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Hammond, John,

"Two Sisters"
Hunger ford, James,

"Master of Beverly"
Kennedy, John Pendleton,

"Horse-shoe Robinson"
Key, Francis Scott,

"Star-Spangled Banner"
Lanier, Sidney, Georgia, later Maryland

"Tiger Lilies, A novel"
Miles, George Henry, 1824-1871.

"Aladdin's Palace," A drama
Palmer, John Williamson, 1825.

"After His Kind. A novel. 1828"
Pinkney, E. C. 1802.


Poe, Edgar, Allan, 1809-1849.
Randall, James Ryder, 1838.

"My Maryland"
Reese, Ligette Woodworth,

"A Branch of May, poems"
Searing, Mrs. L. C.

"Sounds from Secret Chambers"
Smith, Francis H. 1838.

"Colonel Carter of Cartersville"
Smith, Nathan Ryno, 1797-1877.

"Legends of the South"
Spencer, Edward, 1834.

"Kit," A drama
Tabb, John B.

Thomas, Frederick William, 1811-1866.

"Tis Said that Absence Conquers Love"

Selected from "Southern Literature."



Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

"Literary Land Marks of Boston." L. Swift
Houghton, 1903.

"The Hundred Boston Orators." Loring, 1852.



Adams, Oscar F., Boston

"The Archbishop's Unguarded Moment"
Addison, Julia De Wolf, Boston

"The Night Hath a Thousand Eyes"
Aiken, Conrad Potter, Boston

"Earth Triumphant"
Allen, Willis B., Boston

"In the Morning"
Barbour, Anna M., Boston

"Breakers Ahead"
Barbour, Ralph H., Manchester

"Kitty of the Roses"
Bartlett, Frederick O., Cambridge

"The Triflers"
Bates, Katherine Lee, Wellesley

One of the best known American poets.
Bellamy, William, Boston

"Broken Words"
Blodgett, Mabel, L. F., West Newton

"At the Queen's Mercy"
Bridgeman, Lewis J., Salem

Brill, George B., Monument Beach

"Bobby Bumpkin"

Brooks, Amy, Boston

"At the Sign of the Three Birches"


Brown, Abbie F.,

Brown, Alice,
Brown. Kate L.,

"Fresh Posies"
"Vanishing Points"



"Alice and Tom"
Burgess, 'Thornton W.,

"Boy Scouts on Swift River"
Cable, George W., Northampton

"Old Creole Days"
Champney, Elizabeth W., Deerfield

"Rosemary and Rue"
Chase, Jessie A., Boston

"A Daughter of the Revolution"
Chase, Stuart, Boston

"A Honeymoon Experiment"
Conkling, Grace, W. H., Northampton

"Afternoons of April"
Connolly, James B., Boston

"Sonnie Boy's People"
Converse, Florence, Wellsley

"Diana Victrix"
Cook, George C., Provincetown

"In Hampton Roads"
Corcoran, Brewer, Springfield

"The Bantam"
Coyle, Henry, Boston

"The Little Runaways"
Crosby, Edward H., Boston

Curtis, Alice T., Boston

"Lyrics of Faith and Hope"
Day, Holman F., Boston

"Up In Maine"
Day, George E., Somerville

"Wild Rose and Thistle"

Deland, Margaretta W., Boston

"The Old Garden"


Deland, Ellen D., Dedham

"Country Cousins"
Delano, Edith B., Deerfield

"The White Pearl"
Dickinson, Martha G., Amherst

"A Cossack Lover"
Dillingham, Frances B., Auburndale

"A Christmas Tree Scholar"
Donnell, Annie H., F(gfoiringham

"Rebecca Mary"
Donworth, Grace, Boston

"Miss Musgrove"
Dowe, Jennie E. T., Boston

"The Minute Men"
Doyle, Martha C. M., Newton Highlands

"Little Miss Dorothy"
DVys, George W., Roue

"His Third Wife"
Dyer, Walter A., Amherst

"Gulliver, the Great"
Field, Gertrude R., Tufts College

"State Song of Rhode Island"
Forbes, Harriette M., Worcester

"The Hundredth Town"
Foster, Edna A., Annisquam

"The Leaven of Love"
French, Allen, Concord

"Sir Marrock"
Gardner, William H., Winthrop

"Merry Songs for Little Folks"
Gibson, Charles, Boston

"The Spirit of Love"
Gifford. Fannie S. D., Pittsfield

"Crack O' Dawn"
Gilmore, Inez H. Scituate

"The Lady of Kingdoms"

Glaspell, Susan, Provincetown

"Lifted Masks"


Grant Robert Boston

"The Knave of Hearts"
Greene, Sarah P., Lexington

"Leon Pontifex"
Hall, James N., Boston

"Kitchner's Mob"
Harbour, Jefferson L., Boston

"Short Story Writer"
Hawkins, Chauncey J., Boston

"Ned Brewster's Bear Hunt"
Higginson, Mary P. T., Cambridge

"Room For One More"
Hopkins, Margaret S. B., Amherst

"Perchance to Dream"
Hopkins, William J., South Dartmouth

"The Clammer and the Submarine"
Hornibrooke, Isabel, Worcester

"Camp and Trail"
Jewett, John H., Springfield

"Christmas Stocking Stories"
King, Basil, Cambridge

"Wild Olive"
Kline, Burton, Boston

"The End of the Flight"
Lathrop, Harriett M., Concord

"Five Little Peppers Grown Up"
Leahy, William A., Boston

"The Incendiary"
Lee Jeannette. Northampton

"The Ibsen Secret"
Leonard, Nellie M., Brookville

"The Gray Mouse Family"
Lindsey, William Boston

"Apples of Istakhar"
Lowell, Amy, Boston

"Sword Blades and Poppy Seed"

Marks, Jeanette, South Hadley

"The End of a Song



Mason, Caroline A., Beverly

"A Woman of Yesterday"
Morse, Margaret F., Boston

"The Spirit of the Pines"
O'Brien, Edward J., Bass River

"The Forgotten Threshold"
Orcutt, William D., Norwood

"The Princess Kallisto"
Peabody, Josephine P., Cambridge

"The Wayfarers"
Perin, Florence H., Boston

"Sunlit Days"
Pidgin, Charles F., Boston

"Quincy Adams Sawyer
Pier Arthur S., Boston

"Story of Harvard
Plympton, Almira G., Dover

"Gerald and Geraldine"
Poor, Agnes B., Boston

"Under Guiding Stars"
Porter, Eleanor H., Cambridge

Paulson, Anna E., Boston

"Holiday Songs"
Pratt, Lucy, Cambridge

"Felix Tells It"
Proctor, Edna D., Farming ham

"Mountain Maid"
Prouty, Oliver H., Boston

"Bobbie, General Manager"
Reed, Helen L., Cambridge

"Irma in Italy"
Riley, James, Boston

"Bound Out"
Robinson, Edith, Boston

"A Little Daughter of Liberty"

Sanborn, Mary F., Boston

"Paula Ferris"


Schauffler, Robert H., Greenbush

"Scum o' the Earth"
Sears, Clara E., Harvard

"The Unfurling of the Flag"
Sheahan, Henry B., Topsfield

"A Volunteer Poilu"
Sherman, Ellen B., Weston

"Taper Lights"
Skinner, Henrietta C. D., Boston

"Their Choice"
Sparhawk, Frances C., Newton Center

"Little Polly Blatchley"
Spofford, Harriet P., Newburryport

"New England Legends"
Steele, Wilbur D., Provincetown

Ticknor, Caroline A., Boston

"A Port in Exile"
True, John P., Waban

"Scouting for Light Horse Harry"
Upham, Grace Le B., Boston

"'Twixt You and Me"
Van Buran, Alicia K., Boston

"As Thought is Led"
Vorse, Mary H., Provincetown

"The Ninth Man"
Waterman, Nixon, Boston

"Sunshine Verses"
Ward, Herbert D., Newton Center

"A Dash to the Pole"
West, James H., Lynn

Westley, George H., Boston

"Joan of the Bay"
Wesselhoeft, Lily F., Boston

"The Winds, the Woods and the Wanderer"

White, Eliza O., Boston

"An Only Child"


White, Frances H., Lynn

"Sea Tales"
Whitson, John H., Rowley

"The Castle of Doubt"
Williams, Herschel, Cambridge

"Fairy Tales from Folk Lore"

Winslow, Helen M., Shirley

"The President of Quex"

Selected from "Who's Who."


Treatment of the State in American Literature.

A professor of English in a Massachusetts University
says: "Fifty per cent of American belles-lettres up to
1875 was written in Massachusetts."


Notes on State Literature.

Her early literature was influenced by religious in-
terests. The only province that could compare with
Massachusetts in literary achievement was Pennsylvania.
The first ambitious poetical efforts in Massachusetts
were in the direction of translation. Massachusetts is a
great literary state and holds a national position. Boston
at any time was a literary center. Harvard University
has sent her men all over the United States. Notes from
Onderdouk's History of American Literature.


Use in State Schools.

"Massachusetts uses many selections from her own
state authors in her public schools." W. I. Hamilton,
Massachusetts Board of Education.



Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

"Authors and Poets of Michigan." By E. Cora
Depuy, published by W. B. Conkey Company, Chicago,
111. Price $5.00 and $7.00.

Volume No. 39, of the "Michigan Historical Col-
lections." 1915. $1.00. Published by Michigan His-
torical Commission at Lansing. List of authors.



Poets of Michigan.
Alger, I. P.

"Michigan Past and Present"
Barnes, Mrs. R. C.

"Song of Time"
Bishop, Levi,

"Battle of the River Raisin"
Brown, E. Lakin,

"The Old Pioneer"
Campbell, James Valentine,

"A Legend of L'Anse Creuse"
Carleton, Will,

"Farm Ballads"
Close, Converse,-

"A New Version of an Old Song"
Cole, James L.

Crawford, Riley C.

"Ode to Michigan"
Day, John E.

"Backwards A Glance Into the Past"
De Puy, E. Cora,

"A Christmas Eve"
Delffield, Samuel W.



Eggleston, B. F.

"Some Forty Years Ago"
Foreman, Mary,

"Landscape Painting"
Goodrich, Enos,

"Michigan, My Michigan"
Goodrich, Samuel Griswold,

"Lake Superior"
Grant, Peter,

"Where Hath Scotland Found Her Fame/'
Harrison, Almon,

"Sixty Years Ago"
Hutchins, Mrs. Harrison,

"Pioneering Gathering Sap and Going to Mill"
IngersolL Mrs. E. S.

"The State Capital"
Kelland, Clarence B.,

"Into His Own"
Pierce, Mrs. N. H.

"The Brave Pioneer"
Reinick, Grace,

"Glenoch Girls"
Robinson, J. A.

"Reminiscences in Rhyme"
Sammons, J. F.

"A Pioneer Song as Sung by Perrin Moe"
Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe,

"The Birchen Canoe"
Snyder, Mrs. John,

"Betsy and Josiah"
Taylor, Mrs. Hannah Fowler,

"The Twin Peninsulas"
Tuttle, Mrs. Eunice,

"Song to Our Pioneers"
Waldron, Mrs. Mary E.

""My Jewells"


Webster, N. B.

"When I Was a Boy with Head Like Tow"

Selected from Vol. 39 of the "Michigan Historical



Charles Moore, Lansing

E. Cora DePuy, Detroit


Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

"A Bibliography of Minnesota." J. F. Williams.

"Minnesota Historical Collections." Volume III,

Four issues of the "Library Notes and News" con-
tain material about Minnesota literature.

"Minnesota Authors" in "Library Notes and
News," January, 1908.

"Library Notes and News," May, 1908.

"Minnesota Authors." Library Notes and News,"
December, 1909.

"Minnesota Women Who Write." Library Notes
and News," December, 1909.



Arnold, Mrs. W. J. Wabasha

"Poets and Poetry of Minnesota"
Baker, James Heaton, Mankato

"Poets of Minnesota"
Bates, Carroll Lund, Lake City

"The Master"

Berghold, Alexander, Now of -California

"The Indian's Revenge. (Translated into the German"


Bishop, Harriet E. St. Paul

"Minnesota Then and Now, a volume of verse"
Blake, Mrs. Katharine, Minneapolis

"Heart's Haven"
Burton, Richard, University of Minnesota

"Literary Leaders of America"
Crothers, Samuel McChord, Now of Boston

"Miss Muffet's Christmas Party"
CudmoTe, P. Fariboult

"Prophecy of the Twentieth Century"
Day, Oscar F. G., Minneapolis

"Crown of Shame"
Dunlap, Mrs. Rose Bartean, St. Paul

"Minnesota Biography"
Eastman, Charles A., Redwood Falls

"Story of Little Big Horn"
Eastman, Mrs. Mary, Fort Snelling

"Decotah, or Life and Legends of the Sioux"
Eggleston, Edward, St. Peter

"Hoosier School Master"
Gannett, Wm. C, St. Paul

"Faith that Makes Faithful"
Gilbert, Charles Benajah, St. Paul

"Stepping-stones to Literature"
Gilfillan, Joseph Alexander, Now of Washington, D. C.

"Objibways: a Novel of Indian Life"
Gordon, Hanford Lenox, St. Cloud

"Legends of the Northwest"
Guthrie, Anna Lorraine, Minneapolis

"Edited Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature"
Huntington, George, Northfield

Iliowizi, Henry,

"Herod: a tragedy"
Judd, Mary Catharine, Minneapolis

"Wigwam Stories"

Lee, Franklin William, Rush City

"Shred of Lace"


Lee, Minnie Mary, Souk Rapids

"Herbert's Wife"
Long, Lily A., St. Paul

"Squire of Low Degree"
Luby, M. D. C, St. Paul

"New American Epic Poem"
MacLean, George Edwin, Noiv of Iowa

"Chart of English Literature
Massingham, Will J., Duluth

"Lake Superior and Other Poems"
Merriman, Mrs. Effie Woodward, Minneapolis

Miller, Mrs. Emily Huntington, St. Paul

' "Captain Fritz"
Newson, Thomas McLean, St. Paul

"Indian Legends of the Minnesota Lakes"
O'Brien, Dillon, St. Paul

"Widow Melville's Boarding House"
Oppenheim, Mrs. Ansel, St. Paul

"Allistao, a Romance
Pierce, Squire L., St. Paul

"Di: a Story"
Powell, John Walker, Duluth

" Poets' Vision of Man"
Russell, Edson Broughton, Minneapolis

"Sheltered Waifs"
Upson, Arthur,

"At the Sign of the Harp"
Warner, Anne, St. Paul

"Seeeing France with Uncle John"
Williams, John Fletcher, St. Paul

"Bibliography of Minnesota"

Wilson, Mrs. Justina, Minneapolis

"Cumulative Book Review Digest"

Selected from "Library Notes and News."



Notes on State Literature.

Some Minnesota authors of the period of French
exploration are: Radison, Duluth, Hennepin, La Salle,
Perrot, Le Sueur, Verendrye, Carver, Thompson, Mack-
enzie, Henry, Cass, Schoolcraft, Long, Keating, Beltram-
ini, and Zebulon Montgomery Pike are some authors of
the fur-trading period. Minnesota has an active and
thoroughly organized Library Association. This Asso-
ciation has done much to advance the literary interests of
the state. It also furnished books in the foreign languages
to the foreigners of the state that it may educate them
and make them better citizens. Some good work has been
done by Minnesota authors in the German, Norwegian,
and Swedish languages. In the book entitled "Master-
pieces from Swedish Literature in English" are found
many translations by Minnesota authors.

Notes from "Library Notes and News."


Mrs. Rose Bateau Dunlap, St. Paul

Warren Upham, St. Paul


Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

"Mississippi as a Field for the Student of Literature."
W. L. Weber, in "Publications of Mississippi Historical
Society," Volume I.

"Owens' Bibliography of Mississippi." In Ameri-
can Historical Association Report, Volume I, 1899.




Bien, H. M.

"Oriental Legends. 1883"
Berryhill, S. Newton,

"Backwoods Poems. 1878"
Bonner, Sherwood,

"A Flower of the South"
Cappleman, Mrs. J. F.

"Heart Songs. 1899"
Carpente^ M. T.

"Memories of the Past. 1850"
Collins, J. C.

"Poems. 1883"
Duval, Miss Mary V.

"The Queen of the South," a drama. 1899
Frantz, Mrs. V. J.

"Ira Greenwood. 1877"
Homberlin, L. R.

"Lyrics" 1881
Hebron, Elley E.

"Songs from the South. 1875"
Huntington, Miss Irwin, 1892.

"The Wife of the Sun, a legend of the Natchez"
Lynch, J. D.

"Robert E. Lee; or Heroes of the South, a poem. 1876"
Malone, Walter, 1882

Marshall, T. D.

"Everything, Nothing, and Other Things, poems. 1886"
Moore, Col. M. V.

"The Rhyme of the Southern Rivers. 1897"
Oliver, J. M. "

"The Little Girl at the Spanish Fort. 1870"
Simmons, J. F.

"The Welded Link. 1881"


Ward, Wm.

"Poems. 1899"

Selected from "A Bibliography of Mississippi."

Treatment of the State in American Literature.

W. L. Weber, in "Mississippi as a Field for the
Student of Literature, " published in 1898, says: "The
list of Mississippi books is not long; the average quality
is not high ; of pure literature, of the real literature of
power we have contributed scarcely fifty pages to the
world's store."


Notes on State Literature.

Mississippi has contributed much more to- pol-
itics than to literature. With the single exception of the
poems of Irvin Russel, Mississippi has produced nothing
which literary men have been willing to give a place in
American literature. She has many interesting Indian
legends and negro folk tales, and accounts of the doings
of Mississippian laws that should be collected and made
a part of her literature. William Ward is one of Miss-
issippi's best poets and is the author of the well known
poem "Katie Did." Notes from "Mississippi as a Field
for the Student of Literature."


Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

"Catalogue of Publications of Missouri Authors,"
F. A. Sampson. 1904.

"List of Missouri Authors and Their Contributions
to Literature," "St. Louis City and County." Scharf,
Volume II.

"Missouri Literature." Jesse and Allen.




Argyle, Archie,

"Cupid's Album"
Bassett, James Newton,

"Sweetbrier and Thistledown, a story"
Bugg, Lelia Hardin,

'Orchids, a novel"
Carper, Minnette Slayback,

"Dance of Death and Other Stories"
Carter, John Henton,

"Impression Club* a novel"
Chopin, Mrs. Kate,

"At Fault, a novel"
Clark, K. E.

"The Dominant Seventh"
Clemens, Samuel L. ("Mark Twain").

"Tom Sawyer"
Dugan, Mrs. George E.

"Myrtle Leaves"
Fielder, Elizabeth Davis,

"The White Canoe and Other Legends of the Ojibways"
Finn, Father Francis J.

"Best Foot Forward and Other Stories"
Ford, Sally R.

"Grace Truman"
Fruit, John Phelps,

"Mind and Art of Poe's Poetry"
Hallum, Mattie A.

Halstead, Leonora B.

Hatton, John W.

"Battle of Life"
Hamilton, George W.

"Finding Blodgett"


Heffernan, Francis Stephen,

"Imola: a Story of Hearts"
Holding, Elizabethe E.

"Joy the Deaconess"
Hume, Etta Louise,

"Etalee, a novel"
Ingils, James, Essayist.

"Waymarks in the Wilderness"

Jorgens'en, Ila M. and
Ketchum, Agnes F.

"Kindergarten Gems"
Madison, Mrs. Lucy Foster,

"Maid of the First Century, a story for girls"
McVey, Nellie,

"Eureka Springs"
Meriwethen Lee,

"A Lord's Courtship, a novel"
Meriwether, Mrs. Elizabeth Avery,

"The Master of Red Leaf, a tale"
Musick, John R.

"Pocahontas: a Story of Virginia"
Nixon, Mary F.

"Blue Lady's Knight"
Orthwein, Edith Hall,

"Adventures of Little Pugtrix and Other Stories'*
Owen, Luella Agnes,

"Ole Rabbit's Plantation Stories"
Page, Mrs. Eliza Jacquith,

"Only a Waif or the Romance of An Earthquake"
Pallen, Conde Benoist,

''Epochs of Literature"
Polk, Mrs. E. J.

"Gems, selections from literary contributions to the press"
Reedy, Win. Marion, Essayist.

"The Mirror Pamphlets"
Ridenbaugh, Mary Young,



Snider, Denton J. Essayist.

"The Freeburgers"
Speckt, Mrs.

Strong, Bessie P.

"Conquered, a novel"
Summers, Chas.

"The Nomads* a socio-economic novel"
Thomas, Lewis F.

Wctmorc, Claude H.

"Fighting Under the Southern Cross"

Selected from "Bibliography of Missouri's Au-
thors," and "Southern Literature."


Notes on State Literature.

The Missouri Folklore Society was established in
1906, at the suggestion of the Secretary of the American
Folklore Society, whose attention had been called to Mis-
souri as a folklore field by Missouri students who were
collecting popular ballads. Notes from Historical Col-


F. A. Sampson, Columbia

Use in State Schools.

Howard A. Gass, State Superintendent of Public
Schools of Missouri, says: "At present we are not using
any selections from Missouri authors as supplementary
work in the teaching of literature. Occasionally some
thing is used from the pen of Professor T. Berry Smith,
Fayette, Missouri, as supplementary work in literature



Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

No bibliography or history of Montana literature
has ever been compiled. The most complete bibliography
probably now existing is the printed cards in the Library
of Congress. The Montana Historical Library contains
about three hundred cards. "Montana Literature Re-
view and Comments," a paper prepared and read by John
F. Davies before the Annual Meeting of the Montana
State Library Association, and which has been published,
gives a short bibliography of Montana authors.



Allen, Dr. W. A.

"Adventures with Indians and Game"
Baldwin, Mrs. Emma C.

"Kodak Sketches of Two Little Girls. Juvenile"
Barbour, Anna Maynard,

"That Mainwaring Affair"
Bell, W. S.

"Old Fort Benton"
Billings, E. Everett,

"Marking the Boundary"
Bower, B. M.

"The Uphill Climb"
Brockett, Col. W. S. Later of Illinois.

"Heroic Free Masons of Early Montana"
Broderick, Mrs. Theresa,

"The Brand"
Brooks, Elbridge S.

"Master of the Strong Hearts"
Coburn, Walter,

"Rhymes from a Roundup Camp"
Cope, H. F.

"The Bonanza Bible Class"


Cullum, Ridgwell,

"The Twins of Suffering Creek"
Davis, G. Wesley,

"The Dance of Death"
Eggleston, C. H.

"When Bryan Came to Butte"
Grinnell , G. Bird,

"Blackfoot Indian Stories"
Harriman, Mrs. Alice,

"A Man of Two Countries"
Hamilton, W. T.

"My Sixty Years on the Plains"
Hanson, Joseph Mills,

"Conquest of Missouri"
Hebard, Grace Raymond,

"The Pathbreakers from River to Oregon"
Henshall, Dr.

"Ye Gods and Little Fishes"
Hill, Wm. L

"Jack a Boy in Rainbow Land"
Judson, Katherine B.

"Montana, The Land of Shining Mountains"
King, Captain Charles,

"Colonel's Daughter and Marion's Faith"
Langford, N. P.

"Vigilante Days and Ways"
Lawyer, Cornelius Hedges,

"The Art Work of Montana"
Leighton, W. R.

"Lewis and Clark"
Linderman, Frank B.

"Indian Why Stories"
Noyes, A. J.

"In the Land of Chinook"
Murphy, Jene C.

"Comical History of Montana"
Ronan, Peter,

"History of the Flathead Indians"


Ryan, Marsh Ellis,

"Todd in the Hills"
Sanders, Mrs. Helen Fitzgerald,

"Trails Through Western Woods"
Schultz, James W.

"Blackfoot Tales of Glacier National Park"
Shackleford, E.

"The Jumping-Off Place"
Shields, G. A.

"Battle of the Big Hole"
Sloan, W. N.

"Spirited Conquest of the Rockies"
Stone, A. L.

"Following Old Trails"
Stuart, Granville,

"Montana As It Is"
Swain, Dr. H. H.

"Civics for Montana Students"
Walsworth, W. W.

Wheeler, Olin D.

"The Trail of Lewis and Clark"
Selected from "Montana Literature Reviews and
Comments." By John F. Davies.


Treatment of the State in American Literature.

John F. Davies, in "Montana Literature Review
and Comments," says: "In considering the subject of
the bibliography of the state, I have had in mind several
things that were desirable. I would like to see in a list
by itself the names of all the productions written by resi-
dents of Montana. In another section I would like to
see anything about Montana published by other people,
particularly by the known authors of the world. 1 think
the number of these productions and the people who
spoke about them would be a surprise to many people."



Notes on State Literature.

In the early 3o's and 40'$ Europeans had an interest
in explorations in the Montana region and the greater
part of the history of Montana was published in period-
icals printed in England. Some authors who have writ-
ten about Montana are: Henry W. Longfellow, "The
Revenge of Rain-in-the-Face" ; Edmund Clarence Sted-
man, "Custer and Charles Dudley Warner/' a chapter on
Montana in his "South and West." Notes from "Mon-
tana Literature Reviews and Comments," by John F.



John F. Davies, Butte

C. M. Kessler, Helena

Peter Koch, Pasadena, Calif.


Bibliographies and Histories of Literature.

"Poems and Sketches on Nebraska." Addison E.

"A Provisional List of Nebraska Authors." By
Sophia J. Lammers, Reference Librarian University of
Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska (1918).



Abbott, Avery,

"Captain Martha Mary"
Abbott, Keene,

"A Melody in Silver"
Alexander, Hartley Burr,

"North American Mythology"
Ballard, Frederick,

"Young America"


Bayne, Mrs. Julia Taft,

"Hadley Ballads"
Birchall, Sara Hamilton,

"The Book of the Singing Winds"
Bixby, Annie Leander,


Blackman, Elmer Ellsworth,

"Niobrara's Love Story, an Indian romance of pre-his-

toric Nebraska of the fabled ancient empire of Quivera."

Blakeslee, G. H.

"Lest We Forget"
Bradley, Rev. W. F.

"Fiddler of Gmund"
Bryan, William Jennings,

"Prince of Peace"
Bryson, Lyman,

"Smoky Roses"
Buck, Philo Melvin, Jr.

"John Milton. Minor Poems"
Gather, Willa Sibert,

"April Twilights"
Cleary, Kate M.

"Like a Gallant Lady"
Currier, Adella Love joy,

"Clover Bloom"
Dake, Arasmus Charles,

"Nebraska Legends and Poems"
Dunroy, William Reed Hooper,

"Corn Tassels"
Gale, Charles F.

"The Marblt Waiteth"
Griggs, Nathan Kirk,

"Hell's Canyon, a poem of the camp"
Hahn, Charles Curtz,

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