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terested chiefly in the work of the Presbyterian
church, of which he was an earnest and devoted
member and liberal supporter. His place of busi-
ness was at 69 Beekman street, and his residence at
the time of his death was on West One-hundred-and-
twenty-fifth street, New York city. In his' will he
bequeathed very generously to each of the Home
and Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian church ;
the trustees of the church Erection Fund of the
Presbyterian church ; the Presbyterian hospital and
Hamilton College; to the American Female Guar-
dian Society and to the Board of Education of the
Presbyterian church ; the Trustees or Board of Pub-
lication of the Presbyterian church ; the Board of
City Missions and Tract Society; Harlem Union
Mission ; the New York Port Society. He gave to
complete the tower on the Church of the Puritans,
provided the tower was completed in five years and
the church held the same denomination.

He married, at Rome. New York. May 10, 1839,
Frances M. Blair, who died at Rome, September 2,
1844. Joseph married (second), at Rome, October
I, 1846, Ann Frances Draper, who died at New York


J 73

city, April 15, 1871. Joseph A. Dudley died at New
York city, April 22, 1884. Child of Joseph Amasa
and Frances M. Dudley was : Anna Lauretta, born
January 5, 1844, married Clarence Edgar Oakley,
at New York, April 6, 1869; residing 1906 at Buffalo,
Minnesota; their children are — Grace K., born at
Hudson City, New York, November 7, 1870, died
at New York, October 21, 1871 ; Egbert Simmons,
born at New York, October 13, 1872; Frances Blair,
born at Buffalo, Minnesota, November 12, 1875 ;
Walter L., born at Buffalo, September 13, 1878;
Clara Lauretta, born at Buffalo, November 12, 1883.
Children of Joseph A. and Ann Frances Dudley
were : James Whitin, born at Rome, 1847.
Eliza Holmes, born June 7, 1850, married
William S. Lyon, at New York, October 13, 1874;
she died at New York, November 10, 1879. Charles
Virgil, born at Rome, September 2, 1852, see for-
ward. William Blair, born at Brooklyn, New York,
November 25, 1857, married Ellie Weeks Roberts,
at New York, October 7, 1884; she died at New
York, December 23, 1890, leaving one child — Virgil
Roberts, born at New York, June 20, 1887.

(VI) Paul Whitin Dudley, son of Amasa Dud-
ley (5), was born in Amesterdam, New York, April
3, 1817. His childhood like that of his elder brother
was spent in Whitinsville, Manchaug, and Ux-
bridge. He attended the common schools and the
academy at Uxbridge. He got his early training as
a merchant in his father's store at Uxbridge, and he
was associated with his father in business until 1840,
when he took charge of the store of P. Whitin &
Sons at Whitinsville. He held this position until
the firm was dissolved in 1864, when he formed a
partnership with Charles P. Whitin and the busi-
ness was continued under the firm name of P. W.
Dudley & Company. Mr. Dudley had the active
management of this business all the remainder of
his life. He died at Whitinsville, July 1, 1872. Mr.
Dudley was prominent in church and public affairs
as well as in business circles. He was chairman of
the board of selectmen of Northbridge, of which
Whitinsville is a part, in the years of the civil war,
1862 to 1865 inclusive, declining a re-election the
following year. He was for many years a director
of the First National Bank.

He joined the Congregational church at Whitins-
ville when he came to that village in 1846, and was
to the hour of his death a sincere, active and gener-
ous member of the church. He was chosen deacon
January 11, 1866, and continued in that office until
his death. He was superintendent of the Sunday
school for some time. A friend who knew him well
wrote of him : "He was a benevolent man. Hating
waste, he used his means most generously and con-
scientiously for every good cause and for individual
need. Not content with giving of his means, he
gave personal service freely. Many can witness of
these deeds of personal service, especially during and
after the war, for soldiers and their families. No
good cause or deserving person ever appealed to
him in vain. He was especially active in the temper-
ance cause. At the time ot his death he was presi-
dent of the Worcester South Temperance
Union and a member of the State Temperance
Alliance. To this cause he gave freely of his
time and money. * * * He did the most trying
duties in such an honest and gentle way as to com-
mand the respect of those whom he might have to
rebuke or antagonize. All knew and felt that there
was not a trace of malice or harshness in the man."
Mr. Dudley married Sarah A. Tobey, of Worces-
ter, October 19, 1842. Their children were: 1.
Henry M., born in Uxbridge, August 12, 1846. died
June, 1876; graduate of Williston Seminary, East-

hampton, Massachusetts, 1865, and from the Shef-
field Scientific School of Yale College in 1868; he
opened a drug store in Whitinsville and was in busi-
ness there seven years, removing then to Woon-
socket, Rhode Island, where he was in the drug
business until his death ; he was a member of Woon-
socket Commandery, Knights Templar, of the Woon-
socket Business Men's Association, of Mt. Hope
Lodge, New England Order of Protection, of the
Royal Society of Good Fellows, of Ames Lodge, A.
O. U. W., and an associate member of the Sons of
Brown, the first elected in that organization; he was
a skillful chemist and pharmacist. 2. Herbert H.,
has been on the school committee and board of se-
lectmen and is at present town treasurer. 3. Sarah
Jane, graduate of Wheaton Seminary, organizer of
the Samaritan Association of Whitinsville. 4. Walter
Whitin, educated at Greylock Academy in South
Williams town.

(VII) Charles Virgil Dudley, son of Joseph
Amasa Dudley (6), was born in Rome, New York,
September 2, 1852. He was educated in the public
schools of New York city and in Highland Military
Academy. He and his cousin H. H. Dudley, men-
tioned above, were associated together in the man-
agement of a general store. Charles Virgil was en-
gaged in the business twenty-five years when he
withdrew. He spent two years in travel in various
parts of this country. Since his return to Whitins-
ville he has been connected with the Whitin Machine
Works on repairs and in the shipping department.
In politics Mr. Dudley is a Republican. He has
served the town of Northbridge as overseer of the
poor one term. He has been representative to the
general court from the district of which Whitins-
ville is part. He was on the state fish committee
in 1900. Mr. Dudley and his family attend the Con-
gregational church.

He married, at Whitinsville, September 19, 1878,
Eliza A. Pollock. Their children, all born in Whit-
insville, were: I. Frances Orleana, born July 10,
1880, attended the Northbridge high school two
years and the Bradford Academy. 2. Eliza Pollock,
born July 17, 1883, attended the Northbridge high
school three years and Abbot Academy. 3.
Gladys, born August 18, 1886, attended the North-
bridge high school three and a half years, now
student at Abbot Academy.

born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. December 29, 1855,
and received his education in the public schools of
that city. When he was seventeen years old the fam-
ily removed to Adams, Massachusetts, and he en-
tered the employ of a woolen manufacturer, where
he learned the manufacturing business in a practical
way, going through the different departments. In
1881 he accepted a position in the woolen mill of
W. E. Hayward, East Douglas, Massachusetts.
Within three years, February 1, 1884, he was pro-
moted by Mr. Hayward from the position of over-
seer to superintendent of the mill. Since 1892 Mr.
Schuster has been a large stockholder in the mill
company, having acquired the interests formerly
owned by Moses Taft. But Air. Schuster is best
known in the textile world for his organization and
development of the Schuster Woolen Campany.
The plant of this company is situated about a mile
from the center of East Douglas. No money or
pains were spared in making the mill thoroughly ef-
ficient and modern. The company produces a su-
perior grade of dress goods and the very best and
latest machinery was installed. The plant is really
handsome and attractive in appearance in addition
to its other good points. The people of Douglas

1 74


are naturally proud of having this model plant in
their village. It is a constant reminder of the
energy and success of a valued citizen. Mr. Schus-
ter is also vice-president and director of the Forest-
dale Cotton Company, director of the Charles River
Woolen Company, a director of the Uxbridge Na-
tional Bank and a trustee of the Uxbridge Savings
Bank. Although his business interests are diversi-
fied and pressing. Mr. Schuster has given time to
serve the town in several important positions. In
1902 he was representative to the general court
from his district, in 1906 elected to the senate from
the fourth Worcester district, and has been a mem-
ber of the board of selectmen nine years. He is a
trustee for life of the Douglas public library. In
politics lie is a Republican, and is chairman of the
Republican town committee. The only secret so-
ciety to which Mr. Schuster belongs is the Doug-
las Lodge of Free Masons. Mr. Schuster is in-
terested in athletics and sports. No man is more
popular among the young men of the town and none
more respected by the older men. He is blunt and
straightforward in his methods, modest and retir-
ing in his disposition, yet naturally a leader of men
and director of affairs.

Mr. Schuster married, September 20, 1888, Ida
M. Johnson, daughter of Smith and Eliza (Morse)
Johnson. She died June 26, 1901, leaving one child,
Marie, born June 28, 1893.

well (1) was the emigrant ancestor of Isaac Burr
Hartwell, of Rochdale, Massachusetts, and of all
the other Hartwell families of colonial ancestry
in this country. He came to Concord, Massachu-
setts, in 1836, when he was twenty-three years
old. He was born in England in 1613. He was
admitted a freeman of Concord in 1642. In 1653
he was one of the petitioners for the grant of the
town of Chelmsford, Massachusetts. He was active
in the militia that was so necessary to preserve
the lives of the colonists. In 1671 he was corporal
of the company and in 1673 quartermaster. He died
March 12, 1690. at the age of seventy-seven years.
His will mentions his four children : Sarah, Martha,
John and Samuel. His wife Jazan died August
5. 1695. She was born in England in 1608. Their
children were: Sarah, died July 8. 1674; married,
April 18, 1661, Benjamin Parker, of Billerica, who
died January 17, 1671-72. Samuel, born March 26,
1645. John, born December 23, 1640, died of small
pox. January 12. 1702-03; married, June 1, 1664,
Priscilla, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth
Wright; she died December 16, 1704. He served
in King Philip's war as a private in Captain Thomas
Wheeler's company at Brookfield. He was admitted
a freeman March 21, 1689-90. Martha, born April
25, 1649, died before her father.

(II) Samuel Hartwell. son of William Hart-
well (1), was horn March 26, 1645. at Concord,
Massachusetts, died July 26, 1725. He married,
October 26. 1665. Ruth Wheeler, daughter of George
and Catherine Wheeler, of Concord. She was born
February, 1641-42. died December 9. 1713. He mar-
ried (second) Rebecca , who died January 23,

1721-22. He married (third), February 6, 1724,
Elizabeth Fletcher, of Chelmsford, who was born
June to. 1608. died October 4. 1732. He was a
soldier in King Philips; war and was probably a
participant in the celebrated "Hungry March" dur-
ing that famous war. He settled in Concord. Mas-
sachusetts, where his children were born. Children
of Samuel and Ruth Hartwell were: 1. Samuel,
born October 6. 1666. 2. Mary, born February 16,
1667-68, died March 14. 1738-39; married, Novem-

ber 1, 1688, John Parling, of Concord. 3. Ruth,
born October 17, 1669, died July, 1756, left estate
to Ephraim Hartwell (IV). 4. William, born Au-
gust 16, 1671, died December 11, 1742; married

Ruth , who was born 1674, died February 17,

1752, resided in what is now Bedford, Massachu-
setts, in 1729. 5. John, born June 18, 1673, died

November 16, 1746; married Deborah , who died

June 15, 1744, aged sixty-eight; married (second),
December 3, 1744, Mary Hill, widow of Jonathan
Hill, of Billerica, who after his death married Cap-
tain Isaac Hartwell, of Oxford; had no children.
6. Hannah, born October 7, 1675, died January 5,
1755; married, February 13, 1695-96, Thomas Hos-
mer, of Concord, who was born July 6, 1672. 7.
Jane, born November 30, 1684, died young. 8. Jona-
than, born 1686, died December 9, 1770; married,
June 11, 1713, Hannah Blanchard, of Concord, who
was born 1690, died January 1, 1763; he married
(second) Hannah Willard, who died January 15,
1771, removed to a farm in Littleton, Massachu-
setts, where he settled and left numerous de-

(Ill) Samuel Hartwell, son of Samuel Hart-
well (2), was born in Concord, October 6, 1666,
died November 27. 1644. Married, November 29,
1692, Abigail Stearns, of Cambridge, Massachusetts,
who died May II, 1709; married (second) Rebecca

, who died April 19, 1714; married (third)

Margaret Tompkins, widow of , and daugh-
ter of Tompkins; she died April 5, 1723; mar-
ried (fourth) Experience Tarbox, who survived
him. In 1694 he bought of Richard Rice part of the
present Hartwell farm in Lincoln and was living
in that section of Concord in 1696. He is buried
in the old burying ground known as the Hill grave-
yard in Concord village. The children of Samuel
Hartwell w : ere : 1. Samuel, born November 12, 1693.
2. Abigail, born November 27, 1695, married Will-
iam Wheeler; they lived at Stoughton, Massachu-
setts: he died July 16, 1773. 3. Joseph, born August
11. 1698, died February 6, 1786; went to Dorchester,
Massachusetts, 1725; married. December 5, 1725,
Mary Tolman, of Dorchester, who was born Octo-
ber 4, 1697, died November 10, 1782. He bought a
farm the same year as his brother Samuel in what
is now Canton ; the farm of William Sherman ad-
joined and both farms have been bought by the
town of Canton to use as a poor farm. William
Sherman was the father of Roger Sherman, emi-
nent revolutionary father, signer of the Declara-
tion of Independence, etc. Joseph Hartwell was
deacon of the church at Canton. 4. Mary, born
January 13, 1700-01, married Cutler, of Lex-
ington. 5. Isaac, born November 22, 1703, died
December 6. 1786; married Abigail Bacon, who died
May 30, 1733; married (second) Mary, widow of
his uncle. John Hartwell, of Bedford, and former
widow of Jonathan Hill, of Billerica, maiden name
Brackett, who died 1757; married (third) Phebe
Brewer, maiden name of whom was Locke, who
died 1796 in Ashby, Massachusetts. He removed
to Oxford in 1734 and bought the farm now or
recently owned by George W. Hartwell. He was
rather stern and severe and never forgave his
brother Ephraim for having preference in bequests
from his father and others. He was preparing to
go to Lexington and cleaned his gun for service
notwithstanding his age. He was persuaded with
difficulty to remain at home. 6. Ephraim. born
Januarv 14. 1706-07, died May 7, 1793: married,
1732, Elizabeth Heywood, of Concord, Massachu-
setts, who was born June 3. 1714. died January 30,
1803. As the youngest son he remained at home
on the farm and was preferred in his father's will,



being the residuary legatee. In his will made in
17S6 he bequeathed a slave Violet to his wife. In
1735 he received a grant of the Narragansett lands
in recognition of the service of his grandfather
in King Philip's war. He was a tavern keeper.
7. Lydia, born May 2, 1709, married before Febru-
ary 20, 1731-32, Shepard, of Concord.

(IV) Samuel Hartwell, son of Samuel Hart-
well (3), was born in Concord, Massachusetts,
November 12, 1693. He resided in that part of
Dorchester that subsequently became Stoughton and
later Canton, Massachusetts. He was one of the
first members of the new church of which Rev.
Joseph Morse was pastor. His farm was situated
on the Sharon line on the Walpole road, near
Hartwell brook. In 1733 he served as an appraiser
of the estate of the Rev. Joseph Morse. He re-
moved in 1736 to West Bridgewater, Massachu-
setts, and was made highway surveyor of the town
the same year. In 1746 he bought of Thomas Hey-
wood a farm in the north part of the parish on
which in later days the Copeland & Hartwell shoe
factory was erected. He died December 25, 1760,
of small pox. taken from a hired man who had re-
turned too soon from the pest house. His wife
Hannah died April 19, 1736, in Canton, Massa-
chusetts. Their children were : 1. Abigail, born
January 26. 1717-18, died October I, 1743; married,
December 8, 1735, Nathaniel Adams, of Stoughton
(later Canton). 2. Jonas, born September 29, 1721.
3. Nathan, born May 31, 1724, died January 27,
1811 ; married October 16, 1746, Susannah Field, of
Bridgewater, born May 8, 1726. died August 6,
1758; married (second), 1761, Betty Cushman, born
August, 1735, died February 28, 1762; married
(third), June 9, 1762, Sarah Bonney, of Pembroke;

married (fourth) Caval. He was a house-

wright. He settled near his father's place, later
removed probably to Pembroke or Plympton, Mas-
sachusetts. He returned later in life and died at
Bridgewater. 4. Sarah, born March 26, 1726, mar-
ried, December 25. 1768, Joseph Carver, Jr., of
Bridgewater, born March 23, 1727. 5. Experience,
born January 21, 1732-33, married Jonathan Leach,
of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, born November 20,
1741 (other date given is July 26, 1742). 6. Mar-
tha, born May 8, 1735. married. October 28. 1756,
Joshua Packard, of Bridgewater, born July 20,
1730-31 (possibly August 10, 1735).

(V) Jonas Hartwell, son of Samuel Hartwell
(4), was born September 29. 1721, at Stoughton,
Massachusetts. He married Ruhanah Fennn, of
Stoughton, who was born in 1731, and died January
25, 1792. She was the widow of Josiah Snell.
Jonas Hartwell settled on that part of his farm
where the shoe factory of Copeland & Hartwell now
stands. It has been known since 1746 as the Hart-
well farm. He died February 18, 1761, of small
pox, and was buried in the same grave with his
father. Children of Jonas and Ruhanah were: I.
Isaac, born November 27, 1752, died June 2, 1831 :
married, February i. 1775, Abihal Lathrop, of
Bridgewater, born February 4, 1758, died January
18, 1857, nearly a hundred years old, and her father
was still older when he died. Isaac was a mill-
wright by trade. He was a lieutenant in the revolu-
tion. He built the old Boston mill dam which
flooded the Back Bay, now almost entirely covered
with buildings and comprising the best section of
the city of Boston, all built on made land in Hart-
well's old mill pond. 2. Lucinda, born February
18, 1808. married, September 6, 1832, Moses E. Ham-
len, of Augusta, Maine, born July 26, 1807, painter
and glazier by trade, member of the city govern-
ment of Augusta for several years. 3. Samuel, born

i" 1755- 4- Hannah, born May 21, 1758, died Janu-
ary 30. 1701, second victim of the small pox in
the family at this time. 5. Jonas, born March 30,
1761, graduate of Dartmouth College, 1787, minister,

settled at Kittery, Maine ; married Smallcorn,

and she married (second) Captain Turner, of Ports-
mouth, New Hampshire.

(VI) Samuel Hartwell, son of Jonas Hartwell
(S), was born in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Sep-
tember 8, 1755, died June 10, 1826. He married,
November 10, 1782, Susannah Burr, of Norton,
Massachusetts, born in 1765 and died December
-<>■ 1833. In 1783 he removed to Oxford, Massa-
chusetts, to live with his uncle, Isaac Hartwell,
who was then eighty years old. He served in the
revolutionary army and was at the battle of Con-
cord, April 19, 1775. Samuel Hartwell became an
influential and important citizen of Oxford. He
was a magistrate. His docket as justice of the
peace, now in the hands of his family, contains the
entries of the marriages of five of his own children.
Not many men officiate at the marriages of so many
"t their children. The Hartwell homestead at Ox-
ford on which he lived has been the home of the
Hartwells since 1729. His children were: 1. Cyrus,
born November 8, 1783, died February 9, 1817;
graduated at Dartmouth College, 1806, New Hamp-
shire Medical Institute, 1S09. commenced to prac-
tice in 1809 at Parsippany, New Jersey. Married,
June 3, 1816, Catherine Righter, who died June 13,
1884. 2. Jonas, born January 2, 1786, married Mary
Sumner, who died 1819 ; their children died young ;
married (second) Thankful Briggs, widow; he was
a grocer; died December 25, 1869. 3. Asenath, born
December 5, 1788, died March, 1873 ; married, May
31, 1S12, Richard Moore, of Oxford, born May 31,
1786, died November 8, 1819; married (second),
August 19, 1821, Samuel Smith, of Oxford. 4.
Irene, born December 22, 1790, died May 20, 1876;
married, April 6, 1814. Charles Nichols, of Wor-
cester, born 1792, died May 24, 1866; had a large
family. 5. Samuel, born December 22, 1793, died Au-
gust 27, 1844 : was one of a firm that erected the
first factory in Rochdale, Massachusetts. He sold
out, went to New Jersey to study medicine, grad-
uated in 1816 at Columbia College Medical School
in New York. He settled in Southbridge and began
to practice in 1817. He was an eminent physician
and leading citizen. He was a pioneer in manu-
facturing in Southbridge, Massachusetts, as well
as at Rochdale. He helped to start an industry
there in 1819. He married Lydia Ammidown, born
January 14, 1799. died September 3, 1848. 6. Isaac,
bnrn November 16. 1795, died young. 7. Seth, born
October 25, 1797, died December 25, 1870; married,
September 8. 1823, Isabella Henderson, born at
Tyrone, Ireland, February 12, 1800, died January
3 1 , 183S: married (second), September 3, 1835,
Dorothy Hammond, of Charlton, Massachusetts,
born May 14. 1796, died July 19, 1838; married
(third), July 1, 1839, Clarissa W. Fish, of Lang-
don, New Hampshire, born January 23, 1804, died
January 15. 1886. He was mill agent in Sutton for
many years. 8. George W., born March 4, 1800,
married, August 19, 1827, Lucetta Haven, of Leices-
ter, Massachusetts, born September 10, 1802, died
April 13, 1878. He was a farmer, resided for some
years at Northfield and Woodstock, Vermont; re-
turned to the old homestead near Rochdale which
has been in the family since 1729. 9. Susan, born June
7, 1802, died December 26, 1833 : married. Septem-
ber 2, 1822. Eleazer Bemis, of Spencer, horn No-
vember 17, 1793, died March 11. 1873, at Alabama,
New York, grandson of Captain Edmund Bemis,
lieutenant in the provincial troops at the capture

1 7 6


of Louisburg in 1745. captain in the expedition
against Crown Point in 1758. 10. Isaac B., born
October 4, 1804. at Monson or Leicester, married,
December 15, 1829, Sally Stone, of North Oxford,
born April 24, 181 1, died May 16, 1852; married
(second), December II, 1854, Sally Scott, widow,
whose maiden name was Cox, born at Tunbridge,
Vermont, March 2, 1820. He removed in 1831 to
Central, New York ; in 1837 to Northfield, Ver-
mont ; in 1839 to Woodstock, Vermont; in 1858 he
returned to Sutton, Massachusetts. He was a car-
penter, inventor, civil engineer, school teacher and
superintendent. He proposed the compilation and
gave valuable assistance to the author in the collec-
tion of data and preparation of the Hartwell

(VII) George W. Hartwell, son of Samuel Hart-
well (6), was born at Oxford, Massachusetts, March

4, 1800. He married August 19, 1827, Lucetta Haven,
of Leicester, Massachusetts, born September 10, 1802,
died April 13, 1878. He was a farmer. He resided
for a few years at Northfield and Woodstock, Ver-
mont, where other members of the family located,
but finally returned to live on the old Hartwell
homestead near Rochdale, Massachusetts. The chil-
dren of George W. and Lucetta Hartwell were:
1. Mary Elizabeth, born July 1, 1828, educated at
Montreal, Province of Quebec. 2. George Henry,
born June 9, 1830. died March 13, 1881 ; he was a
druggist in Southbridge. Massachusetts ; married,
June 4, 1S56, Ellen M. Green, of Westboro, Massa-
chusetts, born August 5, 1834. 3. Caroline Payne,
born July 22, 1834. married, February 2, 1869,
Francis Stiles, born 1818, died May 30, 1880; he

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