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1904. She was the daughter of Richard S. and
Mary (Ramsdell) Bennett, of Lunenburg. Her
father was a farmer there. She had no children.

BENNETT FAMILY. George Bennett (1).
the immigrant ancestor of the Bennett family of
Lancaster to which Mrs. John Bennett, of Lunen-

WAI.IK) I'.. Hi (AVE



burg, belongs, may have been connected with some
of the other immigrants of this surname, but the
relationship is not proved. Little is known of
George Bennett, lie was in Lancaster before his
marriage, June 13, 1658, to Lydia Kibby, of Lan-
caster, and he lived there until his tragic death,
August 22, 1675. He was a victim of tne Indian
massacre. His widow seems to have moved to
Concord, all of the inhabitants of Lancaster leaving
at this time to escape the Indians. At Concord
Lydia Bennett married, July 3, 1679, George Hues
(.Hughes or Htwes). Children of George and Lydia
Bennett, all born at Lancaster, were: John, born
Jul\ 31, 1059; -Mary. August 19, 1061 ; James, see
forward; Samuel, July 22, 1005, married, April 23,
1715 at Concord, Tabitha Wheeler, ot Concord;
George, March 26, 1O68, married Alary , De-
cember 20, 1704, and had Lydia, born September
29, 1706; William, March 5, 1071-72; Lydia, August
7, 1674.

(11) James Bennett, son of George Bennett (1),
was born about 1063 or about 1007 111 Lancaster,
Massachusetts. He probably went to Concord with'
his mother after his father was killed. He ana Ins
brother, George Bennett, were among the settlers of
Groton alter the re-settlement. Doubtless tlieir
father owned rights there. Groton and Lancaster
were adjoining towns. James Bennett married Han-
nah and their children were: James, Jr.,

born February 19, 1704, at Groton; Josiah, February
22, 1700; Elizabeth, September 12, 1708, at Groton;
Mi ses, see forward; Benjamin.

1 111 1 Moses Bennett, son of James Bennett (.2),
was born at Concord or Groton, about 1698. He
married, August II, 1719, Anna BlanChard, of a
well known family of that section. 1 hey settled at
Groton and their children were: Abigail, born .Au-
gust 31, 1720; Stephen, October 16, 1723; Moses, Jr.,
August 15, 1726, married Sarah Blood, February 17,
1740, and settled at Shirley; David, see forward;
Eunice, March 27, 1731; Jonathan, May 17, 1733,

married Alary and had three children; James,

December 5. 1730; Anna, November 8, 1739.

(1A ) David Bennett, son of Aloses Bennett (3),
was born at Groton, Massachusetts, May 15, 1729.
I : and his brothers, Aloses, Jr., and James, set-

I 1,1 that part of the town that became Shirley.
David became an inhabitant of Shirley early 111 his
married life. He owned and lived on a farm 111 the
north part of the town, near the well-known Peter
Tarbell place, lie was an ensign in tne militia. He
married Elizabeth Wait, of Groton, January 3, 1734.
He died at Shirley, December 8, 1700. The chil-
dren of Moses and Elizabeth Bennett, born in Shir-
ley, were: David, born November 17, 1754, see for-
ward; Elizabeth, October 5, 1756; Molly, November

-'3. 1759-

(V; David Bennett, son of David Bennett (4),
u as born at Shirley, November 17, 1754, died De-
cember s, 1821. He was a carpenter by trade, lie
lived on Flat Hill. He was on the school committee
in 1795 and 1800. He married, August 14, 1779,
Sarah Harris, born May 21, 1757, died November
24, 1806, daughter of brands and Susannah Harris.
He married (.second), June 6, 1809, Sally Atherton,
rn February 22, 1773. daughter of Amos and Lydia
(Gould) Atherton, of Shirley. She died September
19, 1858. He had sixteen children, thirteen of them
by his first wife. Children of David and Sarah Ben-
nett were: 1. Sally, born July 16, 1780, died July
31, 1S10; married, February 7, 1807, John Hill and
ihey had — Moses, born 1807; Arabella, born Jan-
uary 8, 1809; John, Jr., born July 30, 1810, died
September 2, 1810. 2. David, Jr., born February 4,
1781 married Mary H. Eaton and had twelve chil-

dren. 3. Lucy born October 10, 1783, married, De-
cember 5, 181 1, John Hill and they had — Lowry, born
October 5, 1814; Cephas, born November 30, 1817;
Lovell, born January 23, 1819, died September 18,
1819. 4. Allaseba, born August 31, 1784, married
William Edgarton. 5. Betsey T., born March 6,
1786, married Leonard C. Parker, May 16, 181 1, re-
moved to Rocksville, New York, and had ten chil-
dren. 6. James, born March 4, 1788, married Lois
Gates, of Eaton, New York, and had ten children.
; Francis Harris, born June 16, 1790, died December
4. 1807. 8. Alary (Polly), born September 15, 1792,
married Hon. William Jackson, of Newton, and had
twelve children. 9. Richard S., born September 25,
1794, see forward. 10. Caroline (twin), born Alay
i- 1797) died 1845 at Brookfield, Indiana; married
Lewis Frank Edwards. 11. Dorinda (twin), born
.May 1, 1797, married Orrin W. McClure, of Fre-
donia, New York, and had seven children. 12. Ara-
bella, born October 7, 1799, died 1855; married
Robert Shankland, of Sullivan, New York, August
11. 1S24, and had eight children. 13. Jlvia. born
December 7, 1801, married Major Levi Love, of
Black Rock, New York; lieutenant in war of i,xi_>;
had six children. The children of David and Sally
Bennett were: 14. Francis Lyman, born at Lunen-
burg. July 25. 1810. 15. Drusilla, born at Lunenburg,
January 5, 1813, died October 17, 1814. 16. Sarah
Jackson, born October 24, 1S15, resides at Shirley,

(VI) Richard S. Bennett, son of David Bennett
(5), was born in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. Septem-
li r 25, 1794. He settled in Lunenburg and lived
for two years at the Tavern, but must of the time
at Flat Hill, where his farm was located. He was
constable and collector of taxes in 1821-25-26-38.
He was on the school committee in 1840. He died
April 17, 1843. He married, December 15, 1819,
Mary Ramsdell, born February 28; 1800. Children
of Richard S. and Mary Bennett, all born at Lunen-
burg, were: 1. Caroline, born December 6, 1820, see
fi rward. 2. Freedom Ramsdell, born November
20, 1823. 3. Alary Ramsdell, born March 16. 1826,
married, April 16, 1848, Asa A. Jenkins, born in
Shirley, 1825; killed at Fitchburg Railroad station,
April 19, 1849, at Acton, Massachusetts; had one
child — Abbott Augustine, born February 24, 1849.
4. Orren AlcClure, born April 21, 1831, married
Mary E. Barrett and had: Minnie Augusta, born
June. 1861 ; Alice, born September 25, 1804. 5. Abi-
gail Kilburn, born October 11. 1835, died February
11, 1854. 6. Lucinda Lerow (twin), born Novem-
ber 15, 1838, married, May I, 1S60, Charles Brown,
of Shirley; she died August 4, 1865. 7. Lucelia
Thissell (twin), born November 15, 1838. married,
April 15, 1857, Alvin Lawton, born at Shirley, 1804,
son of Jephtha and Lucinda Lawton, and had two
children — Fred A., born September 28, 1858; Frank
J., born June 27. 1S61.

(ATI) Caroline Bennett, daughter of Richard S.
Bennett (6), was born at Lunenburg, Massachusetts,
December 6, 1820, married John Smith, of Lunen-

WALDO B. HOWE. John How, Esq. (1), of
Warwickshire, England, was the father of John How,
of Alarlborough, the immigrant ancestor of Waldo
B. Howe, of AVest Boylston, Massachusetts. Ac-
cording to Hudson, the Marlborough historian, the
English ancestor was a descendant of How, of
Hodinhall, England, and related to Sir Charles How,
nf Lancaster, Lancashire, England, of the days of
Charles I. The family name is certainly ancient
English, and the family itself very numerous and
distinguished in the old country.

3 -'4


(II) John How. son of John How (i), the immi-
grant ancestor of the Boylston and West Boylston
families of this surname, settled in Sudbury, Massa-
chusetts, as early as 1639. The name was spelled
for several generations usually without the final
"e," but at present the spelling "Howe'' has become
universal. John How was a selectman of Sudbury
1642, and 1655 was appointed by the minister and
selectmen of that town "to see to the restraining of
the youth on the Lord's Day." He lived in Sud-
bury nearly twenty years. He was one of the pe-
titioners for the grant which constituted Marlbor-
ough, an adjoining town, in 1755, and went there to
live in 1657, the first white man to make his home
within the limits of the present city of Marlborough.

His cabin was near the Indian Plantation, and as a
neighbor he became well acquainted with the natives.
Hudson states that he used to serve as an arbitrator
for them in cases of disagreement and dispute. Howe
opened the first public house in Marlborough in
1670. He died there in 1687, and in his will be-
queathed to his son Thomas among other items "the
horse he troops on." Howe's dwelling house was
situated a hundred rods from the Spring Hill meet-
ing house, a little east of the present road from
Spring Hill to Feltonville. His wife Mary died about
1687. Their children: I. John, born about 1640;

married, January 22, 1662, Elizabeth ; he was

killed by Indians in King Philip's war. 2. Samuel,
born October 20, 1642; married, June 5, 1663, Mar-
tha Bent. 3. Sarah, born September 25, 1644; mar-
ried, June, 1667, Samuel Ward. 4. Mary, born June
18, 1646, died young. 5. Isaac, born August 8, 1648 ;
married, June 17, 1671, Frances Wood. 6. Josiah,
mentioned below. 7. Mary, born June 18, 1651 ;
married, September 18, 1672, John Witherby. 8.
Thomas, born June 12, 1656; married first, Sarah
Hosmer ; second, Mrs. Mary Barron, 9. Daniel,
born June 3, 1658; died 1661. 10. Alexander, born
December 29, 1661 ; died January following. II.
Eleazer, (captain) born in Marlborough, January
18, 1662.

(III) Josiah Howe, son of John How (2), was
born in 1650, in Sudbury, Massachusetts. He set-
tled in Marlborough, and married, March 18, 1672,
Mary, daughter of Deacon John Haynes, of Sud-
bury. Josiah Howe died 1711, and his estate was
administered by his widow. Subsequently she mar-
ried John Prescott. Josiah Howe was a soldier in
King Philip's war, and was one of those who rallied
to the defense of the town when attacked by the
Indians. Children of Josiah and Mary Howe: I.
Mary, born 1672, died young. 2. Mary, born May 4,
1674, died young. 3. Josiah, Jr., born 1678, men-
tioned below. 4. Daniel, born May 5, 1681, at Marl-
borough, settled at Shrewsbury. 5. Ruth, born Jan-
uary 6. 1684. married Bowker.

(IV) Josiah Howe, Jr., son of Josiah Howe (3),
born in Marlboro, 1678. settled there, and married,
June 14, 1706, Sarah Bigelow. He married (sec-
ond), November 22, 1713, Mary Marble. Children
of Jusiah and Sarah Howe: 1. Phineas, born De-
cember 4, 1707, mentioned below. 2. Abraham, born
April 6, 1709. 3. Rachel, born November 30, 1710.
Children of Josiah and Mary Howe : 4. Sarah, born
December 24, 1714. 5. Mary, born May 22, 1716.
6. Josiah, Jr., born December 22, 1720; married Mary
Goodale. 7 Jacob, born November 25, 1724; mar-
ried Ruth Swinerton, of Salem, Massachusetts.

i\ 1 Phin is Howe, son of Josiah Howe (4).
born in Marlborough. December 4, 1707, settled in
Shrewsbury. Nor'h Precinct, and was admitted to
the Shrewsbury church. His farm was in what is
now the town of Boylston. He married. March 22,
1732, at Shrewsbury where he was also then living,

Abigail Bennett, who died in Boylston, August 22 r
1784. He died at Boylston, January 4, 1801, aged
ninety-three years, twenty days, according to town
records. Children of Phineas and Abigail Howe,
all born in North Precinct, and baptized in the
Shrewsbury church: I. Phineas. baptized March
T 7> !733- 2 - Bezaleel, baptized February 24, 1735;
married Sarah Bigelow. 3. Silas, baptized February
r 3i ! 737. mentioned below. 4. Abigail, baptized
March 4, 1739. 5. Elizabeth, baptized April 13,.

(VI) Silas Howe, son of Phineas Howe (5),
born at Shrewsbury, North Precinct, February, 1737,
baptized February 13. 1737, settled in what is now
Boylston, then North Precinct of Shrewsbury, and
married Abigail . He died at Boylston, Oc-
tober 10, 1817, aged eighty years, eight months. She
died January 18, 1813, aged sixty-nine years. His
will, made March 5. 1813, at Boylston, filed for pro-
bate September 23, 1817, allowed December 2, 1817,
names children as given below (these names are
also given by Ward page 311) : 1. Levi, resided in
Bolyston. 2. Ephraim. 3. Silas, born about 1770,
mentioned below. 4. Abraham, born in North Pre-
cinct, January 12, 1782. 5. Abigail, married

Fairbanks. 6. Persis, married Hastings. 7.

Tamer, married Lamson. 8. John, had the

homestead at Boylston. 9. Child, died at Boylston,.
January 4, 1782.

(VII) Silas Howe, Jr., son of Silas Howe (6) r
born at Shrewsbury, North Precinct, now Boylston,
Massachusetts, about 1770, died at Sterling, April
1, 1867, nearly one hundred years of age, his death
caused by a fall in which he suffered a fractured
hip. He settled in Sterling, a town adjacent to his-
native place, about 1790, when nineteen years old.
The active period of his life was devoted to farm-
ing. In his early life he trained with the state
militia. In religion he was a Baptist. He married,
July 31, 1788, Submit Sawyer, at Boylston, Massa-
chusetts. She died November 9, 1S39, aged seventy-
seven years. He married (second) Prudence, daugh-
ter of Oliver Kendall. His will was made April 7,
1852 ; filed April 19, 1867, and allowed May 7 of
that year. Children of Silas and Submit Howe:

I. Captain Silas, Jr., married Sally ; died at

Sterling, January 14. 1864. He made bequests in his
will to the following children : Abigail, wife of
James E. Ball, of Sterling; George W. Howe, of
Lancaster ; Sarah, wife of Luther K. Jewett, of Ster-
ling; Eli E. Howe, of Lancaster; William Howe, of
Worcester. 2. Abigail. 3. Parnell Edwards, born
October 22, 1788, left two children : Mrs. Abigail
Knowlton, of East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, and
Mrs. Maria Drury, of Holden. 4. Submit. 5. William
Parker, mentioned below. The children of Silas and
Prudence Howe : 6. Gilbert H., removed to Minne-
sota. 7. Gilman. 8. Otis, born August 7, 1791, of
Sterling. 9. Oliver Kendall, settled in Titusville,

(VIII) William Parker Howe, son of Silas
Howe (7), was born in Sterling, Massachusetts,
1799. He attended the public schools and Leicester
Academy, and for a number of years was school
teacher at Sterling. He also learned the carpenter's
trade, and followed that as his principal occupation
through life. He settled in West Boylston when
a young man, and lived there the rest of his life.
He was prominent in the militia, and served as
orderly sergeant of his company, which escorted
General Lafayette from Sterling to Worcester on
the occasion of his farewell visit to the United
States. He was originally a Whig in politics, but
when the Whig party went to pieces became a Re-
publican. He was a strong anti-slavery man, and


active in various temperance movements. He was at
one time an assessor of the town of Sterling. He
was an active and influential member of the Baptist
Church at West Boylston, and was clerk of the
parish. He died in April, 1867. He married Persis,
•daughter of Captain Silas and Eunice (Beaman)
Newton, of Paxton, Massachusetts. Her father was
a prosperous farmer, an officer in the state militia.
Children of William Parker and Persis Howe: I.
Julia Ann. 2. Charles Parker, married Clarissa
Gould, of Millbury, Massachusetts, resided in New
York; children: George, Maria, Climena. 3. Albert
Francis married Caroline Mixter, of Worcester, re-
sided in Ohio ; five sons : Horatio, Henry, Charles,
Frederick, George. 4. Alfred Horation. 5. Parnell
Maria, married E. W. Fuller, of Worcester; set-
tled in Iowa ; one son, Charles, deceased. 7. George
Addison, married Isabell Penney, of Bingham ton,
New York; settled in West Boylston; five chil-
dren. 8. William Irving, married Emma Buck, of
Oakdale; one child, Maud, deceased. 9. Waldo
Beamaii, mentioned below.

(IX) Waldo Beaman Howe, son of William
Parker Howe (8), was born in West Boylston,
Massachusetts, July 5, 1833. He was educated in
the public schools of his native town. At the age of
sixteen he began to learn the shoemaker's trade.
For more than thirty years he worked in West
Boylston and Worcester in various departments of
the shoe business, as manufacturer and in the em-
ploy of various shoe manufacturers of Worcester.
In 1876 he purchased the farm he now occupies, most
favorably situated opposite the common, in what is
now the heart of the. village. Since the destruction
of the old village in order to construct the reservoir
of the Metropolitan Water District, his place has
been in great demand for building lots. For the
past fifteen years he has devoted all his time to the
cultivation of his place and the care of his property.
Mr. Howe is a Republican, and has served his party
often as a delegate to nominating conventions. He
is an active member of the Congregational Church
parish. At the present time he is a park commis-
sioner of the town and a trustee of the cemetery.
He is a member and past officer of Centennial
Lodge, No. 178, I. O. O. F. Mr. Howe married
first, Fidelia Reed, of Wells, Maine, who died in
1884. He married (second) Adeline Amelia, widow
of Charles Morse, and daughter of Isaac Kellum
and Helen Rizpah (Nutt) Hall. Her father was a
shoe manufacturer, and captain in the civil war.
Her mother married (second) Nathan P. Rice, of
Worcester. Mr. Rice is a well known carpenter and
builder of that town. The only child of Waldo
Beaman and Adeline A. Howe is Gladys Maria,
born January 16, 1891.

HADLEY FAMILY. Dennis Hadley (1), the
immigrant ancestor of Mary Frances Hadley, of
Lunenburg, Massachusetts, was probably born in
England in 1650. He was for many years a resident
of Sudbury, Massachusetts. He seems to have
been a man of quiet tastes and his name is seldom
on the public records. He died in Sudbury, Jan-
uary 15, 1741-42. His children were: Benjamin,
born about 1678, see forward; Joanna, born at Snd-
bury, July 3, 1683, died August 22, 1683; Tabitha,
born November 2, 1684, at Sudbury; John, born
about 1690, see forward.

(II) Benjamin Hadley, son of Dennis Hadley
(1), was born about 1678. Although he is not in the
line and not the progenitor 01 the Lunenburg family
under consideration it seems necessary to give his
family here in order to make clear the identity of the
John Hadley through whom the line is traced. Ben-

jamin Hadley or Hedley (Headle and Headley were
also frequent spellings of this name) was "of Lan-
caster" when he married, September 27, 171 1, Me-
hitable Applin. She died at Groton, Massachusetts,
April 13, 1749, aged fifty-seven years. Their two
eldest children were born in Weston, formerly
Watertown, and the remainder at Groton. The chil-
dren were: 1. Thomas, born at Weston, August II,

1712, married in Lexington, May 15, 1741, Ruth
Lawrence; settled in Lexington and had twelve
children. 2. Sarah, born at Weston, November 23,

1713, married, (published October 7) 1739, Ebenezer
Merriam, of Concord. 3. Benjamin, Jr., born July
2 5. ^'S- 4- Mehitable, born February 14, 1710-17.
5. John, born at Groton, September 28, 1719, settled
111 Westford, Massachusetts, according to the history

of that town; married Eunice and they had

at Westford the following children : Sarah, born
i"45; John, born 1746, married at Lancaster, January
22, 1765; Eunice, died young; Eunice, born 1750;
Peter, born 1752; Jonathan, born 1754, killed at the
battle of Bunker Hill ; Jonas, born 1756, removed to
Mt. Holly, Vermont; Lucy, born 1758; Ruth, born
1760; Tryphena, born 1702; Joseph, born 1764; Ben-
jamin, born 1766; Amos, born 1768, removed to
Alt. Holly, Vermont. 6. Phebe, born September 25,
1721. 7. Simon, born March 20, 1723. 8. Hannah,
born February 10, 1725. 9. Eltazer, born November
8, 1727. 10. Ann, born April 9, 1730. 11. Ebenezer.

(II) John Hadley, son of Dennis Hadley (1),
was born about 1690 and brought up in Sudbury,
Massachusetts. He died January 5, 1779. He set-
tled at Lincoln and Westminster, Massachusetts.
His wife was dismissed to the church at Lincoln
from Sudbury, September 8, 1754, and she died in
Lincoln, May 29, 1772. John Hadley bought a lot
(No. 5) in Westminster as early as 1739. His house
was west of the present site of Nicholas Brothers'
chair factory. He sold land to Benjamin Bigelow
in 1749. He left Westminster in 1769 and returned
to Lincoln, selling the homestead at Westminster to
his son Josiah. He made his will February 26,
1773. It was proved January, 1779. He died Jan-
uary 5, 1779. He married, February 2, 1720-21, at
Sudbury, Mary Wait, who died July 15, 1749. He
married (second), August 1, 1751, Mary Harring-
ton, of Waltham. The children of John and Mary
Hadley were: Sarah, born May 29, 1722, at Sudbury;
John, born at Sudbury, September 16, 1723, see
forward; Alary, born at Weston, April 30, 1725;
Tabitha, born April 3, 1729, married Nathan Coburn
or Colburn, of Leominster ; Josiah, born May 5,
1731, married Jane Fiske, of Lexington, settled in
Lincoln and Westminster; removed in 1778 to Ster-
ling; Mary, born October 6, 1734, married Bezaleel

(III) John Hadley, son of John Hadley (2),
was born in Sudbury, Massachusetts, September 16,
1723. He married at Concord, Massachusetts, where
he was then living, January 24, 1744, Deborah Tem-
ple, of Concord, (by Justice Flint). Their first child
was born at Concord. Then they settled in Lan-
caster, Massachusetts, which adjoined Sudbury and
Concord. They had seven children born in Lancaster,
according to the town records. The children were:
John, born at Concord (entered twice), September
11, 1745; Josiah, born at Lancaster, March 7, 1747,
married Martha Bixby, of Lancaster ; Mary, born
October 18, 1749; Elizabeth, born November 6, 1752;
Charles, born June 22, 1756; Abraham, see forward;
Sarah, born March 1, 1762 ; John, born January 6,

(IV) Abraham Hadley, son of John Hadley (3),
was born at Lancaster, Massachusetts, September 26,
1759. He was a soldier in the revolution, a private



in Captain John White's company, Colonel Abijah
Stearns' regiment, and served at and about Boston.
He married, January I, 1781, Eunice Eveluth, of
Lancaster, and shortly afterward settled at Jaffray,
New Hampshire, where all their children were born,
viz.: William, born April 9, 1781 ; Deborah, June
28, 1783; Eunice, May 1, 178O; Abraham, Jr., March
31, 17S8; Isaac, March 18, 1790; Jacob, April 15,
1792, see forward; Elizabeth, May 28, 1794; Peter
(twin), June 20, 1796, died May 3, 1797; John
(twin), June 20, 1790; Peter, May 3, 1798; Aaron,
July 17, 1801.

(V) Jacob Hadley, son of Abraham Hadley
(4), was born at Jaffray, New Hampshire, April 15,
1792. He received the common school education of
his day, and worked on the farm with his father
during his youth. He went to Lunenburg when a
young man and bought the old Rea farm in the
southern part of the town. He sold it in 1841 to
his son William, and bought the farm now known as
the old Hutchingson farm in the western part of
Lunenburg and lived there several years. He sold
that farm and several others in succession that he
bought. He lived for a time in Charlestown, Massa-
chusetts. He was a member of the Congregational
Church and deeply interested in its affairs, in pot-
ties he was a Whig. He was constable in Lunen-
burg in 1830-31, tax collector 1830-31-35-30-37. He
was a soldier in the war of 1812.

He married (first) (intentions dated December
13, 1S12), January 13, 1813, Mrs. Nancy (Rea)
Morse, born December 15, 1784, died October 9,
1852, daughter of Gideon and Mary (Giddings) Rea.
Her father died May 14, 1823, and her mother No-
vember 18, 1818. The Rea family came from Essex
county, Massachusetts. Nancy (Rea) Morse was dis-
missed to the Sterling Church, March 6, 181 5, and
was received from the Sterling Church in full com-
munion at Lunenburg, September 7, 1823. Jacob
Hadley married (second) (intentions dated June
25, 1853), Mrs. Mary Ann (Kendall) Burrage, in
Ashby. They removed to Leominster, later to Charl-
ton in 1808, but returned at length to Leominster.
In the spring of 1874 they removed to Townsend
and finally to the northern part of Lunenburg, where
he owned his last farm. Jacob Hadley died Decem-
ber 11, 1881.

Children of Jacob and Nancy Hadley were: 1.
Mary Ann, born September 27, 1813, married Ed-
mund Houghton, of Lunenburg, and their children
are — Herbert Edmund born June 17, 1845; Henry
Lyman, born April 27, 1847; Hiram Robert, born
December 24, 1851, married Flora L. Simonds. 2.
Harriet Newell, born March 25, 1816, married, Sep-

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