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1834 he removed to Shirley, Massachusetts, where
he and his brother James owned a farm of about
a hundred acres. He bought out his brother and
began what proved to be his chief life-work, farming.
In 1841 he sold this farm and bought the old Misser
farm of thirty-seven acres in Lunenburg, Massachu-
setts, and he lived there and conducted the place
until his death, April 10, 1856. He did considerable
lumbering in his day. He was a member of the
Congregational Church. He belonged to the old
Liberty party in its palmy days, but later became
a Republican. He was much interested in the Free
Soil party during its brief existence and was a dele-
gate to many of the nominating conventions of that
organization. He belonged for a time to the Ameri-
can (Know-Nothing) party.

He married, May 22, 1820, Lucy Torrey Wins-
low, born September 26, 1808, died February n r
1898, daughter of Thomas and Ruth (Gross) Wins-
low, of Hanover, Massachusetts. Her father was a
carpenter, a descendant of Kenelm Winslow, of
the Plymouth family of Winslows. Children of
George and Lucy Torrey Hildreth were: 1. George
Prescott. born April 5. 1831, married Elvira Kim-
ball Holden. of Fitchburg. 2. William Augustus,
born December 10, 1832, married Helen Smith, of
Lunenburg, and they have seven children, all born
at Antrim, New Hampshire, except the eldest who
was born in Lunenburg — William Augustus, Jr.,
Rosanna, Elvira, Inez, Ina, George, Helen. 3. Charles
Henry, born May 20, 1834, married Mary M. Bald-
win, of Lunenburg, and they have four children, alt
born in Lunenburg — Martha Jane, William Henry,.
Ida, Harriet. 4. Lucy Ann Frances, born Novem-
ber 4, 1835, married (first) Oscar F. Harris, of Lun-
enburg, and had one child — Lizzie Emily Harris ;
married (second) Marcellus Perrin, of Lunenburg,
and had one son — Edmund Wellington Perrin. 5.
Sophia Ann, born June 11, 1837, married William
H. Wheeler, of Fitchburg. captain in the civil war.
6. James, see forward. 7. Mary Brown, born Jan-
uary 30. 1841. died November 6. 1849. 8. Martha
Jane, born October 24, 1843, died November 6,
1849. 9. Rachel Maria, born May 15, 1849, died
November 12, 1S49. 10. Willard Porter, born Feb-
ruary 13, 1852. married Ida S. Streeter, of West-
borough, and they have eight children : Anna,
Douglas, Harold, Donald, Charles Richmond, James,
Robert. William.

(VII) James Hildreth, son of George Hildreth
(6), was born in Shirley, Massachusetts, May 29,
1830. He was educated in the common schools of
Lunenburg. His father dying in 1856, the care of
the farm fell upon his shoulders, though he was
but seventeen years old. When he came of age he
bought out the interests of the other heirs with the
exception of his mother, who always made her home
with him and for whom he ever cared in the most
tender manner. He taught school in 1S60 and tS6i
in addition to running the farm, but has devoted
his energies chiefly and almo-t exclusively to his
farm. He has a large apple orchard and his dairy
is notable. He is a man of strong constitution and



excellent health, energetic and persistent. Yet his
activity has not been confined to his own affairs.
He has a natural gift as an entertainer and his im-
personations of well-known characters at local en-
tertainments have been a feature of much interest.
He is a member and officer of many clubs and fra-
ternal organizations. He belongs to the Farmers'
Club, the oldest organization of this kind in the
Commonwealth, and he has been its president and
for sixteen years was its secretary. Mr. Hildreth
is a member' of Mt. Roulstone Lodge, No. 98. Odd
Fellows, Fitchburg. and charter member and first
master of the Lunenburg Grange, Patrons of Hus-
bandry, one of the best known in the state, of which
he was master two years and its secretary thirteen
years. He was state deputy six years and organized
and visited many granges in his district. He is a
trustee of the Worcester North Agricultural So-
ciety and has received premiums on his exhibits of
fruits and vegetables. When the Lunenburg His-
torical Society was formed in 1897, he was elected
the first president and has been re-elected every
year since then. Mr. Hildreth is an authority on
local history and takes a great interest in historical
and genealogical matters.

Mr. Hildreth has been active and influential in
the Republican party. He cast his first vote at a
presidential election for Abraham Lincoln and has
always remained a Republican. He served the town
of Lunenburg two years as member of the school
committee, has been overseer of the poor, for six
vears on the board of selectman, chairman of the
board five years, in 1878 was elected representative
to the general court from his district and was a
member of the library committee, and has been a
justice of the peace since 1878. Probably no man
in the state has a longer and more honorable record
as moderator of town meetings. He was first chosen
to that important position in 1872 and has served
every vcar since then at the annual town meeting.
This o'ffice requires unusual ability as a presiding
officer, complete knowledge of parliamentary prac-
tice and of a multitude of statutory provisions. For
a day, the Massachusetts moderator i- in complete
control of affairs, dictator in case of disorder or
trouble, and often the unruly and difficult elements
appear in the smaller towns as well as the larger.

He married, at Cambridge, Massachusetts, Sep-
tember 18. 1867! Abbie Amelia Shattuck. daughter of
William T. and Abigail Burnham (Story) Shat-
tuck, of Fitchburg.

HOL'GHTON FAMILY. John Houghton (1),
the immigrant ancestor of Hiram Robert Houghton,
of Lunenburg, Massachusetts, was one of two cous-
ins of this surname who settled in Lancaster. They
did not come over together but were intimately
associated at Lancaster. The exact relationship of
John and Ralph Houghton remains to be determined.
Good authorities believe that John Houghton was
the son of Thomas and Katharene Houghton, of
Lancashire, and nephew- of Sir Richard Houghton.
of Houghton Tower, England. He was born about
1620 and came to America in the ship "Abigail,"
sailing from London in 1635- His age has been
given as four vears: it must have been fourteen if
the record applied to our John Houghton at all.
He had on record the certificate of two justices and
the minister of Eaton Bray, near Dunstable, county
Bedford. England. What the certificates were for
does not appear, nor does any record show why
Houghton came as such an early age. He spent
his youth probably in Dedham. where the first rec-
ords' of him and his family appear. He removed to
Lancaster about 1662, and became a prominent citi-

zen of that town. His first house was between
Clinton and South Lancaster on Dean's brook. After
the massacre he settled on the Old Common, south;
of the road, nearly opposite the present Reform
School. He owned large tracts of land at what is
now Berlin, Clinton and Bolton, from the vicinity
of Clamshell pond to the William Fife's lands,
thence south to and including Baker hill. His house,
supposed to have been a garrison house, was in the
field some twenty rods from the road. He died in
this house in 1684. The oldest inscribed stone in
the first burying ground bears his name. The name
of his wife was Beatrix.

Marvin and others state that his eldest son,
John, Jr., was born about 1650 in England, in Lan-
cashire probably. If this is a fact, then the John
Houghton who came at the age of "four years""
was another person or this John returned to Eng-
land. His will was dated April 8, 1684, and proved'
June 17, 1684. He bequeathed to wife Beatrix and
to children : John, Robert, Jonas, Benjamin, Mary,
and Sarah. After the death of the widow a division;
of the estate was agreed upon, April 4, 1721, by
John, Robert, Jonas, John Harris and Beatrix Pope.

Children of John and Beatrix Houghton were r
I. John, Jr., born in England, 1650, is confused by
many writers with his father and John Houghton,
son of Ralph. He was the most prominent of the
name: between 1693 and 1724 was deputy to the
general court, fourteen years ; was the only magis-
trate in town for many years after the re-settle-
ment ; was a skillful conveyancer and the registry
of deeds at Worcester has hundreds of specimens of
his handiwork; died February 3, 1737, in his eighty-
seventh year. 2. Robert, born March 28, 1658-59,.
at Dedham, see forward. 3. Jonas, born 1660, set-
tled on Vattghan's hill, Bolton. 4. Mary, borni
March 22, 1661-62, at Dedham. 5. Beatrix, born
December 3, 1665, at Lancaster. 6. Benjamin, born
May 25, 1668, settled on Little Meadow plain, south
of the Bolton railroad station. 7. Sarah, born July
30, 1672, at Lancaster.

(II) Robert Houghton, son of John Houghton
(n. was born in Dedham. Massachusetts. March 28,
1658-59. He died according to his gravestone, No-
vember 7. 1723. in the sixty-fifth year of his age.
He settled on what is now known as "The Acre"

in Clinton. He married Esther — and their

children were : Beatrix, born September 3. 1685 ;
Isabel, June 6. 1687 ; Abigail, April 18, 1689 ; Eleazer,
see forward; Joshua, 1695; Beatrix.

(II) Eleazer Houghton, son of Robert Hough-
ton (2), was born at Lancaster, Massachusetts,
1691 (See page 453 of printed records). He mar-
ried there. March 11, T719, Elizabeth Divoll, sister
of William Divoll. She was born in Lancaster,
1693. In 1726 they removed to Lunenburg and he
had a large number of land grants there in subse-
quent years. He was probably a tanner by trade,
as he held the office usually given to a man of that
trade — sealer of leather — from 1737 to 1751. He
was tythingman in 1728 and 1754. He was high-
way surveyor in 1730 and 1759: hogreeve in 1735
and 1736: fence viewer in 1731 ; and on trany of
the most important town committees of his day.
He was on the committee to seat the meeting house
in 1750, and to lay out an important new road in
T 7S3- His house or its frame is still standing. The
ginal farm which he acquired by grant and pur-
chase amounted to two hundred and seventy acres
rid is still in the hands of his descendants. He
was admitted to full communion in the Lunenburg
Church. January 14. 1770. He died February 20,
1790. almost a hundred years old. His wife died
June 27, 1785. aged ninety-two years. One grave-



stone marks the spot where they are buried in
Lunenburg with the following inscription. "They
were born in Lancaster and moved to Lunenburg
in 1726. They lived together sixty-nine years and
upwards. He lived a peacable and pious life and
.never had a lawsuit all his life"

this you see we are but dust
Prepare for death and follow us."

His will was filed 1790. The children of Eleazer
and Elizabeth Houghton were: I. Robert, born
at Lancaster, April 12, 1720, died August 7, 1740.
2. Lois, born at Lancaster, July 22, 1722, married,
May 21, 1741, Nathaniel Hastings and had twelve
children. 3. Darius, born at Lancaster, January 20,
1724, was a soldier in the revolution. 4. Miriam,
born at Lancaster, February 22, 1726, married Jerah-
meel Bowers and had one child, Susannah. 5. Eliza-
beth, born at Lunenburg, December 5, 1728, mar-
ried, January 1, 1784, Robert Fletcher, of Lancaster.
6. Ruth, born June 30, 1732, at Lunenburg, married,
June 13, 1754, Moses Stearns and had thirteen chil-
dren. 7. Esther, born January 17, 1735, died un-
married May 5. 1759. 8. Eleazer, Jr., born August
-26, 1737, see forward. 9. Susannah, born May 10,
1743, baptized May 22, 1743; died September 7,

(IV) Eleazer Houghton. Jr., son of Eleazer
Houghton (3), was born at Lunenburg, Massachu-
setts, August 26, 1737. He was a fanner all his
life. He was prominent in town affairs, serving on
the school committee from 1785 to 1788, constable
in 1772, collector of taxes from 1772 to 1785 and
selectman in 1793. He died at Lunenburg, Decem-
ber 28, 1826. He married, March 8. 1764, Susannah
Holman, horn in Sterling, July 19, 1744. Both
joined the church and were received in full com-
munion August 19, 1800. She died August 19. 1800,
and her gravestone has the following inscription :

"How swiftly time doth pass away
The longest life is but a day;
Therefore attend ye living all
Prepare for death — our Savior's call."

Children of Eleazer and Susannah Houghton
were: I. Susannah, born August 8, 1764, baptized
August 24. 1766, died unmarried. 2. Manasseh,
horn September 28, 1765, baptized August 24, 1766,
lived in Grafton. Vermont, where he died; they had
two sons, Calvin and Zenas. 3. Judith, born Decem-
ber I, 1766, married, August 2, 1791, James Fuller,
of Walpole, New Hampshire : they had one child —
Prudence. 4. Sarah, born March 10. 1768, married
Mr. Burgess and lived in Grafton, Vermont; had
three children. 5. Stephen, born October 27, 1769,
forward. 6. Eleazer, Jr.. born March 26, 1771,

tied in Grafton, Vermont: had five children —
Jsaac, Calvin. Thomas, Royal and Amanda. 7.

ther, born November 6, 1772, married Phinehas
Divol, Jr., July 4. 1788, and had four children. 8.
Ruth, born April 3, 1775. died young. 9. Ruth, born
December 13, 1776, married, September 1, 1801, John
Holman, of Londonderry. Vermont. 10. Lois, born
December 15, 1778 married Palmer and set-
tled in Grafton. Vermont.

1 V ) Stephen Houghton, son of Eleazer Hough-
ton (4). was born in Lunenburg. Massachusetts,
October 27. 1769. He was a farmer and owned a
hundred-acre farm where Orin Bennett now lives,
and most of his life was spent in farming. He was
active in town affairs and was on the school com-
mittee from 1801 to 1808, was tax collector in 1796
and again in 1816; was constable in 1816. He died
of sunstroke, July 21, 1825.

He married (first), January 1, 1793, Elizabeth
Giddings, born in Ipswich, Massachusetts. She
died December 4, 1808. Her gravestone bears the
following inscription:

"Friends and physicians could not save
My mortal body from the grave.
Nor can the grave confine me here
When Christ shall call me to appear."

He married (second), April 4, 1809, Lucy Proc-
tor, born at Littleton, Massachusetts, daughter of
Nathaniel Proctor; she was admitted to full com-
munion in the church May 15, 181 1, from the Little-
ton Church; she died at the home of her son,
Lyman Houghton, at Walpole, New Hampshire.

Children of Stephen and Elizabeth Houghton
were: 1. Eleazer, born May 2, 1794, settled in Lon-
donderry, Vermont : married Abigail Gibson and
they had six children. 2. Stephen, Jr., born May

12, 1796, baptized May 15, 1796; married, December

13. 1832, Mary Bruce, born December 27, 1802,
daughter of Jonathan and Susannah (Smith) Bruce,
of Marlborough, and they had seven children —
George Bruce, born October 13, 1833; Jonas, born
June 10, 1835; Henry Stephen, born June 15, 1837;
Albert Lyman, born April 24, 1839, died September
24. 1839; Mary Brown, born September 9, 1841 ;
Charlotte Elizabeth, born June 16, 1843 ; Alfred
Staples, born October 25, 1845. Children of Stephen
and Lucy Houghton were. 3. Edmund, born March
11. 1810, see forward. 4. Lyman, born June 22,
1812, baptized July 19,. 1812, married Phila Hooper
and lived in Walpole, New Hampshire ; he died
August 20. 1864; they had six children.

(VI) Edmund Houghton, son of Stephen Hough-
ton (5), was born in Lunenburg, Massachusetts,
March 11, 1810, and was baptized April 8 following.
He received a good common school education.
When about sixteen years old he went to Leom-
inster, Massachusetts, where he was employed on the
farm of Squire Crosby. When about twenty-four
years old he returned to Lunenburg and bought the
farm now occupied by his son Hiram, and he car-
ried on this farm to the time of his death in 1876.
He was a member of the Congregational Church
and a Republican in politics. He was a commis-
sioned officer in the militia when a young man.

He married Mary Ann Hadley, born September
27 1813, baptized November 7, 1813, daughter of
Jacob and Nancy (Rea) Hadley, of Lunenburg.
Her father was a farmer, a soldier in the war of
1812, held numerous town offices. Children of Ed-
mund and Mary Ann Houghton were : Herbert
Edmund, born June 17, 1845; Henry Lyman, April
27, 1847; Hiram Robert, December 24, 1851, see

(VII) Hiram Robert Houghton, son of Edmund
Houghton (6), was born at Lunenburg, Massachu-
setts, December 24, 1851. He received his early edu-
cation in the public schools of Lunenburg and as-
sisted his father on the farm. After he was through
school he went to Fitchburg and worked for a year
for Wright. Woodward & Company, hardware mer-
chants. He then entered the employ of the Buck-
eye Mowing Machine Company of Fitchburg and
remained there a year. He resumed farm work until
1S73. when he went into business on his own ac-
count, buying a blacksmith shop, which he con-
ducted for a year, then leased it and finally sold it
to A. Humphrey, of Lunenburg.

He went to Kansas in 1874 and herded cattle on
the plains in the good old-fashioned way for some
months, but finally returned to his native town to
conduct his father's farm. He leased the place
until his father's death in 1876, when he bought out



the other heirs and acquired sole ownership in the
Tiomestead. For a number of years Mr. Houghton
owned a large milk route in Fitchburg. His farm
consists of a hundred acres of land in the south part
of Lunenburg, on the Leominster road, and he has
teen very successful in market gardening and fruit
■culture. He is a Congregationalist in religion, a
Republican in politics. He has been delegate to
various Republican conventions in his congressional
and senatorial districts. He served the Jown of
Lunenburg seven years as assessor and selectman.
He is a member of Lunenburg Grange, Patrons of
Husbandry; and of the Massachusetts Fruit
'Growers' Association.

He married, December 12, 1878, Flora Louise
Simonds, born August 26, 1858, daughter of Brad-
ley and Abigail (Emerson) Simonds, of Lunenburg.
Her father was a farmer. Children of Hiram Robert
and Flora Louise Houghton were: Henry Nathan,
torn September 23, 1879, unmarried, living at home,
with parents: Hiram Woodbury, born September
8, 1881, married Irene Orcutt, of Leominster, and
they have one child — Helen Elizabeth, born Janu-
ary 19. 1906; Flora Lyle, born October 31, 1883,
married Emil Oliver Shjerden, of Norway (Scand-
inavian) ; Edmund Bradiey, born November 4, 1885,
unmarried; Alicia Aspinwall, born September 21,
1SS7; Lona Merle, born August 29, 1889; Harlan
Robert, born July 13, 1898.

AUSTIN FAMILY. Robert Austin, the immi-
grant ancestor of the Rhode Island families of this
surname and of Waldo Egbert Austin, of Holden,
Massachusetts, was born in England, about rf>30.
He was an early settler of Rhode Island. The
■first public record of him is under the date of Sep-
tember 15, 1661, when he and sixty-four others
signed the agreement for drawing lots at Westerly,
Rhode Island. They were inhabitants and proprie-
tors of Newport, Portsmouth, Kingston, Rhode Is-
land. Austin drew a lot twelve rods by eighty rods,
hut seems to have forfeited his right: at any rate
Tie did not go to Westerly to settle. He was living
in Kingston, Rhode Island. September 6, 1687. and
"his sons Jeremiah and Edward were also taxed
there. The town was then called Rochester and had
one hundred and thirty-eight inhabitants. His chil-
dren : Jeremiah, born about 1660, see forward ; Ed-
ward, died 1731 : had sons Edward and John; Jo-
seph, died 1743: had sons Joseph, John and Robert;
John, married" Mary ; he died April, 1752.

(II) Jeremiah Austin, son of Robert Austin (1),
was born in Kingston. Rhode Island, about 1660.
He resided there and at North Kingston and Exeter,
Rhode Island. His children : Robert, born about
1700. had son Jeremiah, born 1730: Pasko, married,
October 25, 1725 ; Jeremiah, see forward : David,

•married Dinah : Stephen, married, April 25,

1729, Mary Fish ; Mercy, married. _ August. 1729,
Benoni Austin; Daniel, married, April q, 1732, Ann
Baker: Ezekiel, married Champlin.

(III) Jeremiah Austin, son of Jeremiah Austin
(2), was born in North Kingston or vicinity about
7705. He married, November 2, 1729.

(IV) James Austin, son of Jeremiah Austin (3),
was born in North Kingston. Rhode Island, about
1740. He removed to Ferrisburgh, Vermont, with
others of the family.

(V) Jotham Austin, a descendant of Robert Aus-
tin (1), and son or near relative of James Austin

(4), was born in Rhode Island about 1760. He was
a carpenter bv trade. He removed perhaps from
Perrisburgh. Vermont, to Freleighsburg. Canada,
where he followed his trade. Later he returned
to Franklin, Vermont, where he bought a farm.

He built the house that his son David later occu-
pied there. He was in the service for a short time
111 the war of 1812, and marched to Plattsburg on the
only occasion when there was a general alarm
and calling out of Vermont troops. He died of
cancer. He married twice. His children : Jotham,
Jr., Perry, Drusilla, Amanda, Mary (Polly), David
Brown, see forward.

(VI) David Brown Austin, son of Jotham Aus-
tin (5), was born at St. Armand or Freleighsburg,
Canada, East, about 1800. He received his educa-
tion in a school kept in a private house after the
custom there in those days. He started to learn
the blacksmith trade with Robinson Hakes at Pig-
eon Hill, Freleighsburg, and followed his trade until
shortly after his marriage, June 28, 1819, when he
bought a farm. This farm he lost through the
fraudulent acts of Jonathan H. Hubbard, from whom
he bought it. Undaunted by his losses he located
his business at a place called the Line in the town-
ship of Franklin, Vermont, on the border of Canada.
His house and shop were built half in Canada and
half in the United States. He remained there three
years, when his children bought four acres of land
in Franklin Centre and the family moved there.
He had a blacksmith shop there and followed his
trade in it the remainder of his days. He died
July, 1876. He was a Baptist in religion until his
later years, during which he attended the Congre-
gational Church at Franklin, Vermont. He was a
Democrat in politics.

He married Rebecca Hunt, June 28, 1819. Their
children, born at Franklin, were: I. Drusilla Louisa,

born March 28, 1820, married (first) Smith;

(second) William Evans, of Franklin, and they had
children — Martha, Evans, Leslie, Laura. 2. Hiram
Martin, born May 17, 1821, married Laura Dawson,
of Frankiln, and had children — Mary Etta, married

Carpenter; Herbert. 3. Samantha Melissa,

born November 25, 1827, married (first) Charles
Wheeler Marsh, May 29, 1851, and has four chil-
dren — i. Charles Herbert Marsh, born March 10,
1852, married, October 17, 1875, Clara (Kendall )
Raw.son, of Gardner, and their children were: Ida
Clara Marsh, born January 5, 1877; Edward Dexter,
horn July 30, 1878 ; George Herbert, born January
25. 1880; Harry Austin Marsh, born November 13,
iSSt ; Charles Arthur Marsh, born September 2,
1883; Frank Eugene, born May 18, 1885; Sarah
Belle, born July 25, 1886 : Carrie Louise, born No-
vember 24. 1S87 ; Walter Ashton, born March 15.
1898; ii. Frank Edward Marsh, born August 31,
1855, married (first) Emma Prue, nf Holden, Massa-
chusetts; married (second) Nellie Turner; iii.
George Austin Marsh, born July 10, 1858, married
Atlanta Tuttle. of Littleton, Massachusetts, and
they have children: Frances Tuttle Marsh, born
July 21. 1886; Austin Gerry Marsh, born September
28, 1887; Caroline Lawrence Marsh, born November
1. 1889; George Wallace Marsh and Helen Marsh;
iv. Carrie Rebecca Marsh, born February 4, 1861.
married Frank L. Howe, of Holden, and had Mabel
Emma, born March 1, 1891. Samantha Melissa
(Austin) Marsh, married (second), September
27, 1866, Eli Hubbard, of Holden, and had :
v. Waldo Arthur Hubbard (twin), born July 29,
1867; vi. Addie Samantha Hubbard (twin), born
July 29, 1867; vii. Walter Ernest Hubbard, born
September 18, 1868. 4. Harriet Fuller, born at
Franklin. Vermont, married Frank Walker, of Rock-
bridge, Wisconsin, and thev have two children. 5.
Lydia Augusta, born at Franklin, married Frank
Tebbetts, of Brownfield. Maine, and they have
Mary, Jane and others. 6. Waldo Egbert, see for-
ward. 7. Jotham Warren, born February 17, 1841.



(VII) Waldo Egbert Austin, son of David
Brown Austin (6), was born at Franklin. Vermont,
August 31, 1839. He was educated at the district
schools of the town and at the academy at Frank-

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