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sold land granted to him at Hingham. His son,



Henry Chamherlin, Jr., was a town officer of Hull
in 1670, and his son William in 1669. He lived for
a time at other places, for his wife joined the church
at Barnstable, October 6, 1644. unless this refers
to his mother. Mrs. Chamberiin, widow, probably
his mother, "sister of Mr. Israel Stoughton," re-
ceived from the general court a portion of Mr. An-
drew's gift May 14, 1645 ; the widow Christian
Chamberiin died April 19, 1659, aged eighty-one
years, in Hingham, Massachusetts. He died in

1674. His will was dated November 8, 1673, and was
proved July 29, 1674. He bequeated to wife Jane ;
sons Henry and William ; daughters Susan Carter,
Ursley Cole and Faith Patterson ; grandchild John
Chamberiin. The inventory of his estate by Na-
thaniel Bosworth and Thomas Loring, April 27,

1675. at Hull, Massachusetts, where he died, shows
the five acre lot that he drew first at Hingham ; a
lot on old Planters' Hill : ten acres on the Plain
at Hingham. Chamberlin's Run, near Rocky Hill,
Hingham, probably took its name from Henry Cham-
beriin, the immigrant settler.

(II) Henry Chamberiin, son of Henry Chamber-
iin (1), was born probably in England about 1635.
He was a town officer in Hull in 1670, and probably
lived there most of his life. His brother William
was a prominent citizen at Hull and Hingham. Chil-
dren of Henry Chamberiin: 1. Nathaniel, men-
tioned below. 2. Henry, born about 1662 ; resided
at Hull and Hingham ; was in Captain Moseley's
company in King Philip's war; had five children.

(III) Nathaniel Chamberiin, son of Henry Cham-
beriin (2), was born about 1650, in Hull or Boston.
He settled in Hull and removed in 1696 to Scituate,
Massachusetts, where he had grants of land in
1693 in the east of Dead Swamp, near Chamberiin
Plain. According to Winsor he also had land in
Duxbury in 1710. He lived in Scituate and Dux-
bury. He married Abigail . Some of his chil-
dren were Quakers and settled in Rhode Island.
The children of Nathaniel and Abigail Chamberiin
were: born at Hull: 1. Elizabeth, born June 8,
1682. 2. Nathaniel, born August 23, 1683. 3. John,
born December 26, 1684. 4. Mary, born February
5, 1686. 5. Joanna, born January 8, 1688. 6. Sev-
eral daughters. 7. Thomas, born May 21, 1695.
Born at Scituate : 8. Freedom, mentioned below.
9. Eunice, born 1698. 10. Joseph, born 1699.

(IV) Freedom Chamberiin, seventh child of
Nathaniel Chamberiin (3), was born at Scituate,
Massachusetts, 1697. He settled in the adjoining
town of Pembroke. He married April 3, 1722, Mary
Soule. Several of their sons settled in East Bridge-
water, Massachusetts. Children of Freedom and
Mary Chamberiin : 1 Captain Freedom, born 1730,
died in Pembroke, 1821, aged ninety-one years. 2.
Job. 3. Benjamin. 4. John, left town. 5. Nathan-
iel, mentioned below.

(V) Nathaniel Chamberiin. son of Freedom
Chamberiin (4), was born in Pembroke, Massachu-
setts, September 24, 1722, and died 1814, aged ninety-
one years. He was in Hanover, an adjacent town,
in 1747, and for a few years afterward. Most of
his children settled in Bridgewater, and many of
his posterity have resided there. One son settled
in Hanover. He married, December 17, 1743, Sarah
Foster, who died 1765. He married (second) De-
liverance, daughter of Thomas Snell, of Bridge-
water, in 1767. She died 1814,, aged eighty-six
years, eleven months. He died in the same year,
aged ninety-one. Children of Nathaniel and Sarah
Chamberiin: I. Nathaniel, Jr., born 1745; married
Eleanor, daughter of Zechariah Whitman. 2. Sarah,
born 1747; married Jabez Pratt. 3. Ruth, born
1751 ; married Elisha Records, of Pembroke. 4,

Mary, born 1754; married Benjamin White. 5.
Lydia, born 1756, married Jonathan Pratt. 6. Jo-
seph (twin), and 7. Benjamin (twin), born 1761.
8. Josiah, mentioned below.

(VI) Josiah Chamberiin, son of Nathaniel Cham-
beriin (5), was born in Hanover or Bridgewater,
October 13, 1764. He settled in Hanover, in the
house later owned by Captain Robert L. Eells, on
Washington street, near William Curtis's place and
later he lived on Spring street, where his son Josiah
lived after him. He married, November 25, 1789,
Lucy Pratt, who died March 26, 1789. He mar-
ried (second) Abigail Crooker, of Pembroke, March
18, 1790, and he died October 18, 1829. His widow
died November 7, 1847, aged eighty-three years.
She was born October 16, 1764. Children of Josiah
and Lucy Chamberiin: I. Lucy, born March 23,
1785; married Ezra Phillips, of Pembroke, Septem-
ber 25, 1814: died June 7, 1832. 2. Lydia, born
August 21, 1788; died September 14, 1821. Children
of Josiah and Abigail Chamberiin: 3. Nabby, born
August 22, 1796; married Cephas Perry, October 7,
1838 : 4. Josiah, Jr., mentioned below. 5. Nathaniel

F. born January 6, 1802. 6. Twin brother of Na-
thaniel F., born January 6, 1802; died February 15,

(VII) Josiah Chamberiin, son of Josiah Cham-
beriin (6), was born in Hanover, Massachusetts,
November 17, 1798. He was a shoemaker by trade,
and later was a boot and shoe manufacturer. He
settled at Hanover. He married Sophia Taylor, of
Scituate, August 26, 1821. He inherited the home-
stead of his father. Children: 1. Josiah W., born
February 11, 1822. 2. Nathaniel P., born March 24,
1824; married, August 20, 1848, Melatiah, daughter
of Samuel Stetson. 3. William H., mentioned be-
low. 4. Lucy, born September, 1834. 5. George
(twin), born August 29, 1840. 6. Francis (twin),
born August 29, 1840.

(VIII) William Henry Chamberiin, son of Josiah
Chamberiin (7), was born at Hanover, Massachu-
setts, July 19, 1827, and received his education there
in the common schools. When he was eighteen he
left school to learn the shoemaker's trade, and he
followed that vocation for a number of years. He
began to manufacture boots and shoes on his own
account in Hanover, and afterward entered part-
nership with Loami Sylvester, under the firm name
of Chamberiin & Sylvester. In 1866 he removed
to Milford, Massachusetts, where he was for several
years foreman in the factory of Samuel Walker,
shoe manufacturer. He started in business for him-
self in a shop on North Bow street, where the
business of H. M. Curtis is now located, near the
railroad station. After he discontinued manufac-
turing he became a broker in real estate, with an
office in Boston, and remained in the real estate
business to the time of his death, October I, 1889.
He was a member of the Episcopal Church of Mil-
ford, and had been vestryman and treasurer of the
church. In politics he was a Republican, and he
was a member of Montgomery Lodge of Free Ma-
sons. He married, June 10, 1858, Susan M. Magoun
of Hanover. She was born in Boston. July 12, 1838,
daughter of Snow and Ruth Eaton (Magoun)
Magoun, of Hanover. Her father was a machinist
bv trade. Mr. and Mrs. Chamberiin have no chil-

the late William Henry Vickery, of Boylston, was
Samuel Vickery, who was born in Yarmouth, Nova
Scotia, and received his education in the schools
of that town. He then took up shipbuilding, which
he made his means of livelihood. He adhered t*



the faith of the Methodist Episcopal Church, which
he regularly attended. His wife was Julia Ann

William Henry Vickery, second son of Samuel
and Julia Ann (Boyd) Vickery, was born August
22, 1847, in Yarmouth, and until reaching the age
of sixteen attended the common schools of his native
place. He then began to learn the carpenter's trade,
which he followed successfully for four years.
Later he became proficient as a wheelwright and
cabinetmaker. He remained in Nova Scotia until
1865, in which year he moved to Newton, Massachu-
setts, where he followed his two callings, subse-
quently going first to Boston and afterward to Wor-
cester. In 1879 he took up his abode in Boylston,
and there passed the remainder of his life. Mr.
Vickery served as town constable, and for two years
was chairman of the overseers of the poor. He also
filled the office of collector of taxes, and was town
undertaker, which position he held until death. He
belonged to Centennial Lodge, I. O. O. F., of West
Boylston, and was a Republican in politics. He was
a devoted member of the Congregational Church.

Mr. Vickery married. November 22, 1868, Camilla
Allen, born July I, 1848, daughter of Ebenezer and
Lydia (Sims) Allen, the former a shoemaker of
Yarmouth. The following children were born to
Mr. and Mrs. Vickery: Goldie M.. born September
25. 1869, died June 27, 1S70; Nellie M., born Feb-
ruary 4, 1873, married, March 9, 1892. George H.
Prouty. of Boylston, and has one child, Goldie E.,
born May 23. 1896; and George A., born February
11, 1881, married November 26, 1902, Lillian Brunter,
of Boston. The daughters were born in Boston and
the son in Boylston. Mr. Vickery died September 1,
1904, leaving behind him the name of a good man
and a worthy citizen. His widow resides in the
family home in Boylston.

HARRIS FAMILY. Thomas Harris (1). the
immigrant ancestor of Warren A. Harris, of Mill-
bury, came to New England with his wife and set-
tled first at Charlestown. He died soon. His
widow married Deacon William Stilson. In 16S0
Deacon Stilson testified that Thomas Harris kept
the ferry from Charlestown to Winnisimet (now
Chelsea), and Charlestown forty-nine years before,
and that he married his widow and continued the
ferry. This ferry is the oldest in the United States.
Children of Thomas Harris: I. Anthony, settled in
Boston ; belonged to the Artillery Company ; was
in Ipswich 1648; died at Chelsea, 1651. 2. Daniel,
of Rowley, about 1645, removed to Middletown,
Connecticut; died 1701. 3. John, of Rowley, 1644,
left numerous posterity. 4. Thomas, mentioned be-
low r . 5. William, was with his brothers Anthony
and Daniel, and was probably brought over in his
youth by his parents; settled in Middletown, Con-
necticut. 6. Ann, married Elias Maverick before

(II) Thomas Harris, son of Thomas Harris (1),
was born in England about 1618, according to his
affidavit in 1658. He was among the first settlers
in Ipswich as early as 1636, a seaman and fisher-
man. He served against the Indians and was paid
by the town in 1643. He was a proprietor of Rowley
in 1643, and sold land there in that year, giving
deed with wife Martha, February 22, 1654-5. His
house lot consisted of two acres bounded on the
south by that of John Harris, and on the north
by that of another brother, William Harris. He
lived in Ipswich most of hi? life after 1644. He was
tithingman there in 1677. He died August 2, 1687.
His will dated July 16, was proved September 14,
1687. He bequeathed to wife Martha; sons John, Will-

iam and Ebenezer, and refers to eldest son who died
beyond the sea. He married, November 15, 1647,
Martha, daughter of John and Margaret (Read)
Lake. She belonged to an aristocratic family, the
Lakes of Normanton, Yorkshire. Her mother, Mar-
garet Read, was daughter of Edmund Read of Wick-
ford, Essex county, England, descended from Will-
iam Read, who died in Wickford in 1634. Mar-
garet Lake was the first white woman in New Lon-
don, Connecticut, it is said. She lived with her
sister Mrs. John Winthrop, there in 1645. John and
Margaret (Read) Lake had three children— John,
remained in England; Ann, married Captain John
Gallup, who was killed in the Swamp Fight, De-
cember 19, 1675 ; and Martha, mentioned above.
Children of Thomas and Martha (Lake) Harris:
1. Thomas, born August 8, 1648; died beyond the
sea before 1687; his father had given him forty
pounds to redeem him out of Turkey when he was
captured by pirates presumably. 2. Martha, born
January 8, 1651 ; died between 1672 and 1696. 3.
John, born January 7, 1653; died November 21, 1732.
4. Elizabeth, born February 8, 1655 ; married John
Gallup. 5. Margaret, born August 6, 1657 ; died
May 18, 1750; married Deacon John Stamford, of
Ipswich, who died May 27, 1730, aged eighty-two
years. 6. Mary, born January 31, 1660; died be-
fore 1696. 7. William, born December 12, 1661,
died young. 8. William, born December 16, 1664;
died December 31, 1751. 9. Ebenezer, mentioned

(Ill) Ebenezer Harris, youngest son of Thomas
Harris (2), was born in Ipswich, Massachusetts,
1663. He married there. September 15, 1690, Re-
becca Clarke. Soon after his marriage in 1690
he removed to Quinebaug, now of Windham county,
Connecticut. Thomas Harris, perhaps a nephew,
was one of the settlers on the east side of the
Quinebaug river in 1699. Ebenezer Harris, with
John Fellows and John Gallup (who married his
sister Elizabeth), "quietly entered on land in Plain-
field, Connecticut," and when they had cleared the
land and their crops were flourishing they were
raided by Mayor Fitch, one of two rival claimants
of the land. He forced them off the land, arrested
and imprisoned them, but the general court scored
him for his illegal and arbitrary conduct. Harris
remained in Plainfield. He assisted the constable
in a miniature war with the residents of New Lon-
don in 1703, when some young men from there at-
tempted to destroy the corn of the Indians. He was
in the eighth section of the town in 1704.

(VI) Hosea Harris, great-grandson of the first
settler in Plainfield, later Brooklyn. Connecticut, was
born about 1775, in Brooklyn, Connecticut. His
father was probably Ebenezer. In 1788, besides
Ebenezer, the following were on the poll tax lists
of Brooklyn : Samuel Harris, Reuben Harris, Paul
Harris, Amos Harris. Reuben Harris was sur-
veyor 17S6, and Abner was a town officer in Wood-
stock 1760. Joseph Harris, of Brooklyn, married,
July 6. 1761, Lydia Cady. Hosea Harris of Brooklyn
married Eunice Pellett and among their children
was Harry Webb Harris, mentioned below.

(VII) Harry Webb Harris, son of Hosea Har-
ris (7), born in Brooklyn, Connecticut, January
24. 1806; settled in Millbury, Massachusetts; died
there April 10, 1868. He was a farmer and teamster
he came here to work on the canal as a driller.
After the canal was finished he remained, became
a prominent man, and held nearly every office in the
town. He married. November 27, 1828, Augusta
Collier, of Oxford., born December 19. 1809, died
April 2T. iR8q. Their children: I. Warren Harborn,
born September 11. 1829; died July 21, 1833. 2.





Charles Henry. 3. Ann, born December 10, 1832;
married Edwin Mitchell McClure, May 9, 1854; one
son,Harry Thomas McClure, born in Peabody, Massa-
chusetts, December 31, 1S75. 4-5. Maria and Sophia,
twins, born October 12, 1834; Maria died January
27, 1835 ; Sophia died February 18, 1895 ; she mar-
ried, November 15, 1852, Marcus Lowell Penniman
of Millbury, and they had one son, Harry Webb
Harris, born in Jacksonville, Florida, October 2,
1873. 6. Warren A., mentioned below. 7. Stella
A., born March 5, 1850; died July 2, 1870.

(VIII) Charles H. Harris, son of Harry Webb
Harris (7), born November 12, 183 1 ; died March
23, 1866; married Lucinda Maria Wheeler, of Mill-
bury, who died March I, 1900. Their children: 1.
John Franklin, born July 4, 1854. 2. Walter Webb,
born March, 1856; died December 19, 1888; mar-
ried, May, 1877, Mary F. Kendrick, of Sutton ; she
died December 20, 1900; their children: i. Henry
Moulton, born in Sutton, September 13, 1880; mar-
ried, February, 1905; resides on West street, Wor-
cester ; employed by Dr. Garfield, dentist, ii. Ford
Wheeler, born in Millbury, January 11, 18S5. iii.
Stella, born in Sutton, 1887; died March 7, 1891.
iv. Blanche, born in Sutton, May 15, 1888; died Sep-
tember 4, 18S8.

(VIII) Warren A. Harris, son of Harry Webb
Harris (7), was born in Millbury, July 26, 1839. He
was educated in the public schools there. His father
invested in oil wells and in 1856 Warren A. Harris,
when seventeen years of age, went to Ohio for his
father to look after the oil interests, and remained
some four years. He still has property there. When
his father died he bought out the heirs and re-
tained the old home in Millbury, where he is at the
head of extensive business interests. He was presi-
dent of the Singletary Creamery. He deals also in
ice and wood, conducts a large farm, consisting of
four hundred and fifty acres, wholesales his milk,
and does a general trucking business, employing
from seven to twelve hands steadily and eleven
teams. He resides on West Main street^ corner of
Singletary street. He is a Republican in politics,
overseer of poor seven years, selectman two years.
He is a member of the Grange. He married, i860,
at Newark, Ohio, Hester Ann McMullen, born Feb-
ruary, 1841, died April 26, 1863. He married (sec-
ond) Mary D. Whipple, born November, 1840, died
October 5, 1873. He married (third), November
1, 1876, Sarah Frances, of Lynnfield, Massachusetts,
born January 15. 1844, daughter of Jonathan and
Sarah P. (Spokesfield) Bryant; granddaughter of
John Bryant, great-granddaughter of Jonathan Bry-
ant. Her father is living at the advanced age of
ninety-one years. The only child of Warren A. and
Hester Anne Harris was Harry Bowman, born in
Millbury, April 8, 1863, died May I, 1863. Children
of Warren A. and Mary D. Harris : Hester Ann,
born January 9, 1866, died in infancy, April 23,
1866; Charles Henry, see forward; Martha Whipple,
born 1871, died 1873. The children of Warren A.
and Sarah Frances Harris were : Sidney Bryant,
born February 4. 1878, died November 22, 1880;
Francis Warren, born June 17, 1882, died January
30, 1883; Warren Bertram, born March 29, 1884,
graduate of Millbury high school, attended Brown
University and Worcester Academy, now with the
Crompton & Thayer Loom Works, Worcester.

(IX) Charles Henry Harris, third child of War-
ren A. Harris (8), was born in Millbury, Massachu-
setts, April 15, 1867. He was educated in the public
and high schools and has since been associated with
his father in business. He married, May, 1S88,
Mary Jean Callahan, born September 25, 1863. Their
children are: Augusta Martha, born March 7, 18S9;

Walter Callahan, October 9, 1890; Harry Daniel,
August 18, 1892, died August 25, 1892; Warren
Timothy, March 10, 1894; Edmund Paul, April 22,
1896; Honora, June 15, 1898; Marion, March 21,

John Coller or Collier (1), immigrant ancestor
of Warren A. Harris, of Millbury, Massachusetts,
was first of Cambridge and Watertown, then of
Sudbury. He came to Framingham with the Mellen
family in 1687, and with the consent of Governor
•Danforth took possession of lands lying west of
Parks Corner and adjoining the Mellen estate. Col-
ler's house was near the river and the bridge at
Cutler's mills was called Coller's bridge in the early
records. He was born probably in England or Scot-
land in 1633. He was one of the committee on
building the highway from Sudbury, Sherburn, Marl-
boro, Framingham and the Falls on Charles river
in 1684. He married Hannah Cutler, daughter of
James Cutler. She was born in 1638. Their children
were : Hannah, married, June 16, 1679, James Cush-
ing; John, born March 6, 1661, settled in Sudbury;
Thomas, born December 14, 1663; Mary, married,
January 9, 1695, Samuel Holland; James, see for-
ward ; Jane, born in Boston, July 20, 1681.

(II) James Coller, son of John Coller (1),
was born about 1660. He settled first in Framing-
ham with his father. He was nominally one of the
thirty settlers of the town of Oxford in Worcester
county, but apparently did not reside there until
several years after the settlement was made. He
was of Framingham in 1718, at the time of the sale
of the Oxford estate. In 1735 he bought the Mayo
farm of Oxford. He seems to have been a quiet
citizen and his name seldom appears on the public

records. He married Elizabeth and (second),

December 22, 1746, Hannah Twitchell. He died in
1749 and his will was proved May 29, 1749. The
children of James and Elizabeth Collier were : James,
born January 20, 1695-96, settled at Framingham,
married Patience Gleason ; lived also at Hopkintun ;
Joseph, born December 16, 1702, resided at Hop-
kinton, married Mercy Travis, of Hopkinton; Eliza-
beth, married, 1739, Daniel Toombs ; Jonas, born
1713, see forward.

(III) Jonas Collier, son of James Coller (2),
was born in Framingham, in 1713, died in Oxford,
February 26, 1795, aged eighty-two years. He re-
sided in Oxford, was a farmer, and lived on the
Collier homestead there. He married, February 14,
1740, Susannah Pratt; married (second), March 4,
1779, Mrs. Elizabeth Persons, of Spencer. Children
of Jonas and Susannah were : Ebenezer, born Jan-
uary 8, 1741, married Sarah Towne, 1771 ; Eunice,
born May I, 1742, married John Ives, December 1,
1772; Jason, born January 5. 1744, see forward;
Ezekiel, born April 5, 1745, was a revolutionary sol-
dier, settled in Ashford, Connecticut; Jonas, born
January 5, 1747, married Mary Rich ; Mercy, born
October 7, 1750, died April 1, 1838.

(IV) Jason Collier, son of Jonas Collier (3),
was born in Oxford, Massachusetts, January 5, 1744.
He was a farmer in Oxford. He was a soldier in
the revolution in Captain William Campbell's com-
pany, Colonel Ebenezer Learned's regiment, in 1775.
This was an Oxford company. He jnarried, Novem-
ber 24, 1768, Sarah Bogle, daughter of John Bogle.
She had nineteen children. She died January 23,
1814. He married (second) Hannah Farrington,
born December 6, 1765, died January 15, 1859, aged
ninety-two years. He died October 4, 1840. Chil-
dren of Jason and Sarah Collier were : John, see
forward; James, born October 6, 1770; Elizabeth,
born October 6, 1771, married (first) Abel Avery;
(second) Major Nathaniel Dexter; Esther, born



December 27, 1772, married William Prentiss ; Ezra,
born May 28, 1774; Sarah, born 1775, died 1788;
Jonathan, born January 9, 1777, married Olive Cum-
mings; Rufus, born August 30, 1778; William, born
1780, died young; William, born September 5, 1781 ,
died February 7, 1813; Ruth, born May II, 1783,
died April 14, 1809; Mary, born January 1, 1785,
married Edward Leeds; Ebenezer, born May 10,
1786; Lucretia, born September 24, 1787; Alexander,
born April 24, 1789, died unmarried September 19,
1852; Jason, born August 2, 1791 ; Nehemiah, born
March 30, 1793; Hannah, born January 30, 1795,
married, 1820, John A. Wood; Joel, born April 22,

(V) John Collier, eldest child of Jason Collier
(4), was born October 16, 1769, died March 9, 1813,
at Oxford. He married Sally Warren, of Cambridge,
born February 20, 1779, died April 30, 1815. He lived
in Oxford and Charlton. Children of John and
Sally Collier were: Joseph W., born January 28,
1796, at Providence, resided at Oxford until his
father's death; Sally, born August 19, 1797, died at
Newton, 1808; Harriet, born February 16, 1799, at
Charlton, married Marcus Smith, of Wrentham;
Marietta, born January 13, i8or, at Charlton, mar-
ried Almon Bickford; John, Jr., born January 24,
1803, lost at sea, 1815 ; Susan P., born December 6,
1805, at Oxford, married Samuel Andrews; Augusta,
see forward; Jonas, born in Oxford, August 31,
1809, died January 18, 1892, at Nelson, Michigan.

(VI) Augusta Collier, youngest child of John
Collier (5), was born in Oxford, Massachusetts,
December 19, 1807. She married, November 27,
1828, Harry W. Harris and settled in Millbury. He
died April 10, 1868. (See Harris family sketch

Abraham Bryant (1), the immigrant ancestor of
Sarah Frances Bryant, of Lynnfield, Massachusetts,
who married Warren A. Harris, of Millbury, was
one of the early settlers of Reading, Massachusetts.
He was born in England about 1640. He was a
blacksmith by trade. His home was on what is now
Elm street on the south side, west of Joseph Harts-
horn's place.

He married (first), 1664, Mary, daughter of
Deacon Thomas Kendall. She died in 1688 and he
married (second) Ruth Frothingham, of Charles-
town. She was widow of Samuel Frothingham, and
died in 1693. Children of Abraham and Mary Bry-
ant were : Mary, born 1666, married, 1684, John
Weston; Rebecca, born 1668, died 1670; Abraham
(2), born 1671, father of Abraham, who settled in
Sudbury; Thomas, born 1674; Anna, born 1676;
William, born 1678; Kendall, born 1680; Abigail,
born 1683, died 1694; Tabitha, born 1685.

(III) Abraham, son of Abraham (2), born 1700,
married Sarah Frinks, and lived in Sudbury.

(IV) John Bryant, the great-grandson of the
immigrant, Abraham Bryant (1), and son of Abra-
ham Bryant (3), was born in 1722 in Sudbury. He
settled in Lynnfield Centre, and his children, born

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