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December 29, 1701, daughter of Joseph and Eliza-
beth (Andrews) Joy. Children of Joshua and Abi-
gail were: Abigail, Joshua, see forward; Eliza-
beth, Elisha, Nathaniel, Abigail 2d, and Sarah.

Joshua Bates (V) was born in Hingham, De-
cember 1, 1724, died June 8, 1816, in his ninety-
second years. He married (first) Grace Lincoln,
daughter of Elisha and Sarah (Lewis) Lincoln,
and (second), October 13, 1782, Mrs. Hannah Pyn-
chon. Children of Joshua and Grace were : Levi,
Ambrose, Sarah, Grace, Zealous, see forward ; Zib-
rah, Ambrose 2d, Abigail, Theophilus and Phineas.
Children of Joshua and Hannah : Abner, Enos,
Grace and Joshua.

Zealous Bates (VI), son of Joshua and Grace
(Lincoln) Bates, was born in Hingham, March 1,
1754. He resided in the part of Hingham set off
as the town of Cohasset in 1770. He married, Au-
gust 20, 1775, Abigail Nichols, mentioned above,
born in Hingham. January 22, 1757, daughter of
Daniel and Abigail (Beal) Nichols. She was de-
scended from the immigrant Thomas Nichols, of

Children of Otis and Abigail (Bates) Brigham
were : Henrietta Amarinthia, born April 5. 1820,
at Westborough, married Samuel M. Griggs ; George
Otis, born November 9, 1821 ; Sereno LeRoy, born
April 9, 1824; Ivers Jewett, born October 31, 1826,
died August II, 1847; Joshua Bates, born September
28, 1828, resided at Boston. Children of Otis and
Adeline were: Abigail Adeline, born March 21,
1833, was a teacher in the public schools ; Lucy
Harrington, born June I, 1834, the only survivor
of the family, was for many years a teacher in the
Westborough public schools; Ann Frances, born
December 13, 1835, died February 9, 1843 '■ Mary
Jane, born November 2r, 1837, died February 9,
1843, within an hour of the death of her sister of
scarlet fever, and both were placed in the same
coffin : Daniel Edward, born December 22, 1840,
died December 30, 1840.

CHARLES F. MERRIAM. Joseph Merriam
(1) was the emigrant ancestor of the late Charles
F. Merriam. of Westminster and Leominster. Jo-
seph Merriam with his brothers Robert and George
came from Hadlow, Kent county, England, where
their father William resided. They settled in Con-
cord. Massachusetts, in 1638. Joseph arrived at
Charlestown in July, 1638. and was listed for the
voyage as an "undertaker."

George Merriam had one son and his line of
male descent became extinct with the death of his
great-grandson, Robert, who was town clerk and
representative, left no issue. So the Merriams of
this generation belonging to this family are descended
from Joseph. He was made a freeman at Concord,
March 14. 1639. died January I, 1641. His widow
married (second) Joseph Wheeler, of Concord,
died March T2, 1671.

The children of Joseph and Sarah Merriam
were: William, Sarah, married Thomas Wheeler,
of Concord, died before 1681 : he died June 12,
1692: Joseph, born 1629: Elizabeth, married Thomas
Henchman, of Chelmsford and Charlestown. died
1705: he died 1703: John, born at Concord, July 9,
1641 (posthumous).



(II) Joseph Merriam, son of Joseph Merriam
(1), was born in England. 1629, lived at Concord
and Cambridge, Massachusetts (probably over the
Cambridge line in Lexington). He took the free-
man's oath May 22, 1650. He married at Concord,
July 12, 1653, "Sarah Stone, daughter of Gregory
Stone, of Cambridge. Joseph died at Concord, April
20, 1677; his wife died at Lexington, April 5, 1704.
Their children were: Sarah, born at Concord, Au-
gust 7, 1654, married, June 14, 1688, Eleazer Ball,
of Concord, who died November 15, 1698; she mar-
ried (second), June 7, 1699, Samuel Fletcher, of
Chelmsford; she died April 29. 1703; Lydia. born
August 3. 1656, died December 16, 1690; Joseph,
born at Cambridge, May 25, 1658; Elizabeth, born
May 20. 1660, married Isaac Wood ; John, born at
Cambridge, August 30. 1662 ; Mary, born June 14,
1664, marf-ied Isaac Stearns ; Robert, born Decem-
ber 17, 1667; Ruth, married, December 3, 1690,
Nathaniel Stow, of Concord, died July 14, 1718;
Thomas, born 1672; David, died 1744, at Townsend,

(III) Thomas Merriam, son of Joseph Merriam
(2), was born at Concord, Massachusetts, 1672.
He married, December 23, 1696, Mary Haywood,
of Concord. She was dismissed from the Concord
church to Lexington in 1698. He was constable
of Lexington in 1716. selectman in 1718-22-25. He
died August 16, 1738; she died September 29, 1756,
aged eighty-one years. Their children were :
Thomas, baptized April 21, 1700; Lydia, baptized
August 1, 1703, married Nathaniel Estabrook and
resided at Reading ; Nathaniel, baptized December
9. 1705, married Esther Muzzy, daughter of Ben-
jamin Muzzy: Simon, baptized November 28, 1708,
died February 8. 1747; David, baptized September
2, 1711, died December 15. 1743. in Townsend;
Isaac, baptized July II, 1714, married and had a
child ; died September, 1741.

(IV) Thomas Merriam, son of Thomas Mer-
riam (3). was born at Lexington. Massachusetts,
baptized April 21, 1700. He married Tabitha Stone.
He was admitted to the church August 2. 1721. She
died June 22, 1760; he died June 4. 1752. Their
children were; Samuel, born December 21, 1723,
married, June 4, 1752, Anna Whitney : Nathan, April
7. 1725, married Mary Hosmer, March 26, 1755 :
Mary, June 15, 1727, married David Whitney, of
Waltham. Massachusetts ; Hannah. August 7, 1729,
died February 14, 1730; Thomas, August 24, 1731,
married Sarah Wilder; Tabitha. May 10, 1733, mar-
ried Nathan Whitney, of Waltham, moved to West-
minster, had family ; Lydia. October 28, 1734, mar-
ried, March 27, 1755, Josiah Cutting, of Westmin-
ster, Massachusetts; Hepzibah, February 24, 1737,
died August 10, 1740; Elizabeth, July 27, 1738, mar-
ried, November 5, 1755, Moses Sawtell, of Con-
necticut; Eunice, June 30. 1740. died April 7, 1741.
The foregoing children were born at Lexington,
Massachusetts. Five of them located in Westmin-
ster, Massachusetts, and a sixth at Hubbardston,
and adjoining town.

(V) Thomas Merriam, son of Thomas Merriam
(4), was born in Lexington. Massachusetts, August
27, 1731. He removed to Westminster and in 1751
was in charge of and at work on lots 83 and 84,
now the homesteads of Olive M. Merriam and Otis
Flagg. of Westminster, then owned by Thomas
Merriam (IV), his father. The southwest portion
of these lots was sold to his brother-in-law, Nathan
Whitney, who had also lot 90, where the present
summer home of Edward A. and George C. Whit-
ney is located. He was a cordwainer (shoemaker)
as well as farmer, probably the first shoemaker of

Westminster. He married Sarah Wilder, daughter
of Joshua and Sarah (Keyes) Wilder, at Lancaster,
Massachusetts, November 24. 1702. She was born
at Princeton, said to be the first female child born
in the town. She died August 13, 1819, aged eighty
years; he died December 20, 1821. Their children
were: Sarah, born October 2, 1763, married Isaac
Puffer, resided at Leyden, New York, had children;
Jonas, November 21, 1765, married Anna Clark and
(second) Nabby Allen, resided in Westminster;
Tabitha, November 20, 1767, died September 19,
1769; Tabitha, February 22, 1770, died young; Asa,
May 8, 1772.

(Vi) Asa Merriam, son of Thomas Merriam
(51. was born at Westminster, Massachusetts, May
8, 1772. He married Lucinda Puffer, daughter of
Josiah and Mary Puffer, of Westminster, May 18,
1797, and settled on lot 83, town of Westminster,
now known as the Temple place, opposite W. J.
Black's house. He died February 8, 1836; she died
September 11, 1851. Their children were: Sally,
born March 18, 1798, married George Adams, re-
sided at Westminster ; died October 12, 1883 ; Asa,
July 7, 1799, married Sally Warren, resided at
Westminster and Hubbardston, had ten children,
died 1886; Thomas, July 23, 1801, married Betsey
Whitney, resided at Westminster ; Reed, October
1, 1803; Mary, January 13, 1807, married S. H.
Stearns, resided at Westminster, had one child,
died August 19, 1851 : Lucena. March 13, 1809,
married B. F. Murdock, resided at Westminster,
had one child, died January 2, 1840: Farwell, March
8, 181 1. died unmarried January 20. 1836; Betsey,
April 24, 1814, married J. Nelson Minott, resided
at Westminster, had one child, died February 8,

(VI I) Reed Merriam. son of Asa Merriam (6),
was born at Westminster, October 1, 1803. He
succeeded to his father's homestead and built for
his own use the house now occupied by Mr. Black.
He married (first) Susan Raymond, daughter of
Joseph, March 1, 1832; (second) Rebecca Maria
Minott. daughter of Joseph and Sally (Graves)
Minott, November 4, 1834. He was a nervous ex-
citable man, and his health gave way entirely some
time before his death, March 13, 1880. His wife
Susan died October 24. 1833. aged 34 years : Re-
becca died June 21. i860, aged fifty-one years. Their
children were : George Porter, born March 20,
1833, died August 27, 1845 ; a child died March 25,
1837 : Charles Farwell, born February 14, 1840.

(VIII) Charles Farwell Merriam, son of Reed
Merriam (7), was born at Westminster, Massachu-
setts, February 14. 1840. He was raised on the old
farm, attending the Westminster schools. He com-
pleted his education at Kimball Union Academy in
New Hampshire, where he studied surveying. He
practiced his profession for a time but preferred
farming. He was interested in town affairs and
served on the school committee. He was a staunch
Republican. He attended the Congregational church
and was a teacher in the Sunday school. He was
a kindly Christian gentleman, well beloved by those
who knew him. He married (first) Carrie A.
Boutelle, of Leominster, Massachusetts. November
22, 1862. She died July 10. 1863. He married
(second) Myra L. Wood, daughter of Timothy
Dwight and Emeline (Clark) Wood, October 27,
1868. Mr. Merriam removed to Leominster, Massa-
chusetts, where he died of consumption. August 10,
1871. at the age of thirty-three. He had no chil-
dren. Mrs. Myra L. Merriam. his widow, has a
pretty home at Leominster, where for many years
she has been engaged in teaching school.

I _-f .


(l), the immigrant ancestor of George W. Cogs-
well, of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, was born in
Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, England, in 1592. the
of Edward and Alice Cogswell, of an ancient
an,! V English lineage. He married in

England. September 10, 1615, Elizabeth Thompson,
daughter of Rev. William and Phillis Thompson,
Her father was vicar of the parish. They resided
at Westbury till 1035, when they settled in Ipswich,
Massachusetts. They came on the ill-fated ship
"Angel Gabriel," which was wrecked off the Maine
coast Augusl 15, 1635, the passengers of which were
washed ashore at Pemaquid, Maine. Mr. Cogswell
was the third settler in that part of Ipswich now
the town of Essex. He was admitted a freeman
March 3. [636. lie was a farmer in America, but
a woolen manufacturer in the old country, and the
English Cogswells at Westbury still own and oper-
ate woolen mills there, or did so until recently.
His descendants have been very prominent in Massa-
chusetts in every generation. Children: Daughter,
resided in .London: .Mary, married. 1649. Godfrey
Armitage; William, baptized March, 1619, see for-
ward; John, baptized July 25. 1622; Hannah, mar-
ried. 1652, Deacon Cornelius Waldo, ancestor of the
famous Worcester family of this name; Abigail,
married Thomas Clark; Edward, born 1629; Sarah,
married, 1663, Simon Tuttle ; Elizabeth, married,
July 31, 1657, Nathaniel Masterson.

1 II 1 William Cogswell, son of John Cogswell
(1), was born in England, 1619, at Westbury Leigh,
Wiltshire. He died December 15, 1700. He mar-
ried. 1649. Susanna Hawkes, born 1633, in Charles-
town. Massachusetts, daughter of Adam and Anne
(Hutchinson) Hawkes. They settled in Chebacco
(Essex). He was a leading citizen, often modera-
tor and selectman. He gave the land for the first
meeting house site. He died December 15, 1700.
His will is dated August 5, 1696. Children: Eliza-
beth, born 1650; Hester, born August 24, 1675, mar-
ried Samuel Bishop; Susanna, born January 5, 1657
(twin); Ann (twin), born January 5, 1657; Will-
iam, born December 4. 1659: Jonathan, born April
26. 1661 : Edmund, died May 15, 1680; John, born
Mav 12, 1665, see forward; Adam, born January
12, 1067; Sarah, born February 3, 1668.

(III) Lieutenant John Cogswell, son of William
Cogswell (2). was born in Chebacco, May 12. 1665,
died 1710. He married Hannah Goodhue, daughter
of Deacon William Goodhue. Jr., and wife. Hannah
(Dane") Goodhue. She was born July 4. 1673, died
December 25. 1742. married (second) Lieutenant
Thomas Perley. 1713. Children of John and Han-
nah Cogswell: Hannah, born March 27. 1693: Will-
iam, born September 24, 1694. see forward; Susan-
na, borh March 10, 1696; John, born December 2,
1000: Francis, born March 36. 1701: Elizabeth, mar-
ried, October 20, I7r7. Colonel Joseph Blaney;
Margaret, born January 19, 1707: Bethia. Joseph.

(IV) William Cogswell, son of John Cogswell
(3), was born September 24, 1694. at Chebacco,
Massachusetts, died February 19. 1762; He mar-
ried September 24, 171c), Mary Cogswell, daughter
hi Captain Jonathan Cogswell. She was born 1699
and died June ifi. 1734. He married (second),
March 13. 1735. Mrs Elizabeth (Wade) Appleton,
daughter of Captain Thomas Wade, widow of Ben-
jamin Appleton. She died December 13, 17X3 Will-
iam built the old Cogswell mansion which has re-
mained to the present day in the possession of
lineal descendants in the Cogswell family. The
children of William and Mary Cogswell : Ebenezer,
born June 13. T720; John, bom February 23. 1722 ;
Mary, born September 15, 1723; Jonathan, born May

9, 1723. see forward: Jacob, born Mav iS, 1727;
Lucy, born June 28, 1728; Sarah, born February 5,

1729: William, born May, 1731. Children of Will-
iam and Elizabeth : Hannah, baptized December 7,
1735- died young: Hannah, baptized June 7, 1737;
William, born March 5. 1740, died young; Susanna.

iorn April 19. 1741, died young; Samuel, born
March 15, 1742: Susanna, born July 9. 1743; Will-
iam, born May 31, 1745.

(V) Jonathan Cogswell, son of William Cogs-
well (4), was born at Chebacco, May 9, 1725, died
February 11, 1812. He married. March 16, 1748,
Mary Appleton, born March 25, 1729, died June
30, 1813, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth
(Wade) Appleton. They resided until his death
in the Cogswell home, built in 1732. He was dea-
con of the church at Chebacco thirty-two years.
Children: Nehemiah, born 1749; William, born
August 26, 1750. see forward : Jonathan, born Janu-
ary 4. 1754; Elizabeth, born June 7. 1756; Joseph,
born December 20, 1757; Benjamin, born June 27,
1759; Mary, born December 19. 1760. died August
22, 1784; married, June 24. 1784, David Choate,
father of Rufus Choate by his second wife; Han-
nah, born August 12, 1762; Benjamin, born Oc-
tober 17, 1764, died young; Benjamin, born August
15, 1766; Nathaniel, born May 17. 1768; Sarah, born
January 13, 1770: Aaron, born December 2^, 1771 ;
child, born October 12. 1773.

(VI) William Cogswell, son of Jonathan Cogs-
well (s), was born in Chebacco, August 26, 1750.
He married, August 18, 1781, Jemima Haskell, of
Gloucester. She was born July 7, 1755. They set-
tled in 1790 in Lunenburg. Massachusetts, where he
died April 24. 1806; she died July 16, 1838. Their
children: Sarah, born August 19, 1782, died August
10, 1S17; Mary, born October 27, 1784; William,
born September 4, 1786; Francis, born February 21,
1788; Clarissa, born February 24, 1789; Jonathan,
born May 13. 1792: Hannah, born April 13. 1795;
Seth. born February 21, 1798, see forward; Eliza-
beth, born April n, i8or.

(VII) Seth Cogswell, son of William Cogswell
(6), was born in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, Feb-
ruary 21. 1798. died March 27. 1877. He was edu-
cated there in the public schools. He followed
farming for his occupation, buying a place in Leo-
minster when a young man. He also followed the
trades of shoemaking and carpentering to some ex-
tent. He joined the Methodist Episcopal church
upon attaining his majority, and w-as a faithful
member the remainder of his life. He was made
a lay preacher and was active in the duties of that
office. He was a Republican in politics after that
party was organized. He was a highway surveyor
in Leominster some vers.

He married. October 10. 1832. Eliza Dalrymple,
born October 31, 1806. daughter of James and Azu-
bah Dalrymple, of Framingham, Massachusetts.
Their children : Francis R , born December 1, 1833,
conducts a sugar refinery in New Orleans, Louisi-
ana; married. September 12. 1S76. Emma Mitchofif;
James D., born October 26. 1835. married, Novem-
ber. 1 SS t . Francelia Lombard, of Westminster,
Massachusetts, and has one son; Annie Parmenter,
born December 16, 1838. died March 12. 1S41 ; Ange-
line E.. born February 1. 1842. resides in Leomin-
ster; George W.. born March 29, 1S44, see for-
ward : Martha C. born March 2. 1848, resides in

(Vfll) George W. Cogswell, son of Seth Cogs-
well (7), was born in Leominster. Massachusetts,
March 29. 1844. He was educated in the public
schools and learned the carpenter's trade, which he
followed for several years. In 1873 he settled in

en r// / /



Shrewsbury, where he devoted himself to farm-
ing and the wheelwright's business, purchasing the
property and business of Mrs. Whitney, after death
of Mr. Whitney. For more than thirty years he
has been prominently identified with both the busi-
ness and agricultural interests of the town. He
is active in public affairs, having served the town
1 six wars on the board of assessors. He i-
a Republican in politics. He is an active member
of the Shrewsbury Historical Society, of which he
was the treasurer from 1902 until the present time
1 10001. He is a member of Ridgley Lodge No. 112,
Odd Fellows. He 1- prominent in the Methodist
Episcopal church, of which he has been trustee
since 1886, treasurer of board of trustees since 1891,
and treasurer since 1883 of its Sunday school.

He married (first) Elizabeth G. Henshaw, born
December 24, 1845. daughter of Alvin and Cynthia
(Sawyer) Henshaw. of Shrewsbury. He married
1 second), July jo. 1X1)9. Sarah M. Wheelock, born
March 29, 1851, daughter of Luke M. and Roxanna
(Bartlett) Wheelock, of Shrewsbury. His only
child was : Walter Alvin, born September 5, 1873,
died December 15, 1875, aged two years, three
months, ten days.

ADDISON MACULLAR. Horace Macullar,
father of Addison Macullar, settled in Rutland,
Massachusetts, where his parents and other mem-
bers of the family had lived. He bought a farm in
Barre, May 15, 1812, of Silas Partridge, of Tolland,
Connecticut, and Phebe Partridge, of Barre. The
family came to Worcester county early in the eigh-
teenth century. Margaret McCullo married John
Parlin, of Concord, April 2, 1745. She was living
then with the McCullo or Macullar family at Rut-
land, Massachusetts. Horace Macullar married
Jane Kelley, October 14. 1814. She died May n,
1840. Their children, all born at Barre were: Mary
Jane. born October 19. 1815; Lyman Brooks, born
August 30, 1819. lived in Worcester, using the name
of Lyman Brooks, dropping Macullar; Joel Addi-
son, born December 19, 1822. generally' known as
Addison Macullar, the name he used in business;
Susan Kelley, born May 31, 1825 ; Martha A., born
September 1, 1829; Eliza R., born March 23, 1832;
Horace Henry, born December 7, 1834. died March
14, 1836; Charlotte Auguste. born April 11. 1837.

Addison Macullar, son of Horace Macullar. was
born in Barre. Massachusetts, December 19, 1822.
He was brought up in Barre and learned the
printers trade in the office of the old Barre Ga-
zette. He went to Worcester and worked for a
time for the firm of Luther & Frecland, clothiers,
and then returned to Barre, where he and John
Felton. who had been a compositor also in the
Gazette office, opened a retail clothing store in
Barre. His next venture was in Worcester, where
with George B. Williams, formerly with Luther &
Freeland, and Dr. Moules, brother-in-law of Mr.
Macullar. he started the firm of Macullar, Williams
& Co. Dr. Moules was a silent partner. At first
Mr. Williams retained his position as clerk in a
Boston clothing store, acting at the same time as
buyer for the Worcester store. Charles W. Parker,
who subsequently became a member of the firm,
was a fellow clerk of Mr. Macullar in Worcester.
The original firm of A. Macullar & Co. was or-
ganized in May, 1849, and two years later the name
became as stated above, Macullar, Williams & Co.
and the Boston store was opened in 1852 for the
manufacture and sale of clothing at wholesale at
Nos. 35 and 37 Ann street, now North street. The
Worcester business was continued, but the Boston

house soon lie, •'nie the important pari of (Ik- husi-

In 1854 the Bi ol> 11 -lore was to 47

Milk siren and in 1857 the firm occu] i old

A Coffei lior.se. then 158 Washington

ated nisi south of Mill In

[860 the store formerly occupied b\ G W.

Warren eV Co. at n,w Washington -tie-! was leased
and the firm name became Macullar, Williams &
Parker. Since 1X04 they have been at the present
location. 400 Washington street, Boston. The origi-
nal building was erected for them by the trustees
of the Sears estate. 1 See Sears Family in this
work). The building was burned in the great Bos-
ton fire, November 9. 1872. The building was re-
built and the firm removed from their temporary
quarters at t,^ Washington street to the new build-
ing in April, 1874. The original partners were in
business together 111 perfect harmony for more than
twenty-five years. Before the death of Mr. Macullar
several other partners had been taken into the firm:
Nathan D. Robinson. Ira B. Fenton, James L. Wes-
son and Hatherly Foster. The retail department
has been run since 1857. begun as an experiment
when they dared not extend credit and could not
find customers able to pay cash. Aided by liberal
advertising the experiment was a success from the
first, and the firm won the reputation that it has
since held as manufacturers of superior goods and
developed an enormous retail trade.

Mr. Macullar lived in Boston from 1855 to 1870,
and twenty-eight years in the present home in Wor-
cester. The Worcester business became his prop-
erty and was run by his son, Frank R. Macullar.
under the name of Macullar & Son at 372 Main
street. Older residents of Worcester will recall
the advertising of the Macullar firm on account of
its rhymes in which local hits abounded. Follow-
ing are some examples :

Let poets sing of sylvan grots.
And flowery groves, and rural cots,
I'll praise the vests, and pants and coats
Of Great Macullar.

* * *

Yes. pants he has of every hue.

The pure jet black and the black and blue.

And every style that's fresh and new.

And handsomer by far.

Than those you buy at slop-shop stalls.

And large supplies of overalls.

With suits throughout for parties. Balls

At the new Bazaar.

Macullar, Williams & Co. stores, No. 2 Piper
Block, 271 Main street and the old stand 172 Main
street, January 16, 1851.

After the dcalh of the original partners the
business of Macullar & Son was consolidated with
that of Parker, established in 1847 by Samuel
Parker. The incorporators of the new firm of
Macullar, Son & Parker Co., organized in 1900 with
a capital of $8,000 were: Herbert S. Parker, Will-
iam J. Schmidt and the Macullar heirs. The pres-
ent officers are Herbert S. Parker, president and
treasurer. Mr. Schmidt was one of the employees
in the Macullar shop. The concern is now located
at 425 Main street.

Addison Macullar married Martha M. Reed, a
native of New Hampshire, daughter of Cheney
Reed. Their children were: Charles A., born April
2 9. 1855, died January 16. 1873 : Frank R.. born
April 3. 1857, married Emma J. B. Burbank ; he
died August 13. 1900; she resides at 30 William
street. Worcester, and has one daughter. Margaret
B.,-bom July 18, 1890. Mrs. Addison Macullar re-
sides in the old home at 805 Main street. Cheney
Reed, father of Mrs. Addison Macullar. was born in



1789 in Oakham, a son of Silas Reed, who married
Elinor Hunter, of Oakham. He was born in Eng-
land. Cheney Reed was a farmer and merchant
and later in life a druggist. He was a soldier in the
civil war. He married Hannah Langmade, of Chi-
chester, New Hampshire, and was the father of
nine children, all born in New Hampshire : Curtis,
Sally Ellinor, died young; Sally, Ellinor, Andres,

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