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Fenno, born July 12, 1863, married Annie Laurie, of
Newton, Massachusetts.

(VI) John Gregory, fourth child of George
Washington Gregory (5), was born in Winchendon,
Massachusetts, October 13. 1850. He attended the
public and high schools there and Bryant & Strat-
um's Business College in Boston. At the age of
twenty-one he began work for James Sawyer, who
made frames for chair cane seats, carting chairs
and chair stock to others to weave. It was the
custom at the time to weave seats for chairs, as
shoes and hats were made, on the farms of the
mechanics. The invention of machinery and uni-
versal use of power has changed the methods of
work. In the spring of 1874. after working on the
farm for two years, Mr. Gregory went to Elgin,
Illinois, where he worked for a year on a dairy farm.

ii— 13

He went further west in the spring of 1875 and
worked for his cousin Frank Chamberlain, at La-
vette county, Kansas. He then returned to his home
in Winchendon, was taken sick and unable to work
for a year. When he recovered he worked on the
farm for some time. In 1881 he entered the fac-
tory of Wendel P. Clark & Company at Winchen-
don, making chairs. After four years he assumed
the management of the farm which he now owns
and still conducts and also is engaged in the milk
business. He attends the Methodist church and be-
longs to the Republican party. He was elected on
the board of selectmen, 1906. He is a member of
the Ancient Order of United Workmen, of the
Winchendon Grange, Patrons of Husbandry.

He married, May 27, 1883, Ardella E. White, of
Winchendon, born September 20, 1861, daughter of
Michael B. and Ada P. (Wyman) White. Her
father was a manufacturer of wooden ware. Chil-
dren of John and Ardella Gregory are Leslie Ben-
jamin born November 24, 1S84; Elliott Isaac. Au-
gust 23, 1886; George White, December 19, 1889.

ARTHUR PADDOCK. Robert Paddock (1),
the Pilgrim ancestor of Arthur Paddock, of Ux-_
bridge, Massachusetts, was born in England, and
settled in Plymouth probably about 1634, and before
1638, when his name first appears on the records
as a creditor of Job Cole. He was a smith by trade.
His name appears among the men able to bear arms
in Duxbury in 1643, and he was one of the pro-
prietors there in 1638. His wife received money
fn >m the estate of Job Cole "for the child." He had
various grants of land at Duxbury 111 1641. and
later; served on a jury 1642; and wa- constable
1646. He is ancestor of all the old New England
families of this name. He was buried July 25, 1650,
and on his deathbed gave his son John to Captain
Thomas Willett, and the transaction was confirmed
by his widow Mary the November following. The
widow sold house and blacksmith shop December
3, 1650, to Stephen Wood. William Palmer, born
June 27, 1634, was son-in-law of Robert Paddock.
Children of Robert and Mary Paddock: 1. Robert,
Jr., born 1634. lived at Dartmouth, in Plymouth
colony. 2. Zechariah, born March 20. 1636, men-
tioned below. 3. Mary, born March 10, 1638. 4.
Alice, born March 10. 1640; married Zechariah Eddy,
brother of John, May 7, 1663. 5. Susanna, born
1641, married John Eddy, son of Samuel Eddy, the
Pilgrim, November 3, 1665. 6. John, born April 1,
1643; married, December 21. 1673, Anna Jones. 7.
George, married Sarah Richard-.

(II) Zechariah Paddock, second child of Robert
Paddock (1), born in Duxbury, March 20, 1636
died June 1, 1727, in his eighty-eighth year. He re-
sided in Duxbury; served on a jury, 1667; had a
grant of land at Seaconnet 1680; was on the Plym-
outh grand jury 1683; and 1697 was appointed to
run the lines between the towns of Yarmouth and
Harwich. In these towns most of his descendants
have lived. He was on the committee to seat the
meeting house in 1717. At the time of his death it
was noted that the combined age of his wife and
himself, his son and wife, was over three hundred
years. They had been living together in the old
homestead. He married, 1659, Deborah, daughter
of the immigrant Richard Sears and Dorothy
(Thatcher) Sears. She was born 1639 and died
August 17, 1732. Children of Zechariah and Deborah
Paddock, all born in Yarmouth, were: 1. Ichabod,
February 2, 1661. 2. Zechariah, April, 1664, died
April 8, 1718. 3. Elizabeth, August 1. 1666, died
1690; married, 1689, John Howe. 4. John, May 5,
1669, died February 18, 17 18. 5. Robert, January



17, 1671, married Martha Hall. 6. Joseph, Septem-
ber 12, 1674, died November 18, 1732; married Sarah
Gardner. 7. Nathaniel, September 22, 1677, died
1756. 8. Judah, mentioned below.

(III) Judah Paddock, eighth and youngest child
of Zechariah Paddock (2), born at Yarmouth,
Plymouth Colony, September 15, 1681, died there
March 31, 1770. He settled in Yarmouth; married

Elce , and his children were born there:

1. Reuben, mentioned below. 2. Judah, March 27,
1710. 3. Samuel, November 12, 171 1. 4. Alary,
March 5, 1714. 5. Grace, January 27, 1716. 6. Re-
becca, May 12, 1718. 7. , February 27,


(IV) Reuben Paddock, son of Reuben Paddock
(3), was born in Yarmouth, December 27, 1707.
Among his children was Reuben.

(V) Reuben Paddock, son of Reuben Paddock
(4), born at Yarmouth, 1746, died in Holden, Mas-
sachusetts, November 21, 1820, aged seventy-five
years. He was a soldier in the revolution, in Cap-
tain Matthias Tobey's company, Colonel Aaron Wil-
lard's regiment, at Ticonderoga, in 1777, and was
discharged at Fort Edward that year. He was also
in the Harwich company in 1778 under Captain
Benjamin Berry, Major Zenas Winslow's regiment,
at Bedford and Falmouth. Reuben Paddock and
Jonathan Paine, of Harwich, Massachusetts, bought
land in Holden, of Joseph Glazier, May 16, 1780, for
fifteen thousand pounds (war prices). They subse-
quently divided the land, and Paddock settled on his
share m Holden. During Shay's Rebellion he signed
a protest condemning the insurgents and supporting
the government. He married, at Yarmouth, Han-
nah , born 1747, died March 26, 1836, at

Holden, aged eighty-nine years. Their children: 1.
Hannah, mentioned in will dated November 23,
1798, and allowed January 2, 1821. 2. Hepsibah,
perhaps the eldest, born at Yarmouth about 1767.
3. Reuben, mentioned below. 4. Rebecca, born at
Holden, May 22, 1784. 5. Grace Sears, born at
Holden, March 14, 1787.

(VI) Reuben Paddock, only son of Reuben Pad-
dock (5), born in Yarmouth, about 1770, came with
his parents to Holden when he was about ten years
old. He was a farmer in Holden, where he died
April 13, 1844, aged seventy-four years. He mar-
ried, at Worcester, June 2, 1796, Caroline Merri-
Jield, of that town. '1 heir children, all born in Hoi-
•den, except Achsah, the eldest, were: I. Achsah.
born August 27, 1796, in Worcester ; married at
Holden, Lot Hall, June 29, 1820. 2. Joseph, born

.1. Jonathan Davis, September
13, 1800. 4. Chloe, January 31, 1803. 5. Mary, (Red-
field) August 27, 1805; died May 31, 1849, age
given as forty-two in record. Redfield, not on
birth record. 6. Caroline, April 28, 1808. 7. Re-
becca, October 18, 1810. 8. Hannah, November 13,
1813. 9. Charles (Francis), mentioned below.

(VIM Charles Francis Paddock, youngest child
of Reuben Paddock (6), born in Holden, September
21, 1816, died while in Missouri, April 23, 1855.
His widow resided in Holden and administered his
estate. He was educated in the common schools
of his native town. He learned the carpenter's
trade, which he followed through his active life.
He worked on many important buildings in Wor-
cester county and was a builder on his own account
part of the time, lie was a Free Mason. After
the Republican party was organized he supported
it, hut he never cared for public office himself. He

ried, July .!. [840, .it Holden, Harriet Howe, and

their children wen 1 1 harles Francis, Jr., men-

below. 2. Olive Ella, born December 21,

1849, died young. 3. Harriet Ann. 4. William F.

(VIII) Charles Francis Paddock, eldest child of
Charles F. Paddock (7), was born in Holden,
Massachusetts, August 27, 1848. He attended the
public schools there. At the age of sixteen he en-
listed, January 4, 1864, in Company B., Fifth regi-
ment, Massachusetts Volunteers, in the civil war.
He was wounded at the battle of Petersburg, Vir-
ginia, and was sent home to recover after having
been in the service a year. When he was discharged
at the end of the war he was commended for
bravery and gallant conduct by his regimental offi-
cers. _ He returned to Holden and followed his
father's trade of carpenter. In 1876 he removed to
Uxbridge, where he became a prominent builder
and contractor, and built himself a handsome resi-
dence there. He was an active and stanch Republican
in politics; a member of the Grand Army Post at Ux-
bridge; and attended with his family the Congrega-
tional church. He married, November 24, 1881,
Etta, daughter of John and Betsey (Sherry) Bacon,
of a prominent Uxbridge family. He died in Ux-
bridge, 1902; she resides in the homestead there
with her son. Children of Charles Francis and Etta
Paddock: 1. Charles C, born 1883. 2. Arthur L.,
born 18S6; was educated in the high schools at Ux-
bridge and took up the trade of machinist; resides
at home with his mother. 3. Frank H., born 1891.
4. Harriet, born 1898.

STOCKWELL FAMILY. William Stockwell
(1), the immigrant ancestor of the Sutton family
of- this name and of Alonzo E. Stockwell, of Mill-
bury, was born about 1050. Very little is known of
him. There is a tradition in the family, mentioned
in the history of Sutton, to the effect that he was
enticed on board ship and carried away from his
home in England and bound out in New England
to pay t his passage. Many young men came here
in the early days under cuntract service, as it was
called, to repay money advanced for passage, and
many of the best colonists were men who got their
start in this way. William Stockwell was a seafar-
ing man. He married at Ipswich, April 14, 1085,
Sarah Lambert. He had a seat in the meeting
house at Ipswich in 1700. His five sons settled in
Sutton and founded one of the best known families
of that section. Children of William and Sarah
Stockwell were : 1. William, born 1686-87, was
from Ipswich in the Indian wars ; dismissed by
Colonel Wainwright at Saco, Maine, 1707; July 16,
1707, with other Ipswich men, he fought at Port
Royal; settled in Sutton; had son William and
daughter Elizabeth, who married Daniel Kenney.

2. John, born in Ipswich, 1687-88, married Mary
Lambert (Lombard), 1717, and settled in Sutton.

3. Jonathan, see forward. 4. Ebenezer, married
Mary Singletary, November 10, 1727, and had son
Abraham ; resided in Sutton. 5. David.

(II) Jonathan Stockwell, son of William Stock-
well (1), was born in Ipswich, Massachusetts, about
1700. He was the third of five brothers who settled
in Sutton. His farm was on the west side of Sin-
gletary pond and there he lived and died. He mar-
ried Rachel Underwood, December 16, 1726, at Sut-
ton, soon after coming there. Their children were :
Jonathan, Jr., born about 1730, married Mary Ken-
ney and they had Eli, Aaron and Solomon ; Stephen,
see forward.

(III) Stephen Stockwell, son of Jonathan Stock-
well (2), was born in Sutton, Massachusetts, about
1740. He inherited his father's homestead and left
it to his sons at his death. He married, December
14. 1702, Mehitable Holman, who died November 4,
1794. He died November 11, 1807. Their children
were: Mehitable; Stephen, see forward; Sarah,



born November 25, 1767; Enoch, born June 24, 1771 ;
Elizabeth, born September 16, 1773 ; Deborah, born
March 26, 1775, married July' n, 1793, Simon Stock-
well ; Dolly, born July 20, 1777, married Simon
Stockwell, son of Noah Stockwell, December 29,
1799; Polly, born November 13, 1780, married
Aaron Holman ; Mary, born August 30, 1782, mar-
ried Asa Learned.

(IV) Stephen Stockwell, Jr., son of Stephen
Stockwell, was born February 14, 1706, died at Sut-
ton, June 2, 1845. He had from his father the home-
stead at Singletary pond and was a farmer of Sut-
ton. He married (first) Sarah Eddy, 1800. She
died August 20, 1810. He married (second), Octo-
ber 15, 1812, and she died October' 23, 1840. Chil-
dren of Stephen and Sarah Stockwell were : Jonas
Eddy, see forward; Rufus, born March 28, 1802;
Alice, born April 7, 1803; Lucy E., born July 1,
1804; Adeline M., born June 26, 1805, died March
19, 1812; Stephen, born November 8, 1807; Sylvester,
born March 2, 1809. The child of Stephen and
Betsey: Anderson Dana, born December 20, 1815,
died .March 24, 1816.

(V) Jonas Eddy Stockwell, son of Stephen
Stockwell (4), was born at Sutton, Massachusetts,
May 1, 1801. He was brought up on the old home-
stead at Sutton and educated in the common schools
there. He learned the trade of shoemaker and fol-
lowed that trade as well as farming through life.
nr was an old line Whig in politics and took a great
interest in politics always, although not himself an
office holder of any kind. His farm was a part of
the Stockwell homestead. He married, April 9,
1827, Mary A. Waite. Their only child was Alonzo
E., see forward.

(VI) Aionzo E. Stockwell, son of Jonas Eddy
Stockwell (5), was born at North Oxford, Massa-
chusetts, September 7, 1829. He attended school in
Sutton and Leicester, where his father lived for a
time. In his youth he worked on the farm. Later
he took up the business of brick making and removed
to Millbury, where he manufactured bricks for many
years. He was successful in business and invested
largely in real estate. He was a farmer during his
later years. Mr. Stockwell was held in the greatest
respect by his townsmen; he was generous and char-
itable by nature, and made friends readily. He died
April 19, 1905. He was a soldier in Company E,
Fifteenth Regiment, Massachusetts, Volunteer In-
fantry, enlisting in July, 1861. He was discharged
July 28, 1864, at Worcester. He was forage
master two years under General Stone, and at close
of war was wagon master of ammunition train. He
was injured in his left arm, in 1864, while loading
mules at an old wharf.

He married (first), November 18, 1857, Hannah
Stockwell, a distant relative, and they had no chil-
dren. He married (second), October 22, 1865, Eliza-
beth A. Prouty, born in Worcester, October 25. 1836,
died January II, 1905, daughter of Ira Prouty, of
the Spencer family of this name. Their children
are : Inez Maria, born March 15, 1866, died March
6, 1867 ; Iola Marion, born January 15, 1868, mar-
ried Harry Ross and they have one child, Cecil H.
Ross. Genevieve May, born May 1, 1873, married,
July 2. 1906, Jesse Albert Paine, of Springfield,
Massachusetts, formerly of Millbury, Massachusetts.

Adams (1), the immigrant ancestor of Henry Bur-
roughs Adams, of Millbury, Massachusetts, was the
progenitor of the two presidents of the United States
and of many distinguished Americans. He was born
in England and some attention is paid to his Eng-
lish ancestry elsewhere in this work. He made his

home at Braintree, formerly Mount Wollaston, and
including Quincy, did Braintree and Randolph as
now constituted. He is believed to have arrived in
Boston with his wife, eight sons and a daughter in
1632 or 1633. There is reason to believe that his
wife and son John and daughter Ursula returned
to England and died there. Henry Adams died in
Braintree, October 6, 1646. Children of Henry
Adams were : Lieutenant Henry, born in England,
1604; Lieutenant Thomas, born in England, 1612 ;
Captain Samuel, born in England, 1617; Deacon
Jonathan, born in England, 1619; Peter, born in
England, 1622 ; John, born in England, about 1624 ;
Joseph, born in England, 1626; Ensign Edward, see
forward; Ursula, mentioned in will, etc.

(II) Ensign Edward Adams, son of Henry
Adams (1), was born in England in 1630. He
settled with three brothers in Medfield, Massachu-
setts, and was ensign in the military company, se-
lectman of the town, deputy to the general court in
1689-92-1702. He died in Medheld, November 12,
1716, the "last of the original settlers."

He married (first), 1652, Lydia Rockwood,
daughter of Richard and Agnes (Bicknell) Rock-
wood. She died March 3, 1676. He married (sec-
ond), 1678, Abigail (Craft) Ruggles, of Roxbury
(or Abigail Day), and she died 1707. He married
(third), January 6, 1709-10, Sarah Taylor. The
children of Ensign Edward and Lydia Adams were :
Lydia, born in Medheld, July 12, 1653, married
(first) James Allen and (second) Joseph Daniel.
Captain Jonathan, born April 4, 1655 J John, born
February 18, 1657, see forward; Eliashib, born Feb-
ruary 18, 1658-59; Sarah, born May 29, 1660, mar-
ried John Turner, member of Captain Moseley's
company which fought Indians ; Lieutenant James,
born January 4, 1661-62 ; Henry, born October 29,
1663; Mehitable, born March 30, 1665, married Jo-
siah Faxon, of Braintree; Elisha, born August 25,
1666; Edward, Jr., born June 28. 1668; Beth:a, born
April 12, 1670, died 1672; Bethia, born August iS,
1672, died young; Abigail, born June 25, 1675;
Miriam, born February 26, 1676, died young.

(III) John Adams, son of Ensign Edward Adams
(2), was born in Medfield, Massachusetts, February
iS, 1657. He settled in Medrield on the homestead
of his father and died there March 1, 1751. He
married (first), 1682, Deborah Partridge, daughter
of John and Magdalen (Bullard) Partridge. She
was born 1662 and died before 1695. He married
(second) Susanna Breck, daughter of Thomas and
Mary (Hill) Breck, born in Sherborn, Massachu-
setts, May 10, 1667, and died May 28, 1744. The
children of John and Deborah Adams were : Ed-
ward, see forward; John, Jr., born in Medway, De-
cember 22, 1684: Daniel, born in Medway, January
12, 1686; Eleazer, born in Medway, September 22,
1687, and was prominent in West Medway;
Obadiah. born in Medway, January 20, 1689;
Jonathan, born in Medway, 1692, settled on
the homestead of his father and grandfather in
Medway, and died May 12, 1744. Children of John
and Susanna Adams were: Thomas, born Febru-
ary 11, 1695-96; Susanna, born July 30, 1697, mar-
ried, April 19, 1721, Nelson Alexander ; Jeremiah,
born July 13. 1699; Abraham, born August 1, 1701 ;
Bethia, born Juno 2, 1702. married Timothy Stearns,
of Framingham; Phineas, born May 19, 1705; Han-
nah, born March 29. 1707, married Timothy Ellis;
(second) William Richardson; Esther, born No-
vember 15. 1708.

(IV) Edward Adams, son of John Adams (3),
was born in Medway, January 13, 1682. He settled
in Milton, Massachusetts, an Id p nber
22, 1776, in his sixty-first year. lie married (first),



April II, 1706, Rachel Sanders, of Braintree, Massa-
chusetts. She died November 14*, 1727, in her forty-
second year. He married, February 5, 1729, Sarah
Brackett. Children of Edward and Rachel Adams,
all born at Milton, were: Edward, Jr., born in -Mil-
ton, March 1, 1707; Deacon John, see forward;
Rachel, born June 17, 1711, married, December 26,
1728, Deacon William Tucker; Seth, born Septem-
ber jo, 1713 (H. C. 1733) ; Nathan, born March 28,
1710, died April 19, 1716; Samuel, born March 5,
1718. died April 10, 1718; Patience, born August 7,
1720, died August 30, 1720.

(V) Deacon John Adams, son of Edward
Adams (4), was born in Milton, Massachusetts
February 26, 1709, and died there June II, 1790,
aged eighty-one. His epitaph: "Here rests our
friend Mr. John Adams who departed this life
June ye nth, 1790, aged 81 years."

"As corn, maturely ripe, is gathered home,

So his remains, brought into the tomb,

To sleep in silence till the glorious day

When Christ, his light, shall roll the stone away."

Children of Deacon John and Sarah Adams were :
Samuel, born January 30, 1730-31, died Feb-
ruary 18, 1731 ; Rachael, born January 6. 1731-
^2, married John Babcock ; John, born Decem-
ber 18, 1733, died August 28, 1735; Colonel
Andrew, see forward; Abigail, born May 20,
l 737, married John Kneeland, of Boston ;
Edward, born March 16, 1738-39; Seth, born
December 4, 1740-41 ; Eliphalet, born February 23,
1743, died February 5, 1747; Ann, born June 2S.
1744-45, married Captain Joseph Baxter, captain in
revolution; Judith, born November 24, 1746, mar-
ried Seth Spear, of Braintree ; Deacon Lemuel, born
December 1 or 5, 1748, soldier in the revolution ;
Sarah, born March '31, 1752, died January 24, 1760;
Mary, born December 2, 1753, married Stephen Bed-
lam, of Dorchester.

(VI) Colonel Andrew Adams, son of Deacon
John Adams (5), was born in Milton, Massachu-
setts, August 12, 1735. He married, December 16,
I7SO-57, Ruth Wadsworth, daughter of Rev. John
Wadsworth and granddaughter of Benjamin Wads-
worth, president of Harvard College (1725-1737), a
descendant of John Alden, the Pilgrim of Plymouth.
She was born in Canterbury, Connecticut, May 28,
1737, and died October 28, 1820, aged eighty-three
years. Colonel Andrew held a commission under
George III in 1761 as coroner for the county of
Suffolk; also a lieutenant in a company of cavalry.
He was a man of large influence and distinction. He
took the Whig side when the revolution broke out
and enlisted as sergeant in the Milton company
under Captain Joseph Vose, Colonel Robertson's
regiment, afterwards Colonel Abijah Pierce's third
Suffolk, and marched to Lexington April 19, 1775.
He was commissioned as second lieutenant March
23, 1776, in Captain William Babcock's company of
the same regiment and marched to Bennington. He
was probably also in the Rhode Island campaign. He
is called colonel on the public records. He was a
man of great vigor of body and mind; is said to
have ascended Mt. Washington when past his
eightieth year, when not even a foot path had been
made. He rode eight miles on horseback the morn-
ing of his death. In 1802 he removed to Lancaster.
New Hampshire, with his family, and died there
April 14, 1833, aged ninety-seven years and eight

Children of Colonel Andrew Adams, the first
eight of whom were born in Milton and the two
youngest in Palmer, were : Lucy, born February

18, 1759, married Benjamin King; Elizabeth, born
June 1, 1760, died June 10, 1760; John, see forward;
Ruth, born July 1, 1763, died unmarried in Lei-
cester, Massachusetts, February 7, 1843, aged eighty
years; Abigail, born December 1, 1765, died Janu-
ary 2, 1766; Andrew, born March 24, 1707, married
Rebecca Putnam, niece of General Kufus Putnam;
Lemuel, born April 15, 1769, died unmarried at
Haverhill, June 7. 1850; Benjamin, born March 25,
1771; Ehsha, born 1775, died September 6, 1778;
Stephen, born May 3, 1777, died September 6, 1778;
Stephen Wadsworth, born in Palmer, February 25,
1780; Lewis, born in Palmer, March 3, 1782, was in
Lancaster, New Hampshire, 1S20; probably perished
with his young bride in burning theatre at Rich-
mond, Virginia.

(VII.) John Adams, son of Colonel Andrew
Adams (6), was born in Milton, Massachusetts, July
23, 1761. He also was a soldier in the revolution, a
corporal from Milton in Captain Joseph Vose's com-
pany. Colonel William Heath's regiment in October,
1775; sergeant in Captain William Babcock's com-
pany, Colonel Pierce's regiment, enlisted March 1,
177S, and served at Castle Island. He died at Wor-
cester, September 23, 1843, aged eighty-two years.

He married (first), October 9, 1785. in Boston,
Elizabeth Welch, who was born in Charlestown,
February 15, 1759, and died August 24, 1788. He
married (second.), March 15, 1790, Silvia Tobey, who'
was born in Sandwich, Alassachusetts, December
29, 1765, and died in Worcester, March 30, 1839.
The children of John and Elizabeth Adams were :
Hezekiah W., born in Palmer, Massachusetts, Octo-
ber 1, 1786, died at sea, December 8, 1807; John
Wadsworth, born in Barnard, Vermont, August 14,
1788, married Hannah Dean, of Dover, Massachu-
setts, and died 1854; was a baker of Medneld. Chil-
dren of John and Silvia Adams were: Captain
Henry, born at Hardwick, Massachusetts, April

28, 1791-92, married at New Bedford, April 25, 1827,
Abby Sherman ; Elizabeth W., born at Barnard. De-
cember 14, 1793, died June 6, 1817; Susan, born in
Palmer, July 7, 1795, married April 12, J825. Hora-
tio Nelson Hair; she died August 22, 1855; Lewi-,
born in Palmer, February 22, 1797, married Mary.
Bonney, of New Bedford; he died October 12, 1839;
Nancy, born at Palmer, October 22, 1799; married,
May 7. 1827, Charles Tucker, of Worcester; she
died October 14, 1865 ; George W., born in Palmer,
March 16, 1800, died April 12, 1800; Amos, born 111
Woodstock, Connecticut, April 29, 1801, married in

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