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Digitized by VjOOQ IC

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

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Digitized by VjOOQ IC


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Xtalg, ^nglani, ^ermang, H^ana,










^stcitonttrB of Ifiievat^ ^topttin ^ Works tUstBtrfttttit of lijt Jint ^rta,

On FRIDAY, the 1st day of MAY, 1896, and following Day,


Dryden Press : J. Davy &, Sans, 137, Long Acre, London, W.C.

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I. The highest bidder to be the buyer ; and if any dispute
arise between bidders, the lot so disputed shall be
immediately put up again, provided the auctioneer
cannot decide the said cUspute.

II. No person to advance less than Xs, ; above five potinds,
2& 6d,f and so on in proportion.

IIL In the case of lots upon which there is a reserve, the
auctioneer shall have the right to bid on behalf of the

IV. The purchasers to give in their names and places of abode,
and to pay down 55. in the pound, if required, in part
payment of the purchase-money ; in default of which
the lot or lots purchased to be immediately put up
again and re-sold.

y. The sale of any lot is not to be set aside on account of
any error in the enumeration of the numbers stated, or
errors of description.

VI. The lots to be taken away, at the buyer's expense, imme-

diately after the conclusion of the sale ; in default of
will not hold themselves responsible if lost, stolen,
damaged, or otherwise destroyed, but they will be
left at the sole risk of the purchaser. If, at the
expiration of Two Days after the conclusion of the sale,
the lots are not cleared or paid for, they will then be
catalogued for immediate sale, and the expense, the
same as if re-sold, will be added to the amount at which
they were bought. Messrs. SOTHEBY, WILKINSON
& HODGE wul have the option of re-selling the lots
uncleared, either by public or private sale, without any
notice being given to the defaulter,

VII. Upon failure of complying with the above conditions, the

money required and deposited in part of payment shall
be iforfeited, and if any loss is sustained in the re-selling
of suck lots as are not cleared or paid for, all charges on
such re-sale shall be made good by the defaulters at this

Gentlemen^ who cannot attend this sale, may have theif
Commissions faithfully executed by their humble Servants,


13, Wellingf-on Street, Strand, London

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A certain number of the following Packs are fully described and
illustrated in Lady Charlotte Schreiber's work, " Playing Cards
of Various Ages and Countries" Edited by Sir A, Wollaston
Franks, and published by John Mitrray, in three volumes, folio ;
and, in such cases, references to the work have beerv added thus :
[Lady C S., vol. , pi. ].




1 Pack of double-headed Cards, " Gatteaux, 1853 " — 50 cards ;

and a single-headed Pack by the same maker— 35 cards

2 Pack with full-length figures, " Gatteaux, 1816 " — 51 cards ;

and miscellaneous French Cards — 74

3 Piquet Pack, double-headed, " B. P. Grimaud et Cie, Paris,"

— 32 cards ; and a Pack, " Administ. des Contrib. Indir,
1816 "—27 cards

4 A Pack, " B. P. Grimaud, Paris," with Spanish suit marks^

47 cards ; and other Cards, by Gatteaux, &c. — 55

5 Historical Piquet Pack illustrating the Ee volution of 1830,

with portraits of Louis Philippe and others — 32 cards ;
and others [Lady C. S. vol. II, pi. 65]

6 Geographical Cards of the Countries of Europe, of about 1742

— 14 cards; a Pack by Gatteaux, 1816 — 23 cards; and

Digitized by


7 Fanciful Pack, "La Dot," with full-length figures of the

Bride, Bridegroom, Guests, &c., in original case — 36 cards ;
and various old Court Cards — 34

8 Complete Pack, "Administr. des Contrib. Indir., 1816," with

full-length figures — 52 cards ; and complete Piquet Pack
of 1815—32 cards

9 A similar lot

10 Complete Pack of double-headed miniature Cards, " B. P.

Grimaud, France " — 52 cards ; and complete Pack,
"Gatteaux, 1816"— 52 cards

11 Pack of Cards, with Spanish suit marks, " B. P. Grimaud,

Paris" — 48 cards; and old Cards, "Mayer; Lionet" — 26

12 Complete Piquet Pack, with full-length portraits of " Chevalier

D'Eon," &c— 32 cards ; and others, " Lionet "—38 cards

13 Educational Pack. English History from Egbert to George III,

with medallion portraits, in case 47

14 A similar Pack, in original case 46

15 Educational Pack. Kings of France from Pharamond to

Louis XVI, with medallion portraits, in original case 48

16 A similar Pack — 47 cards and title card

17 Educational Pack. Ancient History, with medallion illus-

trations, in case 48

18 Educational Pack. " Histoire Mythologique par E. J. Vanac-

kere, Lille," with medallion woodcuts — 48 cards and
card of rules

19 A similar Pack, in case — 48 cards and card of rules

20 Pack of the Kings and Queens of England 45

21 Educational Pack. Old Testament History, with medallion

woodcuts 48

22 A similar Pack 27

23 Educational Pack. New Testament History, with medallion

woodcuts 48

24 Educational Pack. Roman History, " Paris, Ant. Aug.

Eenouard, 1809 " — 47 cards and sheet of rules

25 Educational Pack. Classical History, with medallion wood-

cuts, m case 48

26 A similar Pack 31

27 Educational Pack. Natural History, " Ant. Aug. Eenouard,

Paris, 1817 " — 44 cards and card of rules

28 Educational Pack, French Sovereigns 44

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

29 Complete Piquet Pack, " Administ. des Contrib. Indir., 1816 ''

— 32 cards, with original wrapper of Testu of Paris ;
and others

30 A similar lot 82

31 A similar lot 62

32 Complete Burlesque Pack, " Cartes 1 Eire," designed by-

Baron Atthalin to while away the tedium of a long sea
voyage — 52 cards, in original case [Lady C, S. vol. II, pL 71]

33 Burlesque Pack, in which the suit marks form part of fanciful

designs — 51 cards, in original case

34 A similar Pack, complete — 52 cards, in original case

35 Pack of Tarocchi Cards, with Italian suit marks, en-

graved and published by Claude Burdel in 1751 [Lady
a S, vol II pi b] 78

36 A similar Pack, " Claude Burdel, Cartier et Graveur, 1751" 68

37 Pack of Tarocchi Cards, inscribed " N"- Convers, 1760 " 69

38 Complete Pack of double-headed Tarocchi Cards, with

French suit marks, and with domestic illustrations on the
atouts 78

39 Tarocchi Pack, " J. Jerger, Besanqon," Italian suit marks 77

40 Tarocchi Pack, double-headed, with illustrations of animals,

fish, &c., on the atouts 44

41 Tarocchi Pack, " par J. Jerger, Fabriquant Carts k Besan^on "

— 26 cards ; and other Cards, by Claude Burdel, 15 cards

42 Double-headed Piquet Pack, by " B. P. Grimaud, Paris "—

32 cards ; Piquet Pack, dated 1816—32 cards

43 Pack, by "B. P. Grimaud, Paris," made for the Spanish

market— 46 cards ; Gatteaux Pack of 1816 — 52 cards

44 Quaint old Cards, with autograph letter 105

45 A set of Eepublican Court Cards, by "J. Coissieux"; and

curious Cards, " Lionet," " Montpellier," &c. 88

46 Complete Piquet Pack, dated 1816 ; odd Cards with fragment

of ancient music ; and others 69

47 Curious Burlesque Piquet Pack, signed "Lequart and

Mignot, Paris " — 32 cards ; quaint Court Cards ; and a
miniature Pack — 86 cards

48 Eepublican Court Cards ; and other Cards of unusual type,

some double-headed 85

49 Exceedingly rare Heraldic Pack, engraved about the year

1690, the suit marks are Fleurs-de-lis, Eagles, Eoses and
Lions [Lady a S. vol II, pi 33] 47

Digitized by


60 Brilliant Heraldic Pack, with the arms of the States of
Europe : France, Germany, Spain and Italy. The King of
Clubs contains the arms of Pope Alexander VII (Chigi),
1655-67, coloured {Lady G. S. vol, II, pL 29] 53

51 A similar Pack, uncoloured 51

52 Heraldic Pack, in fine condition. The King of Clubs contains

the arms of Pope Clement IX (Julius Eospiglioso), 1 667-
70 32

53 A similar Pack 16

54 " Jeu Heraldique," issued by Daumont, and dedicated to

THE CoMTE D*Artois, 52 cards. title, rules and dedication

55 Pack, with engravings of Classical Heads and with brief bio-

graphies, rare 35

56 Finely Engraved Pack, " Les Reines Renomra^es," designed

by the celebrated artist Stefano Delia Bella, for the
purpose of instruction, at the suggestion of Cardinal
Mazarin [Lady C, S. vol II, pi. 21] 36

57 Another Pack by the same artist, " Les Rois de France," 16

cards ; and Six Cards from a third pack, " Jeu My tho-
logique "

58 Fortune Telling Cards, " Petit Oracle des Dames," quaint

coloured pack with book of rules, in original case 42

59 A sunilar Pack 38

60 Curious Burlesque Fortune Telling Pack, coloured 42

61 Pack of small Fortune Telling Cards, coloured, in original case 32

62 Pack of " Etteilla " Fortune Telling Cards, so called from

the name of the inventor (Alliette) reversed. He was a
Vans perruquier of the end of the last century, 78 cards
in a volume

63 Another Copy

64 Pack of small Etteilla Cards, " Le Veritable Etteilla," in

original case, 32 cards ; and Seven large Etteilla Cards

65 Pack, with the figures of the court cards in the costume of the

early part of the present century, 52 cards, in ornamental
wooden box

66 Piquet Pack, double-headed, coloured 31

67 A Set of Sixteen Cards, on the backs of which Natural

History Subjects have been delicately painted

68 Pack, signed " Administ. des Contrib. Indir. 1816,'* 48 cards;

and other curious Cards — 49

69 Piquet Pack ; and other Cards 57

70 A similar lot 74

Digitized by



71 " Trappola Cards." The complete set of Forty-seven fac-

similes, published by Ottley in 1828, from the important
series engraved in the fifteenth century 47

72 Tarocchi Pack, signed " B. Dondorf, Francfort," historical

characters on court cards, in original wrajpper^ complete 78

73 Pack, with the National suit marks, signed " Josef Glanz,

Wien," arid bearing the arms of Prague and of Austria,
complete, in original wrapper 32

74 Tarocchi Pack, by " Andreas Benedictus Gobi," and bearing

the arms of Munich. On the atouts are scenes from a wed-
ding procession,m leather case [Lady 0. S. vol II, pL 129] 74

75 A similar Pack 62

76 Pack with suit marks: Hearts, Bells, Acorns and Leaves,

signed " C. H. Eeuter, in Nurnberg," and dated '* 18 Oct.,
1813 " 21

77 CoTTA Pack for the year 1806. Classical figures on court

cards, in case [Lady G, S. vol, II, pi. 139] 52

*^* In 1805, Gotta, a bookseller of Tubingen, commenced
publishing an annual series of cards, entitled " Karten
Almanach," in which the numerals (different in each
year) contain fanciful designs, while the court cards
illustrate various historical and classical characters.

78 A SIMILAR Pack. 52
*^* Presented to the Collector, by H.I.M. The Empress


79 A similar Pack. Numeral cards only 40

80 Cotta's " Karten Almanach " for the year 1807, illustrating

Schiller's " Wallenstein," in original case, with eocplanatory
pamphlet 52

81 A similar Pack, in case, with pamphlet 52

82 A similar Pack, in original case, with pamphlet 50

83 Cotta's " Karten Almanach " for the year 1808, figures in

Arabian costumes on court cards, in 07*iginal case 52

84 A similar Pack, in original case, with pamphlet 52

85 Cotta's " Karten Almanach " for the year 1810, containing

mythological and humorous subjects, in a book giving full
descriptions. Designed by Osiander of Tubingen 52

86 Another copy 52

B 2

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


87 Fanciful Pack, designed by Osiander, containing Portraits

of Wellington, Bliicher, etc., in original case [Lady C, S,
volllpl 147]. 52

*^,j* It would seem that upon Cotta*s issues coming to an end
in 1811, Osiander started a similar publication.

88 A similar Pack 52

89 A similar Pack, with Sheet of Explanations ' 52

90 Fanciful Pack, similar in style to the Gotta packs, but con-

taining different designs, and issued at Vienna, in original
case 52

91 A similar lot, some duplicates 52

92 Geographical Cards. Interesting Pack, elaborately engraved

with maps of the Countries of Europe, " I. H. Seyfrid,
del" "Wilhelm Pfann sc. Niirnberg," in leather case
[Lady C. S. vol. II, pi 106] 52

93 A similar Pack, in leather case 49

94 Complete Tarocchi Pack, by "B. Dondorf, Francfort," the

court cards illustrate historical characters, in original
wrapper 78

95 Tarocchi Pack, illustrating William Tell, ^ned " Leipzig im

Industrie Comptoir," in original case 78

96 Lottery Game of about 1740, 46 Cards with well engraved

illustrations, and 44 Lottery Tickets, in case

97 Complete Tarocchi Pack, by "loh. lobst. Forster," with

French suits, and with animal subjects on atouts, gilt
edges, in leather case 78

98 Tarocchi Pack, by " I. M. Bakofen," French suits 56

99 Curious old miniature Pack, signed " Nicolaes Meyer " 33

100 Finely engraved Tarocchi Pack, illustrated throughout with

figures in Oriental Costumes, "H. Miiller fecit," m case 78

101 Double-headed Tarocchi Pack, with elaborate scenes on atouts,

" C. L. Wust Frankfurt ^/M," with original wrapper 54

102 Tarocchi Pack. Double-headed, some duplicates — 68 ; and

a similar Pack— 43

103 Interesting double-headed Tarocchi Pack, complete, with

quaint subjects on atouts, " Wolfgang Scheidl in Eegens-
burg " 78

104 Pack with the National Suit-marks, and dated "Der 13 Oct.,

1813" 24

105 Curious large Cards, inscribed " 1739 Joseph Fetscher Purger

in Graz" — 12 ; and a Pack with National Suit-marks,
^ned " C. A. Midler, Berlin "—21

Digitized by


106 Tarocchi Pack, illustrated with Turkish Costumes, coloured,

signed " Leipzig im Industrie Comptoir " 78

107 Complete Tarocchi Pack, with French Suit-marks, and

with quaint animal subjects on atouts, by " Mihler In
Eegenspurg*' 78

108 Piquet Pack, with portraits of Napoleon, etc., "Anton Eauch

in Augsburg, 1803," original wrapper 32

109 Burlesque Pack, " Die Zwanglosen," issued at Leipzig— 32;

and imperfect Tarocchi Pack, some duplicates — 46

110 Pack, with engravings illustrating Trades and Occupations,

signed '*l\^onhm'' 48

111 A similar Pack 50

112 " Lotery-Spel," by "Michael Schmidt, Neuremberg," with

illustrations, and small sheet of Particulars 60

113 Tarocchi Pack, by Andreas Benedict Gobi, Munich, curious

animal subjects on atouts 67

114 Tarocchi Pack, by Gobi of Munich, imperfect — 35 ; and other

Tarocchi Cards — 34

115 Complete Tarocchi Pack, signed " loh. lobst Forster," gilt

edges, in leather case 78

116 Tarocchi Pack, with Oriental Costumes, by " H. MuUer " 72

117 Complete Fanciful Pack, with portraits of historical charac-

ters, coats of arms, etc., designed by Dr. T. Schroeter of
Jena, Pack " No. 1, Mathilde," original wrapper 32

118 Another Fanciful Pack, with portraits, etc., by Dr. T. Schroe-

ter, Pack " No. 2, Charlotte," with original wrapper 52

119 A similar Pack, by Dr. Schroeter, " No. 5, Helene," with

original wrapper 52

120 Complete Fanciful Pack, by Dr. Schroeter, " No. 7, Olga,"

vrith original wrapper 36

121 " VoGEL-SPiEL," or Game of the Bird, a game which prevailed

in Southern Germany, very curious pack, signed " Joh.
Heinrich Schenck, Niirnberg," complete, in leather case 32

122 A similar Pack, by " Joh. Heinrich Schenck " 32

123 A similar Pack, with original u^apper 32

124 " Vogel-spiel," by Antoni Fescher," complete [Lady 0, S,

vol. II, pL 153] 32

125 Another Pack, by Schenck 31

126 Complete Fanciful Burlesque Pack, " Cartes Comiques," by

" B. Dondorf Francfort 7M," tuith original wrapper 52

127 Another Burlesque Pack, by Dondorf, but with entirely

different designs, complete 52

Digitized by



1 28 Tarocchi Pack, with quaint animal subjects on atouts, signed

" loh. lobst. Forster," gilt edges, in leather case 78

129 " Tkappola Cards." A series of 45 facsimiles published by

Ottley in 1828, from the original engravings of the
Fifteenth Century, mounted and hound in a volume

130 " Trappola Cards." A set of fine impressions, printed on thin

paper 53

131 Two complete Piquet Packs, with national suit marks, one

signed " W. Falkenberg & Co. Stralsund " 64

132 Double-headed Piquet Pack, with national suit marks — 31 ;

and other curious Cards — 20

133 Series of 21 Tarot Cards, illustrating sports, pastimes, &c. ;

and a Pack of 24 Cards, signed "Frenoeus Bacher in

134 Tarocchi Cards, by " Andreas Benedict Gobi "—37 ; and

an interesting Pack, issued by the " Leipzig Industrie
Comptoir"— 35

135 Complete Piquet Pack, by "Anton Eauchmtiller," with

portraits of Napoleon, &c. — 32 ; and a series of Tarot
Cards, illustrating a peasant wedding — 20

136 " Vogel-spiel," complete Pack, by "Joh. Heinr. Schenck,

Nurnberg" »-* 32

137 A similar Pack , 31

138 Fanciful Pack, designed by L. Osiander, with portraits of

• Wellington, Bliicher, &c. complete [Lady C. S., vol. II,
pi. 147] 52

139 Fanciful Pack, « Karten Almanach," by Cotta of Tubingen,

for the year 1806, with classical figures [Lady C, S.
vol, II, pL 139] 51

140 " Karten Almanach" for the year 1807, illustrating Schiller's

" Wallenstein," in original case, with pamphlet 52

141 Another Fanciful Pack, by Cotta, in original case 52

142 A similar lot, in original case— 32 ; and 11 Viennese Court


143 Trappola Cards — 25 ; and various Cards— 18

Digitized by





144 Pack of the reign of George III 45

145 Complete Pack of Happy Families — 44 cards ; " The Streets

of London " — 24 cards, and Title Card, with rules 68

146 The Streets of London— 47 cards; Comic Cards — 31

cards 78

147 Educational Pack. Eulers of England, to George III,

" Whom God Preserve." Each card contains a full-length
figure in colours and four lines of poetry 36

148 Goodall's Historic Cards, in original vrrapper and case,

complete 52

149 The History of France from Pharamond to Louis Philippe,

" London, E. Wallis, 1830 "—78 cards, 6 counter trays
and pamphlet of directions, in original case

150 Fanciful Pack. Transformation of Playing Cards, some

of the illustrations represent characters from the panto-
mimes, &c. of 1801-8 — ^Mother Goose, Three Fingered
Jack, &c. [Lady C. S. vol. /, pL 103] 41

151 Astronomical. The Pip Cards contain the Constellations,

the Court Cards the Heathen Deities, fully coloured, in
leather case 52

152 Geographical. With Maps of the Countries of the Globe,

coloured, gilt edges, in leather* case 52

153 The Eoyal Cards. To teach English History, accompanied

by sheet of rules and original wrapper, of French manu-
facture 40

154 Pack in which the Suit Marks are incorporated in a

FANCIFUL DESIGN. The court cards illustrate characters
from the -^neid; E. Olivatte, Burton Crescent, 1828
[Lady C. S. vol. I, pL 107] 52

155 A similar Pack, coloured 52

Digitized by



156 English Bubble Schemes. Very curious and interesting

Pack, illustrating and caricaturing the various bubble
projects which were floated about the year 1720 [Lady
as. vol. I, pi, 43] 52

157 Pack illustrating the Incidents of The Popish Plot, from

« The Plot first hatcht at Eome " to " The Tryall of S'. G.
Wakeman," said to have been engraved by Faithome in
1679, in case [Lady C. S. vol. /, pi. 10] 52

158 A similar Pack. A different series of engravings of the same

subjects, with small medallion portraits in upper comer
of court cards [Lady C. S. vol. I, pi. 14] 49

159 Fanciful Pack. The suit marks are : Acorns and Eoses for

England; Lozenges and Thistles for Scotland; Hearts
and Shamrocks for Ireland ; Ancient Swords and Leeks
for Wales [Lady C. S. vol. I, pi. 102] 52

160 The Kings and Queens of England, full-length figures and

verses of poetry, in leather case 36

161 Elaborately engraved Historical Pack, illustrating the

dispute as to the Spanish Succession, Marlborough's
Victories, and other events of the reign of Queen Anne
[Lady G. 8. vol. /, pi 35] 52

162 Pack giving printed Geographical and Historical des-

criptions OF THE Countries of the Globe [Lady C. 8
vol. I, pi. 56] 52

163 Very rare and curious Pack of Heraldic Cards displaying


YEAR 1691, engraved by Wdter Scott, Goldsmith, of
Edinburgh, in leather case [Lady G. 8. vol. /, pi. 110a].
Six of the cards are wanting, and have been replaced by
careful facsimiles from a pack belonging to Sir Wm.
Fettes Douglas. 54

164 Pack with fanciful suit marks : Pikes, Shamrocks, Diamonds,

Cups, "G. m Eex," " Eowley & Co." [Lady G. 8. vol. I,
pi. 47] 52

165 English Bubble Schemes of 1720 [Lady G. 8. vol. /,


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