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Albany, New York, July 19, 1826, Mary Park, he
was sheriff of Albany county, died November 13,
1862; Ruth Wadsworth, born in Lancaster, New
Hampshire, September 8, 1804, died at sea, August

29, 1826; Sylvia Tobey, born irr Mendon, Massa-
chusetts, July 2, 1806, married Elias Boyden ; she
died in Worcester, March 20, 1893; Captain Heze-
kiah, see forward ; Deborah Tobey, born in Attle-
boro, Massachusetts, February 15, 181 1, married,
January 9, 1833, Lewis Tobey, of Poughkeepsie,
New York; she died February 28, 1881-82.

(VIII) Captain Hezekiah Adams, son of John
Adams (7), was born in Attleboro, Massachusetts,
May Si 1808. He was" a sea captain and farmer.
He retired and settled in Worcester in 1840. He
died April 25, 1887. He married (first), February
29, 1836, Esther Burroughs Wilbur, of New Bedford,
Massachusetts. She died October 7, 1853. He mar-
ried (second), February 14, 1854, Tamar S. Bur-
banks. She died July 24, 1876. Children of Captain
Hezekiah and Esther Adams were: Asa Bronson,
born m New Bedford, Massachusetts, May 2^,
1840, married in Worcester, June 3, 1867, Mary D.
P. Simons, of Bermuda; he is a printer, resides in



Worcester ; Henry Burroughs, see forward ; Mary
A. E., born in Worcester, July 26, 1846, unmarried,
teacher, resides at Newport, Rhode Island; John
Q., born in Worcester, July 2, 1849, married, Decem-
ber 16, 1875, Lucy Ann Hayward, of Millbury.
Massachusetts: he is a carriage maker, resides in
Worcester; Elisha Wilbour, born in Worcester, July
11, 1851. married, November iS, 1885, Cecelia M.
Williams, of Carlton, New Brunswick; he is a
printer in Worcester; no children; Esther B., born
in Worcester, June 4, 1853, died October 8, 1853.
(IX) Henry Burroughs Adams, son of Captain
Hezekiah Adams (8), was born in Worcester, De-
cember 3, 1843. He was educated in the schools of
his native town. He is a farmer just over the line
from Worcester on Millbury avenue. He pays
special attention to his dairy, having about twenty-
live cows and selling the products direct to his own
customers, mainly in Worcester. During the civil
war Mr. Adams enlisted in the Forty-second Massa-
chusetts Volunteer Infantry and was in the service
nine months. He is a member of George A. Custer
Post, Grand Army. He is a Republican in politics.
He belongs to the Millbury Grange, Patrons of Hus-
bandry, and to the Congregational church at
Millbury. ,

Mr. Adams married. 1866, Mary E. Hayward,
daughter of Joseph H. Hayward, a farmer of Mill-
bury. The farm on which Mr. and Mrs. Adams re-
side, has been in the Hayward family for one hun-
dred and fifty years. Mr. and Mrs. Adams have
no children.'

JOEL SIBLEY. John Sibley (1), the immi-
grant ancestor of Joel Sibley, of Winchendon, Mas-
sachusetts, was born in England. He came to New-
England on the ship "Fleet" in 1629 witli the Hig-
ginson fleet. Richard Sibley, believed to be his
brother, was with him. He settled at Salem and
was admitted a freeman there May 6, 1635. He may
be the son of John Sibley, of Charlestown, who
with his wife Sarah was admitted to the church
there February 21, 1634-35, ar >d who was admitted
a freeman there September 3. 1634; he was a
proprietor of Charlestown and he may have been
selectman at Salem in 1636 instead of the John
Sibley first mentioned. There are reasons for be-
lieving that John Sibley (1), as we have called
him, was too young to have held such an important
office at that date. John Sibley, of Charlestown,
died November 30, 1649. But for this death record
all the references to John Sibley in both towns
could refer to one and the same man. It may be
that this death was of an infant son. John Sibley
-was a proprietor of Salem, served on the jury in
1636, was ci instable and was a member of the
church. He resided at Manchester, then called Jef-
frey's Creek, in 1637. He died in 1661.

He married Rachel Pickworth, daughter of John
Pickworth. Children of John Sibley were : Sarah,
born in Salem, baptized September 18. 1642 ; Mary,
baptized September 8. 1644, married Jonatban Wal-

cott ; Rachel, baptized May 3, 1646, married

Bishop; John, baptized May 4, 1648: Hannah, bap-
tized June 22, 1657. married Stephen Small; Will-
iam, baptized September 8, 1653 ; Samuel, baptized
April 12, 1657; Abigail, baptized July 3, 1659; Jo-
seph, see forward.

(II) Joseph Sibley, son of John Sibley (1),
was born probably in 1655 in Salem, Massachu-
setts He was a fisherman. On his return from a
fishing voyage he was impressed on a British frigate
and put to hard service for seven weeks, then re-
leased and sent home. He was the ancestor of all
the Sutton Sibleys. All of his five sons settled

there. Joseph, John and Jonathan were among the
thirty original settlers on the original four thou-
sand acres in Sutton. Samuel came soon after-
ward and occupied a place with his brother Joseph.
Joseph Sibley married. Februarj 4. H1N4, Susanna
Follett, daughter of William Follett, of Dover, New
Hampshire. Their children were : Joseph, born No-
vember 9, 1684; John, September 18, 1687; Jona-
than, May 1, 1(190; Hannah, baptized May 9, 1695,
married, August 10. 1722, Ebenezer Daggett; Sam-
uel, born 1697; Willi. mi, see forward; Benjamin,
born September 19. 1703.

(III) William Sibley, son of Joseph Sibley (2),
was born in Salem, Massachusetts, September 7,
1700. He settled in Sutton, and as early as 1731
was assigned to the fifth seat on the lower floor
of the meeting house there with his brother Ben-
jamin. He died October 18, 17O3. He resided in
the Putnam hill district. He was a soldier in the
Indian wars. He married, July 4, 1726, Sarah Dike.
Their children were: William, Jr., see forward;
Elijah, born October 30, 1728; Sarah, August 23,
1730, married John Stone, July 30, 1761 ; Daniel,
January 31, 1733; David, October 3, 17^6.

(IV) William Sibley, son of William Sibley (3).
was born in Sutton, Massachusetts, May 4, i-_>7.
He was a soldier in the Indian wars. He mar-
ried (first) Rebekah Southworth, of Waltham, De-
cember 26, 1751 ; (second) Huldah Kenney, May
1. 1755. and (third) Hannah Stockwell. January
24. 1765. His children: William, see forward: Hul-
dah, married Nahum Tainter, removed to Leices-
ter: David, died young; Mehitable, died when seven-
teen years old; Noah (son of Hannah), born May
4. 1765, died unmarried; Hannah, born May 4. 1767,
married David Dudley, November 17, 1789; Joel,
born May 31. 1774. settled in Grafton. Massachu-
setts, married Lois , who died November 2i,

1832, and he died September 10, 1S39, leaving two
daughters, Almira and Martha; Rebeckah, born
April 29, 1776, died young.

(V) William Sibley, eldest child of William
Sibley (4), was born in Sutton in 1753. He set-
tled in Grafton. He was a soldier in the revolu-
tion, in Captain John Putnam's company, Colonel
Ebenezer Learned's regiment, as a minute man in
1775 and also later in the Sutton company. He
removed some years before his death to Royalston.
He married, February 14, 1782, Abigail Fay, daugh-
ter of Jonathan Fay. of Westboro. She was born
1759 and died July 20, 1838. Their children were:
Southworth, .born June 25, 1788; Chloe, May 26,
1791; Simeon, September 2r, 1793; Joel, see for-
ward; William, December 19, 1800, married, April

18, 1827, Patty M. Robbins; (second) Rhoda ;

died at Winchendon, Tulv, 1876.

(VI) Joel Sibley, fourth child of William Sib-
ley (5). was born in Grafton, near Sutton, Massa-
chusetts, December 28, 1796. He was brought up
in Grafton and went to school there. He was
twenty-one or more when his father and the fam-
ily removed to Royalston, Massachusetts, and bought
a farm there. He began to manufacture shingles
from wood cut from lots bought by his father and
himself. He sold much of the timber to W. T.
Merrifield, of Worcester. He bought out the mills
of C. W. Bowker and continued the manufacture
of shingles. He lived at home with his father
until he married, when he built a residence near
the mills. In the course of time he abandoned the
manufacture of shingles and devoted his attention
to making pails. J. B. Sawyer became his partner
under the firm name of Sibley & Sawyer. He ac-
cumulated a competence by his careful and in-
dustrious methods of business. He died in 1863.



He attended the Unitarian church at Winchendon.
He was a Democrat in politics. He served for sev-
eral years on the board of assessors in Winchendon,
and was on the school committee and trustee of
the cemetery of the town. He served in the militia
when a young man.

He married three times; (first) Demis Walker,
of Winchendon; (second) W'alker, of Win-
chendon, and (third) Rhoda Alger, of Winchendon.
Children of Joel and Demis Sibley were: Elvira,
deceased, born in Winchendon, married J. B. Saw-
yer, of Winchendon; Horace, deceased, born in
Winchendon, married Mary Rice and they had two
children : Mary J. and Loel ; George, married Jen-
nett Mann ; Maria, married F. S. Hale and had
daughter, Elvira Hale. The children of Joel and
Rhoda were: William, born in Winchendon, mar-
ried (first) Isabel Shaler, of Winchendon, and they
have one child, Franklin B. ; Joel, Jr., see forward;
Charles; Lovina, married Benjamin P. Peabody, of

(VII) Joel Sibley, son of Joel Sibley (6). was
born in Winchendon, Massachusetts, July 23, 183G.
He gained his education in the common schools
of his native town, and worked at home on his
father's farm. He left home at the age of twenty
years to go to Vassallboro, Maine, where he en-
tered the employ of his cousin, Jeremiah Sibley, as
clerk in his general store. After a year and a
half he removed to Westboro, Massachusetts, :o
work in the chair factory of Baker & Holmes. He
worked there a year and two years for Edward
Spaulding, manufacturer of sleighs. Then he re-
turned to Winchendon to work for his father in
the pail factory of Sibley & Sawyer. Two years
later his father died and the business was con-
tinued by a firm composed of Mr. Sibley, his
brother, William Sibley, and C. W. Bowker, now
of Worcester. He sold' his interests to his partners
after two years and removed to Worcester to work
for Benjamin P. Peabody, wheel manufacturer. A
year later he went to Boston to take charge of Mr.
Peabody's office and salesroom there at 72 Kilby
street. He held this position for eleven years, liv-
ing in Boston and Hyde Park.

He returned to Winchendon and worked in the
Sibley Pail Factory and carried on the old farm.
He finally entered the employ, of F. H. Heyward
as clerk in his general store at Waterville, and was
assistant postmaster under Mr. Heyward. In 1880
he bought out his employer and was appointed post-
master of Waterville, in which capacity he is still
(iqo6) serving. In the past twenty-five years Mr.
Sibley has built up a large and prosperous business,
especially in the grocery line. He is a man of
much influence in the town of Winchendon. He
is a Republican in politics and is interested in
public affair?, but has not cared for public office.
He attends the Church of the Unity (Unitarian).
He was formerly a member of the Winchendon
Grange. He married. February 22, 1868, Nancy
Aldrich. of Winchendon, daughter of Amasa and
Ruth (Stewart) Aldrich. Her father was a pail
manufacturer. Children of Joel and Nancy Sibley
were : Evangeline Eva. married Arthur E. Folsom,
of Winchendon. and they have three children: Mar-
jorie, Esther, Robert Folsom; Amasa A., married
Louise Howe, of Winchendon, and they have five
children: Marion. Marcus A. Freda, Roland, Joel
Stewart. John Elmer, born at Hyde Park, unmar-

DENNY FAMILY. The emigrant ancestor of
Parkmnn Tyler Denny, of Leicester, Massachusetts,
was Daniel Denny, who came from England in

1715 and settled at Leicester, Massachusetts, in 1717.
But the family has been traced in England, as
shown in the Denny Genealogy written by Mr.
Denny's father, the late Christopher C. Denny. The
family has been settled at Combs, Suffolk county,
England, since 1439 and perhaps earlier. The first
record shows John Denny holding lands, tenements,
etc. there in that year. He was succeeded in this
estate in 1450 by his son, William Denny. Robert
Denny succeeded to the estate in 1473 and was prob-
ably the son of William and grandson of John
1 lenny, first-named. From 1473 to 1590 this prop-
erty was owned and undoubtedly occupied by the
descendants of Robert Denny. The Robert Denny,
whom the records show to be in possession in 1590,
is the first of an unbroken line down to the present.

(I) Robert Denny, descendant of John Denny,
of Combs, Suffolk county, England, witnessed a
document 1590. His sons were: Edmund, married

Juan , buried at Combs, May 11, 1609; Robert,

married Margaret , was buried February 1,

1624, and his wife was buried February 7, 1609,
had three children.

(II) Edmund Denny, son of Robert Denny (1),
was probably born at Combs. He married

, Joan . He was buried at Combs, May n. 1609.

His children were : Edmund, baptized at Combs,
1575. married Agnes Castard. of Battysford, May,
1601 : Joan, married Wade, had three children.

(III) Edmund Denny, son of Edmund Denny
(_"i, was baptized at Combs, 1575. He married
Agnes Castard, of Battysford, May, 1601. He had
one son: Edmund, buried March 31, 1681, married
Dorothy Moore.

(IV) Edmund Denny, son of Edmund Denny
(3) , was born probably at Combs, buried March
31, 1681. He married Dorothy Moore, of Rattles-
den, in 1627. She died October, 1637. He married
(second) Susan Syer. He had one child by the
first wife and five by the second. They were:
Edmund Denny, died 1707 ; Thomas, buried No-
vember 22, 1717, married Grace Cook: John, died
unmarried 1684 or 5; Samuel, buried October 7,

1727, married Amy . who died in 1733, had a

daughter who died young: Susannah married Ralph
Waller; Deborah, married Thomas Granger, of
Ipswich, and died about 1685, a worsted weaver
by trade.

(V) Thomas Denny, son of Edmund Denny (4),
was buried at Combs, November 22, 1717. He mar-
ried Grace Cook about 1686. She was born March,
1655. and was buried December 19, 1741. Their
children were: 1. Edmund, died December 18, 1731,

married Muriel , who died December 6. 1731,

had four children. 2. Thomas, buried at Combs,

February 17, 1772, married Rachel , who was

buried June 10. 1719; married (second) Sarah ,

who was buried at Combs. November 26, 1747,
had six children. 3. Samuel, born 1689, landed in
America. July 20, 1717, died June 2. 1772, mar-
ried Mrs. Sarah Robinson, 1719. who died Octo-
ber 17, 1750; married (second) Rachel Loring, of
North Yarmouth. Maine, August 15, 1751. She was
born at Hull, Massachusetts, October 26, 1717, died
July 5, 1752. 4. Daniel, born November 30, 1694,
died April 16. 1760. 5. Sarah, married William
Green, of Battisford. England: married (second)
Mr. Pierson. (Mrs. Grace Denny, her mother, re-
sided many years with her at Haughley, at Milden-
hall and at Old Newton in England, and letters
which have been preserved show great love and
esteem for her son-in-law and daughter). 6.
Deborah, born 1699, died June 1. 1766: came to
America in 1717 with her brother Samuel, lived
at Leicester with her brother Daniel until mar-



ried, October 20, 1719, to Rev. Thomas Prince,
pastor of the Old South Church. Bqston.

(VI) Daniel Denny, son of Thomas Denny
(5), was born at Combs, England, November 30,
1694. He died at Leicester, Massachusetts, April
16, 1760. He left England June, 1715, and arrived
at Boston in New England, September 12, 1715.
He settled at Leicester, Massachusetts, March, 1717,
and married Rebecca Jones, of Worcester, Massa-
chusetts, December, 1722. She died December 20,
1740, aged forty years. Their children were: I.
Infant. 2. Thomas, born March 19, 1725, in Leices-
ter, Massachusetts, died October 23, 1774; married
Tabitha Cutler, of Grafton, Massachusetts, June 25,
1752; she died August 8, 1753, and he married
(second), October 21, 1755. Mrs. Mary Storrs, of
Pomfret, Connecticut, had four children; was mem-
ber of provincial congress, representative in the gen-
eral court, colonel of militia. 3. Mary, born April
22, 1727, died August 8, 1822 ; married Nathan
Sargent, February 12, 1751, had seven children. 4.
Rebecca, born at Leicester, April 10, 1729, died
about 1826 ; married John Lynde, February 4, 175s ;
he died July 10, 1756, and she married (second)
Asa Stowers, 1761, had seven children. 5. Samuel,
born May 20, 1731. 6. Sarah, born at Leicester,
May 5, 1733, died September 27, 1801 ; married
Thomas Sargent, January, 1778. married (second)
Hon. Seth Washburn, April 30, 1788, no descend-
ants. 7. Daniel, born October, 1736, scalded to
death November 17, 1742. 8. Isaac, born August,
1739. died 1743.

(VII) Samuel Denny, son of Daniel Denny (6),
was born at Leicester, Massachusetts, May 20, 1731.
He died September 20, 1817. He married Elizabeth
Henshaw, September 29, 1757. She was born Sep-
tember 27, 1737, died December 7, 1787. He held a
prominent position in the colony. He was lieuten-
ant-colonel of a regiment that marched to Lexing-
tfin on the call of April 19, 1775. In February, 1776,
.he was elected colonel of the first regiment in the
county of Worcester and in November was stationed
with the army at Tarrytown, New York. He rep-
resented Leicester in the general court in 1778, and
was a member of the convention called to act upon
the national constitution in January, 1788. He lived
on Moose Hill in the northwest part of the town.
Elizabeth Henshaw. wife of Samuel Denny, was
the tenth child of Daniel and Elizabeth (Bass)
Henshaw, who came to Leicester from Boston in
1748. He settled on a farm in the east part of the
town which he inherited from his father, Joshua
Henshaw. He was often called upon to act as ar-
bitrator or referee in legal cases, and was invaria-
bly the moderator at town meetings. Elizabeth was
a descendant through her mother of Samuel Bass,
who came to Boston in 1640, and of John Alden of
the "Mayflower," whose daughter married John
Bass, son of the emigrant, Samuel Bass.

Joshua Henshaw, father of Mrs. Samuel Denny,
was born in England, 1638. His father, Joshua,
was born in England in 1610, was a wealthy and in-
fluential member of parliament, opposed to the king.
He took an active part in the struggle against
Charles I and while fighting in the army of Crom-
well at the battle of Edgehill was killed October
23, 1642. His widow died in 1643, and the stew-
ard of the estate sent the two sons to Boston in
1648, reporting them dead for the purpose of claim-
ing the estate himself. Joshua Henshaw, when an
old man, attempted to recover the stolen estate of
his father and died in London in 1719 when it
seemed certain that a decision was about to be ren-
dered in his favor, in the suit he brought against
Joshua, son of Peter Ambrose, the embezzling stew-

ard. His death followed a dinner to which he was
invited by Ambrose for the pretended purpose of
adjusting the differences. The property was never
recovered by the rightful owners.

The children of Samuel and Elizabeth Henshaw
Denny were: 1. Daniel, born August 6, 1758, died
in Worcester, April, 1822; married Nancy Watson,
had seven children. 2. Elizabeth, born March 1,
1760, died November 18, 1846; married, November
28, 1782, Thomas Walter Ward, of Shrewsbury,
Massachusetts, who died August 20, 1835, aged sev-
enty-seven; had ten children. 3. Samuel, born April
21, 1762, died March 21, 1832; married Desire
Boyden, June 2, 1812. 4. David, born January 7,
1704, died July 11, 1821 ; married, February 6, 1791,
Betsey Spooner, daughter of Governor Spooner, of
Martland, Vermont, lived in Hartland and died in
Northfield, Vermont; had nine children. 5. Isaac,
born November 27, 1765, died in Hardwick, Ver-
mont, March 19, 1813, married Grace Tidd, May
"'. T 793i who in 1818 married John Sargent and
died in Leicester, April 16, 1859, aged eighty-five;
had seven children. 6. William, born September
17, 1767, died in North Brookfield, Massachusetts,
March 10, 1851 ; married, October 26, 1788, Patty
Smith, of Spencer, who died February 13, 1797;
married (second), October 17, 1797, Ruth Swan,
daughter of Reuben Swan (she died November 29,
1824, aged fifty-four; he married (third) Mrs.
Betsey H. Upham; he had twelve children. 7.
Sarah, born May 23, 1769, died at Burlington, New
Jersey, March 31, 1856; married Stephen Harris,
.March 27, 1793, and moved to Norfolk, Virginia;
had nine children. 8. Thomas, born July 22, 1771,
died in Barre, Massachusetts, August 23, 1856; mar-
ried, November 18, 1798, Sally Swan, born January
26, 1771, died January 5, 1843; married (second)
Mary Denny, his niece, of Worcester, born April 1,
1801, died February 16, 1876; had ten children. His
name was changed to Nathaniel Paine Denny. He
studied under Nathaniel Paine, was admitted to the
bar in 1800, practiced in Leicester, Norwich, Con-
necticut, and Barre, Massachusetts, representative
and senator in the general court of Massachusetts,
was president of the Leicester Bank. 9. Polly, born
August 21, 1773, died October, 1852; married, May

1, 1798, Rev. John Miles, of Grafton, Massachusetts,
born in Westminster, Massachusetts, November 3,
'705, graduated at Brown University, 1794, died at
Shrewsbury, March 20, .1849. He had ten children.
10. Joseph, born April 2, 1777, died in Leicester,
November 19, 1822.

(VIII) Joseph Denny, son of Samuel Denny
(7), was born at Leicester, Massachusetts, April 2,
1777. He died in Leicester, November 19, 1822.
He married a cousin, Phebe Henshaw, November
T 9> 1799- She was born December 4, 1777, daughter
of Colonel William Henshaw, and died August 11,
1815. He married (second) her sister Lucinda,
March 28, 1816. His children were: 1. Theodore
Vernon, born February 21, 1800, died January 19,
1854; went to Indianapolis, 1821 ; married. March
30, 1823. Elizabeth McLaughlin, had eleven children.

2. Catherine Henshaw, born July 28, 1801, died in
Milwaukee, March 31, 1877; married, January r,
[821, Otis Sprague, had four children. 3. Henry
Augustus, born October io, 1802, married, April
14, 1825, Eliza E. Sprague, resided in Worcester;
died December 11, 1899, and buried in Leicester;
had ten children. 4. Joseph A., born May 13, 1804,
died February 25, 1875, buried in Leicester. He mar-
ried, April 30, 1829, Mary Davis, of Rutland, Massa-
chusetts, had two children. 5. Lucinda Henshaw,
born April. 3, 1806, married, June 3, 1839, Lucius
Botsford, who died December [8, 1876, aged seven-



ty-two ; resided at Lisbon, Illinois, had four chil-
dren ; she died January, 1898. 6. Christopher
Columbus, born April 22, 1809, died October 18,
1810. 7. Phebe Swan, born December 12, 1810, died
December 30, 1810. 8. Christopher Columbus, born
January 10, 1813, married, October 10, 1837, Susan
Brigham Rockwood. 9. Phebe Henshaw, born June
4, 181 S, died July 22, 1877; married September 21,
1843, James Otis Kendall, of Ashby, Massachusetts,
moved to Hartford, Wisconsin, had four children.
10. Sarah Healy, born February 11, 1817, died Oc-
tober 4. 1838; married. September 21, 1837, Jacob
Boon and lived in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she
died, had one child. 11. Harriet Flint, born Decem-
ber 13. 1818. married, June 14. 1842. Rev. Enoch
Underwood, resided in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin,
win re he was pastor of the Baptist church, had five
children; she died February 14, 1904. 12. Elizabeth
Henshaw, born April 12, 1821, married Hiram II.
Wheelock, February 21. 1843, lived in Hartford, Wis-
consin, and died April 11, 1904.

(IX) Christopher Columbus Denny, son of Jo-
seph Denny (8), was born at Leicester, Massachu-
setts, January 10, 1813. He married, October 10,
1837, Susan Brigham Rockwood, daughter of Rev.
Elisha Rockwood, of Swanzey, New Hampshire.
She was born October 1, 1815, died May 12, 1843.
He married (second), February 11, 1845, Anna
Sophia Tyler, daughter of Deacon John E. Tyler.
Mr. Denny was for years a partner in the well
known firm of White & Denny, card clothing manu-
facturers, lie was always interested in the town
and in national politics. He served the town of
Leicester as selectman and in other offices and he
represented his district in the general court. He
was trustee of the Leicester Savings Bank, and a
deacon of the First Congregational Church. He died
July 8, 1895. The children of Christopher C. Denny
were: 1. Henry Rockwood, born February 22, 1839,
married, December 8, 1863, Serena Arvena Soren-

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