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Sons, where he is now employed as manager of the
grocery department of this well known mill store.
He is an earnest Republican. He cast his first vote
for president for General Grant. He joined the
First Congregational Church of Webster in 1888,
and has served on the church committee. He is a
member of Benjamin Franklin Council, No. 333,
Royal Arcanum, and has been vice-regent two

He married, September 23, 1877, at Eastford,
Connecticut, Katherine McElhiney, of Warren, Mas-
sachusetts, born in St. John, New Brunswick, April
17, 1846, and received her education there. She was
the daughter of George McElhiney and Lydia (Den-
nison) McElhiney. Her father was a builder and
contractor, a member of the Reformed church of
Scotland, leader of the choir for many years, and
elder of the church. The father of George Mc-
Elhiney served under Wellington in the British
Artillery, and was a day's march away at the battle
of Waterloo. He helped to bury the dead after-
ward. Children of John Herbert and Katherine
(McElhiney) Fitts: I. Georgia Winnifred, born
May 1, 1878, at Eastford ; educated in public schools
of Dudley and Webster; attended Nichols Academy,
Dudley, and graduated at the Webster high school.
2. Herbert Venner. born February 6, 18S0, at East-
ford ; educated at Dudley and Webster, and Nichols
Academy; was clerk at the Slater Store for a year,
clerk in Millbury and Woonsocket stores, and is
at present working in the store of Richard Barnett,
of Woonsocket, Rhode Island. 3. Annie Nichols,
born May 21, 1882; was educated in Webster and
Dudley, graduated at Webster high school ; married
Edward M. Salisbury, of Charlton, October 12,
1903 ; he is a graduate of Spencer high school and
of Becker's Business College ; has been bookkeeper
at Slater Mills ; is now in weaving department learn-
ing the business.

SILAS DUNTON. Samuel Dunton (1), the
immigrant ancestor of Silas Dunton, of Millbury,
Massachusetts, was born in England or Scotland
about 1620. Family tradition says that he was
Scotch. He is the best known and most prominent
of the early settlers of this name in New England.
Edward and Elizabeth Dunton, perhaps relatives of
his, were in Salem and members of the church there
in 1039, but soon afterwards they removed, per-
haps back to England or the old country whence
they came, as no more is known of them. Robert
Dunton, the only other early settler of this name
in Massachusetts, was possibly father and probably
a brother of Samuel. Both of them settled in Read-
ing. Robert was a proprietor there in 1644 and a
prominent man, holding many town offices later, se-
lectman in 1647-48-49. Samuel Dunton was also a.
proprietor in 1044 at Reading, though reported
earlier at Salem or Lynn. He died November 7,
10S3. His will, proved December, 1084, bequeathed
to sons Samuel, John and Nathaniel ; daughters
Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary and Ruth ; grand-
son Samuel ; refers to land which Thomas had to
use; John was to maintain his father and mother
the remainder of their lives. His estate was settled
by his son John ; his accounts mention payments to
Hannah, Sarah, Nathaniel and Samuel Dunton.

Samuel Dunton married Ann or Hannah Felch,
daughter of Henry and Margaret Felch. She died
July, 1689. Children of Samuel and Ann Dunton
were: Samuel, born at Reading, October 15, 1647,
see forward; Hannah, born February 24, 1649-50,
married Thomas Williams ; Nathaniel, born January

16, 1655-56, married (first) Sarah ; (second)

Abigail Lilley; (third) Abigail Richardson; Eliza-
beth, born March 25, 1658, married Nathaniel Ev-
ans; Sarah, born March 28, 1660; Mary, born March
5, 1661, died at Andover, Massachusetts, February

17, 1714, "an old maid;" Ruth, born April 4, 1663;
John, executor; Thomas, mentioned in will.

(II) Samuel Dunton, eldest child of Samuel
Dunton (1), was born in Reading, Massachusetts,
October 15, 1647. He was a soldier in King Philip's
war in 1075-70-77, and was under Captain Thomas
Wheeler in the expedition against the Nipmucks to
Brookfield and Groton. He died before 1785. He
married, at Reading, June 17, 1673, Sarah Kendall,
daughter of Deacon Thomas Kendall. She was
born at Reading, June 22, 1653. She married (sec-
ond) Richardson. Children of Samuel and

Sarah Dunton : Samuel, see forward ; Sarah, born
at Reading, February 22, 1676-77, married Thomas
Frost; Rebecca, born February 12, 1678-79, died
young; Ebenezer, born April 29, 1681, settled in
Roxbury; Thomas, born October 9, 1683, died No-
vember 9, 1683.

(III) Samuel Dunton, eldest child of Samuel
Dunton (2), was born in Reading, Massachusetts,
July 17, 1674, and died at Woburn, 1705, when a
young man. The mother Anna was appointed
guardian of the two children in 1705. They were:
Rebecca, born about 1698; Samuel, see forward.

(IV) Samuel Dunton, only son of Samuel Dun-
ton (3), was born about 1699. He settled in Woburn
on the place probably bought by his father and in-
herited by him. In 1721-22 he bought twenty-seven
acres of land of Samuel Pierce. He sold the lot he
had from his father's estate May 27, 1728, and also
the land bought of Pierce, amounting in all to
ninety acres, for one hundred and seventy pounds.
He then removed to Wreivtham, Massachusetts.

He married, in Woburn. September 25, 1722,
Deborah Pierce, daughter of Benjamin and Mary



(Read) Pierce. She was born at Woburn, Decem-
ber 5, 1700, and died at Wrentham, August 8, 1762.
Her grandfather was Sergeant Thomas Pierce, who
married Elizabeth Cole, daughter of Ryce and Ar-
rold Cole. Mary Read, mother of Airs. Dunton,
was the daughter of Ralph and Mary (Peirce)
Read and was born in Woburn, October 15, 1670.
Children of Samuel and Deborah Dunton were:
Samuel, born in Woburn, June 27, 1723, married
Sarah Bennett ; was a soldier in the revolution ;
settled m Wellington, Connecticut; Deborah, born
at Woburn, 1724-25, married Ebenezer Lawrence;
Rebecca, born at Woburn, December 20, 1726, mar-
ried Captain Jonathan Whitney. The remaining
children were born at Wrentham, Massachusetts :
Thomas, born May 7, 1729, died January 24, 1749-
50; Ebenezer, see forward; Benjamin, born Feb-
ruary 8, 1732 ; Gershom, born February 8, 1734-35 ;
Jesse, born March 27, 1737 ; Sarah, born September
3, 1739, married Ebenezer Tucker; Molly, born
March 5, 1741, died August 6, 1741 ; Jerusha, born
November 12, 1746.

(V) Ebenezer Dunton, son of Samuel Dunton
(4), was born in Wrentham, Massachusetts, March
T 9, 1730-31, died September 4,' 1821. He settled in
Sturbridge, Massachusetts, about 1760. He was a
soldier in the revolution in Captain Timothy Par-
ker's company, Colonel Warner's regiment, in
1775, and in Captain Adam Martin's company,

Colonel Ebenezer Learned's regiment, later in the
same year. He died September 4, 1821. He mar-
ried, about 1758, Beulah Cheney, born August 1,
1734. died July 12, 1824. Their children, all born
in Sturbridge, were : Silas, see forward ; Moly, born
May 18, 1762; Beulah, December 11, 1764; Jerusha,
March 2, 1767; Benjamin, February 23, 1769; Keziah,
April 9, 1771 ; Henry, April 9, 1773.

(VI) Silas Dunton, son of Ebenezer Dunton
(5), was born in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, July
2b, 1760. and died there September 21, 1S47. He
settled in Sturbridge and was a farmer there. He
was a soldier in the revolution in Captain Abel
Mason's company, Colonel Jonathan Holman's regi-
ment, in 1777, in Rhode Island; also in the same
-company in Colonel Job Cushing's regiment, rein-
forcing the northern army in 1778; also in Captain
John Putnam's company, Colonel Wage's regiment,

in 1778, under General Sullivan, in Rhode Island.

He married Eunice , born September 15,

1760. died April I, 1840. Their children were:
Zenas, born July 10, 1780, settled in Sturbridge, a
blacksmith; Lovisa, March I, 1782; Samuel, March
20, 1784, married Relief W r hittemore, January 10,
1808; settled in New York state; Lavinia, January
3, 1786; Moses, see forward; Hannah, March 17,
1790; Eunice, March 25, 1792; Luther, July 29, 1794,
died October 8, 170(1; Percy, December I, 1796;
Perley, March 23, 1800, was a blacksmith, died un-

(VII) Moses Dunton, son of Silas Dunton (6),
was bom in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, March 21.
1788, and died January 16, 1867. He learned the
blacksmith trade and while yet a young man came
to Millbury, Massachusetts, where, after working
for a time as a journeyman, he established a smithy
of his own and for a number of years carried on a
successful business. His health suffered finally from
the hard labor of his vocation and he had to give
up his shop. He subsequently worked in the gun
shop of the United States armory, then in charge
of Asa Waters, a government contractor, but for
several years before his death he was retired from
all active pursuits.

lie married. May 20, 1814, Zoa Pierce, born in
Sutton, Massachusetts, and died in Millbury, April

29, 1871, daughter of Isaac Pierce. The children of
Moses and Zoa Dunton were: Austin, born January
16, 1S15, died -November 25, 1897, at Millbury; Will-
iam, born November 9, 1816, resides in Newport,
New Hampshire; married Lois Corbin and has two
children; Silas, see forward; Martha, burn Septem-
ber 24, 1820, died November 11, 1899; she married
(first) William H. Billings, of Charlestown, (sec-
ninl) Henry Dexter; her three children were all
by the first husband; Mary, born October 9, 1824,
died September 28, 184.1.

(V11I) Silas Dunton, son of Moses Dunton
(7), was born in Millbury, Massachusetts, April
9, 1818. He received such educational advantages
as were given to a farmer's boy in his day. At the
age of fourteen he left the district school to be-
come an assistant in his father's shop. Two years
later he began his mercantile career as a clerk for
A. G. Stiles & Company, general merchants, 111 Mill-
bury, for whom he worked until the firm was dis-
solved. In 1839 he went to Louisville, Kentucky,
where he was a salesman for three years in the
boot and shoe store established in that city by
W 1 iod & Warren, of Upton, Massachusetts. After
returning home in 1842, he soon went south again
to dispose of a bankrupt stock of boots and shoes,
which he sold to dealers in Memphis, St. Louis and
Louisville. From 1844 to 1846 he was employed as
a salesman in a dry goods store in Worcester, Massa-
chu-etts, for Hardon & Hunt, successors to H. B.
Clarrlin, and during the ensuing year he was clerk
in a Boston clothing house for some six months,
when he returned to Millbury and clerked for a
woolen manufacturing company for a short time,
when he went to North Oxford and took charge of
a store for Benedict & Denney, cotton manufacturing
company. Leaving the cotton company in 1848, he
became the junior member of the firm of Robbins
& Dunton, of Millbury. This firm had a flourishing
business for three years, when Mr. Dunton bought
out his partner. In company with Mr. Denny, who
was an experienced pharmacist, added a drug store
to the general merchandise in which he had been
dealing, and continued for a number of years. Mr.
Denny withdrew after some years and went west.
Two years later Mr. Dunton took his son-in-law,
James A. Morse, into partnership.

Just after the close of the civil war, Mr. Dunton
sold his store and in company with others went to
Richmond, Virginia, to look at timber lands along
the York river. He concluded not to invest and
went to Canada, where he embarked in the oil-well
business. The experience was unprofitable and he
returned to Millbury, where he has since lived. He
bought back his old business and conducted it for
two years as the head of Dunton & Morse. In
1872 he went into partnership with Thomas A. Win-
ter under the firm name of Dunton & Winter, and
the business has continued under this name to the
present time. The firm has a large general store
and has been highly prosperous. Mr. Dunton is a
thirty-second degree Mason, a member of Olive
Branch Lodge of Millbury, of which he has been a
member since 1855. He is a Republican of the
stalwart sort and has voted with that party since
its organization. He cast his first vote in a presi-
dential campaign while he was at Louisville, and
helped to build the log cabin in which Henry Clay
afttrward spoke in the famous Log Cabin campaign
for Harrison and Tyler. He was a representative
to the general court from Millbury in 1868. He at-
tends the Unitarian church. He married, August
22, 1846, Olivia L. Guild, of Oxford, Massachusetts.
She was born in Augusta, Maine, daughter of Davis
and Olivia ( Lyon) Guild. She died July 25, 1884,



at the age of sixty years. Their children were:
Emma C, born September 15, 1847, married, October
j2, 1866, James A. Morse, of Worcester, Massachu-
setts and they have children: Joseph R., born Au-
gust 12, 185.1. married Fanny Temple, of Charles-
town, Massachusetts, no children. James Alford, Jr.,
liorn August 12, 1867, resides in Worcester. Walter
D., born September 29, 1869, resides in Worcester;
married, February, 1900, Minnie McAleer, and has
three children: Mabel D., born May, 1901; Edward
J., born July, 1903; and Ellen O., born August,
1905. Mabel, born May 10, 1873, died aged three

ALANSON TAFT. Robert Taft (1), the im-
migrant ancestor of Alanson Taft, of Mendon, Mas-
sachusetts, was born about 1640 and died February
8, 17-5 He was one of the early settlers of Mendon,
a man of wealth and standing. He was elected on
the board of selectmen January 3, 1680, and April
4. 1680, on the building committee of the church
"'to take care that the minister's house be done by
December 25." He and his three sons built the
bridge over Great River to their land on the west
Tiank in 1709, and in 1729 under an arrangement
with the town they built the second bridge also.
His house was on Fortfield, near Mendon Pond,
but he acquired large tracts of land by grant and
purchase until the Taft property nearly encompassed
the pond and comprised a tract some two and a half
miles square. Robert Taft also bought a tenth of
the tract that later was named Sutton, he being one
of a syndicate that made the purchase March 10,
1713. His descendants have been among the most
prominent citizens in that section of Worcester
county. The origin of the family and Robert Taft's
ancestry is treated elsewhere in this work. Chil-
dren of Robert and Sarah Taft: 1. Thomas, born
1671, mentioned below. 2. Robert, Jr., born 1674,
•died April 29, 1748. 3. Daniel, born 1677, died Au-
gust 24, 1761. 4. Joseph, born 1680, died June 18,
1747. 5. Benjamin, born 1684, died 1766.

(II) Thomas Taft, eldest child of Robert Taft
(1), was born in the old country, 1671, and died in
Mendon, 1755. He married Deborah, daughter of
Isaac Genery, of Dedham, Massachusetts, and they
■settled on the Taft place in Mendon, where he was
associated with his father and brothers. He died
intestate, and his sons Eleazer and Isaac were on
the administrator's bond dated June 16, 1757. Chil-
dren of Thomas and Deborah Taft: 1. Joseph, born
May 26, 1693. 2. Sarah, May 26, 1695. 3. Eleazer,
April 5, 1697. a captain ; his son Moses graduated
at Harvard 1751. 4. Hannah, April 17. 1699. 5. Re-
becca, May 15. 1701. 6. Deborah. November 14,

1702. 7. Rachel, October 1. 1704. 8. Martha. June
15, 1708. 9. Isaac. July 15. 1710. 10. Susanna, (twin)
March 15, 1713. 11. Thomas, (twin) mentioned

(III) Thomas Taft, twin son and youngest child
■of Thomas Taft (2), was born March 15, 1713. He
also settled on a part of the original homestead in
Mendon. He mentions a cider mill in his will, in-
dicating that he carried on the cider business in
addition to farming. The Tafts had been in excellent

standing in the Puritan church until Thomas (3)
In^t faith in the minister. Rev. Mr. Willard. The
clergyman had suspended Taft from communion
"for repeatedly refusing to hear and casting contempt
•upon the church, particularly upon the pastor of
said church, till he should make manifest repent-
ence and reformation." Taft and his friends pre-
ferred charges, and although Willard was acquitted
of the things charged he was dismissed from his
-pastorate. And thus the trouble seems to have

ended. Thomas Taft made a will August 28, 1773,
twenty years before his death, and it was disallowed
by the probate court because Thomas deeded away
his real estate mentioned in the will so that the pro-
visions of the will could not be executed. . His
signature is notable. Although the writing is ex-
cellent and seems to indicate a familiarity with the
quill, the two "T's" in his name are both lower
case letters. The will left half the farm to Na-
thaniel, and the southern half to Thomas. He
mentioned also his daughters, Lydia Taft, wife of
Ebenezer Taft, and Hannah Penniman ; also grand-
son, Marvel Taft. He died early in 1793. He mar-
ried Lydia Thompson about 1732. Their children
were: 1. Nathaniel, born 1733, died young. 2.
Thomas, born 1736, died young. 3. Keziah, born
l 7i7, died young. 4. Lydia, married Penni-
man. 5. Charity, born 1742, died young. 6. Han-
nah, born 1745, died young. 7. Amariah, born 1747,
died young. 8. Nathaniel, born February 13, 1750;
married Abigail Holbrook. 9. Deborah, born 1751,
died young. 10. Thomas, born October 30, 1753,
mentioned below. 11. Genery, born June 3, 1756,
died young.

(IV) Thomas Taft, tenth child of Thomas Taft
(3), was born in Mendon, Massachusetts, October
3°. 1/53 ; married there, Mary Spring. He married
(second) Betsey Fletcher, June 16, 1793. His will
is dated September 15, 1823, and was filed in 1835.
Children of Thomas and Betsey Taft: I. Arnold,
born at Mendon. 2. Stephen. 3. Thomas, Jr., men-
tioned below. 4. Amasa. 5. Otis. 6. Joanna, mar-
ried Wilson. 7. Deborah, married

Twitchell. 8. Samuel. 9. Sylvia, married

Hayward. 10. Polly, married Spring. 11.

Betsey, married Taft. All were living in


(V) Thomas Taft, son of Thomas Taft (4),
was born in Mendon, Massachusetts, December 26,
!797. and died there September 24, 1872. He lived
on part of the original Taft farm, and in his will
set aside the burial ground on the farm to be kept
in perpetuity for a family graveyard. He married,
December 2, 1819, Mary Harkness. He calls her
Mercy in his will. The children of Thomas and
Mary Taft, all born at Mendon and all living in
1872, were: 1. Sullivan H., resided at Mendon. 2.
Alanson, born October 26, 1826, mentioned below.
3. Samuel Harkness, born June 25, 1828, resided at
Mendon ; died February 4, 1903. 4. Hannah, married

Otis Nelson, of Milford. 5. Susan, married

Hooper, of Milford. 6. Elizabeth, married Samuel

Adams, of Barre. 7. Mercy Ann, married

Emerson, of Uxbridge, Massachusetts.

(VI) Alanson Taft, son of Thomas Taft (5),
was born in Mendon, Massachusetts, October 26,
1826, and educated in the common schools there.
He was a prosperous farmer during his active
years. For some years he has been living a quiet,
retired life, one of the oldest and most respected
citizens of his native town. Mr. Taft has been a
worthy descendant of honorable ancestry, has taken
his part in public affairs, was formerly assessor and
collector of taxes, and was one of the organizers
of the local grange, Patrons of Husbandry, and one
of the charter members. He is a Unitarian in re-
ligion and a Republican in politics. In public and
private life alike Mr. Taft has deserved and won
the esteem of his fellow men. He married, 1848,
( intentions dated October 29) Elizabeth Wheelock
Taft, daughter of Alonzo and Harriet D. (Lovett)
Taft. She was born December 23, 1828. Their
children were: 1. Ella Gertrude, mentioned below.
2. Annie Clayton, born March 8, 1857 ; died Feb-
ruary 25, 1858.



(VII) Ella Gertrude Taft, only surviving child
of Alanson Taft (6), was born on the old home-
stead in Mendon, Massachusetts, August 27, 1850.
She married, April 21, 1870, Edward C. Kinsley son
of Rev. William H. and Joanna (Dyke) Kinsley.
He was born January 21, 1851. Their children are:
I. Percy Taft Kinsley, born November 11, 1870;
married, April 3, 1895, Jennie Laura, daughter of
James J. and Laura J. (Day) Nutter, who was born
in Alfred, Maine ; their children : Edward Newton
Kinsley, born June 9, 1895; Edith Ernestine Kins-
ley, born August 28, 1897. 2. Alanson Dyke Kinsley,
born November 12, 1875; died October 17, 1S80. 3.
Annie Elizabeth Kinsley, born October 14, 1882 ;
married, April 19, 1904, Daniel Hicks Barnes, son
of Israel and Maria M. (Hicks) Barnes, who was
born in Boylston, Massachusetts, and they have one
child: Daniel Kinsley Barnes, born September 29,

EMORY W. MARCY. John Marcy (1), the
emigrant ancestor of the late Emory W. Marcy,
of Webster, Massachusetts, and New Haven. Con-
necticut, is the head of one of the two families of
that surname in the United States. The other fam-
ily is represented by Hon. Daniel Marcy, of Ports-
mouth, New Hampshire, and Peter Marcy and de-
scendants, of New Orleans. The father of Daniel
and Peter Marcy came to this country about eighty
years ago from the Island of Marie Galante, West
Indies, though a native of France. DeMarcy or
simply Marcy is now a name common in France
and French colonies. The name appears to have
come into Normandy with Rollo (A. D. 912),
thence it went to England with William the Con-
queror (A. D. 1068) and became very common in
Cheshire, where the name is universally spelled
Massey or Massie. The name Massey is common
in the Irish and English Peerage.

John Marcy was the son of the high sheriff of
Limerick. Ireland. He was born about 1662 and
came to this country when a young man. He joined
Eliot's Church in Roxbury, Massachusetts, March
7, 1685. In April, 1686, he with Benjamin Sabin,
Jonathan Smithers, Henry Bowen. John Frizzel,
Mathew Davis, Nathaniel Gary, Thomas Bacon,
Peter Aspinwall, George Griggs, Benjamin Griggs,
Ebenezer Morris and John Lord took possession of
Quatoset, (Woodstock, Connecticut) granted 1663
by the colony of Massachusetts to the town of Rox-
bury. He married Sarah Hadlock, daughter of
James and Sarah (Draper) Hadlock. of Roxbury.
She was born December 16, 1670. They lived and
died in Woodstock. He died December 23, 1724,
aged sixty-two years; she died May 9, 1743, aged
seventy-three years.

Children of John and Sarah (Hadlock) Marcy
were: Anna, born in Roxbury, October II, 1687,
married Ebenezer Grosvenor, of Pomfret ; John,

born November 17, 1689, married Colburn ;

James, born February 26, 1691, married Ains-

worth ; Edward, born June 28, 1695. married

Haskins ; Joseph, born September 18, 1697, married

Throop; Benjamin, born March II, 1699,

married Corbin ; Moses, born April 18, 1702,

married Morris; Samuel, born July 28, 1704,

married Russel ; Sarah, born February 8,

1707, married Nicholson ; Ebenezer, born

June 6, 1709, married Johnson; Elizabeth,

born November 8. 171 1.

(II) Moses Marcy, son of John Marcy (1), was
born in Woodstock, Connecticut. April 18, 1702.
He married, in 1723, Prudence Morris. He settled
in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, in 1732, where he
became the "Principal man in the colony." He was

the first justice of the peace, the first representa-
tive to the general court from the town and was.
moderator of seventy town meetngs. During the
French wars he fitted out soldiers for the army at
at his own expense, but was afterwards remuner-
ated by the town. At a meeting of the church,
March 18, 1752, to compromise with the "Separat-
ists" Moses Marcy was moderator, and the historian
speaks of the "excellent spirit displayed by the ex-
cellent and venerable moderator." He died October
9. 1/79. "leaving an honorable name, a large estate
and a numerous family." A list of persons married
by him as magistrate includes fifty-five marriages,
from 1755 to 1776. Children of Moses and Prud-
ence (Morris) Marcy were: Jedediah, born at
Sturbridge, married Mary Healy, died in Dudley;

Moses, died unmarried; Elijah, married

Stacy ; Daniel, married Hannah Morris.

(III) Jedediah Marcy, son of Moses Marcy (2),.
was born in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. He mar-
ried Mary Healy, of Dudley, Massachusetts. They
lived and died at Dudley. Their children were:
Joseph, born October 21, 1749, died October 25,
1/79; Jedediah, born July 23, 1751, died January
20, 1756; Jedediah, born July 26, 1756, married Ruth
Larnard; Mary, born January 19, 1760; Rhoda, born
May 14, 1762, married Healy; Daniel, born-
April 27, 1765, married Betsey Larned.

(IV) Daniel Marcy, son of Jedediah Marcy

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