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4 Student Life

18 (People

58 Arts & Academics

74 Sports

102 Organizations

146 <Mini- ! Mag

154 'Business

1 74 Closing

<£fii VsiCCi 2001

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in 2009 with funding from

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Old Main Building






Destroyed by fire in 1923, Main Building was
replaced by Alamance which continues to evolve.


Elon College Yearbook

Elon, North Carolina 27244

Volume 86

Total Enrollment: 4,139

from the fishes

«■ > w



Throughout history there is told the legend of the rare and
remarkable { PtiO r E9{lX l a CRlMS09tar\6 GOL<D

bird that lived 500 years. It was sleek, swift and strong- the

most marvelous bird ever created by human imagination. At

the end of its life, with death approaching, it built a nest in an

Of\ ( KjT ( K^EfR and was consumed by flames ignited by the
sun. jTOTtl tlLC SxSllCS emerged the next
Phoenix- reborn and renewed, with strength forged in ^FI^E.

:> .s




.<•■ •■•>•




A dark, gloomy shadow of
ash and smoke had been
cast on the campus but
as the clouds cleared,
each sparkling particle
revealed much more than
had appeared to have
been left behind because
individuals emerged and
the campus was revived
with the beginning of

Student Life.

During the football

game half time, all

of the court

members were

lined up on the

field. Butterflies

filled their

stomachs due to

the nervous

anticipation of the

king and queen


Photo by Brian McGuire

The <t>M representatives tried to chill their

nerves with a few words of laughter before

they made their appearance on the field.

The crowns were presented to the new

queen, Lisa Fort of AOn and king, Chad

Heinicke of nKO, who was not pictured due to

prior engagements. The crown was accepted

on his behalf by Ryan Cunningham.

Photo by Brian McGuire

Ashley C. Re£

Photo by Rebecca E. Brewer



Perhaps the most exciting events in Homecoming Week are the football
game and the crowning of the Homecoming king and queen. These
events are often the last of the week and serve to pull
everything together in a few loud hours of cheering for the
football team and homecoming court alike. The students
are given a chance to show their football skills and great sense of loyalty
and also to present the two students that they feel best exemplify this
loyalty. These two are carefully chosen by a vote and spend the next year
representing the school.

This year, the homecoming king was Chad Heinicke of Pi Kappa Phi who
was unable to accept the award on the day it was given because he was
away for a soccer tournament. Chad was crowned at College Coffee the
following Tuesday. Alpha Omicron Pi's Lisa Fort received the title of
homecoming queen. The voting for this event was the highest ever and the students were very
happy with the turn out. At the announcement of the winners, the stands went wild with cheering
and clapping. It was quite a successful vote.

Homecoming week was a very exciting time filled with events, games and laughter. The students
all pulled together and created a widely diverse group of people who all shared one common trait;
a love for the school. On the final day of events, the students crowded together in the stadium to
show this love to each other and to the challenging university. They did this with pride and the
students truly did "Light the Flame."

One of many fireworks

displayed at the pep -

rally on Thursday night.

By Ashley C. Reganj

m Football

Re g an l o«^ o

and a


Photo by Rebecca E. Brewer


It began on a cool, sunny morning at College Coffee. Among the students ^
in their usual school day garb existed a mob of girls with pig tails, slippers,
and pajamas traveling in a line singing. A group of Disney
characters, various Olympians and even the Secret Service
complete with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky frolicked
about the fountain. It was October 31 , the first day of Homecoming week,

and a costume contest was the first of many competitions.
Light the Flame was the theme of this week of coming together of students
and alumni alike. The SGA, which was responsible for planning the events,
had a very diverse crowd participate in the events to make Homecoming

Another spectacular

an exciting week. Other events that were judged in the competition included

firework from the
Homecoming pep rally a quiz bow | and a f)oat competition,

On Thursday night, students flocked to the construction site of Rhodes

Stadium to take part in a pep rally and to witness a spectacular array of fireworks.

Saturday morning, Haggard Avenue was blocked off from traffic for an hour, so that the

Homecoming parade could pass through. In addition to many colorful floats, vans,

cars, and motorcyclists showed their school spirit and loyalty with banners and uplifting

phrases painted on their windows.

Overall, the week was a great success and everyone who had a chance to

participate in the events or who witnessed them saw a strong sense of togetherness

and loyalty.


Members of nK<t>
dressed up for the
costume contest.
They were the
Secret Service men
complete with Bill
Clinton, Al Gore,
and Monica
» Everyone was sure
I to be stunned by
Josh Sype's
dazzling beauty.

Photo by Brian McGuire

Photo by Rebecca E. Brewer

The football team faces down Liberty
University at the line of scrimage during the
Homecoming football game.

Around the fountain, doughnut eaters
gathered to be the first to get their dangling
round pastry off the string. This member of
AZA was cheered on by her sisters as she
took her first delightful bite.

Top "| Reasons

To Join The

f R Slaff:


2. Get Involved 41 l.lmi

3. Get Leadership Evperienre

4. Midielle Zinuner s Win) Advice

5. (iet folia MiHiet And Have Fun

Female MVP, Elise Hewett was congratulated

by Tait Arend for her hard work and participation

in this year's fall Rectober Sportsfest. Joe

Azzato was named the male MVP.

The Destroyers, G-Bums, Love Shack, and J-

Crew all combined to make the Danieley Area

teams and together were able to grasp first place

after competing against every other area on

campus .

Photo by Brian McGuire


j Festivals Q;


By Katie Sherman


With a spirit all their own, Campus Recreation represented everything
Elon stands for. The teamwork necessary to plan all of the extracurricular
activities involved intense focus by all CR members. This

Photo by Brian McGuire

organization is divided into seven programmatic areas

"* including aerobics, intramurals, and scheduling. Intramurals |

promoted involvement in semi-competitive teams including roller hockey,

field hockey, men's and women's rugby, horseback riding, and swimming.

The facility team managed the fitness center and the building, meticulously,

in order to ensure a pleasant and safe atmosphere. The Intramurals team

does immense amounts of work by planning, staging, working, and '

As Cara Wise and

officiating all of the intramural games throughout the school year and gave Shannon Carpenter came

to the podium to

students a chance to learn that "it's not who wins, its how you play the announce the first place

winners, the crowd waited
game." Such important lessons were also taught by Elon's very own si | ent | y

Outdoors team. This section planned trips for other organizations, provided excursions
for all interested students, and taught the student body to push themselves to the limits.
Finally, the Special Programs team has grown in the last few years and has utilized
power in numbers. This team created every CR event and did an amazing job of building
school spirit. Through all of their efforts, Campus Recreation gave the entire population
a sense of belonging and comaraderie.


By Rebecca Brewer

Tr * Ma*


r cots:



Photo by Rebecca Brewer


The Fighting Christian has been a long time tradition of Elon. The

announcement of a new mascot in May of last year was not as welcome

as the administration had hoped. The Fighting Christian,

commonly referred to as 'Mr. E,' held a special place in many

people's hearts. He bridged the gap between the school

and what was left of its affiliation with the church, while inviting a sense of

unity between students and alumni. In some cases, both students and

alumni had mixed emotions during this transition and often times bitter

attitudes toward the Athletics Department. Undoubtedly, they would benefit

from this change but it was also designed to promote a positive image for
The name of the new

mascot emerged from the school, which could not have been put into better words than Lambert's

the egg last May but the

Phoenix had remained own." The elegant and brilliant Phoenix was described by ancient scholars


as sleek, swift, and one-of-a-kind. I can think of no better description for

Elon's outstanding athletics programs." Although the Fighting Christian has always
held a history with the college, it is believed by some, that the Phoenix commemorates
that history and has helped emerge a stronger institution. Even through all of this, it
was still inevitable that despite Elon's new mascot and the general acceptance of it, the
upperclassmen will always remain Fighting Christians at heart.

The bird ran out
with the football
team during half
time at the
football game.
Since it was the
debut of the
Phoenix, the
crowd cheered
and almost
hoisted him off of
his feet, into the
hands of his new




Photo by Ashley C. Regan

During the Homecoming parade, an alumni
expressed his dissatisfaction with the new
mascot as he rode by in his mini-van that read
"Phoenix tastes like chicken."

The student body remembers the mascot that
set the tone for the college and carries many
fond memories, "Mr. E."

Photo submitted


Found doing their

duties at the

football game, the

pep band is

responsible for

keeping school

spirit alive before

and during the

game. This

season was their

last as they will

give way to the

return of a

marching band.

Photo by Erik Furlan

Jon Metzger conducted the Emanons at their

fall performance for the swing concert and

dance. The Emanons are a concert jazz

band comprised of Elon students of all kinds.

Actors from the theatre department, Bonny

Cranford (left) and Kevin Hoffmann (right),

are captured during their performance of

Dearly Departed during winter term that

received two thumbs up.

Photo by Skye Archer




^^ the. • ■


By Rebecca Brewer

Photo by Erik Furlan

On opening night, right before the curtain rises, cast and crew wait in
darkness for the first line of the first scene. Each one is faced with
overwhelming emotions: the nervousness that things won't
go well, the excitement of the culmination of months' work,
and an eagerness for the lights to go up.
Over fall, winter, and spring semesters, at least five major productions
were cast, rehearsed, and performed. Through these performances,
students majoring in the arts are given a chance to gain the education
necessary to become successful in their future careers. Whether their
talent lay in movement, voice, or acting, students were sure to find their
niche in the departments of dance, theatre, and musical theatre, but no
musical would be complete without the orchestra.
The Music Department is small but demands a presence from the
audience. From their concert performances to football games, the
dedicated students were able to display their many talents. Dressed in
maroon and white shirts, the pep band played a vital role in boosting
school spirit before and during games. The concert band successfully proved themselves

through various performances and musical gallas.

Despite the seemingly declining interest in the arts, students demonstrated the
importance of practice and rehearsal. These many nights spent working together
truly resulted in a work of art.

An Emanon soloist,
performed at the swing
concert and dance held
in McKinnon during late



By Katie Sherman j

On Ca





Not even large enough to be a city, the town of Elon College still knows
how to party. From 'pre-night' to 'late-night,' college students can be seen

Photo by Hillary Launey

walking the streets. Dorm get-togethers usually start the

night off right for the freshmen, while the bars open the

doors to all of the 'of-age' adults. Yet, no matter the age of the student

trying to find a good time, there is always a place to go. The majority of

students spark the weekend on Thursday and continue until Sunday

although there are still noticable Tuesday night party-animals who need a
Running late into the 3 /or/

night, the holiday

dance was a time for break from the academia of daytime. As one of two dancing arenas on

friends and memories

filled with laughter and cam p US) West End is often crowded with familiar faces. The infamous

'Lighthouse' is a fine establishment located in the Southwestern region of campus. For
the community that is more comfortable with familiarity, Greek life is important. On-
campus or off, fraternity socials are always an option.

No matter your taste or what your idea of fun when the sun goes down, there are a
variety of opportunities to make new friends and have a good time.


Kevin Jones,
Josh Rowan,
and company
stood around
to discuss the
hot events
happening on
campus later
that night.

Steve Morisson and Jen Hopkinson enjoy a
relaxed atmosphere during an off-campus

At the Snowball, the winter semi-formal, with
a theme of Fire and Ice, Grace McPhillips
created her own version of fire on the dance

Photo by Hillary Launey


Each day as the phoenix
flew above, the students
would stop in awe of the
magnificent creature and
gaze into its fierce firey
eye. Soon they became
much more than just
bodies walking in the
shadows. They were
unique with their own walk
and their own style. Apart
they were individuals but
together they were the





Kelly Auman

Theresa Beckett

Thain Bell

Lauren Bigge

Tiffany Avery Joseph Azzato Megan Barnes

James Ahearn Mark Alexander Christopher Amann Jennifer Amber Melissa Andersor

James Birdsong

Aaron Baugh

Christina Boden

Matthew Bourguignon Danielle Bowman Carmin Britt Jennifer Britton Hilary Brown


Kenneth Brown Philip Brown Elizabeth Burns Angela Calhoun Marcie Cantillo

Daniel Carmody Clark Carter Allison Cates

Kristy Cole Deborah Coleman

oshannah Coleman Lorraine Collier Jennifer Colter William Corcoran Stephanie Cordell

lizabeth Crowell Omar Curry

Keith Davis Thomas Davis

Brian Dawson

Alicia Dehart Kenneth Dillon Carmen Dixon William Duffy Janelle Dunn


' ^

April Durr

Sara Duttry Susan Dyson David Erel Amanda Fabian

Christina Ferrari Sara Fielder Melissa Followell Lisa Fort

David Fortier


Mikaela Frazier

Aimee Freund

Jill Fricke

John Gardner Kelly Garrison

Dennis Gaskins Debra George Jamie Goebel Miriam Goldberg Steven Goldfarb

Sarah Griffin Yingzan Gu Kelly Hale Lauren Hamilton Maureen Hass


Stacey Havard

April Hewett

Ciena Hoffman

Melissa Hollida

Mindi Holt

atherine Houser Amber Huening Brandon Inscore

Jay lorizzo

Tiffany Johnson

-.lizabeth Jones


A }
Matthew Kesler

Elizabeth Kimball Jennifer Kirby

Alicia Kotoski

Kelley Kruse

Imre Kwast


Allison Lane

Marco Lehmer

Joshua Leimer

Brad Linde Jennifer Logandro

Darren Lowe

Laura Lucas

Theresa Martino


Laura Mason Anika Mc Micheal Karalyn Mc Phie Devon McCaffrey Brian McDonald

Richard McOuillis Kristy Mikus Randall Miyaoka William Monken Theresa Naecker

Re my Nagel Edward New

Stephanie Newbold Allison Oskin Akilah Owens


Kathleen Padgett Crystal Rape

Melissa Pasternack Chisa Pennix Tricia Perdue

Elizabeth Poland Christine Polansky Lakisha Powell Brian Psota

Anna Pugh


Elizabeth Richter

Lisa Rooney

(atherine Purcell Sarah Rack

Alison Reese TashamichelleReynolds Laura Richardson

Amy Riello

Matthew Ritchie

Christina Ryals Joseph Santorum Emily Schlaman

Robin Roberts Leigh Robertson

i r

Daniel Schrot

Trad Schroyer Amanda Seagaard Christina Sederbaum Johanna Sequeira Lundon Sims

'athleen Slawson Damian Smith

Jason Smith

Shanard Smith Stephanie Solosko


Sarah Spence

Katie Spike r

Amy Spitko Ronald Stevenson Amanda Stover

'• v£

Virginia Tash

Karin Tatro

Kathrynn Tatro

Lora Taylor

Candace Terry

Kevin Thompson Ashley Trent Catherine Underwood Jennifer Urrutia Sheri Vanvalkenburgl

Amanda Viereck Nora Wagoner

Clint Walker

Erika Walker

Jeffrey Ward

Christine Waterman Erin Way

Benjamin Webb Jennifer Welborn Courtney Wells

tephanie Wheeler

Amy White


Cory Wilkinson

Steven Wilson

Kelly Wingate

Cara Wise

Emily Wolff

Meredith Wood

Yumiko Yamashita

Steve Zambriczki

Meredith Zinna

Senior and SGA President John Gardner hangin 1 around in
Moseley, the central hub for many student organizations on

Senior and SGA President John Gardner tells us a little

about his experience at Elon and how it has influenced
his plans for the future.

Q/ Has your position as SGA President enhanced your
experience at Elon?

S\x Serving the students of Elon as the SGA president
has definitely enhanced my experience at Elon. Through
this office, I was in the position to help students on a day
to day basis, work with administration, and help to maintain
and enhance our community administration. Over the
past few years, I have had the unique opportunity to watch
Elon grow and help shape the future of the school.

Ql What are your plans after graduation?

!A.l I plan to begin a career in politics. I have always
been interested in politics, but after being an intern in
Washington this past summer, I came to the conclusion
that the political arena was where I wanted to be. I am
unsure of where my future will take me, but look forward
to staying involved with Elon in some way.


11 nderctassmen

Kristin Abbamonte Jameel Abdur-Raheem Amy Acevedo David Acuff Kimberly Adams Nathaniel Addlestone Benjamin Adelson

Chauncey Archer Skye Archer Katnna Arnold Bianca Ashton Joshua Ausley Amanda Baity Leah Baker

Josiah Barbour Catherine Bardsley Grace Bardsley

Brandy Barrett Jennifer Bartlett Justen Baskerville Erin Bass


cqueline Bateman Caroline Battista Kristin Beacham Regan Beaudry Katie Beaver

Kristin Belton

Brooke Benigno Patrick Benko Sara Benner Nicole Bergeron Adam Black

Maiya Black Christopher Blackledge

Sharon Blatt Angela Blocher Tara Blum Amanda Boland John Bolger Allison Bonasera Matthew Bosch

Carey Bostian Ryan Bowland Janel Boyd Caroline Poyer Alison Boyko Michelle Boys Jennifer Bozurich

Lisa Brabon Adriane Bradberry Brooke Bradley Steven Brady Towa Brady Emily Brawner Troy Bressette

Rebecca Brewer Erin Brier Cynthia Briggs Heather Briggs Mary Bnles Anne Bronsveld Allan Brooks


Ryan Buckley Kimberly Burney Elizabeth Bums Kevin Burrows Jason Cain Bradford Caldwell Jared Calhoun

Molli Campbell Robert Campbell Meredith Canady Jonathan Cancino Kristin Carter Cara Catalfumo Elizabeth Catley

Jennifer Caviness David Cekutis Laura Chaffee Annie Chalmers Stephen Charles Jennifer Cheeseman Lesley Chesson

Sara Cole

Jennifer Coleman Kenneth Collins Rebecca Combs Bnan Conley Jesse Conn Enn Cooper


\ • \

sbastian Cormier Amy Corona Kelly Coslello Nicole Coston Jessica Courtney Stephanie Covington Megan Cowley

Rique Cox Allison Cntes Leslie Crowe Erin Cunningham Jennifer Cushman Kathryn Cutler Michael Daly

Louis David Amanda Davis Christopher Davis Joshua Davis Mary Davis Robert Davis Zak De Busk


lameron Dejong Steven Dennis Susan Denny Brandon Dent Sara Dent Dayle Deroia Sarah Deschane

Leslie Devine Sarah Devlin Jennifer Dew Karen Dickens Mana Dickey Lauren Dickson Stephen Dignan



David Dillard Coralea Dingley Knsten Dixon William Dixon Marcus Dodson Max Doellefeld Anika Doggett


Chnsty Donhauser Latasha Douglas Nia Douglas Erin Dowd Rebecca Drohan Aaron Dube Peter Dunn

Susan Duppstadt Anna Earles Katherine Earley Shawn Eaton Erica Eberwein Caitlin Eddy Katherme Eller

Rebecca Ely Sarah Emerson Bnan Emsley Carolynne Erwin Lauren Ethridge Matthew Evans Richard Evans

Nicole Filippo Ryan Finnegan John Finucane Sarah Fitch Robyn Fleck Caitlin Fleming Laura Flynn

Adam Foggia

Meghan Fortin Ellen Foust Blair Fraley Jennifer Frantz Maurice Frazier


Leah Fuhr Margaret Fuller Guillermo Furlan Kelly Gallagher Patnck Gallagher Pamela Gallerani Mario Gallucci

Emily Galvin Belh Garner

ml mm 1

Yasmeen Girardeau Logan Glanzer

Michael Goddard

,1 I

Tarrah Goforth Lindsey Goodman

becca Goodman Tyler Gordon Theresa Gosnell Katie Gosselin James Graham Tavia Grant

Daniel Guelzow Mark Gustafson Dione Guy Leslie Gwaltney Jeffrey Hadley Jamesia Hale Martin Haley

Courtney Hall Stacia Hall Colleen Hally

Gregory Halstead Arianne Hamilton

Laura Hamilton


Crystal Hance Erik Hansson Meredith Harman William Harra Jaime Harris Katherme Harrison Michelle Harrison

BBra) H

Roby Harrison Carrie Hartford

Melisha Hartman Jamie Hartzell Yoko Hashimoto Traci Hauser Dana Heatherly

Allison Heller Andrea Henderson David Henkel

Justin Herman

Timothy Herrick

m 1 \ l / ■ \

Melissa Hersh James Hetherington

Lauren Hoffmann Nathaniel Hogge Matthew Holden Hunter Holland Will Holliday William Holz Kathryn Hord

Jennifer Homback Daniel Hornyak Alder Hough Margaret Houts Jeffrey Howell Diana Huang Emily Hudson


Robert Huffman Rebekah Huie Zachary Hull Amanda Hulon Deena Husain Danielle Hutchison Mayo Inove

Donna Irons Melanie Isenbart Kathleen Iwancio Bryce Jackson

■■■I ml

Derrick Jackson Rebecca Jackson Ryan Jackson

Angela Jacobs Bret Jacobs Bryan Jacobs Austin-Drake James Jacob Jarvis Kristin Jenks Kathryn Jennings

Amy Johnson Bobby Johnson Bradd Johnson Charla Johnson Courtney Johnson Courtney E. Johnson Ryan Johnson

Summer Johnson Victoria Johnson Jennifer Jonas Allison Jones Denard Jones

Jennifer Jones

Leshe Kearley Kristopher Keene Richard Keene Meredith Kehoe Tammy Kelly Sarah Kemp Heather Kennon


Meredith Koebley Kelly Kohlhagen Kazuyo Kontani Kelly Koppenhafer Stasia Kowalski Mark Krehbtel Joy Kress

Carissa Kuhn Elizabeth Kurtz Caroline Lalla Karne Lambe'.h

Rachel Landis

Megan Lane

Virginia Langdon

Taresa Larock Hillary Launey Karen Lawrence Candace Lawson Kelly Lawson Elizabeth Leboeuf Paige Lee

Steven Lee Robert Leichtle Adam Lentz Whitney Lesch J Leslie Colin Lessig Julie Leven


Stefani Levin James Lewis Pat Lexa Alysha Liljeqvist Kevin Linfors Brett Lipman Keith Lodge


Jason Mabe Anne MacHowski Christopher Maggi Jennifer Maggio Michael Mahoney Krishna Manek Juliet Marateck

Justin Mazzola Elizabeth Mazzuchi Andrew Mc Carthy Jennifer Mc Cullough Marjone Mc Kay Lyndsay Mc Millen

Cara McAllister Jennifer McCormick Bryan McFarland Rory McFatridge Kimberly Mclnnis Kristin McKenney


Sarah McKown Shana McLaughlin Genevieve McLaunn Mariam McLeod Molly McPherson Michael McQuarrie Kristen Meetre

Amanda Megela Melissa Meiskey Lauren Melfa Mary Beth Miklich Travis Miller Matthew Millikin Colleen Minnock

Cecilio Mitchell Sarah Moffett

Anna Molaski

Elizabeth Moody Benjamin Moore


Stephen Morrison

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