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about 1678. He married (second), December 2,
1679, Clemence Mason, widow of Thomas Mason,
who died in Northampton in 1678, and they resided
in Northampton most of the time during the re-
mainder of his life. Her homestead was on the
east side of Pleasant street. Thomas Judd was one
of the selectmen of Northampton in 1682. The
youngest son Samuel came to Northampton and lived
with his father, took care of the widow after his
father died and she gave to him her estate.

Thomas Judd was a member of the church of
Hooker and Stone, both at Cambridge and Hart-
ford. He w : as one of the charter members of the
church at Farmington, October 13, 1652. His wife
joined the church, November, 1652. He was the
second deacon of the church. Deacon Judd died
November 12, 1688. His wife Clemence died No-
vember 22, 1696. He settled his estate by deeds and
left no will, the deeds being dated 1683-84-N5

He had nine children, viz.: Elizabeth, born 1633-
30. married Samuel Loomis; William, born 1633-36;
Thomas, born about 1638; John, born about 1640;
Be lamin. born about 1642; Mary, born about 1644,
married Thomas Loomis; Ruth, born about 1647,
baptized February 7, 1647, married the third John
Steele, of Farmington; Philip, horn 1649. baptized
September 2, 1649, see forward; Samuel, born about

(II) Philip Judd. son of Deacon Thomas Judd
(1), was born at Framingham, Connecticut, 1649,
and was baptized September 2. 1040. He settled at
Farmington and lived there until shortly before his



death, when he removed to Waterbury and died
there in 1689. The inventory of his estate shows
property at Farmington and Waterbury. His widow
was administratrix and seems to have married again.
"Ensign" Thomas Judd and Thomas Judd, "the
smith,'' were appointed administrators and to look
after the children. The children of Philip and
Hannah (Loonns) Judd were: Philip, baptized
March 13, 1081, lived in Bethel; Thomas, baptized
May 27, 1683 ; Hannah, baptized October 19, 1684,
Jived at Bethel, and in Danbury; William, baptized
July 3, 1087, lived at Waterbury and Danbury, mar-
ried Mary Gridley ; Benjamin, born 1690.

(.Ill) Benjamin Judd, son of Philip Judd (2),
was born in Farmington, Connecticut, 1090, baptized
May 4, 1690. He lived in Bethel and Danbury, Con-
necticut. Deacon E. Taylor thought he died after
1774, aged nearly ninety years. He had a wife
Sarah, after whose death he married again. He
and his wife Sarah and daughter Sarah were mem-
bers of the Bethel church, 1700. His children were:
Benjamin, lived in Bethel, married Susannah Knapp,
said to have moved to Winchester and died there
about 1796; Phinehas, see forward; Sarah, lived to
old age, Unmarried.

(IV) Phinehas Judd, son of Benjamin Judd
(3). was born in Bethel, Connecticut, and settled
there. He married Deborah Taylor. He was deacon
of the Bethel church. He died in 1777. His will

was proved April, 1777. The children of Phinehas
and Deborah Judd were: Daniel, born 1745; David,
born about 1749; Elihu, see forward; Mary, mar-
ried Timothy Benedict.

(V) Elihu Judd, son of Phinehas Judd (4),
was born in Bethel, Connecticut, about 1750. He
married Lois Dikeman, 1782, and he died in 1795.
His wife Lois and rive children are mentioned in
the will, dated December, 1794. The children of
Elihu and Lois Judd were : Daniel, born February
18, 1783, see forward; Mary Ann, born 1786, mar-
ried David Mallary, of Wilton, Connecticut, and
they had four children; Taylor, born 1789, of New-
ton, Connecticut; Reumah, born 1791, married Lewis
Fairchild, resided at Roxbury, Connecticut, had no
■children ; Elihu, married Orrelia Fairchild, re-
sided at Bethel and had thirteen children.

(VI) Daniel Judd, son of Elihu Judd (5), was
born at Bethel, Connecticut. He married Eunice
Fairchild, daughter of Zadok Fairchild, October 5,
1806. In 1821 he removed from Bethel to Rox-
bury, Connecticut, in Litchfield county. In 1856
we are told that he was at the head of a family
of eleven children, twenty-seven grandchildren and
one great-grandchild. The children of Daniel and
Eunice Judd were : Mary Ann, born July 20, 1807,
married William E. Beardsley, 1834 ; they resided
at Poughkeepsie, New York, and had eight chil-
dren. Hannah, born March 25, 1809, married, 1837,
J. Thomas Brunson ; resided at Roxbury, Connecti-
cut. Polly, born May 12, 1810, married Botchford
Fairchild, 1832; she married (second), 1838, Eli
Hughes, who died in Ohio in 1854; she had four

children. Elihu T., born January 4, 1812, married
Eliza Ann Rowe ; resided in Ohio and had three
children — Botchford, William and Julia. Zadok F.,
born November 11, 1813, married Julia Judd, daugh-
ter of Phinehas Judd, 1837 ; resided at Bethel. Ade-
line, born March 16. 1816, married Russel Peck,
lived in Ohio. Burtis, born December 21, 1817, see
forward. Louisa, born December 2. 1819, married
I. Hubbel Whitehead ; resided at Roxbury, Con-
necticut ; had five children. Lewis E., born July
10, 1822, married Esther Beardsley ; resides in Rox-
bury, Connecticut. Levi E., born July 10, 1822,
married Sarah Gregory; resided at Bethel. Rumah,

born February 18, 1826, married Orville Peet; re-
sided in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

(VII) Rev. Burtis Judd, son of Daniel Judd
(6), was born in Bethel, Connecticut, December 21,
181 7. His early education was acquired in the
public schools, and he subsequently pursued a the-
ological course preparatory to entering the ministry
of the Methodist Episcopal church. He began to
preach in 1847 and continued his ministry from
place to place after the Methodist custom. He
was settled in Westborough, Oxford, Fitchburg and
other Worcester county towns. He belonged to the
New England conference most of his life as a min-
ister of the gospel. He was a devout, scholarly
man, to whom the author of the Judd genealogy
owed much in the preparation of that work. He
retired from the ministry in 1877 on account of
physical disability and settled in South Framing-
ham, where during his last years he was engaged in
the real estate business. He died October 13,

He married, December 31, 1838, Rebecca A. Hal-
lock, born in New Milford, Connecticut, November
20, 1817, died in December, 1902. The children of
Rev. Burtis and Rebecca (Hallock) Judd were:
Ruth Orinda, born May 24, 1843, married Charles
Lewis Perry, of Marlborough, Massachusetts. Or-
ville Williams, born April 13, 1845, see forward;
Mary Eliza Shove, born September 28, 1848, mar-
ried James G. Whittemore; Burtis McKendree, born
July 14, 1850, died October 19, 1852; George Sher-
man, born July 18, 1852, died October 9 of the
same year; Samuel Coft'ran, born September 21,
1862, died October, 1862.

(VIII) Dr. Orville Williams Judd, son of Rev.
Burtis Judd (7), was born in Warren, Connecti-
cut, where his father was then located. When he
was two years old the family removed to Millville
and later to Phillipston, Massachusetts, where he
first attended school. He subsequently attended
the Somerville high school. He was educated for
his profession in Harvard Dental School, Boston.
He opened his office first in Fitchburg, Massachu-
setts, having later an office in Webster, Massachu-
setts. In 1873 ne located in Westborough, where
he has ever since resided and practiced his pro-
fession. He has achieved marked success in his
work and has a large and lucrative practice. In
politics Dr. Judd is a stanch Democrat of the old
school. He is a Free Mason, Marlboro Lodge, an
active member and senior warden of the Protestant
Episcopal church at Westborough.

He married, 1873, Abbie Frances Fiske, born
October 6, 1854, daughter of Sanford and Lucy Ann
(Tourtelotte) Fiske. Her father was a native of
Wales, Massachusetts, and her mother of Dudley,
Worcester county. Mrs. Judd has been on the
board of trustees of Westborough Public Library
since 1880. Dr. and Mrs. Judd have no children.

GLAZIER FAMILY. John Glazier (1), the im-
migrant ancestor of George Ezra Glazier, of Boyls-
ton, Massachusetts, was born probably in England,
in 1640. He was in Woburn, Massachusetts, as early
as 1603, and his name appears on the list of tax-
payers in 1666. He must have been a desirable
citizen, for twenty of the leading citizens of the
town "to encourage him to remain" contributed each
a portion of his land about to be divided. , Fourteen
gave an acre each, one gave two acres, and eight
a half acre each "to be deducted from their several
proportions of common lands about to be divided
and to be laid out at Wyman Bridge, some on each
side of the brook."

He married Elizabeth George, daughter of John



George, of Charlestown. He lived most of his life
in Woburn but died at Lancaster where his son
John settled, and the inventory of his estate is dated
October 29, 1688. The children of John and Eliza-
beth Glazier were: John, born 1603, died young;
Zachanah, April 20, 1666; Elizabeth, August 4,
1668; John, December 15, 1669, mentioned below;
Ruth, May 30, 1671 ; Samuel, July 5, 1672; George,
June 3, 167O.

(.11; John Glazier, son of John Glazier (1), was
born at Woburn, Massachusetts, December 15,
1669. He settled when a young man in Lancaster,
Massachusetts. A member of his family, probably
his daughter, Mary Glazier, was one of those cap-
tured by the savages in the Indian raid of September
22, 1697. Among others who were killed were :
Rev. Mr. Whiting; Ephraim Roper, wife and daugh-
ter; Jonathan Fairbank and Joseph Rugg.

John Glazier was one of the signers of the peti-
tion to the general court in the spring of 1703, from
some relief in matters of taxation. The names of
George and Joseph Glazier also appear on this list,
and were probably his brothers. All three resided
on the west side of the Panacook river, and in
1704 were listed in the Garrison at Sergeant Josiah
White's house. John Glazier signed the following
petition in 1708 : "We innabitants on the west part
of the town of Lancaster, being the extreme front,
and having subsisted Captain William Tyng's men,
are kept out of our money to our very great dam-
age. Some of us being poor, and under engagements
which cannot be answered for want hereof, which
exposes to the penalty of the law, we have none to
address ourselves but to your honors, and the
father of our Israel." Jabez Fairbanks, Joseph
Hutchins, John Glazier, John Prescot, Cyprian
Stevens, Josiah White, Nathaniel Sawyer, it is
comforting to know that the court made Tyng pay
his bills, November, 1709.

The lack of records at Lancaster at this period
makes it difficult to prove the names of his chil-
dren. If the following were not his sons, they were
nephews : William, married Martha, and resided
at Lancaster, 1729; Mary, captured by the Indians;
Benjamin, was of Lancaster; Isaiah, ancestor of the
Hardvvick branch ; John, mentioned below.

(.Hi; John Glazier, son of John Glazier (2),
was born about 1710, probably at Lancaster, Massa-
chusetts. He settled there, lived there all his life,
and died there July 5, 1753. He married Esther

, about 1733. Their children were: Lydia,

born September 2, 1735; Jacob, October 17, 1737;
John, March 8, 1739, mentioned below; Esther,
April 24, 1743; Elizabeth, November 20, 1749; Jonas,
June 19, 1703, died October 16, 1753.

(IV; John Glazier, son of John Glazier (3),
was born at Lancaster, Massachusetts, March 8,
1739. He resided at Lancaster, Westminster and
Boylston, Massachusetts. He was a soldier in the
revolution, sergeant in Captain Elisha Jackson's
company in 1775, and in Colonel Asa E. Whit-
comb's regiment. He was also in Captain Gideon
Parker's regiment, Colonel Moses Little's regiment
later in 1777. He appears to have removed from
Lancaster to Westminster about 1770, and to Boyls-
ton about 1777. He married Mary Brooks, widow,
of Bolton, (intentions dated September 20) 1760.
Their children, born at Lancaster, were : Jacob,
born August 3, 1761 ; Oliver, May 23, 1763; John,
1764, died 1855, married Rachel Hastings (in 1785),
eldest daughter of Stephen Hastings, and had ten
children. He removed to Northboro, was a car-
penter, and resided also in West Boylston ; Jonas,
January 13, 1766; Jason, July 14, 1767, mentioned

(V) Jason Glazier, son of John Glazier (4),
was born in Lancaster, Massachusetts, July 14, 1767,
and died after 1861. He was baptized in the Lan-
caster church, August 9, 1767. He settled in West
Boylston and resided many years on the premise:?
formerly of George Dana in the north part of the
town. He married Sarah Dinsmore, daughter of
John Dinsmore, and had several children. He mar-
ried (second) Polly Gerry, of Sterling.

(VI) John Glazier, son of Jason Glazier (5),
was born in 1800, on the homestead at West Boyls-
ton, and was educated in the public schools of that
town. His occupation was that of an auctioneer
and furniture dealer. He was an earnest member of
the Methodist Episcopal church. His children were :
Joseph, Charles, George, James, Ezra, Mary, and

(VII) Ezra A. Glazier, son of John Glazier (6),
was born in Salem, Massachusetts, July 30, 1824,
and died in Boylston, December 8, 1868. He was.
educated in the public schools of Salem, and fol-
lowed the seas for his occupation. He became a
sea captain. His first voyage as master was in
i860, when he carried dirt-cars to the Isthmus of
Panama used in the construction of the railroad
there. On this and subsequent voyages he was ac-
companied by his wife, and he remained a sea cap-
tain until ill health made him retire. He then set-
tled on the farm at Boylston where he spent the
rest of his days. The farm where he died is at
present owned by F. C. Hall, of Boylston. In
politics he was a Democrat. He served on the
school committee of Boylston. He was a member
of the Congregational church. He married Margaret
A. Butler, who was born July 8, 1827, at Lancaster,
Massachusetts, daughter of Joseph and Polly (Ma-
son) Butler. Their children: Walter H., bora
June 10, 1855; Charles A., June 5, 1858; George
Ezra, mentioned below ; Henry F., November 4,
1861 ; Sherman A., May 17, 1867.

(VIII) George Ezra Glazier, son of Ezra A.
Glazier (7), was born on the homestead at West
Boylston, Massachusetts, March 4, i860, and received
his education in the common schools of his native
town. He began life as a farm hand, working out
by the month. Then he established a milk route and
having made some money, sold out and removed to
North Dakota in 1887, with the expectation of
making his home in the west. He worked in a
general store six months, then determined to return
to Massachusetts. In 1889 he purchased a lot of
land and began to build a residence for himself.
He also built for investment. Since 1890 Mr.
Glazier has had charge of the shipping for Horace
Kendall's furniture store in Worcester, now the
Kendall Furniture Company, at No. 319 Main .street,
owned by S. C. Kendall, son of the late Horace
Kendall. Mr. Glazier lives at Boylston, and is active
in town affairs. In politics he is a Republican. He
belongs to the Worcester County Mechanics' Asso-
ciation. He married, December 1, 1886, Florence
Hall, of Malone, New York. They have no children.

JOSIAH BROWN. Thomas Brown (1) was
the emigrant ancestor of Josiah Brown, of Wor-
cester, of the late Alzirus Brown, and many other
Worcester families. He came from England and
settled at Sudbury, where the general court granted
him two hundred acres of land October 7, 1640,
for the adventure of Mrs. Anne Harvyes. He was
in Sudbury in 1640, but the records of his family
are at Concord. After 1650 he removed to Cam-
bridge, Massachusetts, and was admitted to the
church there, May 18, 1666. He married (first)
Bridget, by whom he had his first five children at



Concord. Before 1658 he had married Martha,
widow of Thomas Oldham, by whom he had four
or more children at Cambridge. He died in Novem-
ber or December, 1690. His will was made No-
vember 23, 1690, and proved January, 1691. He
bequeathed to his wife Martha, to his daughters
Mehitabel and Martha, and to his sons, Ebenezer
and Ichabod. The inventory shows house and land
at Cambridge, and three hundred acres at Wor-

Children of Thomas Brown were : I. Boaz, born
at Concord, February 14, 1641-2 ; died April 7, 1724;
married November 8. 1664. Mary Winship, daugh-
ter of Edward and Jane Winship; and had: Boaz,
Jr., who settled in Stow ; Thomas, Mary, and Ed-
ward. 2. Thomas, born about 1644, died April 4,
1718; married November 12, 1677, Ruth (Vinton)
Jones. 3. Mary, born at Concord, March 26, 1646;
married June 21, 1669, William Woodward. 4.
Eleazer, born at Concord July 6, 1649, married
February 9, 1674-5, Dinah Spaulding. 5. Jabez, born
at Concord; died 1692; married Deborah. 6. (see
Pope's Pioneers) Mehitabel, baptized June 2, 1661.

7. ( ?) Mary, born in Cambridge, baptized March 8,
1663. 8. Ebenezer, born in Cambridge, baptized July
23, 1665. 9. Ichabod. baptized at Cambridge, Sep-
tember 9. 1666. There is apparently some error in
the records of his daughter Mary's birth.

(II) Thomas Brown, son of Thomas Brown (1),
born at Concord about 1644; died at Concord April
4, l/i8, aged, Shattuck says, sixty-seven years. He
settled in Concord where his seven children were
born. He was town clerk of Concord. He married
Ruth (Vinton) Jones, November 12, 1677. Chil-
dren were: 1. Ruth, born at Concord, February

8. 1678-9: died March 22, 1764; married, November
10, 1698, Samuel Jones. 2. Mary, born at Concord
November 18. 1681 ; died July 14, 1750; married
John Hunt, who died 1765, son of Nehemiah and
Mary (Tool) Hunt. 3. Rebecca, born at Concord,
March 5. 1683-4; married September 26, 1704. Jona-
than Hubbard. 4. Thomas (see forward). 5. Eph-
raim, born at Concord, April 21, 1689 ; died Febru-
ary 6. 1749-50; married. August 28, 1719, Hannah
Wilson (died 1768) daughter of William Wilson.
6. Elizabeth, born at Concord, March 8, 1691-2;
died December 28, 1717; married, September 22,

1713, Jonathan Hartwell. 7. (not on record).

(III) Thomas Brown, son of Thomas Brown
(2), born at Concord, Massachusetts, August 28,
16S6; died at Concord, March 13, 1717-8, leaving
a widow and four young children. He married
Hannah Potter November 22, 1709. Their children
were: 1. Ephraim (see forward). 2. Timothy,
born at Concord, August 17, 1712; married Rebecca
Farrar. 3. Luke, born at Concord November 3,

1714. 4. Hannah, born at Concord December 6,

(IV) Deacon Ephraim Brown, son of Thomas
and Hannah Brown (3), born at Concord, Massa-
chusetts, November 7. 1710; died at Concord, Oc-
tober 9, 1788; married Abigail Wheeler, of one of
the old Concord families. June 20, 1732. He was
deacon in the church at Concord, and a man of im-
portance in his day. His children were: 1. Abi-
gail, born at Concord, April 9. 1733 ; married No-
vember 1, 1753, Thomas Hubbard. 2. Ephraim, born
at Concord, April 7, 1735; died February 6, 1736-7.
3. Edward, born at Concord, February 15. 1736-7;
died 1781 ; married (first), January 15, 1761, Mary
Brown, born 1740; died 1778; and married (second),
1780, Beulah Hosmer (?). 4. Thankful, born at
Concord, December 16, 1740; died September 9,
1776; married July 6, 1758, Edward Wright. 5.

Ephraim 2d, born December 20. 1742; died Janu-
ary 18, 1812. 6. Hannah, born April 1. 1745. died
June 8, 1745. 7. Sarah, born September 25, 1746.
8. Samuel (see forward).

1 V I Lieutenant Samuel Brown, son of Deacon
Ephraim Brown (41. born at Concord, February 18,
1752; died October 29, 1819; married Elizabeth
Brown, a distant cousin. (See 3024 Potter's Con-
cord Families). He was a lieutenant in the revo-
lutionary army. He settled in Concord. His chil-
dren were: 1. Lucy, born at Concord, July 2, 1773;
died February 18. 1786. 2. Thomas, born at Con-
cord, March o. 1775; died February 11, 1834. 3.
Samuel, born at Concord, March 7, 1777; died May
29, 1843 : married June 5, 1800, Betty Tuttle, daugh-
ter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Baker) Tuttle. 4.
Elizabeth, born at Concord, February 29, 1779; died
April 6, 1863; married June 7, 1798, Samuel Potter
Prescott. 5. Hannah, born at Concord, June 2,
1781 ; died October 16, 1845. 6. Abigail Wheeler,
born March 29, 1783 : died March 9, 1806. 7. Ed-
ward, born March 25. 1785. died March 11, 1813.
8. Joshua, born June 20. 1787; died December 11,
1855; married (first), October 11, 1S07, Sally Pot-
ter; married (second), January 27, 181 1, Rebecca
Dery. who died 1816. 9. Ephraim, born January
10, 1792: died February 28, 1852; married (first),
July 2. 1820, Clarissa Harmon; married (second;,
Olive S. Green. 11. Joel (see forward).

(VI) Joel Brown, son of Lieutenant Samuel
Brown (5), horn at Concord, Massachusetts, Feb-
ruary 20, 1793: died at Concord, September 22. 1851 ;
married, December 28. 1818, Lucy Whitney, of
Bolton, horn in 1800; died in 1863; daughter of
David and Betsey Whitney. All their children were
born at Concord, where they settled. They removed
to Boylston. Massachusetts, where he conducted a
farm at Boyls^-n Centre. They were at Bolton
for a short time. Their children were: 1. David
Whitney (see forward). 2. Alzirus (see forward).
3. Lucy Alzura, born April 14, 1824; died April 10,
1831. 4. Sarah Ann Eliza (see forward). 5. Eunice
Andrews, born April 25. 1828; died May 2, 1831.
6. Ezra Ripley, born February 5,, 1830 ; died April
20. 1S45. 7. Mary Ann Celista (see forward). 8,
Elizabeth E.. born March 10, 1842 ; married. May
10. 1866, Paul TibbetU; resides at 18 Charlton street,
Worcester (1905). 9. Lucy (see forward).

(VII) David Whitney B-own, son of Joel Brown
(6), born at Concord, Massachusetts. December 29.
1819; married May 30. 1844, Mary M. Stiles. (See
sketch of Stiles Famih herewith). He died De-
cember. 1893: she died March 11, 1903. He came
to Boylston, from Concord, with his parents when
young and attended the Boylston schools. He
learned the trade of stationary engineer. He re-
moved to Worcester and was the first janitor of
the Classical high school, a position he held for
twelve years. His home was at 100 Mulberry street,
where his daughter now lives. His wife was sister
of John C. Stiles, of Worcester, who was one of
the first three conductors on the Worcester &
Nashua Railroad when it began business. Children
were: r. Lucy Maria, died young. 2. Emerson
Whitney, died in infancy. 3. John Emerson, born
June 22. 1853; married April 9. 1881, Nellie Whit-
comb, stationary engineer in Worcester. 4. Josiah
(see forward). 5. Charles Jerome, born December
16, 1858; graduated from Harvard College 1882;
studied in divinity school, but broke down in health;
died in 1890. 6. Mary Eugenia, born July 9. 1861 ;
teacher of music; unmarried (1905); resides at
100 Mulberry street. Worcester. (Most of the
above dates are a year of two different from those
in the Stiles genealogy.)'

r 52


(VII) Alzirus Brown, son of Joel Brown (6),
born October 16, 1821 ; married, at Worcester, No-
vember 16, 1843, Harriet D. Proctor. They resided
in Worcester. He was a manufacturer of mowing
machines, and later established a large trucking
business in Worcester. They had no children. His
widow resides (1905) in their homestead at the
corner of Main and Madison streets.

(VII) Sarah Ann Eliza Brown, daughter of Joel
Brown (6), born at Concord, Massachusetts, April
18. 1826; married November 15, 1847, Asa J. Her-
sey. at Boylston, Massachusetts, and settled in
Maine. Their sons arc: 1. Wilfred: resides on
the homestead of his father at Waterford, Maine,
has five or more children and grandchildren. 2.
Ezra, resides at North Waterford, Maine, has one
son. Charles A. 3. Francis, city missionary at New
Bedford, Massachusetts, has two daughters.

(VII) Mary Ann Celista Brown, daughter of
Joel Brown (6), born at Concord, Massachusetts;
married (first) Edward H. Parker by whom she
had four children. Edward Hanford Parker was
born in Princeton. Massachusetts. December 28,
1825. He was the son of Ebenezer, Jr., and Hannah
B. Parker. (See Parker Genealogy by Theodore
Parker, of Worcester, son of Edward H. and Mary
A. C. Parker). Edward H. Parker was a car-
penter and builder in Worcester. The children of
Edward H. and Mary A. C. Parker were: I. Ar-
thur, tesides at Dunellen, New Jersey: married;
has three children. 2. Clarence E. ; married; re-
sides at Yonkers, New York ; is a contractor and
fence manufacturer in New York city; married;
has one child. 3. Edward, was overseer in the
American Steel and Wire Mill. Worcester; mar-
ried: has two children. 4. Theodore, clerk in Wor-

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