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born May 12, 1794; Abigail, born July 6, 1796;
Lucinda, born June 9, 1798; Sophia, born September
21. 1800: Abraham, born July 14. 1802: Harriet
Willard. born June 16, 1805: Elijah Willard, born-
October 8, 1807, see forward ; Mary J., born June-
20, i8to.

(VII) Elijah Willard Foster, son of Abraham
Foster (6). was born in Ashburnham, Massachu-
setts, October 8, 1807. He married Tryphena Love-
well and they settled in Gardner. Their children,
all born in Gardner, were: Abigail, born June 17,.
1835. died December 12, 1840; Alvara, born Feb-
ruary 15, 1838, see forward: Addison, born Feb-
ruary 22, 1840: Willard. born October 1, 1842;
Mary, born August 7. 1845 ; Mary, born April 15,
1848 : two others died young.

(VIII) Alvara Foster, son of Elijah Willard'
Foster (7). was born in Gardner. February 19,

1838. He married Lois Goodwin, of Ashburnham,
and settled in that town. They had two children r
Abbie L., mnrried Alfred E. J. Heywood, see for-
ward, also Edward W.

Alfred E. J. Heywood was born in Worcester,
Massachusetts. November 16, 1868. His father,
William H. Heywood, was a native of England
and before he came to America was a musician
in the British army; he settled in Worcester and
forty years ago was a member of the Worcester
brass "band. His mother was Annie (Preston)
Heywood. a native of New York. He had three
brothers. William, Charles and George, and two-
sisters, Maria and Lena Heywood.

Alfred E. J. Heywood was educated in the
public schools of Gardner and began to work there
in the chair factory of Heywood Brothers, the
largest chair manufacturing concern in the United
States. He was subsequently promoted to a clerk-
ship in the office and is at present an officer of the
company. holding an important position in the book-
keening department of the business. In 1902 he
built a handsome country house at Westborough,
where he has since lived. Mr. Heywood is a Re-
publican in politics and a Methodist in religion.

He married, 1890. Abbie L. Foster, born in Ash-



burnham, June 25, 1867, daughter of Alvara Foster
(VIII), mentioned above. Children of Alfred E.
J. and Abbie L. (Foster) Hey wood are: Nathaniel
J., born in Ashburnham, January 19, 1891 ; Ralph
E., born in Gardner, March 26, 1893; Marion L.,
born in Gardne'r, May 31, 1896; and Helen A.,
iorn April 12, 1906.

FROST FAMILY. Edmund Frost (1), was
the immigrant ancestor of Charles B. Frost, of
Westborough, Massachusetts. He was born in Eng-
Jand, the son of a well-known conformist clergyman,
Rev. John Frost. With him, about 1635, came his
brother Nicholas who settled at Portsmouth, New
Hampshire. Edmund Frost settled in Cambridge
in 1635 and was admitted a freeman March 3,
1635. He became one of the proprietors of the
town in 1636. He was ruling elder of the Cam-
bridge church for many years. He bought of
Thomas Blodget, about 1639, the estate on the west
side of Dunster street, between Harvard square and
Mt. Auburn street, and sold it soon afterward to
the Widow Catherine Haddon. Next he bought a
house on the west side of Garden street, near
Mason street, and occupied it until 1642. He sold
it to Richard Eccles in 1646. He then went to
live on the Frost estate on the north side of Kirk-
land street, extending from Divinity Hall avenue
to and beyond Francis avenue, and this farm re-
mained in the possession of his descendants until
recently. Elder Frost was rich in faith and piety,
but rather poor in worldly goods, leaving little be-
side his homestead when he died, July 12, 1672.
He made his will April 16, 1672, and it was proved
October 1, following. He speaks of himself in the
will as "stricken in years." He bequeathed to his
wife Reana; to sons Ephraim, Thomas, John and
Joseph ; to his two daughters, Sarah and Mary ;
to Jacob French and his wife and the children of
Golden More ; to Harvard College and to Mr. Al-
cock's son there. The inventory of the widow's
•estate was taken January 3, 1675-76.

He married (first) Thomasine (Tamasin)
who died. He married (second), before

1669, Reana Daniel, widow successively of
James, William Andrew and Robert Daniel. Chil-
dren of Edmund and Thomasine were : John, born
in England, 1634: Thomas, horn April. 1637, died
young; Samuel, born February, 1637-38; Joseph,
t>orn January 13, 1638-39, of Charlestown, where
many of descendants have lived; James, born April
•9, 1640, deacon of Billerica church : Ephraim, born
J642, see forward ; Mary, born July 24, 1645 ;
Thomas, removed to Framingham ; Sarah.

(II) Ephraim Frost, son of Edmund Frost (1),
was born at Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1642, and
•died there January 2, 1717-18, aged seventy-two
years. He resided on the homestead of his father

on Kirkland street. He married Hepzibah ,

who survived him. Children of Ephraim and Hep-
zibah Frost, all born at Cambridge, were: Mary,
"born May 20, 1078. married Howard : Ed-
mund, born March 14, 1679-80: Ephraim, born Sep-
tember 23. 1682: Thomas, born probably 1688, see
forward; Ebcr. born 1696. baptized January 17,
1696-97; Sarah, married, May 17, 1720, Nathaniel

(III1 Thomas Frost, son of Ephraim Frost (2),
was born in Cambridge, 1688, and died there May
3. 1765, aged seventy-seven years. He settled in
Menotomy, now the town of Arlington. He was
admitted to the Cambridge church. March 16, 1718.
with his wife, and both were charter members of
the precinct church at Menotomy. September 9,
1730. He married, October 25, 1716, Mary Butter-

field, who died March 10, 1774, "of old age." Chil-
dren of Thomas and Mary Frost were: Joseph,
born December 21, 1717, resided at Menotomy;
Hepzibah, born August 31, 1719; Ruth, born March
17. 1721-22, married, 1755, Josiah Fessendon;
Thomas, born in Menotomy, baptized February 9,
1823-24' Silas (twin), born 1728, baptized August
11, 1728, see forward; Mary (twin), baptized Au-
gust 11. 1728. married (first) John Locke, Janu-
ary 2, 1752; (second), before 1771, Silas Stone;
resided at New Braintree in 1795, where her twin-
brother also lived ; Phebe, baptized September 26,
1731, married, April 11, 1751 ; Jonathan, born 1733,
died June 6. 1736. aged three years, three months;
Jonathan, called John in mother's will, 1771, died
unmarried May 17, 1825, aged eighty-nine years;
Lydia. born August 29, 1740; Sarah.

( IV) Silas Frost, son of Thomas Frost (3),
was born in Cambridge or Menotomy, Massachu-
setts, baptized at Cambridge, August 11, 1728, and
died at New Braintree, February 15, 1805. About
the time of his marriage he settled in Westborough,
Massachusetts. His brothers Thomas and John also
settled in Westborough. Thomas married Ruhamah
Pratt, of Shrewsbury, May, 1762, and John mar-
ried Susannah Wilson, of Shrewsbury, June 2, 1757.
Silas himself married a Shrewsbury girl, Mary
Pratt, February 24, 1761, perhaps his second wife.
He bought his place at Westborough of Hezekiah
Ward, of Grafton, February 21. 1751. Silas was
then of Newton — the town adjoining Cambridge.
In 1753 Silas bought land of Richard Barnes and
again November 18. 1754. His brothers stayed at
Westborough, but Silas bought a farm in New
Braintree, containing sixty-seven acres, forty-four
rods, April 20, 1762, lot No. 23 at the east end of
the fourth range in the Braintree grant on the Rut-
land line, the twenty-second lot westerly, the eigh-
teenth southerly. He bought land in Oakham of
Jabez Ayres, January II, 1771. This land adjoined
that of Jonathan Gould, whose daughter married
Frost's son Seth. Silas sold out in Westborough
to Hananiah Parker. April 17. 1762. three days
before he bought the land at New Braintree. His
only son known to the writer was Seth. see forward.

(V) Seth Frost, son of Silas Frost (4), was
born in 1761 at Westborough. probably, and died at
New Braintree, April 9, 1838, aged seventy-seven
years. He went to New Braintree with his parents
when an infant in arms. He settled there on his
father's farm. He bought more land September
28, 1703, of Elias Hall, Joseph Bowman and Moses
Hamilton, again March 15. 1796, of Elisha Warren
and John Joslyn, and he sold land October 14, 1805,
to Eleazer Spooner, of Oakham. He joined with
the other heirs of his fir^t wife's father. Jonathan
Gould, in the deed of the farm to William and
John P. Nye, of Rochester. Massachusetts. Novem-
ber 19. 1810. Seth was a revolutionary soldier._ He
was in Captain John Walton's company, enlisted
December 9. 1776, and served at Noddle's Island.
He was in Cantain Caleb Brook's company, Colonel
Brook's regiment, in 1777 and 1778. His will is
dated in 1834. filled May I, 1838, and allowed June
5. 1838. He left all his real estate in New Brain-
tree and Oakham to his son, Jonathan Gould Frost,
also his pew in the meeting house.

He married (first). November 20, 1790. at New
Braintree. Abigail Gould, daughter of Jonathan
Gould. She was called "Mrs. Nabby" in one of the
records. She died August 3. 1819. aged fifty-five
years. He married (second) (intentions dated Oc-
tober 7. 1820). Mrs. Lydia Mead, widow. Children
of Seth and Abigail Frost were: child, died Janu-
ary 19, 1793: Sophia, born February 20, 1794; Daniel



Foster, born March 21, 1796, died March 18, 1849,
aged forty-three years ; Jonathan Gould, born April
12, 1798, see forward; Asenath, born August 14,
1700. died January 19, 1810 ; Bradford.

(VI) Jonathan Gould Frost, son of Seth Frost
(O, was born in New Braintree, April 12, 1798.
He settled in New Braintree and was a prosperous
farmer and prominent citizen there. He was for
some years on the board of selectmen and was rep-
resentative to the general court in 1850-5. He was
then a Whig. He was a member of the Congre-
gational church. He died on the old homestead at
New Braintree, October 27, 1854. He married
Cyrena Thomson, born in Ware, Hampshire county,
Massachusetts, May 28, 1797, daughter of Jonathan
Thompson, of that town. Children of Jonathan
Gould and Cyrena Frost were: Clara, born April
I, 1826, married Moses H. Fay, of New Braintree,
and has had four children; Charles Bradford, see

(VII) Charles Bradford Frost, son of Jonathan
Gould Frost (6), was born in New Braintree, Sep-
tember 3, 183 1. He received a common school edu-
cation and fitted himself to teach school. He
taught four winter terms in Oakham, eight or nine
years at New Braintree, and for seven years was
a teacher in the North Brookfiefild high school.
He left this position to enter upon a mercantile
career, first in a general country store and then,
in 1867. in Boston as a partner in the firm of
Nickerson, Frost & Company. He was in this busi-
ness eleven years, residing meanwhile in Newton.
In 1878 he removed to Westborough and engaged
in the hardware business with his son, William B.
Frost. The business has been very successful and
has grown to large proportions. In politics Mr.
Frost was an independent, preferring to vote for
the candidates that he believed best qualified for
holding office. While in New Braintree he was
town clerk, selectman and assessor. He was a
member of the Orthodox (Congregational) Church
of Westborough. He died December 14, 1905.

Mr. Frost married Elizabeth Bush, born in North
Brookfield, April 2, 1833, daughter of Josiah and
Sophina (Ingalls) Bush, both natives of that town.
Mrs. Frost died at Westborough. June 29, 1898.
Children of Charles Bradford and Elizabeth (Bush)
Frost were: Lizzie Bush. William B., engaged in
the hardware business.

uel Richardson (1). was the emigrant ancestor of
Albert Frederick Richardson, of Worcester, Massa-
chusetts. He was one of the three Richardson
brothers who settled at Charlestown, Massachu-
setts. (See sketch of William A. Richardson for
further facts). Samuel Richardson was born in
England about 1610. He probably did not come
will; his brothers, but he came to Charlestown. He
was there July 1. 1636. and joined the church there
February 18, 1637-S, and was admitted a freeman
May 2, 1638. He was highway surveyor of the town
in 1636-37. The three brothers drew lots on the
Mystic side of the river, April 20, 1638, in what
was later Maiden. November 5, 1640, the three
Richardsons, and four others, were appointed by
the Charlestown church as agents for the settle-
ment of the new church and town, later called
Woburn. The three lived near each other in a
locality since known as Richardsons' Row, laid out
as a street in 1647, now located in the northeast
part of Winchester.

Samuel Richardson was a selectman of Woburn
1644-45-46-49-50-51, and the tax list in 1645 shows
that he was the largest taxpayer.

Ili^ wife Joanna joined the Charlestown church
in 1639. He died intestate, March 23, 1658. The
will of his widow Joanna was made June 20, 1666,
but not proved until 1677. The first two children
were born in Charlestown, the others in Woburn.
They were: 1. Alary, baptized February 25, 1637-8;
married Thomas Mousal. 2. John, baptized Novem-
ber 12, 1639; married (first) Elizabeth Bacon; (sec-
ond). Mary Pierson ; (third) Mary Willing. 3.
Hannah, born March 8, 1641-42; died April 8, 1642.
4. Joseph, born July 27, 1643; married Hannah
Green. 5. Samuel, born May 22, 1646; married

(first) Martha ; second, Hannah Kingsbury;

third, Phebe Baldwin ; fourth, Sarah Hayward. 6.
Stephen (see forward. 7. Thomas, born December
31, 1651; died September 27, 1657. 8. Elizabeth,
born 165 — , living in 1666.

(II) Stephen Richardson, son of Samuel Rich-
ardson (1), born in Woburn. Massachusetts, Au-
gust 15, 1649; married in Billcrica, Massachusetts,
January 2, 1674-5, Abigail Wyman, daughter of
Francis and Abigail (Read) Wyman, of Woburn,
bom about 1659. Francis Wyman and his brother
Lieutenant John Wyman were among the first set-
tlers of Woburn in i64r. They were tanners by
trade, church members and persons of much re-
spectability and worth. Francis Wyman was ad-
mitted freeman May 6. 1657. They owned together
five hundred acres of land in Billerica. Francis
Wyman was selectman, of Woburn, 1674-75. tie
died November 30, 1699, aged eighty-two.

Stephen Richardson resided in Woburn. which
then included Burlington and a part of Wilmington.
His land extended into Billerica. which then ad-
joined Woburn. He was admitted a freeman in
1690. He died March 22, 1717-18, aged sixty-nine.
His will was dated August 15, 1713, and proved
April 22, 1718. His widow Abigail died September

17, 1720. aged sixty years. Their children were:
I. Stephen, born February 20, 1675-6; married Sus-
anna Wilson. 2. Francis, born January 19, 1677-8;
died January 27, 1677-S. 3. William, born December
14, 1678. 4. Francis, born January 15, 1680-81 ;
married Sarah Houghton. 5. Timothy, born De-
cember 6. 1682; died January 18, 1683. 6. Abigail,
born November 14. 1683 ; married John Vinton. 7.
Prudence, born January 17, 1685-6; married Samuel
Kendall. S. Timothy, born January 24, 1687-8;
married Susannah Holden. 9. Seth (see forward).
10. Daniel, born October 16, 1691 ; married Joanna
(Mousall) Miller. 11. Mary, born May 3, 1696;
died before her father's will was made, 1713. 12.
Rebecca, born June 10, 1698; died December 6,
1711. 13. Solomon, born March 27, 1702: married
Abigail Evans, of Reading, about 1728.

(III) Seth Richardson, son of Stephen Rich-
ardson (2). born in Woburn, Massachusetts, Jan-
uary 16. 1689-90: married Mary Brown. He was
taxed in Medford, a town near Woburn, in 171 1,
but a year or two afterwards removed to Attleboro,
Massachusetts, with bis brother Francis and some
others of his kin. His first child was born in
Woburn and the other children in Attleboro. They
were: 1. Stephen, born at Woburn, died December
2<J, 1714. 2. Seth, born March 13, 1711 ; died January

18, 1714-5. 3. Mary, born October 6, 1715. 4. Abi-
gail, horn March 24. 1717-8. 5. Sarah, born Sep-
tember 10. 1720. 6. Seth (see forward). 7. Phebe,
born October 17, 1725.

(IV) Seth Richardson, son of Seth Richardson
(3), born at Attelboro. Massachusetts, May 26,
1723: married Sarah French. They lived at Attle-
boro and raised a family of eleven children, all of
whom married and had families. Children, were:
1. George, married Mary Fuller. 2. Lydia, mar-



ried Emerson Briggs. 3. Roxana, married Joseph
Parmenter. 4. Sarah, married Thomas Braman. 5.
Silas (see forward). 6. Nancy. 7. Phebe. 8.
French. 9. Rhoda. 10. Ira. 11. Seth, born August
•27. 1778: married Susanna A. Balcom.

(V) Silas Richardson, son of Seth Richardson
(4), born at Attleboro, 1762; died at Hardwick,
Massachusetts, February 1, 1829, aged sixty-seven
years. He came to Hardwick with neighbors, and
probably relatives, after the revolution, and settled
in the northwest part of the town near the farm of
David Richards, also from Attleboro. There were
also the Aliens and Pecks from Attleboro. Rich-
ardson married Abigail Thayer, November 26, 1789,
at Hardwick. (See Thayer family sketch herewith).
She died January 23, 1867, at the age of ninety-
seven. Children were: 1. Fanny, born May 19,
i~gi : married Samuel Thayer, of Dana, 1812. 2.
Nabby, born December 22, 1792 ; married Ebenezer
Richards, February 4, 1812 ; died January 24, 1868.
3. Seth (see forward). 4. Eunice, born January 10,
1S01 ; married Joel Whipple, September 2, 1821 ;
died at North Brookfield, October 9, 1869. 5. Sarah
!•".. born June 20, 1802 (or 1805): married James
P. Coolidge. May 29, 1829 ; died at North Brookfield,
December 6, 1S72. 6. Silas Peck, born January 2,
1807. 7. Anna F., born December 13, 1813 ; mar-
ried Jonas Allen, 1833 ; died January 9, 1864.

(VI) Seth Richardson, son of Silas Richardson
(5), born at Hardwick, Massachusetts, April 17,
1799: lived at Hardwick; died June 14 or 16, 1881.
Fie was a farmer. He married Alice Johnson, 1820,
(published April 3). She died February 16, 1S61,
aged sixty years. Their children were : William,
born 1820; married Louisa Lamb, July 4, 1841 ; she
died June 4. 1842, aged eighteen years, and he was
drowned September 28, 1852, aged thirty-two. Mary
J., born 1822: married John King, October 3, 1844;
died at Greenwich. May II, 1S78. Civilla Y., born
about 1826; died September 2, 1849, aged twenty-
two. Alonzo F. (see forward). Asa F.. born about
1852: Rhoda, born November, 1834; died August
14, 1835. aged nine months. Elizabeth, married
(first) Joseph Stevens; and had two children:
Kliza and Albert married (second) Philip John-
s' m, had one child, Alice. Ester, married Stephen
King, had one child, Ella. Mary, married L.
Nathan Stone of Dana, had one child: Fannie.
Sylus, died in Libby prison in '62 or '63.

(VII) Alonzo Frederick Richardson, son of
Seth Richardson (6), born at Hardwick, Massachu-

3, about 1828: settled at Hardwick, Massachu-
setts; married Martha Marsh, daughter of Marcus
Jefferson Marsh. February, 1863. Children were:
I. William Dexter, born July 21, 1863; married
Amelia Barry. They have two children: Ella M.,
born June 24. 1885, and Oscar S.. born July 5, 1891 ;
he is a wood-worker : resides at Ware, Massachu-
setts. 2. "Mary C. born November 23. 1865; mar-
ried George D. Warner, a farmer; resides at Hard-
wick. has nne son. 3. Albert F. (see forward).

(VIII) Albert Frederick Richardson, son of
Alonzo Frederick (7) and Martha (Marsh) Rich-
ardson, born at Hardwick. Massachusetts. March
26, 1868. He was educated in the public schools of
Hardwick. After he left school he learned the
carpenter's trade and worked at it for seven years,
in and about his native town. Then he came to
Worcester to live. In 1S04 he was appointed con-
ptable in Worcester and devoted all his time to the
duties of his office, having an office in the State
Mutual building in Worcester. He had the confi-
di nee ami good-will of the members of the Wor-
cester bar, with whom must of his business was
transacted, and when there was a vacancy in his

staff, in 1905, Sheriff Robert H. Chamberlain found
the lawyers united in favor of Mr. Richardson, and
appointed him a deputy. Under the Massachusetts
laws and procedure the deputy sheriff is an im-
portant official, vested with practically all the powers
and responsibilities of his chief. It requires a man
of extensive legal education and sound common-
sense to fill the office properly and acceptably. In
every sense of the word Mr. Richardson has proved
a capable and efficient officer. He married Grace
M. E. Allison, of Worcester, October 22, 1902.
They have one child, Madelyn L., born October 20,

(I) Thomas Thayer was one of the emigrant
ancestors of Albert F. Richardson, of Worcester.
He was born in Thornbury, England, and came to
this country before 1639. He was a shoemaker.
He settled at Braintree, Massachusetts, where he
had a grant of land, 1639, for a family of nine,
seventy-six acres in all. He married, at Thornbury,
April 13, 1618, Margerie Wheeler. He died June
2, 1665. His will is dated June 24, 1664, and proved
September 12, 1665. He mentioned his wife and
three sons. The widow died February 11, 1672-3.
His children were: 1. Thomas (see forward).
2. Ferdinando, baptized April iS, 1625. 3. Shad-
rach (Sydrick) baptized May 10, 1629. 4. Sarah,
married Jonathan Hayward.

(II) Thomas Thayer, son of Thomas Thayer
(1 ). born at Thornbury, England, and baptized there
September 15, 1622. He settled at Braintree and
was admitted a freeman 1647; died May 9, 1693,
aged over seventy years. His wife. Hannah, whom
he married at Thornbury, died February 7, 1698,
aged about seventy-three years. Their children
were: 1. Thomas, born in England. 2. Elizabeth,
born January 23, 1647. 3. Isaac, born September
7, 1654; died September 7, 1655. 4. John (see for-
ward. 5. Experience, born March 5, 1658. 6. Isaac
2d, born May 30, 1661. 7. Ebenezer, born July 7,
1665. 8. Deborah, died 1669.

(III) John Thayer, son of Thomas Thayer (2),
born at Braintree, Massachusetts. December 25,
1656; settled at Braintree; died December 19, 1746,
nearlv ninety years old. He married Mary Barr
in 1684-5; she died July 6. 1724. She wandered into
the woods while mentally unbalanced, and was not
found for fifty-three days, when she was very weak
and almost dead from the exposure and lack of
f 1. Their children were: 1. John (see for-
ward). 2. Henry, born August 1, 1688.

(IV) John Thayer, son of John Thayer (3),
born June 30. 1686; married (first) Mary Wales,
daughter of Elder Nathaniel Wales, April 8, 1714.
They settled in Braintree, Massachusetts. He mar-
ried (second) Lydia Wales, June, 1719. He died
October 22. 1747. His children were: I. Thomas,
born April 2, 1715 ; died April 15, 1715. 2. Joan-
nah, born December 1, 1716; died December 14,
1716. 3. Thomas 2d, born April 7, 1718. 4. Lydia,
born February 20. 1720; died December 15, 1728.
;. Mary, born February 20, 1720 (twin of preced-
ing). 6. Lemuel, born April 3, 1723. 7. John (see
forward). 8. Lydia, born August 12, 1728; mar-
ried Isaac Copeland 1744. had ten children; died
March 1799. 9. Judith, born December 25, 1730;
died [733 10. Elkanah. born January 1, 1733. 11.
Judith 2d, born December 25, 1734; married Seth
Thayer. 12. Elkanah. born August 13, 1737.

(V) John Thayer, son of John Thayer (4),
born March 1, 1725. at Braintree. Massachusetts;
married Rachel Skinner, 1749. They settled in
Mansfield, Massachusetts. He was a farmer. Their
children were: 1. Polly, born October 20, 1751.
2. John, born February 9, 1753. 3. Ephraim, born



March 25, 1755. 4. Rachel, 1758. 5. Samuel, born
February 5, 1761. 6. Benjamin, born August 13,
1765. 7. Abigail (see forward). 8. James, born
July 8, 1769. 9. William, born November 6, 1771.
10. Fanny (twin), born 1773. II. Nancy (twin),
born 1773.

(VI; Abigail Thayer, daughter of John Thayer
(5), born at Mansfield, Massachusetts, August '9,
1767; married Silas Richardson and they settled at
Hardwick, Massachusetts. (See Richardson Family
sketch in this workj.

(1), the immigrant ancestor of Jonathan Arthur
Hunt, of Westborough, Massachusetts, was from
Fitenden, Parish Lee, two miles from Wendover,
Buckshire, England. He was an early settler in
Rhode Island and was admitted a freeman in New-
port, 1638. He was a blacksmith by trade. He re-
moved to Weymouth, Massachusetts, where he was
settled in 1640, was a town officer in 1651 and had a
case in court, April 1, 1641. He died before 1047,
when his wife's lands are mentioned in deeds of
abutting tracts. Administration was granted to his
son Ephraim, November 18, 1852. The homestead
consisted of twenty-two acres in the Plain at Wey-

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