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cester post office, author of the Parker Genealogy ;
married; no children. Mary Ann Celista (Brown)
Parker married ( second ) John C. Landers, of Wor-
cester, a carpenter and contractor, who has died
since. The widow resides on Pleasant street, Wor-

(VII) Lucy, daughter of Joel Brown (6), mar-
ried George P. Slocum. a carpenter, and they set-
tled at Marietta, Ohio. They have five children,
grown to maturity.

(Villi Josiah Brown, son of David W. Brown
(7), born in Worcester, May 28, 1854. He was
educated in the Worcester schools. He learned the
machinist's and gear-cutting trade of John Will-
iams, one of the first gear-cutters and mechanical
tool-makers in the city. After working at his trade
for a time he accepted a position on the railroad
and worked as fireman and engineer for six years.
Then he returned to the machine shop to run the
business of John Williams for the widow. He con-
ducted the Williams business for ten years, then
started the Worcester Gear works on his own ac-
count, and for the past ten years has carried on this
business successfully. The shop is located at 13
Cypress street. He manufactures machinery and
makes a specialty of cutting gears. Mr. Brown
is well known in Masonic circles. He is a member
of Morning Star Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted
Masons, and Worcester Royal Arch Chapter, of
Hiram Council.

He married July 3, 1876, Alma Richardson.
They have six children, born in Worcester. The
children are: 1. Frank J., born May 4. 1877. 2.
Walter I., born May 18, 1879. 3. Arthur G, born
September 5. 1881. 4. Brenda A., born October 18,
1883 5. Warren E., born October 27. 1887. 6.
Evelyn M., born June 12, 1890. 7. Hellen R.. born
January 26, 1895; died April 8, 1896.

STILES FAMILY. (I) Robert Stiles was an
emigrant ancestor of Josiah Brown through his
mother Mary Stiles, who married David W r hitney
Brown. Robert Stiles was undoubtedly born in
England. He settled in Boxford, Massachusetts.
He is said to have emigrated from Yorkshire. He
owned a farm of two hundred and fifty acres with
buildings in Rowley Village, which was afterward
called Boxford. His residence was near the pres-
ent East Parish village. He was a taxpayer trom
1660 to 1664. and in 1666-7 he drew more land.
The town of Boxford was established in 16S5.
Robert Stiles was constable in 1686. He was mar-
ried, October 4, 1660, to Elizabeth Frye, daughter
of John and Anna Frye of Andover, Massachu-
setts. She was born in England in 1637. Accord-
ing to the Boxford records Robert Stiles had a
second wife, also named Elizabeth, who survived
him. He died July 30, 1690. His wife Elizabeth
administered the estate. She w : as admitted to the
church February 21, 1703, at Boxford. The children
of Robert Stiles (I) were: John, (see forward).
2. Elizabeth, born March 15. 1662; married, July

8, 1800, John Buswell, of Boxford, and left a large
family of children and descendants. 3. Sarah, born

January 31. 1 (probably 1664) ; died February

7. 1664. 4. Abigail, born February 15, 1666, probably
married as second wife, Zaccheus Curtis, who died
in 1712. 5. Ebenezer, born February 20, 1669; mar-
ried Dorothy Dalton. 6. Sarah, born October 20,
1672, admitted to the church in Boxford June 27,
i/°3- 7- Robert, born November 15, 1673; married
Ruth Bridges. 8. Eunice, married Robert Willis.

9. Timothy, born October 1, 1678; married Hannah
Foster. 10. Samuel, born May 21, 1682; married
Elizabeth Cary.

(II) John Stiles, son of Robert Stiles (1), born
at Rowley village, Essex county, Massachusetts,
June (or January) 30, 1661 ; married (first), No-
vember 24, 1684, Deliverance Towne, twin daughter
of Jacob and Catherine (Symonds) Towne, of Tops-
held, Massachusetts, born at Topsfield, August 5,
["665. John Stiles and wife were admitted to full
communion March 18, 1687-8, and on October 4,
1702. was dismissed to the new church at Boxford.
Deliverance died May 16, probably 1705. He mar-
ried (second) Mary . She joined the church

December 24. 1727. His home in Boxford was on
the south side of Fish Brook. He was called as
a witness in the witchcraft trial of Elizabeth Morse,
of Newbury. Massachusetts. He was admitted a
freeman in 1690: elected constable in 1705; select-
man in 1725. His widow died May 13, 1753- His
children were: 1. Deliverance, born September, 1685.
2. Ruth, born February 17. 1686-7; married Elias
Smith about 1717. 3. John, (see forward). 4. Eliza-
beth, married John Frame 1719. and had four chil-
dren. 5. Marcy (Mercy), baptized December 2,
1694 : married James Richardson May 24, 1722. 6.
Mehitable. born October 22. 1700 (probably), mar-
ried Samuel Gould, of Boxford, June 9. 1726. He
came to Worcester county with his brothers. (See
Gould Genealogy.) 7. Eleanor, born February,
1702-3. baptized February 28, married Aaron Bris-
tol, of Harwinton, Connecticut, and left children
and numerous posterity.

(III) John Stiles, son of John Stiles (2), born
at Topsfield, Massachusetts, and baptized there De-
comber 16. 1688: married Eleanor Pearl, January
18. 1715. They resided in Boxford. of which he
was selectman in 1729. Their children were: 1.
Benjamin (see forward). 2. John, born September
23. 1717; probably died young. 3. Richard, born
May 15, 1721. 4. Deliverance, born February 21,



1722-3. baptized March 3, 1722-3; married
Stephen Emery October 20, 1743. He died before
1760, and she married (second) Elisha Towne. 5.
John, born March 17. 1725: married Hannah Holt,
Hannah Denev and Phebe Marasser. 6. Abigail,
born February 8. 1727-8: married John Emery,
(probably a brother of Stephen)- of Newbury.
Massachusetts, December 18, 1753. 7. Mary, born
February 3. 1729-30: married Jacob Curtis, May
26, 1752. resided at Boxford, removed to Amherst,
New Hampshire.

(IV) Benjamin Stiles, son of John Stiles (3),
born at Boxford, Massachusetts. November 4. 1716;
married Elizabeth Foster of Andover, Massachu-
setts, January 11, 1737-8. John Foster, father of
Elizabeth, was a brother of Hannah Foster, who
married Timothy Stiles, fourth son of Robert Stiles,
the emigrant. John and Hannah Foster were de-
scendants of Reginald Foster, the English emi-
grant, who settled at Ipswich. Massachusetts. Ben-
jamin Stiles died at Boxford. Massachusetts. July
2?. 1762. His children were: 1. Phineas. born

September 25, 1738: married Hannah and

Abigail Fisher. 2. Simeon, born December 15, 1739;
died December, 1739. 3. Edmund., born November
22. 1740: married Elizabeth Preston. 4. Foster,
horn February 21. 1742-3. 5. Simeon, born July
24. 1744: married Mary Gould. 6. Richard, born in
Boxford; baptized August 7, 1748; probably mar-
ried Desire Roundy. 7. Benjamin, born May 31,

1750: married Elizabeth Cutler. 8. Cyrus, born
May 13, 1753: married Hannah Curtis and Hannah
Berry. 9. Josiah, born May 25. 1755; married Lydia
Gale. 10. Joshua (see forward).

(V) Joshua Stiles, son of Benjamin Stiles (4),
horn at Boxford, Massachusetts, April 6. 1758;
married, 1781 (when of Princeton. Massachusetts),
Abigail Gale, daughter of Jonathan. He resided
first at Shrewsbury, removing about 1785 to Boyls-
ton. Massachusetts, where he bought a farm and
died May 14, 1828. His children were: I. Abigail,
born February 14, 1782; probably married William
Sawyer, of Shrewsbury. 2. Per^i-. born January
3, 1784: married Isaac Gale, son of Nehemiah and
Ruth (Marsh) Gale, in 1S03. She died January 26,
1847; he died January 21, 1831. They lived for a
time at Sutton and Douglas, then moved to Madi-
son, Indiana, in 1818. 3. John (see forward). 4.
Tamar. probably married Mr. Hartshorn. 5. Eunice,
born March 8. 1792. 6. Joshua, born April 3. 1794.
7. Lucy, born March 27, 1796, married George May-
nard: she died July S. 1826, aged thirty. 8. Har-
riet, born August 27, 1799; died August 24, 1803,
aged four years.

(VI) Deacon John Stiles, son of Joshua Stiles
(5), born at Boylston, Massachusetts. September
18, 1786: married (first). November 1. 1809. Rebec-
ca Moore, of Boylston, born December 29, 1792;
died May 10, 1827. He married (second). May 11,
1828, Nancy White, of West Boylston, Massachu-
setts. She died October 3. 1854. He was a black-
smith and resided at Boylston. He was killed by
a railroad train at Newton. Massachusetts, April
It, 1859. His children were: 1. Charles, born
November 10, 1810, died April 25, 1839. 2. Oliver,
born April 12. 1812: died August 9, 1854: was a
machinist. 3. John Cyrus, born July 16. 1814; mar-
ried Sarah W. Smith and Emily Richardson. 4.
Mary Moore, born June 18. 1820: married. June 24,
1S44, David Whitney Brown of Concord, Massa-
chusetts, resides at Worcester, Massachusetts. (See
sketch of Brown Family herewith). 5. Henry, born
December 5. 1S21 ; married Hannah M. White, M.
Lizzie Richardson and Sarah A. Oman.

(VII) Mary Moore Stiles, daughter of Deacon

John Stiles (6). born June 18, 1820; married June
24, 1844. David Whitney Brown, of Concord, Massa-
chusetts. (See Brown sketch for children, etc.)

MARSHALL T. BAKER. Edward Baker, the
immigrant ancestor of Marshall T. Baker, of West-
borough, Massachusetts, was born in England. He
was an early settler in Lynn, Massachusetts, -where
he was when admitted a freeman March 14, 1638. He
was a proprietor of the town and a man of some
property. He was one of the creditors of the Iron-
works company at Lynn in 1654 (See Suffolk Deeds,
II, 266). He lived also at Boston. He married
Jane . Nothing further is known of him ex-
cept that he died March, 1687, at Lynn, and the
lack of probate records indicates that he had dis-
posed of his property before death. The children
of Edward and Jane Baker were : Mary, married,
November 7, 1662, George Sumner, of Dorchester;
Joseph, born before 1658, settled in Northampton,
probably father of Joseph Baker, of Marlborough ;
was killed by the Indians in King Philip's war and
mother and children probably returned to Lynn;
Timothy, born before 1658 ; John, settled in Ded-
ham : Edward, see forward ; Thomas, settled in
Lynn, married Mary Lewis, daughter of John
Lewis : Jonathan, born February 20, 1657.

(II) Edward Baker. Jr., son of Edward Baker
(1), was born about 1658. He was admitted a
freeman and was ensign in the military company.
He settled at Lynn. He married Mary Marshall,
daughter of Captain Thomas Marshall, who prob-
ably came in the ship "James" from London in 1635,
aged twenty-two years. The name of Marshall has
been handed down for eight generations in the
Baker family of which this sketch is written.
Thomas Marshall was admitted a freeman 1653,
was lieutenant and later captain of the Lynn com-
pany of artillery in 1640, was deputy to the general
court in 1659-60-63-64-67-68. Captain Marshall died
December 9, 1689: his wife died August, 1693; their
children were — Hannah, born June 7, 1640, at Lynn,
married John Lewis. 1659; Samuel, born September
1, 1643, died aged one week: Abigail; Sarah, died
young: Thomas and Rebecca (twins), born Febru-
ary 20. 1648: Elizabeth: Sarah, born February 14,
1655, married, July 15. 1674, Ebenezer Stock; Joanna,
born at Lynn. September 14. 1657 : John, born Feb-
ruary 14. r66o: Ruth, born August 14, 1662: Mary,
born May 25. 1665. married. April 7. 1685. Edward
Baker, mentioned above. Children of Edward and
Mary ' (Marshall) Baker were: Mary, born April
2_t. 1686: Edward, born April 19, 1688, died young;
Sarah, born January 18, 1688-89; Sarah, born Jan-
uary 13, 1689-00: Rebecca, born October 1. 1692;
Edward, born January 4. 1694. died young: Edward,
born July 16. 7606, settled in Westborough. married

Persis — : Ruth, born August 15, 1698; Ruth,

born July 7. 1609: Elizabeth, born March 29. 1702;
Joseph, born November 9- 1704: Marshall, born
March 5, 1707-08, see forward.

(III) Marshall Baker, son of Edward Baker
(2), was born in Lynn. Massachusetts. March 5,
1707-0S. He went to Marlborough for a short time
and married there. March 20. 1733-34. Thankful
Ward, daughter of Obadiah Ward, Jr., and wife
Elizabeth. Thankful was born 1712-13. He was
in Shrewsbury for a short time about 1747. then
he settled in Upton, where he lived the remainder
of his life. Records are found of the births of three
children of Marshall and Thankful Baker, viz:
Moses, born at Marlborough. December 3, 1738;
Thomas Marshall, named for his father and grand-
father, see forward: Sherebiah. born at Shrewsbury,
March 18, 1747, married. 1772. at t'pton, Clothilde



Daniels and they had two children born at Upton —
Phila, born July 10, 1773 ; Marshall, born Novem-
ber 8, 1774, died at Orange, Massachusetts, May,


(IV) Captain Thomas Marshall Baker, son of
Marshall Baker (3), was born in Marlborough,
Massachusetts, in 1742, and died at Upton, Novem-
ber 14, 1809, aged sixty-seven years. He settled at
Upton with his father and lived there all his life.
He married, January 7, 1768 (six months after the
intentions were dated — July 12, 1767, an unusually
long wait), Susannah Whipple, of Grafton, who
died December 21, 1809, aged sixty years, indicat-
ing her year of birth as 1749. She was descended
from the Rhode Island family of YVhipples. Cap-
tain Baker was one of the leading men of the town
and foremost in military affairs. He was sergeant
at the beginning of the revolution in Captain Ben-
jamin Farrar's company, Lieutenant-Colonel Nathan
Tyler's regiment (the Third Worcester) in the
Rhode Island campaign, in 1776, located at Provi-
dence. He was lieutenant in Captain Robert Taft's
company at the Bennington alarm. 1777. He be-
came captain of the tenth company in the Third
Worcester regiment, commissioned January 30, 1778.
He was also in command of a company under
Colonel Benjamin Haws. His company was as-
signed to detached service in Rhode Island from
July to September, 1778. He and his company
marched October 18, 1779, to Claverack. New York,
under Colonel Samuel Denny. Again he marched
under Colonel Nathan Tyler, July 26. 1780. to Rhode
Island. This record represents almost constant ser-
vice throughout the revolutionary war. He was
wounded once.

Children of Captain Thomas Marshall Baker
and wife Susannah were : Susannah, born at Up-
ton, March 9, 1669; Hillel, born October 26, 1770,
settled at Upton, married, 1793, Hannah Fowler;
Ward, born September 23, 1772, settled at Upton,
married, 1797. Phebe Fowler, of Northbridge ;
Thankful, born January 25, 1775; Thomas Marshall.
Jr.. born June 8. 1777, see forward: Lovell, born
September 6. 1779, settled at Upton and Grafton,
married. February 3. 1804, Polly Legg; Edward,
born October 16, 1781 : Polly, born May 5, 1784,
married, May 17, 1810. Samuel Sadler.

(V) Thomas Marshall Baker, son of Captain
Thomas Marshall Baker (4). was born in Upton.
Massachusetts. June 8. 1777. He was a farmer and
lived all his life at Upton and Grafton. He mar-
ried at Grafton, May t. 1798, Betsey Sherman. She
died at Upton. April 22, 1848. aged seventy-one
years. They had two sons and two daughters :
Thomas Marshall, Jr.. see forward: Merrill, Betsey
and Nancy.

(VI) Thomas Marshall Baker, son of Thomas
Marshall Baker (5). was born about 1800 on the
old Baker homestead at Upton. He received his
early education there in the district schools, and
followed the occupation of a farmer during his
yi mth. He learned the trade of shoemaker, a com-
mon custom of the farmers in his section, and
manufacturer boots and shoes in connection with
his farming. Later he was in the teaming business,
proprietor of a hotel and grist mill. He operated
a grist mill at Westborough and managed a hotel
in Pascoag. Rhode Island. He was a successful
man of affairs. He died October 19, 1892. In
politics Mr. Baker was a Republican in his later
years. He attended the Unitarian church.

Thomas Marshall Baker. Jr.. was four times
married: (first), March 23, 1823 (intentions dated),
to Sophie Morse. His second wife died at Upton.
June 28, 1K42. aged thirty-five years. He married

(third), at Grafton, April 12, 1843. Bathsheba L.
Brown, born in Still River, Rhode Island. His
fourth wife was Mrs. Julia M. Carpenter. The
chlidren of Thomas Marshall and Sophie Baker
were : Samuel, born in Upton ; Betsey, born in
Upton; Susan, born in Upton. The child of the
second marriage died in infancy. The children of
Thomas Marshall and Bathsheba L. Baker were :
Marshall Thomas, born at Grafton, August 11,
1845. se e forward ; Nancy Elizabeth, born at Graf-
ton, May 28, 1847, resides in Pascoag, Rhode Island.

(VII) Marshall Thomas Baker, son of Thomas
Marshall Baker (6), was born in Grafton, Massa-
chusetts. August 11, 1845. His education was ac-
quired in the public schools of Upton. He worked
for his father in his youth and early manhood. He
went to Westborough first in 1873 to manage his
father's grist mill. From Westborough he went
to Northbridge, where he also conducted a grist
mill. He went from there to Upton to work in the
straw shop. Upton is famous for the manufacture
of straw hats and other straw goods. Afterward
Mr. Baker assisted his father in carrying on the
hotel at Pascoag, returning after a time to West-
boro to work in the straw shop. In 1881 Mr.
Baker went into business on his own account at
Westborough. dealing in wood and engaged in the
teaming business for others. He has built up a
large and profitable business. Mr. Baker is a Re-
publican in politics and a Unitarian in religion. He
is a member of the Westboro Unitarian church.

Mr. Baker married, January, 1871, Martha M.
Woods, born in Dudley, Massachusetts, July 16,
1848, daughter of Dexter and Amy S. (Bosworth)
Woods. They have had three children : Caroline
M.. born May 3, 1874. died March 13, 1905 ; Thomas
Marshall, born November 18, 1876. died June 6,
1888 ; Fred E.. born November 20, 1881, is now liv-
ing at home in Westboro.

FOSTER FAMILY. Reginald Foster (1), the
immigrant ancestor of Mrs. Alfred E. J. Heywood,
of Westborough, Massachusetts, was born in Eng-
land in 1395 and settled at Ipswich, New England,
about 1638. His English pedigree is given else-
where in this work in connection with another branch
of the Foster family. In 1645 he subscribed for the
fund for paying Major Denison. who was in com-
mand of the colonial troops. In 1652 he received
ten pounds with Thomas Clark for cutting a pas-
sage from "this river into the Chebacco river ten
feet wide and so deep that a lighter may pass
through laden." He bought house and land of
Roger Preston in 1658. His will was proved June
9. 1681. In it he mentions his children and other

relatives. He married (second) Judith . who

• lied October. 1664, and (third) Mrs. Sarah (White)
Martin, widow of John Martin. She married
(third). September 21. 1682. William White, of
Haverhill. The children of Reginald Foster were:

Mary, born about 1618 in England, married

Wood and (second) Lieutenant Francis Peabody;
Sarah, born 1620. married William Story : Abra-
ham, born at Exeter, England, 1622. married Lydia
Burbank ; Isaac, born 1630, married Mary Jackson,
Hannah Downing and Martha Hale: William, born
in England, 1633. married Mary Jackson ; Jacob,'
born 1635. see forward; Reginald, born 1636. mar-
ried Elizabeth Dane.

(II) Deacon Jacob Foster, son of Reginald
Foster (1), was born in England in 1635 and came
with his parents to Ipswich. Massachusetts. He
lived at Ipswich in the house built by his father
on the south side of the Ipswich river, near the
stone bridge, on a portion of what has lately been



called the Heard estate. He was a prominent citi-
zen in the town and deacon of the Ipswich church.
He died June 9, 1710, and his grave in the old
burying ground is marked with a headstone.

He married, January 12, 1658-59, Martha Kins-
man, who died October 15, 1666. He married
(second), February 26, 1666-67, Abigail Lord,
daughter of Robert and Mary (Wait) Lord. She
died June 4, 1729. The children of Deacon Jacob
and Martha Foster were: Judith, born October 20,
1650, died January 27, 1659-60; John, born 1660,
died young; Jacob, born May 15, 1662, died June,
1662; Mary, died January 11, 1666-67; Sarah, born
August 3, 1665, married John Caldwell. The chil-
dren of Jacob and Abigail Foster were: Abraham,
born December 4, 1667. see forward ; Jacob, born
March 25. 1670, married Mary Caldwell, Martha
Greaves and Mary Willis: Amos, born August 15,
1672, died October II, 1672; Abigail, born July 3,
1674, died before 1710: Nathaniel, born October 7,
1676; Samuel, born September 10. 1678; Joseph,
born September 14, 1680. married Elizabeth Good-
win, Mary Cressy and Sarah Brown : James, born
November 12, 1682, married Anna Cross; Mary,
born December 25, 16S4, died before 1710.

(III) Abraham Foster, son of Deacon Jacob
Foster (2), was born at Ipswich, Massachusetts,
December 4. 1667. He was a carpenter by trade,
settled at Ipswich, where he died December 25.
1720-21. He married (first) Abigail Parsons, July
2. 1699. She was administratrix of his estate, ap-
pointed January 27, 1720-21. She died October 8,
1732. Their children were : Jeremiah, born 1700,
married Mrs. Rebecca Metcalf: Abraham, born July
5, 1701, died May 20, 1702; Nathaniel, born April
11. 1702. died young: Judith, born March 15, 1713,
died unmarried before 1735 ; Abigail, married Dan-
iel Safford ; Mary, born May 15, 1715: Abraham,
born June 16, 1716, married Elizabeth Davis; Na-
thaniel, born August 9. 1719, married Sarah Deland;
Sarah, married jGhn Rust and (second) John Par-

(IV) Jeremiah Foster, son of Abraham Foster
(3), was born in Ipswich, Massachusetts. 1710. He
was the first of this line to leave the old town of
Ipswich. He removed in 1743 to Harvard, Wor-
cester county. Massachusetts, and ten years later
to Ashburnham, a neighboring town. His home
there was on land west of Lake Naupeag and the
locality is still called Foster Hill. He was a man
of exemplary character, industrious, honest and re-
liable. In disposition he was quiet, reserved and
kindly. He died December 12. 1788. He married,
1735. Ruth Metcalf, at Ipswich. She died Febru-
ary 6, 1776. Their first four children were born
at Ipswich, the others at Harvard, viz : Jeremiah,
baptized August 8, 1736, died young ; Abigail, bap-
tized February 17. 1738-39; Samuel, baptized Jan-
uary 6, 1739-40, died young; Samuel, baptized Jan-
uary 6. 1741-42, see forward : Judith, born March
15. 1747, married Dr. Peter Brooks; Rebecca, born
October 20, 1750. married Caleb Ward.

(V) Samuel Foster, son of Jeremiah Foster (4),
was born in Ipswich, Massachusetts, 1739, and was
baptized January 6, 1739-40. He went to Harvard
with the family when an infant and was brought
up there and in Ashburnham. He became one of
the leading men of that town. He was frequently
elected to public office and positions of trust. He
was selectman 1785-S6-88-89-90-92 in Ashburnham.
He was on the committee to build the new meet-
ing house in 1790. He was a soldier in the revo-
lution, in the company of Captain Elisha Jackson,
regiment of Colonel Asa Whitcomb on the Lex-
ington Alarm, April 19, 1777. Later he was out

with the same company at the Bennington Alarm
in 1777. He was also in the company of Captain,
Nathaniel Carter, regiment of Colonel Job Cush-
ing in the northern department. He died April 15,
1793. He married, July 6, 1769, ^Susanna Wood,
born April 14, 1750, daughter of Bennett and Lydia
(Law) Wood, of Littleton, Massachusetts, and
si^cr of Captain Deliverance Wood. His wife died
October 31, 1839. Their children were: Abraham,
born April 8. 1770, at Ashburnham, see forward;
Nathaniel, born December 26, 1771 ; Jeremiah Ben-
nett, born October 11, 1773; Samuel, born Feb-
ruary 9, 1776; Hosea, born August 1, 1778, mar-
ried Molly Joslin; Joel, born August 24, 1780;
Amos, born November 16, 1782 ; Obadiah, born
October 25. 1786, married Deborah Willard; Susan-
nah, born September 25. 1789, married Francis Lane;
Dorothy, born November 25, 1793, married Ezek
Metcalf. All born at Ashburnham.

(VI) Abraham Foster, son of Samuel Foster
(5), was born in Ashburnham, Massachusetts, April
8, 1770. He also settled in that town. He married
(first), January 26, 1792, Sarah Willard, daughter
of Deacon John Willard, farmer and blacksmith.
Abraham Foster lived where Michael Coughlin
lived. His first wife died July 24, 1831, and he-
married (second), January 1, 1837, Mary T. Davis,
daughter of Ebenezer Bennett Davis. She died
April 20. 1853. Abraham Foster died November,

1837. The children of Abraham and Sarah Foster
were: Sarah, born October 17, 1792: John W.,

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