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July 9, 1714. He resided in Amesbury, but re-
moved to Warner, New Hampshire, about 1760.
He owned the covenant and was baptized at Ames-
bury, April 18, 1736. He married, February 6,
I 735-36» Mary Satterlee (Saturly or Slaterly), and
their children were : Susanna, born September 4,
1737', Elijah, born September 5, 1739, died January
22 > 1739-40; Elijah, born December 31, 1740, see
forward ; Judith, born May 17, 1742-43, married
Pasky Pressey and they were among the first set-
tlers of Warner, New Hampshire ; Betty, born Au-
gust 6, 1746, married Joshua Mitchell; Mary, born
July 19, 1751; Jacob, born April 8, 1754, married
Ruth Morse; Enoch, born October 16, 1759, died
October 30, 1759.

(V) Elijah Blaisdell, son of Enoch Blaisdell
(4), was born in West Amesbury, New Hampshire,
December 31, 1740. He lived in West Amesbury
and Warner, New Hampshire, whither he moved
before 1773. He was a soldier in the revolutionary
war, and died early, perhaps while in the army. He
married. March 14, 1759, Mary Sargent, and both
renewed their covenant with the Amesbury church
in 1760. They had two children : Parritt, baptized
March 30, 1760, married Ruth Ball ; served in the
revolution in Colonel Peabody's regiment in the
Rhode Island campaign in 1778 and enlisted again
in 1782 for three years; he removed to Vermont;
their children were: Ruth and Susan; Daniel, see

(VI) Hon. Daniel Blaisdell, son of Elijah Blais-
dell (5), was born January 29, 1762, died 1833. He
served in the revolutionary war when very young.
He settled in Canaan, New Hampshire, and became
one of the most prominent men in the state. He
was a lawyer by profession, and served in various
positions of honor and trust from the town offices
to secretary of state of New Hampshire and member
of congress. He married, January 29, 1782, Sarah
Springer, of Haverhill. She died June 10, 1839.
aged seventy-seven years. They had nine sons and
three daughters. Among their children was Par-
ritt, see forward.

(VII) Parritt Blaisdell, son of Hon. Daniel
Blaisdell (6), was born in Canaan, New Hamp-
shire. He settled in Orange, New Hampshire. He
was a farmer. He married Rhoda Currier and
their children were: Parritt, Jr., see forward;
Theophilus. James, Timothy, Guilford, Rhoda, Mary,
all of whom are now deceased.

(VIII) Parritt Blaisdell, son of Parritt Blais-
dell (7), was born in Orange, New Hampshire,
February 5, 1827. After leaving school at the age
of thirteen years he went to Lowell, Massachusetts,
to serve an apprenticeship with a machinist until
he was of age. Having mastered his trade at the
age of twenty he went to Salem, Massachusetts, to

C M^.^&&



work. In August, 1851, he came to Worcester,
Massachusetts, with Wood, Light & Co., and was
soon afterward made foreman of his department
with an exceptionally large salary. He built a ma-
chine shop on Jackson street in 1865 for himself
and began to manufacture machinist's tools there.
He was a very skillful mechanic and a good busi-
ness man, and with tireless energy he pushed his
little business to almost immediate success. ' After
the business had largely increased he took as part-
ner John P. Jones and later S. E. Hildreth. The
business of the Blaisdell firm became very large
and the reputation of the house for excellent goods
extended to all parts of the country where the goods
were sold. His business career was short. After
ten years, in which he accumulated a fortune, he
died April 14, 1874. The business was continued
by the other members of the firm.

He married, November, 1850, Sophia P. Hob-
son, of Salem, Massachusetts, a descendant of an
old Ipswich family. Having no children of their
own, they adopted William A. Blaisdell, who has
for many years been a member of the firm of P.
Blaisdell & Co., and is now one of the officers of
the new corporation which has absorbed the old
company. Mr. Blaisdell had strong religious views,
was ohe of the founders of the Church of the Dis-
ciples of Christ in Worcester, and was an elder of
the Worcester church. He was generous in his
gifts to charity. His widow died at her home, Ed-
ward street, Worcester, September 2, 1902.

William Alonzo Blaisdell, son of William W.
Flagg, adopted son of Parritt Blaisdell, was born
October 22, 1862, at Lebanon, New Hampshire. His
own father worked for the Concord & Manchester,
now the Boston & Maine Railroad between Concord
and White River Junction. He died when Will-
iam A., his son, was only four years old, and the
boy was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Parritt Blais-
dell. He had a sister, Lillian Flagg, born 1858.
She married Eugene Carby, and has one child, Rol-
and Carby, born 1897. They live at Melrose High-
lands, Massachusetts. Another sister, Imogene
Flagg, born 1856, married George Hartwell, died
about 1892 in Boston. William A. Blaisdell was
brought up in Worcester and received his education
in the public schools and in Hinman's Business Col-
lege. He learned the trade of machinist in his
father's shop, though he was only twelve years
old when his adopted father died. He went west
for a year, and on his return accepted a position
as foreman for the Morgan Construction Company,
remaining there five years. In 1898 he resigned to
return to P. Blaisdell & Co. to take charge of his
mother's interests in the business. Later he and
Charles E. Hildreth bought the interests of Jones
and Earle, who were partners in the company.

In 1005 P. Blaisdell & Co. was consolidated with
the Whitcomb Manufacturing Company, which
makes the same kind of goods. The new corpora-
tion is called the Whitcomb, Blaisdell Machine Tool
Co. and is organized under the laws of Massachu-
setts. The officers of the company are W. A. Whit-
comb, president ; Charles E. Hildreth, vice-presi-
dent and treasurer ; William A. Blaisdell, director.
Mr. Blaisdell has charge of the Blaisdell branch of
the company. The company has a first class equip-
ment, having a foundry and two machine shops.
Both were prosperous concerns for many years be-
fore consolidation. Mr. Blaisdell has shown busi-
ness ability of a high order in 'the conduct of the
business of P. Blaisdell & Co. Since the death of
his mother, September 2, 1902, he has taken an
active part in the business.

He married Emma E. Hait, of Patchogue, Long

Island, daughter of Calvin Hait, who went from
Connecticut to Long Island. They have no chil-
dren. They adopted Alice Jeannette Blaisdell,
daughter of Mrs. Blaisdell's brother, Lewis Hait.
She was born Febraury 12, 1892. He resides at 740
Pleasant street.

POLLOCK FAMILY. Samuel Pollock (1), an-
cestor of the Pollock family of Whitinsville, Massa-
chusetts, was of Scotch-Irish descent. There were
many immigrants of this family before the revolu-
tion. Several settled in Pennsylvania and their de-
scendants are numerous in that and neighboring
states. Governor Pollock, of Pennsylvania, was de-
scendant from one of these pioneers, President Polk
from another. The name Polk is one form of Pol-
lock. In Connecticut many of the family spell the
name Poulk. Although the relationship of the
various families in this country has not been studied
out by the genealogists, there seems to be no doubt
that the family had the same origin in the north of
Ireland. Presbyterian in religion and Scotch in
speech and customs, all the Pollocks among the
early settlers were probably related in some degree.

Samuel Pollock was born January 15, 1790. He
settled in Thompson, Connecticut, but removed to
Burnllville and then Smithfield, Rhode Island, then
to Whitinsville in the town of Northbridge, Massa-
chusetts. He died in Whitinsville, November 10,
1858. He married Philena VValkup, born in Upton,
Massachusetts, August 7, 1791, died in Whitinsville,
February 17, 1873, daughter of James Henderson
and Susan (McNamara) Walkup. Her mother was
the daughter of John and Ruth (Parkhurst) McNa-
mara. John McNamara was born in Dublin, Ireland,
111 1718, and died in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, Au-
gust 14, 1801; Ruth Parkhurst was born in Framing-
ham, Massachusetts, and died in Upton, Massachu-
setts. Susan McNamara, their only child, married
(first) Richard Congdon and (second) James Hen-
derson Walkup, of another Scotch-Irish family, who
was born in Framingham and died in Coleraine, Mas-
sachusetts, at the home of his son, George Walkup.
Children of James H. and Susan Walkup were :
Joseph, born at Upton, April 20, 1785, settled 111
New York; Lucy, born in Upton, June 9, 1786, died
at Stonington, Connecticut, October 14, 1880; mar-
ried Gaius Smith and had five children ; Betsey, born
in Upton, died in Randolph, Pennsylvania, May 3,
1873 ! married William Haight, who died at Ran-
dolph in 1858; Mary R., born at Upton, November
21, 17S9, died in Hudson, New Hampshire, October
7, 1858; married, May, 1821, Robert Follett, of Re-
hoboth, Massachusetts ; Philena, born August 7,
1791, see forward ; Ruth, born in Uxbridge, July
l 3, !798, married Barton Mowry, March, 1820; he
died June 4, 1873-74, and they had four children,
Sylvester, Harley, Origen and Rhanaldo Mowry.

Children of Samuel and Philena (Walkup) Pol-
lock were: 1. Susan Congdon, born in Burrillville,
Rhode Island, February 8, 1810, died September 12,
1892. 2. James Madison, born December 2, 1812,
see forward. 3. Horace, born October 17, 1814, died
in Carthage, New York, August 24, 1859; married
Lydia A. Foster, of New York, and she died in
Granby, New York, April 17, 1885, having seven
children : Martha Jane, born October 6, 1840, mar-
ried and lives in Minnesota; James Henry, born in
Clayville, New York, July 27, 1845: Charles R.,
born March 26, 1848, died October 6, 1852; Mary
E., born May 1, 1850, married and lived 111 Mart-
ville. New York ; Olive A., born in Clayville, New
York, June 10, 1852, married and lived in Oswego
City, New York; Louisa P., born in Granby, New
York, March 26, 1855, -died April 17. 1876; Elva A.,

1 64


born in Carthage. New York, November 25, 1857,
married and lived in Dexterville, New York. 4.
Betsey, born October 10, 1816, died May 10, 1818.
5. Richard C, born February 12, 1819, died in Ux-
bridge, December 21, 1843; married Asenath Taft,
of Uxbridge, born September 21, 1820, died at
Whitinsville, May 18, 1843 ; had one child, Emma
Adelaide, born in Southbridge, Massachusetts, June
1, 1842, married, August 17, 1871, Hudson Smith, of
Pomfret, Connecticut. 6. Alexander born in Burrill-
ville, Rhode Island, July 12, 1820, died in Whitins-
ville, March 15, 1875 ; married, February 29, 1844,
Annie Evans Simmons, of Coventry, Connecticut ;
she died August 13, 1889; they had five children —
Harriet Augusta, born at Grafton, Massachusetts,
August 27, 1847, married Henry W. Leonard, of
Worcester, March 12, 186S, had Harry A. Leonard,
born in Whitinsville, November 7, 1869; she married
(second) Captain James Emerson, at Biddeford,
Maine, May I, 1874; George Nelson, born in Whit-
insville, July 4, 1849, married Eliza A. Turner, of
Maine, April 7, 1871, and had four children: Annie
Bell, born December 18, 1871 ; Flora Eliza, born
March 1, 1873 ; George Ambrose, born July 7, 1874,
died August 25, 1874; Carrie May, born May 8, 1877,
died young; Mary Ella, born in Coventry, Connecti-
cut, April 26, 1851, died in Jacksonville, Florida,
April 1, 1877; married, June 29, 1867, Stuart R.
Graham; Nellie E., born in Uxbridge, December 25.
1859, died March 15, i860; Willie Lincoln, born in
Whitinsville, February 4, 1865, married, June 19,
1895, Louise M. Smith. 7. Mary Ellen born in Smith-
field, Rhode Island, July 22, 1823, died in Tolland,
Connecticut, May 22, 1889; married Lucius J. Phil-
lips, of South Coventry, Connecticut, April 9, 1S40.
and they have two children — Mary Ellen Phillips,
born in Whitinsville, December 12, 1847, married
David A. Conant, of Mansfield, Connecticut, Decem-
ber 12, 1866, and have one child, Lucius P. Phillips,
born at Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts ; Alice
Matilda, born in Whitinsville, August 19, 1859, mar-
ried, February 25, 1889, Dr. Willard Simmons, of
Tolland, Connecticut. 8. Henrietta Frost, born in
Smithfield, December 10, 1825, died July 29, 184:1.
9. Charles Henry, born January 8, 1829, see for-
ward. 10. George H. born in Northbridge. Mas
chusetts, December 23, 1831, died February 16,
1832. 11. Alphronia Maria, born in Northbridge,
June 5, 1833, married, April 16, 1868, Henry Warren
Butler, of Pomfret, Connecticut.

(II) James Madison Pollock, son of Samuel
Pollock (1), was born in Burrillville, Rhode Island,
December 2, .1812, died in Whitinsville, Massachu-
setts May 5, 1884. He settled in Whitinsville when
a young man and lived there nearly fifty years. Ik-
had a common school education and spent his early
years on a farm. In April, 1831, he went to wori
for Paul Whitin & Sons as spinner in the old brick
mill by the bridge and afterward assisted in start-
ing up the new stone mill. Later he entered the
machine shop and had charge of setting up the
spinning frames, and served his employers faith-
fully and capably in this capacity until 1SS0, when
ill health compelled him to retire from active daily
labor. It has been said of him: "Throughout his
long life he was kind and generous to all, exercising
true Christian charity in its highest and broadest
sense. During his last years and especially during
the past few months he has quietly and patiently
awaited the summons of the Messenger to pass on
to the Bourne from which no traveler returns,
confident and fully assured that it would be well
with him through the sustaining faith of Christ's
promises." He married Marcy Bassett Williams, in
1832. She was born in Northbridge, October 21,

181 1, and died in Whitinsville, November 3, 1886.
Their children : Charles Edward, born April 4,
1833, see foward; Eliza Ann, born October 21, 1835,
died February 6, 1841.

(II) Charles Henry Pollock, son of Samuel
Pollock (1), was born at Blackstone, Massachusetts,
January 8, 1829, died February 20, 1905. He settled
in Norwich, Connecticut, and married there Drusilla
P. Fletcher, November 6, 1854- He was superintend-
ent of the painting department of the mills for forty-
five years. In politics he was a Republican. He
was a good citizen, a man of quiet, domestic tastes,
having the esteem and confidence of his townsmen.
The children: Alphonson Borilla, born at Nor-
wich, Connecticut, March 5, 1856, died September 1,
1856; Susan Maria, born in Norwich, November 7,

(III) Charles Edward Pollock, son of James
Madison Pollock (2), was born in Millbury, Massa-
chusetts, April 4, 1833. He removed with his parents
when he was only ten weeks old to Whitinsville,
attended the public schools there and the Macomber
school at Uxbridge, and lived the remainder of his
life at Whitinsville. He went to work under his
father in the Whitin Machine Works and eventually
succeeded him as foreman of the department for
setting up spinning frames. For more than ' forty
years he was employed by the company, retiring
some four years before his death. During the last
years of his life he spent the winters in the south
with his wife and daughter. He was a member of
the Uxbridge Lodge of Odd Fellows. In politics he
was a Republican and served on the board of select-
men of Northbridge for several years. Mr. Pollock
was esteemed and respected not only by his neigh-
bors and friends but by the hundreds of men who
worked under him. His was the largest department
in the works, and in a concern where the relations
of employers and employed have always been close
to the ideal he was especially popular. He died
suddenly June 19, 1903, from paralysis. He was a
man of excellent qualities and sterling character,
one of the best citizens of the town.

He married, 1852, Cordelia Sherman Roper, of
a famous Worcester county family, which settled at
Princeton and Sterling in that county. (See sketch
of Roper family.) (Marcellus Roper of Worcester.)
The children: 1. Eliza A., born in Whitinsville,
February 25, 1855, died November 5, 1902; married
Charles V. Dudlev and had three children, Frances
O., Eliza P., Gladys. (See sketch of Charles Virgil
Dudley and family.) 2. Ida Medora, born in Whitins-
ville, April 12, 1858, teacher in the public schools.
3. Edith Marion, born in Whitinsville, November
10, 1874, married John O. Nutter (see sketch of
the Nutter family).

(Ill) George Nelson Pollock, son of Alexander
Pollock, and grandson of Samuel Pollock (1), was
born in Whitinsville, July 4, 1849. He was edu-
cated in the public schools and learned the painter's
trade. He has followed the painting business suc-
cessfully. He is a member of the First Congrega-
tional Church and in politics is a Republican.

He married, April 7, 1871, Eliza A. Turner,
daughter of Lemuel Turner, of Maine. Their chil-
dren : Annie Bell, born December 18, 1871, mar-
ried A. D. Monroe, druggist, at Whitinsville, and
had one child, Harold, who died aged four years,
and another who died in infancy. 2. Flora Eliza,
born March 1, 1873, graduate of the Whitinsville
high school, took oife year course at Becker's Busi-
ness College at Worcester, is now assistant teller
of the Whitinsville National Bank. 3. George Am-
brose, born July 7, 1874, died August 25, 1874. 4-
Carrie May, born May 8, 1877, died same year.



.ALBERT H. WHIPPLE. Matthew Whipple,
immigrant ancestor of Albert H. Whipple, of Whit-
insville, Massachusetts, lived at Bocking, Essex
county, England, where he died about 1618. He
bequeathed to his eldest son, Matthew ; to his son
John and other children, as named below; to thi>
sister, wife of Richard Rathbone. Children :
Matthew, see forward. John, born 1605, died June
30, 1669 ; had a large tract of land at Ipswich in
1639 and was a man of wealth and high standing;
admitted freeman May 13, 1640, deputy to the gen-
eral court 1640-41-42-45-50 to 1653; deacon and rul-
ing elder of the church; cfcrk of writs in 1642;
ancestor of many of the Massachusetts families of
this surname. Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, Joan,

(II) Matthew Whipple, son of Matthew Whip-
ple (1), was born in Essex county. England, about
1600. He and his brother, John Whipple, were for
many years leading citizens of Ipswich, Massa-
chusetts. His home place was near the present First
Church, at the corner where Miss Sarah P. Cald-
well's house stands (1906). He was on a com-
mittee to further trade in 1641 with his brother
John, Governor Bradstreet, Mr. Saltonstall, Robert
Payne, Captain Denison and Mr. Tuttle, all famous
pioneers. They had the care of buoys and beacons
in the harbor, of providing salt and cotton, of sow-
ing hemp and flax seed. As early as 1638 he and
brother owned over two hundred acres of land
in the Hamlet, now Hamilton. Massachusetts. He
was twice married, his children being by the first
wife. He married (second), November 13, 1648,
Rose Chute, probably widow of Lionel Chute. His
will was made May 7, 1645, before his second mar-
riage, at the time of which he made a codicil giv-
ing to his wife Rose the estate she had before mar-
riage to him and ten pounds beside. The will was
proved September 28, 1647. Besides his children
he mentioned the elders, Nathaniel Rogers and John
Norton. He left a large estate, yet his house, barn
and four acres of land was inventoried at the same
value as six bullocks that he owned. The inventory,
published in Water's Ipswich, indicates that he was
military. He had three muskets, three bandoliers,
three swords, and two rests, a fowling piece, "cost-
lett"-armor, pike and sword, rapier, halberd and bill.
His children: John, see forward; Joseph, died
1708-09, had fourteen children; Matthew, married,
December 10, 1657, died October 20, 1658; Mary.
married Richard Jacob ; Anna ; Elizabeth, married
Jacob Perkins.

(III) Lieutenant John Whipple, son of Matthew
Whipple (2), was born in England, about 1632,
baptized September 6, 1632, and died at Ipswich,

November 22, 1695. He married (first) Sarah ,

who died June 14, 1658; (second), May 5, 1659,
Elizabeth Woodman; (third) Mary Reyner. He
was a lieutenant of the Ipswich company, deputy
to the general court four years. His will was dated
August 15, 1687, and proved December 23, 1695,
mentioning the children, as given below : Sarah,
married, March 30, 1674, Henry Short, died Decem-
ber 28, 1691 ; John, see forward ; Elizabeth, born
December 12, 1661, married Jonathan Putnam;
Matthew, born May 29, 1664, died May 28, 1736;
Joseph, born September 17, 1665, died December 14,
1729; Mary, born May II, 1667, married Ensign
Thomas Jacobs ; Hannah ; Cyprian, born January
17, 1671 ; Anna, born October 29, 1675.

(IV) Captain John Whipple, son of John
Whipple (3), was born in Ipswich. March 30, 1660,
died there June n. 1722. He married (first) Han-
nah , who died October 20, 1701 : (second),

April 14, 1703, Joanna Potter. Administration on

his estate was granted to his son John, August 28,
I7- 22 - The settlement, dated April 3, 1723, was signed
by John and his stepmother. The only children:
Hannah, born June 30, 1692; John, see forward.

(V) Captain John Whipple, son of Captain John
Whipple (4), was born at Ipswich, Massachusetts,
December 16, 1695, died January 16, 1769. The
following children were mentioned in his will: John.
William. Samuel. Thomas, born 1753, see for-
ward. Benjamin, was an early settler at Dunbarton,
New Hampshire; father of Captain Benjamin
Whipple, a prominent citizen of Dunbarton; Sam-
uel, who lived at Page's Corners ; John, born at
Hamilton, January 21, 1789, graduate of Dartmouth,
1812, register of deeds, secretary of New England
Fire Insuraance Company, county solicitor two
terms, married a sister of Hon. Salmon P. Chase.
Martha. Elizabeth. Hannah.

(VI) Thomas Whipple, son of Captain John
Whipple (5), was born in Ipswich or Hamilton,
1753. He was a farmer. He removed to Dunbarton,
New Hampshire, about 1800, and spent the re-
mainder of his days there. He married Molly
(Dane) Ellingwood, widow of William Ellingwood,
whom she married July 17, 1776. He was born
January 6, 1749-50, son of Joshua, grandson of
William, great-grandson of Benjamin, who was the
son of the immigrant, Ralph Ellingwood, a sketch
of whom will be found elsewhere in this work.
The children of William and Molly (Dane) Elling-
wood were: Mary: Fanny Ellingwood, married
Henry Larcom, grandfather of William F. Abbot ;
teacher in the Classical high school, Worcester.
Molly Dane was born July 6, 1758, died November
10, 1839. Her brother, Nathan Dane (Harvard
1778), was the founder of Dane Hall, Cambridge,
"tie of the famous University buildings, the old
Harvard law school. Her lineage: Mollv (VI),
Daniel (V), John (IV), John (III), John (II),
John (I) Dane, of Roxbury, Massachusetts, who
emigrated from Barkhamstead, England.

Thomas Whipple died at Dunbarton, April 16,
1827, aged seventy-four years. Their children : Bet-
sey, born November 9, 1789, died September 21,
1X73: married, November 14, 181 1, Ezekial Ryder, at
Dunbarton. Abigail Dane, born October 9, 1790,
died November 3, 1879; married John Bunten, March
30. 1829. Anna Dane, born October 9, 1793, died
July 10, 1847; married. March 5. 1814. Bradford
Burnham; they were the grandparents of United
States Senator Burnham, of New Hampshire, and
of Dr. Burnham. of Clark University, Worcester.
Sarah, born about 1795, died July 31. 1827: mar-
ried. November 11. 1813, Richard Merrill. William
Ellingwood, born December, 1797, see forward.

(VII) William Ellingwood Whipple, son of
Thomas Whipple (6), was born at Dunbarton, New
Hampshire, December, 1797, died December 14, 1861.
He succeeded to the family homestead and spent
his days on the farm at Dunbarton. He married
(first), November 23, 1823, Sally Colby; (second),
about 1846. Philena Morse; (third) Asenath Fuller.
He was an Orthodox Congregationalist in religion,
as his fathers and forefathers had been. The only
child of the second marriage was : Frank, who
died in infancy. The children of William E. and
Asenath (Fuller) Whipple: Albert H., see for-
ward ; Frederick, born and settled in the west.

(VIII) Albert H. Whipple, son of William Ell-
ingwood Whipple (7), was born on the old Whipple
homestead in Dunbarton, New Hampshire, Jan-
uary 17, 1853. At the time of his father's death,
when he was about twelve, he went with relatives
to live in Elyria, Ohio. He received a common
school education in his native town, and in Ohio,

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