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(1), born in Salisbury, Massachusetts, November 2,
1645, or January 2, 1645-6; married, September 23,
1668, Mary Colby, of Amesbury, at that town. She
was born September 19, 1647. He died 1712 at
Amesbury, where they resided and are buried. He
was a farmer and held various town offices. He
took the oath of allegiance and fidelity December
20, 1677, at Amesbury, before Major Robert Pike.
His estate was administered at Salem March 31,
1712. Children, born at Amesbury, were: 1. Will-
iam (see forward). 2. Philip, born August 12, 1672.
3. Charles, born January 31, 1674. 4. A child. 5.
Jacob, born March 13, 1687.

(III) William Sargent, son of William Sargent
(2), born at Amesbury, Massachusetts, April 19,
1669; married April 6, 1689, Mary Beedle, of Ames-
bury, born May 3T, 1666. He was a farmer and
held town offices in Amesbury. Children, all born
in Amesbury, were: 1. Judith, born June 7, 1693.
2. Huldah. born March I. 1695; married^ February
10. 1724. Edmund Joy. 3. Daniel, born April 17,
1697; married June 3, 1731, Judith Martin, of Ames-
bury (perhaps the Daniel who paid tax at Kingston,
New Hampshire. 1756). 4. William, born August

23. 1700. 5. Abigail, born May 23. 1701 ; married
John Griffin. 6. David, born April 10. 1703. 7.
Elizabeth, born January 18. 1705: married Joseph
Davis. 8. Mehitable. born March 18. 1709: married
Theophilus Grenfield. 9. John, born March 28,
1712: married Sarah Thompson.

(IV) William Sargent, son of William Sargent
(3), born at Amesbury, Massachusetts, August 23,

1700; married Anna . He was a farmer. He

resided at Amesbury. and his children were borri
there. There was a William Sargent at Kingston,
New Hampshire, in 1758. . There was a tract of land
granted to William Sargent, at Mendon, Massachu-
setts. February, 1719, as one of the proprietors, and
in 1718 the town voted William Sargent land, if
he did certain work there, but there is no further
record of those lots of land or of William Sargent
in either town. The children of William and Anna
Sargent were: 1. Richard (see forward). 2.
Rachel, born January 23, 1739. 3. Anna, born Janu-
ary 14. 1741. 4. Hannah, born June 19, 1749. 5.
Patience, born May 7, 1754-

(V) Richard Sargent, son of William Sargent
(4), was born March 28, 1737. After his birth
there is no further record of Richard Sargent at
Amesbury. He seems to have been in Kingston,
New Hampshire, for a short time, and perhaps on
his father's land at Mendon. Massachusetts. He
probably settled at Bolton, near Lancaster. The
Lancaster records show that he died October 14,



1807, and he is buried at Bolton. His wife, accord-
ing to the Mendon records, was Lydia Bois or
Boyce. The children of Richard Sargent were: 1.

Lydia, married (first) Franklin; (second)

Gates. 2. .Mary, married Wheeler. 3.

Mehitable, married John Goldthwait. 4. Abigail,
born November 2S, 1770; married William Frye ;
had ten children. 5. Stephen, born 1774; married
Mary Temple. 6. Ebenezer, born December 31,

l 777 J married (first) Darling; second Polly

Ball, of Bolton; he died 1861, in Blackstone, Massa-
chusetts. 7. Patience. 8. Richard, Jr., married Han-
nah Harkness, of Smithrield (intentions tiled at Men-
don June 30, 1792), resided in New York and
West. 9. Thankful. 10. Rebecca.

(VI) Stephen Sargent, son of Richard Sargent
(5), born in Lancaster, 1774; married, 1801, (in-
tentions February 6) Mary Temple, of Boylston,
born June 17, 1780, died May 4, 1858. He died 1855.
He was a farmer and also the proprietor of a saw
mill and grist mill where the Lancaster mills are
now located. The old home in which he lived is
still standing in its original state. It is the first
house on the left across the bridge as one goes from
Worcester to Clinton. Sargent had a flat-bottom
boat in the Nashua river at this point, and ran a
ferry for the accommodation of the public. When
one wanted to cross he blew the horn, provided for
the purpose, to call the ferryman. The fare was
two cents a trip per passenger.

Some of the children are recorded at Lancaster,
differing slightly from those given in the Geneal-
ogy, which are presumably from Bolton and family
records. The children of Stephen and Mary (Tem-
ple) were: 1. Mary, born December 18, 1801. 2.
Stephen, born June 24, 1803; died October 29, 1804.
3. Sophia, born October 10, 1805. 4. Seth, born
October 7, 1807; died 181 5. 5. Merrick, born May
27, 1810; died 1883. 6. Luther, born November 5,
1812. 7. Elisha, (see forward). 8. Willard, born
December 25, 1816; died 1858. 9. Curtis, born Oc-
tober 12 (?). 1819; died 1853. 10. Emory, born
March 11, 182 1 ; died 1846. 11. Cordelia, born Sep-
tember 15, 1823; died 1896. 12. Lyman C, born
September 15, 1826.

(VII) Eliza Sargent, daughter of Stephen Sar-
gent (6), born in Bolton, Massachusetts. December

16, 1814; died in 1871 ; married John Windle, October

17. 1848. He was born in 1808. (See sketch of J.
F.. Windle in this work.)

EDWARD T. PIERCE. John Pierce (1).
weaver, born in Norwich, England, 1588, was the
emigrant ancestor of Edward T. Pierce, of Leo-
minster. He came to Boston, 1637. He settled at
Watertown where he became a freeman March 16,
1637-8. He died there August 19, 1661. mentioning
his wife and children in his will dated March 4.
1657-8. His wife Elizabeth was born about 1587,
died at Watertown, March 12, 1666, leaving a will
which names her children. Their children were:
John, born in England ; Barbara, born in England ;

Judith, born in England ; Elizabeth, married

Ball, born in England ; Anthony, born in 1609 in

England ; Robert ; Esther, married Morse ;

Mary, married Coldham; Robert, probably

settled at Woburn ; and John, at Wethersfield, Con-

(II) Anthony Pierce, son of John Pierce (1),
born in England in 1609 and came to Watertown
apparently before his parents. He was made a free-
man of that town on September 3, 1634. He is the
ancestor of the Pierce families of Watertown, Wal-
tham, Weston, Lincoln and Lexington, Massachu-
setts. The homestead was on the north side of the

road from Watertown to Cambridge, west of the
house of John Stowers. which was afterwards the
parsonage, occupied by Rev. .Mr. Angier. The home-
stead passed to his sons Joseph and Benjamin who
lived there. Anthony Pierce married (first) Sarah

, (second) about 1638, Anne . lie died

May 9, i07cS, his will being dated September 6,
1671. His widow died January 20, 1682-3. Their
children were : John, married Ruth Bishop, daugh-
ter of Nathaniel Bishop ; his widow married Will-
iam Fuller; Mary, born October 20, 1633; Mary,
born 1636, married Ralph Read, who was born in
1632, son of William and Mabel (Reed) Read, of
Woburn; Jacob, born September 15, 1637, living in
1683; Daniel, born January 1, 1639-40; Martha,
born April 24, 1641 ; Joseph, made freeman April
18, 1690; Benjamin, born 1649, made freeman April
18, 1690; Judith, born July 18, 1650, married, Feb-
ruary, 1666-7, John Sawin.

(III) Daniel Pierce, son of Anthony Pierce (2),
was born January 1, 1639-40, at Watertown, Massa-
chusetts. He married Elizabeth in 1642 and

settled at Groton, Massachusetts, where they had
five children. Later he returned to Watertown and
settled in 1681. He joined the Watertown Church,
January 15, 1686-7 and his wife and three children
were baptized on the same day. Their children
were: Elizabeth, born in Groton, Massachusetts,
May 16, 1665, married in Watertown, October 17,
1681, Isaac Mixer, Jr. ; her will is dated February
12. 1736-7; Daniel, born at Groton, November 2S,
1666, by wife Abigail he had in Groton John, born
February 18, 1698, and Isaac, born February 22,
1701 ; John, born at Groton, August 18. 1668, bap-
tized at Watertown, January 16, 1686-7; Ephraim,
born at Groton, October 15, 1673; Josiah, born at
Groton, May 2, 1675; Joseph, mentioned in the
will of his sister Elizabeth ; Abigail, born at Water-
town, January 3, 1681-2; Hannah, baptized at Wa-
tertown, January 16, 1686-7; Benjamin, baptized at
Watertown, January 16, 1686-7.

(IV) Ephraim Pierce, son of Daniel Pierce (3),
was born in Groton, October 15, 1673, died in the
same town February 27, 1741. He married Mary

, who died December 29, 1749. Their graves

in the old burying ground at Groton are marked
with stones. He was a farmer and resided at Gro-
ton. Their children were : Mary, born August 9,
1696, married in Groton, Massachusetts, 1719-20,
Josiah Farnsworth, of Groton, and had ten chil-
dren; Elizabeth, born July 24, 1698, married in
Groton, December 24, 1723, Thomas Farwell, of
Groton; Ephraim, born March 12, 1700, died young;
Sarah, born May 8, 1702, married, October 27, 1720,
Jonathan Parker, of Groton ; both died September
21, 1723; David, born May 2^, 1704, married at
Groton, June 15, 1725, Elizabeth Bowers, had seven
children, resided at Lunenberg; Jonathan, born April
15, 1706, died September 2j, 1723; Ephraim, born
October 15, 1707; Abigail, born November 1, 1710;
Lydia, born November 20, 1713, died September 24,


(V) Ephraim Pierce, son of Ephraim Pierce
(4), was born in Groton, October 15, 1707. He

married Esther , who died June 28, 1768. He

was selectman of Lunenburg, whither he moved
about 1720.. He drew land May 11, 1720. Their
children were: Esther, born May 29, 1722, married,
October 17, 1739, Benjamin Gould; Jonathan, born
November 27, 1724, married, February 4, 1745-6,
Sarah Dodge; Ephraim, born March 13, 1726-7, mar-
ried, January 3, 1760 Sarah Norcross, had seven
children; Amos, born July 8, 1729. died January 11,
1 741-2; Sarah, born November 28, 1731, married,
January 25, 1749, John Lovejoy; Mary, born March



5i 1/33-4- married, November 28, 1/54, Pliineas
Hartwell; Benjamin, born June 3, 1736, died Decem-
ber 23, 1757; Prudence, born February 6, 1738-9,
married, September 0, 1702. Reuben Smith; Oliver,
born July 17. 1741. married. May 19, 1/68, Alary
Smith, had seven children; Keziah born December
4, 1743. married, December 3, 1772, Ephraim Wether-
bee; Elizabeth, born March 25. 1748, married, No-
vember 18, 1766, Jacob Steward, of Fitchburg,

(VI) Jonathan Pierce, son of Ephraim Pierce
(5), was born at Lunenburg, Massachusetts, Novem-
ber 27, 1724. He married at Lunenburg, February
4, 1745-0, Sarah Dodge. They resided at Lunen-
burg and raised a family of twelve on the old
farm. The children were : Jonathan, born Octo-
ber 27, 1747, married Sarah Chaplin, January 5,
1769; Sarah, April 13, 1750, married, February 6,
1770, David Beanian ; Esther February 5, 1752;
Prudence, November 14, 1753; Mary, May 21, 1756;
Tabitha, March 28, 1758; Benjamin, March 8, 1760;
Josiah, October 28, 1761 ; Susannah, December 30,
1703 ; Abraham. December 20, 1767, married, Jan-
uary' 1, 1789, Timothy Fessendon ; Nahum, May 4,

i\II) Josiah Pierce, son of Jonathan Pierce
(6), was born at Lunenburg, Massachusetts, -Octo-
ber 28, 1761. Among his children, all born at
Lunenburg, was Albert. He attended the public
schools of the town and took up farming for his
occupation, and lived on the old homestead at Lunen-
burg. He carried on the farm until age compelled
bun to retire.

(VIII) Albert Pierce, son of Josiah Pierce (7),
was born at Lunenburg, Massachusetts, on the old
homestead. He was educated in the Lunenburg
public schools. He assisted on the farm when a
young man and learned the trade of furniture mak-
ing. He moved to Leominster where there are ex-
tensive factories manufacturing furniture and in
that town he followed his trade until his death. He
held several town offices in Leominster. He was
a Republican in politics and always interested in
town matters. He married Ada Cowdrey, of Lunen-
burg. Their children were : Clara, deceased ;
Charles, deceased ; Edward T., born November 12,

(IX) Edward T. Pierce, son of Albert Pierce
(8), was born in Leominster, Massachusetts, No-
vember 12, 1856. He was educated in the public
schools of Leominster. After leaving school he
spent two years in Boston, where he learned the
jewelry business. He returned to Leominster and
assisted bis father until 1876, when he accepted an
appointment at the Centennial Exposition at Phila-
delphia. At the close of the big fair he returned
to his native town and went into the business of
cabinet making in Leominster. Five years late"r he
retired from the manufacturing business and turned
to agriculture. He bought a farm at North Leo-
minster, containing sixty-three acres, and has been
a farmer for the past twenty years. He is a member
of the Leominster Lodge of Odd Fellows. He is a
Republican in politics. He and bis family attend
the Unitarian church at Leominster. He marritd
in 1883, Emma A. Page, daughter of John and
Caroline Fletcher Page, of North Leominster. They
have had two children : Albert E., born February,
1S84; Caroline A., September 25, 1890.

THE MERRIAM FAMILY is of ancient Eng-
lish origin. The name signifies "merry home," the
termination being an old English word for dwelling
or home, found in numerous names of villages, etc.,
in England.

(I) William Merriam, the ancestor of Samuel
Mernam, ol Leominster. Massachusetts, lived at
Hadlow, Kent county, England. He was a man of
some prominence and wealili, having real estate at
Hadlow, Uooanurst, \ aiding, and Xudeley, all vil-
lages near lunbridge, Kent. His will was dated
Septembtr 8, 1035, and proved November 27, 1035.
it mentions his children, and grandchildren named
Howe; granddaughter Mary, daughter of his son
George; and granddaughter Sarah. He lived and
died in England. His children : Susan, Margaret,

Joane, Sarah, a daughter, married Howe;

Joseph, of whom later; George, settled in Concord,
Massachusetts; (See Mernam family of Fitchburg).
Robert, settled in Charlestown, Massachusetts, 1038.

(.ll) Joseph Merriam, son of William Merriam
(1), was born in Hadlow, Kent county, England,
about 1000. He came to America and made his
home in Concord and Lexington, Massachusetts. He
was admitted a freeman March 14, 163S-9, shortly
after he came. He was in England early in 1638
and probably sailed in the ship "Castle' in April,
1638, as he was one of the "undertakers ' — stock-
holders in the enterprise. He is the ancestor of all
of the Merriam name descended from colonial stock.

He married in England Sarah , and bad three

sons and three daughters. He died January 1.
1640-1. His will was proved October 26, 1042. His
widow was given the whole estate for the bringing
up of the children "until they are all of age when
she is to have a third'' of the remainder, i he chil-
dren of Joseph and Sarah Merriam were: Joseph,

Jr., of whom later; William, married Sarah ;

John, born July 9, 1639, married Mary Cooper;
Sarah, married, October 14. 1658, William Hall;

, married John Buss; Elizabeth, married

Thomas Henchman, of Charlestown.

(III) Joseph Merriam, Jr., son of Joseph Mer-
riam (2), was born in Kent county, England, 1630,
and came with his parents to New England in 1O38.
He lived in Cambridge. He was admitted a free-
man May 22, 1650. He died April 20, 1677, aged
47 years, and his tombstone is the oldest in the
Cambridge graveyard. His widow went to live
with her daughter at Lexington, where she died
April 5, 1704, thirty years after her husband.

He married, July 12. 1653. Sarah Stone, daugh-
ter of Deacon Gregory Stone, of Cambridge, one of
the first settlers, coming in 1635 ; deputy to the
general court; died November 3, 1672, agM eighty-
two years. The children of Joseph and Sarah Mer-
riam were: Sarah, born August, 2, 1654, married
Samuel Fletcher ; Lydia, born August 3, 1050, died
1690; Joseph, born May 25, 1658, died May 31,
1727; Elizabeth, born May 20, ib6o, married Isaac
Wood; John, born May 30, 1662, of whom later;
Alary, born June 4, 1664, married Isaac Stearns;
Robert born December 17, 1667, died February II,
1717; Thomas, born 1672, married Mary Hayward;
Ruth, David, died 1744; Jonas.

(IV) John Merriam, son of Joseph Merriam
(3), was born at Concord, Massachusetts, May 30,
1002, and died May 21, 1727. About the time of
his marriage he removed from Concord to Cam-
bridge Farms, now Lexington. He was a subscriber
to the meeting-house there in 1692, an original mem-
ber of the church, was its first deacon and became
one of the most prominent men of the (Lexington)
parish. He was an assessor under the parish organi-
zation, and when the precinct became a separate town
he was elected selectman and served many years.
His homestead was in the southwest part of the

He married, 1688, Mary Wheeler, who died De-
cembtr 20, 1 / 47, aged seventy-five years. Their



children were: Mary, born February 6, 1689; Ben-
jamin, born at Lexington, baptized January 6, 1701,
married Mary Preston ; John, Jonas, baptized Jan-
uary 12, 1704, of whom later ; Ebenezer, born at
Lexington, March 4, 1706, married Esther Gleason,
of Oxford; Joshua, baptized February 22, 1708,
married, November 12, 1733, Susannah Gleason, of
Oxford; William, born September, 1712, died June
21, 1735; Amos, baptized July 25, 1715, married
Hannah Danforth.

(V) Jonas Merriam, son of John Marriam (4),
was born in Lexington, Massachusetts, and bap-
tized January 12, 1704. He lived in Lexington and
his wife and he were admitted to the church* July
1, 1729. He held several town offices and was
town treasurer in 1747.

He married (first), October 17, 1728, Abigail
Locke, daughter of Deacon William Locke, Jr.
She was the granddaughter of William Locke, who
came over at the age of six years with his rela-
tive, Nicholas Davis, in 1634, an d died June 16,
1720. Mrs. Merriam died December, 1755. Jonas
married (second), June 22, 1758, Sarah Winship.
He died July 23, 1776. The children of Jonas and
Abigail Merriam were : Jonas, Jr., born July r8,
1729, at Lexington (now Lincoln), graduate of
Harvard (A. M. 1757) ; minister at Newton, Massa-
chusetts, ordained 1758, distinguished man; died Au-
gust 3, 1780, aged fifty; William, baptized December
1 7, 173 2 ', Abraham, of whom later; Silas, born
March 5, 1737, was a prominent physician ; James,
born April 10, 1739; Abigail, born June II, 1741 ;
Eunice, born June 29, 1742, died before 1746; Eben-
ezer, born November 2, 1745, died December 11,


(VI) Abraham Merriam, son of Jonas Mer-
riam (5), was born at Lexington, Massachusetts,
December 23, 1734. He and his family lived it
Lexington some years, then at Woburn and finally
settled in Mason, New Hampshire, in 1780, during
the revolution. He resided at the corner where
the main road turns to Wilton. He died in Mason,
November 26, 1797. He was a revolutionary soldier
in 1776 in the Eighth Company, Colonel Thomas
Nixon's regiment, of Massachusetts. His son Abra-
ham was in the Continental army.

He married, April 22, 1756, Sarali Simonds.
Their children were: Abiah, baptized May 29, 1757.
Abraham, Jr., born 1758, died January 18, 1806,
aged forty-eight years; married (first) Hannah
— , (second) Mary Lawrence; Silas, born Feb-
ruary 2, 1762, married Mary ; Sarah, born at

Woburn, October 10, 1766; Jonas, born at Woburn,
July 31, 1769; Abigail, born at Woburn, May 13,
1771 ; Ezra, born June 15, 1760, of whom later.

(VII) Ezra Merriam, son of Abraham Merriam
(6), was born June 15, 1760, at Woburn, Massa-
chusetts. He moved with his parents to Mason,
New Hampshire, just before he came of age, or
shortly after his parents. He died June 21, 1827,
aged sixty-seven years. His farm at Mason was in
the south part of the town near Pratt's pond, and
later he succeeded to his father's homestead. The
children of Ezra and Susanna Merriam were:
Susanna, born at Mason, August 16, 1786, died Sep-
tember 9, 1798; Ezra, Jr., born May i", 1788; Jo-
siah, born April 19, 1790; Zadock, born April 10.
1792; Samuel, born March 31, 1794; Sally, born
November 5, 1796, died June 6, 1799; Nabby, born
December 28, 1798; Benjamin, born May 13, 1701 ;
Susanna, born April 3, 1703; Patty, born May 5,


(VIII) Ezra Merriam, Jr., son of Ezra Mer-
riam (7), was born at Mason, New Hampshire,
May 17, 1788. He was a farmer and a soldier 111

the war of 1812. He married Sarah Scripture, of
Mason, and their children were : Moses, Melissa,
Elliott, Milton, Martha, Samuel, of whom later.

(IX) Deacon Samuel Merriam, son of Ezra
Merriam (8), was born in Mason, New Hampshire,
July 29, 1818, and received his early education in
the public schools of that town. At the age of
seventeen he was apprenticed to the firm of Scrip-
ture & Ames, tinsmiths and dealers in stoves and
heaters. He remained with the firm his full time
and when he came of age began to work as a jour-
neyman, first at Woonstock, Rhode Island, and then
at Nashua, New Hampshire. Mr. Merriam went
into business first in West Boylston, Massachusetts,
in the spring of 1844, but as the business failed to
meet his expectations, he sold it in the fall of the
same year and removed to Worcester, where he
began business with P. D. Russell. He remained
there until 1850, when he removed to Fisherville,
now Penacook, a suburb of Concord, New Hamp-
shire. There he entered into business relations with
H. H. Amsden. In 1853 with Mr. Amsden and B.
F. Caldwell he formed the firm of Caldwell, Ams-
den & Company and began the manufacture of pine
furniture at Concord.

In the spring of 1861 Mr. Merriam removed to
Leominster, Massachusetts, and in partnership with
George Hall, of Nashua, New Hampshire, bought
the water privilege at North Leominster now owned
and occupied by the firm of Merriam, Hall & Co.
for many years. At that time there was a dam
on the property and the ruins of an old paper mill.
The new concern, Merriam, Hall & Co., at once
erected buildings and began to manufacture bed-
room furniture. The business thus established has
been continued to the present time under the same
name. After the death of Mr. Merriam it was car-
ried on by his partner and son. Mr. Merriam took
an active and useful part in the conduct of the
business until a few years before his death, when
failing health compelled him to relinquish some of
his duties and responsibilities. He died December
30, 1880. In the business world he earned a reputa-
tion for square dealing and ability. He was one of
the most prominent and influential business men of
Leomnister for many years.

He was active in public affairs. In politics he
was a Republican and always interested in the
party organization and prosperity. He served the
city of Concord, New Hampshire, in the common
council and board of aldermen. In 1863 and 1864
he was a member of the state legislature of New
Hampshire. In Leominster Mr. Merriam also took
a prominent part in public affairs. He served the
town as selectman and at the time of his death was
chairman of the board. He was director of the
First National Bank of Leominster. He was a
member of the Free Mason order. He was an
active member of the Central Baptist Church, one of
its deacons and for many years the superintendent
of its Sunday school. In all ways Mr. Merriam
was helpful in the work of the church and influential
in its councils. He was greatly interested in the
Baptist Vineyard Association and worked wisely
for the development of its property and the success
of that religious movement. He was simple, sincere
and free from bigotry. Men of all faiths united in
their respect for his high character and practical

He married, April 15, 1844, Sybil A. Preston,
daughter of Jeremiah and Anna (Proctor) Pres-
ton, of New Ipswich, New Hampshire. She was
born in New Ipswich, New Hampshire, in 1820. The
children of Samuel and Sybil A. Merriam were:
Jennie, died in infancy; Edward Preston, graduated



at Harvard University (A. B. 1877), and died sud-
denly at Cottage City, Massachusetts, August 15,
1885. Mrs. Merriam resides at the homestead in
North Leominster. She built the First Baptist
Church of Leominster, Massachusetts, as a memo-
riam to her husband and son.

ALBA J. MARSHALL. John Marshall, immi-
grant ancestor of Alba J. Marshall, of Southbor-
ough, Massachusetts, was born in England, in 1621,
sailing for America, September, 1635, in the ship
"Hopewell." Christopher Marshall, of Boston, his
brother, returned to England after staying a few
years in New England. John was in the employ of
Edward Hutchinson at first and was admitted an
inhabitant of Boston, February 24, 1639-40. He be-
came a proprietor of the town. John Marshall was
descended from John Marshall, of Southark, Eng-

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