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later a Republican. In early life he served in the

He married, at Worcester, Alona Walker, daugh-
ter of Silas Walker, of West Boylston, Massachu-
setts. Children of George Washington and
Alona Johnson were : Sarah Jane, born at
Worcester, March 3, 1837, married Ansel B.
Howard, of Worcester; Lewis, born at Worcester,
June 15, 1840, married Harriet Hubbard, of Holden;
George Thomas, born at Worcester, Massachusetts,
October 29, 184.4; enlisted in Company C, Thirty-
fourth regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia,
wounded at the battle of Winchester and died in
the hospital in Philadelphia; Hannah, died young;
William Walker, see forward; Nancy Adelaide, died
young; Albert Charles, born 1857.

(IX) William Walker Johnson, son of George
Washington Johnson (8), was born in Shrewsbury,
Massachusetts, July 25, 1847. At the age of six
he removed with his parents to Worcester, where
they lived for two years. He attended the public
schools. At the end of that time the family
removed to Holden, where he also attended
the public schools until he was seventeen. He then
went to Westboro and remained for a year in the
employ of Trowbridge & Weatherby, tailors. From
there he went to work for A. P. Ware & Co., of
Worcester, clothiers and tailors, in whose employ
he continued until he was admitted to the firm
in 1871.

The record of the Ware-Pratt Company, of which
for many years Mr. Johnson has been the president,
begins in 1847, with A. P. Ware & Co., the pioneers
in the ready-made clothing business of the city. In
January, 1866, a branch firm under the name of
Ware & Pratt was formed under the management
of Henry S. Pratt, the junior partner and the present
treasurer of the Ware-Pratt Company. At the end
of three years the two firms, which had been located
in the old Paine block, consolidated and moved to
the First National Bank building on Main street.
The firm then began the manufacture of clothing
for the retail trade on a much larger scale than
before. In 1871 Mr. Ware retired from business
and a new firm was formed under the same name,
consisting of Henry S. Pratt, Edward T. Wardwell
and William W. Johnson. The business continued
for seven years, when Mr. Johnson sold his 'interest
to his partners. Two years later, Mr. Wardwell
died and Mr. Johnson again entered the firm, and
the business of the concern grew rapidly. Mr. Pratt
and Mr. Johnson carried on the business as part-
ners until the business was incorporated January
23, 1888, under the present name, the Ware-Pratt
Company, with Mr. Johnson, president; Mr. Pratt,
treasurer; and Charles E. Black, secretary. A part
of the capital stock was also apportioned among
the faithful salesmen and employees of the house.
The firm manufactures the greater part of the goods
sold over its counters and does a large custom busi-
ness. The firm, finding its quarters in the First
National Bank building inadequate, moved to the



State Mutual building upon its completion, Octo-
ber 1, 1898, occupying half of the street floor, and
having a large workshop in the rear.

Mr. Johnson is vice-president of the People's
Savings Bank and has been for twelve years a
member of the board of investment. He is prom-
inent in Masonic circles. He is a member of
Athelstan Lodge ; Eureka Royal Arch Chapter ;
Hiram Council of Royal and Select Masters; Wor-
cester County Commandery, Knights Templar, of
which he was the eminent commander in 1902 and
1903, and is at present one of the trustees of its
permanent fund and trustee of Masonic Apart-
ments. He is also a member of Worcester Lodge
of Perfection; of Goddard Council, Princes of Jeru-
salem, of which he is at present junior warden; of
Lawrence Chapter of Rose Croix; of the Massa-
chusetts Consistory ; of the Aleppo Temple of the
Mystic Shrine. He is grand lecturer of the Grand
Commandery of the Knights Templar of Massachu-
setts and Rhode Island. He is a Republican in poli-
tics and has served frequently as delegate to Republi-
can county and other conventions. He attends Union
Congregational Church. He is a member of the
Worcester, Commonwealth, Tatnuck Country and
Tatassit Canoe Clubs, the Worcester Agricultural
Society and other organizations. He was president
of the Merchants' Association of Worcester, in 1906,
is a trustee of the Worcester Academy and also of
the Board of Trade. Mr. Johnson occupies a leading
position among the merchants and business men of
the city; he is reckoned among the men of sound
judgment and common sense as well as of unusual
business ability.

He married, May 24, 1871, Mary Luvanne A.
Trowbridge, born July 28, 1848, daughter of Joseph
A. and Mary E. A. (Clark) Trowbridge, of West-
boro, Massachusetts. Their children : Mary
Luvanne, born April 14. 1873. Walter Trowbridge,
born September 25, 1876. Edith Clark, born Febru-
ary 5, 1879. The eldest daughter, Mary Luvanne,
married, November 20, 1895, Eben Francis Thomp-
son, an able and reputable lawyer. They have two
children: Harold Rumford, born June 19, 1897;
Mary Frothingham, born May 4, 1902. The son
Walter Trowbridge, is associated with his father in

BEANE FAMILY. John Bean (1), the im-
migrant ancestor of George W. Beane, of North-
bridge, Massachusetts, was born in Scotland. While
on the passage over his wife died. He married
(second) a daughter of one of the passengers who
came on the same ship. He settled before 1660
in Exeter, New Hampshire. He took the oath of
allegiance there November 30, 1677. His children,
born at Exeter, were: John, born August 15, 1661,
died May 18, 1666; Daniel, March 23, 1662-3; Sam-
uel, March 23, 1665-66; John, October 13, 1668;
Margaret, October 27, 1670; James, December 17,
1672, resided at Kingston, New Hampshire; Jeremy,
April 20, 1675 ; Elizabeth, September 24, 1678.

(II) John Bean, Jr., son of John Bean (1),
was born in Exeter, New Hampshire. April 30,
1675. He settled in that part of Exeter that be-
came Brentwood, then Poplin, now Fremont. Among
his children were: Joshua, born 1713, resided in
Brentwood until 1780, then settled in Gilmanton ;
David, signed petition there jn 1743 : Jeremiah,
signed same petition 1743; Joseph, see forward.

(III) Joseph Bean, presumed to be son of John
Bean (2), resided in Brentwood. Among hi? chil-
dren were: Joseph, born 1742. settled in Salisbury,
New Hampshire; Curtis, see forward.

( IV ) Curtis Bean, presumed to be son of Joseph

Bean (3). and undoubtedly descended, as were all
the Beans of Poplin, New Hampshire, from John
Bean (1), was born in Brentwood or Poplin, New
Hampshire, 1731. He married there Apphia or
Applia Merrill. He was a soldier in the French
and Indian war in 1755-56. He served in the revo-
lution in the Poplin company under Captain Nathan
Sanborn, in the regiment of Colonel Thomas Trask
of Durham, in 1776, Trask was an old officer of the
French war. His regiment was raised to re-in-
force the American army in New York. He was
later in 1778 corporal in Captain Nathan Brown's
company, Colonel Jacob Gates's regiment. About
1780 he removed to Brownfield, Maine, and settled
there in what is now the Gibson farm near the
Fryeburg line. He was vigorous, industrious, and
endured many hardships common to the early set-
tlers of that period. He died at Brownfield, at the
home of his son Dudley, February 8, 1833, at the
advanced age of one hundred and two years.

Children of Curtis and Applia Bean were : Jo-
seph, born in Poplin, 1760, married Sarah Evans,
daughter of David Evans, of Fryeburg, October 14,
17S8; married (second) and had ten children; Cap-
tain Thomas, born January 3, 1767, at Poplin, see
forward; Dudley, born November 19, 1772, at Pop-
lin, married, December 10, 1S01, Polly Gibson, born
August 22, 1785, had thirteen children; James, born
at Braintree. July 25, 1775, married Lois Walker,
daughter of John Walker, of Fryeburg, and had four
children ; Nathaniel, born January 9, 1779, married

Betsey Harmon; married (second) Sally

and had ten children ; Nathan, married Phebe Dutch,
removed to Conway, New York ; Hannah, married
Stephen Lane, settled in Buxton, Maine ; Polly,
married George Rounds, of Brownfield; Sally, mar-
ried Moses Kilgore, settled in Bartlett, New York,

(V) Captain Thomas Bean, son of Curtis Bean
(4), was born at Raymond. New Hampshire, Jan-
uary 3, 1767. He married, July 25, 1774, Elizabeth
Osgood, of Fryeburg, Maine. He was a captain in
the local military company. He followed farming
all his life at Porterfield and Brownfield, Maine.
The children : Jane, born at Porterfield, July 24,
1792, married Rufus Goodnow ; Susanna, born at
Porterfield, July 26, 1793; Thomas, born at Porter-
field, December 30, 1794; James Osgood, born April
8, 1796, at Porterfield, married, April 11, 1795, Eliza-
beth ; he died December 24, 1864; she died May

8. 1874, aged seventy-nine years ; Samuel, born at
Porterfield, February 23, 1798, married Sally Thomas,
October 8, 1794, and had two children; Henry,
born June 8, 1801, married Martha Marston, born
September 8, 1818, and had Augustus, born June 8,
1836; Elizabeth, born at Brownfield, January 7, 1804;
Almira A., born at Brownfield, July 23, 1807, mar-
ried Dresser ; Hazen Osgood, born at Brown-
field, March 7, 1809, see forward ; Julia M., born at
Brownfield, February 17, 1811, married Stew-
art, a brick maker ; Albion, born at Brownfield, May

9, r8i3. died in some foreign country unknown';
Rufus C, born at Brownfield, September 24. 1816.

(VI) Hazen Osgood Bean, son of Captain
Thomas Bean (5), was born in Brownfield, Maine,
March 7, 1809. He was educated there in the public
schools. He became a railroad contractor at the
time the principal railroads of the country were
building. He had contracts for construction in
Vermont, Ohio. Virginia and Maine. He built one
section of the Providence & Worcester Railroad and
part of another. He established himself at Ayer
Junction, Massachusetts, in the manufacture of hoes,
plows and various agricultural implements, under
the name of the Ayer Junction Agricultural Works.
He sold this business after a few years, in 1856. to
Ruggles, Nourse & Mason, and returned to his home



in Northbridgc, where he had lived for a number
of years after his marriage. He bought more land
and settled down to farming for the remainder of
his active years. This farm is now owned and
conducted by his son George. In politics Mr. Bean
was a staunch Democrat and was active in town
affairs. He served on the prudential committee to
hire school teachers for his district. He was as-
sessor and for a number of years selectman.

He married, March, 1833, Mary Ann McBride,
of Fryeville, town of Bolton, Massachusetts, daugh-
ter of Obadiah and Amity (Aldrich) McBride. She
was descended from George Aldrich, of Mendon,
Massachusetts, an account of whom appears else-
where in this work, and also his son Jacob Aldrich
(II). Seth Aldrich (III), son of Jacob Aldrich
(2), was born July 6, 1679, died October 15. 1837;
married September 3, 1700, Deborah Heywood, born
November 9, 1682, daughter of Samuel and Mehit-
able Heywood, of Mendon; married (second) Mary

. His children: Seth, born September 19,

1701, married Sarah Comstock; Deborah, April 25,

1703, died November 26, 1703 ; Abel, January 16,

1704, married Elizabeth Aldrich ; William, Novem-
ber 5, 1706, taken by Indians ; Sarah, February 12,
1707-08, married Isaac Richardson ; Jacob, July 22,
1710, married Joanna Bartlett; Samuel, June 4, 1712,
died young ; Noah, August 13, 1713, died November
22, 1713 ; Susannah, June 15, 1715, married John
Willey; Dinah, April 28. 1717, married Edward
Aldrich; Jonathan, born January 2, 1718, see for-
ward ; Abigail, about 1720, married Simon Keith ;
Deborah, February 26, 1722, married Thomas Jef-
ferson; Samuel, about 1725, married Huldah Hill;
Elizabeth, about 172S. married Noah Curtis.

(IV) Jonathan Aldrich, son of Seth Aldrich (3),
was born at Mendon, Massachusetts, January 2,
1718, married Mary Wilson. Their children: Pene-
lope, born November 26, 1748; Catherine, August
24, 1750; Isabel, October 29, 1752, married Daniel
Seagrave; Lot, October 30, 1754; David, July 21,
J 757; Jonathan, September 21, 1759, see forward;
Eliza, March 30, 1762 ; Molly, April 30, 1765 ; Bath-
sheba, July 29, 1769, married, December 27, 1781,
John Marsh, of Killingly, Connecticut.

(V) John Aldrich, son of Jonathan Aldrich (4),
was born in Mendon, September 21, 1759. He re-
sided in Northbridge, where his children were born :
John, Joshua, Amity, mentioned above, married
Obadiah McBride; Elizabeth.

(VI) Amity Aldrich, daughter of John Aldrich
(5), was born in Northbridge, Massachusetts, mar-
ried Obadiah McBride. Their children : Mary Ann,
born November 26, 1814, married Hazen Osgood
Bean, as stated above; Benjamin Wing, November
28, 1815: Elizabeth Brown, January 23, 1818; Phebe.
Maria, February 5, 1820; Sarah Edda, October 14,
1822; John Aldrich. March 10. 1826; Lucy Eliza-
beth, July 12. 1S28: David Aldrich, October 1, 1831 ;
Louisa Kimball, June 23, 1834.

Children of Hazen Osgood and Mary Ann (Mc-
Bride) Bean were: George Washington, born 1834,
died aged sixteen years ; Hazen, 1836, died aged
two years ; Charles, May. 1838. killed at the Dean
& Whiting Elevator Works. Worcester : married
Harriet Augusta Congdon. left a daughter, Flora
Adelaide Bean ; Frances, October 14, 1842, see for-
ward ; Sarah Elizabeth, November 3, 1844, married
John A. Roby, died at Hopeville, Massachusetts,
where he had resided some years : Hazen Obadiah,
March. 1S47. died of disease caused by over-exer-
tion as a volunteer fireman in the great Boston fire,
aged twenty-five years: Lucius W., April. 1849. died
aged two years: Adelaide Maria. October 25, 1852;
George W., see forward; Wilford A., see forward.

(VII) Frances Jane Beane (as the name is?
spelled by the present generation), daughter of
Hazen Osgood Bean (6), was born in Northbridge, 1
October 14, 1842. She was educated in the public
schools, and in the Framingham Normal school,'
where she graduated in 1862. She taught in the
public schools up to the time of her marriage, teach-
ing in the Adams Square and South Worcester
schools in the city of Worcester, in the schools of
Grafton, and Northbridge, Massachusetts. She mar-
ried Jerome Martin Carr, of Northbridge. In early-
life he was employed in manufacturing straw goods.
Later he was a hotel and livery stable proprietor at
Rockdale, Farnumsville and Upton. He was in
Wichita, Kansas, from 1875 to 1881, proprietor of
a tobacco store. He died July 31, 1888. His widow
resides at No. 9 Berkshire street, Worcester. Tin ir
children : George Hazen Carr, born November 19,
1869, graduate of the Upton high school, married
Eva Powell, of California; resides in Chicago.,
traveling salesman for the Worthington Meter Com-
pany ; Jerome Francis Carr, born in Kansas, Decem-
ber 3, 1879, graduate of the Upton high school and
Becker's Business College, in charge of Nicholls
Coal Company yard office, Worcester; resides at
9 Berkshire street.

(VII) George W. Beane, son of Hazen Osgood
Bean (6), was born at Northbridge, Massachusetts,
November 3, 1855. He was educated in the public
and high schools of his native town. He worked
with his father on the farm and succeeded to it.
He has an excellent dairy in connection with a milk
route in Whitinsville. The river flows through this
interesting old homestead, part of which has been
in the hands of his ancestors for many generations.'
Mr. Beane is a member of the Whitinsville Lodge,
Odd Fellows, of which he has been the noble grand.
In politics he is a Democrat. He married. 1896,
Cora Lovisa Scott, born 1858, daughter of George
X. and Lydia J. (Lawrence) Scott, granddaughter
of Manly Scott, and descendant of the immigrant,
Richard Scott, one of the first settlers of Rhode
Island. Her great-grandfather, Joseph Lawrence,
was a revolutionary soldier. They have no children.

(VII) Wilford Arthur Beane, son of Hazen Os-
good Bean (6), was born March, 1858. He was edu-
cated in the Northbridge public schools and gradu-
ated from the Whitinsville high school, 1874. He
had resided always on the old homestead, and haS
acted as conveyancer and performed the various
duties of a country justice of the peace. In 1905
he was appointed clerk of the district court of
southern Worcester, a position he now holds. He
is unmarried.

EDWIN HOYLE. Edmund Hoyle, father of
Edwin Hoyle. the Millbury manufacturer, was a
native and resident of Shaw, England. He married
Margaret Greathead and their children were: Eliza-
beth, married Joseph Brierly and had: James Ed-
win, Anna and Moses Brierley; Anna. Mary Ann,
George, Jane, married James Scott; Margaret, Ed-
win, see forward.

Edwin Hoyle. son of Edmund Hoyle. was born
in Shaw. England. May 17, T844. He came to
America in 18^2, when a lad of eight, and went to
live with relatives at Millbury, Massachusetts. He
began life with a common school education, working
when very young in the cotton mills. He became
a manufacturer himself in a few years and was a
nioneer in the art of waste scouring in the United
States. He built his mill in Millbury in T873 arid
for many years it has been devoted to carding and
spinning wool. At nresent, the entire product goes
to the Worcester Woolen Company. The looms



for finishing and the facilities for dyeing have been
leased to the Uxbridge Worsted Company. The
business of Mr. Hoyle has been conducted in late
years by the firm of E. Hoyle. The mill is located
on Mill street, near West Main, and Mr. Hoyle's
residence is opposite. In politics Mr. Hoyle is a
Republican, and is actively interested in public af-
fairs and especially in the welfare of the town of
Millbury. He is well known and highly esteemed
not only by the business men of his line but by all
his townsmen.

He married, at Millbury, Emma M. Buckley, of
that town, daughter of Charles and Sarah (Quarm-
by) Buckley. Children of Edwin and Emma M.
Hoyle are: Charles E., born 1866; Percival, 1874;
Edith B., 1876, married Charles F. Day and they
have three children — Rosamond, Percy, Edith M.
Day; Frank, 1879.

Aldrich (1), the immigrant ancestor of Asahel
Ferdinand Aldrich, of Uxbridge, Massachusetts, was
born in Derbyshire, England. He sailed from Eng-
land, November 6, 1631, and settled at Dorchester,
Massachusetts. He was admitted a freeman De-
cember 7, 1636, and in the same year he and his
wife Katherine joined the Dorchester church. His
wife deposed June 18, 1670, that she was about
sixty years old. He settled in Mendon in 1663,
having lived some years in the meantime in Brain-
tree. He sold his land there to Richard Thayer,
Of Braintree, June 9, 1663. He was a tailor by
trade. His will was dated at Mendon, November
2, 1682, and proved April 26, 1683. He bequeathed
lo wife, to children Joseph. John. Jacob, Marv..
Sarah Bartlett, Mercy Randall and Martha Dunbar!
He died March 1, 1682-83.

He married, September 3, 1629, Catharine Seald,
Their children: Abel, Joseph, born June 4, 1635,
married Patience Osborne ; Mary, baptized 1637 :
Miriam, buried January 27, 1640; Experience, born
February 2, 1642, at Braintree : John, born April

2. 1644; Sarah, born January 6, 1646, married

Bartlett; Peter, born April 14, 1(348: Mercy, born

June 17. 1650, married Randall; Miriam,

born March 16, 1652; Jacob, born February 28, 1653,
of whom later; Martha, born July 10. 1656.

(II) Jacob Aldrich, son of George Aldrich (1),
was born February 28, 1652, and died October 22,
1695. He settled at Mendon and married, Novem-
ber 3, 1675, Huldah Thayer. Their twelve children,
most of whom were born at Mendon, were : Jacob,
Abel. Seth, of whom later; Huldah, Rachel, Sarah,
David. Peter. John. Moses, Mercy, Rachel.

(III) Seth Aldrich. son of Jacob Aldrich (2),
was born about 1680 and died at Mendon, Massa-
husetts, 1737. He settled in Uxbridge. He married
("first) Deborah Hayward and fsecond) Mary
._ The estate was settled in 1737 by an agree-
ment signed by twelve of his children, viz: Abel,
William, Seth. Tr . Jacob, of whom later; Sarah,
married Isaac Richardson; Susanna, married John
Wilev : Edward. Jonathan, Abigail, Deborah, Samuel,
Elizabeth. The last named five were minors in 1737.

(IV) Jacob Aldrich, -on of Seth Aldrich (3).
was born about 1710 ami died 1776-77. His will
was made October n. 1775. and allowed April o.
'777 The witnesses were two O'takers, well known
in Uxbridee history, Samuel Fowler and David
Farnum. He left the homestead to his sons Nehe-
miah and Asahel. He alwavs lived in Uxbridee,
where a'l the children were born. He married Jo-
urnal] Bartlett. Twelve children were living at
the time of his death, viz: William. Daniel, settled
in Douglas; Seth, married Mary Aldrich; Aaron,

Jacob, Jr., Nehemiah, Asahel, of whom later ; Mary

Bennett, Abigail, married Jenne; Joanna,

married Twitchell ; Ruth, married

Martin ; Rachel, married

(V) Asahel Aldrich, son of Jacob Aldrich (4),
was born about 1735. He and Nehemiah Aldrich,
his brother, had the homestead in Uxbridge, on the
death of their father in 1776. He married Susan-
nah . Asahel's will was dated November 2,

1778, and filed December 7, 1778, showing that he
died shortly after his father. The witnesses were
his brothers Seth and Asa Aldrich. Children of
Asahel and Susannah Aldrich were: Jesse, of whom
later; Asahel. Jr., Uranah. All were minors when
their father died.

(VI) Jesse Aldrich, son of Asahel Aldrich (5),
was born at Uxbridge, Massachusetts, about 1760
and died in 1846. He was a soldier in the revo-
lution, corporal in the company of Lieutenant John
Trask and regiment of Colonel David Leonard, in
1777, marching to Ticonderoga. His real estate at
Uxbridge was bounded by lands of Enoch Alden,
Thomas B. Shove, Adolphus Jepherson and Benja-
min Buffum. He married (second), 1841, Watee

M. , who survived him. His children : Lydia,

married Obediah Dennis, of Pomfret ; Martin, set-
tled in Webster; Duty, lived in Illinois; Ruth, mar-
ried Royal Cummings, of Douglas, had children:
Chloris C, Charles L., and Ruth E. Cummings ;
Asahel, of whom later.

(VII) Asahel Aldrich, son of Jesse Aldrich (6),
was born about 1796 and died 1844. He married
Scheherazade Cummings, of Douglas, Massachu-
setts. She survived him and was administratrix
of his estate. She assigned her dower in 1863, when
the children were all of age. The children: Solo-
mon C, born May 25, 1835; Alzada Ellen, born
January 31, 1837 ; John W., born December 10, 1838,
married Flora S. Cox, March 17. 1872; now resides
in Normal, Illinois, president of the national bank
there: has children — Grace D., born April 28, 1873,
attended Chicago University; Flora Blanch, born
November 20, 1877, graduate of the State Univer-
sity of Illinois; John C, born January 10, 18S2;
Asahel F., of whom later; Edmund H.

(VIII) Asahel Ferdinand Aldrich, son of Asahel
Aldrich (7), was born in Uxbridge. Massachusetts,
December 7, 1832. He was educated in the public
schools and brought up on the farm. He took up
the profession of civil engineering and surveying
and followed it in addition to the care of his farm
during his active years. In his younger days he
taught school in Douglass and Uxbridge. He has
been especially active in town affairs. He has '
served longer on the school committee than any
other man in the history of the town and has an
unfailing interest in school matters. Much of his
time and thought have been devoted to the public
schools of his native town. He has also been as-
sessor and selectman of the town. Few men have
as strong influence in public affairs among their
townsmen as Mr. Aldrich and none have shown a
greater regard and desire to serve the public in-
terests. In politics he is a Republican. Several
years ago a half-witted employee attempted to poison
Mr. Aldrich and while his life was saved, his
health was not fully restored afterward. He finally
gave up farming and business and is at present
living with his sister A. Ellen, South Main street,
Uxbridge. Mr. Aldrich never married.

(\), who came from England in the "Susan and
Ellen" in T635, was the emigrant ancestor of Arthur
Henry Parker, president and treasurer of the Parker



Wire Goods Company of Worcester. The ship
sailed March II, 1635. He gave his age as thirty,
and thus his birth must have occurred in 1605.

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