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April 26, 1676, and another son wounded by Indians.
He was deputy to the general court in 1691. Be-
sides Mary he had a daughter Sarah, who married
Alexander Balcom, and a son John, Jr., who be-
came a prominent citizen of Rehoboth and Attle-
borough, married, February 26. 1674, Sarah Smith;
a son Nathaniel killed April 28, 1676.

Children of Jonathan and Mary (Woodcock)
Freeman, all born at Rehoboth, were: William,
March 1, 1689-00; Mary, October 4. 1691 ; Tonathan,
February 8, 1693. see forward; Mercy, March 26,
1696. died at Attleborough, May 17, 1725; Samuel,
April n, 1609, died April 21, 1699; Anne, April 4,
1700: David, May 6, 1704.

(III) Jonathan Freeman, son of Jonathan Free-
man (2), of Attleborough, Massachusetts, was born
February 8, 1693, at Rehoboth. He settled in Attle-
borough. Among his children was a son, Joseph,
see forward.

(IV) Joseph Freeman, son of Jonathan Free-
man (3), was born in Attleborough, about 1725.
He married. December 7, 1760. Ithamar Fuller. Her
name is also spelt Tamer. He bought of Phillip
Freeman, of Boston, a farm lying partly in Dud-
ley, Massachusetts, and partly "in Thompson, Con-
necticut. He settled there about 1769. Children of



Joseph and Tamer Freeman : Jonathan, born at Attle-
borough, February 14, 1764; Joseph, born at Attle-
borough, December 30, 1766; Tamer, born at Attle-
borough, February 3, 1768; Chloe, born July 17,
1770; David, born October 21, 1778; Samuel, born
November 9, 1781. see forward.

(V) Samuel Freeman, son of Joseph Freeman
(4), was born at Dudley or Thompson, where his
hi nh is recorded, November 9, 1781. He resided
in Dudley, Massachusetts. He married Arminda
Foster, October 20, 1805, at Dudley. (See sketch
of Foster family.) She died August 8, 1852, aged
seventy years. He died January 22, 1831, aged forty-
nine years. Their children: 1. Betsey, born July
28, 1806, died February 28, 1868, married Orin Ray-
mond, of Webster. 2. George, born November 9,
1807, see forward. 3. Dyer, born March 29, 1809,
died December 26, 1876 ; married Mehitable Spencer.
4- Wealthy, born August 5, 181 1, died July 24, 1879;
married Benjamin Jennings, of Thompson, Connecti-
cut. 5. Caroline, born May 17, 1813, died January
6, 1897 ; married Chester Converse, of Schrom, New
York. 6. Rufus, born March 4, 1815, married
Clarissa Phipps. 7. William, born March 31, 1817,
died February 1, 1872; married (first) Lydia Starr;
(second) Sarah Miller. 8. Chloe, born May 31,
1819, married James Underwood, of Thompson, Con-
necticut. 9. Samuel F., born November 15, 1821,
died April 21, 18S6: married Nancy L. Richardson,
resided at Sotithbridge, Massachusetts, had three
sons: William Freeman, of Worcester; Henry and
Herbert, of Sotithbridge; two daughters: Fannie and
Sarah. 10. Charles, born June 7, 1827, died un-
married at Worcester.

(VI) George Freeman, son of Samuel Freeman
(5), was born in Dudley, Massachusetts, November
9, 1807, died March 20, 1881. He was educated in
the common schools of Dudley and Webster, and
learned the trade of fuller or finisher of cloth. He
carried on a farm and also worked in the woolen
mills of the vicinity at wool sorting. He had part
of his father's homestead, on which he built his

• house. He was a quiet, respectable citizen, stand-
ing well in the community. He was a strong anti-
slavery man and voted with the Free Soil and Re-
publican parties. He married, at Webster, March 4,
1867, Adeline Towne, daughter of Alvin and Martha
(Haskell) Towne, of Cumberland. Rhode Island.
Their children : 1. Sarah, born October 8, 1837,
married Ira Plympton : resides at Detroit, Minne-
sota; has son. Julius Plympton. 2. Daniel, served
in civil war, Company I, Fifteenth Regiment, Mas-
sachusetts Volunteers, was wounded in the battles
of Antietam and Gettysburg; his death was caused
by an elevator accident in Boston, 1899; married
Marion Wellman and thev had one child. Bertha
Freeman. 3. Justina, married James H. Leland, of
Sherborn, and had six children — Percy F., real estate
agent, Boston ; Robert H, lawyer of Boston, grad-
uate of Harvard; has been representative to the
general court; Sanford, manufacturer of shoe ma-
chinery; Freeman, farmer on Sherborn homestead;
Lillis. married Daniel Whitney, of Sherborn; Mary,
resides in Holyoke, Massachusetts, is a stenographer.
4. Sanford Myron, see forward. 5. George, born
June 20. 1843. 1ms represented district in New Hamp-
shire legislature, resides at Manchester: has two chil-
dren: Lillis (Freeman) Burke and Don Freeman.
6. Julius P., born July 10, 1846. resides at Win-
chester, Massachusetts, married Susan Logee and
has one child, Alice (Freeman) Hersey.

(VII) Sanford Myron Freeman, son of George
Freeman (6), was born in Web-tor. Massachusetts,
May 22, 1841. He was educated in the public schools'

of his native town and graduated from the Webster
high school in 1858. He learned the trade of wool
sorter in his youth, and for a period of thirty years
made wool sorting his principal vocation. He worked
in woolen mills in Putnam, Connecticut ; Manchester,
New Hampshire; Webster, Dudley and Sotithbridge,
Massachusetts; and other places, but principally at
the Slater mill in Webster and the Perry mill in
Dudley. He began when a young man to buy wood
lots, cutting the timber and marketing it. This busi-
ness grew until in 1893 he gave his whole attention
to it. He has done an extensive business in lum-
ber since then, having a number of portable saw
mills at work all the time. His place of business
is at his residence, School street, Webster. Mr.
Freeman has always been a Republican and takes
a lively interest in town affairs. He served the
town of Webster two terms as assessor, and in
1890 was a member of the board of selectmen.

He married. May 7, 1873, Adelaide Elizabeth
Bixby, born in Webster, Massachusetts, September
2iX, 1845, daughter of Arthur and Nancy (Sibley)
Bixby. Their children: 1. Josephine, born April

1. 1874, widow of Arthur W r arner, broker, of Essex,
Connecticut, who died November 19, 1901, leaving no
children; she resides with her parents at Webster.

2. Myron Sanford, born December 30, 1885, grad-
uate of the Webster high school, 1903, now a student
in the Philadelphia Textile School, class of 1907.

(I) Timothy Foster, immigrant ancestor of San-
ford Myron Freeman, of Webster, Massachusetts,
was probably born in Devonshire, England. He mar-
ried (second), in England, Mrs. Eglin (Hatherly)
Hanford; she married (third), in America, Deacon-
Richard Scales, who died at Scituate, 1656. She
was sister of Timothy Hatherly, who came to Plym-
outh on the ship "Ann" in 1623. The children of
Timothy Foster: Edward, born 1610, see forward;
Eglin, married Isaac Robinson, Jr., grandson of
Rev. John Robinson, of Leyden.

(II) Edward Foster, son of Timothy Foster (1),.
was born in Kent, England. He was a lawyer by
profession, but after he came to New England fol-
lowed husbandry. He settled in Kent street,
Scituate, in 1633, and was taxed there June 2, 1633.
He was one of the founders of the church Janu-
ary 8, 1635, was deputy to the general court 1639-.
and 1640. His will was dated November 24, 1643.
He married, April 8, 1635, at Scituate, Lettice Han-
ford. Children : Timothy, baptized March 7, 1636,.
buried December 5, 1637 ; Timothy, baptized April
22, 1638, died young; Timothy, baptized 1640, see
forward ; Elizabeth, born 1644, married, 1666,
Ephraim Hewitt, of Hull.

(III) Sergeant Timothy Foster, son of Edward
Foster (2), was born in Scituate, Massachusetts,.
1640. He married, October 13, 1663, Mrs. Ruth
(Tileston) Denton, of Dorchester, daughter of
Thomas Tileston, and widow of Richard Denton.
She died December 5, 1677. He married (second),
March 9, 1680, Mrs. Relief (Holland) Dowse,,
widow of John Dowse. His children : Ruth, born
September 4, 1664; Elizabeth, born October 8. 1667,
died September 15, 1676; Naomi, born February ir,
1668, married John Davenport; Hatherly, born Sep-
tember 22, 1671 ; Rebecca, born September 12, 1675 ;
Timothy, see forward ; Edward, born January 22,
1682; Thomas, born November 3, 1686; Elizabeth,
born October 13, 1688; Prudence, born December

3. 1689. married Captain Ebenezer Swan.

( IV) Timothy Foster, son of Sergeant Timothy
Foster (3), was born in Dorchester, January 8,
1681, married, 1705, resided at Walpole. Children :,
William, born 1706, married, January 10, 1733, Hul-



dah Holland ; Hannah, born 1708, married Joseph
Hartshorn; Lydia, born 1710, married, January 10,
] 733. Joseph Willett; Timothy, see forward.

(V) Timothy Foster, son of Timothy Foster
(4), was born at Walpole, Massachusetts, about
1715. He married, 1739, Molly May; (second), May
17, 1754, Keziah Lyon; (third), 1735, Mary Payson.
He was a cordwainer in Walpole and Oxford, Mas-
sachusetts. He bought land in the southeast part of
Dudley in 1747. He and thirteen sons served 111
the rt volution, aggregating over sixty years of serv-
ice. The father had been in the colonial service
in the French wars. His will was proved May 5,
!79S. His children : Ebenezer, born January I,
1740, married Alary Jenkins; Timothy, born June
20, 1 741 ; John, born April 10, 1743, died before
1 7' '- ; Richard, born November 24, 1744, married,
December 6, 1770, Lydia Titus ; Samuel born De-
cember 4, 1746, killed; Mary, born June 5, 1748;
Hannah, born March 18, 1750, married, March 10,
1768, Amos Hooker ; Jonathan, born August 19,
1752, in revolution; Benjamin, born December 13,
!754; Jacob, born August 27, 1756, married Susan-
nah Fairbanks; Aaron, born October 10, 1758, mar-
ried Sarah Town; William, born July 26, 1760, see
forward; John, born April 29, 1762; Joseph, born
April 29, 1762, married Chloe White ; Samuel, born
April 30, 1764, married Dolly Davis ; Sarah, born
March 21, 1766, married, June 26, 1790, Ephraim
Upham, of Thompson; Rebecca, born November 19,
17(18. married, March 20, 1790, Gamaliel Newell, of

(VI) William Foster, son of Timothy Foster
(5), was born in Dudley, Massachusetts, July 26,
1760. He settled there and married, February 8,
1781, Mary Brown, who married (second) Josiah
Perry. Children of William and Mary Foster :
Alvan, born August 28, 1780, died young; Arminda,
born May 23, 1783, see forward; Perley, born July
I, 1785, married Mary Willard ; Betsey, born 1788.

(VII) Arminda Foster, daughter of William
Foster, was born at Dudley, May 23, 1783, married
Samuel Freeman, mentioned above.

Fitts, or Fitz, is one of great antiquity, and accord-
ing to Charles Edwin Fitz, of New Orleans, Louisi-
ana, the names of three or four of its members ap-
pear on the roll of Battle Abbey. The name Fitz
was doubtless derived from the French word "tils"
(Norman French "fiz") signifying son.

John Fitz, bencher, of Lincoln Inn, was born
at or near the town of Tavistock, Devonshire, Eng-
land, famous for producing many sages in the law,
the study of which he sedulously followed and be-
came so expert that he was accounted one of the
most illustrious lawyers of his day. He reared his
family to wealth and greatness, a position held by
his descendants, as will be shown, down to the emi-
gration to America. John Fitz was in the prime of
life in 1428. He established a country home about
a mile from the town of Tavistock, but within the
parish. One of his descendants, also named John
Fitz, buried 1539 or 1559, is commemorated by a
stone in the Tavistock Church. There are the fig-
ures of a knight and lady on the stone, showing
that he was a soldier. His arms also were inscribed
on the stone. The sons of John Fitz were : John,
inherited his father's estate, but died without issue;
Walter, who after his brother succeeded to the es-
tate; Roger. (The English history of the Fitz fam-
ily was taken from the history written by Mr. James
Harris Fitts, of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.)

(II) Walter Fitts, son of John Fitts (1), born,
it is supposed, about 1450 and died 1510, married

Mary Sampson, and they had two sons: John, mar-
ried a daughter of Roger Grenville; Robert.

(Ill) John Fitts, son of Walter Fitts (2), born
in latter part of fifteenth century, married Agnes
Grenville, daughter of Roger. Their children: 1.
John, married and succeeded to his father's estate.
2. Edward F. 3. George. 4. Grace, married Job
Eliot, Earl of St. Germain. 5. Honor. 6. Catherine,
married William Bond. 7. Margaret, married Rich-
ard Olcott. 8. Francis.

(III) Robert Fitts, son of Walter Fitts (2),
and his grandsons, Robert and Richard Fitts, emi-
grated to Massachusetts. His son '^ name was also
Robert Fitts.

(IV) John Fitts, son of John Fitts (3), married
Mary, daughter of Sir John Sydenham, of Brimp-
ton, Somersetshire. He was an eminent lawyer, and
left a large manuscript volume called "Fitz, his
Reports." He inherited Fitzford, and he or his
father built the manor house. His only son was

1 [V) Robert Fitts, son of Robert Fitts (3),
died at the age of twenty-nine, leaving a son, Walter
Fitts, (father of the emigrant).

(V) Sir John Fitz (or Fitts), son of John
Fitts (4), was made a knight by Queen Elizabeth.
He married Gertrude Courtney, of Powderham Cas-
tle. Sir John Fitz fought a duel at the gateway of
the Fitz mansion with Sir Nicholas Slanning, in

1599, and the latter was killed. Upon some facts in
the history of Sir John and his father was founded
the romance "Fitz of Fitzford," by Ann Eliza Bray,,
a copy of which is in the Worcester Public Li-
brary. The only child of Sir John was Mary Fitz,
born about 1690. She married four times, first Sir
Allan Percy, 1608; second, Thomas Darcy; third,
Sir Charles Howard ; fourth, Sir Richard Gren-
ville, who died in 1658. She died in 1672.

(V) Walter Fitts, son of Robert Fitts (4), was
a contemporary of Sir Francis Drake, who married,
a niece of the mother of his cousin, Sir John Fitts.
He is said to have had business relations with Sir
Richard Grenville. His son Robert was born in

1600. His son Richard was also an emigrant.

(VI) Robert Fitts, son of Walter Fitts (5),
was among the original settlers of Salisbury, Massa-
chusetts. 1639. Tradition says that previous to going
to Salisbury he settled in Ipswich, 1635. He came
from Tavistock, Devonshire, England. He was a
planter, a man of high social position, of education
and Puritan integrity. He removed to Ipswich,
about 1652, and died there May 9, 1665. He mar-
ried first, in England, Ann Barnes, and (second)
Grace, sister of Robert Lord. Robert and Grace
Fitts gave testimony December 22, 1664, as to the
promise made by Simon Thompson desiring their
son Abraham, who married his daughter, to come
to Ipswich and reside. The will of Robert Fitts,
dated January 5, 1663, proved June 26, 1665, men-
tions wife Grace and son Abraham, to whom he left
land at Salisbury, which he purchased of his
brother (in-law) William Barnes, brother of his
first wife, no doubt. The widow died April 25,
1084. The estate of Robert Fitts was valued at two
hundred and thirty pounds, which showed him to
have been a wealthy man compared with his neigh-

(VII) Abraham Fitts, only son of Robert Fitts
(1), was born about the time his parents came to
America, say 1635. ' He married, May 16, 1655,
Sarah, daughter of Simon Thompson, of Ipswich,
the magistrate for the occasion being the governor,.
Simon Bradstreet. She died June 4, 1664. He mar-
ried (second) the widow of Tyler Birdley, January-



7, 1668. He was a farmer, living in Ipswich.
Numerous writings bearing his signature, from Jan-
uary 8, 1657, to January 16, 1690, are on file. He was
admitted a freeman and took the oath March 11,
1673-4. He was impressed for service in the Nar-
ragansctt expedition against King Philip, November
30, 1675, with twenty-eight others from Ipswich,
three of whom were killed and twenty-two wounded,
December 17, 1675. He was also in the expedition
to Canada in 1690. He died March 27, 1692. Chil-
dren of Abraham and Sarah (.Thompson) Fitts : 1.
Sarah, born February 21, 1657, died January 14,
1660. 2. Abraham, died 1714. 3. Robert, born
March 30, 1660, died June 15, 1661. 4. Sarah, born
March 15, 1661. Children of Abraham and Rebecca
(Birdley) Fitts: 5. Robert, born May 28, 1670, died
young. 6. Richard, born February 20, 1672. 7. Isaac,
born July 3, 1675.

(VIII) Abraham Fitts, son of Abraham Fitts
(7) and second child, married first, Margaret,
daughter of Sergeant John and Anne Choate, wha
were the emigrant ancestors of Rufus Choate, Jo-
seph H. Choate and others who have made the
name famous in America. John Choate was born
1624 and died December 4, 1695, remembering Mrs.
Fitts in his will dated 1691, proved May 1, 1697.
Margaret, wife of Abraham Fitts, died February 28,
1691-2. He married (second), January 9, 1693,
Mary Ross. Children of Abraham and Margaret
(Choate) Fitts: I. Abraham, see forward. 2.
Ebenezer, born August 6, 1685, died young. 3.
Anna, born June 18, 1686, died young. 4. Robert,
born July 19, 1690, ancestor of Worcester county

(IX) Abraham Fitts, first son of Abraham Fitts
(8), died June, 1763; married (published March 3),
1721-2, Phoebe Fuller, died August 25, 1739. He
married (second) (intentions dated November 18)
1739, Elizabeth Cross, widow. In 1736 he received
a quitclaim deed from his brothers and sisters of
their interest in a Narragansett right, probably of
their grandfather, for service in King Philip's war.
He and his wife were members of the First Church
of Christ, Ipswich. Children of Abraham and
Phoebe (Fuller) Fitts: I. Abraham, baptized Sep-
tember 29, 1723. 2. Daniel, see forward. 3. Phebe,
baptized October 6, 1728. 4. Mary, baptized October

6, 1728. 5. Abraham, baptized January 23, 1732,
died September 30, 1736. 6. James, baptized July

7, 1734. died May 20, 1736. 7. Sarah, baptized March
21, 1736. 8. Abraham, baptized April 11, 1738.

(X) Daniel Fitts, second child of Abraham
Fitts (9), baptized May 2, 1725, married Christiana
Smith, of Ipswich, December 15, 1750. He united
with the First Church of Ipswich the following
year. Children of Daniel and Christiana (Smith)
Fitts: I. Daniel, see forward. 2. Abraham, baptized
November 26, 1753. 3. Moses, baptized May _ 8,
I7SS- 4- Eunice, baptized April 23, 1758, died

young. 5. Israel, baptized December 30, 1759. 6.
Stephen, baptized April 11, 1762. 7. Solomon, bap-
tized March 18, 1763. 8. James, baptized September

8, 1765. 9. David, born July I, 1767. 10. Lydia,
died young. Daniel Fitts removed to Pomfret, Con-
necticut, and bought three hundred and sixty acres
■of land in Ashford of Stephen and Amasa Keyes,
known as the Knowlton farm, November 6, 1770.
He was a soldier in the revolution in the Ashford
company, Colonel Israel Putnam's regiment, No. 13.
Captain Thomas Knowlton, later Colonel, com-
manded this company. It was in the battle of Bun-
ker Hill, and Daniel Fitts died in the service during
the siege of Boston, September 7, 1775, at Brook-
line, Massachusetts.

(XI) Daniel Fitts, Jr., eldest son of Daniel

Fitts (10), married Elizabeth Fuller, of Ashford,
Connecticut. He settled there in 1777. He was a
farmer. Two brothers, Moses and Israel, were
soldiers in the revolution. Another brother, Stephen
Fitts, married Polly Knowlton, daughter of Colonel
Knowlton. Children of Daniel and Elizabeth (Ful-
ler; Fitts: I. Daniel, born March 30, 1776. 2. Eben-
ezer Fuller, born December 2^, 1778. 3. Benjamin,
born November 30, 1780. 4. Elizabeth, born May
12, 1783. 5. Duty, see forward. 6. Rhoda, born
May 27, 1787.

(XII) Duty Fitts, fifth child and youngest son
son of Daniel Fitts (11), born March 18, 1785, was
a farmer. He married, 1809, Olive Butler, born
January 9, 1789. She was brought up in the family
of Henry Storrs, of Mansfield, Connecticut. She
was a woman of fine character, ever cheerful dispo-
sition, best of mothers and devoted wife. Both
were members of the First Congregational Church
of Eastford, Connecticut. Children of Duty and
Olive (Butler) Fitts: 1. Lucy Cleveland, born De-
cember 7, 1809, married Parker Pennock and had one
son, Henry Clark Pennock, who resides in Carson
City, Colorado. Mrs. Lucy Cleveland Pennock, who
died January 12, 1835. 2. Laura, born December
6, 181 1 ; she grew up to be a beautiful woman, be-
loved by all ; died suddenly October 30, 1836. 3.
Henry Lucian, born December 31, 1815; was a young
man of great promise and business ability; began
business career with David Clark, of Hartford, Con-
necticut; took a better position in New York 111
1836; died there very suddenly, September 12,
1836. 4. John Augustine, see forward.

(XIII) John Augustine Fitts, fourth child of
Duty and Olive (Butler) Fitts (12), born at East-
ford, Connecticut, October 20, 1819; married, August
27, 1847, Caroline Nichols Skinner, born January
10, 1830. He was in his early days a custom boot-
maker, and later became an upper leather cutter. He
was educated in the public schools and was brought
up as a Congregationalist, but in later years joined
the Methodist church. He was first a Whig, but
one of the first in his neighborhood to join the Re-
publican party when it was formed, and he remained
a Republican all his life. He was an admirer of
Henry Clay, Henry Ward Beecher and James G.
Blaine as types of leading Americans. He always
was deeply interested in public questions. He died
April 3, 1894. The following was written of him
at the time of his death : "He was a man who was
much respected and esteemed by everyone who
knew him, unostentatious, yet possessed of a sound
mind and genial disposition. He was an affectionate
and kind husband, an indulgent father and obliging
neighbor. He will be much missed. He bore his
sickness with Christian fortitude. Caroline N.
Skinner was the daughter of Captain Jonathan
Skinner, of Eastford, Connecticut, for a number of
years the leading manufacturer and business man
of that little town. She was educated in the public
schools of Eastford, Holliston, and Boston, and
made a special study of music. She taught school
for a few terms in her native town, and was organ-
ist of the Methodist church there for over forty
years. She took a great interest in this church, of
which she was a member and of which her father
had been one of the founders and chief supporters.
She was always interested in public affairs of the
country, and still maintains that interest. Of late
years she has lived with her only daughter, Mrs.
Thomas King, of Highland Park, Connecticut. She
still owns her home at Eastford. Children of John
A. and Caroline N. (Skinner) Fitts: 1. John Her-
bert, see forward. 2. Carrie Laura, born October 23,
1854, married Thomas King; children: Marion C,







born May 10, 1880; Edna May, born April 26, 1888,
died August 3, 1890; Ralph C, born August 27,
1891. Thomas King was born in Worcester; since
1890 he has been superintendent of two' large reser-
voirs comprising the water supply of the town of
South Manchester, Connecticut.

(XIV) John Herbert Fitts, eldest child and
only son of John A. Fitts (13), was born in East-
ford, Connecticut, July 31, 1850. He obtained his
education in the public schools of his native town.
At the age of fifteen years he went to work as
clerk in a grocery store at- Eastford. In June, 1866,
he entered the employ of Bowditch & Co., furniture
dealers of New Haven, where he remained for one
year, ill health causing him to return home. After
a. year he began work again and was employed
alternately in the store and on the farm until the
spring of 1873, when in March he began keeping
books for the Excelsior Gas Machine Company at
Warren, Massachusetts, and also for B. A. Tripp
& Co., in the same office. When the Gas Company
removed its business to Connecticut in 1875 he re-
mained "-with Tripp & Company, who had a boot
manufacturing establishment, until the spring of
1876, when dull times caused a closing up of the
boot making plant. Mr. Fitts returned to Eastford
and found work there, remaining in Eastford with
the exception of a few months in Spencer, Massa-
chusetts, .and again in Willimantic, Connecticut, until
1881, when he moved to Montville, Connecticut, to
take a position in a general store there. In 1882
he moved to Webster, Massachusetts, where he
was clerk for three years and a half in the Merino
Store, nine and a half years for D. Wood & Co. ;
and since August, 1896, in the store of S. Slater &

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