
at Monson, November 5, 1828, died at Charlestown,
Massachusetts, August 23, 1846; Hollis Gilbert, born
at Manlius, New York, December 20, 1830; Ellen
Mahalin, born at Monson, September 5, 1823, died
at Wilbraham, March 2, 1837; Lauretta Jennette,
horn at Wilbraham, November 26, 1835. died at
Springfield, Massachusetts. August 5, 1903; Ellen
Cordelia, born at Wilbraham, November 14, 1837 ;
Candace Cornelia, born at Monson, September 21,
1839; Cyrus Wesley, see forward; Lucius Harrison,
born at Palmer, March 21, 1844. Children of Porter
and Mary Cross were : Eugene Ferdinand, born in
Charlestown, January 29, 1848; Jane Sophia, born at
Wilbraham, March 22, 1850, died April I, 1852;
F.udora Eliza, born at Wilbraham. December 1. 1851;
Albert Orlando, born at Wilbraham, November 18,
1851. died September 24. 1861.

(VII) Dr. Cyrus Wesley Cross, seventh child
of Porter Cross (6), was born in Monson, Massa-
chusetts, April 10, 1842. At an early age he moved
with his parents to Worcester and later to Charles-
town, where he attended school until he was fifteen
years old, when his parents settled at Wilbraham
and he entered the Wesleyan Academy, where he
graduated with high honors. When the civil war
broke out he enlisted in Company D, Thirty-seventh
Massachusetts Volunteers, in July, 1862, under
Colonel Oliver Edwards. He served through the
war and was mustered out June 2, 1865. His regi-
ment was in the Sixth Army Corps. Among the
important battles and engagements in which he took
part were: Fredericksburg. December 13. 1862;
Chancellorsville, April 27, to May 5. 1863; Gettys-
burg, July 1 to 3, 1863; Cold Harbor. May, 1864.
His regiment was in the thickest of the fight at
Bloody Angle and at Spottsylvania in the same
month" He was at Cedar Creek. October 19, 1864;
at Petersburg and Richmond December, 18(14, and
at the battle of the Wilderness. He was in the



Appomattox campaign and at the surrender of Lee.
Here his regiment was one of two left to
keep order, the only two that entered the city.
He returns d to Wilbraham after the war and com-
menced the study of dentistry in the office of Dr.
Joseph Gould, of Palmer, and continued later with
Dr. J. M. Gould, of East Douglass. After htting
himself for his profession, he opened an office in
Palmer, where he practiced until his death, June
25, 1895. Dr. Cross was a member of the Second
Congregational Church of Palmer. He was a Re-
publican in politics. He was a member of Thomas
Lodge, Free Masons, of Palmer, and its secretary for
twelve years. Also a member of Hampden Chapter,
Royal Arch Masons, Washington Council, Royal and
Select Masters of Palmer, and Springfield Com-
mander) - , Knights Templar. He was a member of
the Connecticut Valley Dental Association, L. L.
Merrick Post, Grand Army, of Palmer, and served
as its commander, and the Cyrus W. Cross Camp,
Sons of Veterans, was named after him.

Dr. Cross married (first), 1866, Anna Maria
Cooley, of Springfield, who was born September IS,
1846, died January 9, 1873. He married (second),
1874, Charlotte Ellen Kent, of Wilbraham. She was
the daughter of William and Laura (Smith) Kent.
Her father was a carpenter and builder. Children
of Dr. Cyrus Wesley and Anna Maria Cross were :
Alice Sophia, born March 4, 1868, died March 30,
1874; Chester Winfield, born March 10, 1872, now at
Springfield, Massachusetts. Children of Dr. Cyrus
Wesley and Charlotte Ellen Cross were : Louis
Kent, see forward; Bertha May, born October 31,
1880, resides with mother in Palmer ; Laura Blanche,
born April 12, 1884, resides with mother in Palmer.

(VIII) Louis Kent Cross, son of Dr. Cyrus
Wesley Cross (7), was born at Palmer, Massachu-
setts, February 11, 1877. He attended the public
schools of his native town until he was seventeen
years old, when he commenced the study of den-
tistry in his father's office. A year later he entered
Boston University School of Medicine, graduating
in 1899 with the degree of M. D. He subsequently
entered the Massachusetts Hospital of Homeopathy,
where he remained for a year. He then began
practice in Winchendon, locating first in the Prcs-
cott block, and after two years removed to hand-
somely furnished and well equipped offices on Front
street, where he is at present enjoying an extensive
and lucrative practice. Dr. Cross is a member of
the Second Congregational Church of Palmer. In
l"i]itics he is a Republican. He is active and well
known in Masonic circles ; he was a member of
Thomas Lodge, of Palmer, and was a charter mem-
ber of the Cyrus W. Cross Camp, Sons of Veterans,
of Palmer, lie is now a member of Artisan Lodge,
of Winchendon; North Star Chapter, Royal Arch
Masons, and has held a number of the highest offices.
He is also a member of the Avon Club of

He married at Winchendon, October 2, 1902, Grace
Atherton Converse, daughter of Morton E. and
Harriet (Atherton) Converse. (See Converse
sketch.) Dr. and Mr-. Cross are the parents of one
son, Kemp Converse, born September 20, 1904.

(I) John Vinton, one of the immigrant ances-
tors of Dr. Louis Kent Cross through the wife of
his revolutionary ancestor, Stephen Cross, was born
in England, is believed to have settled in 1643
at Salem, was in Lynn 1648, probably removed to
Maiden. Children of John and Ann Vinton, all born
in Lynn, were: Eleanor, born May, 1648, married
Isaac Ramsdell ; John, see forward; William, born
April, 1652; Blaise, born April 22, 1654; Ann, born

April 4. 1656; Elizabeth, born January, 1657-58;
Sarah, born September 16, 1662.

(II) John Vinton, son of John Vinton (1), an-
cestor of Dr. Cross, was born March 21, 1650;
married, August 26, 1677, Hannah Green, born
February 24, 1659-60, daughter of Thomas and Re-
becca Green, of Maiden. Her father was son of
Thomas Green, the immigrant. (See sketch.) John
Vinton was a forgeman, ironworker, and in his will,
January 15, 1721-22, calls himself "Gentleman," im-
plying his descent from gentle blood. He died No-
vember 13, 1727, aged seventy-seven years; his wife
Hannah died 1741, aged eighty-two years. They
lived in Maiden and Lynn. Their children: John,
born 1680; Hannah, born January 26, 1681-82; Re-
becca, born March 26, 1683; Thomas, born January
31, 1686-87; Mary, born August 20, 1687, died young;
Mary, born January 2, 1692-93; Samuel, born May
3, 1695; Abiathar, born May 10. 1700, at Woburn.

(III) Captain Samuel Vinton, seventh child
of John Vinton (2), ancestor of Dr. Cross, was born
May 3, 1695, married, March 22, 1720-21, Elizabeth
French, of Braintree, born March 4, 1698-99, daugh-
ter of Dependence and Rebecca French. He was a
bloomer or blacksmith in iron works. He had land
from his father at Woburn in 1720 ; he bought
a share in the iron works in Braintree in 1735-36.

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