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mitted to the firm. The business showed a steady
growth and development and the factory was re-
peatedly enlarged. After his father's death Mr.
Murdock conducted the business alone until it was
bought by the American Card Clothing Company
in 1890. At that time the Murdock factory was
conducted the largest business of any of the card
clothing factories in town. Mr. Murdock became
a director in the American Card Clothing Company,
continuing the business as before. When the Amer-
ican Card Clothing Company was put into liquida-
tion in 1905 the factory was sold and at present
is closed. Mr. Murdock is president of the Leices?
ter Savings Bank, succeeding Dexter Knight, who
resigned in 1902. He was a director of the Leices-
ter National Bank, which is in process of liquida-
tion on account of the law in Massachusetts re-
quiring the business of the national and savings
banks to be entirely separate. Mr. Murdock is a
member of Morning Star Lodge, A. F. and A. M.,
and Worcester Royal Arch Chapter.

He married, November 10, 1869. Hattie Agnes
Clifford, daughter of Warner and Lorinda (Hart-
well) Clifford, of Hubbardston, Massachusetts. Mr.
Clifford was the first proprietor of the Bay State
Hotel, Worcester. The children of Julius O. and
Hattie Agnes (Clifford) Murdock are: Lester Bige-
low, born November 18. 1873, married, November
7. IQ00. Alice M. Aldrich, and they have one child,
Donald Aldrich, born August 28, 1902; Harold
Clifford, born February 19, 188=;.

Clifford, progenitor of Mrs. Julius O. Murdock,
of Leicester, was born 1752 and died 1803. He
married Mary Bridges, who was born May X. 1758,
died March 5, 1839. They lived at Hubbardston,
Massachusetts, where their children were born:
Thankful, born October 17. 1770: Joanna, born June
16, 1781 : Luther, born December 24, 1782; Nellie,
born January 24, 1785: Josephus, horn April 20,
1790: Polly, born September 7, 170."

1 I I ) Luther Clifford, son of Jonathan Clifford
(1), was born in Hubbardston, Massachusetts, De-
cember 24, 1782, died in Fitchburg, May 10, 1S64. He
married, September, 1805, Lydia Murdock, who was



born August 30, 1785, died May 10. 1875. She was
born in Westminster, Massachusetts. Their chil-
dren were: Martin, born September 5, 1806;
Achsah, born January 27, 1808; Warner, born Feb-
ruary 25, 1810; William J., born November 29,
[812; Betsey, born July 2, 1819; Samuel N., born
February 20. 1827.

(III) Warner Clifford, son of Luther Clifford
(2), was born February 25, 1S10, died September 5,
1888. He married Lorinda Hartwell, born October
14. 1811, died August 31, 1883. Both are buried in
Worcester. Their children were: Ellen M., born
June 7, 1835; Henrietta M ., born February 25, 1839;
Hattie A., born March 18, 1848.

( IV) Hattie Agnes Clifford, daughter of Warner

Clifford (3), was born in Barre, Massachusetts,

-March iS, [848. She married Julius O. Murdock,

I ester, Massachusetts, November 10, 1869.

( See sketch of Murdock family for descendants).

SARGENT FAMILY. (I) William Sargent,
the emigrant, was an ancestor of Mrs. Julius Mur-
dock of Leicester. Massachusetts. (See the Sargent
Family of Leicester and Dr. Joseph Sargent for de-
tails of first and second generations.)

(II) John Sargent, son of William Sargent (1),
married (first) Deborah Hiller, of Barnstable,

cond) Mary Bense, < third) Lydia Chipman, of
Barnstable, Massachusetts. She was daughter of
John and Hope' (Howland) Chipman and grand-
daughter of John Howland of the "Mayflower,"
t Si e Howland sketch.)

(Ill) Samuel Sargent of John Sargent (2), was
born September 15, 1688, died December 7, 1721.
He married. December 2, 1714, Elizabeth Pratt,
who was born January 24, 1698, died December 7,
1721, at Maiden. Their children were : Samuel,
born June 22, 1717 ; Anna, born 171S; Thomas, born
September 18, 1720.

(IV) Thomas Sargent, son of Samuel Sargent
(3), was born September 1, 1720, died January 25,
1795, at Hubbardston. He married, September 27,
1744. Tabitha Tuttle. She was born August 8,
J724, died June 10, 1804. Their children were:
Tabitha, born August 19. 1745; Thomas, born March
4. 1747; Samuel, born December 30, 1748; Abigail,
born April 7, 1750; Thomas, born March 2. 1752:
John, born May 24, 1755; Martha and Mary, (twins)
born October 15, 1757 ; Phebe, born December 4,
1759; Ebenezer. born June 5, 1762.

(V) Ebenezer Sargent, son of Thomas Sargent
(4). was born June 5, 1762, died October 12, 1849.
at Hubbardston, Massachusetts. • He married
Phebe Shute, April 12, 1785. She was born De-
cember 5, 1763. died March 5, 1834. Their children
were: Thomas, born January 28, 1786; Daniel,
born July 23, 178S; Roxa, born December 23, 1790;
Russell, born june 28, 1793; Parker, born April 7,
1796; Phebe, born March 12, 1798; Mary, born June.
16. 1802; Stillman, born April 13, 1804.

(VI) Roxa Sargent, daughter of Ebenezer Sar-
gent (5), was born December 23, 1790, died January
27, 1875. She married. April 16, 1808, Simon Hart-
well, horn May 15, I78g, died January 24, 186S.
They lived at Hubbardston, Massachusetts. Their
children were: James H., born June 17, 1809;
Lorinda, born October 14, 181 1; Mary P., born
December 31, 1813; W. Stedman, born August 21,
1817; Harriet N., born March 22, 1820; Phebe S.,
born April 14, 1822; Sarah, born June 22, 1826; S.
Willard, born February 14, 1829; Mary R., born
November 28, 1835.

(VII) Lorinda Hartwell. daughter of Simon
and Roxa (Sargent) Hartwell (6), was born at
Hubbardston, Massachusetts, October 14, 181 1. She

married Warner Clifford. (See Clifford Family

KEYES FAMILY. Robert Keyes (1), immi-
grant ancestor of George Harvey Keyes, of West
Boylston, Massachusetts, was the progenitor of
virtually all of the colonial families of this name in
New England. He came from England to Water-
town, Massachusetts, as early of 1633. He was also
at Lynn among the early settlers. He removed to
Newbury, Massachusetts, in 1644. He married,

about 1630, Sarah . He died July 16, 1647,

and she married (second), November, 1658. John
Gage. Children of Robert and Sarah Keyes were :
Solomon (?), born about 163 1 ; Sarah, born May
26, 1633; Rebecca, born March 17, 1638; Phebe,
born June 17, 1639; Mary (twin ?). born June 17,
1639, died young; Mary, born February 16, 1642,
died young; Elias, born May 20, 1643, of whom
later; Mary, born at Newbury, June 16, 1645, mar-
ried Benjamin Cady, February 16, 1664; Peter (?).

(II) Elias Keyes, son of Robert Keyes (1), was
born in Watertown. Massachusetts, May 20, 1643.
He removed to Newbury with his parents, but set-
tled later in Sudbury. Massachusetts. He married
Sarah Blanford, daughter of John Blanford, Sep-
tember 11, 1665. Their children were: Elias, Jr.,
born at Sudbury, November 15, 1666; James, born
September 13, 1670; Sarah, born April 11, 1673;
Thomas, born February 8, 1674-75, of whom later ;
John (?).

(III) Deacon Thomas Keyes, son of Elias
Keyes (2). was born February 8, 1674, at Sudbury,
Massachusetts, and died August 25, 1742, aged
sixty-eight years. He settled on a new farm in the
eastern part of Marlborough and lived there all his
life. It is now, or was lately, still owned by his
descendants. He was deacon of the church. The
story of his marriage is romantic. After he became
engaged to Elizabeth Howe, daughter of John Howe,
Jr., granddaughter of John and Mary Howe, the
first white settlers of Marlborough, she went to Lan-
caster to visit her sister, the wife of Peter Joslin,
and while there on July 18, 1692, an Indian out-
break occurred and she was taken captive and car-
ried to Canada. She spent four years in captivity
before the government redeemed her. Although
she suffered many hardships, they were such as the
Indians had to share with her, for she was treated
humanely and kindly all the time. She brought back
to her home in Marlborough many of the habits
and customs she had learned from the Indians. The
lovers were reunited and after a few months they
were married, January 23, 1698. She lived to the
advanced age of ninety years, dying August 18,
1764.' Their children were: David, born October
30, 1699, killed at age of twenty-one years by acci-
dent ; Jonathan, born November 19, 1702, of whom
later; Cyprian, born September 15, 1706, settled in
Shrewsbury, died June 18, 1802, nearly ninety-six
years old; Dinah, born March 4, 1710. married
John Weeks, 1731, and they lived with her father
and stayed on the homestead all their lives; Thomas,
born September 29, 1713, died young.

( IV) Jonathan Keyes, second son of Thomas
Keyes (3), was born at Marlborough, November
19, 1702, and died June 25, 1778. He settled in that
part of Shrewsbury that became Boylston on a lot
of land that he bought about 1727, shortly before
his marriage. He lived there the remainder of his
life and raised a large family there. He set out
an orchard which was for many years noted for its
productiveness. His first house was destroyed by
fire. He married, 1727, Patience Morse, daughter


( / // Urefrffi/t




of Joseph Morse, of Marlborough. She died May I,
1776, in her seventy-first year. Children of Jona-
than and Patience Keyes were : Jonathan, born Jan-
uary 21, 1728, died aged sixty years ; Miriam, Octo-
ber 27, 1729, died young; Dinah, August 22, 1731,
died 1733; Timothy, 1733, died 1810; Miriam, De-
cember 14, 1735, married Artemas Maynard; rhomas,
December 24, 1/37, January 4, 1738, new style) of
whom later; Benjamin, January 29, 1740, died aged
sixty-five years; Asa, 1742, died 1745; Catherine
(twin), August 15, 1743, died young; Sarah (twin),
August 15, 1743, died young; Catherine, October 9,
1747, married Warren Smith, died nearly one hun-
dred years old.

(V) Thomas Keyes, son of Deacon Jonathan
Keyes (4), was born in Shrewsbury, January 4.
173S, new style, and died December 21, 1812, aged
seventy-five years. He settled after his marriage in

Westminster on a lot given him by his lather for
three years service after he became of age. He
lived there until 1707, when he sold out and re-
moved to that part of Shrewsbury that became
West Boylston. He bought a farm there and spent
the remainder of his days on it. He was a prom-
inent Whig, "active," it is said, "in devising plans
and assisting the execution thereof for the benefit
and advantage of the cause of the country in her
struggle for liberty and independence." He was in
Captain Robert Andrew's company from the sec-
ond precinct of Shrewsbury with the rank of cor-
poral and marched to Lexington April 19, 1775.
Again, he turned out to the relief of the northern
army on the Bennington alarm in 1777 and marched
as far as Hadley with Captain John Maynard's eom-
panv. Colonel Job -dishing' s regiment.

He married, April 25, 1705. .Mary Temple, daugh-
ter of Isaac Temple. She was born March 9, 1741,
and died January 21," 1800. aged fifty-nine years.

'S was a laborious, enterprising woman." Chil-
dren of Thomas and Mary Keyes were: Lucy, born
August 18, 1765, died April 4, 1770; Thomas, Jan-
uary 20, 1767, died June 25, 1856; Asa, September
21, 1768, died December 27, 1850; Francis. April 15.

1771, died April 18, 185 1 ; Luther, September 21.

1772, died November 5, 1773 J Lucy, July 27, 1778;
Luther, May 8, 1781, died August 2b. 1826.

(VI) Thomas Keyes, son of Thomas Keyes (5),
was born at Westminster, Massachusetts, January
20, 1767. In that same year his parents removed
to tne northwest part of Shrewsbury, afterwards
Boylston. now West Boylston. He died in West
Boylston, June 25, 1856, in his ninetieth year. He
had to depend mainly on his own exertions for his
success in life. He was industrious and frugal and
fairly successful in a material way. He had his
farm' from his lather. It was taken up first by Ben-
jamin Bigelow, who became the legal proprietor
about 1735. The first house he built in 1750 and his
barn in 1753. The farm came by will in 1812 to
Thomas Keyes, Jr., the eldest son, who lived there
all his life. One of the houses on the place was
built in 17S4, when the old house was torn down
and the other built in 1 791 on the site of the first

In politics Mr. Keyes was a Federalist and an
ardent friend and supporter of Washington and
John Adams and vigorously opposed to Jefferson
and Madison. He was always interested in public
and town affairs, and served in many town offices.
He had an active and vigorous mind and great
firmness and decision of character. He was a stanch
supporter of the anti-slavery and temperance move-
ments, and was much interested in the work of the
American Missionary Association, to which he left
a bequest in his will. During the last eighteen years

of his life he was afflicted with blindness, becom-
ing finally unable to see anything but the brightest

He married, May 26, 1791, Lydia Harthan, of
Boylston, born February 18, 1705. died October 25,
1824. Mi. ua a the daughter of Micah Harthan.
Her son calls her "Amiable, kind, sympathetic and
friendly." Children of Thomas and Lydia Keyes
were: Benjamin Franklin, of whom later; Polly,
born January 13, 1795, died September 18, 1S00;
Betsey, November 17, 1796, died May 11, 1839;
Thomas, April 20, 1802, died October 30, 1831
.1 1 atl . n, November 17, 1808, died August 13. 1S13.
(VII) Benjamin Franklin Keyes, son of Thomas
Keyes (6), was born in West Boylston, April 15,
1795. He inherited the house that had been his
[father's and lived there all his life. He was
educated in the common school and was a student
of local and family history. In 1857 he published
alogj of his branch of the Keyes family
(printed in Worcester by Henry J. How land, 1857),
from which much of the material for this sketch
has been drawn. He was an industrious and well-
to-do farmer. Like his father he was active in
political affairs. He served the town as highway
surveyor and selectman, and in 1840 was representa-
tive to the general court. With the majority of the
Whigs in his section he joined the Republican party
soon after its formation, and attended several state
and many other nominating conventions of his
party. In early life he trained with the militia, as
all healthy youths were accustomed to do. He was
all equipped and ready to take part in the war of
1812, but was never called upon, for active service ;
his musket and other equipments are now in the
possession of his grandson. He was a member of'
the Congregational church and for some years was
superintendent of the Sunday school.

He married, December 10, 1822, Lois Nichols,
born July 17, 1797, daughter of Thaddeus Nichols,

of Holden, and their children were : , born

October 9, 1823, died aged two days; Jona-
than Mason, of whom later; , born and

died January 9, 1827; Eveline Murdoch, born
July I, 1728, died October 25, 1829; Thomas Nichols,
born March 18, 1830; William Wirt, horn January
29, 1832; Lydia Eveline, born July 15, 1835; John
Quincy, born October 13, 1837, died February 20,

(VIII) Jonathan Mason Keyes, son of Benjamin
Franklin Keyes (7), was born at West Boylston,
Massachusetts, August 13, 1825. He was educated
there in the public schools and his life-long occupa-
tion has been farming. At the age of eighty years
he is still reckoned among the active farmers of the
town. He enjoys the good will and esteem of all his
fellow -town-men to an unusual degree. He is a
Congregationalist in religion and a Republican in
politics. He married, March 20, 1849. Esther Damon,
of Kirby, Vermont. Their two children are : George
Harvey, born September 28, 1850, of whom later ;
Benjamin Franklin, born November 24, 1857, died
April 19, 1880.

(IX) George Harvey Keyes, only surviving
child of Jonathan Mason Keyes (8), was born at
West Boylston, Massachusetts, September 28, 1850.
He was educated in the public schools of his native
town, and from early youth to the present time has
been associated with his father in carrying on the
homestead farm. He is a Republican in politics
and has been active in town affairs. He served two
years on the board of assessors. He attends the
Methodist church. He is a member of the local
grange, Patrons of Husbandry, and of the Boylston
Lodge of Free Masons. He married, December 22,



1892, Georgianna (Pray) Merrill, of Newburyport,
Massachusetts, daughter of Moses and Sarah (.Well-
man.) Pray. They have an adopted daughter, Ethel
Caroline, born January 13, 1897.

(1 J, the immigrant ancestor of Benton David John-
sun, of Grafton, Massachusetts, was born in Eng-
land, coming to America in the fleet with Winthrop,
accompanied by his wife Margery, who died at Rox-
bury, June 9, 1655, with their sons Isaac and
Humphrey and probably other children. Savage
thinks there were three daughters. Johnson was
admitted a freeman, May 18, 1630. He settled in
Roxbury and was called a yeoman. He was chosen
by the general court, October 19, 1630, constable of
Roxbury and surveyor of all the arms of the colony,
a very industrious and faithful man in his place.
He was a man of some wealth and much distinction.
He was a deputy to the general court in 1634 and
many years afterward. His house was burned Au-
gust 2, 1645, with seventeen barrels of his country's
powder and many arms then in his charge. At the
same time the town records were destroyed. He was
elected a member of .the Artillery Company in 1638.
He was agent for Catherine Sumpner, of London,
111 1053. He signed the inventory of Joseph Weld's
estate in 1646. He died September 30, 1659, and Ins
will was proved October 15, following, dividing his
property among his five children, the eldest to have
a double portion. The estate amounted to six hun-
dred and sixty pounds. His first wife Margaret
died June 9, 1655. He married (second) Grace
(Negus) Fawer, widow of Barnabas Fawer. Her
will was made December 21, 1671, and proved De-
cember 29, 1671, leaving all her estate to her broth-
ers, Jonathan and Benjamin Negus. Children of
John and Margaret Johnson: Isaac, see forward;
Humphrey, Mary, married Roger Mowry, of Provi-
dence, who sold her share in the estate October 12,
1659. Two other daughters, names unknown.

(II) Captain Isaac Johnson, son of John John-
son (1), was born in England and came over with
his parents. He was admitted a freeman at Rox-
bury, March 4, 1635. He married, January 20, 1637,
Elizabeth Porter. He was a member of the Boston
Artillery Company 111 1645 and captain in 1667. He
was deputy to the general court in 1671. He was
killed in the Narragansett fight in King Philip's
war. December 19, 1075 (see Hutchinson 12-99 or
Mather vii-50). His will was dated March 8, 1673,
and proved February 10, 1076. The children: Eliza-
beth, born December 24, 1637, married, December
20, 1658, Henry Bowen ; John, born November 3.
1639, died December 18, 1661 ; Mary, baptized April
10, 1641, married, December 17, 1663, William Bar-
tholomew; Isaac, baptized January 7, 1644; Joseph,
born November 9, 1645, died young; Nathaniel,
born May 1, 1647, see forward.

(III) Nathaniel Johnson, son of Captain Isaac
Johnson (2), was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts,
May I, 1647, married there, April 29, 1667, Mary
Smith. He was admitted a freeman in 1690. He
removed to Sherborn. Their children : John, born
April 29, 1669; Nathaniel, born March 19. 1670. see
forward; Smith, born January 22, 1672; Mary, born
February 14, 1674; Hannah, born March 13, 1683.

(IV) Nathaniel Johnson, son of Nathaniel John-
son (3), was born in Roxbury, March 19. 1670 (or
March 21, 1669-70), and went to Sherborn, Massa-
chusetts, where he had a lot granted March 8-, 1696.
lie probably removed to Stttrbridge, Massachusetts,
or vicinity. Children of Nathaniel and Abigail
Johnson: Joseph, removed to Sherborn or Hollis-

rited lands and town right of his father;

died March 25, 1744-45 ; married Lydia


land at Douglas in 1715. Nathaniel, see forward.
William, married Mary Morse and had Sarah, born
at Sherborn, March 20, 1716. Mary, married, 1705,
Noah Morse. Martha, born February 19, 1096-97.
Mehitable, born October 15, 1699.

(V) Nathaniel Johnson, son of Nathaniel John-
50n (4), was burn at Roxbury, Massachusetts, about
1690. He settled in Douglas or Sturbridge shortly
after his marriage. His estate was not settled in
Worcester county. He married, November 23, 1708,
at Sherborn. Children : Jonathan, born at Sher-
born, January 30, 1709-10, settled in Sturbridge;
married Jerusha, and their son Nathaniel was bap-
tized at Sturbridge, October 12, 1740. James, born
171 1, at Sherborn or Douglas, see forward. Dr.
Johnson, of Sturbridge, born 1714, whose wife Abi-
gail died March 15, 1809, aged eighty-six years.
Perhaps other children.

(VI) Ensign James Johnson, son of Nathaniel
Johnson (5), was born probably in Douglas or
vicinity, 171 1, and died in Sturbridge, Massachu-
setts, April 1, 178S, in his seventy-seventh year. His
wife Susanrtah died at Sturbridge April 9 or 10,
1774, in her sixty-ninth year. Their children, all
born at Sturbridge, were: Lydia, born May 10,
1733, married, September 7, 1749, Benjamin Scott;
Susannah, born March 13, 1735; Abigail, born Au-
gust I, 1737 ; James, born May 19, 1739, died Octo-
ber 12, 1816, aged seventy-seven; married, June 13,
1763, Hannah Harding; Lucy, born September 8,
1741, married, December 18, 1766, Oliver Mason;
Barakiah, born November 5, 1743, died June 26,
1746; Isaac (twin), born July 7, 1746, married, Oc-
tober 21, 1770, Jemima Robbins ; John (twin), born
July 7, 174O, died August 1, 1746; Comfort, born
December 3, 1747, died February 13, 1839, aged
ninety-one years, at Sturbridge; Job, born March
2 9. 175°, see forward; Elijah, born May 2, 1751 ;
Timothy, baptized December 2, 1752; Hannah, bap-
tized August 25, 1754; Mary, baptized at Sturbridge,
March 23, 175O, married at Sturbridge, January 31,


(VII) Job Johnson, son of Ensign James John-
son (6), was born at Sturbridge, Massachusetts,
March 29, 1750. He was a soldier in the revolution,
private in Captain Timothy Parker's company,
Colonel Warren's regiment, April 19, 1775 ; also in

. Captain Adam Wheeler's company, Colonel Ephraim
Doolittle's regiment, later in 1775 ; also in Captain
Francis Stones company, Colonel James Converse's
regiment, in 1777. Job Johnson married (intentions
January 27, 1771) Rachel Lee, of Thompson, Con-
cticut, and perhaps lived there and at Western
later. Their children, born in Sturbridge, were :
David, October 18, 1770; John, October 4, 1773, see

i ) John Johnson, son of Job Johnson (7),
was born in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, October 4,
1 "7". iid died at Western, Massachusetts, where he
settled, August 10, 1805, aged thirty-two years, the
death being on the printed Sturbridge records, where
his wife removed shortly after his death. His will
was filed for probate September 9, 1805, and Isaac
Johnson, probably his brother, settled the estate.
John married, at Sturbridge. December 28, 1794,
'Mary (Polly) Smith, who died January 21, 1815,
at Sturbridge, aged thirty-nine years. Their children
vver Western, which is the present town of

Warren, Massachusetts, but they were baptized in
the church at Sturbridge to which their mother be-
longed, all on the same day. March 10. 1808. The
children: Abijah, Almira, Elvira. Mary Eliza, Pliny,
see forward.

(IX) Pliny Johnson, son of John Johnson (8),



was born in Western, Massachusetts, about 1800.
His father died when he was a young boy and he
was bound out by his mother, who had a family of
small children to care for. He learned the shoe-
maker's trade. He settled in Sutton, Massachu-
setts, and died there in 1853. He bought a lot of
land on the Hartford turnpike at Douglas of Paul
Dudley, November 16, 1821, and sold it April 1,
1823, to Levi Moore. The place contained ninety-
nine and a half rods of land and a shoe shop among
the other buildings. He married Sophia Albee, of
a well known Rhode Island family. Their chil-
dren : Emily, married Ebenezer Cutler, of Worces-
ter; Pliny F., Dr. John G., resided in Wellrleet,
Massachusetts; Mary Eliza, married Adolphus F.
Brown, of Douglas, Massachusetts ; Elisha Smith,
born in Sutton, had a farm in Douglas, also re-
sided in Sutton; Moses T., born December 17,
1826, at Douglas, removed to Oxford, April 1, 1859,
shoe cutter by trade, representative to the general
court 1863, removed to Worcester, October, 1805,
and died there April 17, 1883 ; Carew, see forward ;

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