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Ezra, March 29, 1749, see forward; Eunice, October
2, 1751.

(VI) Ezra Lovell. son of Thomas Lovell (5),
was horn in Sutton. Massachusetts, March 29. 1749,
and died in Millbury an adjoining town, August 14.
1821. He was a soldier in the revolution, corporal
in Captain Andrew Eliot's company. Colonel
Learned*s regiment, on the Lexington Alarm, April
l°. p l77S- He was sergeant in Captain Isaac Bol-
ster's company. Colonel Ebenezer Learned's regi-
ment. August. 177=;. He became second lieutenant in
Captain M.iiah Burbank's comoanv. the thirteenth
(Fifth Sutton company) in the Fifth Worcester

regiment, March 20, 1776; he was lieutenant in the
same company, Colonel Jonathan Holman's regi-
ment, in the Rhode Island campaign in 1776. He
was lieutenant in 1777, marching with his company
to re-inforce the northern army which defeated
Burgoyne ; in Captain Andrew Eliot's company ; Col-
onel Jonathan Holman's regiment. He afterward
had the rank of captain, a title by which he was
known the remainder of his life. He was a farmer
in Millbury during his later days.

He married Mary Jennison, a widow, who died
January 3, 1844, aged eighty-seven years. His chil-
dren, all born in Sutton, were : Elias, January 12,
1778, married Betsey Pierce; settled in Millbury,
where their son Elias was born January 22. 1804;
Polly (Mary), February 17, 1779; Ludia, June 5,
1782; Ezra, Jr., July 8, 1787, see forward.

(VII) Ezra Lovell, jr., son of Captain Ezra
Lovell (6), was born in Sutton. July 8, 1787. He
settled at Oxford and later at Millbury. He mar-
ried (first) Polly Phelps, who died in Millbury,
September 21, 1814. He married (second), October
29, 1815, Olive Jennison, of Millbury. The children
of Ezra and Polly Lovell were: Mary Phelps, born
in Millbury, September 13. 1812 : Charles Herrick,
January 20, 1814. The children of Ezra and Olive
Lovell were: William Austin, November 28, 1816;
Russell Buckman, Millbury, September 21, 1822, see
forward; Sophia, May 30, 1826; Ann Maria, June
19, 1830.

(VIII) Russell Buckman Lovell, fourth child of
Ezra Lovell, Jr., (7), was born in Millbury. Massa-
chusetts. September 21, 1822. He received a com-
mon school education and worked during his youth
on his father's farm in his native town. In 1845
he removed to Woodstock, Vermont, where he was
engaged with much success in the mills until 1865,
when he returned to the old place in Millbury. He
has been a citizen of that town for over forty years,
and still carries on a considerable business in market
gardening there. He served the town as overseer
of the poor two years and highway surveyor two
years. In addition to his farm he has cared for the
town hall since 1887. He is a Republican in politics
and has been active in the counsels of his party,
He is a member of the Unitarian church. He is
one of the most active of the men of his age in the
vicinity. A vigorous constitution, a well-ordered
life and an alert mind have preserved his faculties
to a remarkable degree and greatly lengthened his
years of activity and usefulness.

He married. May 22, 1846, Lydia Marble, of Ox-
ford. She was born in Sutton, November 4. 1820,
daughter of Luther and Sophia Marble, of Oxford.
Her father was born March 8, 1793, in Charlton,
the son of Aaron and Rebecca, descendants of Sam-
uel Marble, the immigrant, and of Freegrace Marble,
the pioneer settler at Sutton. (See sketch of Marble
family, Webster and Worcester.) Children of Rus-
sell B. and Lydia Lovell. born in Woodstock, Ver-
mont, were : Luther M., born Woodstock. Vermont,
June 29, 1847, resides at 4 High street, Worcester;
Fannie, bnrn Woodstock, Vermont, April I. 1849,
married George F. Chase : resides pn Miles street,
Millbury: he is a contractor and builder: William
R.. born December 7, iSsT ; Marv L., born August
16, 1854. married Pliny Wood. (See sketch of Mr.
Wood.) ; Charles E.. born October 23. 1856. em-
ployed as bookkeeper in the Norcross Brothers Com-
pany, Worcester ; resides on Sheperd street. Wor-
cester : Nellie, born Ausrost 3. 1859. married Edward
Park and had three children; resides in Millbury.

WARREN FAMILY. John Warren (t), from'
Nayland, England, came to Boston, with Governor
Winthrop in the "Arabella." arriving at Salem, June



12, 1630, was the emigrant ancestor of Walter War-
ren, of Leicester, Massachusetts. From Salem he
with the rest of the company went to Charlestown,
whence, after a brief stay they moved to Water-
town, Massachusetts. He took the freeman's oath
there May 18, 1631. He was the John of Watertown
who hold various town offices.

ill) Daniel Warren, born in England, 1628,
came with his father, died in Watertown. He was
in the Colonial service; a soldier in King Philip's
war; selectman from 1682 to 1698; married, Decem-
ber 10, 1650, Mary Barron, and had nine children.

(III) John Warren, son of Daniel and Mary
(Ban mi Warren, born March 5, 1665, at Water-
town. He married. March 25, 1682-83, Mary Brown.
He held various town offices and the rank of ensign
in the local military service, and thus became known
in the records thereafter as Ensign John. He died
at the age of thirty-seven, leaving a widow and three

(IV) John Warren, son of Ensign John and
Mary (Brown) Warren, was born March 15. 1685.
He married (first) Sarah Jones; (second) Abigail
Livermore; (third) Lydia Bond. He died March
2 5> I "45- He was known as Deacon John Warren,
of Weston. He was also given the title of ensign
for military service.

(V) Ebenezer Warren, son of Deacon John and
Abigail (Livermore) Warren, was born June 23,
1 7 to. He bought three acres of land with a dwell-
ing house, bark house, mill-house, beam house, and
lanyard of Patrick Watson in Leicester. The land
comprises a portion of the farm now or lately owned
b" Edward Warren. In the deed conveyed the
property he is styled of Medford, and the records
of that town confirm this point, though it is prob-
able that his stay there was not long. He was
evidently quite successful in business, as he added
largely to his possessions, owning a few years be-
fore his death about a hundred acres of land, be-
sides his dwelling house and tanyard buildings. He
died in 1800 and is buried in Leicester, at the Raw-
son cemetery, November 23, 1744. He married
Lydia Harrington, of Brookfield, Massachusetts.
She died in 1795. The dwelling house originally on
the farm was a small house on the south side of the
road to Spencer, a short distance east of the road
to Paxton. The tanyard was on the opposite side
of the road a short distance eastward. About 1780
he built a new house, which was inherited by his
son Elijah, and grandson, Henry Elijah Warren,
who tore it down about i860.

Their children were: Ebenezer, born December
27, 1748, died February 13, 1753. Jonathan, Novem-
ber 27, 1750. Lydia, December 6, 1752, married,
March 31, 1774, Abner Dunbar, born April 9, 1753.
Their son, Ebenezer Dunbar, born March 29, 1777,
died at the age of one hundred years, October 28,
1S77. His centennial was celebrated by four gen-
erations, and up to that time not one of his descend-
ants had died. He retained his faculties to the last,
eating supper with the family the night before his
death. He was the grandfather of Tohn D. Clark,
Malcolm G. Clark and Mrs. F. A. Blake, of Roch-
dale. Massachusetts. (See sketch elsewhere in this
work of Malcolm G. Clark of Dunbar pedigree.)
Ebenezer, June 9, 1754. settled at Hubbardston, mar-
ried Phebe Garfield. Esther, married in 1782 Daniel
Newhall, of Brookfield. Massachusetts, resided in
Alstead, New Hampshire; had several children.
Hannah, married in i;Si levi Chilson. settled in
Leicester, and. had seven children. Elijah. 1758.
Sally, born in Leicester, married in 1786 Thaddeus
Upham, settled in Watertown, Massachusetts; had
four children.

(VI) Elijah Warren, son of Ebenezer Warren

(5), was born in Leicester, Massachusetts, in 1758.
He married (first), March 19, 1781, Elizabeth
Wheeler, daughter of Amos and Mary Belcher
(Henshaw) Wheeler, of Worcester. She was born
May 4, 1763, and died March 30, 1800. He married
(second), June 23 (21 in genealogy), 1801, Mary
Belcher Wheeler, a sister of his first wife. She was
born December 19, 1774, and died August 15, 1851.
He died July 18, 1843.

He was a volunteer in the revolutionary army,
and was in the battle of White Palins, New York.
His father deeded to him June 5, 1783, for five
thousand pounds the homestead and tanyard with
buildings, the place bought in 1744. There are
later deeds conveying apparently parts of the same
premises. In 1797 it seems certain that Elijah and
Jonathan bought each a half of the tanyard and
together carried on the business thereafter.

Rev. Samuel May wrote of hirrr:_ "He was a
man of great worth and general estimation. The
writer of this knew him only in the last five or
six years of his life. His old age seemed unusually
cheerful. As a citizen and neighbor, he maintained
a position of confidence and respect." Mr. May
paid a high tribute to the character of the second
Mrs. Warren, whom he knew. She was a member
of the Unitarian church from the first.

There was an interesting reunion of the eight
living children of Elijah Warren, September 17,
1863. The eldest was eighty-one, the youngest fifty-
four, and a photograph of the group taken at the
time is extremely interesting to their descendants
now. It was the only time during their lives that
all the children met together under the same roof.
Mrs. Bond and Mrs. Chapin travelled over sixteen
hundred miles to attend the meeting.

The children of Elijah Warren were: Amos,
born July 25, 1782, settled in Woodstock, Vermont,
and was a wealthy tanner; married Sophia Holmes,
Mrs. Caroline G. (Shurtleff) Chapman, and Sally
Beers. Joseph, born at Leicester. January 8, 1784,
married Sally Green, of Brookfield, in 181 1; he was
a tanner in Leicester ; died February 25, 1865. Bet-
sey, born in Leicester, October 17, 1785. married
Jonathan Bond ; had no children ; died March 10,
1874. Lydia, born March 29, 1788, unmarried, died
January I, 1870. Mary Wheeler, born May 23, 1790,
married Simeon Chapin. born May 18, 1791, died
June 15, 1865: lived in Lisbon, Illinois. Charlotte,
born August 8, 1792, married, November 21. 181 1,
Rufus Fuller, of Easton, Massachusetts. Sarah Hen-
shaw. born March 20, 1802, died unmarried June
16, 1S23. Catherine Henshaw, born July 21, 1804,
died unmarried July 17, 1828. Louisa Amelia, born
August 18. 1807, married, August 25, 1830, Amos
Dean Wheeler, resided in Brunswick. Maine, last
surviving grandchild of Ebenezer Warren. Henry
Elijah, 'born in Leicester, July 4. JSog. married
Marv Whittemore, daughter of John and Nancy
Howard Whittemore, of Leicester (see sketch of
Joseph S. Whittemore and family) ; he died July 5,
1865. Antoinette Frances Tucker, born June 21,
1S17. died Tanuary 8, 1819.

(VII) Joseph Warren, son of Elijah Warren
(6), was born in Leicester, Massachusetts. January
8, 1784. He married. January 30. 181 1, Sally Green,
of Brookfield. He lived in Leicester and pursued
the occupation of a tanner with his father and also
carried on a farm. He was named for General
Joseph Warren. He died February 25, 1865. His
"wife died February. 1864. He was a genial, kind-
hearted man. a good citizen and good neighbor. His
children were: 1. Caroline, born November 23, 1811,
married Nelson Waite, had nine children. 2. Albert,
born September T, 1813, married (first). May, 1839,
Eunice Alden Arnold; (second) Eliza, her sister,



descendants of John Alden, of Plymouth and the
"Mayflower." Manufacturer of card clothing at
Lawrence, mayor of the city, died at Warren, Massa-
chusetts, January 30, 1889. 3. Leander, born Au-
gust 22, 181 5, married, May 22. 1842, Sarah A.
Bond, daughter of Eber and Minerva (Stetson)
Bond, of Leicester; was leather currier in Leicester;
died June 3, 1862. 4. Charles Wheeler, born July
7 1818. 5. Eliza, born April 24, 1822, married,
December 21, 1853, Franklin Whipple; resided in
Worcester, Massachusetts, and has children: Mary
Ella, born February 5, 1857; Dora Harriet, Novem-
ber 23, 1858, died young; Charles Perley, April^ 8,
i860, died young. 6. Horace, born October 7, 1824,
married, October 10, 1849, Mary A. Gleason; lived
on the old homestead in Leicester, was a tanner
early in life later a farmer, has five children: Mar-
shall Gleason, born March II, 1851, died March 13,
185 1 : Frederick Horace, May 4, 1852, died June 26,
1886; Francis, March 17, 1854; Julius Edgar, No-
vember 27, 1857; Silas Gleason, November 14. 1863.
7. Sarah, born April 5. 1827, married, June, 1849,
Charles M. Howe ; resided in Marlboro, she died
June 2, 1857; children: Ella Elizabeth, born March

5, 18=11, died August 14, 1853: Albert Joseph. May
24. 1853: Grace Lilla, September 7, 1854, married,
September 19. 1877, Rev. James H. Roberts, of Hart-
ford, Connecticut; Walter, April 13, 1856, married,
January. 1881. Susan W. Felton, of Marlboro, re-
moved to Hilo. Hawaiian Islands, now living in
Marlboro; Sarah Warren, May 16, 1857, died at
Worcester, December 31, 1S87.

(VIII) Charles WheeTer Warren, son of Joseph
Warren (7). was born in Leicester, Massachusetts,
Julv 7, 1818. He married, April 26, 1843, Jane
White. He was educated at the public schools _ of-
the town and at Leicester Academy. After leaving
school he learned the trade of card maker. After
working at his trade for eighteen years he went
into business for himself at first with a small capital.
making heel stiffeners for shoes. He carried the
counters he made and sold them to his customers
among the shoe makers in Leicester. Oxford,
Spencer. Webster, the Brookfields and other places.
By continued effort he built up his trade from year
to year until he did a large business in sheet heeling
for boots and shoes. His marked characteristic was
his integrity in all his business affairs. In politics
he was first a Whig, then an Abolitionist and in
later years a temperance Republican. He died May

6. 1900, at the age of eighty-two years. He was a
member of the First Congregational Church of Lei-
cester, and made a substantial gift to it before his
death which was increased at his request by the heirs
of his estate after, his decease.

The children of Charles Wheeler Warren were :
1. Albert, born February 14, 1844, married. Decem-
ber 24, 1867, Angelia E. Hastings, daughter of
Chester and Emily W. Hastings. He graduated
from Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts,
and from Yale in 1867; taught in Ripon College,
Wisconsin, at Leicester Academy. Spencer high
school and Grafton. Massachusetts high school,
studied theology at Yale, graduating in 1882. or-
dained at Mankato, Minnesota. August 31, 1S82; in
1882 he was pastor of the Congregational Church
at Lake Benton, Minnesota. Since 1885 he
has been farming at Lake Benton : has been secre-
tary of the state central committee of the-Farmers'
Alliance, and engrossing clerk of the house of rep-
resentatives. His children are: Walter Chester,
born October 26. 1868. married Emma Keffer, of
Des Moines. Iowa ; Charles Albert, born June 30,

1872. married Mary A. Greenwood, of Worcester,
Massachusetts : Emily Myrtie, hnrn December 5,

1873, married Henry A. Gould, of Leicester. 2. Ar-

thur Henry, born in Leicester, August 26, 1846, mar-
ried Mary McDermott, and has daughter, Addie,
born June, 1882. 3. Maria Jane, born November 23,
1849, married Augustus Minott. 4. Herbert, born
October 29. 1852, educated at Leicester Academy and
Harvard Medical School (M. D. 1874) ; was house
surgeon at the Boston City Hospital 'from May,
1873. to July. 1874. In October, 1874, he began to
practice medicine in Worcester. 5. Walter, born
January 29, 1855. 6. Joseph Alonzo, born March
2 9, T 8S7, died November 5, 1858. 7. Addie Josephine,
born October 7, 1859, married Dr. Llewellyn E.
Harrington, who was killed by accident by fall of
a derrick at Pittsford, Vermont, August 1, 1883.

(IX) Walter Warren, son of Charles Wheeler
Warren (8), was born at Leicester, Massachusetts,
January 29, 1855. He attended the public schools
of his native town. At the age of sixteen he left
Leicester Academy, where he was a student, and
went to work in his father's factory and later be-
came a partner under the name of Charles W.
Warren & Son. Mr. Warren, Sr. built the house
and factory on Pleasant street in 1867, and it was
several times enlarged. This business was estab-
lished in 1852 in a house on the southeast corner
of Main and Rawson streets by Charles W. Warren.

Walter Warren was in the business for thirty
years when the business was discontinued. He is
the treasurer of the new Leicester Card Clothing
Companv, and a trustee of the Leicester Savings
Bank. He is a member of the Leicester Club and
of the John Nelson Memorial (Congregational)
Church, and is a Republican in politics. He married,
January 22. 1890, Hannah Jane Lyon, born Novem-
ber 15, 1864. daughter of Frederick and Frances
(Lamb) Lyon. Frances Lamb was the daughter of
Liberty Lamb, of Rochdale, Massachusetts. They
have no children.

(I) John Wheeler, the emigrant ancestor of
many of the W r heeler and Warren families of Lei-
cester and vicinity, was the progenitor of Walter ,
Warren, of Leicester. He came in the "Mary and
John." March 24. 1633-4. and settled at Salisbury,
Massachusetts. He was a proprietor there in 1639.
In 1652 he removed to Newbury. Massachusetts.
His wife Anne died August 15, 1662. He died in
1670. His will dated March 28. 1668, and proved
October 11, 1670, bequeathes to his son David; sons
John and Adam, of Salisbury, England; to son
William, if he should come over to this country;
to daughters Mercy, Elizabeth Button and Arm
Chase ; to Susanna, wife of his son George, and to
his children Ephraim and Samuel ; to son Roger's
children. Mary and Joseph: to daughter Elizabeth's
children. Thomas. Mary and Elizabeth: to daughter-
in-law Susanna the land formerly given to her hus-
band George on which he built. His son Henry was
executor. His son David, who came in the "Con-
fidence." April. 1638. aged eleven years, and George
Wheeler, of Concord, were among those mentioned
in the will.

(II) George Wheeler, son of John Wheeler (1).
was born in England. He settled in Concord be-
fore 1638 and was prominent in town affairs. He
was selectman in 1660. He was wealthy, owning
land in all sctions of the township. His will was
made January. 1685, and proved June 2. 1687. He

married Katharine — , who died January 2,

1684-5. They had eight children, five of whom were
probably born in England, the others in Concord.
They were: Thomas, born in England, married
Hannah Harrod. October 10. 1657; Elizabeth, mar-
ried Francis Fletcher. October 1, 1656: William,
married Hannah Buss. October 30. 1650: Ruth, mar-
ried Samuel Hartwell, October 26. 1665: Hannah,
married Fletcher; Sarah, born March 30,

! 54


1649, married Francis Dudley, October 26, 1665;
John, born March 19. 16+2-3, married Sarah Larkin,
March 25, 1663-4; Alary, born September 6, 1645,
married Eliphalet Fox, October 26, 1665.

(III) Thomas Wheeler, son of George Wheeler
(2), was born in England. He married, October
10, 1657, Hannah llarrod (.or Harwood as the name
is now spelled). He died December, 1686, and the
estate was administered in Boston, September 21,
1687. His children were: Hannah, born October
25, 1658, died August 12, 1659 ;Thomas, born Jan-
uary 1, 1659-00; John, born September 2, 1661, mar-
ried Elizabeth Wells, (See History of Marlboro,

(IV) Thomas Wheeler, son of Thomas Wheeler
(3), was born in Concord, Massachusetts, January
1, 1659-60. He was known by his title of ensign.
He married, November 13, 1695, Sarah Davis,
daughter of Lieutenant Simon and Mary (Blood)
Davis. She was born March II, 1665-6, and died
August 5, 1728. He died October 2, 1734. Their
gravestones are to be seen in the Concord grave-
yard. His home was on land he inherited from his
father in the east quarter on the Bay road and in-
cluding probably the estate since occupied by Ralph
Waldo Emerson. Their children were: Thomas,
born August 14. 1696; Sarah, December 20, 1697,
married, November 25, 1718, Jonathan Hartwell ;
Dorcas. March 29, 1700; Hannah. April 10, 1702;
Mary, March 3, 1704, married, December 29, 1725,
John Holden.

( \ ) Thomas Wheeler, son of Thomas Wheeler
(4), was born in Concord, Massachusetts, August
14. 1696. He was lieutenant and deacon. He mar-
ried (first) Mary Brooks, daughter of Daniel and
Ann (Merriam) Brooks. She was born in Con-
cord, March 2, 1699-1700, and died in Worcester,
May 18, 1740, aged forty. He married (second)
Susannah - , and she died in Worcester, Sep-
tember 23, 1760, aged fifty-eight. Thomas Wheeler
appears to have sold out his lands in the old part
of Concord December 13, 1722, and to have removed
to the village, which in 1735 was set off and called
Acton. He was the first town clerk of Acton,
I73S-6, and at the same time member of the board
of selectmen.

He removed to Worcester in 1739 or 1740 and
was selectman of Worcester, 1743-44-45-49-51-52.
He was deacon of the first church (Old South)
from January 14, 1748, until his death in 1769. His
home in Worcester was on the road to Leicester
near the line. About 1762 he went to Hardwick,
where three of his sons had settled, and died there
January 31, 1769. He was a man of property. His
children were: Thomas, born in Concord, Feb-
ruary 6, 1722-3, died in Acton, January 14, 1736-7;
Mary, born in Concord, July 7, 1726; Daniel, born
in Concord, 1728-0; Charles, born February 13,
I730-I, died unmarried at Worcester, June 3, 1761;
was a physician; Amos, born July, 1733; Nathan,
born September 15, 1735; Sarah, born in Acton,
January 8, 1736-7; Thomas, born in Acton, March.
22, 1738-9.

(VI) Amos Wheeler, son of Thomas Wheeler
(5), was born in Acton, then Concord, July, 1733.
He married, May 2, 1762. Mary Belcher Henshaw,
daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth (Bass) Henshaw.
She was born in Boston, June 20, 1739, and died
November 20, 1824. He died November 20, 1820.
After his marriage as before he lived with his father
on the homestead until February 17, 1764, when he
bought half the farm and his father went to Hard-
wick to live with another sun. He was well-to-do
in middle life and a man of high standing. About
1790 he was left a cripple by an attack of rheuma-
tism and had to use crutches the remainder of his

life and his farm ran down. In 1814 his son-in-
law, Elijah Warren, persuaded him to sell out
and live with him in Leicester. His children were:
Elizabeth, born May 4, 1763, married Elijah Warren;
Amos, August 5, 1764; Mary Belcher, December
10. 1774, married Elijah Warren as his second wife;
Charlotte, October 4, 1778, died unmarried at Top-
sham, Maine, August 1, 1870.

(VII) Elizabeth Wheeler, daughter of Amos
Wheeler (6), was born in Worcester, Massachu-
setts, May 4, 1763. She married Elijah Warren.
(See Warren sketch and Walter Warren of Lei-
cester for descendants.)

EDWARD I. COMINS. John Comins (1), the
progenitor of Edward I. Comins, of Worcester, was
first at Woburn, Massachusetts, as early as 1692.
The author of the Cummings genealogy, which in-
cludes families of the name under various spelling,
mentions this branch and believes that John Comins
(1) was of some relation to Isaac Cummings, of
Topsfield, Massachusetts, whose son, Abraham Cum-
mings, settled in Dunstable, but during the Indian
wars lived in Woburn, where John Comins (I) then
lived, Abraham's wife being Sarah Wright. (See
history of Dunstable, page 240. See Cummings
.Memorial, by Reverend George F. Mooar (1903).

John Comins (I) was a soldier in the expedition
against Canada by Sir William Phipps in 1(390. In
January, 1709, he bought one hundred and fifty acres
of land in Pomfret, Connecticut, and in 1713 was one
of the first twenty-three townsmen. In January,
1717, he bought land in Thompson parish, and later
on Chestnut Hill, then in Killingly county. In 1719
he came to Oxford, having bought the old mill at
the south end of the plain. He is believed to have
improved this property and to have raised or re-
built the dam at the south end of the plain, as the
owners of certain meadows made an agreement, on
file at the county court house, to allow him to flow
their property from September 1, to May 1 of each
year. In 1723 he deeded land on Prospect Hill to
his son, Jacob; in 1724 he gave property to his son,
Stephen, the lot adjoining Jacob's. He was a man

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