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setts, 1637-8, after February 20, died at Yarmouth,
February 20. 1707-8. Paul Sears took the oath
of fidelity, as the freeman's oath was sometimes



called, in 1657. He was captain of the militia
■company at Yarmouth and was in the Narragan-
sett war. He was one of the original proprietors
of Harwich, which was laid out between Bound
Brook and Stony Brook as Wing's purchase. He
married at Yarmouth, 1658, Deborah Willard,
daughter of George Willard. She was baptized
at Scituate in the Plymouth colony by Rev. William
Witherall, September 14, 1645, died at Yarmouth,
May 13, 1721. Her mother was probably Dorothy
Dunster. Their children were : Mercy, born at
Yarmouth, July 3, 1659; Bethia, born at Yarmouth,
January 3, 1661-2, died at Chatham, Massachusetts,
July 5. 1684; married John Crowell, Jr., of Nob-
scusett ; Samuel, born at Yarmouth last of Jan-
uary. 1663-4: a daughter, born at Yarmouth, 1666,
perhaps Lydia, who married Eleazer Hamblin ; Paul,
torn June 15. 1669; born at Yarmouth, Oc-
tober 24, 1672, probably Mary, wife of Colonel John
Knowles, of Eastham ; Ann, born at Yarmouth,
March 27, 1675, died November 14. 1745; married
John Merrick, of Harwich, January 28, 1703; John,
born at Yarmouth, 1677-8, died May 24, 1718; Dan-
iel, born at Yarmouth, 1682-3, died August 10, 1756.

(III) Captain John Sears, son of Captain Paul
Sears (2), was born at Yarmouth, Massachusetts,
1677-8. died April 9, 1738; married at Eastham,
June 1. 1704, Priscilla Freeman, born .October 27,
1686. died May 8, 1764, daughter of Captain Samuel
and Elizabeth (Sparrow) Freeman. John Sears
lived in the east precinct of Yarmouth, now East
Dennis. Massachusetts. He joined the church June
23, 1728. He was prominent and wealthy. He
served the town of Yarmouth as moderator, as-
sessor and member of the prudential committee.
He was highway surveyor in 1712, fence viewer in
1720. selectman 1734-35; ensign in the militia 1722,
lieutenant 1726, captain in 1736. After his death
his real estate was valued at 2380 pounds and his
personal property at 593 pounds. Among the prop-
erty scheduled was "an Indian girl valued at three

Their children were : Elisha, born at Yar-
mouth about 1706; John, born at Yarmouth about
1712: Bathsheba, born at Yarmouth, 1712, died April
10. 1/35 : Willard, born at Yarmouth, 1714; Mary,
born at Yarmouth, October 21, 1725, married Ebe-
nezer Paddock, son of John and Priscilla (Hall)
Paddock: Priscilla. styled Junior, admitted to the
Second church. June 23, 1728, married at Yarmouth,
March 6. 1728-9. John Howes; Betty, born about
i,-|ii. married at Yarmouth, August 23, 1739, John
Webb; Nathaniel, born at Yarmouth about 1720;
Herman, born at Yarmouth, January 28, 1724-5,
died August I. 1726; Bethia, born at Yarmouth,
October 15, 1726, died September 8, 1736.

(IV) Willard Sears, son of Captain John Sears
(3), was born at Yarmouth, 1714, died August 19,
1765,. at West Brewster. He married at Yarmouth,
November 17, 1745. Susannah Howes, born October
10. 1720, died April 9. 1763. daughter of Captain
Ebi nezer and Lydia (Joyce) Howes. He mar-
ried (second) at Yarmouth. January 3. 1765, Mar-
gery Homer, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth
(Crowell) Homer and granddaughter of John and
Bethia 1 Sears) Crowell. She was born June 13,
1727, died August 1, 1795, at West Brewster, hav-
ing married (second) at Yarmouth, March 19. 1774,
Benjamin Higgins, of Eastham. Willard Sears
bi ught the house of Joshua Sears at Hardwich op-

te the old family burying ground at Bound
Brook Tt was built in 1719. It had the name of
being bewitched at one time. His first wife Susan-
nah was a descendant of several ancestors who
came in the "Mayflower" — Elder William Brewster,

John Howland, Governor Thomas Prence and Elder
John Chapman. His children, all born at Harwich,
were : Edward, born October 22, 1746. baptized at
East Yarmouth, February 17, 1748; Willard, No-
vember 8, 1748; Mary, April 1, 1750, died Decem-
ber 1, 1774; married at Yarmouth, November 21,
1771. Joshua Howes; Willard, January 7, 1751-2,
died July 4. 1752; Reuben, September 27, 1753;
Ebenezer, October 11, 1755; Willard, May 26, 1759,
baptized at East Yarmouth, February 17, 1765;
Susannah. October 19, 1765, married at Yarmouth,
January 2g, 1789, Levi Crowell.

< Y ) Reuben Sears, son of Willard Sears (4),
was born at Brewster, Massachusetts, September 25,
1753. died at Brewster, Massachusetts, November
4. 1844. He married at Harwich, December 13,

1781, Rhoda Mayo, who died April 16, 1784, in her
twenty-eighth year at West Brewster. He married
(second) (published at Harwich, March 12, 1785),
Abigail Vincent, who died April 24, 1S28, aged
sixty-nine years. He settled in that part of Har-
wich now known as West Brewster. He was high-
way surveyor in 1786. He was a carpenter and
builder of salt works. He assisted his father in
the invention of the salt pan and covers. The
house in which he lived he built for another man
who was unable to pay for it. The latch on the
door bears the date of 1770. He reported at Ply-
mouth for duty during the revolutionary war "walk-
ing the distance, forty miles, in one day, carrying his
gun and equipments and a bushel of corn in a sack."
He was in Captain Perry's company. He served
on the alarm at -Bedford and Falmouth September
7. 1778. He was "orthodox" and left the church
when Rev. Mr. Simpkins began to preach Uni-
tarianism. He became a Baptist, later a Meth-
odist. He was a very pious man, of good char-
acter and pronounced by one of his brothers "a
saint on earth." His death was sudden. His chil-
dren were : Mary, born at Harwich, November 6,

1782, married at Brewster, November 5, 1805, Amos
Kelley ; Rhoda, born at Harwich, April 5, 1784,
died at sea January 25, 1805 ; David, born at Har-
wich, July 2^, 1788, died September, 1806; Reuben,
born at Harwich, July 29, 1791 ; Abigail, born at
Harwich, August 9,. 1793, married Heman Sears;
Philander, born at Harwich. December 29, 1795,
baptized February 16, 1796; Thomas, born at Har-
wich. December it, 1797; Joanna, born at Harwich,
October 14, 1799, died November 16, 1800; Orin,
born at Harwich, September 9, 1802 ; Rosanna, born
at Brewster, May 15, 1805, baptized June 16, mar-
ried, January 5. 1829, Dean Sears.

( \"I ) Orin Sears, son of Reuben Sears (5), was
born at Brewster, Massachusetts. September 9, 1802.
He removed to Hingham, Massachusetts, March,
1846, where he had a salt works. He lived part
of his life at Brewster, where he was class leader
and steward in the Methodist church. He was
selectman, a man of much prominence in the town.
He was a sailor for some years. He married at
Brewster, December 10, 1829, Hannah M. Hopkins,
who was born at Provincetown, September 18, 1S08.
He died at Hingham in 1S92. Their children were:
Nathan Henry, born at Brewster, November 28,
1830; Lorenzo Johnson, born at Brewster. Febru-
arv 2-. 1832; Hannah Maria, born at Brewster,
March 29. T836, married at Hingham, November
22. 1866. John Lincoln, Jr.. who was born at Hing-
ham. resided at Northbridge Center, Massachusetts;
Louisa Dunham, born at Brewster, May 17, 1839,
died November 26, 1867 ; Orrin Brewster, born at
Brewster, March S, 1845.

(VII) Nathan Henry Sears, son of Orin Sears
(6), was born on the old homestead at Brewster,



Massachusetts, November 28, 1830. He was edu-
cated in the public schools of his native town. He
went to Derby Academy, Hingham, Massachusetts.
He went to Worcester in 1848, and here he learned
the trade of making leather goods. He went to
Millbury in 1853 to make the same line of goods.
He was foreman for the firm of Johnson, Brown
& Co., until the financial panic in 1897, when the
linn failed like a large percentage of the manu-
facturers of the vicinity. Air. Sears found a place
in Boston in a rubber goods store, where he re-
mained some two years, until he entered the service,
when he returned to Millbury, which had always
been his home.

His first enlistment was in the Tenth unattached
company of infantry for ninety days as sergeant.
He enlisted in 1863 in Company F, First Battallion.
Heavy Artillery, and remained in the service for
one year, as quartermaster's sergeant. In August,
1865, upon his discharge from the army, he re-
turned to Millbury and opened a drug store. He
conducted this business successfully until he be-
came postmaster of Millbury in 1898. He sold his
store to Mr. Appel in 1900, who still owns it. Mr.
Sears is still serving as postmaster.

Mr. Sears is a leader in the Republican party.
He represented the town of Millbury in the legis-
lature in 1890. He has a wide acquaintance in the
Masonic order, having taken all the degrees in-
cluding the thirty-second. He has been on the
cemetery committee of the town of Millbury thirty-
four years and town treasurer for two years. He
is chairman of the parish committee of the Uni-
tarian church. No man in Millbury is better known
by his townsmen, and no one is respected more,
liked more, honored more and trusted more.

His first wife was Anna E. Moore, daughter of
Dr. William B. and Sarah Moore, of Millbury.
She was born in Millbury, September 3, 1836, died
i860. He married (second) at Petersham, Massa-
chusetts, May 28. 1868, Luthera B. Wright, daugh-
ter of Deacon Wright. She was born at Deerfkld,
Massachusetts, January 12, 1839, died 1888. The
children by first wife were: an infant and Nathan
Walter, by second wife, born at Millbury, Decem-
ber 6, 1870, died March 24, 1887. Child by second
wife is Anna Moore, born at Millbury, July 27,
1875, educated at high school of Millbury and State
Normal at Worcester, and now teaches in the pub-
lic schools at Brahamville, Millbury, and lives at

(1) was the emigrant ancestor of Henry Warren Glov-
er, of Millbury, Massachusetts. He came to America
in the "Elizabeth of Ipswich." April 30. 1634. He is
said to be the third son of Thomas and Margery
(Dean) Glover, born at Rainhill parish, Prescot,
Lancashire, England, in 1603, baptized there in the
parish church February 15. 1603. He settled at
Dedham, where he was admitted a freeman or
townsman January 2, 1642-43. He removed to Med-
field, Massachusetts, in 1652 or thereabouts. He
had numerous grants of land from 1642 to 1652,
among them one at Bogistow iMedway and Sher-
■born). He died in 1655, at Medfield, and his wife
Abigail administered the estate. She came from
England with her husband and is believed to have
returned to England after his death. He had re-
ceived from his father a legacy of one hundred and
fifty pounds. There are records only of one son who
remained in this country. Henry.

(II) Henry Glover, son of Henry Glover (r),
■was born probably at Dedham. Massachusetts, died
at Milton, Massachusetts, April 6, 1714. aged sev-

enty-two years, and is buried at Milton. He lived
in Boston in 1660 for a period of perhaps five years.

He married Hannah , and had two children

there. He settled at Milton as early as February 5,
1673-74. There is a record of real estate transfer
on that date and again June 27, 1679. His wife
was admitted to the church at Milton, August 24,
1684. She died September 20, 1720, aged seventy-
nine years, and was buried at Milton. All but the
first two children were born at Milton and six of
the ten lived to marry. The children were : Thomas,
born June 25, 1663, married Susannah Bradley, of
Dorchester; Hannah, born 1665, married Tin ■mas
Evans; Elizabeth, born April 24, 1667; Henry, born
August 20, 1670, married Mary Crehore ; Sarah,
born November 16, 1672, died young; Mary, born
November 13, 1674, died April 6, 1713; Abigail,
born June 12, 1677, married Thomas Ellis; Alice,
born July 20, 1679, died September 17, 1713; Ed-
ward, born April 26, 1681, married Sarah Gill and
Mary Blake; Sarah, born August 5, 1682, died June
-'5- 1/42.

(III) Edward Glover, son of Henry Glover (2),
was born at Milton, Massachusetts, April 26, 1681,
died there May 14, 1745. In his will he mentioned
his wife and six children. He married Sarah Gill,
of Milton, April 26, 1718. She died at Milton,
February 1, 1740. She was the mother of all his
children. He married (second) Mary Blake, widow,
of Milton, October 24. 1741. She survived him. He
administered his father's estate and received the old
homestead as an inheritance. He was a farmer at
Milton and bought extensively in real estate. His
children were: Edward, born October 26, 1719, died
October 2, 1756-57; Hannah, born June 29, 1721,
married Jeremiah Phillips, of Milton ; Mary, born
March 30, 1723, died December 1, 1805, at the home
of his niece, Mrs. George Tucker, daughter of his
brother Moses, in his eighty-third year; John, born
January 29, 1726, married Abigail Holmes, of Mil-
ton; Moses, born January 22, 1730, married Jerusha
Crane, of Milton ; Henry, born August 22, 1732, mar-
ried Hannah Lewis, of Dedham.

(IV) Henry Glover, son of Edward Glover (3),
was born at Milton, Massachusetts, August 22, 1732,
baptized October 27, 1732, died at West Dedham,
August 21, 1800. He owned an estate in West Ded-
ham. At the time of his father's death he was a
minor and William Tucker was his guardian. He
was a farmer and blacksmith. He married, Jan-
uary 6, 1754, Hannah Lewis, daughter of Ebenezer
and Hannah Gill, of West Dedham. She was born
there August 28, 1732, died August 20, 1807. Their
children were: Hannah, born June 25, 1756, mar-
ried (second) Benjamin French, of West Dedham;
Catharine, born January 3, 1758, married William
Clark, of West Needham, Massachusetts; Henry,
born August 5, 1760, married Rebecca Colburn, of
Dedham ; Sarah, born January 13, 1763, died un-
married 181 1 ; Jemima, born March, 1705, married
Benjamin Franch, Jr., of West Dedham ; Lucy, born
August 1, 1767 ; Edward Lewis, born March 5, 1770,
married Ruth Grout: Jesse, born November 6, 1772,
married Deborah Richards, of Dover, Massachusetts ;
David, born -nay II, 1775, married Tamson Hall;
Nancy, born May 21, 1778, died December 3, 1798.

(V) Henry Glover, son of Henry Glover 14).
was born at West Dedham, August 5, 1760, died at
West Dedham, October 17, 1814. He married, May
3, 1784, Rebecca Colburn, of Dedham. She was the
daughter of Samuel and Nancy (Deane) Colburn.
She was born at Dedham, 1764, died at Pawtucket,
Rhode Island, August 1, 1844. and is buried at
Dedham. They moved to Needham soon after their
marriage and remained there until his father died.



They returned to West Dedham, August, 1800, and
lived on the old homestead. He built a new house
in 1812. Their children were : Edward, born Oc-
tober 10, 1785, married Caroline Whitney; Martin,
born June 14, 1787, died October 10, 1793; Lucy,
born June 9, 1789, died October 4, 1793; Rebecca,
born June 16, 1791, died August 25, 1821 ; Benney,
born February 27, 1794, died August 6, 1814; Mar-
tin Colburn, born March 2b, 1796, married Sophronia
Bowker; Lucy, born May 14, 1798, died March 28,
1857; Anna, born October 21, 1800, married Barnard
Smith ; Joel, born December 26, 1803, married Nancy
Hildreth and Maria Handley.

(VI) Joel Glover, son of Henry Glover (5),
was born at West Dedham, Massachusetts, Decem-
ber 26, 1803, baptized January 8, 1804, resided at
East Douglas. He lived also at Westford, Concord,
Dedham, Bellingham, Millville. He settled at East
Douglas in 1857 and in 1866 came to West Millbury.
He was a wheelwright as well as a farmer. He mar-
ried Nancy Hildreth, November 6, 1828. She died
September 30, 1830. He married (second) Maria
Handley. All the children except the first are by
the second wife. The children were : Caroline S.,
born January 12, 1829, married Otis Adams, of
Chelmsford; Henry, born May 5, 1833; Warren,
born May 1, 1835; Martha, born August 13, 1836;
Emily, born April 29, 1838; Laura, born May 8,
1840; Martin, born June 28, 1841, died at Millville,
October 22, 1846; Ellen Maria, born May 13, 1844,
died at Millville, August 17, 1844; Maria Ellen,
born October 13, 1845, died young; Josephine, born
August 20, 1848.

(VII) Warren Glover, son of Joel Glover (6),
was born in Douglas, May 1, 1835, died in Florida,
where he had gone for his health, in 1900. He
spent his youth in Douglas and went to school there.
He came to Worcester to learn his trade, and became
a proficient millwright and mechanic. The best part
of his life was spent in West Millbury, in the wood-
working business, and in operating a saw and grist
mill. He enlisted for service in the civil war in
Company C, Fifty-first Massachusetts Volunteers,
but was discharged on account of disability. He
was a member of the Methodist church, and a Re-
publican in politics. He married Sabrina C. Put-
nam, of Millbury. She comes of the old Putnam
family of Worcester county. (See Putnam Family.)
She is living (1905). Their children were: Henry
Warren, born in Worcester, August 16, 1862; Emma
F., born November 9, 1864; Nellie M., born Octo-
ber 5, 1866; Willard O, born December 12, 1872.

(VIII) Henry Warren Glover, son of Warren
Glover (7), was born in Worcester, Massachusetts,
August 16, 1862. At an early age he removed to
Millbury with his parents, and his father estab-
lished a saw mill and grist mill there. He attended
the Millbury schools and then went into business
with his father. Later he learned wood turning
and in l88e started a factory at West Millbury for
the manufacture of articles of turned wood such as
handles for tools and numerous other things. He
has operated this mill successfully ever since. He
and his family are attendants at the Congregational
church. In politics he is a strong Republican, but
on account of business has declined to accept offices
that were offered to him. He married, 1891, Emma
W. Putnam, daughter of John W. and Ellen W.
Putnam, of Douglas, Massachusetts. Their children
are: Lloyd H., born August 15, 1892; Helen W.,
born April II, 1894; Bertrand W., born July 19,
1898; Weldon P., born January 12, 1903.

GREGORY FAMILY. Daniel Gregory (1), the
immigrant ancestor of John Gregory, of Winchen-

don, Massachusetts, was of Scotch ancestry and prob-
ably of Scotch birth. His name on the early records
of Watertown, Massachusetts, where he settled, was.
spelled McGregor and McGregory as well as
Gregory. There is no evidence that he was in any
way connected with the Gregory family of English,
descent of which Henry Gregory, of Springfield,.
Massachusetts, and later of Connecticut, was the
progenitor in America. A long line of English an-
cestry has been established for this Henry Gregory.
Daniel Gregory had a farm in that part of Water-
town set off later as Weston, then called Watertown
Farms. He married, December 20, 1693, Elizabeth
Robinson, eldest daughter of William Robinson,
of Watertown. She was admitted to the church
January 9, 1709-10. He died March 20, 1736. The
Gregor clan of Scotland belongs on the highlands
in the counties of Perth and Argyle. The date of
the progenitor's settlement there is given as about
1400. He may have been originally of the English,
family of Gregory. The prefix Mac signifies merely
"son of."

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth (Robinson)
Gregory were : Daniel, Jr., born in Weston, De-
cember 9, 1695, settled in Framingham, Massachu-
setts, married, July 13, 1732, Sarah Eames, of
Framingham; William, born April 7, 1699; John,
born in Weston, baptized September 7, 1701, mar-
ried, December 24, 1724, Frances Allen; Abraham
(twin), born August 24, 1704, married Susannah
Whitney; Isaac, see forward.

(II) Isaac Gregory, twin son of Daniel Gregory
(1), was born in Weston, Massachusetts, August
24, 1704. He settled in Weston. He married, May
10, 1734, Grace Harrington, daughter of Benjamin
and Grace (Allen) Harrington, of Watertown, a
descendant of George Harrington, the immigrant
settler. Children of Isaac and Grace Gregory, all
born in Weston, were : Isaac, Jr., see forward ;
Lydia, born October 29, 1736, married Jonas Peirce ;
Elisha, born February 12, 1737-38; Uriah, born
April 10, 1740, married, November 30, 1769, Susan-
nah Upham; Phinehas, born February 20, 1743-44,
married, November 19, 1767, Elizabeth Hobbs; Anna,
born April 14, 1746, died June 11, 1766; Grace, born
March 10, 1747-48; Sarah born June 29, 1752.

(III) Deacon Isaac Gregory, Jr., son of Isaac
Gregory (2), was born in Weston, Massachusetts,
February 4, 1734-35. He was a soldier in the revo-
lution from the town of Ashby, where he was an
early settler. He was in 1775 at the Lexington
alarm in Captain John Jones's company, Colonel
James Prescott's regiment. He enlisted in the Con-
tinental army from Captain Bennett's company,
Colonel . Reed's Sixth Massachusetts regiment. In
1777 he served under Captain Sylvanus Smith and
Colonel Timothy Bigelow at Stillwater and at Valley
Forge. He served in the guard at Cambridge in
1778-79. He married, April 18, 1758, Mary Law-
rence. He died February 25, 1816. Their children,
born in Ashby, Middlesex county, Massachusetts,
were : Isaac, soldier in the revolution for six months
in 1780; Abigail, born October 29, 1761 ; Mary, born
December 22, 1762, died December 29, following ;
Samuel, born March 22, 1764; Daniel, born June 25,
1765; Mary, born and died April, 1767; Joseph, born
August 9, 1768; Elisha, see forward; Anna, born
December 13, 1771, died July 2, 1773; Mary, born
March 31, died July 2, 1773.

(IV) Elisha Gregory, son of Isaac Gregory (3),
and grandfather of John Gregory, was born at Lin-
coln, Massachusetts, October 19, 1770, died March'
16, 1853. He was a farmer. He removed from
Ashby to Windham, Vermont, where he kept a
general store for a number of years, finally coming



to Royalston, Massachusetts, where his children
were born. He was captain of the Windham militia
company under commission dated June I, 1802. He
married Catherine Sawyer, born March 14, 1775.
died September 20, 1826. Their children were :
Catherine, born August 13, 1796, died September 17,
1*819; Elisha, born August 29, 1798, died September
25, 1835; Thomas Jefferson, born May 30, 1802;
Eliza, born March 15. 1805, died August 6, 1826;
Cemantha, born June 14, 1807; Sophroma, born Oc-
tober 24. 1810; Harriet, born December 12, 1812 ;
George Washington, see forward ; Hannah, born
February 20, 1819, died September 26, 1821.

(V) George Washington Gregory, eighth child of
Elisha Gregory (4), was born in Royalston, Massa-
chusetts, December 24, 1815. When he was six
months old his parents moved over the Royalston
line into Winchendon, where later he attended the
district school. He completed his education at
New Ipswich Academy at the age of nineteen, and
for a time afterward taught school. He began busi-
ness as an itinerant dealer in wooden ware, traveling
through Vermont and New Hampshire. He bought
his stock at the Murdock factory in Winchendon.
He continued in this line of business until his mar-
riage, April 4, 1841, when he assumed the manage-
ment of his father's farm. At the death of his
father, March 6, 1853. the farm came to him and
his sister, whose share he bought soon afterward.
He remained on the farm until his death, October
9, 1S88. He owned large tracts of timber land and
was engaged much of his time cutting and selling
wood to the various wooden ware factories. During
the civil war he made considerable money dealing
in western flour. He was a prominent member of
the Second Advent church, but formerly was a
Methodist. He was an active temperance worker
and in his later years a .member of the Prohibition
party. He had previously been a Democrat. He
served as a highway surveyor and member of the
school committee of the town of Winchendon.

He married, April 4, 1841, Nancy Miller, daugh-
ter of John C. Miller, of Westminster, Massachusetts,
a farmer and at one time a school teacher. She
died February 1, 1904. The children of George
Washington and Nancy Gregory were : Abby Maria,
born in Winchendon, August 24, 1842, died at the
age of thirty-five years. George Gilbert, born 1844,
died young. George Gilbert, born October 13, 1845,
married (first) Nellie Bartlett, of Winchendon; mar-
ried ( second J Emma Simonds, of Athol, and they
had four children — Ruth, born July 18, 1885 ; Sarah,
born October 14, 1886; Edward S., born June 7,
1888; Abby. born December 23, 1889. John, see
forward. Mary Catherine, . born August 8, 1853,
married Dexter Gleason, of Gardner, and they have
three children — Emma, Christine, born June 19,
1885; Warren. Edward, died young. Warren

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