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West Point at the time of Arnold's treason and the
execution of the spy, Andre. A man of clear mind
and simple piety, he was shocked by the profanity
and vice of the soldiers, and in later years used to
call the army "a dreadful wicked place." After
his service in the army he and his brother Elisha
bought a farm at Winchendon, and always owned
it in common. It is the same place owned later
by Seth Tucker, Jr., and Webster H. Tucker.
Seth Tucker was a man of industry and strict



integrity. He was an active member of the Baptist
church in its early days. In his later years his
talks about old times and on religious themes were
listened to with absorbing interest. He had an
excellent memory and retained his faculties to the
extreme age of ninety-eight years. There was al-
ways a remarkable spirit of fraternal confidence
between him and his brother Elisha. Their first
property was owned in common, and their farm in
Winchendon was owned in common.

He died at Winchendon, November 12. 1855.
I ninety-eighl year;. The monument erected to
the memory of the two pioneers, Seth and Elisha,
bears this inscription: "From the earliest days of
childhood to almost the latest hours of life, these
brothers here interred had all their worldly inter-
in common, a confidence rarely bestowed, happy
in its results and worthy of imitation."

He married Jane Payson. November 30, 1791.
She was born .March 11, 1761. died January S. 1813,
aged fifty-two years. She was descended from the
immigrant, Edward Pay - in, of Roxbury, who mar-
ried Mary Eliot, si-ter of Rev. John Eliot, the
Indian Apostle, and their daughter, Ann Payson,
married Benjamin Tucker. Many of the Tucker
family have had Eliot fir a given name in memory
of tin- ancestor. Edward Payson's son, Rev. Ed-
ward Payson, married Elizabeth Phillips, daughter
of Rev. Samuel Phillips, and their son, Eliot Pay-
was father of James Payson, and grandfather
of Jane Payson. who married Seth Tucker, as
stated above. Children of Seth and Jane Tucker
were: Nathaniel, born September 10, 1702, sailed
to the West indies and was never heard from;
Eliot Payson, December 4, 1703. died February 4.
1796: Elint Payson. November 21, 1796, married
Charlotte Whitman Todd: Betsey, August 26, 1798,
married Levi Greenwood; Joshua, August 7, 1800,
married Susan L. Morse, died November 7, 1881 ;
Jane. August 14, 1803, married Nathaniel Mer-
rick, of Chesterfield, Xew Hampshire; Seth, see
forward; Elisha, August it. 1806. died October

13. 1808; Elisha Gustavus, August 18, 1808, mar-
ried Eli beth M. Harris; Samuel and Sewall

i-i . May 17. 1810; the former died May 29,
1810. and the latter June 5. 1810; Samuel and Sus-
anna, horn July 4, i8i_>; the latter died March 22,

<IX) Seth Tucker. Jr. son of Seth Tucker (8),
was horn in Winchendon, Massachusetts, October

14. 1804. He received his education in the common
schools there. He was much devoted to his father's
interests in conducting the farm and was closely
associated with his father as long as he lived. He
inherited the farm and a considerable fortune. The
Tucker farm is situated on Tucker hill in the east-
ern part of the town. The land where the Baxter
D. Whitney factories are located was bought of
Seth Tucker, who laid the first stone in construct-
ing the dam and mills. Seth Tucker was of in-
flexible probity and honor. His character com-
manded universal respect and esteem. He was a
member of the Baptist church and was active in
building the church in 1848. giving the church the
land for that purpose. He served the town on
various important committees. In 1S40 and in 1854
he served on the committee to apportion the school
moneys. He was on the building committee of the
town ' hall in 1850. cemetery commission in 1857,
committee to buy a site for the new school house
in 1866

He married Valonia Harvey, of Chesterfield,
New Hampshire. Their children : Webster H ,
see forward; Payson Eliot, died in infancy; an in-
fant, not named, died in infancy.

( X ) Webster Harvey Tucker, son of Seth
Tucker 101. was born in Winchendon, Massachu-
setts, May 4. [834, died May 7, 1872. He received
hi- education in the common schools of the town.
He was in close association and partnership in his
father's interests on the farm. He inherited, all
hi- father's estate, including the farm on Tucker
hill and much real estate in the town of Winchen-
don. In addition to his farm, which he managed
t'i goi„| ,-uI\ antage, he built a number of houses,
some to sell, and others to rent. Although not so
active and prominent in public affairs as his father
and grandfather, he was well liked and highly re-
spected by his fellow citizens. He was an active
member and officer of the Baptist church. In
politics he was a Republican.

He married, at Winchendon, January 1, 1S57,
Ret ridge P. Parker, who was born in Londonderry,
Vermont, February 27. 183S, and died in Winchen-
don, Massachusetts, December iS. 1893. Their
children were: Charles Webster, born May 23, 1866,
for a number of years devoted his time to his
interests in Winchendon and at present holds an
important position with the Boston & Maine
Railroad, headquarters at Boston. Elliot Seth, see

(XI) Elliot Seth Tucker, son of Webster Har-
vey Tucker (101. was born at Winchendon, Massa-
chusetts May 31, 1S-2. He received his educa-
tion in the public schools of the town, graduating
from the high school in 1892. He then took a
preparatory course and passed the examinations for
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1894,
but did not enter, preferring to devote his time
to his interests at home. In 1899 he purchased the

ry business of George B. Raymond & Co. and
conducted it successfully until he sold out in Sep-
tember, 1903. In May, 1004, he entered the em-
ploy of the National Novelty Corporation of New
York with the A. O. Peare Company of Gardner,
Massachusetts, as shipping clerk, and was trans-
ferred in December following to the Mason &
Parker branch of the company at Winchendon.
Upon the retirement of D wight L. Mason, May 27,
1905, he took charge of the office of the Mason
& Parker business. Here he remained till June 1,
[905, when he resigned to take a position of clerk
of the district court of Winchendon.

Mr. Tucker attends the Church of the Unity
1 Unitarian 1 and is chairman of the music com-
mittee. He ' is a Republican in politics and has
been a delegate to various conventions of his party.
In 1903 he was representative to the general court
from his district, and was clerk of the committee
en town affair-. He was selectman of the town
from 1898 to 1904, a period of six years, and chair-
man of the board the last three years, 1901 to 1904.
He is a prominent Free Mason, a member of
Artisan Lodge. He is a member and past high
. priest of North Star. Royal Arch Chapter. He be-
longs to Jerusalem Commandery, Knights Templar,
of Fitchburg. He has passed through the chairs
of Naukeag Council, X'o. 1013, Royal Arcanum, held
all the highest offices and past regent. He was a
member of Watatic Tribe, No. S5, Red Men, was
president of the Avon Club of Winchendon,

He married. March 12, 1895. Hattie Matilda
Taft, daughter of Farris O. and Sarah E. (Carter)
Taft, of Brockton, Massachusetts. Her father is
the proprietor of a machine shop there. They have
one child. Betridge Emmeline, born January 22, 1896.

EDWIN N. ADAMS. Henry Adams (1), of
Braintree, was the emigrant ancestor of Edwin N.



Adams, of Leicester, Massachusetts, and of a large
proportion of the Adams families in this country
including John Adams, president of the United
States, and his son, John Quincy Adams, also presi-
dent. Henry Adams is believed to have arrived in
Boston with his wife, eight sons and a daughter in
1632 or 1633. The colonial authorities allotted him
forty acres of land at Mount Wollaston, which in
1640 became Braintree and included the present towns
of Braintree, Quincy and Randolph. The name of
his wife is unknown, also where and when she died.
It has been thought that she returned to England
with her son John and daughter Ursula. Henry
Adams died in Braintree, October 6, 1646, and was
buried October 8, in the graveyard in Quincy, Massa-

That Henry Adams came from Devonshire, Eng-
land, is generally believed from the inscription on
the monument erected by President John Adams at
his grave, viz.: "In memory of Henry Adams who
took flight from the Dragon persecution in Devon-
shire, England, and alighted with eight sons near
Mt. Wollaston. One of the sons returned to Eng-
land; and, after taking time to explore the country.
four removed to Medfield, and two to Chelmsford.
One only, Joseph, who lies here at his left hand, re-
mained here — an original proprietor of the town of
Braintree." The monument also commemorates
"the piety, humility, simplicity, frugality, industry
and perseverance" of the Adams ancestors.

President John Quincy Adams and the best anti-
quarians and genealogists of a later day disagree
with the statement on the monument as to the place
whence the family came. The royal ancestry given
for Henry Adams is also disputed and was for a
time discredited, but late research makes it probable
that the pedigree of Henry Adams, of Braintree,
back through the kings of England to Charlemange
may be established and verified. John Quincy Adams
fixed the English home of his progenitors as Brain-
tree in the county of Essex. It seems probable that
he was one of Hooker's company, which was re-
cruited in the vicinity of Chelmsford and Braintree,
England. They arrived in Boston in 1632. Henry
Adams' sons were active citizens of Ch Imsford in
England. Henry Adams learned the trade of malt-
ster. He was a yeoman.

The children of Henry Adams were: Lieutenant
Henry, born in England, 1604. married in Braintree,
November 17, 1643, Elizabeth Paine, daughter of
Muses Paine, representative to the general court,
lieutenant, town clerk, killed by Indians at his home
in Medfield, Massachusetts, February 21, 1676. Lieu-
tenant Thomas, born in England, 1612, married in
Braintree, 1642. Mary Blackmore (Blackmer), re-
moved to Chelmsford : lieutenant in 1682, selectman,
representative, town clerk, died in Chelmsford, July
20, 1688, aged seventy-six. Captain Samuel, born
in England, 1O17. married Rebecca Graves, who died
October 8, 1662-64: married (second). May 7. 1668,
Esther Sparhawk. daughter of Nathaniel Sparhaw k :
■she died November 4. 1745: settled at Chelmsford,
had saw mill, was representative and captain; died
January 24, 1688-89. Deacon Jonathan, born in Eng-
land. 1619, married Elizabeth Fussell. daughter, of

John; married (second) Mary : died 1690,

aged seventy-one years. Peter, born in England,

1622, married Rachel ; settled in Medfield,

1652 ; house burned by the Indians in 1676, as was
also that of his brother Jonathan; died about 1690.
John, born in England, about 1624. Joseph, born in
England, 1626, married in Braintree, November 26,
1650. Abigail Baxter, daughter of Gregory and Mar-
garet (Paddy) Baxter, of Boston: died there Au-
gust 27, 1692, aged fifty-eight; maltster, freeman.

1653, selectman, died in Braintree, December 6, 1694.
Ensign Edward, hern in England, 1630.

(II) Ensign Edward Adams, son of Henry
Adams (1), was born in England. 1630, and came to
New England about 1632 with his parents. He
married (first), 1O52, Lydia Rockwood, daughter
of Richard and Agnes (Bicknell ) Rockwood. She
dud March 3, 1676. He married (second) Widow
Abigail (Craft 1 Ruggles, of Roxbury, Massachu-
setts, (Tilden igail Daj of Dedham) who
died 1707. Pie married (third). January 6, 1709-
10, Sarah Taylor. He settled with bis three broth-
ers, Henry, Peter and Jonathan, in Medfield, Massa-
chusetts. He was ensign in the militia, selectman of
the town, representative in the general court in 1689-
92-1702. He died at Medfield, November 12, 1716,
"the last of the original settlers."

Children of Henry and Lydia (Rockwood)
Adams were : Lydia, born in Medfield, Massachu-
setts, July 12. 1653, married James Allen and Jo-
seph Daniel; died December 20. 1731. Captain Jon-
athan, born April 4, 1655, married Alary Ellis, daugh-
ter of Thomas and Mary (Wight) Ellis; married
(second) Mehitable Cheney, widow of James
.iey: died January 24. 1718. John, born February
: 8, J657. married (first) Deborah Partridge.

Eliashib, born February 18, 1658-59, married

Standish, a great-granddaughter of Captain Miles
Standish : settled Bristol, Rhode Island. Sarah,
born in Medfield, May 29, 1660, married, 1677, John
Turner, sun of John and Deborah Turner; she
died 1747. Lieutenant James, born January 4, 1661-

62, married, January 4, 1689, Mary ; settled

in Bristol, Rhode Island, died 1733. Henry, born
October 29, 1663, married, December 10. 1691, Pa-
tience Ellis, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Wight)
Ellis, (born February 22, 1668, died 1695) ; married
(second), 1697-98, in Providence, Rhode Island,
Ruth Ellis, sister of first wife; married (third) at
Canterbury. Connecticut, Mrs. Hannah Adams. Me-
hitable, born March 30, 1665, married, about 1689,
Josiah Faxon, of Braintree, son of Richard Faxon;
she died March I, 1753. Elisha, horn August 25,
1666, married. December 18, 1689. Mehitable Cary,
of Bristol, Rhode Island. Edward. Jr., born June
28, 1668, married. May 19, 1692, Elizabeth Walley,
daughter of Rev. Thomas Walley, of West Barn-
le, Massachusetts; -ettled in Bristol, Rhode
Island, and died there. Bethia, born April 12, 1670,
died 1072 Bethia, born August iS. 1672. died young.
Abigail, born June 25, 1675, died young. Miriam,
born February 26. 1676, died young.

(III) John Adams, son of Ensign Edward
Adams (2). was born in Medfield, Massachusetts,
February [8, 1057. He married (first) Deborah
Partridge, daughter of John and Magdalene (Bul-
lard) Partridge. She was born 1662 and died be-
fore 1695. He married (second) Susanna Breck
or Brick, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Hill)
Breck. She was born in Sherborn, Massachusetts,
May 10, 1667. John Adams settled on the paternal
homestead in Medfield and died there March I,
1751. Susanna, his wife, died May 28, 1744. Chil-
dren of John Adams were: Edward, born in that
part of Medfield set off as Medway, January 13,
1682; married (first), April II, 1706, Rachel San-
ders, of Braintree; married (second) Sarah Bracket;
settled at Milton. Massachusetts. John, Jr., born in
Medway, December 22, 1684, married Judith Bullen,
daughter of John and Judith (Fisher) Bullen; he
was a cordwainer. Daniel, born in Medway. January
12. 1686. married Sarah Sanford, daughter of Deacon
Thomas Sanford, of Mendon, Massachusetts ; he
died in Medway, September 12, 1772. Eleazer, born
September 22, 1687, see forward. Obadiah, born



January 20, 1689, married, April 24, 1716, Christian
Sanford, daughter of Deacon Thomas Sanford ; he
died November 22, 1765. Jonathan, born 1692, set-
tled on the paternal homestead in Medway. Thomas,
born February 11, 1695-96, married, October 26,
1720, Abigail Fisher, daughter of Jonathan and
Rachel (Fairbanks) Fisher; settled in Ashford, Con-
necticut, and Amherst, Massachusetts. Susanna,
born July 30, 1697, married Nelson Alexander, of
Killingly. Jeremiah, born July 13, 1699, married
Elizabeth Mclntire. Abraham, born August 1, 1701,
married Mary Cummings, of Oxford, Massachu-
setts (See sketch of Edward I. Comins for the Cum-
mings line.) Bethia, born June 2, 1702, married
Timothy Stearns of Framingham, Massachusetts.
Phineas, born May 19, 1705, married Sarah Kings-
bury, of Needham, Massachusetts, and (second)
Mehitable ; he died February 9, 1856. Han-
nah, born March 29, 1707, married, January I, 1730,
Timothy Ellis, (second) William Richardson.
Esther, born November 15, 1708.

(IV) Eleazer Adams, son of John and Deborah
(Partridge) Adams, was born at Medway, Massa-
chusetts, September 22, 1687. He married (first)

Margaret , who died January 13, 1769, and

(second) Lucy . He assisted in the incor-
poration of the town of West Medway in 1748, and
for eight years was selectman. He was a Baptist
and was sent to the Boston jail in 1753-54 for re-
fusing to pay the parish tax (used for the Congre-
gational church only). He died October 8, 1775,
aged eighty-eight years. His will was made July
3, 1775, and proved February 6, 1776. His children
by his wife Margaret, all born in Medway, Massa-
chusetts, were : Benjamin, born October 13, 1715 ;
Margaret, August 29, 1717, died June 8, 1736;
Eleazer, Jr., born in Medway, died young; Eleazer,
Jr., July 9, 1720, married Bat'hsheba Barber; he died
in Medway, September 15, 1775, resided in Holliston ;
Mary, October 7, 1722, married Jonathan Metcalf,
of Rutland; John, October 27, 1724; Lydia, Sep-
tember 19, 1727; Seth, May 6, 1730; Catherine, 1730;
Lois, May 25, 1732, married Ebenezer Allen.

(V) John Adams, son of Eleazer Adams (4),
was born in Medway, Massachusetts, October 27,
1724. He married (first), March 6, 1744, Silence
Clark; married (second) Zilpha Daniel, daughter
of Ezra and Martha (Death) Daniel. She was born
November 19, 1734. He settled at Brookfield, Massa-
chusetts, was a soldier in the revolution, returned
to Medway. Either he or John Adams (V), son of
Jeremiah Adams, was a soldier in the Colonial war
in 1756 from Brookfield. Children of John and
Silence (Clark) Adams were: John, born in Brook-
field, Massachusetts, March 29, 1746, married De-
borah Beals, of Medway, was in revolution ; Jude,
March 1, 1748, married Jemima Adams, of Spen-
cer; James, February 28, 1750; Joel, December 31,
1751, married Lydia Drury; was in revolution;
died October 9, 1821 ; Silence, August 5, 1753, mar-
ried John Flaherty; died in Vermont; Lydia, March

27, 1755, married Lackey; Susanna, April

17. 1757; Phinehas, July 18, 1760, married Patience
Pond, was in revolution; Elias. 1766, married Han-
nah Flagg, died February 23, 1842; Hezekiah, 1769,
married Rhoda Mann ; he died August 28, 1841 ;
Peggy, married Tomlin.

(VI) James Adams, son of John Adams (5),
was born in Brookfield, Massachusetts, February

28, 1750. He married Huldah Richardson or Grace
Guilford, and (second), April 26, 1791, Esther
Flagg, daughter of Samuel and Grace (Fisk)
Flagg, of Spencer, Massachusetts. She died August
27, 1837. Children of James Adams were: 1. Dan-
iel Emerson, born in Brookfield, Massachusetts,

February 24, 1772, married Tamar Converse, daugh-
ter of Luke Converse, of Spencer, Massachusetts ;
she died about 1823 ; he died about 1814. 2. Elihu,
born April 22, 1781, married Sally Lamb, born in
Charlton, August 31, 1852, died in Douglas, Feb-
ruary 22, 1865. 3. James, born in Brookfield, re-
sided in Sturbridge. 4. Huldah, married, March 21,
1802, Nathan Lamb, son of David Lamb ; he died
February 28, 1830; she died in Spencer. 5. Esther,
born in Brookfield, married Conant, of Oak-
ham, Massachusetts ; died in Spencer in 1856. 6.
Moses, born 1798, married. 1824, Catherine Hobbs,
daughter of Aaron Hobbs; he died in East Brook-
field, March 8, 1882. 7. Almira, born in Brookfield,
married Amos (or Eliot) Wheat, of Spencer, died
in Leicester. 8. Aaron, born November 4, 1804.

(VII) Aaron Adams, son of James Adams (6),
was born in Brookfield, Massachusetts, November

4, 1804, died in Leicester, Massachusetts, March 31,
1877. His will was proved April 14, 1877. He mar-
ried Julia Elder, born in Worcester, 1807. He was
a successful farmer in Leicester. He was first a
Whig in politics, later a Democrat. His children
were : 1. Caroline, born in Spencer, Massachusetts,
August 3, 1830, married (first), May 24, 1853, Jo-
seph Warren Russell, who died July 13, 1856 ; mar-
ried (second), September 5, 1861, Jonathan H.
Ames, of Peterboro, New Hampshire, deceased. 2.
John N., born in Spencer, January 11, 1832, mar-
ried Helen Colbert, who died September, 1891 ; he
died June 10, 1894; no children. 3. Julia A., born
in Leicester, December 26, 1833, married (first),
July 3, 1859, Otis Houghton; married (second), De-
cember 26, 1859, Ebenezer O. Scott ; she died March
9, 1864; has daughter Cora Houghton, married
Frank Rhue, lives in Spencer. 4. Aaron Augustus,
born in Leicester, February 19, 1836, died in Rebel
prison at Florence, North Carolina, after transfer
from Libby (starved to death) February 10, 1865.

5. George A., born in Oxford, Massachusetts, July
9, 1838, died February 7, 1900; married, 1877, Lena
Dawes, of Worcester. 6. Albert B., born in Auburn,
Massachusetts, January 1, 1841, married Ann Stock-
dale, of Leicester, resides at North Grafton. 7. Ed-
win N., born in Leicester, August 12, 1843. 8.
Francis W„ born in Leicester, March 14, 1846, died
1847. 9. Charles H., born in Leicester, December
13, 1S48, died unmarried May II, 1883. 10. Sereno
B., born in Leicester, March 9, 1851, married, June
5, 18S0, Hattie L. Steele, of Brookfield, died May

11, 1889; married (second), November 30, 1889,
Mary E. Conant, of Spencer ; resides in Brookfield,
Massachusetts, is a painter and paperhanger.

(VIII) Edwin N. Adams, son of Aaron Adams
(7), was born in Leicester, Massachusetts. August

12, 1843. He married, January 24, 1867, Emma C.
Smith, of Southbridge, "Massachusetts. Mr. Adams
attended school in his native town and worked
summers on his father's farm. At the age of twenty-
one he left home and went to work in a knife man-
ufacturing shop. He was measurer of lumber in saw
mills for fifteen years, also sworn surveyor of wood
and lumber for the town thirty years. He enlisted
in 1863 in Company A, Thirty-fourth Massachusetts
Volunteer Militia, and seTved about two years. He
is a Republican in politics and always interested in
town affairs. He was for twelve continuous years
an assessor of the town of Leicester, has been chair-
man of the board of health three years, and has
served the town as warden of elections twelve con-
tinuous years. He is a member of the Methodist
Episcopal church, and has held every office in church
during thirteen years of service. He is a member
of Post No. 131, Grand Army, Leicester.

His children are: I. Lulu Frances, born in Lei-




cester, February 28, 1868, married, December 24,
1893, Urban Phillips and has two children : Lucy
E. and Beatrice N. Phillips. 2. Bertha S., born in
Leicester, September 12, 1870, married Charles An-
drews and had one child, Ella B. Andrews. 3. Alice
Emma, born in Leicester, April 21, 1873, died April
18, 1906; married, June 10, 1894, Edwin W. Cheever
and had four children, three living are : Walter E.,
Ruth and Alice M. Cheever. 4. Wilfred N., born in
Leicester, August II, 1878, married Maud Swallow
and had three children, two living: Wilfred N.
and George F. Adams. 5- Norman G., born in Lei-
cester, May 10, 1886, was a student at Becker's
Business College, Worcester, is now bookkeeper for
Worcester Storage Company. 6. Robert S., born in
Leicester, November 24, 1890, is preparing to enter
a business college next year.

MANN FAMILY. Richard Mann (1), the im-
migrant ancestor of Oliver Lovejoy Mann, of Win-
chendon, Massachusetts, was born in England and
settled in Scituate, Massachusetts, before 1644, when
he was the owner of land there. He took the oath
of fidelity January 15, 1644. Richard Mann has
often been confounded with Richard More, who
came in the "Mayflower" in the family of Elder
Brewster, and many of the descendants of Richard
Mann, relying on the statement of the historian of
Scituate who was misled by the similarity of the
names when written, have claimed to have "May-
flower" ancestry. Richard Mann was a farmer. He
had a share in the Conihasset grant in 1646. He
was drowned by breaking through the ice while
crossing the pond near his house, February 16, 1655.
His widow, Rebecca Mann, married (second),
March, 1656-57, John Cowan, and they lived in the
Mann house until 1760. Cowan was killed at Re-
hoboth in the Indian fight, 1676. Rebecca had five
children by her second marriage. Children of Rich-
ard and Rebecca Mann were : Nathaniel, born Sep-
tember 23, 1646; Thomas, August 15, 1650, see for-
ward ; Richard, February 5, 1652, married Elizabeth
Sutton ; Josiah, December 10, 1654, probably died

(II) Thomas Mann, son of Richard Mann (1),
was born in Scituate, Massachusetts, August 15,
1650. He served on a coroner's jury, March 20,
1677. He was admitted a freeman, 1680. He set-
tled his father's estate in 1679. In 1703 Thomas pur-

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