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Farrabas) in this country is found in Cambridge,
Massachusetts, when he married, March 26, 1600,
Rebecca Perriman, who is supposed to have been
a sister of Thomas Perriman, of Weymouth, an ap-
prentice, 1652, of Mrs. Dorothy Hunt, and of
Frances Perriman, who married, June 8, 1654, Isaac
Andrew, of Cambridge. February 27, 1664, and
March 27, 1665, Daniel Forbes was granted land
at Cambridge. This land he sold March 19, 1671,
and removed to Marlboro. His name is spelled
Farrabas in the deed. He could not write and prob-
ably could not spell better than many of his neigh-
bors. The name Forbes is still pronounced in two
syllables in Scotland. If the clerk or conveyancer
attempted to reproduce the name as it came in
broad Scotch from the lips of the pioneer, he did
as well as another might have done. The early
records give a multitude of variations in the spell-
ing of the name, which in later generations has been
spelled generally Forbes or Forbush. Daniel Forbes
and his wife settled in Marlboro not far from 1681.
His wife died May 3, 1677. He married (second),



May 23, 1679, Deborah Rediat, of Concord, who
was the daughter of John Rediat, of Sudbury.
Rediat was born in England in 1612, came to Amer-
ica in the ship "Confidence," sailing April 24, 1638,
and for a time was a servant of Walter Haynes, of
Sudbury, a native of Sutton Manfield, England.
Daniel Eorbes died October, 1687, at Marlboro, and
his widow married (second), May 22, 1688, Alex-
ander Stewart, who was in Marlboro as early as
1687, a shipwright by trade.

Children of Daniel and Rebecca Forbes were:
Daniel, Jr., born at Cambridge, Massachusetts,
March 20, 1664, married Dorothy Pray; Thomas,
born at Cambridge, March 6, 1667, married Dorcas
Rice; Elizabeth, born at Cambridge, March 16, 1669;
Rebecca, born at Concord, February 15, 1672, mar-
ried Joseph Byles ; she died in Westboro, January
28, 1768, aged ninety- four, lacking one month ;
Samuel, born about 1674, married, March 8, 1699,
Abigail Rice. The children of Daniel and Deborah
were: John, born 1681, married Martha Bowker;
Isaac, born October 30, 1682 ; Jonathan, born March
12, 1684, see forward.

(II) Jonathan Forbes, son of Daniel Forbes
(1), was born in Marlboro, Massachusetts, March
12, 1684. He settled in Marlboro near Stirrup brook,
and in 171 1 was one of the men apportioned to the
garrison in Samuel Goodenow's house, where Mary
Goodenow was massacred by the Indians. There
is a deed dated October 13, 1703, in which Nathaniel
Oake*s "especially for the love and respect I bear
to my kinsman, Jonathan Farabush, also taking
notice of the faithfulness the time he hath lived with
me" conveyed to Jonathan twelve acres near Straw-
berry meadow and forty acres of the Crane farm
in the northerly part of Northborough. In 1728
he was living on a farm, five or six miles from
this old location, in the part of Westborough where
the town reservoir is now located. His saw mill was
on the site of the present dam for the reservoir.
He gave the buildings and part of this farm to
his son Jonathan, Jr., see forward. To his son
Daniel he gave that part of his farm known
as the Jackstraw pasture. He owned large tracts
of land in other sections. In 1728 his farm was
within the town limits of Sutton and it was then
annexed to Westborough. In 1731 he had leave
to build a pew in the long gallery behind the seats.
He was active in the church, and was tything man
in 1731 and seven years later was chosen a deacon.
He was also active in town affairs, serving as con-
stable for six years, moderator of the annual town
meetings, selectman, and in other places of trust
and honor. It is presumed fairly from the stand-
ing he had in the community that he was better
educated than his parents. He spelled his name
Forbes, although many of the early records held
to the spelling, Forbush and other variations. He
was a lieutenant in the militia and an efficient sol-
dier. He died at Westborough March 24, 1768,
aged eighty-four years. At the time of his death
the Massachusetts Gazette said : "His life was ex-
emplary ; his departure in the firm hope of a glori-
ous immortality; his progeny numerous. One hun-
dred and fifty-seven are now living. Of his great-
great-grandchildren there are five. One of his sons
is Rev. Eli Forbes, of Brookfkld."

Children of Jonathan and Hannah (Holloway)
Forbes were: Mary, born December 31, 1706. Dinah,
born July 29, 1708, was unmarried in 1755. Daniel,
born October 23, 1710, married Abigail Severns and
Mary Parker. Thankful, born December 31, 1712,
married, March 16, 1730, Joseph Bowman, eldest son
1 ph Bowman. Their son Joseph, born January
■1. 1734, was a gradaate of Harvard, 1761, ordained

Old South church, Boston, August 21, 1762, as a
missionary to the Indians on the Susquehanna; be-
came minister at Oxford, Massachusetts, November
14, 1764, then Rutland, Vermont, September 22,
1 784 ; trustee of Dartmouth College from 1801 to
1806. Jonathan, born February 3, 1715, see forward.
Abigail, born February 17, 1718, married, January 27,
1737, Zebulon Rice, a soldier in the revolution; set-
tled in Bakersfield, Vermont. Patience, born Feb-
ruary 26, 1720. Phinehas, born March 4, 1721, mar-
ried Sarah Bellows. Eli, born October 26, 1726,
married Mary Parkman ; (second) Mrs. Lucy
(Smith) Sanders; (third) Mrs. Sarah Parsons and
(fourth) Mrs. Lucy (Parkman) Baldwin.

(Ill) Deacon Jonathan Forbes, son of Jonathan
Forbes (2), was born at Westborough, Massachu-
setts, February 3, 1715. He resided in Westbor-
ough. In 1753, at the seating of the new meeting
house, he was given the first pew on the left hand
of the front door. His will was dated November
8, 1756, and was proved December 13, 1756. He
instructed his wife to carry out his obligation to
"support my ever kind and aged parents during
their natural life, each of them, and to be at the
cost and charge of an honorable and decent burial
of each of them, as appears by an instrument under
my hand and seal, and bearing date May 24, 1745."
He died November, 1756. He was deacon from
April 17, 1755, to the time of his death.

He married, in Westboro, November 23, 1738,
Joanna Tainter, who was born February 10, 1718.
She married (second), June 26, 1760, Joshua Kendall,
of Suffield, and (third), January 3, 1777, John Belk-
nap, who was born 1697. Children of Deacon Jona-
than and Joanna Forbes were : Joanna, born January
31, 1741, died young; John, born July 10, 1744, mar-
ried Susanna ; Jonathan, born March 1, 1746,

see forward ; Phinehas, born March 21, 1748, see
forward; Joanna, January 31, 1749; Sarah, born
June 2, 1751, died young; Mehitable, born November
7, 1753. married in Westboro, September 15, 1772,
Nathan Fisher; she died September 16, 1834; Han-
nah, born October 6, 1755, died young.

(IV) Jonathan Forbes, son of Jonathan
Forbes (3), was born at Westborough, March 1,
1746, and died June 5, 1805. He was also deacon
of the church. The house in which he lived at
Westboro was built about 1750 by Moses Brigham,
his father-in-law, and it remained in the Forbes
family until 1870. The following verse is inscribed
on his gravestone :

"Affliction sore long time I bore,

Physicians were in vain
Till God did please with death to seize
And ease me from my pain."

He married. July 2, 1772, Sarah Brigham, daugh-
ter of Moses Brigham, of Westborough. She was
born April 18, 1751, and died August 20, 1827. She
bequeathed a Bible to each of her forty-five grand-
children. The children of Jonathan and Sarah
Forbes were: Moses, born April 18, 1773, married
Abigail Baker ; Jonathan, born December 6, 1775,
see forward ; Holland, born July 7, 1777, married
Polly Wheelock; Ephraim, born September ir, 1779,
married Mary Goddard; Sarah, born October 13,
1782, married, May 16, 1815, John Sanborn ; she died
October 12, 1S51 ; Hannah, born April 18, 1785;
married, April 1, 1819, Silas Maynard, of Grafton ;
Elias, born August 10, 1787, married Mary Wads-
worth, see forward ; Nancy, born May 24, 1790,
married, April 8, 1812, Samuel Chamberlain, who
was born May 13, 1787; she died June 30, 1832;
Achsah, born June 22, 1794, married, November



30, 1815, Eli Chamberlain, who was born October 4,
1789; they were the parents of Governor Daniel
H. Chamberlain, of South Carolina, a soldier in the
civil war and a prominent lawyer in New \ ork
city after his administration during reconstruction
in the south.

(,1V) Phinehas Forbes, son of Jonathan Forbes
(3), was born at Westborough, March 21, 1748. lie
settled in his native town and was a prominent citi-
zen. He was selectman in 1804. He died at West-
borough, July 29, 1819. He married (first), June
J 3> J/76, Ruth Adams, who was born 1758 and died
May 2, 1794. He married (.second), April 8, 1797,
Rebecca 'fainter, who died at Sutton, Massachusetts,
August 25, 1802. The children of Pinehas and Ruth
Forbes were: Elijah, born July 15, 1777, married
Lovisay Warren ; Lavinia, born November 2, 1780,
married James Bowman; Patty, born April 1, 1783,
married Eli Warren, May 8, 1805; Nahum, born
April 23, 1785, see forward; Susanna, born July 17,
1787; died August 12, 1791 ; Betsey, born October
27, 1789, died September 10, 1801 ; Polly, born Feb-
ruary 25, 1792, died July 22, 1794; Polly, born June

7> 1798.

(V) Captain Jonathan Forbes, son of Deacon
Jonathan Forbes (4), was born in Westboro, Decem-
ber 6, 1775, at the Forbes homestead, West Main
street, where he always resided and where he died
January 5, 1861. He taught school when a young
man. He was a captain of militia as early as 1813
and in that year was elected deacon of the Evangeli-
cal church at Westboro, holding this office, as three
Jonathan Forbes before him had held it, for a period
of forty-eight years. He was a natural leader in
church and town. It is said that he was always
chairman de facto of every committee on which he
served. He was frequently elected to town offices.

He married, January 17, 1802, Esther Chamber-
lain, daughter of Ebenezer and Esther Chamber-
lain, niece of Judge Edmund Trowbridge. Their
children were : 1. Sarah Brigham, born April 16,
1803, married Rev. Charles Forbush, of Upton,
Massachusetts, and died August 22, 1851 ; he died
September 9, 1838, while pastor of the Congrega-
tional church at Northbridge Centre, Massachusetts;
was a graduate of Brown in 1829. 2. Julia Miranda,
born June 25, 1804, married Rev. John Wilde, who
died in Alexandria, Virginia, in 1868. 3. Jonathan,
born November 26, 1806, died January 24, 1820. 4.
Daniel H., born September 13, 1809, married Jane
Jemima Baker and (second) Mary Avery White.
5. Esther Louisa, born June 22, 1810, died October
3, 1812. 6. Moses, born September 25, 1812, mar-
ried Eliza L. Southwick. 7. Ephraim, Trowbridge,
born March 25, 1815, see forward. 8. Eliza Sophia,
born January 7, 1S21, died unmarried August 14,

(V) Elias Forbes, son of Jonathan Forbes (4),
was born at Westboro, Massachusetts, August 10,
1787. He married at Grafton, November 5, 181 1,
Mary Wadsworth, who was born in Grafton, Jan-
uary 9, 1791, the daughter of Ebenezer and Lucy
Wadsworth, of Grafton. She died October 15, 1861.
She was a woman of high character and considera-
ble education for her time. She was an active and
efficient helper of her husband in his religious work.
Her father, Ebenezer, was born 1745, died 1817.
His line of descent was: David (V), born 1720,
died 1749; Recompence (IV), born 1688, died 1729;
Deacon Ebenezer (III), born 1660, died 1717; Cap-
tain Samuel (II), who was killed in the Sudbury
fight with the Indians in King Philip's war, 1676;
Christopher Wadsworth (I), the emigrant, who set-
tled at Duxbury. Elias Forbes resided at Millbury,
Massachusetts, and his descendants have lived there

ever since. Elias was born in Westboro and was a
member of the company from that town which
served in the war of 1S12. All of his children were
born in Millbury and most of them lived and died
there. He was an elder in the Presbyterian church
during its existence in Millbury. He was a justice
of the peace and held many town offices. He was
a representative to the general court two years.
The children of Elias and Mary Forbes were :
1. Ebenezer Wadsworth, born January 14, 1S13,
married Lutheria Longley. 2. Elias Edwards, born
October 9, 1814, married Harriet T. Harrington and
(second) Hepsebath Goodnow Clapp, see forward.
3. Lewis W., born October 25, 1816, married Clar-
issa Farnham. 4. Mary Goddard, born December
24, 1818; married, May S, 1839, in Millbury Thomas
Huston Witherby, manufacturer of edge tools, and
prominent in business and public affairs. 5. Hannah
Eliza, born November 19, 1820, married Thomas
E. B. Pope, January 23, 1848. 6. Lucy Brooks, born
November 12, 1824, married William Henry Har-
rington, who resides at 824 Main street, Worcester,
and their children were: Isabel, born June 14, 1858,
died September 10, 1861 ; William, born November
15, 1851 ; Lucy B., died February 1, 1875. 7. Sarah
Brigham, born May 3, 1827, died August 29, 1845.

(V) Nahum Forbes, son of Phinehas Forbes
(4), was born at Westboro, April 23, 1785. He
married, November 28, 1809, Lucy Kinsman, who
was born 1787 and died September 19, 1821. He
married (second), June 4, 1822, Polly Fairbanks,
of Northboro. He died November 27, 1838. The
children of Nahum and Lucy were : Augustus,
born November 2, 1810, died May 4, 181 1; Nahum,
Jr., born May 25, 1812, married Eliza Kinsman;
Baxter, born February 12, 1814, married Hannah
Kinsman and (second) Caroline H. Severance;
Daniel W., born May 28, 1820, see forward ; Mi-
randa. Children of Nahum and Polly Forbes were:
Susan, died without issue ; Henry, died unmarried ;
Samuel B., born August I, 1826, married Emily.
Johnson Gray ; Lucy Stoughton Ellsworth and Cor-
nelia Beardsley; he was treasurer of the Ministerial
Aid Fund of Hartford, Connecticut.

(VI) Deacon Ephraim Trowbridge Forbes, son
of Jonathan Forbes (5), was born at Westboro,
March 25, 1815. He married, September 13, 1842,
Catherine White, who was born July 25, 1815. He
died August 2, 1863. He received his education in
the common schools and at Andover Academy. He
taught school in Westboro and Southboro, and for
many years was a member of the school committee.
He was active in church work and was deacon of
the Evangelical church. From the time of his mar-
riage in 1842 to his death he resided on the farm
formerly owned by his father and grandfather at
the junction of West Main street and the road
leading to North Grafton.

His wife was the daughter of William and Nancy
(Avery) White, of Westboro, formerly of Rox-
bury, Massachusetts. Their children were : 1.
Francis White, born May 1, 1852, married Jane A.
Nason and (second) Fannie E. Hooker. 2. Cath-
erine Salome, born September 12, 1845, married,
March 12, 1867, Charles Brigham Kittridge and re-
sides in Seattle, Washington. He was born
September 29, 1841, a farmer, Congregational-
ism Republican ; their children are — Ellen L.. born
March to, 1868; Susie Augusta, born February 13,
1870; Alice Forbes, born January 15, 1872; Frances
White, born March 26, 1874; Kate Maria, born
December 24, 1875, died May 14, 1888; Emily,
born March 8. 1880; Charles Trowbridge, born
February 1. 1SS1. deceased; Frank Alvah. born
March 29, 1883 ; Marguerita. 3. Esther Louise, born

3 o8


at Westboro, June 17, 1847, resides at Westboro,
unmarried. 4. William Trowbridge, born May 24,
1850, married Harriette Merrifield; judge of pro-
bate, Worcester county (.see personal sketch). 5.
Susan Eliza, born September 20, 1854, died Decem-
ber 30, i860.

(VI) Daniel W. Forbes, son of Nahum
Forbes (5), was born at Westboro, May 28, 1820.
He was reared to farm life and educated in the
public schools. Having served an apprenticeship at
the wheelwright's trade, he established himself in
the carriage-making business, which he carried on
for some time, turning his attention exclusively to
the production of sleighs. He was successfully en-
gaged in the manufacture of those vehicles until
the year 1894, when he retired from active business
pursuits. The business of D. W. Forbes & Com-
pany, sleigh makers, was founded in 1840, near No. 4
school house in Westboro, by Daniel W. Forbes and
his brother Baxter. The firm name has frequently
been changed but the business is said to be the oldest
of any making sleighs in the country. He was of a
retiring nature, preferring the quietude of his home
to outside attractions, and he took no part in civic
affairs beyond the exercise of his elective priv-
ileges, save in matters of public education. He was
for a short time on the Westboro school committee.
Politically he was a Prohibitionist. In his religi-
ous belief has was a Congregationalist and his
membership in the church covered a period of over
sixty years. He lived to be nearly eighty-four
years old and his death occurred May 9, 1894.

He married, March 3, 1841, Sophia A. Nourse,
born March 12, 1822. She was the daughter of
David Nourse, of Westboro. She had seven chil-
dren. He married (second), 1891, Jennie Outting,
born in New York state, May 23, 1858, the daughter
of Edward and Mary (Rogers) Outting, natives of
Nova Scotia. Mrs. Forbes resides at the home-
stead in Westboro. The children of Daniel W. and
Sophia A. Forbes were: 1. Ellen Sophia, born Au-
gust 18, 1842, died November 8, 1844. 2 - Augusta
Maria, born May 18, 1844, married, November 19,
1865, George H. Evans, born June 13, 1843, and they *
reside at Springfield, Massachusetts ; their children
are — George A., born February 14, 1867, died No-
vember 22, 1867 ; Wilbur Forbes, born December 2,
1869; Nellie Birknap, born September 21, 1872, died
March 3. 1873. 3. Frances Ella, born December 31,
1845, died July 16, 1846. 4. Wilbur E., born Sep-
tember 26, 1849, married Abbie C. Newton, see for-
ward. 5. Cora B., born August 9, 1856, resided at
Westboro, Massachusetts. 6. Forrest W., born No-
vember 11, 1859, see forward. 7. Alton M., born
August 15, 1862, died October 30, 1862. The only
child of Daniel W. and Jennie Forbes was : 8. Irene,
born September 9, 1893.

(VI) Elias Edwards Forbes, son of Elias
Forbes (5), was born in Grafton, Massachusetts,
October 9. 1814. He is a manufacturer of cotton
waste at Millbury and a very successful man. He
has held various town offices and was selectman
for many years. The records of Millbury show that
he has always been ready to give his time and abil-
ity to the service of his fellow citizens. He mar-
ried in Millbury, January 25, 1838, Harriet T. Har-
rington, born in 1816 and died in 1852. He mar-
ried (second) in Millbury, May 18, 1853, Hepsibath
Goodnow Clapp, born March 24, 1826. Children of
Elias Edwards and Harriet T. Forbes were: 1.
Walter E., see forward. 2. Harriet M., born Octo-
ber 27, 1841, died July 21, 1846. 3. Ellen M., born
August 29, 1847, married, September 7, 1870, George
E. Frizell and their children are: Arthur Otis, born
August S, 1873 ; she died February 16, 1875 J th ey

resided in Millbury. The children of Elias Edwards
and Hepsibath Forbes were : 4. William H, born
April 13, 1854, died August 24, 1879; he was the
confidential clerk of Hon. John D. Washburn,
United States minister to Switzerland, and at the
age of twenty-four years became a partner in the
insurance business of Mr. Washburn. 5. Susie G.,
born January 23, 1868, died January 24, 1868.

(VII) Francis White Forbes, son of Ephraim
Trowbridge Forbes (6), was born at Westboro,
Massachusetts, May 1, 1852, on the old homestead.
He received a public school education, including a
four-year course in the Westboro high school and
a course of study in a Worcester business college.
In 1869 he began his long mercantile career as clerk
in the dry good store of W. R. Gould, of Westboro.
In 1872 he was taken into partnership, and in 1873
he bought out the interests of his former employer
and senior partner and formed the new firm of
Forbes & Fay, dealing in dry goods as before. This
partnership closed by limitation in 1876 and after
that Mr. Forbes was in business alone for thirty
years. He then engaged in the manufacture of
leather goods, being connected for some time with
the Hunt Manufacturing Company, a more ex-
tended account of which appears in this work in
the sketch of Jonathan A. Hunt, of Westboro. After
leaving that company he entered the real estate bus-
iness in Boston, where he has been quite successful.
He retains his residence in his native town.

.Mr. Forbes is the fifth of his family in the di-
rect paternal line to hold the office of deacon of the
Westboro church. Beginning with the first settler,
Jonathan Forbush or Forbes, his son and grandson
of the same name, three Jonathan Forbes in suc-
cession, were deacons of the church; then followed
Ephraim Trowbridge Forbes, father of the present
deacon. Francis White Forbes was elected deacon
in 1880 and has served continuously to the present
time. He has in his possession a volume of the
church records kept by the first pastor, Rev. Eben-
ezer Parkman, beginning in 1724. Deacon Forbes
has been treasurer of the Westboro Insane Hos-
pital, a state institution, since it was first established.
He has been treasurer of the sinking fund of the
town and has been a commissioner of the fund as
well as the treasurer since 1878. In politics he is
a Republican.

He married (first) in Westboro, November 14,
1877,' Jane A. Nason, of Westboro, daughter of
Captain Noah Nason, who was born in Kennebunk,
Maine, October 6, 1812, and Hannah (Kilham)
Nason, who was born also in Kennebunk, July 3,
1825. The first wife died September 5, 1S81. He
married (second) in Chicago, Illinois, January 7,
18S6, Fannie Elizabeth Hooker, born in Chicago,
November 4, i860, daughter of Henry M. and Eliza
(Beailey) Hooker, of that city. The only child of
Deacon Francis White and Jane A. Forbes was :
Helen Cady, born in Westboro, August 1, 1881.
The children of Deacon Francis White and Fannie
E. Forbes are : Henry Hooker, born November 19,
1886; Florence Eliza, born March 18, 1895; Mary
Louise, born December 15, 1900.

(VII) Walter E. Forbes, son of Edwards E.
Forbes (6), was born in Millbury, Massachusetts,
November, 25, 1838. He was for many years of the
firm of W. E. Forbes & Company of Worcester,
pr6prietors of the Lincoln House, but has of late
years become more widely known to the summer
dwellers in the mountains and sea shore of New
England as one of the most popular of landlords
and hotel proprietors. For a number of years he
has been the manager of the Tatnuck Country Club.
He married, January 1, 1867, Sarah M. Briggs, born



in Millbury, August 21, 1844. They have one son:
William E., born March 14, 1883.

(VII) Wilbur E. Forbes, son of Daniel W.
Forbes (6), was born at Westboro, Massachusetts,
September 26, 1849. He succeeded his father in
business and is at present a merchant in Westboro.
He is a Republican in politics and a Congregation-
alist in religion. He married, December 26, 1876,
Abbie C. Newton. They have no children.

(VII) Forrest W. Forbes, son of Daniel W.
Forbes (6), was born in Westboro, November II,
1859. He is a member of the firm of D. W. Forbes
& Company, established by his father and said to
be the oldest sleigh manufacturing concern in the
United States. He was director of the White Cy-
cle Company, is trustee of the Curtis Fund and suc-
ceeded his father as treasurer of the Westboro
State Insane Hospital. He married, April 14, 1883,
Etta M. Lovelace, born June 1, 1862. Their children
are: Forrest LeBest, born February 24, 1884;
Corrine, born August 30, 1887, died October 8,

ROCKWELL FAMILY. The Rockwell family
of England to which the emigrant ancestor of the
American family belonged is an ancient and dis-
tinguished one. Some branches of the Rockwell
family have this coat of arms : Az. upon a chief
sable ; three boars' heads couped, or, langued, gules.
The crest : Upon a wreath of the colors of the
shield a boar's head as in the arms. Motto : "Tout
pour Mon Dieu et Mon Roi." (All for God and
King 1

(I) William Rockwell, the immigrant ancestor
of the American Rockwells, and of Edward Munson
Rockwell's branch of the family, was probably
descended from Sir Ralph de Rocheville, the founder
of the family, who crossed the channel with the
Norman Knights when Empress Maude went to
England to lay claim to that kingdom. He joined
the forces of Henry II and received a grant of land

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