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Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

Bibliography of Iowa Authors." Alice Marple,
State Historical Department, Des Moines, 1914. Lists
hundreds of authors with their works.

"Iowa in the World's Literature." Johnson Brig-
ham, in "The Quarterly of the Iowa Library Commis-
sion," January, 1905.

"Iowa Authors and Their Works." Miss Alice
Marple, in "Annals of Iowa," 1915. Published by Iowa
State Historical Society, Des Moines.

"List of Books by Iowa Authors." Published by
Iowa Library Commission, Des Moines, for the Exhibit
of Books by Iowa Authors in the Iowa State Building, St.
Louis, 1904.



Aylesworth, Barton Orville, Fort Collins

"Thirteen and Twelve Others"
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"Songs from Puget Sea"
Black Hawk,

Blanden, Charles Granger, Fort Dodge, later Chicago

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Brainard, Mrs. Eleanor, Iowa City, later New York

"Misdemeanors of Nancy. 1902"
Broadbent, Mrs. Marie, Des Moines

"lota's Scrap Book"

Brown, Leonard, Des Moines

"Poems of the Prairies. 1879"


Boylan, W. M. Hubbard

"Life's Purest Gold, poems. 1889"
Buck, Mrs. Lillian West Brown, West Burlington, now

of Chicago

"Plays and Players"

Burdette, Robert Jones, Burlington, now of California

"Chimes from a Jester's Bells"
Byers, Samuel Hawkins Marshall, Des Moines

"Iowa, a poem"
Calkins, Franklin Welles, Wyoming, Wis.

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Collier, Mrs. Ada, Dubuque

"Poems. 1885"
Drouit, Robert,

"An Idyll of Virginia, a play"
East, Mrs. Emma Tohnan, Denver, Colo

"Rhymes of an Idle Hour"
Eastman, Mrs. Charlotte W. Cedar Falls

"Evolution of Dodd's Sister. 1892"
French, Miss Alice ("Octava Thanet"), Davenport

"Expiation. 1890"
Frisbie, William Albert, Minneapolis, Minn.

"Pirate Frog and Other Tales. 1901"
Garland, Hamlin, Chicago, III.

"Boy Life on the Prairie. 1901"
Gilson, Roy Rolfe, New York

"When Love is Young. 1901"
Graham, Mrs. Margaret Collier, South Pasadena, Cal.

"Stories of the Foot-hills"
Griffith, Mrs. Helen, Philadelphia, Pa.

"Her Wilful Way"
Harbert, Mrs. Elizabeth Morrison, Evanston, III.

"Out of Her Sphere. 1871"
Harrison, Miss Elizabeth, Chicago, III.

"Children oi the Foot-hills"

Hempstead, Junius L. New Orleans, La.

"Musings of Morn, poems. 1898"


Hough, Emerson, Chicago, III.

"The Girl at the Half-way House. 1900"
Hughes, Rupert, New York

"Gyqes' Ring. 1901"
Jones, Mrs. Alice Ilzenfritz, Cedar Rapids

"Beatrice of Bayou Teche"
Jones, Miss Margaret Peterson,

"Scribblings in Verse. 1895"
Kaye, John B. Calmer

"Songs of Lake Geneva"
Lee, Franklin Warner*

"Dreamy Hours. 1890"
MacLean, George Edward, Iowa City

"Chart of English Literature"
Marshall, Mrs. Caroline Louise,

"Girl Ranchers"

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Reid, Harvey, Maquoketa

"In the Shadow of the Gallows. 1902"


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"Around the Fireside and Other Poems. 1894"
Waite, Mrs. Letitia C. Burlington

"By the Thorn Route. 1893"
Waterman, Nixon, Arlington Heights, Bostona

"Cap and and Bells. 1903"
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"Wee Folk of No-Man's Land. 1893"
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"Josephine Graham"

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"Chronological Outlines of American Literature. 1894"
While, Harvey, Chicago, III


Wright, Mrs. Hattie Leonard, Fort Dodge

"At the Twilight Hour and Other Poems. 1897"

Selected from "List of Books by Iowa Authors."

Notes on State Literature.

The presence of the German Commune at Amana
and the French Commune at Icaria have been interesting
facts in the literary material of Iowa. The navigation
of the Mormons across the state, French and Indian ele-


ments in history, the Dutch Colony at Pella, the residence
and death of Black Hawk, have also influenced the litera-
ture of Iowa. Notes from State Historical Publications.



Johnson, Brigham, State Librarian, Des Moines.
E. H. Harlan, State Historical Department, Des

Miss Alice Marple, Des Moines.

Dr. Benjamin Shambough, Iowa City.

Miss Lavinia Steele, Des Moines.

Professor S. L. Whitcomb, Lawrence, Kansas.


Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

"A Glance at the Kansas Novel." Thesis, Univer-
sity of Kansas Library, by Mae Rear don, 1915.

"A Survey of the Kansas Short Story." Thesis,
University of Kansas Library, by Iva Belle Harper, 1915.

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Crane Company, Topeka. 1907.

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Flint. Thesis University of Kansas Library, 1916.

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"Kansas Women in Literature." Mrs. Barber.
Crane Company, Topeka.

"Poets and Poetry of Kansas." Thomas W. Her-

"Studies in Kansas Poetry." Lelia Marie Schwartz.
Thesis University of Kansas Library, 1914.




Ahlborn, Ida A.

"The Ballad of the Type"

Allerton, Ellen, Poet.

"Walls of Corn"
Arthur, Elizabeth Barr,

"Washburn Ballads"

Brewer, Grace D.

Short Story Writer

Call, Jesse Lewellyn,

Short Story Writer.

Cavaness, J. M. Poet.

"Rhythmic Studies of the Words"
Cavaness, A. A. Poet.

"Ben Harrison"
Clark, Esther M.

"Call of Kansas"
Congdon, Laura D.

Short Story Writer.
Connelley, William E.

"Wyandot Folk Lore"
Crabb, William, Poet.

"Poems of the Plains"
Don Carlos, Louisa C.

"A Battle in the Smoke"
Dwight. Theodore, Poet.

"The Kansas War"
Graham, Effie,

"The Passin'-on Party"
Graves, Jennie C.

"Moving Picture Plays"
Gray, Anna Dunning,

Negro Dialect Short Story Writer.
Haggard, David Dillard, Poet.

"The Common Herd"


Harger, C. M. Poet.

"Sunset on the Prairies"
Homer, Hattie, Poet.

"Collection of Verse"
Hudson, Mrs. Mary Worrall,

"In the Missouri Woods"
Ingals, John J.

"Ingals' Works"

James, Amanda T. Magazine Writer.
"Flowers and a Weed"
Lynn, Margaret,

"A Step-daughter of the Prairies"
Malin, Gustav U.

"Charley Johnson"
Markham, W. C.

"To Our Boys"
Mason, Walt, Poet.

"Rhymes of the Range"
May, Celeste, Poet.

"Sounds of the Prairie"
McArthur, Mrs. Isabell,

"Everybody Loves a Lover"
McCarter, Margaret Hill, Novelist.
"A Wall of Men"
Moody, Joel, Poet.

"Song of Kansas"
Myers, Mrs. E. Hamilton,

Poet and Dramatic Writer.
Perkins, Margaret,

"Echoes of Pawnee Rock"
Prentis, Noble L.

"A Kansan Abroad"
Quayle, William A. Now of another state.

"In God's Out of Doors"
Realf, Richard,

"The Defense of Lawrence"


Remsburg, John E.

"The Image Breaker"
Robinson, Sara T. D. Early Writer.

"Kansas Interior and Exterior"
Ropes. Mrs. Hannah Anderson,

"Six Months in Kansas. (The first Kansas Novel)"
Russ, Edna Thatcher,

Short Story Writer.

Savage, Mrs. Mary,

"God's Beautiful Thots"

Sheldon, Charles M.

"In His Steps"

Snow, Florence L.

"The Lamp of Gold"

Stevens, Kate, Poet.

"Winds of Kansas"

Stevenson, Miss Margaret,

Writer of Books for the Blind.
Thorpe, Rose Hartwick,

"Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight"
Ware, Eugene F.

"Rhymes of Ironquill"
Wattles, W. A.

White, William Allen, Novelist.

"A Certain Rich Man"
Whitcombj Jessie Wright,

"Freshman and Senior"
Wilder, Charlotte F.

"Land of the Rising Sun"
Wright, Harold Bell,

"That Printer of Udell's"
Zumwalt, Imri,

"Among the Argoane Hills"

Selected from Histories and Bibliographies of



Treatment of the State In American Literature.

Charles Estabrook says in a lecture at the University
of Kansas: "Considering its youth, Kansas is remarkably
rich in literary genius. Considering its age, Kansas eas-
ily outstrips all other states in the wealth of its literary


Notes on State Literature.

The first period of Kansas Literature, extending
from 1854-79, produced very little literature, although
it was the formative period for Kansas novelists. During
this time the first Kansas novel by Mrs. Hannah Ander-
son Ropes "Six Months in Kansas," was published. The
second period of Kansas literature extends from 1879-89,
and was the period when the literature began to grow.
But the next decade was the most productive in the lit-
erary history of the state. The next decade was a period
of decline, but it would seem that the present decade is to
be a very productive one. Margaret Hill McCarter is
the leading Kansas novelist. Her poet, Walt Mason, is
believed to have the largest daily audience of any living
writer. His poems are published daily in more than two
hundred newspapers in the United States and Canada.
Notes from Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.


Professor W. H. Carruth, Leland Stanford Univer-

W. E. Connelley, Topeka

Miss Francis. Topeka

Also, see data under "II" above.



Use in State Schools.

The following classics are used in the schools of
Kansas: "Call of Kansas," by Esther M. Clark; "Each
in His Own Tongue," by W. H. Carruth; "In the Valley
of the Arickaree," by Margaret Hill McCarter; "The
Home-coming of Colonel Hucks," by William Allen
White; "Quivera," by Eugene Ware. Selected from
"State Classics."


Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

"A Syllabus of Kentucky Folk Songs." Herbert G.
Shearin and Josiah H. Combs. Transylvania Printing
Company, Lexington, Kentucky. 1911.

"Anthology of Kentucky Literature." Josiah Combs.
John P. Morton Company, Louisville, Kentucky. 1914.

"Kentuckians in History and Literature." J. W.
Townsend. 1 907 .

"The Poets and Poetry of Kentucky," a chapter in
"Collins' History of Kentucky." 1882.



Allen, James Lane. Novelist.

"A Kentucky Cardinal"
Altsheler, Joseph A. Novelist.

"The Candidate"
Andrews, Mary Raymond Shipman, Novelist.

"The Perfect Tribute"
Ayers> Daisy Fitzhugh, Novelist.

"The Conquest"
Bacon, John H. Novelist. Maine, now of Kentucky

"The Pursuit of Phyllis"
Banks, Nancy Huston, Novelist.


Baskett, James Newton, Novelist.

"Sweet Brier and Thistledown"
Betts, Mary E., Poet

"A Dream of Beauty"
Chivers, Thomas Holly, Poet.

"Lily Adair"
Crockett, Ingram, Novelist.

"A Brother of Christ"
Davis, Garrett M. Writer of boys' stories
"In the Footsteps of Boone"
Ellis, James T. Dialect writer.

"Sprigs o' Mint"
Ford, Sallie R. Novelist.

"Grace Truman"
Fox, John, Novelist.

"The Trail of the Lonesome Pine"
Goodloe, Abbie Carter, Novelist.

"At the Foot of the Rockies"
Hobbs, Roe R. Novelist.

Johnson, Thomas, Poet.

"The Kentucky Miscellany"
Johnston, Mrs. Annie Fellows, Juvenile writer.

^ "Little Colonel"
Ketchum, Annie Chambers, Poet.

"Semper Fidelis"
Kinkeads, Ellanor T. Novelist.

"The Invisible Bond"
Litzey, Edwin Carlile, Novelist.

"Love Story of Abner Stone"
Lloyd, John, Novelist.

"Stringtown on the Pike"
Macauley, Mrs. Frances Caldwell, Novelist.

"The Lady of the Decoration"
Manning, Estelle H. Novelist.


Martin, Mrs. George Madden, Juvenile writer.

"Emey Lou"
McKinney, K. S. Novelist.

"The Silent Witness
Messenger, Mrs. Lillian R. Novelist.

"The Heroine of the Hudson"
Morris, George V. Novelist.

"A Man for a' That"
Obenchain, Mrs. Lida Calvert, Novelist.
"Aunt Jane of Kentucky"
Piatt, Sarah B. Poet. Now of Ohio

"A Word with a Skylark"
Pittman, Mrs. H. Novelist.

"The Belle of the Blue Grass Country"
Potts, Mrs. E. D. Epic writer.

"Song of Lancaster"
Rice, Alice Hegan, Novelist.

"Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch"
Richard Warfield Creath, Epic writer. Now of Ala-

"The Fall of the Alamo"
Rives, Hattie Ermine, Novelist.

"Hearts Courageous"
Robertson, Harrison, Novelist.

"How the Derby Was Won"
Robbins, Elizabeth,

"A Dark Lantern"
Rosch, Abby McGuire, Novelist.

"Some Successful Marriages"
Rule, Lucian V. Poet.

"The Shrine of Love"
Seibert, Miss Venita, Novelist.

"The Gossamer Thread"
Visscher, William L. Epic writer.

"Chicago: An Epic"
Welby^, Amelia B. Poet.

"The Rainbow"


Wilson, Robert Burns, Poet. Now of New York

"Shadows of the Trees"

Selected from "Kentuckians in History and Lit-


Treatment of the State in American Literature.

"Kentucky has produced, not one, but two really
great poets Theodore O'Hara and Madison Cawein."
"One may readily see that the accusation made by a
prominent man 'Kentucky is producing nothing but light
literature' is wholly unfounded. The truth is, Kentuck-
ians are yearly enriching American history by their con-
tribution? to it." J. W. Townsend.


Notes on State Literature.

The first Kentucky novelist, Gilbert Imlay, wrote
"The Emigrants," which is said to be an intensely inter-
esting novel and one of the rarest of rare" Kentucky
books. James Lane Allen has said, "Kentucky has pro-
duced little or no literature." Yet she has produced about
seventy-five poets, of whom Thomas Johnson was the
first. "The Rainbow," by Amelia B. Welby, is said to
be the best poem that a woman writer of Kentucky has
produced. Other well known poets are Prentice and
Stanton, Cutter, Harney, Spaulding and Mrs. Piatt.
The Author of "My Old Kentucky Home," Stephen
Collins Foster, was a native of Pennsylvania and
only spent a few weeks in Kentucky. The immortal
masterpiece of O'Hara, "Bivouac of the Dead," is the one
great elegy in American literature. This was published in
1847, a d Kentucky's next great poetical work, "Ken-
tucy Poems," by Cawein, was published in 1902. Mary J.
Holmes' first and most popular novels were written in


and of Kentucky.

Notes from "Kentuckians in History and Litera-


Mr. Young E. Allen, Louisville

Dr. H. Cittell, Louisville

Professor D. A. Thomas, Daneville

Mr. Charles Williams, Louisville


Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

"Fortiers' Louisiana Literature" in "The South in
the Building of the Nation."

Johnson's Southern Fiction prior to 1860.
"Louisiana Studies." Fortier.
"M'Caleb's Louisiana Book."
"Thomason's Louisiana Writers."



Aiken, Mrs. J. G.

Augustin, George,

"Legends of New Orleans"
Augustin, John,

"Creole Songs"
Augustin, Marie*

"Le Macandal. Novel"
Baker, Mrs. Marion A.

"Poems, Essays, and Other Writings"
Bigney, Mark F.

"Wreck of the Nautilus, and other poems"
Bleton, C.

"De la Poesie dans I' Historic"


Bruns, John Dickson,

"Wrecked, and other poems"
Buckner, Mrs. R. T.

"Toward the Gulf"
Canonge, L. Placide, Dramatist.

"Brise du Sud"
Carleton, Henry Guy, Dramatist.

Collens, Thomas Wharton,

"Martyr Patriots," A drama
Courmout, Fele de,

Dalshenner, Mrs. Alice,

"Twilight Shadows. Poems"
David, Urbain,

"Les Anglais a la Louisiane"
Davis. Mrs. Mary Evelyn,

"In War Times at La Rose Blanch"
Dejacque, Joseph,

Dessomes, George,

"A Deux Marts"
Dinnes, Mrs. Annie Peyre,

"The Floral Year, and other poems"
Defour, Cyprien,

"Esquisses Locales"
Dupny, Eliza Ann,

Fickley, Mrs. John R.

"Drama Poetry"
Flash, Henry Lynden, Later of California

"What She Brought Me" A poem
Fortier, Alcee,

"Historic de la Litterature Franchise"
Gayarre. Charles Etienne Arthur,

"History of Louisiana"


Gentil, J.


Grisna, E.

Hearn Lafcadio, Later of Japan

Holcombe, William Henry,

"Southern Voices"
Homes, Mrs. Mary Sophie,

"Wreath of Rhymes"
Hoskins, Mrs. Josephine R.

"Love's Stratagem"
Houssage, de la Madame S.

"Le Mari de Marguerite"
Howe, W. W.

"The Late Lamented," A drama
Jamison, Mrs. C. V.

"Story of an Enthusiast"
Johnston, William Preston,

"My Garden Walls"
Lamal, P.

"Voyage en Oceanic"
Nagle, J. E.

"A Home That I Love"
Nicholson, Mrs. Eliza Jane,

Overall, John W.

Pilsbury, Charles A.

"Pepita and I"
Pugh, Mrs. Eliza,

"Not a Hero"
Townsend, Mrs. Mary Ashley,

"Captain's Story"
VValworth, Mrs. Jeannette R.

"Southern Silhouettes"


Wilde, Richard Henry,

"My Life is Like the Summer Rose"
Willipjns, Espy W. H.

Williams, Mrs. Mary Bushnell,

"Serfs of Chateney"
Selected from "Southern Literature."


Treatment of the State in American Literature.

"Louisiana, with its romantic history, its stately river,
its magnificent forests, its luxuriant vegetation, its num-
erous bayous, overshadowed by secular oak trees, and its
picturesque scenery on the coast of the Gulf seemed to be
a fit abode for poets. They were inspired by climate, by
the nature of the country, by patriotism, by the chivalry
and bravery of the men, and, above all, by the beauty and
grace of the women. Our literature, therefore, is rich in
poets, richer perhaps than that of any other state." For-
tier, in "Louisiana Studies."

Notes on State Literature.

The literature of Louisiana is unique in that it is
written in two languages, the English and the French.
The literature of the colonial period consisted mostly of
official reports. One exception should be made for the
earliest work in Louisiana literature, the poem "La Prise
du Marne du Baton Rouge," written by Julien Poydras
in 1779. The period of French literature extends from
1814-1893. Fortier, fn "Louisiana Studies," says: "The
French literature of Louisiana is no unworthy daughter of
that of France and will long continue to live ; it is modest
and simple, but above all sincere in its love for Louisiana,
the United States, and France." The English literature
of Louisiana is very extensive and includes a large num-
ber of authors in all lines of literary activity.

Notes from "Louisiana Studies."




H. M. Blain, Baton Rouge.

W. O. Hart, New Orleans.

Miss Grace King, New Orleans.
Robert Share, President Tulane University, New Orleans.

Mrs. Stuart, New Orleans


Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

"Bibliography of Maine." Williamson.

"Historical Review of Literature in Maine"
"Maine in Literature.'* New England Magazine.
Volume 22, pp. 726-743.
"Native Poets of Maine." S. Herbert Lancey.
Bangor. David Bugbee & Company, 1854.
"Poets of Maine." Griffith.



I. Early Novelists. Elwell, Edward H.

Abbott, Jacob, Flagg, Edmund,

Abbott, John S. C. Kellogg, Elizah,

Bates* Arlo, Neal, John,

Brooks, Noah, Smith, Joseph E.

2. Early Poets Selected from "Maine in Liter-

Allen, Mrs. Elizabeth A Pike, Mrs. Mary H.
Barker, David, rreritis, Mrs. E. P.

Bullard, Mrs. Laura Curtis, Smith, Elizabeth Oakes,
Burney, Fanny, Spofford, Mrs. Harriet P.

Cutter, William, Sweet, Mrs. M. J. M.

Glazier, William B. Thatcher, Benjamin B.

Howard, Miss Blanche W. Thrale, Mrs.


Jewett, Sarah Owen, Tincker, Miss Mary A.

Mace, Mrs. Frances L. Upham, Professor,
McLellan, Isaac, Willis, N. P.

Parton, Mrs. Sarah P. W. Wood, Mrs. Sally S.

Selected from "Maine in Literature".

3. Authors of Maine.

Recent Authors

Chase, Mrs. Mary Allen,

"Virginia of Elk Creek Valley."
Hallet, Richard Mathews,

"The Lady Aft"
Roche, Arthur Somers,


Notes furnished by H. E. Dunnock.
Maine State Library

4. Poets of Maine.
Barker, David, 1846-

"Try Again"
Beckett, Sylvester B. 1812-

"O, Lady, Sing That Song Again"
Bradbury, Miss Hannah E.

"The Covered Bridge"
Colesworthy, Daniel C. 1810-

"Don't Kill the Birds"
Crosby, William G.

"The Last Leaf"
Cutter, William, 1802.

"Who is My Neighbor?"
Dela> Lewis, Humorous poet.

"Law vs. Saw"
Deering Nathaniel,

"The Grave"
Field, Edward M. 1822-

"My Sister"
Fuller, Melville W. 1833-



Fuller, Benjamin A. G. 1818-

"Faith, Hope, Charity"
Glazier, William B. 1827.

Hay ford, Miss Sarah,

"The Sleeping Babe"
Ilsley, Charles P. 1806.

"O, This is Not My Home"
Langhton, Miss Fanny P. 1836-

"Castles in the Fire"
Longfellow, Henry W. 1807-1825.

Lovejoy, Elijah B. 1802-1837.

"Inspirations of the Muse"
McLellan, Isaac, 1811-1854.

"The Death of Napoleon"
Mellen, Frederic,

"Song of the Wintery Wind"
Mellen, Grenville, 1799-1842.

"Mount Vernon"
Moore, Miss Hannah A.

"The Spirit of Song"
Neal, John, 1793-1854.

"The Battle of Niagary,
Percy, Florence, 1832-

"June Shower"
Roberts, Charles P. 1822-

"The Sleep of Nature"
Smith, Elizabeth O. 1807-1854.

"The Sinless Child"
Smith, Seba, 1792-1854.

"The Little Graves"
Snow, George W. 1809.

"The Tempest Driven"
Spaulding, Miss Sarah W. 1834-

"The Storm and the Rainbow"
Stephens, Mrs. H. Marion, 1823-

"Passion and Reality"


Thatcher, Benjamin B. 1809-1840.

"Weap Not for the Dead"
Weston, Edward P. 1819-1854.

"A Vision of Immortality"
Willis, Nathaniel P. 1807-1827.

"The Confessional"
Woodbridge, Miss A. D.

"Life's Light and Shade"

Selected from "Native Poets of Maine."


Notes on State Literature.

Samuel Moody, a York minister, who published
many sermons, was the pioneer of literature in Maine.
Up to the year 1800 nothing but religious works had been
put forth by Maine authors with the single exception of
one poem, "Pitchwood Hill," by Dr. Deane. Real lit-
erature in Maine began about 1820. Some important
books published Just about this time are: Professor
Cleveland s "Treaties on Mineralogy" ; Moses Green-
leaf's "Statistical View of Maine"; Joseph Whipple's
''History of Acadia" ; and Rev. Daniel Merrill's "Let-
ters to Baptists." In 1816 "The Village," the first regu-
lar work in verse, was published by Enoch Lincoln. The
region about Lovell's Pond near Frj-eburg. Maine, has
some pretentions as classic ground for the student of
American literature. It was the battle fought here that
inspired the ballad "Lovewell's Fight." It is said to have
been reprinted more than any other poem written before
the Revolution.

Notes from "Onderdouk's History of American
Literature" and "Historical Review of Literature in
Maine" by Josiah Williamson.



Henry E. Dunnack, Augusta



Use in State Schools.

"Many cities and towns use selections of the auth-
ors of Maine in their schools, as those, for example, of
Longfellow and of others of less wide repute." Payson
Smith, State Superintendent of Schools.


Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

"Early Maryland Poetry." Ebenezer Cook. 1900.

"Representative Authors of Maryland," Henry E.
Shepperd. Whitehall Publishing Company, New York,

"The Poet and Verse Writers of Maryland with Se-
lections from Their Works." George C. Ferine.



Archer, G. W.

"More Than She Could Bear. Tale of Texas"
Bosman, John Leeds,.

"Verses and prose articles"
Browne, Emma Alice,

"The Water Lilies Float Away"
Calvert, George Henry,

"Poems: Goethe, Dante, St. Benve"
De Kay, Charles,

Dennis, James Teackle,

"On the Shores of an Inland Sea"
Donaldson, James Lowry,

"Sergeant Atkins"
Forwood, William Stump,

"Mammouth Cave of Kentucky"


Gibbons, James,

"Faith of Our Fathers"

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